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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> hillary clinton got some unexpected help in putting her e-mail controversy behind her. which opponent said something short of shut that scandal down. good morning, sabina. >> hey, good morning, lauren, well, toddler found dead in the woods, now police are trying to figure out just how he died. and an update on the investigation coming up. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning, sack even a philadelphia homicide detectives are check to go see if a 14 year old boy was shot and killed over a girl. the latest on the investigation coming up. chris? >> dave, and at 5:00 trying to yell the controversy over juice of fetal tissue, planned parenthood announced it would no longer except reimbursement for providing the tissue for medical reserve: the reason why the company made sudden change in policy. good day everyone, it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. >> i think this is a first day i pulled out a sweater of sorts. because i was listening
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yesterday when sue said the chill is coming. >> yeah. >> and nothing makes sue more happy than when we listen. >> well, we listen. i know how it is, thank you for listening, whatever you do. and thank you. our new look of the numb number of the day, we will probably end up mixing it up sometimes. the point is we'll be nine out of ten today. we will be at seasonable temperatures for this time of year. you see a bit of a breeze out there. 10 miles an hour out of the west-southwest. 57 degrees, our current temperature with 7:10 as our sunrise time. those days keep getting shorter. the crisp autumn air is out there, 48 degrees in pottstown, 49 allentown, 47 mount pocono, trenton has 56. but we only have 49 degrees, in lancaster, just depend on where the cloud cover is this morning. 57 degrees in philadelphia. 61 degrees kind of mild, relatively speaking, in wildwood. so yesterday's cold front came through with just couple of showers here and, there as advertised. you see some rain up to the
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north and west. some of that is associated with a secondary cold front, coming through today, which will pretty much ensure that we don't get back to the 70s today or tomorrow. but we are really not supposed to be the average high is 68 degrees. and guess where we're headed for today ... 68 degrees. okay, so, this is what it is supposed to be like. we'll have mix of sun and clouds, it will be breezy, another lovely day, just not as mild, as yesterday. 49 degrees is your overnight low, as though clouds start to clear up. if you think this is chilly, wait until you see the weekend temperatures. they're coming up in the seven day forecast, right now, bob kelly is here, hump day. >> hump day mike, mike, mike, good morning, everybody, 5:00 # two, crews are still humming out here. live look at route 100, actually trooper road, right near 422. one of about handful of construction zones that are still out there. they are doing all of the repaving here on the overnight. one lane getting through. again, if you are coming through the trooper egypt road
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interchange, trying to get to 422, we're down to only one lane for maybe another 15, 20 minute or so, from the overnight construction at 5:03. live look at the vine street expressway, good to go, no problems or delays at all. that over night work cleared up, so we are open coming in and out of center city philadelphia. accident along four a two, right before you get -- 452, right before i95, down here delaware county. police are on the scene there right in front of the mcdonald to give you locate or there. still working along the roosevelt boulevard, they've been paving the inner drive between woodward and rhawn, on the overnight, so give them maybe another 45 minute or so, stay to the outer drive. south jersey looking good. come up and down route 73, no problems for the shaders, and let's go to willingboro, new jersey, where it looks like it is dark in willingboro, and the camera is out over there in montgomery avenue, this is lower merion, montgomery avenue shutdown between spring milan madison ford road. that will was big mess yesterday in and out of
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villanova. keep that in mind. crews out there today. septa using shuttle buses from colmar over to doylestown, during the midday, but otherwise, we're off to good start on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> following breaking news right now. one woman dead after her car rolls over into the woods, the crash happened in gloucester township new jersey at sicklerville road in dickinson drive. you can see lots of police and ambulance there on the scene. we don't know what caused the crash. of course we are working to get more detail. we'll find out and pass it along to you. >> such sad story 5:04. three year old reported missing early yesterday morning, discovered dead hours later by police k9 aoun knits camden count. >> i sabina kuriakose live in haddon township with the police department on more on this heart breaking story. hi, san sabina. >> good morning, guys, so very, very tragic. >> this morning investigators are expecting autopsy result to come in from the me's office to help them figure out exactly how three year old brendan died so far. police have not said whether
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it was an accident or whether they suspect somebody hurt the toddler. last night dozens of people lit candles and prayed in a vigil for the little boy. they walked through his haddon township neighborhood, nearby his home, memorial continues to grow. now, brendan was found dead by a police k9 in a wooded area near the cooper river, eight blocks from his home. relatives had reported him missing at 6:00 that morning, he was found three hours later, at the vigil, many neighbors and friends remembered brandon, and they supported his family. some mourners tell fox 29 brandon was at his father's home when he went missing and they tell us police have spoken to him. >> he lovers his son. he went to bed. he woke up. his son was gone. he panic. his son was gone. and the police won't release his son. he didn't do it. >> it is an awful thing. he is a baby. just pray for him. >> he is with god. he is with our lord. >> pray for brandon.
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>> for those investigating, wisdom and help them to find this person who perpetrated this terrible evil. >> dear lord, hold our children tightly. you know how much they are loved and how much we care for them. >> and yesterday brandon's mother released a statement she says in part we are heart broken by the loss of our beautiful boy, brendan createo. along with the createo family who also lost a son and grandson, we are grieving and tremendously sad end. we thank the commute at this which searched this morning for brandon and gather in his memory, we appreciate your efforts, and kinds words. we don't have any answers about what occurred. and also, a go fund me site has already raised about $5,400 from the community for brandon's funeral costs, much more coming up at 5:30, guys? >> so sad. sabina, thanks so much. another teenager shot in
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philadelphia's queen village neighborhood on carpenter street. >> developers say a 15 year old boy has been shot several times including the lower back. he was taken to jefferson university hospital to be treated we don't know exactly what led up to the shooting. but police tell us so far they've not made any arrests. >> and now police are trying to identify the gunman who shot and killed a 14 year old. >> soap, investigators say he was riding his bike and he was shot in the head. >> this happened in north philadelphia. dave kinchen now at police headquarters with more on. >> this dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. real tragic story here, homicide detective picking up the case today, checking into reports that this 14 year old boy was shot and killed over an argument about a girl. that's what they are working on right now. let's go to some video from the vigil last night. duval dj deshields was remembered by family friends in a vigil just few feet from where he was shot monday night on the 1200 block of tenth street north philadelphia. he died yesterday afternoon. police say the victim reportedly road up on a bike
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and was shot as he approached a group of boys. family and friends talked about dj and spoke out against the violence in a rally-like forum. it is another tragedy for the family because he also lost his mother to cancer in 2013. and his sister died from cancer just last year. listen in to how people are speaking out about the violence. >> duval was a great child, he was so fun, so talented. he would dance and sing and he was so much fun and full of life. >> somebody got to be smart enough to realize that this wheel of death has got to stop spinning. >> it is a shame that we are lining upgoing to funerals more than we are going to our kids' graduations. >> police say a bb gun fell from tj's clothe while officers raised him to the shop after the shootingment family and friends say whatever the beef was over, even if it is about a girl, it is no reason to take yet another young life in the city of brotherly love.
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guys? >> all right, dave, thank you. meantime at 5:09. family members are trying to figure out why someone killed their loved one during a home invasion in southwest philadelphia. >> fifty year old tony harris was shot once in the head, monday night, during home invasion, on the 1100 block every south ruby. police say three gunmen in their late teens burst in demanding money from harris and his fiancee, while their three young children were asleep upstairsment family members believe his killers thought he had money because of a facebook post. >> he didn't even have the money. it was a joke. >> he made a comment, i misplaced 60,000, i hope my wife didn't go shopping. but it wasn't even his monday. >> i be careful of what you put on facebook. because you never know had who is watching or who is paying attention. >> the men got away empty-handed. police are loose looking for surveillance video from that that night. >> the state of delaware black caucus is calling for independent federal investigation into police involved shoot that killed a man in a wheelchair.
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twenty-eight year old jerome mc dole died september 23rd. police say reports of gunshots had them responding to the 1800 block of tulip street in wilmington. authority say when officers got there, mc dole already had self inflicted gunshot wounds. video shows, officers firing a.m. him when he refused to drop a gun. officers say they recovered a gun at the scene, some witnesses claim, however, mc dole did not have a gun and that officers used excessive force. >> 5:10 the time. happening today, phillies top cop reportedly may step down. >> sources tell commissioner charles ramsey will announce his retirement today. in a e-mail sent last night, mayor nutter's administration alerted reporters after major public safety announcement. the six a year old has been in policing for about 47 years, jim kenny has said should ramsey retire, as mayor he would not hire a replacement outside the department. we will be there at the news conference live at 9:30 to
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find out what this big announcement is. >> yes, using higher math, it means he got no law enforcement at the ripe able every 18. how cool is that? technology affecting your children's mental health? what experts are saying parent should be worried about when it comes to social media exposure. >> but first, a california wal-mart also goes up in flames. how police say a manna tell topped set multiple fires inside the big box retailer.
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>> ♪ >> how long has it been now since pope francis was here? >> a month? >> , no he was here on the 27th. >> so couple of weeks? >> yep, three weeks, time flies. >> i know, three weeks ago, so much hype before, now all calm and quiet? i'm kind of glad it is calm and quiet. a lot of people use the ben franklin to get to work today by the way because of the closure there, the vine street expressway. bob will have more on that in just a minute. >> local boy captured the world's hearts when the pope stopped his motorcade, to bless him, now donations pouring in to help his family. >> i see what you are saying about the pope now. you're so good with the segways. this is the moment pope francis stopped his now famous black fiat, right, at the
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philadelphia international airport, in september to walk over and bless ten year old michael keating who suffers from severe cerebral palsy. turns out the family is in desperate need of new wheelchair accessible van for michael. so during appearance on good day they say they started crowd sourcing site to raids $06,000 after national article focused on the family this week. more than $100,000 was raised. 50,000 came from star wars director jj abrams. that is cool, right? >> that's beyond generous. >> i like that little pope mobile, the fiat. hi, sue? >> thanks, i'm crying now. that was such a toughing moment. and that family there, the coolest people. all right, let's talk about the wilmington altzheimer's walk, it is this saturday morning, it is in a new location, but, only sort of. it is still at the wilmington riverfront. but it is at dravo plaza down near where the outlet shops
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used to be, right there, along the riverfront, so different location but still the riverfront. plenty of signs. we start registration at 8:00. the ceremony start at 9:00, then we will get walking and it will warm up, it will be lower 40's whether we get started saturday morning at about 8:00. so you know will be chill think weekends. just dress accordingly. there will be plenty of sunshine, that's good thing. so, yesterday's front came through, it is off shore right now, so we've got cooler air in place. no more 70s during the day, seasonable, upper 60s. then this next front comes through today with little bit of rain, probably just north and west of the city. high pressure builds in for thursday and then we get another cold front on friday. so, current temperature is 57 degrees, in philadelphia, but as we look up to minneapolis, it is only 39. we will get a taste that far chillier air, moving in over the weekend, especially feel it on sunday morning, and monday morning, as well.
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many locations will see the first frost of the season. so the colds he is air of the season so far, blasting in this weekend. have we warned you enough about that? right now not bad. we have few clouds around with the cold front. that's going to be headed through. but, not a big deal. if you get a shower, it is probably going to be just north and west of the city. so, the seven day forecast has 68 degrees for today, nine out of ten, and then, 67 for tomorrow. sixty on friday, with a chance of a few showers, but we will also have little sunshine around, so, friday's cold front is going to usher in oh, get, that usher in the air that will be a lot chillier. it is usher's birthday today? all right, well, you know, a lame attempt at the segway there, bob kelly. just remember to bundle up this weekend. >> exactly. bundle up, get the fleece going, break out the sweatshirt, time to get the winter clothe out of the attic. good morning, 5:17 on this wednesday morning. a lot of crews are still working like out here along the 295 interchange, where it
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meet up with route 42, in bellmawr, new jersey, maybe another half hour or so, before they're pack up and gone. also, working along the pennsylvania turnpike, both directions, at the ft. washington interchange. so, again, another half hour of some construction, and they are working here along the southbound side of route one up in bucks county down to one lane with the cones still down. a live look downtown, the vine expressway, open for business, again, the closure on the overnights, gone, so we're ready for morning rush hour. as we get ready to roll. let's go for ride. southbound on the blue route. guess what today; chris, lauren? >> what? >> today is wednesday? >> take your parent to lunch day. >> is it really? >> he yes to my older daughters who drive, please, let me know what time you are picking me up, i'll be ready to go, sitting on the step ready forlorn. >> today is my monday, did you breakfast with bob on monday? >> no, tomorrow thursday. >> you are doing it thursdays snow. >> so lunch today, take your par don't lunch day.
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>> i can't keep it straight. >> come on, see what happens when you get couple of days off? hello down the shore. no problems at all ocean city margate. the expressway, the parkway, all looking good this morning. and if you are headed down to the airport to catch a flight out of town, lucky you. i think you're in a going to be in good shape foray rivals and departures at least at the moment at philadelphia international airport. >> enjoy your hundred. >> thanks. >> okay, the five candidate for the democratic presidential nomination faced off in their first debate in las vegas last night, economic inequality and gun control, among the issues discussed. >> the number of political analysts were quick to declare frontrunner hillary clinton was the winner, kelly wright write has much more on the debate. >> it was a false-positive for hillary clinton. she won the night t does not mat their she can beat martin o'malley who i had no idea he was that dull. reaction is pouring in, following the first democratic presidential debate of the 2016 election season. the five declared candidates facing off tuesday night at
5:20 am
the wynn hotel in last vegas? we don't want american troops on the grounds in syria. i never said in. >> i believe a no fly zone in syria, secretary, would be a mistake. >> frontrunners hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing over number of issues. two did manage to agree on one thing. >> the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too. >> analyst giving clinton mostly high marks for her perform arms. >> she showed herself to be competent -- confident. she wasn't a freed. she was aggress. >> i debate watch remembers not as convinced with many saying they were more impressed by sanders. >> i understand his pro polls as. >> i think the unrest in the country regarding look for radical change to some of the problems we have been face something so deep that it could be the year that someone like that get in. >> analysts also agreeing martin owe mal ill, len concave owe, jim web, failed
5:21 am
to maple an impact. >> i want everybody want to be president to be fabulous but seriously it was awful. >> didn't seem to me that the three candidate standing in the pole, web, o'malley, lincoln chafee, really made any serious headway. >> democrat it candidate have one month to held for the next debate health november 14th in the all important primary state of iowa. kelly wright write, fox news. poor lincoln chafee. >> this is really crazy. manna tell topped set several fires while he was inside a wal-mart in california yesterday afternoon. >> well, we have some video here. so the suspect took lighter fluid from the store shelves before dousing the halloween section. witnesses say at least two separate fires were ignited inside that store. officials evaculated, both workers and customers, while one shopper captured this video of the store manager, tried to extinguish it, store security stopped the suspect and he was taken into custody on suspicion of arson. wow. hey, some lucky whale watchers experienced really rare siting off the coast of california.
5:22 am
>> very cool. it is a rare pod of about 40 short find pilot whales. only the fifth time since june 2014 pilot whales have been spotted off of orange county. before, that the breed had not been seen off dana point for over 20 years. pilot whales are second in size to killer whales, with adult males averaging around 18 to 20 feet in lent. strong el nino event in the late 1980s disappeared for whales from the area. well now they're back. >> they're back. 5:22, and they kind of look like sharks a little bit, don't they? first glance, hey, many breast cancer survivors were writing candidly about their struggles with the disease. how their vulnerable thoughts and experiences are a lug other to share.
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>> first, pick youth your winning lottery numbers. if you win, please share.
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>> plant par earn heed, talking about ending its federal financing. >> mental health professionals say social media might to be blame for some of the problems kids are having. they say more kids experiencing abuse at earlier age, because of internet engagement. talking about as early as elementary school here. expert say problems include bullying annex posh your to sexual preditors, and also say issues, fund social media, often just one part of bigger pick you. >> breast cancer survivors, innermost thoughts and fears on new app that keeps them anonymous. >> owe october this month is national breast cancer awareness month. the app called whisper. now, users can candidly write about their struggles, their triumph manies, fears, anything on the topic. proving to be great outlet for people dealing with it. the confessions typically feature texts with the photo in the background, and are totally anonymous. >> one woman wrote: i had breast cancer, and masectomy at 22, i'm scared no man will
5:27 am
find me beautiful when he sees my scars. another wrote today i know myself worse. ill i am a breast cancer survive or, strong, still beautiful inside and out. >> great forum for women. >> you bet. >> former nb a and reality tv star lamar odom hospitalized after being found unconscious. where he is found in nevada is raising some concerns.
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>> chase utley turned town the one game suspension. the punishment waiting behind door number two. >> look at people being little nasty about it all. if you want to avoid the painful times. what facebook is doing to help you wipe away the past. >> good day, it is wednesday, october the 14th, 2015. >> the dodgers beat the mets, boy, playoffs have been real exciting. the clubs clinching a playoff advanced spot, for the first time in their history, at home. that goes back 114 years, sue serio? >> do you think the curse might be reversed?
5:31 am
>> there could be interesting to watch. we'll have to wait to next year, put phillies gear on bus stop buddy. today, vong she have shirt. clouds around this morning. temperatures mostly in the 50's, couple of 60s, couple of 40's to the north, not too much difference in yesterday. 57 degrees, we've got breeze out of the west southwest at 10 miles an hour, 7:10, your sunrise time. days getting shorter. four's as we said to the north of us, in mount pocono, in allentown, we have 56 degrees in trenton, 56 in millville, 56 in wildwood to get your day started. we have clouds rolling in from the west. we have another cold front actually will come through with cooler air, there is a few showers up to our north and west. mostly lake effect. but, for us, we don't really have rain in the forecast. maybe a sprinkle or two. we will gave you a nine out of ten today actually. because temperatures will be where they're supposed to be, this is our average hi, the
5:32 am
normal temperature, if you will, for mid-october. 68 degrees, here's where we were yesterday. seventy-six yesterday, nice, today, nice, few breezes around, mix of sun and clouds, 68 degrees, chill nerve tonight than it is this morning. you will testifily notice and need to wear jacket tomorrow morning. so that takes care of your hump day. once we're over the hump, get ready to really bundle up this weekend. we will have that forecast coming up for in you just a few, bob kelly is here right now. good morning. >> good morning, sue. 5:32 on this hump day. live look at the schuylkill expressway. >> folks getting up, still working on the 42, the del par interchange, maybe another 15 minute or so. every day as they shuffle the
5:33 am
lanes around just be ready until the sun comes up. there could be new traffic pattern out there, catching you by surprise. they're working out along the pennsylvania turnpike in the area of ft. washington, in both directions. and they're also still working here on the roosevelt boulevard. both directions, the inner drive is closed, from woodward, up to rhawn street. and then, out here along trooper road, they are still working, just off route 422, again, repaving project, that should be cleared out of there, by about 6:00. during the midday, for the gang in lower merion, they will close montgomery avenue again, spring mill to madsonford road, and down the shore, if you are watching us, want to go to cape may? on the way to cape may. there you go. no problems at all for the gang watching us down the shore this morning. looking good along route nine, the parkway, and the a.c. expressway. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> now, to the developing story about the three year old, first reported missing early yesterday morning, found hours later by police k9 units in camden count. >> i sabina kuriakose live outside the camden county
5:34 am
prosecutor offers with more on this really heart breaking story. hi, sabina. loyal investigators have not released cause of death for this three year old little boy, still answers surrounding exactly what happened to him. investigators have not said whether they think it is suspicious or simply an accident. autopsy results are expected today and that can hold some of the answers. last night dozen gathered for a vigil, to remember three year old brandon createo. police say the little boil was -- boy was reported missing from his haddon township home at 6:00. robo calls went out to people in the neighborhood. three hours later, a police k9 discovered his body, eight blocks away, near the cooper river. no cause of death has been released. vigil goers tell fox 29, the toddler was at his father's home, when he was reported missing. they tell us police have spoken to him, and that he is devastated.
5:35 am
many mourners prayed and want answer. >> dear lord, hold our children tightly. you know how much they are loved and how much we care for them. protect them. keep them safe. >> his grandfather told me today that no matter what happened in their family life, with his relationship with his wife, his work issues -- issues, when they saw brandon, that all fell away, all he knew this was the most important thing in my life. >> the one request grandfather had was prayers, prayers, just horrifying situation to be in. you know, i can't imagine the situation that they're in. just public cents absolutely devastating. and brandon's mother has released a statement, samantha says: quote we are heart broken basilica of saints peter and paul the loss of our beautiful boy brendan createo. also along with the family, who also lost a son and
5:36 am
grandson, we are grieving and tremendously saddened. we thank the community which served for brendan, we appreciate your effort and kind words. she goes on to say we do not have any answers about what occurred. and again, we are hoping to get those answers later today, from the me's offers as well as the police, and the camden county prosecutor's office, lauren, chris? >> all right, sack even, a thanks so much. police looking for two robbers who they say went on terror spree last week stealing woman's purses, cash and phones. >> so this is the margate section of the city r store surveillance camera captured them minutes later, followed 56 year old customer down the block, then grabbed her purse. detective say, they're behind three more robberies, that morning, and two couple of days later, at least one they had a gun. >> seem to be getting more bold, showed a gun in his waistbands. >> police are hoping someone
5:37 am
will recognize these men, help get them off the streets. >> could jay-z go down from misusing money from popular 1950's love balance net the love song being questioned right now in court. ññ
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> last night, clinton kershaw, he is so good, he ended his five game post-season run with seven
5:40 am
great innings, fresh off three days rest, he pitched wing game against the mets. three to one was the store. tomorrow the series heads back to dodgers stadium. zach on the mound for la against jacob, who will start for the mets, the winner will take on the cubs, and the championship series. >> okay, so, the mets fans are still beating up on chase utley, literally. sources tell espn they offered chase one game suspension to be served monday night after, but utley didn't except the punish. ment then issued two game suspension, his appeal will be heard after the series between the dodgers and the mets is over. he'll be eligible to play in tomorrow's game. look at them, they're mad. >> just jerks. >> hey, howard as more in sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. game great game yesterday, i'm sure just killing philly fans. chicago cubs got terrific manager this year, have good
5:41 am
young players, and all of the curses may be gone. the cub east are moving on, they beat the team with the most wins in baseball. let's go to check chick, playing the st. louis cardinals, it is five-four. here in the seventh, it is now six-four. kyle crushes this baseball. the cubs with the final out here go onto win this series, they move on to the national league championship series, and right now, they don't know who the dodgers beat the mets three-one, and that's tied up at two-two. >> all right, the head coach of the university of south carolina steve spur year quit on his team, school says he retired. he said that's not the way he sees it. >> first of all, i'm resigning, i'm not retiring. get that part straight. i'll doubt if i'll ever be a head coach again, but maybe coaching high school team or something, so don't say i've retired completely from coaching. who knows what will come in the future. >> all right, that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> got that? not retiring.
5:42 am
>> facebook's newest feature, years gone by. except the memories you would like to avoid. we'll tell you how straight ahead.
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>> looking at the great wolf lodge. >> again? what's up? >> oh, no. >> seriously? >> i don't know. hey, listen, can i just tell you something? >> you can tell me many things. >> yesterday, i was walking to
5:45 am
the gym with a friend, and i look down at my phone, and i have a tweet from none other than kelly roland. >> the kelly roland? >> yes! >> so, here's the deal. >> are you guys friends? >> no, can i tell you the storey? >> for ten years now people always say you know who you look like? do you know who you look like? i kind of saidel i roll and. how did you know? because everyone tells me. that will so whenever people on twitter say it, i always tag her, like, yep, i know who, kelly roland. >> so for how many months or years have i been tagging her? >> maybe the last few weeks or months. >> and then finally? >> so last week, i think it was military day, someone said it, and i tagged her, and then yesterday, boom. kelly roland. >> read it outlawed? >> society person was ryan, he said kelly roland is your doppelganger i tag her, i hear it all the time i wish i know
5:46 am
what she thought and i tacked her. and she wrote back you're gorgeous with a kiss. when you saw you're gorgeous with a kiss, did you freak? >> i didn't read the message, i saw kelly roland, and i am thought really roland tweeting me. >> the real kelly roland. >> the real kelly roll lands. >> maybe you guys can become bff's. >> wonder if we can take a picture together? that's all i want. >> doppelganger. >> i posted it to my facebook page. >> first of all, she right. second of all i didn't know her name was kelendria. >> isn't that cool enough? >> it might be destiny's child. >> oh, okay. by the way, she from atlanta, lauren's hometown. >> hey. >> there go. >> yes, well, we'll set up. >> they grow them good out there. anyway, wove nice cold front that came through yesterday. the reason it was nice it, didn't cause a lot of fuss, there were just couple of clouds, some interesting cumulus clouds, somebody put a picture on the fox 29 facebook
5:47 am
page yesterday. then another cold front that set to come through, little later in the day. and all adds up to chilly changes. now today not bad. high pressure will build in. and we'll have decent day today. and tomorrow, as well, for thursday, friday we get another cold front. so for right now, we are just seeing few clouds around the region, no precipitation. and hardly any expected, if you see anything at all from the secondary cold front, it will be later on this afternoon, probably around the lehigh valley, maybe the pocono mountains, and even then it will be just a stray shower or two. you see just little bit of green there around 3:00 in the afternoon. maybe more widely scattered showers by 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. in the evening, well then you see the cold front coming throughment don't see it that moisture hanging together much, as it get through philadelphia. so, we probably won't see any rain for most every us today. but by tomorrow morning, cooler temperatures, than this, 57 degrees, in the city right now, 48 in pottstown, 49 allentown, 47 in mount pocono,
5:48 am
but 57 degrees in dover, delaware, and wilmington is 54 degreesment wind speeds, we had 10-mile per hour breeze in philadelphia right now, as we change that wind direction, eventually, get those northwesterly winds in there. slightly cooler than it has been. but, look at the frosty weekend. by sunday morning, we will see temperatures at or below freezing in many of our northern and western suburbs, again, this is sunday morning about 6:00. it will be 33 in pottstown, 32 allentown, even the mid 30's here, in philadelphia. so, lots of places this weekend getting there first frost of the season. yesterday, we made it to the mid 70s once again, little built of a warming trend there. but then 68 degrees today. which is where we are are supposed to be actually. and 67 tomorrow. so real nice autumn days that autumn coolness in the air. and then, by friday with the next cold front coming through, they'll chill things a lot. temple playing university of central florida this weekend. we're undefeated. they have yet to get a win.
5:49 am
it is parent weekend, i understand it is sold out at the linc, but it will be an exciting game, as temple is undefeated. but if you're going out to the game, make sure you have your sweater with you, because the high temperature is only going to be 57 degrees bob kelly. >> you know, that is great that they're selling out. because at temple, you know, the first game they sold out because of penn state. >> right. >> and then now five and zero, selling out on our own. that's great. good job there temple fans. headed down to the link, good job to the temple football team. let's go to wilmington, delaware, i495, good morning wilmington. waking up, no problems at all up and down the 495 or i95 corridor from delaware, all the way up through center city philadelphia. live look at 422, the construction zone here at trooper road, all the lanes are open. just watch it if you are using trooper road to access 422, the cones are still down, and we go for ride. the eastbound, i should say, westbound schuylkill expressway coming over the walt whitman bridge.
5:50 am
riding past the stadium there. flyers down there, chicago blackhawks, in town tonight. but no problems as you are heading through the city headed out toward conshohocken. starting to pick up some volume. nothing out of the offered area for the moment. philadelphia international airport looking good this morning, if you are getting early flight down there. you should be good to go. and outside we go to live look at the benny, ben franklin bridge, look being good come up n and over into downtownment mass transit, no delays, chris, lauren, back to you. >> nfl denies de language owe williams request to raise breast cancer awareness all season long. during the month of october only the nfl donates proceeds from pink merchandise and to breast cancer awareness. >> at low of people think just not enough. the cause is near dear to williams' heart as espn field yates explains, d'angelo lost his mother in four of his aunt's to this disease. sandra hill, his mother died last year. so this is his way to wear pink all season to honor his mother. he's wearing pink hair, the league says wearing pink uniforms is a violation of its
5:51 am
equipment rules and car ace hefty fine. >> kind of cool though. wear the pink hair then. can't change that, right? >> yes. he tweeted about it, he says we are in this together. >> good for him. >> all of us. >> good for him. sorry for his lost, too. facebook giving you more control these days. >> it is updating on this day feature to let you filter out sad memories or people up might simply just want to forget. the change is another response to user feedback, two new filters can be accessed either on this day and use kearse now select dates such as your first wedding, or certain people from their past so you don't have to see their alert. >> what if you un friends an old boyfriend, but then they put out friend request, do you have to then except the friend row questions so you can see all of their junk and what's he up to? >> no, you don't have to. >> lamar odom, found unconscious yesterday in a nevada brothel. yes, the county sheriff's department was called tuesday afternoon to love ranch. about 70 miles outside of las vegas, after report of unresponsive man need ago
5:52 am
ambulance. odom was stabilized and driver tone nearby hospital. the owner of the brothel said oath em had been taking a lot of ocean -- herbal viagra, no illegal drugs found had his room. >> actress entered treatment for postpartum treatment. she opened up about experiencing the disorder in a interview, an experience, she is also portraying in her role on nashville. her character jewel he it also new mom battling post bart em depression. >> what's up with jay-z these days, did you hear? yes, trial from old hit from jay-z now underway in los angeles. >> ♪ >> so the airs of ' strip sean come bowser accuses jay-z and producer timber land from misusing music big pumping.
5:53 am
>> they didn't call it big pimp in the 50's. >> true. rapper accuse of not getting permission to use the song, but attorneys for jay-z and timber lands say they did obtain appropriate -- >> big bop err but not big pimp. >> so he say he say case. >> all right. >> it is not even halloween yet. but rhode island now home to the largest pumpkin ever grown in the us. the huge cash prize won for the oversized pumpkin, chris will tell you all about it after the break. pea past .
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> roger moore, he was in my favorite bonds film, his birthday today. small town in rhode island hag the bragging rights for largest pumpkin ever grown in the u.s. giant pumpkin weighing in at more than 2,200 pounds, at farmers market in the city of warren. ron wallace grew that pumpkin, and he won 3500 bucks for the masterpiece. everyone who came to see the pumpkin just can't believe how big this thing is. >> i knew that we had something special. and it was just a huge mountain of pumpkin flesh. >> we have huge pumpkin celebration in ohio in circle
5:57 am
ville. and i wanted to see what you had compared to what we had. and yours is bigger. i think yours is bigger. >> we can carve him, put my little brother in it. and it would be a perfect way to hide him. >> so the pumpkin not only the largest pumpkin ever grown in the u.s., but the second ever largest grown in the world. good luck getting it home. >> ahead at 6:00 big change coming to the top of the philadelphia police department. the rumors swirling this morning around commissioner charles ramsey's future.
5:58 am
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>> i don't care about your damn emails. first time they got to see the democrats who want to succeed barack obama square off. five are in the race, but, remember, we still don't know what vice president biden is going to do. >> a three year told boyfriends found dead. in haddon township. what the family and friends are saying. >> why some say charles ramsey won't be police commissioner much longer. hey, everybody, it is wednesday, october the 14th, 2015. >> what day is it? >> it is wednesday, mike, mike, mike, hump day.


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