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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> i don't care about your damn emails. first time they got to see the democrats who want to succeed barack obama square off. five are in the race, but, remember, we still don't know what vice president biden is going to do. >> a three year told boyfriends found dead. in haddon township. what the family and friends are saying. >> why some say charles ramsey won't be police commissioner much longer. hey, everybody, it is wednesday, october the 14th, 2015. >> what day is it? >> it is wednesday, mike, mike, mike, hump day. >> hump day.
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>> all right, let's get right to weather, traffic, boom, we get started. >> we will be talking over the hump today. a day little cooler than it has been. but nine out every ten, it will be a casino of cloudy, and at least to start the day, maybe little later on in the day. but all-in-all, a pretty nice autumn afternoon. temperatures in the 50's, 60s, 57 in the sit which nine mine per hour breeze, now our sunrise time, not until ten after 7:00. as those days get even shorter. you see, few showers up to our north and west, some of those could make it to maybe the pocono mountains, maybe the lehigh valley but no rain in the forecast for philadelphia, and surrounding suburbs today. 76 degrees was yesterday's high, average is 68, let's go right to where we're supposed to be today. 68 degrees, with clouds, sun, we call that seasonable. tonight, we're down to 49 degrees, so it will be
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chillier night tonight. we talk about real chilly temperatures over the weekends coming up in the seven day forecast. so, bob kelly how are the roads? >> things are dark out there. you mention about the sunrise not coming up until 7:10, keep in mind the little ones out waiting for the school buses early this morning. we begin the trip, speedometers are all clocking you in the 50's here. we zoom on into some left over construction, on the pennsylvania turnpike, crews are still working, both directions, near the ft. washington interchange. they're also still working over here, in bellmawr, new jersey, right where 295 and 42 all come together, maybe another 15 minutes or so, before they clear it on out. curb check, saint gabe's curve working your way into or king of prussia. no problems or delays, but watch it. the deer are out there everywhere. one of our guys working upstairs hit a deer on the way in this morning. tony hit a deer on the way in from south jersey. he's okay, but there has been deer spotted on all of the cameras out there this morning. live lock at the vine street
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expressway starting to pick up some volume. coming into and out of the city here in both directions, but mass transit looking good with no delays. mike, alex, back over to you. >> bob, 6:03 this wednesday. >> one woman dead after her car rolls over into the woods. the crash happened just before 1:00 this morning, gloucester township, new jersey, at sicklerville road and dickinson avenue. no word on what caused the crash. >> all right, a three year old, brendan createo has been found dead. he was first reported missing about this time yesterday morning. he was found hours later by police, k9 unit found him in camden county. >> so sabina kuriakose live outside the camden county prosecutor offers because there is still a lot questions in this heart breaking story, sabina. >> reporter: a lot of questions still this morning, mike and alex. yes there is morning, we are hearing from the little boy's mother. we will have a statement from her coming up. but first, investigators
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expect autopsy result today, from the me's office to help determine how three year old brendan createo died. so far police have not said whether it was an accident or if they suspect somebody hurt the toddler. last night dozens every people lit candles and prayed in a vigil for the little boy. they walked through his haddon township neighborhood, and nearby a memorial continues to grow. brandon was found dead by a police k9 in wooded area near the cooper river, eight blocks from his home, relatives had reported him missing at 6:00 that morning, he was found three hours later at the vigil. many neighbors, friends, remembered brendan and supported his family. some mourners telling fox 29 brendan was at his father's home when he went missing, and they tell us police have spoken with him. >> he loved his son. he went to bed. he woke up. his son was gone. he panic. his son was gone. and the police won't release -- he didn't do it. >> just pray for him. he is with god. he is with our lord.
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>> pray for brendan. >> we -- those investigating, wisdom, help them to find this person, who perpetrated this terrible evil. >> dear lord, hole our children tightly. you know how much they are loved. and how much we care for them. >> brendan's mother samantha has released this statement, she says in part quote we're heart broken by the loss of our beautiful boy brendan createo along with the createo family who also lost a son and grandson. we are grieving and tremendously saddened. we thank the community which searched this morning for brendan and gathered in his memory we appreciate your effort and kind words. she goes onto add: we do not have any answers about what occurred. meantime, a go fund me site has been set up for brendan's funeral costs, already raised $5,400, but again we are expecting the autopsy result from the me's office today and hopefully that will have some
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answers as to exact what happened to this little boy. >> now it will all start with the autopsy report for sure what happened to this child. my goodness. all right, san even a, thank you. 6:06. fifteen year old boy returned to the hospital after being shot three times, that happened 9:30 last night on the 500 block of carpenter street. that is in queen village. he is list in the stable condition this morning. police haven't determined what prompted the shooting and so far no arrest. >> philadelphia police trying to identify the gunman who shot and killed a 14 year old boy. last night hundreds gathered, at tenth and thompson, to call for peace. in honor of this young man. >> he was riding his bicycle, died yesterday afternoon. homicide detective are investigating reports the shooting was over a girl.
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so our dave kinchen is following the developments in this story. we'll have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. well, happening today phillies top cop is reportedly stepping down. sources tell that commissioner charles ramsey will announce his retirement today. email sent late last night, alerted reporters of major public safety announcement. the six a year old has been policing for 47 years. democratic mayoral candidate jim kenny has said that ramsey, that should ramsey retire, as mayor, he would not hire a replacement outside of the department. we will be there at the news conference, it will be live at 9:30. >> at will the 30,. >> appearing live. >> very interesting. well, the social media post police believe led to home invasion that ended with one man dead. >> this is an update to the story we're bringing you all morning yesterday. >> and he blob video of great white shark capturing its dinner. we'll tell you what makes this shark siting so rare. >> sharks have to eat. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> it is 6:10 this wednesday. >> family members trying to figure out why someone killed their love one during a home invasion. >> yes there is happened in kingsessing. fifty year old tony harris, there he is, was shot once in the head, this was monday night, during a home invasion. on the 1100 block of south ruby streets. well, police say, three gunmen in their late teens, burst in
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demanding money from harris, and his fiancee, while their three children, young children, by the way, were upstairs sleeping. family members believe his killers thought he had money. because of a facebook prank. >> it was a joke. he made a comment, i misplaced 06,000, i hope my wife didn't go shopping. it wasn't even his moneyment be careful of what you put on facebook. because you never know who is watching or who is paying attention. >> so apparently these three thought he had $06,000 in the house in cash. men got away empty hand the. police are loose looking for surveillance video from that night. >> well, 6:11, funeral services will be held today for jerry mondesire. he was former leader of the philadelphia naacp at well known community activist. funeral will start at 11:00 this morning, at bright hope baptist church, there will be private burial following the service. >> up in north philly. all right, welcoming up on
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6:12, we've heard from republicans, now it is a democrat's turn to try and sway undecided votersment we'll show you the fiery exchanges everyone is talking about this morning. >> everybody wear black, bob. >> you got it, wear black day, 6:12, good morning, everybody, we go for ride. the blue route, coming in toward downtown philadelphia. looking good, as you head down toward the airport. speaking of the airport, good morning, everybody. this is your captain speaking. put your trace in the up-right position. we are ready for take off. we will grab cup of coffee and come right back. >> ♪ blank ññ
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>> almost at 6:15, just turned 6:15. right now taking a look at satellite and radar pictures, showing clouds rolling in, the clouds are the reason why it didn't get too, too cold overnight. we don't expect to get back into the 70s today. no rain to show you at the moment. and we really aren't expecting any today unless you're up in the mountains, maybe lehigh valley, might get little sprinkle later this afternoon, with another cold front coming through. 45 degrees right now in mount pocono, 48 in reading, and 49 degrees in lancaster. you think is chilly. wait until you see the temperatures coming this weekend. fifty-seven in the city. 61 degrees down at the jersey shore in wildwood. 9-mile per hour breeze, wind direction, changing, now, most of the winds are coming out of the west, or the northwest, and now here's saturday, 8:00 when we get start in the wilmington for the altzheimer's walk, walk to end altzheimer's, 44 degrees, 30's to the north of the us.
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you think that's cold? move ahead to sunday, in the three's, a lot more places, first frost of the season for many, coming this weekend for today, though, pretty nights. 68 degrees, clouds and sun. upper 60s again tomorrow. we've got that cold front coming through, another one, on friday, with few showers here and there. and then we're left with the chilly air over the weaken, high of 57 on saturday, only 55 for high on sunday, after a frosty start, and still chilled on monday, so you will have to wear all of your warm eagles gear, if you are headed to the link on monday night for the game, bob? >> got to get my long johns out of the closet. 6:16. good morning shall everybody, starting to see delays along i95 here, southbound through the construction zone, how is the benny looking? actually how is the vine expressway looking? no problems at all here. coming into philadelphia, the vine, open for business, and the ben franklin looking good, as well. coming into downtown, but folks starting to converge out of northeast philly here headed south the boulevard
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down toward the schuylkill. live look at the blue route again, starting to pick up some volume in the last ten minutes, we start to see that influx here as we start to get rush hour underway. out here trooper, still working along egypt road here the overnight construction, still working out here along 295, right near the 42 freeway, as you head in toward bellmawr. but otherwise, 295, from cherry hill on down, looking good. and no problems coming up 55, in toward the whitman. mike, alex, over to you. >> democrats debated last night see the last page, okay, everybody wear black, right? and hillary clinton, and bernie sanders, we got this. i don't know who these other three guys are. we got this. >> look at them. is he whispering in her ear? >> i'm going to defends you, hillary clinton, in second, thanks. so, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, dominated the conversation last night in the first democratic debate. the two clashed over economic policies, us involvement in the middle east, and certainly gun control.
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>> clinton says sanders is not tough enough on guns, but the vermont senator defended his position. >> back in 1988, when i first ran for the united states conference, way back then, i told the gun owners of the state of vermont, and i told the people of the state of vermont, a state virtually no gun control, that i supported a ban on assault weapons. and over the years, i have strongly supported instant background checks, doing away with this terrible gun show, loophole, and i think we've got to move aggressively at the federal level in dealing with the straw man purchases. secretary clinton is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. i think that we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. this has gone on too long, and it is time the entire country stood up against the nra. >> and of course, hillary clinton took issue with the fact that years ago bernie sanders voted against the brady bill despite that, sanders lightened the mood
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with hillary clinton when he said this. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too. >> how about that? this was real laugh there, wasn't it? brief moment of political solidarity, candidates would later talk about what enemy they made during their political career that they're most proud of. >> coal lobby, i've worked hard for climate change, i want to work with the coal lobby, in my time in the senate tried to bring them take so we could address carbon dioxide. >> governor owe male? >> national rifle association. (cheers). >> secretary clinton? >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. (cheers).
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>> senator saunders. >> someone who has taken on probably every special interest that there is in washington, i would lump wall street and the pharmaceutical industry at the top of my list of people who do not like me. >> senator web? >> i would have to say the enemy soldier that through the grenade that wounded me, but he's not around right now to talk to. >> war hero right there. by the way they're going to take a big break now, democrat won't debate again until november 14th, that's in iowa. >> and republican donald trump he made sure his presence is always felt, right? he made sure to live tweet the debate. and he said: sorry, there is no star on the stage tonight. meanwhile trump gearing up saturday night live on november 7th. >> oh, my goodness. live tweeted the whole debate. i was looking forward to some
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real smashing snarky tweets. >> make sure you're still being talked about. >> exactly. 21:00. >> dodgers triumph over the mets. what are the chances we'll see chase utley back on the field? >> plus: police issue a warning about a pair of purse snatchers out there. why investigators fear they will grow more violent. probably clean up the street, too.
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>> just like that, the dodgers are back in it. >> just like. that will who is that? >> when i move you move just like that. >> clayton kershaw, man, good pitcher, ended five game post-season with seven great innings, fresh off three days rest, he pitched winning game against those mets with a three to one score, tomorrow. well, that's what the final score was, three to one, tomorrow the series heads back to los angeles, and zach will be on the mound for los angeles, against jacob de-grown, the guy with all of the hair, who will start for the mets, the winner will take on the chicago cubs, did you
6:25 am
hear me? the chicago cubs beat the st. louis cardinals, they continue on. so they'll play the winner of the met doctors. >> you know this was predicted >> okay. and the mets fans are still beating up on chase utley, literally. sources tell us, and espn, the league mlb offered chase one game suspension to be served monday night, after the illegal slide against rubin, but utley would not except the punishment he appealed. and so now they're beating the crap out of his cut out. that's on the subway shall also outside the city field last night. so, two game suspension, utley a's peel will be heard after the series between the dodgers and the mets is over. so he can play. chase will be eligible to play in tomorrow's game, and did he not play last night, howard eskin has your sport in a
6:26 am
minute. >> national league playoffs, and i'm sure it is just killing phillies fans. terrific manager this year, good young players, and all of the curses may be gone. cubbies are moving on, they beat the team with the most wins in baseball. let's go to chicago score five-four, it was four-four. kyle swab err crushes this baseball. makes it six-four, the cubbies win win the series and move on. how about the chicago cubs? six-four winners mover on to the national league championship is her ears. cowboys with bye woke this week, now changing quarterbacks. brandon is done, the cowboys now desperate, and they're going with matt cast hole they traded when buffalo for few weeks ago, he's now their starting quarterback. cowboys have lost three in a row, now in free-fall. >> and the eagles, a back on the practice field today, getting ready, they are the favorites, monday night against the new york giants, as three and a half point favorite. they win at first place in the division.
6:27 am
that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> warning for women about growing number of purse snatching, where the suspects were last spotted. teen shot in the head while riding a bicycle. dave kinchen tracking this investigation, dave? >> alec, good morning to you, homicide detective head back it the round house, back when this 14 year old boy was killed over fight about a girl. may senseless indeed, that investigation coming up, guys. >> first at last night's lottery numbers.
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>> three year old boy is found dead hours after being reported missing now his family is speaking -- speaking out. >> dui arrest, oh, oh, leaves a judge stunned, what police say that guy right there was operating, while drunk. a slay? >> oh, oh. shark attack, shark attacks it bring right near pier full of people. why even marine biologists are stunned by this video. >> remember the seinfeld episode, george wanted to be a marine biologist? okay, it is wednesday, october the 14th, 2015. >> we were out late.
6:31 am
>> for a good reason. >> big brother big sisters turned 100 years old. >> that's great. they've helped a lot of people. i understand it was pretty fansy? >> oh, fans. >> i will we see some photographs? >> course we will. >> flyers play tonight, chicago blackhawks, we thought we would put budd any his flyers jersey, he has long sleeves on, good idea, clouds around this morning, temps in the 50's, 60s, few north and west the city that are in the 40's, this morning. so, keep that in mind. but for today, because it is going to be a seasonable day, maybe nine out of ten, few clouds and, really decent day. 57 degrees right now, 9-mile per hour breeze out of the west southwest, 7:10 your sunrise time. no rain to show you, just few clouds on radar, yesterday last day for awhile that we will be in the super 70s, because things will get chillier. at least doing it gradually. 68 degrees today. mix every clouds and sun. and as we said, seasonable.
6:32 am
tonight down to 49 degrees, so it will be a chillier night. we talk about the big chill over the weekend coming up in the i seven day, bob kelly? >> hello, 6:32, good morning, starting to see delays for the folks coming out of phoenixville, collegeville. headed around the curve there in toward trooper. down to 27 miles an hour, just got word of fire, this in upper southampton along county line road. right at second street pike. otherwise, starting to see slow downs on 95 southbound, out of the great northeast, into girard avenue. live look at the ben franklin bridge coming into downtown, there is the first pocket up and over the span. coming out from malvern, up toward king of prussia. again, headlight on longer, as the sunrise gets later and later. of course the little ones out waiting on the bus stop this morning. here is a live look 95 delaware county, the early morning fatal motorcycle accident, along 452 right off
6:33 am
i-95, 452 open, and just minor delay north on i-95. mike, alex, back to you. >> you've gotten to know commissioner ramsey, many different events. >> yes. >> is he going to retire today? many, many words, that website. report that commissioner charles ramsey was announce his retirement at 9:30 this morning. >> e-mail was sent last night. mayor nutter as administration alerted reporters there will be major public safety announcement this morning. now, commissioner ramsey, six a years old, been policing for 47 years candidate jim kenny said should ramsey retire as mayor, he would not hire row placement outside of the department. so stay with us, there is a report that commissioner ramsey will announce his retirement today. >> and the commissioner watches this show every morning, with his wife. you could swing by the studio,
6:34 am
commissioner ramsey, tell us first, could. >> that would be nice. >> or maybe if you just want to chat. >> don't hold your breath folks. 9:34. well, funeral services will be held today for jerry mondesire. he was the leader of the philadelphia naacp, well known community activist, the funeral will start at 11:00 this morning, at bright hope baptist church north philly. there already private burial following that service. >> one woman dead, her car rolled over into the woods. crash happened before 1:00 in gloucester township new jersey at sicklerville road in dickinson drive. no word on what caused this crash. >> and we have more now on the developing story of three year old, brendan createo. he was first reported missing early yesterday morning. >> right at this time we got the alert. >> he was found hours later by police k9 units in camden count. >> i sabina on this story.
6:35 am
sabina? >> reporter: good morning, guys, more questions than answers surrounding this toddler's death. investigators have not said whether owe think -- they think this death is suspicious or whether it may have simply been an accident. we are expecting autopsy result in today too investigators and that may help answer some of those questions. now, last night, dozens gathered for a vigil to remember three year old brendan createo. police say the little boil was -- little boy was reported missing from his haddon township home at 6:00 yesterday morning. authorities launched intense search and robo calls went out to people in the neighborhood. three hours later at 9:00 a police k9 discover his body eight blocks away near the cooper river. no cause of death has been released. vigil goers tell fox 29 that the toddler was at his father's home, when he was reported to be missing. they tell us police have spoken to him. that he is devastated at the vigil, many mourners prayed and they said they wanted
6:36 am
answers. >> dear lord, hold our children tightly. you know how much they are loved and how much we care for them. protect them. keep them safe. >> his grandfather told me today no matter what happened in their family life, which is the relationship with his wife, his work issues, when he saw friends, and all of that fell away, and all he knew was this is the most important thing in my life. >> the one request that the grandfather had, just one word, prayers, prayers. >> just horrifying situation to be in. you know, i can't imagine the situation that they're in. just must be absolutely devastating. >> and last night, brendan's mother samantha released statement, quote, we are heart broken basilica of saints peter and paul the loss of our beautiful boy brandon, along with the createo family who also lost son and grandson. we are grieving and tremendously sad end. we thank the community which
6:37 am
searched this morning for brendan, and gathered in his memory. we appreciate your effort, and kind words. we do not have any answers about what occurred. so, again, we are homing to get those answers from the me's office, sometime today, which investigators finding out exactly the cause of death. mike, al next. >> that's the key, that autopsy report. all right, sack even, a thank you. 6:37. fifteen year old boy rushed to the hospital after being shot three times. happened 9:30 last night, on the 500 block of carpenter street. queen village. he's list in the stable condition this morning, police have not determined would prompted this shooting, and so far no arrests. >> north philadelphia community mourning the loss after 14 year old boy who was gunned down as he was riding his bike. >> yes, the shooter remains on the loose this morning. but dave's on the story from the round house. dave? >> mike, alec, how many more times do families have to bury teenage tears gun violence? how many more times do homicide detectives have to
6:38 am
gather at the round house behind me, and piece these cases together? in this case they're asking or checking into reports that this 14 year old boy was murdered, because after argument over a girl. let's go to some video right now. duval dj de shield was remembered by family and friends in a vigil few seat from where he was shot monday night, on the 1200 block of tenth street in north philadelphia. he died last night. police are checking report from witnesses that the shooting was over a girl, the victim reportedly road on a bike and was shot as he approached a group of boys, family, friends, talk about dj and they spoke out against violence, and this is another tragedy for his family, his mother died of cancer in 2013. and just last year, his sister died of cancer, as well. list never to how people are reacting. >> this family has been through a lot already from the passing on of the mother, and the sister pass, and now here go the baby, because he was the youngest one, the babiment
6:39 am
the baby getting killed now, it is a lot on a family. >> somebody got to be smart enough to realize that this wheel of death got to stop spinning. >> happened at such an early age. he didn't get a chance it really live his life out. >> police say a bb gun fell from dj's clothes while officers raised him to the hospital, after the shooting the friends say whatever the reason for this apparent beef, what started this, it was not worth a young life, tragically hearts breaking yet again this morning in the sit of brotherly love, guys. >> all right, 39:00, dave, thank you for that. philadelphia police hope surveillance video will lead to the arrest of two men. >> than wanted for spring every robberies. how they were captured on store surveillance camera in the harrow gate neighborhood. police say they steel women's purses cash, and phones, they followed 56 years old customer down the block and just grabbed her purse. detective believe that they're behind three more robberies
6:40 am
that same morning, athlete one indent had a gun. >> getting more bold, i think one. last once they actually showed a handgun in his waistband. >> anyone with information is urged to contact police. >> bob, what do you have? >> an accident, involving an overturned vehicle, take a look at this, on the left side of your screen, that's an overturned suv, on the schuylkill expressway, this is in the tunnels, under 30th street station, now, all westbound lanes are closed. that's the side that the vehicle is on it side there, approaching 30th street, and it looks like the eastbound side only has one lane open. i don't see anybody moving around the vehicle, as of yet. we will try to get more information, we'll come back one date right after the break.
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>> so san francisco bay area, a lot of people like to go out to alcatraz, that abandoned prison in san francisco bay, i've been out there. very interesting. >> well, a shark killing it pray near a dock on the island, now what people are talking about.
6:44 am
>> well, yes. >> this tourist witness add great white shark attacking, eating a small, probably seal, a lot of seals in that area. the shark devouring that seal. shark expert saying it is the first known predatory attack of white shark, inside san francisco bay. is that right? but that doesn't mean that sharks aren't swimming in the bay all the time. it is just the first time they've seen an attack and then tourist caught it on tape. >> makes you rethink the escape from a alcatraz, right? >> that's right. >> oh, did they plant the sharks in there years ago? >> maybe so. to prevent the birdman. >> drama on the west coast. >> all right, this saturday morning, it is going to be a little chilly. all right, we've already warned you, just layer it up
6:45 am
if you're coming out. i hope you are. join us for the altzheimer's walk, walk, wilmington, delaware, in a new place, but sort of the same place. we will still be at the riverfront in wilmington, but at dravo plaza other side of where we were before, so there will be plenty of signs just head toward the riverfront, and you will be fine. now, temperatures when we get started, low to mid 40's, i think but will be plenty of sunshine, chris o'connell will be there, yours truely, will be welcoming you and hopeful have i is a great time. we always do. cold front came through yesterday, that one park off shore. we have another one headed through little later on, and that will bring mostly clouds, and a reinforcement of the cooler temperatures that are here. now it is cooler than it was, but seasonable temperatures today, tomorrow, probably the first part of friday until big chill comes this weekend, we just told but. that will here comes some clouds in advance that far secondary cold front.
6:46 am
so see cloud around this morning, we do not expect precipitation unless you're north and west of the city. that will wouldn't happen until later on this afternoon, when the actual front comes through, these clouds are ahead of it. so, you see, afearing of green to the north of us around carbon, monroe counties about 3:00 in the afternoon, maybe couple of sprinkles here and, there but not going to be a big deal. it will just sort of keep that seasonable air in place for us today, and tomorrow, and then friday we get another cold front, so as you walk out the door, 48 degrees in reading, 47 months town, here in the city 57. and it is 61 our mild spot down in wildwood, new jersey this morning. wind at 9 miles an hour starting to change the win direction, get in the cooler area in here, so we look at the past seven days, 80 last friday, then 66 the next day. we warm back up to the mid 70s monday and tuesday, but that may be it for awhile for highs in the 70s. we've got 68 degrees today, i
6:47 am
guess there is a chance we could make it to 70. but 67 tomorrow. chance of showers on friday. there is the at up chill, also headed out to the temple game at the linc, bright, sunny, also on the chim i sigh, and the same we can say for the link, on monday night for the eagles game, as well. so that's your seven day forecast, all right, bob, big problems on the schuylkill. >> updating breaking news, 47:00. live look at this accident that is the schuylkill shutdown all westbound lanes are closed, this accident involving this overturned suv, actually in the tunnels here under 3,030th street station, here is the exit for the vine expressway, so anyone leaving south philadelphia coming in toward philly on the schuylkill expressway at stand still for probably the last ten minute or soment you can see police here blocking what would be the left lane of the eastbound side.
6:48 am
emergency crews, par med is, all responds and probably going to come up the eastbound side, because the westbound side is bumper to bumper here. so getting ready to step out the front door westbound schuylkill again at stand still, from say university all the way into the tunnels, under 30th street station. and it doesn't look like it will get any better quickly here. coming in on the schuylkill, take 95 north, and come in on the vine street expressway, anyone from south jersey come over the walt whitman bridge typically use the schuylkill to come into center city, again, go 95 north, and come in to philly on the vine street expressway. this is casino of shocking, lamar oath em, former basketball player, was hospitalized yesterday after he was found unconscious in a brothel outside of las vegas. >> so the county sheriff's department was called tuesday afternoon to love ranch,
6:49 am
that's the name of the brothel, about 70 miles outside of las vegas. after a report after unresponsive man need ago ambulance. odom was stabilized and driver tone nearby hospital. the owner of the brothel said odom had been taking a loft quote herbal vie ago ray becomes no illegal drugs found in his room. >> apparently three of the kardashian girls raised over to the nevada, las vegas area. more on that in just a little bit. >> to be with him in the hospital. >> yes. >> actress has entered treatment for postpartum depression. ten month after giving birth to her daughter. actress recently opened but experiencing the disorder in a interview. it is an experience she is also portraying on her wormed in nashville. her character also a new mom battling postpartum depression. >> isn't that interesting? life imitating art. and reverse. >> rapper ti, apologized for comment he made about voting for female president, he wrote, my column end about women running for president
6:50 am
were one give co-latin sensitive. so on radio show, ti said he thinks women can handle every other political offers but not the presidency. saying, quote, unquote, that's where he got in trouble, i just know that women make rash decisions emotionally. get this, hillary clinton. don't have to r i would about his vote because ti can't vote because of a felony. that's still on his record. >> 50:00. >> well, justin bieber pays back to his debt to society. this is the punishment for egging his neighbor's home last year. as part of his probation, bieber has to perform five days of community labor. >> do you know what that video is? that's a tool using a tool. >> that's right, mike, it is. he's working. >> sure.
6:51 am
>> doing pretty good job there. interesting technique there. >> dork. >> empire is on tonight. >> yes, it is, it is empire wednesday. but it is hear about? all of the cookie fans out there. so taraji on the cover of essence magazine. yep, cookie lions take no prisoner approach that really resonates with fans, in this issue, out this friday, she talks about her rise to fame. well, she has been famous now it is really representing new heights. catch new season every wednesday, so tonight, it will be on fox, if you want to catch that magazine. >> the cover was interesting, wasn't it? >> yes, did you see her dress? >> did you see? >> yes, my name is cookie. >> yes, about the dress? it is too bad that they ripped it love the photo shoot looks like. >> funny how you do. that will but of course, tonight at 9:00 we will be watching empire. we will be live tweeting alex holley fox 29, also on facebook alex holley fox 29. i love chatting all things empire.
6:52 am
>> see you tonight. >> see in you two minute, too, here. >> well, alone in the will err necessary. no food. no water for six days. how this man was able to stay alive. >> let me tell you there is gets pretty gross. >> ham owe wean just couple of weeks away now, what's your favorite halloween cannedy? i'll admit to you i'm big candy corn fan. only time i eat can i corn but i love candy corn. >> okay, i'll think of mine. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done.
6:53 am
and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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>> beautiful. look at the birds flying in. >> okay, is that you? >> i'm trying to do a bird. >> let me do a pigeon. >> okay, that's easier to do. >> okay, how about there? fifty-four year old man arrested for du: but not the casino of due you're used to hearing about. >> # four year old ronnie hicks was arrested for driving under the influence. but he was driving a motorized wheelchair. there he is, hi, ricky. ronnie, whatever his name s hicks. police say hicks was blocking traffic. state attorney don't there in florida recommended recommend the $5,000 bonds, because it was allegedly hicks third time doing this. after the hearing interest a medical staff regarding hicks needs for wheelchair, why the approved the bond.
6:56 am
>> australian man has quite the story to tell after surviving six days in the wild. sixty-two year old, got lost on hunting trip in western australia he had no water and only had black ants to eat while he was out there. he was able to find shelter aunt tree for protection during the ordeal. footprint helped search teams lead them to his location. and he suffered dehydration, but was last reported in stable condition. have you ever had and the, mike? >> no. >> what? >> no, i haven't. >> i miss that joke. >> people gosh 6:56. >> i don't get included on the joke? >> well, were you reading, that's why. i'm guessing this first -- >> are you going to share the joke with us? >> ill. big change coming at the top here, philadelphia police department, is that man one of our good friend here on "good day" philadelphia. is he going to resign? we take you to the live news
6:57 am
conference at 9:30, that is what the rumor is. >> and democrat hoping ton the next president they went to the stage for their first debate. the one moment of unity between two candidates that left the whole crowd laughing. dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen. i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> rumors are swirling this morning, the commissioner may be retiring. >> the secretary is right. that will is in a the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too. >> well the democrats hoping to row place president obama in the white house, they squared off in their first debate. so who came out on top last night? >> and don't drink and drive of course and don't put it on social media while you are doing it. this story, a lot of people are talking about it. even this morning. i'm sure you've heard about it, the woman charged for drunk driving, as she streamed it live while driving around drinking. >> she was periscoping. >> she got arrested. >> so many different legal angles to that story, we'll discuss. >> so many people periscoping nowadays, the thing to do, anywhere you go. >> i'll do it before the show is


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