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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> rumors are swirling this morning, the commissioner may be retiring. >> the secretary is right. that will is in a the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too. >> well the democrats hoping to row place president obama in the white house, they squared off in their first debate. so who came out on top last night? >> and don't drink and drive of course and don't put it on social media while you are doing it. this story, a lot of people are talking about it. even this morning. i'm sure you've heard about it, the woman charged for drunk driving, as she streamed it live while driving around drinking. >> she was periscoping. >> she got arrested. >> so many different legal angles to that story, we'll discuss. >> so many people periscoping nowadays, the thing to do, anywhere you go. >> i'll do it before the show
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is over. i might do it right now. >> i want to periscope your wetter. >> most fast nature being thing today, i'm sure, we have -- >> nine out of ten today. it will be pretty decent autumn day. and bus stop buddy wearing his flyers jersey because it has long sleeves, and you probably need that today, because it will be little cooler than yesterday, also flyers are at home tonight against chicago. at the wells fargo center most temperatures in the 50's, 60s, 57 degrees, in philadelphia, pretty sunrise there with the mix of sun and clouds, breeze, and sunrise happens officially pretty soon but in the yet at ten after 7:00. with these shorter days ahead. it was spirit of 76 yesterday. average high 68.
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that's exactly where we will be today after our temperatures in the 50's this morning, 65 degrees, by lunchtime. high of 68, it will be abut full afternoon, but things are going to chill out this weekend, talk about that until the seven day coming upment bob kelly how with we doing on the schuylkill? >> not good. clock 02, good morning, still shut down on the schuylkill, all westbound lanes closed in the tunnels, all because of overturned vehicle, been in shutdown mode for about half hour now. they got the car uprighted here, but anyone leaving south philadelphia, trying to get in toward downtown, no go this morning. so leaving south philadelphia, up and over the bridge, don't go it. coming into philadelphia, westbound lanes are closed. not only westbound, but eastbound, as women. common in, mike. mike is periscoping.
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traffic life. >> a lot of hearts. >> loot of hearts? >> swing around. see? look at all of the hearts you're getting. >> they love bob kelly. >> we'll tell how to get around the schuylkill. >> want me to kiss you. forget that. >> east as and westbound lanes of the schuylkill, avoid the area of 30th street. you can use either i-95, to get you up into the vine street expressway, as the alternate, or, if you are coming end bound eastbound on the schuylkill stack up as well because police are in the tunnels here use ear the kelly drive or martin luther king drive as your alternate. all westbound lanes of the schuylkill closed in the tunnels under 30th street station. each running with the delay as well. mass transit though looking good. at least for the moment. >> coming up on clock 04,
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sources tell commissioner will announce his retirement this morning. in a e-mail sent last night, alerted reporters every major public safety announcement happening this morning. the six a year old has been policing for 47 years. mayoral canned date jim kenny has said should ramsey retire as mayor if-ee elected he would not hire a replacement outside of the department. we will be at the news conference car at this live here on the show, it will be at 9:30. so stick around. >> final confirmation now funeral service will be held today for jerry mondesire. of course the former leader of the philadelphia naacp and well community activist, funeral will start 11:00 this morning bright hope baptist church, private burial following that service. yesterday morning, at this time, three year old brendan createo went missing. >> he was first reported
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missing early in the morning, about 6:00 in the morning, wasn't in his bed. he was found hours later dead. found by k9 unit. >> sabina live, including the family, still have questions this morning, what happened? >> weep are hearing from the little boy's mother, we'll have statement from her coming up. but first investigate remember expecting autopsy results to be released today to help determine how three year old brendan died so far police have not said whether it was an accident or if they suspect somebody hurt the toddler. last night, dozen of people lit candles, sprayed vigil for the little boy, they watched through his haddon township neighborhood, nearby, memorial continues to grow, brandon found dead by police k9, in a wooded area, near the cooper river eight blocks from his home, about mile away. relatives had reported him
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missing at 6:00 that morning, and he was found three hours later, at the vigil, many neighbors, and friend, remembered brandon, and supported his family they say he was at his father's home and police have spoke tone him. >> he lovers his son. he went to bed. he woke up. his son was gone. he panic. his son was gone. >> he didn't do it. >> just pray for him. he is with god. he is with our lord. >> help them find this person who perpetrate in the terrible evil. >> dear lord, hold our children tightly. >> you know how much they are loved and how much we care for help. the community coming together during this terrible time. now, the little boy's mother,
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samantha, released statement yesterday she says quote we are heart broken by the loss of our beautiful boy, brendan, along with the family, who also lost a son and grandson, we are grieving and tremendously saddened, we thank the community who served this morning, and gathered his memory. we appreciate your effort and kind words. >> the family along with the community, waiting the result of that autopsy to be released from investigators, to find out exactly what happened, to this little boy, also, guys, go fund me site has been set to up help raise money for brendan's funeral costs, that's already raised about $5,400 so far. >> good, good, all right, san even, a 7:07 now one juan dead after her car roll over and into the woods, crash happened just before 1:00 this morning in gloucester township new jersey at sicklerville road and dickinson road. >> police investigating after
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15 year old boy is rushed to the hospital shot three times, 500 block of carpenter street queen village, list in the stable condition at jefferson hospital. >> investigator say he was riding had i bike as shot in the head. this was in north philadelphia. >> so, dave, live at police headquarters with more. dave? >> we use the term senseless, homicide detective looking into reports that this teen was shot in the head because of argue. over a girl, if that's true, then that certainly bridges new definition to the term senseless violence. let's go to video right now, emotional vigil yesterday, for devalue de shield also known as dj. he was remembered by friends and family at vigil few feet from where he was shot 1200 block of tenth street north philadelphia.
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he died, yesterday afternoon, police checking on report that the shooting was over argument about a girl, the victim reportedly road up on bike and was shot as he approached a group of boys family and friend spoke out against the violence. >> duval was great child. he was so fun, so talented. he danced and sang and he was so much fun and full of life. >> somebody got to be smart if you to realize that this wheel of death got to stop spinning. >> it is a shame we are lining up more for funerals more than we are watching our kids graduate. >> bb gun fell from dj's clothe while officers raised him to the hospital after he was shot. whatever the reason was for the shooting, no reason to take a life, and it is more tragedy for his family, his mother and sister died, both died from cancer, within the last two years, so more sadness for this family, just horrible, guys.
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>> horrible indeed. all right, 7:10 now. >> we haven't gotten see the candidate go towed had towed and all line up on the stage. >> we saw last night. chris murphy, what did you think? >> interesting, kind of the bernie hillary show. clear from the get go, that hillary clinton's frontrunner status and center stage position was going to make her the target. faced plenty of attacks from her opponent. as well as the three lesser none candidates on that stage. now the topic, they range from hill i'll e-mail scandal, the role of capitalism as well in our society. take a listen. >> do i consider myself part of the casino captain list process, by which so few have so much and so many have so little by which wall street agreed and wrecklessness wrecked this economy snow no,
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i don't. i believe in a society where all people dwell, not just handful of billionaires. >> we are the united state of america, and it is our job to rain in the excesses of capitalism. so it doesn't run amuck, and doesn't cause the kind of inch equity we're seeing in our economic system, but we would be making grave mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in the history of the world. >> so, of course, long way to go in this election process, five candidates vying for the democratic presidential nomination, 15 candidates, are pursuing the gop presidential nomination. >> you know, what you kind of look presidential there. a lot of dark suits, blue ties, yes. >> not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> jfk. >> and clinton both. clinton here. >> the clinton team thing. >> then the jfk. >> president obama says that, too, though. >> is he one of those, too? >> thank, chris. >> okay. >> chris kennedy.
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7:12, almost. so on the republican side, support for ben carson appears to be growing. even more. putting him in a position to maybe overtake frontrunner donald trump. getting close. >> keeps trump in the top position with 24% of registered republican voters saying they prefer him over any other candidate. carson isn't fall behind, and rounding out top three, ted cruz at 10%, the only three who have doubled digit back interesting republican primary voters. >> 24% to 23%. that's close. very much close, no question about it, what's the number of the day, sue? >> it is a nine. >> that's close. >> here is another number. fifty-seven. that's our current temperature in philadelphia. preview of coming attractions, 42, in minneapolis. so we will get some of the colder air coming in over the weekend. we already had cold front come through yesterday. another one comes through today. barely noticeable because we don't spec a lot of rain with
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it, then another one on friday. here's yesterday's, here's today's, and the next one, we will show you when it is pertinent, which is friday. >> high pressure will build in inbetween, we will actually have some nice seasonable, autumn pumpkin picking weather, coming up over the next couple of days. we have few clouds around this morning. they are building in, in advance, of that cold front. so, we expect clouds, mix in the with our sunshine, which makes for beautiful sunrise, by the way, which just happened officially. but, no rain, unless you're far north and west of the city, and here's what we're talking about in our future weather. the future cast has some clouds around this morning. sprinkles later on, when the actual cold front comes through. if you just see little bit of rain, that's probably all you're going to see if you have anything at all. so, it is not a big deal, should nice day, chris murphy was thinking about going golfing. i would say go ahead.
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sixty-one in wiped wood, atlantic city international, 55 degrees, winds about 10 miles an hour, in philadelphia, starting to change direction, and come out of the northwest where it is a little bit on the cooler side. won't expect 08 for awhile, or 70s for awhile. mid 70s the last couple of days, but not making it to 70 probably today or tomorrow or friday and definitely not over the weaken. we've got the autumn chill saturday high of only 57 degrees. maybe neat jacked on top of the sweater specially early in the morning sunday, monday, low temperatures in the 30's, even in the city. so, this weekend lots of places getting their first frost of the season. for many folks, though, just getting around this mess on the schuylkill expressway is their challenge of the day, bob kelly. >> a lot of folks hasn't been going anywhere for the last 40
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minute or so. all because of this accident. all westbound lanes of the schuylkill have been closed, right underneath the tunnels here at 30th street station. we are stack and packed like pancakes, vare avenue, all the way up to the accident scene, where they did upright the vehicle. so the westbound lanes are closed. eastbound, there is only one lane open leaving south philadelphia again barely moving at all here as you work your way in toward 30th street. coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway stacked up from city avenue on in. here is a picture, what it look like from university. so your alternate, going to be 95 north, come into philadelphia on the vine street expressway. if you are coming over the walt whitman bridge, same deal. take 95 north, come in on the vine street expressway. look at the schuylkill, eastbound, 42 minute because of the crash. so, if you are coming eastbound, i would use the kelly drive, or the martin
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luther king drive-in stead of the schuylkill expressway. if you are leaving the house right now. mike, alex being back over to you. >> thank you, see this last night? this game went on pretty darn late. maybe didn't hear about it, dodgers nook the playoffs. i mean, they won. they've tied the series two-two. >> back in the game. >> back in it. last night, clayton kershaw ended his five game post-season run, with seven great innings. fresh off three days rest, he pitched a winning game against the mets. won it three to one. final score. hey tomorrow the series heads back to los angeles, chavez ravine, zach on the mound for los angeles against jacob degrown, the dude with all of the long hair, who will start for the met. the winner will take on the chicago cubs, did you hear me? the chicago cubs beat the st. louis cardinals they are moving on, i don't think they
7:17 am
won wormed series since 1908. remember the movie, what was the movie? >> back to the youth your? if predict in the 2015 the cubs would win the world series. mets fans still beating up on chase utley, i mean litter. >> i have you seen this video? yes, fans, just unloading it all on cardboard cut out of him on the subway. sources tell they face one game suspension to be served monday night after the illegal slide, utley would not except it, then issued two game suspension. utley's hearing will be heard after it is over. >> what's the point? >> will be eligible to play in tomorrow's gym. >> was eligible last night but he didn't play. >> look at. that will my gosh. >> i know, worse than hitchbot. >> upset about his violence on the feel, so they did have i lens themselves. just the mets fans, seriously. mets and dodgers head to game five. chicago cubs have already moved on. the cubs took down the cardinals in game four yesterday.
7:18 am
kyle, in the bottom of the seventh inning, man, eland. that one. ball actually get stuck in the scoreboard. a strikeout ends the game right there, and the cubs beat their archrival the st. louis cardinals, six to four they are area moving on. they'll take on the winner of the mets. >> i'm sure this morning plenty of cubs fans celebrating of the outside last night, just after the final out. police on hand to keep the crowds in control around headed to the national series for the first time since 2003. i bet their favorite movie is back to the future. >> probably so. we'll play that clip for you from the movie from the 80s, right? predict g weird wild things that would happen. whoever boards, cars that fly through the air, and the cubs
7:19 am
winning the world series. we have it right now. boom. >> against miami? >> who would have thought? a hundred to one shot. i wish coy go back to the beginning of the season, put some money on the cubs. >> what did you just said? >> i say i wish i could go back it the beginning of the season, put some money on the cubbies. >> but still the cubbies long way off. they have to win the championship game. >> still the fact it is going in that direction. >> isn't that wild? did you put your money on the cubbies? >> back in the day, back in 1986, whenever that movie was made? you know president obama big white sox fan, but he did congratulate the kids to defy his love. his child hood team. >> yes, so yesterday he swallowed his pride and tweeted this. congrats, cubs, even white sox fans are rooting for you. now, this is first time ever that the cubs have won a playoff series at home. >> first time ever that
7:20 am
they've won a playoff series at home. >> uh-huh. >> at home. >> isn't that amazing, over 100 years of franchise has been around. whether president obama first joined twitter, the only chicago sports teams he didn't follow, the cubs. i remember that. cubs fans were upset about that. but that's changed now. >> 720. >> new mom hayden, she checks in for treatment for postpartum depression, what new moms are dealing with, how doctors treat this. >> of course you don't drink and drive. but don't periscope and drive. this story has a lot of folks talking, see it woman right here? charged for drunk driving as she's streaming her drunk driving live for everybody to see.
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we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge.
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i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at >> news that actress hayden entered treatment fast till for postpartum depression, has such an important issue really back to the forefront. >> let's bring in pediatrics, mom herself, three children, doctor judy. good to see you. >> good to see you.
7:24 am
>> with a is position partem depression? you have had the child. and you get depressed basically. >> yes. >> is it hormones gone wild? what is it? >> so they don't know why some people get postpartum depression, it is actually very common. about 50 to 80 moms will have baby blues, kind of milder form of depression. 15% every moms actually have postpartum depression. it is probably very unrecognized, those numbers may be higher, and about seven to 8% have severe postpartum depression. >> wow. when you say not recognized what are some of the symptoms of it? >> symptoms can be sadness being can be crying, can be feeling overwelmed, can be anxiety, can be inability to take care of yourself, to take care of your baby, to take care of, you know, other people you're responsible for. it can be, you no, ma'am, just kind of overwhelming sense of something not being right. >> it really is different. hayden of course plays the character on nashville,
7:25 am
ironically, had postpartum depression, quote today say you don't realize how broad after spectrum you can really experience when it comes to post pardon em depression, negative feelings, all about negative feelings, you want to hurt or injure your child, there is a wide range here. >> yes, yes. and, you know, again, a lot of times the moms don't realize, they don't understand what's going on. so it is hard for them to recognize that this is not necessarily a normal thing. it is important that families, friends, support system, are the people that casino of help to recognize when they think that there is a problem. and we as pediatricians people say when you take care of the baby. we also take care of families in a way. when babies come to us we probably see families much more often than pom see their own providers. we actually do screenings in the offers. we do some informal screening. but we also do formal screening, certain visit where we get to give out questionnaires, we have moms fill one out. >> you have had three kids. ever experience this? >> never postpartum
7:26 am
depression, yes, probably baby blues where you just feel like you want to cry. but transient baby blues, transient, they might last for few days, postpartum depression last as lot longer. >> is there time frame? hayden her child ten month ago. is there a time frame that people like okay this is the time when i should be looking for it? >> usually it starts within maybe a week of the delivery. >> usually symptoms within a month. not nothing already story, when she started when symptoms. >> real quickly what's the treatment? she is in a facility. >> yes, so treatment number one cancelling, personal therapy, also may involve medication. obviously her situation she may be really severe in the fact that if she is in a facility she was admitted to things usually have to have more severe form. >> doctor, always good to see you. >> this is my favorite, one of my favorite events of the year we cover. you need a winter coat?
7:27 am
short on money? look at these people lined up already. for a coat, winter coat. high, jen. >> it is really all about the snow boards, right? we're here in montgomeryville. and people are ready. they want their twin tip skis, they want the swap stuff. they want the inexpensive coats. come on back. we'll tell you exactly what people are waiting in line for in montgomeryville.
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>> five candidates took the stage, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, vermont bernie sander, former maryland, martin o'malley, former virginina senator jim win, rhode island governor, and senator lincoln chafe owe, well, who won, depend on who you ask. certainly was big moment, talking about those emails. >> let's hear it. >> first every all it, really was between bedroom he sanders and hillary clinton. how did they do? >> i think hillary clinton showed she was very, very well prepared. bernie was bernie. i mean, he was off the cuff. from what i understand his staff was going crazy. i know couple of people working the staff, because he does his own thing.
7:31 am
he did not prepare. obviously the e-mail i think we have t let's play it. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too. >> that was christmas present? >> slutly, early christmas present. what i also heard from one of bernie's staff members is he flubbed. that will that's not what whate wanted to say. what he wanted to say was you did this. you did this thing with these e-mail, look the problems you have caused us. and he flubbed it, and it turned out as completely different. >> well, i mean, is he right though? is america over the emails? >> no, no. we are not over the darn emails. and she tried to put it on republican national committee and all this other foolishness, the committee interviewing her, bottom line the fbi is on this 24/7 looking over criminal issues. bernie helped her last night by axing it.
7:32 am
>> by accident. >> they're saying the republicans though pushing the emails. >> what do we have to do with the fb shipment come on, let's be real clear here. >> few republicans in the fbi. >> please. come on, now. >> there will be a hearing. but what happened last night which i think is monumental, the person that really most impact bid this wasn't on the stage was joe biden. >> oh, i agree. >> because joe had to be looking at that saying she was prepared, she knows what she is talking about. and i think it may be too late for joe now. >> really, too late? i never think it is too late. hear, look, he watched everybody, everybody still looking at him, he is the one that is winning with the over the republicans. >> saner? >> no, i'm just saying biden. >> okay. >> biden is the one that's winning, see, eleanor getting me all nervous and stuff. >> well, after last night, wouldn't you be nervous? that's what they will do. they have to do it so they can win. here is my issue, got no the
7:33 am
whole race thing, pete sitting out not invited to the whole debate. the advice chair of the party. now, that's something that's going on behind the scenes. let's be honest here eleanor. he wasn't invited because there this yes talking about there was lack of diversity. had you they dealt with the lack of diversity basically talking about african-americans are poor, i mean -- >> they said what do you consider, black lives matter or all lives matter? >> that's a big question. >> they kept saying black lives matter. come on, now. >> here is the other thing, what is really key in all of. >> this when those benghazi hearings are held, and the e-mail hearings are held, and they're going to be coming up, that gives joe by the end another shot to see -- >> i he'd you it wasn't too late. >> ladies? >> hole on, i want to acknowledge, there were other people on the stage. >> this was their moment real toy try to come out and shine. how do we think about o'malley? how did they do? >> i thought o'malley very
7:34 am
good. >> strong? >> yes, you know, every idea they brought up he said i did that in maryland, you know, he made himself very popular. the other two i didn't think made it, and i think by november they won't be on the stage. >> rene? >> lincoln, chafee, i mean, come on, now, that was pitiful. >> didn't know how -- >> chafee does have -- he just couldn't get anything in. he was getting more frustrated and upset. wait ten minute. >> he only thought because -- only talk nine minutes, the whole debate. the whole show i think the show was a lot more policy in our debate than the republicans. >> please. >> he had like 11 people, come on, now. let me just say the tweet were horrible coming from your party. talking about what they were saying about black lives matter, black people this, and hispanics, panelling to minorities because they know we will be important in this election. >> and they think republicans are lack willing it comes to
7:35 am
be did -- >> guess what, look what we have. that's trump. okay? >> but drum some front line. >> a long time we go in the last part of the general election, you can be frontrunner go and gone later. >> we'll have to see, ladies. >> that's my line. bee will win. >> we have another month. >> the begs thing this jig he is, best think, because i wanted to go to vegas. other than that, it was not that great. >> when i was in vegas, stays in vegas. >> all right. yes. thank you so much, ladies, rene and eleanor. all right, 7:35. sue? >> always make me smile when those two running zero. just like bus stop buddy, yes, wearing his flyers jersey today. step ups mostly in the 50's and 60s, around the region this morning, seeing some sunshine, but mix wad lot of cloud cover this morning. still, we will give you a nine out of ten, even with the cold front, that came through yesterday. almost cooler see the clouds around this morning in this picture of old citiment
7:36 am
picturesque, isn't? 57 degrees right now. just those clouds showing up on ultimate doppler radar. high temperature of 68 degrees, sun and clouds, we call it seasonable day, big chill this weekend, detail coming up. bob kelly, how are we doing on the schuylkill? >> sue, schuylkill in a second. looking live from skyfox, over the scene of an another motorcycle accident. this is the second one this morning, aramingo and butler, look like just happened, police on the scene no word on any injuries or what the situation; but obviously in the neighborhood, aramingo and butler, port richmond section of the sit. we get more on the accident and more on that schuylkill, when we come right back.
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since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier by accepting most major health and vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> it is 7:39. let's delve in deeper. people do a lot of things they shouldn't do while driving. you shouldn't be texting,
7:40 am
shunting drinking, of course, but this story takes the cake. listen. >> i can't read your smacks, i can't read your periscope. >> florida police say whitney beil, that woman right there, was on periscope, you know what that is, while she was driving drunk. she admit. i'm drunk. those watching so concerned about what she was doing, called 911. police able to catch up up to her and arrest her. >> our social media expert, jj, unbelievable story. first of all, describe for people that don't know about periscope what is periscoping? >> liver streaming app, good morning, mike and alex if i of all, periscope is live streaming app where people can follow you and you can just basically have a video what the while they ask you questions that scrolled underneath it basically. i mean, this is like the lethal trifecta of bad ideas.
7:41 am
>> yes. >> and now, when you google whitney beil, it returns currently over 12 million result. so, you know, not only is she in serious trouble, and unfortunately, she's made a mistake, that a lot of young people make, now she is national headline. >> this will follow her -- >> the rest of her life. >> it is important you mention young people, in such a culture now, anything i'm doing, i want everyone to know about turkey want to post t even comes this far, while she is driving and drinking, she has a video. >> yes. alex, and mike, i say aninimity is the new have i inch at this. everybody just giving it away freely, and wreck restly, and not really caring about the con consequences. >> jj, what happened? so people saw her doing t them got concerned. they called the cops. >> yes. >> did the cops finally find out where she was? >> base. they finally were able to locate her after she had hit a
7:42 am
second curb and taking out a street sign, and immediately could smell and see that she was, you know, intoxicated and she go refuse a breathalyzer test and they did arrest her and charge her with du: the over thing we need to teach them earlier, because, i've always said kids are going to make mistakes. this is just the icing on the cake, she is lucky she didn't hurt herself or anybody else. she will never be able to get these pictures off the internet. >> therefore ever, the rest of her life. thank you for that reporting that, we appreciate you jumping on the phone there. certainly the first case after periscope arrest. >> she probably also, at some point, talk to ken rotweiler. >> this will probably be happening. police are saying they'll monitor social media and periscope is one of those things they have to watch. >> could you be charge even
7:43 am
after go home and you sobered you have up? >> periscope video still on there 24 hours after you broadcast. here are the lottery numbers and we'll take a break.
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>> can you feel it in the air. you can see it in this view from strads more, the pocono mountains, see the colors of leaves that really look, well, autumnal. because it is. we're getting started with the obvious, your weather headlines, keep in mind, that this will be a cooler day, than yesterday, we won't be getting into the mid 407's like we did, sweater weather, the friday cold front will make it even cooler first problem, there is your social media, sue serio at fox 29, and twitter and facebook for yours truliment checking few temperatures, 57 in the sit g down to cape may, 61, 55 in rehoboth. and dennis township, near the shore, beach half send 58, only 49 in the lake, valley forge has 47, 49 degrees in hazleton to get you started. seeing some sunshine out, there mixed with clouds.
7:47 am
that will be the course of the day. for the rest of the day. 68 degrees today, six tomorrowment chance of showers fly another coal front. autumn chill set unless over the weekend, temps in the 30's to start your sunday and monday daytime only in the 50's. jobbed sweater weather, we could get a coat. >> definitely 7:57. got to dig it out this weaken, good morning, everybody, live look, from skyfox, over the scene of this accident. involving an accident at the intersection, city port richmond section, you can see the mr. advice it all roped off here, we're wait to go get word on any injuries this just happened ten, 15 minutes ago. i wonder if sun glare had anything to do with it, dashboard level. so keep ion that one, thanks to skyfox live, some frequent-flier miles this morning. going to the hams, schuylkill
7:48 am
expressway, still jammo in both directions, all because of that earlier accident, at 30th street. if you are coming into the city, you may want to use either the kim i or the martin luther king drive, about 35 minute trip there. just under 45 minutes, on 95 as you head southbound. and then a new accident, in the camera, this is southbound 295 approach route 44, just south of the 42 freeway, in south jersey. alex being back over to you. >> thank you so much, bob kelly. can you believe sue's already starting to mention the first frost? and on top of that, predicted to be colder than normal this season. so, it is really just one reason why the lines are long outside of the annual buck man ski swap and sale. and jen you're live in montgomeryville with the line. good morning, these guys aren't technically late for school? >> no, not until 9:00. up guys already know, put your old stuff, in old snow boards
7:49 am
into consign? >> yes. >> what are you hoping that you can get out of this? >> snow board and snow board bag. >> cool. mom, they outgrow the stuff? >> this year definitely out of it by then, the season. >> pretty cool. snow is going on here in montgomeryville. jeff buck man here, good morning to you. >> it is going on king of prussia, reading, whitehall. >> i'll be honest with you, i heard about this sale. how good could this stuff be? i said this to you off camera. this jacket right here, is $5. it is a brand new coat. why do you guys do this? >> customers, chances are they bought that year or two ago, used once, twice, out grew it, they bring it here, we sell it for them. >> pretty cool. not only stuff people can consign, gently used stuff, also brand new stuff. this is the stuff that the teenager want, they don't want the olds? >> we have items that we
7:50 am
bought specifically for the sale. and then we bring them out here, put them in the tent. customers line up. >> it is basically aver sean of me looking in your closet. can i look in your closet? >> for sure. just jump in and look. >> one of the things we talked becomes i'm lacrosse mom, some or mom, not only stuff great for the circumstances you have boxes of warm stuff. for kids, adults? >> if they want to keep warm, we have all of those things here, long underwear for $5, $10. coats, you can see, racks, we have more racks behind the corner here. >> yes. >> we have things that people need to keep warm. >> you know, i've gone snow boarding on tv. people know. this stuff ain't cheap. it is so good that it is just not very, you know, but when you look at this stuff is like 70% off. you want the good stuff specially for the little guys. >> that's right.
7:51 am
>> who doesn't want to stay warm? >> keeps going and going. so do you have come to the store though. this is not -- you can't find anything on line. >> be at one of the four tent locations, montgomery ville, reading, whitehall, king of prussia. goes through today and including saturday. >> so you have been here, been doing it 44 years? >> forty-four years. >> like how does it look, be honest? >> i think this is our best year ever. >> no, i mean friday and saturday. do i have to get here like today or tomorrow or will you replentish this stuff? >> from today on, starts to dwindle. >> okay. >> quite frankly, you know, but we have more that we can bring out to be replentishing. >> this is the biggest one so far? >> yes. >> i love it. this is bran new thing for laundry. i'm hoping my kids aren't watching because i have to go to another segment. seriously, look at this little stuff. all of the little north face, 15 bucks! brand new stuff. >> i love this. >> and people love north face for sure. >> every year. great job there, thank you,
7:52 am
7:51. >> philadelphia's police commissioner on his way out? >> we just talk to him over at the rounds house, we just talk to him. he says i don't want to comment on there is i haven't had my coffee or oatmeal yet. leave my alone. >> right ahead of major news cons friend that will be happening. we'll have it live on fox 29. >> this guy calls himself the fat guy who is riding across america. there he is. eggs' on our show today. why is he going to ride his bike to the art museum steps? we'll tell you why.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
do you know it is national be bald and free day? q, preston and steve, one bald, one free. >> man. >> congratulations, oh, look at you two pumpkins. >> twins. >> yes. >> i'm a little more red than
7:56 am
he is. i'm full blown seasonal orange. >> yes, how are you celebrating today? >> yes, bald guy. >> probably, you know, the usual, kill a goat, you know, my tribute to satan. >> no, you just -- i put up my halloween decorations yesterday, i'm fully into the spirit. so purchasing candy, doing everything. >> speaking every candy we just saw survey, it breaks down by each candy which sit favorite can i in each spate n pennsylvania it is swedish fish. >> that blows, not at all. i don't eat them that often. i used to be more of that type of candy, the hard insulin. >> more of a chocolate guy now >> yes. >> chocolate is the way to go.
7:57 am
>> jersey sour patch kids? no? don't like either? >> that's horrible. >> i think they're good. >> as a kid that could be a pows that would get it. p or egged. >> no, i mean, kids love that type of thing, steve. >> kids? >> not about kids. >> it is it has never been about kids. >> , no kids, they love those. andy, as well, as kid, you know, like lemon heads, or the real hot ones. >> how about the folks that handed out apples, throw that into your sack? >> let's do something healthy for the childrenment like the dentines town would hand out the toothbrushes, great, then his cars would have his windows smashed in. just go with the candy then you're good to go. >> delaware, three muskateers, i haven't had a three muskateers in years. i am more after milky way guy. >> here is the deal. okay? so you have three muskateers, then milky way is three muskateers with some carmel on
7:58 am
it, and then you have a snickers which is my personal favorite which is a three muskateers, and milky way combined with peanut. then you get everything in that. snicker by far my favorite candy as far as halloween goes, but you know what i really come around on? they have the regular size, then they have the fun size now the mini's, pain in the butt to go through and open everyone of them, but i like them better because you get more chocolate around. >> pop recall. >> forgetting candy corn, guys, it is halloween. >> no, no. >> that's the worse. >> no. >> the worse. >> who said that? the worse candy they've ever made, ever. >> not the worse. mary jane bars are the worse. but candy corn is horrible, as well. >> circus peanuts are pretty nasty. >> circus candy. >> i hate it, nasty. >> i love any cans that i mimicks an actual food. >> this is how i eat your
7:59 am
candy corn i bite off the tip first, then devour the center eat the yellow bottom. this sounds dirty, doesn't it? >> little bit. >> just like classic communist >> i listen, to me, you got to go kit cat or tricks or peanut m and m's. >> peanut m and m's to me if you're in the realm of the chocolate that's the great way to celebrate halloween. >> how about the mystery either just orange wax paper or black wax paper whatever those were? >> no, no. >> you know what's worse? i'll bake cookies for the kids watch parents in their ride mind will let their kid eat somebody that the neighbor down the street who has a band on the front lawn, somebody with popcorn bowls? >> yes. >> i didn't even know they had those. enjoy your bald day. good day, it is october the
8:00 am
14th, 2015. listen to this. >> live from the fox 29 studio this is "good day philadlephia". >> look out everybody, we may have big change on the way if philadelphia. our police commissioner charles ramsey could be on his way out. we'll take you live to news conference around 9:30. >> fighting for his life. lamar odom reportedly hospitalized this coma right now where he was found and who is rushing to his side this morning. >> smell crow since the national anthem before the big debate last night. but the votes are in. why many of you are not thrilled with super -- with this performance. >> ♪ >> he calls himself the fat guy across america, and the
8:01 am
journey stops in philadelphia this morning. what he plans to do here, plus, the one reason he decided to get on the bike and turn his life around. >> make cowboy, wow, in times square. some people walk 500 miles, he is thinking about biking 3,000 miles, and you'll meet him in just a little bit. >> wonderful. good morning. >> 3,000 miles. >> oh. >> point inbetween. >> got to space it out. >> well, we've ranged for decent, nice, or dyson weather. let's get to the numbers. please? quickly? okay, here we go. nine out of ten, i i that's decent and nice. >> i love it. >> bus stop buddy, flyers jersey, they play tonight, the chicago blackhawks, home gain at the wells fargo sent, so long sleeves are good idea this morning, we've got some sunshine out there, mixed when clouds, 58 degrees right now with 9-mile an hour breeze out of the west southwest.
8:02 am
and few clouds showing up mornings rain, we don't don't have any in the forecast, maybe in the mountains few here and, there but high temperature in the seasonable 60s today. high of 68 degrees, now, that's a lot cooler than yesterday. but this is where we're supposed to be. so, we call it chris i am autumn weather bob kelly love it. >> definitely allergy season, falling leaves getting us knocked back there. good morning, everybody, l 8: 02, 30 minute delays for the fox chase line because of some equipment problems, also an accident in the neighborhood involving a motorcycle, we show from skyfox earlier this morning, that intersection is blocked right now still big delays from earlier accident, on the schuylkill expressway, running slow in both directions, into and out of the tunnels at 30th street station, inbound on the schuylkill, over a half hour, south on 95, just under 40 minute from wood half mean downtown. and a crash running south on
8:03 am
295, all south of the 42 freeway down near exit number two; here is a live look at the sun splashed blue route, 476, where the sun is right around dashboard level. look at the size of the shadows there, and that's causing some instant sun glare, eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway come nothing philly. that earlier accident, on the schuylkill, causing early morning jammo, on the benny, we are bumper to bumper from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. mike, alex back to you. >> 8:03. sources tell that commissioner charles ramseyly will announce his retirement this morning. the six a year hold has been policing for 47 years, and mayor michael nutter he has a press conference scheduled for this morning, but right now, ramsey's isn't saying anything about it. >> well, i mean, the mayor's press conference, and, you know, i mean, i haven't had a chance this early, had my coffee and oatmeal before i can reflect. >> funny. >> dave kinchen was out there yacking, anything i want to reflect on the past 47
8:04 am
years,ing? he said no, i need my coffee and my oatmeal. >> he will let the mayor do it if it does happen. again, in about an hour and a half we will take you live to the press conference where the mayor seems as if he'll announce our police commissioner is stepping out. he's had a great career. >> you may remember jim kenny has said should ramsey retire if-ee elected mayor woe not hire a row placement outside the department. we will go to the news conference at 9:30. awaiting autopsy result in the death of three year old boy. there is brandon. went missing yesterday morning, few hours later, he was found dead near cooper river, eight blocks away from his home there in haddon township. his mom released written statement says mom does not have answer was what happened. >> north philadelphia community mourning the loss of 14 year old boy, who gunned down while riding his bike. last night hundreds gathered at tenth and thompson to call for piece and honor of de val
8:05 am
due shields, devalue killed few feet from thereafter being shot in the head once on monday night, well he died yesterday. police are looking for his killerment homicide detective investigating report of this shooting, was over a girl. >> here is a smoker, former nba star lam odom in las vegas hospital in a coma. >> so let's bring in lauren, lauren, do we know what happened? >> right now it looks like herbal viagra could have contribute today his condition. we'll tell you more about the effect that far in just a bit. all started yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon. someone requested help for an unresponsive male at the love ran nefertiti add a later identified as 35 year old lamar odom. paramedics treated the former nba player, taken to the hospital. then stabilized. then doctors wanted him transferred by air but his 6-foot 10-inch frame too big for the help couldn't err taken by grounds in lays vegas, the own of the brothel
8:06 am
said zero odom taken about ten viagra herbal sioux opportunities, entire bottle of coniac on four day bing. he is in a coma with heart failure, having serious problems with his kidneys and his lungs. lamar's former teammates have been tweeting get well soon messages to him, since this news broke, his ex-wife, chloe kardashian, flew to be by his bedside. her sister kim and mother chris also there, as well. as oath em's former teammate, kobe bryant. the brothel's owner says chloe sent someone back to pick up his belongings. now we put call into doctor mike. he tells us two ingredients in herb and viagra, one of them called chrome and bee the other macka can lead to hypertension, strokes, even heart attacks. and he says taking multiple doses can be extremely dangerous, so doctor mike says he's worried because we don't know how long he was unconscious in that room before the woman found him. which could mean some brain damage due to lack of oxygen and the coma also of course
8:07 am
very concerning, it means not breathing on his own. >> what a wild story. >> i know. >> they say he was thereby himself. so it wasn't like there was anyone else there with him partying. apparently woman came to the room, found him, screamed, someone else came in, rolled him over, they said it was like some liquid coming out of his nose, as well as his mouth, that's when they immediately called 911. >> yes, that brothel owned by a guy that also owns the bunny ranch outside of laying vest he is, too. all right, lawn earnings we'll stay on that story. last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they basically own the stage, wouldn't you say? >> two frontrunners, first presidential debate for the democrats. >> yep, one of the two clashed over, well, the economy. us involvement in the middle east and gun control, bernie sanders actually came to hillary clinton's defense, over the ongoing scandal about the emails. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too.
8:08 am
>> the damn emails. >> candidates have exactly one month to prepare for their next debate, november 14th, in iowa. >> by the way, for the first time i've ever heard of, republican side, one of the candidates on the republican side it was tweeting through the whole thing, liver tweeting. >> one of them i am sure we can guess through. >> donald trump. i think it is real good idea. this is his best one, i was looking for more snarkiness sorry there is no star on the stage tonight. >> and he names lesser known candidate, former senator virginia senator jim web saying web is trying to be donald trump and it is not working. he is not doing well. web was mocked a bit on line for his performance on the debate. >> didn't do so well. >> yes. >> war hero. >> out of all of the canned dale he has the less amount of time. he has only nine minutes versus hillary clinton who had 31 minute.
8:09 am
>> my goodness. all right, 8:09. by the way, another national day. >> okay? >> it is be bald and free day. but it is also bring your teddy bear to work day. >> oh. so we have a question then. because wait. how old is too old to sleep with stuffed animals, bringing them around with you where ever go? so surprising per ands of adults who actually do. >> this yes, as an adult. >> quincy, do you have a teddy bear or a stuffed animal on zero n your bed? >> i do not. my kids have all of them. you agree? these guys may have teddy bears. these guys are the producer of empire's music. we will talk to them, coming up next. >> ♪ mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
8:10 am
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> seeing decent amount of sunshine, 58 degrees in philadelphia, we look out to the north and west, we see a preview of things to come. only 42, in minneapolis, and chicago, that's an air mass that will be settling in over the weekend, it will end up
8:13 am
being a chillier than that, by the time the weekends gets here, yesterday's cold front, is out to sea another one coming through today yet another on friday. high pressure to control inbetween, couple of decent seasonable autumn days as we call them. little warmer than normal, we enjoyed it but the way it is supposed to be. we have the clouds mix in the with the sunshine, no rain to show you on ultimate doppler, but as we look into the future see more clouds, early part of the day, should be a decent amount of sunshine, but then, see few little areas of green showing up, about three, four, 5:00. mostly far north and west of the city. mooing enough in the way of showers as it moves through late in the day probably toward evening. but if you see sprinkle or two, don't be surprised just not going to be big deal. right now 58 degrees in philadelphia, 47 in mount pocono. seven day forecast has 68 degrees for high temperature, that's exactly
8:14 am
where we are supposed to be lower 60s for friday, autumn chill over the weaken both saturday, sunday, irrelevant morning temperatures in the 30's daytime highs in the 50's autumn here with a vengeance, no more 70s, 80s. >> zero's over the weekends, 30 minute delays this morning, 8:14, morning, everybody. thirty minute delays on the fox chase regional rail line. due to equipment, all of the septa bus that is use the schuylkill expressway are being detoured off the schuylkill because of the earlier accident, as we go for a ride westbound schuylkill still jammed, south philly into 30th street. doming into philadelphia, stack up, all a rut after dent that happened about hour ago. best bet use one of the drives into or out of the city. good morning to the shaders, maple shade new jersey, route 73, seeing delays here work in
8:15 am
fellowship road, talcony palmyra looking good, back up from the benny jersey side into downtown at eighth and vine. >> ♪ >> okay, you can't get this out of your head, right, since last wednesday? >> it is great. >> now another empire wednesday. >> so let's fine out who makes this wonderful music. >> because i knew there was a reason, quincy, it is because there are ties to philadelphia whether it comes to the empire music. >> yes. we have bipolar media, this is darius, this is wiz, this is reijo. now, you guys, you guys make about three songs last week for empire? >> yes, three on last week's episode. >> let me get this straight. darius, singer song writer. >> wiz? >> producer. >> reijo, producers.
8:16 am
>> so walk us through the process, you guys got three songs on empire. thousand that happen? >> met at the frocks up front like earlier in the summer. and played some music, introduced, i got into introduced to them by our manager, charlie mack. and played music, he said okay, take my number, but call you. like this guy won't call me. he called. i need some records, i need these dom for empire. one of the first dynasty. >> that was the one you guys place last week? >> yes, incredible. he got like this record change this, change that, then like probably like three rewrites so it could match the scene of what the scene was. >> so reijo, talk to me. how long do you guys have to make these songs? like, you know, usual albumn is like i don't know six, eight months to a year. how long do you guys have on empire to make this music? >> like two hours real quick,
8:17 am
like do rewrites. >> wow, so you're the vocalist of bipolar media. is it hard to match a person's voice or trying to match certain character's voice so you can put in there? >> it is a combination of things. i think more than anything, we are thinking about how is this going to translate to the other person's voice, more than like me trying to mimic them. so definitely minds full that far when choosing like the key of the song, and like what casino of rhythm we choose and all of that kind of stuff. when i do the reference more so thinking about like how do i want it to sound at the end of it. so we kinds of just kit it as close to what we want it to sound like. when we go in and vocal produce the artist just try to get them to sound like the reference so it has the same feel. >> because the feel of the records what you fall in love with. >> this is serious stuff. now, the song playing in the background, this song is dine that is at this, right, played last week, tell us about this record. how long did you guys have for this one? >> the same amount of time.
8:18 am
>> like yo, i need this record back, you know, just make sure it matches the scene. scene was yaz coming -- hakeem coming at lucious becomes to take over, have new company. so it took about three hours i say? >> this is what we will do. we will put them to the tells. by toll after media. bipolar media because? >> we spanned from one end of the spectrum to the other. we can kindle everything from country to pop to r&b. everything. >> this is what i am going to do. these guys, we're letting them, giving you guys an hour, we will give them an hour. they have to come up with a good day philadelphia theme song. can you guys do it in one hour? >> one hour. >> let's see, these guys really talented. one hour to come up with the song. >> their lives have changed. >> one hour. >> they're so good. like you said, one hour, six of, seven months. to write a song.
8:19 am
so last week the song dine aster, up front and center. here it is. >> ♪ >> put it together in two, three hours. >> people love that song, too. do you hear the beat? i can't imagine doing this in a matter of hours. amazing work, guys. let me tell this. the guy that's writing -- riding across america, the fat basilica of saints peter and paul guy, he calls himself. that will don't get mad at me. he finally showed up here. also, jennifer laurence, we love her. taking on a tough topic. she is talking sexism in hollywood. she found some secret emails and man is she upset. >> yes, apparently calling herself a failure. so we will talk about why. mike you were talking about
8:20 am
the fat guy crossing america, well, he is outside right now. >> high! >> he's getting reds. >> i now why would he be ride that bike 3,000 miles across america, stopping in philly today? his next stop by the way, the art museum steps. we will tell you his story next. did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
8:21 am
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
8:22 am
8:23 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> police in delaware investigating at this hour the death of a 55 year old woman inside of her home. >> investigators received the call from the woman's daughter, it was around 4:00 in morning, that the woman was dead, inside a house, along withers way, hokessing, new castle county. now, police say they got a call about a half hour later from someone claiming to have killed the woman. >> so, that person was then arrested by the police. apparently this is a male. police have not released any more information other than the fact that the suspect is a male and we are understands ago very young male.
8:24 am
maybe possibly even teenager. also, there is some information, saying that possibly the woman that is dead was his therapist don't know why he was saying her but horrible story out of delaware. 8:24. >> have you heard about a man calling himself the fat guy across america? >> self proclaimed. >> not us doing it. >> okay. >> so, i was reading a new york times article about this guy. eric hit bottom earlier this year age 40 ago involve worked as dj, road i, tell he market err, pizza delivery man, bar tender, he found himself unemployed, and collection agencies were on his tail. so his wife who had left him in july of 2014, was living with another man. >> deep depress for this guy, his weight reached 567 pounds. so what did he decide to do about it? how about get on a bicycle,
8:25 am
and call yourself the fat guy across america, and ride from basically boston to los angeles. >> and so he's outside our studio right now, because he is going on the next leg of his journey. right now he's in philadelphia getting red. >> i at fourth and market now, putting on the helmet. he's going to ride to the art museum stills, he said he always wanted to dot rocky run up the terse watch did you think, take about 45 minutes to go get over there. we'll follow his progress. let me tell you this. i want to ask him when he get, there he admit he is trying to get his wife back. >> will you had you? >> well, now he is going around in circumstances, he'll never make the art museum. see, he is not from here. maybe he doesn't know where the art museum is. >> pro blob nights of needs direction. >> but once he makes it to the art in see up. lauren johnson will get you more about his story, maybe it was a warm up. do you have warm up. >> okay. he has long way to go. so anyway, i want to ask him, because he admit, he is trying
8:26 am
get his wife back. is there any possibility that far happening? okay, there he goes again. i think for real one mike, i think this is it. >> i love this show. >> we're glad you love it. >> baffles me. >> all right, high tech homes, looking for new technology for your house? i want one of these, i'm tacking new tv's and ipad charging station, throw the ipad on the charging station many and there is one security camera. 360 view of your house. >> calling this the next generation of gases, we'll show them to you next. there goes.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> couple second away from 8:30. >> real health scare for hayden, why she is entering rehab this morning, why many moms are on her side.
8:30 am
>> and wedding crasher, surprise wedding guest this couple never expected. we will will have big reveal moments away. >> sue serio, ladies and gentlemen, at 8:30. >> yes, and we present for your -- oh, there is our guy, headed toward the philadelphia museum of art. >> what's his name, eric hite? >> yes. >> planning to spend 3,000 miles on that bike. >> on that bike. >> wow. >> ouch. >> i think i would have gone with recumbent bike, the one where -- >> certainly some baby powder. >> all right. we have a nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers today when we have bus stop buddy in the flyers jersey, they play at home tonight. against chicago, temperatures mostly in the 50's, 60s this morning, as you get started, and we do have 58 degrees, tada, i see the fall colors even here in the city 9-mile an hour breeze out of the we, other temperatures to check for you, allentown at 50. at 47 in mount pocono, 58 as we showed you here in the city
8:31 am
56 atlantic city, will machine ton, 52 degrees. we hope to see in you wilmington for our walk to end altzheimer's, saturday morning, chris o'connell will be there we will have great time, even with the chill. we've got plan their shows you tranquil start, seasonable 60s all day long, groovy day, guys, with high temperature of 68 degrees, so bob kelly right here waiting for you. >> i couldn't see you. >> he saves the day. >> good morning, everybody, accident on the schuylkill expressway, again, this time westbound schuylkill at 476 actually looks like onramp from madsonford road and the blue route. headed west out toward king of
8:32 am
prussia interchange. fox regional rail line, due to some equipment problems, been rough go for the gang on the schuylkill coming into philly. un half hour now from conshy into downtown, sun glare everywhere, south on 95, put about 40 minutes and jelly donut on the trip from woodhaven into center city philadelphia i even back up on the benny from the tolls up and over steady crawl into downtown at eighth and vine. tunnels has the septa buses that use the schuylkill expressway, they're running with delays this morning, as well. mike, alec being back over to you. >> you like high tech gadgets. we have some of the best, the future, coming soon, though, homes are going high tech. security cameras,. >> the so let's get to steam he'll show us the next big thing, when it comes to gadgets. >> show us your next big thing steve.
8:33 am
>> there is the convention here in dallas, all about custom installation job, for homes, automation, home electronics, we start with audio for the yard a lot of people hang speakers, point them away from where the party is. but the idea is that you want the music to be brought to where urgent take. so this is acoustics, season's landscape. >> this big honking goat rye right here, get burried in the grounds. this is ooh sub woof err. these are speakers, looks like malibu lights that maybe you put around the yard. to up 40 them can connect around the yardment then you point them back toward where urgent take. install grams, up to 30-yard audio, believe it or not they tell me people are doing jobs, yes, make sure the neighbors are invite the to party that way they don't complain. talking 4k, dish brinking it people, their 4k, ultra slim joe owe, in fact, so slim it
8:34 am
can fit behind wall mounted tv. you don't need line of site. you don't have to worry about it sticking out to give it full financial at this but giving you 4k content, very sleek and slim design. speaking of design, check it out. this is the ic real dime surveillance camera, here's what it does, not one but two, 306 degrees cameras. so you get fully emerse i have experience here. actually, 720 degrees no stitching together. no post production more moving parts, mounted anywhere, really see every angle no blind spots l it comes to home control. we all have remote. this is the laree mother you will ever need. when it comes to new, this is literally just announced here, okay? so, couple of different pieces of functionality. first it, has voice control. so you can say hey, i want it
8:35 am
watch it. >> v or turn on my favorite station or turn on, you know, my roku, whatever the kates may be. you can also flip through different scenes, in your home, different settings, maybe during the morning you want to watch, have the lights a certain way, have the music playing a certain way. one touch will actually set the entire sneak your home, in time for the holidays, also through the manufacturer, as well. real quick, everybody lofts their ipad. but this is the i asbestos he will. >> what? >> this with a wave of my hand will turn on, the music will start playing, control hub for your home, so you can also see when i wave my hand in front of it, bring the light up, i can actually turn the lion around my house or maybe dim them. you can also take the ipad out of the wall here, once it is done charging and use it as you normally would during the normal course of your day. not only do you have control center in your wall, but also in your hand too. hey, you can follow me on twitter instagram and at
8:36 am
facebook. com/save me steve. for more highlight from today's show. >> he is like a jeannie, the wave of your hand. >> watch this. good bye. >> 8:36. boy had rough night last night, cheryle crow, singes the national anthem before the debate last night. but the votes are in. anisole didn't do so well. that's what we do during good day. >> ♪ are
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> a lot of people of course talking about the democratic presidential debate this morning. >> some new york times everywhere. >> true. >> but also, topic every discussion, we were talking about it, too, mike. what else were people talking about? >> eagle. the fact chip kelly go to usc, something like that? >> big rumor. >> i guess i am the only one talking about that? >> talking about the debate
8:40 am
right now, we'll talk about it in a i'll let you finish. >> performance of the date, cheryle crow singing our national anthem. yes. >> ahh. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:41 am
>> hang on, let's play to the end. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i have to tell you, i've heard a lot worse than that. >> i'm no singer, and she went to mazu grad. >> don't defend her because she went to mazu. >> sue serio weighing in. >> in my vocal opinion i think that she didn't warm up beforehand. >> she was breathing. >> almost out of breath. wasn't sinking from the diaphragm so much.
8:42 am
>> right. took the breath in a middle of a word which you are not supposed to do. >> wasn't terrible. >> the bar of course for terrible was roseanne bar. >> san diego. >> all-in-all, it wasn't that bad. >> of the will, 8:42. >> jen is get being ready for halloween? >> yen i? >> look what i've done. i've done all of this by myself. denise didn't do anything. no. hey, we're at impasse restore in montgomeryville showing you how to get a little creepy for less. and again, these were all my ideas. denise didn't think of a single idea. i don't even know why your area here, we'll be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> flies leaving, getting ready where you need to go, philadelphia international airport. soap, some of your weather heed lines, sweater weather today for sure. it will be close to 10 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. friday, another cold front, means, really chilly temperatures for the weekend. frost in a lot of places here
8:46 am
is your social media hub. sue serio, fox 29, yes, i'm a hub, that's twitter and facebook right away. engage, clouds around this morning, but whole lot of sunshine. and we will get to high later on today, seasonable hi, of 68 degrees, nine out of ten, then mid 60s tomorrow, lower 60s friday, there is your cold front few showers on friday and autumn chill say day, high of 57. morning low of 45, when we all get together for the walk to end altzheimer's in wilmington, and those i temperatures will probably happen sunday alex, and monday, temps in the 30's. >> tacking first frost? i am getting he had ready for halloween, estimated to be the most expensive holiday after christmas of course, and decorations can really be big part of t you have to decorate your home, giving us some tips.
8:47 am
>> absolutely, at impact restores, in montgomeryville, with denise, good morning. >> good morning. >> you obviously did all of this. >> i don't wear heals when i am with denise, hello to you, frank. >> so a the low of people will come to store like this looking for costume ideas for the hats and shoes and stuff. but you say they're missing a big part of the halloween picture? >> so many things you can find here tow threat store it, doesn't have to be like in the halloween aisle. so i found all of this in like the home decor aisle. this table we did like little more formal, little more frankenstein castle or the count dracula, went with kad l and are's, just acceptable black and white. and there are some great ideas you can do if you don't want to get so jack o lantern, i love it is black and white, you can either use these items for thanksgiving even into christmas, love you're using the eyeballs, you will hate me, so every person, if you her to do one school project
8:48 am
has bag of these darn eyeballs sitting around. it does put a touch and it is not mess. >> i when you buy them for your kids you usually need two, and you get a pack of 7,000, so i found these in the craft section, and i just sprinkled them across the table, what i love you don't notice it right away but sit down at the table you're like my god, are they eyeballs? that's hilarious. >> up there a bunch of candle's, i love that different sizes again, keeping with the dracula theme. >> correct. >> the creamy doll, i'm okay with this, guess what? the girls at my house are always taking the clothe off the dolls, so barbie is underneath one of the things there, they are always taking apart the dolls anyway. so let's get the creepy dolls and use them. >> so when the kids outgrow the dolls or dolls start to fall apart, just put them in a jar, turn it upside down, vase upside down, you can make it like a kloch, like frankenstein's lab. >> than is like cousin it situation? >> cousin it, spike, guy under
8:49 am
the stairs on the munsters, add little fur. great clothing in the thrift store here. i found some fur vests and through them around like cousin it laying around. >> and of course you always have different sides z, so 499 get you a scarecrow? >> really cool. >> totally simple, kids will think you are the bomb. you just buy the kid. you don't have to shop for anything, grab the kit. bring it home, stuff with newspapers. and that's it. scarecrow on your front porch. that's the most simple thing you can do. >> here's what i love about what you have done. first did you t you fawn out about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, you made this happen. and did you do it without a bunch of jack o lanterns, like creepy without being scary. >> right. little creepy specially behind here. if you can see inside the china cabinet, what's creepier than going to someone's house had has doll collection. >> yes. >> it is instant like creep owe goodness. >> i don't want to talk about my sister-in-law because of course she not the one -- see you guys in a little bit. great ideas, right?
8:50 am
impact, they have a lot of different stores. >> yes. >> different, too. >> okay, wedding crashers. >> okay. >> surprise wedding guests this couple never expected. >> i got t matthew motorcycle hon hey. >> nope. we'll have reveal. >> tom hanks? >> in a few moments. keep guessing. not it. >> quincy hair us? >> no. >> steve keeley. >> but first here's a look at last night's lottery numbers. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> good morning, once again everybody, 8:53, just cleared an accident out of the way here. this is the westbound schuylkill expressway, out near the blue route, in conshohocken. so anyone headed west out toward the king of prussia mall, still some delays behind, still looking at 30 minute delays on the fox chase regional rail line, where some early morning equipment
8:54 am
problems, i bound on the schuylkill just under half hour, south on 95, about 40 minute trip into downtown. and we are backed up on the ben fry mid-span into eighth and vine. mike and alex, i told you i went to the farm over the weaken got my pumpkins. this is what i did yesterday. >> oh, my gosh. is that you on the left? >> that's me on the left there. so just trying to create bridge use the pumpkins, definitely caused little traffic jam from the neighbors driving my house yesterday. >> bob? >> pretty good. >> okay, so let's talk about this couple, enjoying their wedding day. >> yes, people on twitter. >> okay? well, for those who haven't guessed maybe on facebook or something, okay, lovely golf course in san diego, got big surprise guest. >> the president of the united state, barack obama, was playing few rounds of golf. it is tori pines in southern california. >> so the wedding party told the president was heading to them on golf cart. so all of the guests sat
8:55 am
patiently waiting, phones in hand waiting for the president have, to take those pictures, he waived at everyone, the crowd cheese and of course he posted for pictures with the happy couple. that will be their official wedding photo? >> oh, i would imagine it is in the albumn, yes, first five pages of that. >> the president attended our party. do you think the president will go to your wedding, mike? >> what? >> your wedding. >> oh, ya. he's invited. yes. >> this guy. >> all heads of state. >> did you realize that it is national take your teddy bear to work day. we have a question. how old is too old to sleep with a stuffed animal? bob, do you sleep with a stuffed annual. >> not at this time, no. >> okay, the surprising percentage of adults who sleep with a stuffed animal. we found a study.
8:56 am
(child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means... i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp.
8:57 am
a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying) find a doctor in your network before you book... with zocdoc. i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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8:59 am
>> sue serio. >> good morning, alec holly. >> hello america. >> a very real health scare on our hand here, hayden, panteer, mitt her few times, she really nice. why she's entering rehab, though, and why many moms are certainly on her side this morning. >> plus jennifer laurence taking on tough topic. she is talking sexism, and hollywood. and why she's calling herself a failure. >> and, the self proclaimed front guy across america, there you see him in the right side of the frame, up in times square crossing the country,
9:00 am
he lost his wife, she left him, living with another guy. he's almost six of hundred pounds. out of work. his solution? ride across america, and he's in philly and he want to run up the rocky scares, at least climb p the rocky stairs. we'll meet him at the top of the stairs, in fact, there he is, he's made it over to the art museum. we're going to talk to him. why would he do this? i know he's trying to get his wife back. interesting story. we'll talk to him. by the way, today is national teddy bear day. so, be honest. how many of you adult, sue, still have stuffed animal or security blanky. do you still car around a blanket? do you have still have stuffed animal that maybe you sleep with?


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