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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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he lost his wife, she left him, living with another guy. he's almost six of hundred pounds. out of work. his solution? ride across america, and he's in philly and he want to run up the rocky scares, at least climb p the rocky stairs. we'll meet him at the top of the stairs, in fact, there he is, he's made it over to the art museum. we're going to talk to him. why would he do this? i know he's trying to get his wife back. interesting story. we'll talk to him. by the way, today is national teddy bear day. so, be honest. how many of you adult, sue, still have stuffed animal or security blanky. do you still car around a blanket? do you have still have stuffed animal that maybe you sleep with?
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>> you new a woman who had her security blanket well into her 30's, you could see through it, threaded, didn't even look like a blanket. so, is this unusual? and then i met rebecca. and there she is. >> rebecca, what do you have that you have had since were you a little girl? >> i have my buddy. >> were you death go this? >> the week i was born, i was born around easter. so someone include philadelphia in a gift for me. >> oh, look. >> and we've been inseparable for 28 years. >> bunny used to be pink? >> bunny used to be pink and totally stuffed. my defense, the reason why bunny looks the way he does is
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because -- >> a dog ate it? >> the washer? >> yes, we wash it. he's clean. and goes in the washer and the dryer. and -- >> hold on a second. >> there is a lot of love. >> where do you take bunny? >> whether i was younger bunny came everywhere with me, bunny has slept outside, bunny has been left over friends house, everywhere, and he's travel across the world, he's been to israel, greece, hawaii, everywhere, now bunny stays at home. he didn't common my honeymoon. >> do you sleep with bunny? >> yes. >> hold on. >> and you're married? >> i am married. >> so it is you, your husband, and bunny? >> as you can see, he doesn't take up much room. he stays like this. >> put him in your pocket? >> you got married recenty? >> yes, as you can see in that last picture my dad surprised me and took bunny with him and -- >> to the reception? >> to the reception, and during his speech he pulled
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bunny out and i had no idea. >> all right, seriously. here is the situation. you probably are pushing 30, aren't you? >> i'm 28. >> twenty-eight. >> okay? >> why do you still need to have this bunny? >> it is not like i need him, it is not -- it is not like i talk to him, like he is an imaginary friend, it is a comfort thing. i think of it as i am a good owner, and a will loyal friends, and i love him. and -- >> how are you friends if you don't talk to him? >> say you get in a stressful situation. do you go to him, do you hold him? do you sniff him? >> yes. >> he's not dirt. >> i bunny is so sacred he's hole. >> i what does your husband -- oh, good one. what does your husband think
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of bunny? >> i mean, i am sure he is not thrilled about it. but he's learned to except it. and he thinks that, you know, one when it is time to have kids, maybe bunny should be put to bed, maybe put in a drawer, box somewhere. my dad wants to bronze him. >> oh,. >> a shadow box frame, one of those? >> your whole family is crazy. >> cuckoo. cuckoo. >> if i were to take your bunny, if you were to take your bunny and hide it or just take it away from you, what would you do? >> i would be upset about it. >> now, now, now, that's t you shouldn't have given it up. >> i am watching. >> i'm throwing this away. >> no, no, no. >> oh, see, i'm on bunny's side. >> thank you. >> where are you going with that. >> you better watch that. >> oh, no. >> now, tell us what the therapist said about people like rebecca? >> according to this
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therapist, a comfort object is an item used to provide psychological comfort while learning how to separate from mom. so it is a bridge between mother and the external world. so it takes the place of mom. >> is your mother still with us? >> yes. >> we have a very close relationship. >> apparently. >> 25% every young women, they go to college, they take something like a bunny with them. >> yes, when i went to college, it is a lot more common than you think. >> you have friends with bunnies. >> yes. >> pit cat kline has a bunny? >> no, a honey. >> named -- >> okay, hold. keep going. >> little dog? >> oh,. >> stuffed animal? >> yes. >> where does she keep it? >> on her bed. >> do you sleep -- this is the
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producer in the control room right now. jessica kline, kit cat kline you have a stuffed animal in your bed? >> she is saying she doesn't in our ear. >> she is one that suggested we talk to you. where she should be out here talking to us, because she's dim ended, as well. >> is this separation anxiety thing? >> yes, reminds us that the challenges of separation are not developmentally confined to the first years of life. any time there is a separation, you may see the bunny emerge, or similar thing. >> just to casino of get you through the transition. >> and bunny has been through some things. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> ahh! >> here's your bun. >> i mice to meet you. >> thank you for having me. >> keep him forever. >> now get out. >> all right i.
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bye, bunny. >> bye. >> oh, adorable, isn't she? >> a very well adjusted young laid. >> i well, casino of. >> most of the time. >> now that she's gone let's talk about her. >> my gosh. ming and tweeted she has a buddy, she is 35, and she says buddy 35. >> what is a buddy? >> like little bear. >> little teddy bear, the reason we brought that up is national take your teddy bear to work day. >> all right. here's one. >> what do you have on your bed, any stuffed animals? >> know, judge just pillows. always weird when you end up back at some woman's home. >> you got to push the stuffed animal back to bed? weird. 9:07. let's move on. after hayden panteer, yes,
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nashville couple of years, right? has entered a treatment program for postpartum depression. ten months ago, she gave birth to her daughter, right? so the actress recently opened up about experiencing this disorder, in an interview. >> it is an experience she saw portraying in her role on nashville. because her character julie it also had baby and also battling postpartum depression. so earlier on good day we spoke to pediatrician, judy larkin, who says postpartum depression can be hard to recognize. >> so they don't know why some people get postpartum depression, actually very common about 50 to 80% of moms after delivery will have baby blues. and that's casino of a milder form every depression. 15% of moms actually have postpartum depression. it is probably very unrecognized, those numbers may be hire, and about seven to 8% have severe postpartum
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depression. >> wow. >> oh, wow. i think the most, well, one of the most famous penal that ever went through this severe case of postpartum was marie osman, remember that? just pulled over to the side of the road and got out of the car. >> fifty to 80% of women get affected agree? >> who watches doctor oz? >> absolutely. >> have you ever seen his wife? >> i just met her. >> lovely woman. and she's written a cook book. >> cool. >> sexism in hollywood. >> all stem from the sony e-mail acting scandal, you may remember that. >> so the head people at zone bring e-mailing back and forth, to each other, saying nasty stuff about actors and actresses. >> also, talking about salaries, how much they're paying.
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so, lauren said she found out how much less she was being paid. >> yes. >> compared to men. >> so emails reveal she and amy adams were paid much less than male co-stars for the movie american husband. >> i that's right. not happy about it. >> so, in her essay, she writes: i'm over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion and still be likable. i failed at a negotiator, talking about her salary, because i gave up early. >> she said i didn't want to seem difficult or spoiled. she continued: i saw the payroll on the internet and realized every manny was working with definitely didn't worry about being difficult or spoiled. >> mornings they demanded that the money they should get, and she never got paid the same as her co-stars in these mover us. >> she didn't know it. >> she didn't know it. >> emails -- >> how does that happen, though? you're doing the same role. silver linings play book. >> yes. >> bradley cooper got more money than she did.
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but why? >> she is hot actress right now. >> by the time american hustle came around, she was equally famous, as the other co-stars. so we think we've come a long way babe. >> i maybe we haven't. not all the way there yet. 11:00 past 9:00 this wednesday. so following this guy by the name of eric is hite or heights? changes every time i look up. >> eric heights. and he is riding a bike, 3,000 miles, basically from boston to los angeles. he said he always wanted to stop in philadelphia. and go to the art museum. of course when you stop in philadelphia, you have to go there, go up the rocky stems. >> now tell us his story, lauren, so, so we can figure out why he is doing this. >> so you started at 567 pounds. you sort of hit rock bottom. tell me what was going on back then. >> well, my wife and i separated. i coined finds work, i couldn't keep work, you know, i was very unhealthy. my wife was already a widow
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once, didn't want to become one again. and just led to bad marriage. and we ended up splitting up and everything. >> so you decided coy either rot away in indianna where you were, or coy do something about it? >> exactly. >> and there was a song that motivated you? >> yes, i'm going to be 500 miles by the proclaimers. said everything i wanted to same i knew i couldn't walk that far. but coy ride my bike, and while dow it ill write a book about the trip. and help build a future for us by doing that. >> where did you start? >> started in massachusetts. >> so you made your way to philly. you started at fourth and market. then we bumped into you right at ninth or tenth and market. what happened? >> my chain broke completely. >> oh,. >> and i don't have the kit with mow to pick this, so i kind half to -- >> make your way over here. >> yes. >> but you're not going to not dot rocky steps? >> oh, of course not. i want to do the rocky steps, and after i get my bike fixed i'll go back and ride the
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distance all the way back here, and so i don't cheat. i always make up my miles. >> what's been the toughest part of this journey for you so far? >> toughest part? in the beginning, just -- >> just starting? >> yes, yes, especially when i had my trailer. >> let's go step on the scale. somebody can hold your bike for you. ill hold it while we walk over there. greg will take -- can you hold the bike? you got some fans out here, eric. so step on the scam. you start at 567, right? >> i did, i did. 567. i think i may have gained few pounds. >> oh, no. >> still not a bad one. >> so i know, from my last way. >> it is in my hands. >> greg, up here. >> and now i'm 8 pounds heavier than i was this morning. so that scale is not very accurate. >> but you are still down from -- >> but the scale is not accurate. it was 501 this morning. >> we'll take it to the top of the steps. and have someone way in you there. >> yes. >> now are you going to run or walk the stems? i heard you say as long as i
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can make it up it will make you feel good about yourself. what's that going to proof to you once you make it to the top of the steps here? >> it will prove i've gotten an lot healthier than i was in the beginning. >> you got 23,000 people on facebook following your journey, some people saying bad things but, others encouraging you. what do you think about both sets? >> the people that encourage me are great. the people that don't, they're just angry people, they have nothing better to do in their lives other than try to knock people down, try do something good. >> let's walk over here. i'll ask you one last question. you say what's your theory on the word fat? people are sensitive to it sometimes. you what your theory? >> people are over sensitive about tricking everything these days. they just feed to get over it. and stop being so sensitive. >> do you want me to take your phone? he's periscope while he's doing there is i can hold your phone. and i can catch this all happening. so people can see it. >> i'll let you go and maybe have tote new at the top. >> you probably have to. >> all right. >> here we go, mike, alex.
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>> ♪ >> here comes the music. >> ♪ >> you can't hear it, eric, but your song is playing right now. >> take your time. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shout out to the photographer doing it backward >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> way to go. there you go. >> something about when you hear this. >> halfway there. >> lawyer send doing it, too. >> how do you feel? >> feel okay. >> all right. >> ♪ >> vibrations from your periscope. what's that mean, comments. >> getting a lot of heart. >> ♪ >> one more flight. >> final stretch. >> kill it! >> ♪ >> no railing. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ all right, you got to turn around, get your arms raised. >> yeah, you made it. all right, eric! >> how do you feel? >> winded. >> oh, but good. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> who is this lovely lady? look who showed up. are you crying? >> yes. >> what do you think of all of this? >> his wife is back? >> i am moved to see him do this. and i'm sore. >> i no, don't be sorry. you can cry. it is okay. >> i heard him down there at the bottom of the steps say one of his goals done, he got his wife back. now he just want to lose some more weight. you commends him for all of this? >> oh, my gosh, i don't know how he does half of it. i mean, he is pretty incredible, very incredible. i heard when i first started it i was just looking at my
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dishes like this huge task, and he was camping, and loading and unloading, and doing all of the stuff that he's been doing is pretty incredible. >> sounds like you were a big motivation in all of this as well, ankle. >> i well, he is my motivation. honest. just completely different, life is different now. >> what do you think about 23,000 people on facebook or more by now that have stood behind your husband and cheered him on the whole way. >> i think that they're awesome. i think that he needs them as much, you know, as he's entertained them, and giving them excitement. but, you know, what they're doing for him is pretty incredible. >> okay, eric, so where to next? >> pit burying. >> pit burying. >> yes. >> are you at least getting to see some cool stuff along the way? >> i do, i do, whether they like it or not, i get to see cool stuff. >> i say congratulations, thanks so much for stopping by philly and stopping by the
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studios. >> thank you you for having us. >> back to you guys. >> nicely done. eric and angie, back together. 9:18. >> well, we went to a cool event last night, can you believe the big brothers big sisters organization is a hundred years old? >> oh, my gosh. >> so the theme of the night was make it big. because of course you have big celebration for that, march van williams on the show. >> vanessa williams sang. macy gray sangment then you andy what? >> they asked us to present award. very big award. and then we have a little video of it from huey dillon. here it is. >> (video clip). >> eagles fans in the house? (cheers). >> how about that win? my goodness. >> i know. we'll beat the giants. >> so the award giving out there was the big brother and
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big sister of the century. >> so congrats to miss tishguard and tom, they won, here is the picture of us, we had to dress up in our purpose toll get red at this present at the kimmel center. mike, you clean up nicely. >> fancy event. >> it was. vanessa williams. >> hello. >> with marcus allen, ceo of big brother, big sisters, southeastern pennsylvania, so doesn't she look good? >> oh, yes. by the way, she sounded fantastic. now it, i have some big shoes to fill last night. it is an art exhibit presentation installation in the lobby of the kimmel center. >> so he tried to get me to pose with the shoeings, no, i'm in the going there, i know what you are thinking right now. >> even though you are 5-foot tall. >> you are such a love err. >> oh, look at that. >> but -- it was a really big shoe last night, really big shoe. >> but it really was great turn out. remember the goal was to raise $1 million.
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waiting for update on. that but if you would like to make a donation, a lot of people asked me, go to make it big 100-point,. >> oh, listen. >> well, okay. >> anyway, so thank up, huey dillon for the pictures and the video. great event. >> i played it through the whole event without being a heal. >> very nice, mike. >> we will take a break. >> my time was wacky. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ >> hey, it is 9:23. it is an empire night here on fox. >> it is, i can't wait but one of the things we love about empire is the the music. >> of course. >> producers are here in philly that music is made in manayunk. here's quincy. >> yes, we're in harlem
9:24 am
studios in manayunk on shores lane. this is bipolar media we have ringo, say hello. >> hello. >> we have darren, say hello. >> what up. >> and then we have will. >> is what happening. >> so guys, can we bring it down a little bit. i gave them a task. i said guys, you make songs for empire. >> yep. >> like quickly. >> yes. >> you make them in hours, two hours. >> yes. >> i gave them a task can you do a good day song in one hour. >> yes, that is what you a said. >> we will do a world premiere of their theme song for "good day philadelphia", right now, check it out. >> yeah. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> guys, really good. you guys did really good. one hour. >> yes. >> can you believe that. >> yes. >> amazing. >> yes. >> we came up with the the music. >> so you guys do this all the time. >> we like working under pressure. >> you are master engineer, paul in the background. >> yes. >> it is on cue, right. >> yes. >> guys, so ringo, you have two songs on tonight's episode of empire tonight. >> yes. >> what is the name of the songs. >> when love finds you, and cold road on the phone call, produced by mark morel, what up. >> we really appreciate you guys. thanks for making the the song for us. >> alex and mike, did we get your approval. >> you certainly did. >> what is up, y'all. >> i like it a lot. >> it's going to be a good day, good day. >> wow, wow. >> good day, good day, good
9:27 am
day. >> i love it. >> it can be seen right here on fox. i told you, doctor oz, she's lisa oz, she's her own person, is that right. >> yes good did you bring food. >> always, always. >> good to see you. >> of course.
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i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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now, there is the shot upright now of the city hall, mayor nutter will walk out here in just a few minutes and we are getting word he may
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announce the retirement of our police commissioner, charles ramsey. >> is report ago this mayor nutter sent out a e-mail saying there will be a public safety announcement, there will be a press conference and we will make sure we will carry it live in just a few moment. i told you, you were going to meet doctor oz's wife. >> yes. >> the the mother of his children. >> she's quite lovely, mike. >> she's really quite attractive and she as written a cookbook and you saw one half second of her. you will see a lot more of her when we punch up her shot. there is the shot of her cookbook. the aforementioned cookbook that is really good, lisa. >> thank you. >> nice job on that. >> thank you so much. >> how are you doing. >> i'm's great now that i'm here. >> wonderful to meet you. >> yes, it is exactly what this is, how we eat at home and everybody helps in the kitchen. he is the cheerleader. all a of the kid are doing
9:32 am
chopping. i will have you preten you are my kids and this is how we roll in our kitchen. >> hey, kit cat kline do you have a picture of her family for the the back of the book. >> yes, we do. >> who do we see here. >> you see my husband, my kids, oliver, zoe, you see my granddaughter, she's 19 month-old and about to have a little brother any day now. >> yes. >> how many people at this table. >> i cannot really tell. >> you have four kids i have four kid son in law and a granddaughter. >> you know how to prepare big meals. >> yes, i'm one of six, so i'm smaller new but my mother is serving more. >> what are you making. >> we are making lentil loaf. it is all vegan. think about it, it is so delicious you don't enemies the meat. >> thinks a lentil will loaf. >> it is lentil walnut mushroom loaf. completely vegan. instead of eggs, we use this,
9:33 am
it is flags seed. >> yes? you can use a spoon. >> what is that. >> it bind it, hold is it together. >> it is. ifl theax ground up. use a little water. >> can you buy these. >> i just throw them in the blender. here we have a little tomato paste and you can put seasoned lentils. >> yes. >> and it is a legume who with brown rice, throw that in. >> yes. >> you can pour even though you are not wash pouring in some oatmeal. >> i am unwashed. >> this is sauteed mushrooms, celery, onions, garlic. >> it is already all chopped up together. >> yes. >> right from kenneth square. >> and this is tomato paste and it will dissolve and pour
9:34 am
it into keep it moist. some chopped walnuts. fresh herbs. you can do the seasoning, all right. >> yes. >> this is fresh tyme and basil. >> here, kumen, salt and pepper. >> you will throw that in. >> here's a little tomari and a little bit of mapel syrup for a tiny bit of sweetness. you don't notice it all together when it is cooked but it just balances it out nicely. >> it looks lake a brick. >> any loaf looks like a brick. >> true. >> a meet loaf looks like a brick. loafs are brick. you can slice you and show you what it looks lick in the inside. >> come around here. >> keep mixing. >> yes, and this is a gluten free salted carmel apple cake. >> i will stick that over the overhead camera. >> it is really delicious. >> it is great. >> one of our daughters
9:35 am
doesn't eat any gluten. so i made it for her. here you go, it looks just like a meat loaf. >> it is consist to tenthcy of a meat loaf. >> you just put this out, and it is absolutely delicious. it is cold now. >> you are eating cold meat loaf. >> it is cold. >> it is very saferry with the time. it is good, right. >> really good, right. >> it looks like a brick but doesn't taste like a brick. >> i'm glad you like it. >> do you want some cake. >> okay, all right. >> we needy cert. >> yes i can serve it. >> in 19 years doing this show we don't have plates. >> i say that every day. we finally got a fork because she brought it in. >> i have left you cooking in the kitchen, and off to dessert. >> don't forget the loaf. >> you are such a prankster.
9:36 am
>> you can see it is all moist and we just pour it into the pan here, and put a little olive oil in the pan. >> put tonight there and mash it down with your hands. >> yes, about an hour. >> yes, it will indicate that we are doing this. and "good day philadelphia", so sad. >> we have a low budget. >> where did you meet your husband. >> right here in downtown philadelphia at le beck fin. it was an arranged marriage. >> yes. >> our fathers worked together so they invited us to dinner and hooked us up. >> did you think you would be meeting your husband. >> no, i was meeting my parents for dinner the doctors were talking and within of them goes bring one of your daughters. >> my father in law, i'm one of four girls. my father-in-law called my father and said we're going out to dinner. i'm bring one of my son. i was an entertainment. i can belly dance. >> a had he brought another daughter she would be married
9:37 am
for doctor oz good and she would be cooking for me. >> but you we're glad we have you. >> it is so good. >> thank you very much. >> quick reminder here we are waiting on that news conference at city hall where we think the mayor will come out and say that charles ramsey our police commissioner is retiring. will that happen? we will take through in seconds.
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four year-old girl, her name is mckenna a, she sings this touching song to her mother who is currently battling cancer. >> ♪
9:41 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, my goodness do you recognize that song it is i'm going to love you through it. that is her daughter, four years old, singing that song. >> so special. >> wow. >> yeah. >> okay. >> cancel the show, okay we're done. >> let's punch the camera, we are at city hall, and they were going to do this about
9:42 am
9:30, running behind a little bit here, will the mayor come out and say charles ramsey is done? he had 47 years in law enforcement. maybe it is time. we will see. >> been quite a career. >> had hang in there we will take you back there.
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9:44 am
you know, the the soprano's, was that on hbo. >> yes. >> a spin been off the air
9:45 am
eight or nine years but apparently there is still culturally relevant in some way. let's reminisce in a little bit. watch the opening credits, driving through the lincoln tunnel there in new jersey. >> watch. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you you know what they call that little thing when you make the loop around and see manhattan. what do they call that. >> what. >> the hel ix. anyway, espn is now using this iconic show and trying to get people pumped up for monday night football. look at this. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:46 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> giants/eagles, monday on espn. >> i think that is cool. >> i like it. >> who found that kit cat kline did you find that? you are something. you are such an eagles fan. >> i love the views of the link. link is so cool. >> it is, yeah. >> i'm looking so forward to monday night, i'm going to go. >> you are going to the game, and that doesn't start until 8:30 so tuesday morning should be a wreck. >> are you going to come in. >> i'm coming in. >> but here's the thing will chip kelly be on the feel. you have heard the rumors. university of southern california they had to fire their football coach steve saka asian hads been battling alcohol. they had to get rid of them.
9:47 am
who do the odds makers in las vegas think will take the job? our chip kelly. he was great in the pac10 out there. >> yes, they loved him in the college level. >> at oregon. >> some people say maybe he wants to go back to college, he likes the way it was run. >> he is getting such heat now in his third season with the eagles. >> yep. >> and i have heard u.s.c., university of southern california, you pay him whatever he wants, we want chip kelly as our coach. there is quite a drive to get him to walk a away from this job here. i don't think he will do it. i think he is one of those guys, i signed this contract, i will stick it out. >> after all those change that he is were done in the preseason, off season, and how he has more control. >> he is gm. >> he has the team he apparently wants. >> a lot of people jumped off chip kelly ban wagon here in
9:48 am
philadelphia. >> if you can't take the the heat. >> you go to u.s.c. >> okay. >> there is another u.s.c. guy that quit his job steve spur user. >> from south carolina. >> people are really sad about it the but they understand he is retiring. >> they love spurrier. >> here's the thing, sports fans, eagles fans, are you okay with chip leaving. a a lot of you don't like what he is doing. there is like ten million-dollar, for him to coach u.s.c. >> if he did who would he get. >> you have to go back and start over. >> we don't need to start over. >> i feel lick we have started over so many times in the past month. >> alex holley, i have heard listening to sports talk radio about half of the callers said, go, out. >> if it is necessary. >> we will keep an eye on. that speaking of press conferences we are still waiting for mayor of philadelphia. >> hold on. >> what is going on there. >> it is 49:00. >> so facebook is giving you
9:49 am
more control. updating on its day feature. let you filter out. you log on and on this day three years ago and show you picture you posted or two years ago. that way you can filtering out those sad memories that maybe that day wasn't so happy for you or people you want to forget. >> yes. >> this is another response to user feedback, two new filters can be accessed on this day tab and users can have select dates such as your first wedding. >> yes. >> that you do not want to see when you log in on facebook. >> okay. girlfriend. >> yeah. it is kind of awkward. >> i'm posting, and,. >> i have decided to go every other day now. >> you're dulling them out. i have video of my grand doubt their will blow awe way. >> all right. mayor nutter sometimes he is men for maybe being a little
9:50 am
late. >> tarredy. >> we saw him last night at big brother event. >> yes. >> that is a man looking at his phone. >> because we are waiting. >> nothing else is happening. >> waiting for this press conference. >> commissioner retiring. >> i see our tony, the photographer. >> that is tina. >> yes. >> tony and tina's wedding, we will be right back.
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my last day will be january the seventh, which happens to also be my anniversary date, for being sworn in the same day as mayor nutter. i want to thank mayor nutter. i came out of retirement to come to philadelphia and work for him and i'm honored to be able to leave, with him as
9:54 am
well. eight years is a wrong time. i'm in my forty-seventh year of policing, and which is, you know, quite a bit, 30 years in chicago and chief in d.c. and now eight years in philadelphia. it a has been a good ride. i have been blessed. i have had the honor of serving in three great departments. i have a had the honor of serving as president as major city chiefs, police executive research forum, presidents task force. i have had a blessed career. i want to thank all of the citizens of philadelphia, all of the community organizations, that really get out there every single day and help us. it makes the the streets safer. men and women of the philadelphia police department, are leaders, only as good as the people working for them. we have an outstanding group of individual in our department. and i also want to thank all of you you in the media.
9:55 am
i think you have been fair. not always like reading what i read or hearing what i hear but it is what it is but i have to say, that you have been fair, and i appreciate it because after all, when all is said and done that is all you can expect and that is all you can ask for you are a good group of people and i think you do the the city a a very, very well when you do report on what is going on. so, i ask this young man to come forward, chris frazier, has been my right arm from the very beginning, getting me around town and watching my back and doing all of the things that he does on a regular basis, and we have become very, very good friend. of course, noel joyce who i work with, in washington d.c. and philadelphia and made a world of difference in my ability to be able to take departments places where they need to go, sometimes as
9:56 am
voluntarily, sometimes quite reluctantly but we need to do in order to do what we need to do to move for. i want to thank everette gillison who is chief of staff, deputy mayor and what is it that you do not do, other duties as assigned, a solid supporter and been there throughout. i could go on and on naming people. i won't do that because like everything else you wind up leaving people out but i just want to thank everyone forgiving me the the opportunity to serve in this great city. so thank you very much. >> commissioner ramsey, thank you, very, very much. i will now get the the opportunity to talk about you you, just a little bit but from certainly the bottom of my heart, thank you for an incredible level of service,
9:57 am
and as you mentioned you are still here, he is not going anywhere and will be here for a couple of months. i do want to reflect a little bit on how commissioner came to us, and, again, clay and eric gillis-son know this story very, very well. i did not know and pretty much had never heard of chuck ramsey back in 2007. it was right about this time when a friend who i a had known... >> we will continue to report this and play the mayor's remarks about his good friend commissioner ramsey as he announced his retirement taking effect on january the seventh, 2016. we will tell but the mayor's remarks on the five, six, and 10:00 o'clock news here on fox. >> he has been in philadelphia for one years. >> policing 47 years.
9:58 am
>> d.c., chicago. >> well, we will have that on tomorrow, we will see you tomorrow. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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