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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a k9 unit found three-year-old brendan link' bodied yesterday. a day later investigators are still working to figure out how he died. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> and i'm iain pagely fox 29's dawn timmeney following it all from the camden county prosecutor's office for us tonight. dawn? >> reporter: iain and lucy, investigators were hoping that an autopsy would provide some serious clues. did it not. there was no determination on the cause or manner of death. it's still a mystery tonight and people who know the family are simply crushed. >> just a three year old, innocent three-year-old. >> reporter: family friend carol deangelo fights back tears as she wonders what happened to three-year-old brendon creato the little boy's father reported missing 6:00 o'clock yesterday morning in haddon township. k9 unit discover the child's body three hours later in the woods nearby. >> it's conceivable. it's so surreal.
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it's something just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: this is part of the call brendan's father dj made to 911. >> i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. i don't know where he is. it's door is locked. i guess he unlock and and left. >> reporter: police are not saying whether the little boy wandered away on his own or if he was taken to the spot where his lifeless little body was found. a memorial now sits at the wood's edge. >> i said prayer. when i saw the little animals and stuff i thought, you know what, if this is where he went, this is where i'd like to say goodbye. >> he was three years old. he had a whole live ahead of him. it's really sad. you know i don't know him but just to see something like this it's really sad. >> reporter: and frightening. people in the neighborhood where brendan laughed and played are anxious for answers. some wondering if foul play was involved. >> i woke up this morning a little antsy this morning. not knowing, you know, it's scary when you have children. >> so defenseless.
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he can't defend hisself. he's a baby. >> reporter: police are continuing to question people in the little boy's death including family members. tonight a lot of questions and still very few answers as how this little boy won't up in the woods in his pajamas dead. lucy? >> all right. so tragic. thank you, dawn. we have breaking news we first told you about at 5:00. we now know two people are recovering after a septa bus hit them at about 5:15 at fifth street and godfrey and olney. 91-year-old woman is in critical condition. she has injuries to both her leg. a skate-year-old man has minor injuries and police are indeed investigating. a 13-year-old is recovering tonight after a driver hit him. sky fox over the 7200 block of front knack in northeast philadelphia right after it happened at 3:30 this afternoon. authorities tell us the boy originally said he was okay, did not need treatment, but they say the driver of the car involved
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convinced the teen to go to the hospital. philadelphia's longest serving top cop is calling a career after eight years on the job police commissioner charles ramsay says he'll retire at the end of mayor nutter's second term. ramsay has gotten high marks for his crime fighting efforts. >> he has plenty of critics as well. bruce gordon joins us live in studio with a closer look at ramsay's career in our city. >> reporter: charles ramsay has become a national figure no doubt about it. nam an important crime fighting panel he's probably got a seat at the table. president obama described him as extraordinarily grateful for ramsay's service. locally the numbers say he's been a successful crime fighter but that success has come at a cost. with the nutter administration winding down, commissioner ramsay made it official. he will retire in january when the mayor leaves office. >> and it's just time. i mean i've been at this a long time. now, i'm not tired. i'm not burnt out. in fact, i'm actual until my prime. (laughter).
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>> reporter: ramsay was already retired after nearly 40 years of policing in chicago and d.c. and then mayor elect nutter hired him in late 2007 to fight crime in a city that averaged nearly a murder a day. >> thank you for coming to philadelphia. >> reporter: eight years later, emotional nutter heaped praise on his top cop. >> philadelphia is, was and will be very very lucky to benefited from the talent and dedication of police commissioner charles ramsay. >> reporter: he has a point. year to date statistics show murders in philadelphia are down by a whopping 32% since 2007. but residents in some communities say they still live in fear. >> i say they're right. we haven't done enough in some neighborhoods. there are still some neighborhoods that are far too unsafe. there are too many people being shot on the streets of our city. >> reporter: ramsay's implementation of the mayor' as aggressive stop and frisk policy has some communities feeling
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like they need to be protected from the police. >> why are you deploying your police resources this way. mary catherine roper with the american civil liberties union. >> the fact is that people of color in this city still feel under siege from the police department. >> report roar this summer department of justice review requested by ramsay concluded his department was poorly trained and ill equipped to handle potentially violent interactions with civilians. ramsay's response -- >> third party coming in taking a look at your operations you're going to see some things that you suspected were there but it's good to see it in writing and with some recommendations and now your job is just to implement and to move forward. >> reporter: ramsay says those changes are already well underway, as for this retirement, plans to do some teaching, maybe some private sector work and, remember, he's still sought after on the national level for consulting. philly's next mayor will choose ramsays replacement. current first deputy are you char ross is seen on as the odds on favorite. iain. >> he will will be missed.
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to your fox 29 weather authority now. clear and calm for most of your wednesday. things are cooling down in big way. chief meteorologist scott williams feeling like fall right now but preview of winter on the way, scott? >> i mean it's starting to feel like fall if you're stepping outdoors right now with the sunsetting the temperatures dropping pretty rapidly but as you mentioned, by the up coming weekend some of the coldest air of the season will be headed in our direct. folks are still out and about enjoying the nice weather that we have. the sun will set pretty shortly here in old city. let's talk about the numbers and what's happening right now on ultimate doppler. you can see looking pretty good right now. dry and quiet. so we don't have any rainfall to talk about across the area. allentown looking good as well as atlantic city. live shot right now from the philadelphia international airport showing 65 degrees. that sun will set at 6:23. we have a nice fall breeze out of the west northwest. already into the 50s pocono mountains. right now atlantic city checking in at 63 degrees. so hour by hour mainly clear. once again cooling fast so if
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you're headed outdoors, grab that light jacket or sweater. when i come indoors, we are will talk about the fall foliage report as well as that frost and freeze concern in the seven day forecast. back to you. all right, scott thanks. see you then. happening right now a delaware woman killed in the middle of the night. her daughter found her and called police. not long after police got another call, this one was from a guy saying he's the one who did it. karen hepp is new castle tonight with details. karen? >> reporter: so unusual iain. not very often do you have someone that is a suspected killer that immediately then calls police and says i'm your guy come over and get me and that's exactly what police did. they went over to his home and took him into custody and right now in fact he's over here at the police headquarters. a psychiatrist in her 50s was found murdered in her sanford ridge home by her daughter police say. >> received a 911 call from a family member who arrived home and found her mother deceased in the residence.
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crime scene technicians gather evidence while detectives piece together the tragic events at 40 withers way in hokessin they already collected the biggest clue. the murder suspect called police almost immediately after the crime to confess they say. police say he was taken into custody at his autumn wood home in newark. his neighbors say he was a troubled boy and they feel sorry for his parents. >> i haven't really die jeffed it all yet. obviously, it's a shock when anything like that happens. >> reporter: in the community where the victim was murdered there's small relief that the alleged killer is in custody but they are still reeling from these horrific events. >> it's always sad to hear about these thing, but i think it becomes that much more real to people when it happens so close to home. >> reporter: one of these difficult situations police have not yet revealed the details. the name of the victim or the suspect which of course they know the names of both. we did get a statement from the health system for which the psychiatrist works saying that they were cooperating fully with this investigation. iain, back to you.
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>> actually i'll take it. thank you very much, karen. philadelphia police are hoping you can help them find a man who stole phones from a t mobile store in port richmond. take a look at this guy. police say he walk into the t mobile on the 3500 block of aramingo avenue last week and took more than $4,600 worth of stuff. you can see him ripping off phones and i pads from the displays and putting them into a red plastic bag. if you know anything about this, police would love to talk to you. now to an old exam with a new tryst twist. pse&g says someone is calling small businesses and threatening to turn off their gas and electric if payment is not made that day with a prepaid card. the scammers are doing this by imitating the company's interactive voice response system. so when customers call that number back, they hear something similar to what they would hear on the customer service line. so if this happened to you we've got a number on the screen you can call. we now know a philadelphia judge will hear all lawsuits regarding that deadly amtrak crash earlier this year in port richmond.
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so far more than 60 personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits have been filed. eight people were killed and hundreds more injured back in may when the train derailed while entering a sharp curve at more than twice the speed limit. a lot of local towns saw pretty nasty weather earlier this month. >> it's coming with the hefty price tag for one jersey shore town. the massive damage onsie side community is now dealing with. >> and hitting the ice with a big boys play. experience these young hockey players may never forget. >> howard. >> defense for the eagles is really stepped up in their win on sunday but the making the most impact on defense is not the player that got the most money. the unsung study on defense coming up in sports. ññ
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♪ >> we got chilly temperatures ahead this weekend. overcast on the ben franklin parkway tonight. always beautiful, though. meteorologist scott williams has your full forecast in just a couple of minutes. police need your help looking for a man who went missing from his southwest philly home. this is samuel delsea. he lives at opportunity place on the 3,000 block of bearing street. he was last seen before staff members reported he was missing yesterday. police say he has schizophrenia and is known to frequent the area. so anyone with information on where he would be should call police. >> nasty storm that pummel the jersey shore earlier this month came at a price much the shore saw heavy beach erosion and flooding in a lot of communiti communities. toms river, officials estimate that storm left $800,000 in damage. heavy winds and surf blitz rated about third of the main tunes in tom rivers. >> big win for the state of new jersey in its fight to legalize sports betting. today a judge ruled the case will now be heard in front of the entire panel of the court of appeals. new jersey has been trying since 2009 to offer legal sports
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betting in casinos and racetracks to help those struggling industries. it was the game of a lifetime for local kids. >> they got to skate on nhl ice and king out with hockey legen legends. how fun is that children along with families get to play a game at wells fargo to kick off the 16th season of hockey helping kids. the program is raised more than $1 million which goes to children's charities across the country. today's event benefits the world theater of children a program that teaches them about acting and the theater. after the game, they had dinner with nhl greats including bob kelly and bernie parent. fun stuff. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> almost -- not quiet ice weather but it's going to be here soon the way it's feeling, scott. >> that's right. there's going to be a little nip in the air. forget about october it will feel like november as we move toward the um coming weekend a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport showing we have a few clouds passing by. those temperatures are going to drop pretty rapidly but right now at the airport, 65 degrees.
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you can see the sun it sets in about 10 minutes or so. there's a fall breeze out of the north northwest at 10 miles an hour. take a look at the high temperatures for today at the atlantic city international airport. 70 degrees was the number. philadelphia upper 60s along with wilmington, reading you saw a high today 66 degrees. trenton in the mid 60s. so it really was a seasonal day. temperatures right now all right into the upper 50s for pottstown. 59 degrees. 54 right now in the pocono mountains. wilmington checking in at 62. we have low 60s right now in millville as well as atlantic city. so mid 60s in the philadelphia area. 50s though as you head toward pittsburgh as well as detroit. some of that cooler air will continue to come in. but it's really not until friday into the upcoming weekend when we see that second front and that really push of some of the coldest air so far this season. ultimate doppler as we scan the area you can see in old city looking pretty good. a nice sunset. it's going to be setting up shop and as we scan the view, pretty
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dry and quiet. so no rainfall to talk about across our area. a couple of sprinkles as you move toward the western part of the state but that's about it. a few passing clouds. but mainly clear skies as we move into the overnight. so tomorrow, kind of similar to today. and then here's friday's front. that push of really colder air coming down from canada and in fact by sunday morning, some of the temperatures will be into the 30s toward parts of the carl line nass as well as north georgia as we watch that big area of high pressure take a strong cold in the atmosphere. take a look at the concern as we move far north and west. we're talking sunday morning temperatures in sections of the pocono mountains dipping at or slightly below freezing so that could be a concern along the immediate i-95 corridor we're looking at temperatures cold enough to support perhaps the first frost of the season. so just keep that in mind if you have some tender vegetation and plants once again we're talking sunday morning the coldest temperatures yet and down the
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shore, because water temperatures are in the 60s it's not going to be quiet as bad. now, what about the fall foliage report as we move toward sections of the pocono mountains we are pretty much at the peak. so looking pretty good for doing some leaf peeping as early as this weekend. if you'll head up north and west nearing peak as we move toward sections of the lehigh valley. elsewhere, some patchy colors but over the next week an half or so, things will really start to change and look pretty impressive. now, out and about this weekend, we're talking wilmington this saturday the walk to end alzheimer's grab a jacket, grab a sweater, grab a scarf, it is going to be chilly temperatures are going to be in the mid 40s saturday morning there along the riff front for the walk to end alzheimer's in wilmington and tonight we're looking at temperatures dipping into the low 40s. north and west upper 40s in the city once again with a few clouds around. temperatures tomorrow seasonal. 67 degrees for the high temperature. as we move toward your friday, maybe a spotty shower with that neck front that's going to move
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through but take look at the high temperatures on saturday after a chilly start only in the upper 50s. so chilly for the temple game and then as we move toward sunday morning, that's that frost concern. maybe freeze concern for our north and west. temperatures only top out around 54 degrees. and then it looks chilly on monday especially monday night football, yeah, you want to grab that jacket and sweater. some hot chocolate. an extra cup of hot piping joe as well. >> a lot of hot stuff. >> all right. >> i'm more worried about my tender vegetation. >> that's true. i still have tomatoes that are not quite red i am worried about this. >> tender vegetation. >> that would be tender. >> eagles they're back at practice today for another big game on monday night the offen offense -- a player who was a free agent coming to town and boy he's got great job. hear what he means to the team coming up in sports.
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♪ the eagles back at practice today. day later than normal because it's monday night football game against the giants. now the eagles are now four-point favorites and need this game as much as last sunday. we all look at the offense and the win against the saints but it was really a big game for the defense. the eagles came up with four turnovers in the last game and that's the real way you win games. eagles had 19 points they scored off turnovers fletcher coccyx was the inform fl defense player of the week with his four sacks and two fumbles. >> walter thurman has thee interceptions so far this season leading the team and third in the nfl. >> we compete against each other, you know, every day to try to, um, pretty much see who makes the most plays. we motivate off each other's style of play. >> we just push each other. it's very competitive energy for the games especially because it
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allows to you play on higher level and contribute and help out the team. >> he has a lot of things that you can't coach. he has a knack to get around the football. a knack of punching the ball out and he's been making plays every since he stepped foot here in philadelphia. >> all right. offense eagles need sam bradford to cut down on his interceptions but the offensive line did a better job last week for the quarterback. the eagles coac coaching staff s to make what they do simple. >> you just got to just go play sometimes, you know, this is, you know, this is a game for pe majors. we got to just play and we got to be aggressive and we got to go and sometimes, you know, go right or go left or whatever you're going to do and block the guy that shows. >> you got to simplify it for the player. baseball playoffs actually been good with three series that have gone the distance game five. one the series is toronto and texas and whose on the mound? let's do to toronto. for the texas rangers that would be former phil cole hamels.
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went five innings. he had six strike outs in five innings. however, in the sixth inning edward end car see i don't know and this team crush the baseba baseball. homerun into the third deck. that made it two-two. but right now, in the seventh, texas is leading three-two. i don't know who i'd root for there but i like new teams and i think toronto just crush the ball. >> they do. >> i'd like to see the mets play the cubs because that's new. >> right. >> exciting. >> how is that campaign for going by the way. >> t-shirts flying off the shirt but i'm helping children's hospital. >> i love that. >> see. >> you made an national appearance today. that was big news. >> that's who i am. >> that's right. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> i'm still worried about my tender veggies. >> worry about those. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 with tender vegetation. enjoy your night. inside edition is up next.
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khloe kardashian's ex found unconscious at a nevada brothel. inside the room where it happened. >> they found him here lying on the bed. >> you can buy herbal viagra in convenience store, vitamin shops and even pharmacies. >> but are they safe? then, worst aunt ever? she sued her 8-year-old nephew. >> he broke her wrist had he jumped into her arms for a birthday hug. >> why she's being called the auntie christ. and hillary rodham clinton scramble. get me to the podium on time. >> it does take me a little longer. >> but where was bill? watching on tv. plus, what oprah winfrey is saying today about donald


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