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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  WTXF  October 15, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> right now a local woman thought she was about to dye tacked and robbed as she left a philadelphia store last week and for the first time she's describing what she calls the horrifying experience. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. police say the same guys hit a half dozen other victims. only fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to a victim. he joins us live at police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, the victim says she still having nightmares over this attack. she says she was leaving a local convenience store when she was ambushed. she is speaking out tonight hoping police can catch these two guys before someone gets
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seriously injured. >> i was horrified, you know, i thought he was going to kill me really. >> reporter: 56-year-old colleen hammond is terrified 10 days after she was brutally attacked and robbed as she left a local store. >> he grabbed my neck and i just got that trach put in and he threw me to the ground. i got a cut on my thing. honestly i thought he was going to kill me. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling as the suspect snatched her purse and took off running with all of her money and personal id. >> i screamed and all, and one of the, um, people from the stores came out, and i told him the guy robbed me but one guy tried to run up to get him it was too late. >> reporter: colleen p just left jim's variety store where police say her first encounter witness suspects was caught on tape. they asked for change of a hundred dollar bill. she didn't have it. they women outside and waited then followed her up the block. >> you can actually see them knock her down. somebody's mom. somebody's sister.
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somebody got to know who they are, give us a call. >> i can't sleep at night my head is racing about what if someone comes in my mom's and tries to rob us. >> for about 5:00 in the morning until september, 8:00 o'clock in the morning they hit about four people. just kept coming back. >> the captain says this is one of six robberies carried out by these suspects in the last robbery one suspect threaten the victim with a gun. >> as the jobs progress they seem to be getting more bold. >> reporter: ham pond hopes the two suspects get caught before they hurt someone else. she's hoping to get some of her personal belongings back. >> it's not fair. we can't even walk around, you know what i mean, we can't walk around without getting robbed, guns to our head, knives, it's not fair for us. >> reporter: now, police say the suspects have gotten away with cash, purchases even cell phones. they want folks to take another look at that video. if you want to see it you can go to fox 29.cot com. if you have any information, you should call east detectives. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. developing right now, the market and chestnut street
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overpass to penn's landing shut down while inspectors figure out if they're safe. skyfox flew over that area a few minutes ago and police are telling us it's closed while penndot crews are on the scene. penndot is telling us they're a crack in the bridge to the pier. they do confirm engineers are on the scene right now. there's no word yet when that area will open two people are injured after a septa bus hit them earlier this evening. skyfox over fifth gone free. a 91-year-old woman is in critical condition with injuries to both legs. a skate-year-old man has cuts on his arm. >> new jersey town waiting for answers in the death of a little boy. the body of three-year-old brandon link creatao was found three hours after his father reported him missing yesterday morning. the medical examiner has completed an autopsy. but does not answer the biggest question. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from haddon township in new jersey tonight.
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shawnette? >> reporter: iain, as you just mentioned we still don't know how brendan died. we don't know if it was an accident or the result of foul play. but what we do know tonight wawa said during that 911 call reporting him missing. >> 911 --ing. >> just release dad the call dj the father of three-year-old brendan made to police reporti g his son missing early tuesday morning. >> i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. i don't know where he is. the door is lock. i guess he unlock it and left. >> reporter: three hours after that call, a frantic search for the toddler end when a police dog found him dead eight blocks away from the haddon township apartment where he disappeared. the medical examiner says an autopsy did not reveal what caused brendan's death. >> three-year-old. i mean, how can -- how could this happen? >> a neighbor overcome with grief couldn't hold back his tears enough to speak on camera. he was out tonight cleaning a
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spot to start a memorial near the crime scene. this one with candles, a stuffed animal he and his wife made with love. >> i wanted to give him the best memorial he ever had. that's why i did this. >> reporter: just a few feet away anita brown out walking her dog stopped by another memorial also near the wooded area where bran don's body was found. >> it was very upsetting to see that our park was a place of death and loss. and so today in a little bit of private prayer time i wanted to know what i could do to help. >> reporter: as the neighbor struggles to cope with what happened they're also anxiously awaiting answers about what exactly happened to brendan and why. >> really devastating. i know the family a little bit. just thinking of how awful for those family members. >> reporter: back here live as we look at a memorial outside the home where brendan disappeared from, that last
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woman you heard from a note today brown is actually a yoga instructor. she says this saturday she's planning to hold a yoga session at that park near where brendan his body was found. she's calling it a body prayer to help with healing for the community. she says donations will be collected for that session handed over to the family. iain. >> so sad. shawnette, thank you. on your radar tonight, temperatures are taking a dive. here's a live look from wilmington and by the time you wake up tomorrow we may only be in the fours. kathy, please tell me we'll warm back up. >> i can't even face you because i know you don't like the cold, iain. we're going to be in the 40s and guess what? we are talking about temperatures slowly warming during the day tomorrow but it will get even colder. trust me. ultimate doppler you can see some clouds rolling through but we'll be clearing during the overnight period i now 60 in philadelphia. 46 in the pocono mountains. 48 in millville. 61 degrees right now down the shore in wildwood. as you plan your day 51 at 7:00 a.m. a chilly start to the day.
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of course, 40s in our suburbs. partly sunny and by 9:00 still a chill. a cool breeds buy by the noon hour with a temperature of only 62 degrees. the cold is coming. so get out the sweaters, get out the fleece. we'll need it because an area of high pressure will build down from can in a dan bring us the coldest air of the season. we're going to be chase something 30s maybe even some 20s in part of our region. the cool down begins in the morning. we'll track the next front and we'll talk about when we will be falling to freezing with the seven day forecast. >> all right, kathy b that freeze sets in make sure you download our fox 29 weather app. a live look at south philadelphia tonight. you can get your live radar and alerts sent right to your phone you'll find it in the apple and google play stores. two women throwing down inside a local wal*mart wrestling, throwing punches right in front of the bras and panties. this all went down inside the store in whitehall township. some folks tried to break it up while one person broke out their
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phone and recorded the whole thing. the two women throwing punches actually work in that wal*mart. someone dialed 911. police showed up. but the department tells us wal*mart is going to handle all of this internally so no charges and no word tonight on what started all of that. it was a year ago today a local dirt bike i gender was gunned down in honor of the anniversary friends fanly held a candlelight vigil earlier tonight. police found tyler dead in a his car after getting a call about a person with gun. he had been shot muddle tell times. hundreds of dirt bikers flooded the streets of philly in tyler's honor after his funeral. >> skyfox capturing several stories including this in northeast philadelphia where a driver hit a 13-year-old boy on the 7200 block of front knack right around 3:30 this morning. the boy originally said he was okay he didn't want treatment. but they say the driver of the car involved convinced the teen to go to the hospital. skyfox was also in he is sipping ton hazmat crews were called after tanker caught fire.
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it happened on industrial drive just before 4:00 o'clock. delaware county fire officials say that tanker was carrying soap. no word yet on what caused the fire. a new castle county search for answers after a tragic discovery. family members found a mother dead in the middle of the night. soon after police say a man called 911 and said that he did it. tonight police are releasing more information about what happened. fox 29 weekend's karen hepp spoke to neighbors still in shock. >> reporter: a psychiatrist in her 50s was found murdered in her home by her daughter police say. >> we received a 911 call from family member that found home and found her mother deceased in the residence. >> reporter: detectives piece together the tragic events at 40 withers pay in hokessin. the collected the biggest clue. the murder suspect called police after the crime to confess. he was taken into custody at his home in newark.
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his neighbors say he was a troubled boy and they feel sorry for his pan. >> i haven't really digested it all yet. obviously it's a shock when anything like that happens. the community where the victim was murdered there was small relief that the alleged killer is in custody. but they are still reeling from these horrific events. >> it's always sad to hear about these things, but i think it becomes that much more real to people when it happens so close to home. >> reporter: right now that suspect is being held right here at the new castle county police headquarters. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. diving under the hood of a movie car and holding on she was not about to let the driver get away. what she says he took right off her arm that had her taking a running leap, and -- this is a health hazard. that's my biggest concern. >> a mountain of trash still growing and no one can figure out why. the mystery behind this disgusting and dangerous probl problem. >> also texting, scanning social immediate yack checking e-mail, look up. the mistake you're making that
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is hurting your health,. pulled over for drunk driving with her three kids in the back seat. what this mom admitted to police when she got out of the car. and getting those famous cookie hairstyles. some say beauty is fame but it doesn't have to be. how people are saving time and money in the salon chair. plus a hiphop mogil's business problem that has
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♪ one local family beloved dog stayed by his owner's side as he died. but in chaos and emotion after his owner's death butch ran away and he's been missing since last month and his family is doing everything they can to get him back. >> they've been at it putting up flyers, harnessing the power of social media and budge's family turned to fox 29 for help. chris o'connell is in norwood where the family last saw butch. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy, first her son died. then her son's dog ran away. tonight, a grieving mother is
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begging for help tonight to find that missing dog she says is the last link to her dead son. >> my precious baby. >> reporter: losing her son last month hit phyllis jester like a ton of bricks. >> this is the only living part of my son that's left. >> reporter: 32-year-old sean tomlinson died suddenly on september 12th and right there by his side his faithful 10-year-old chocolate lab named butch. >> butch was really his kid, and he was on his death bed with him laying guide beside him. >> reporter: just three days after his owner's death butch suddenly got loose from a backyard and ran away. he was last seen near the norwood train station. >> butch i'm sure is traumatiz traumatized. he's grieving like we all are, and he's heart broken because of sean's death. >> reporter: sean's mother and stepfather are now on desperate
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search to find butch. the family is now posting flyers in hopes someone out there recognizes the dog. she thinks he's either lost in the woods or maybe pick up by another family. >> i can't thank the family enough if someone does have him for taking good care of him but i feel like i need that closure. >> reporter: they'rely getting help online from groups like team louie animal rescue. he's the mixed lab stolen in south philly. his owners found him after a month and now has turned to helping other families search for their dogs. >> what i have lost my son i can't have him back but if i could have his dog, i would just be so grateful. >> reporter: now the family says they've also resorted to walking around the neighborhood waving sean's clothes in hopes of attracting budge by scent. they also say if someone else has him, please return him to the family.
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no questions asked. lucy? >> let's get budge home. thank you so much, chris. >> reporter: philadelphia police have caught their woman. we told you about her last week child in toe, police say she stole a purse from a woman at a furniture store in port richmo richmond. police say surveillance video shows her walking into the furniture store heading into an office and slipping the purse inside a bag before running out. they are not saying yet who she is. now to an old scam with a new twist. pse&g says someone is calling small businesses and threatening to turn off their gas and electric if payment is not made that date with a prepaid card. the scammers are doing this by imitating the company's interactive voice response system so when customers call the number back, they hear something similar to what they would hear on the customer service line. if this has happened to you, we do have a number on the screen for to call. a philadelphia judge now says he will hear all lawsuits stemming from the deadly amtrak crash in port richmond.
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today lawyers have filed more than 60 personal injury and roth full death lawsuits. the train derailment in may killed eight people and injured hundreds more. investigators say the train hit a sharp curve at more than twice the speed it should have been going. after eight years to the job philadelphia's longest serving top cop is calling it quits. police commissioner charles ramsay today said it's time to retire. >> as fox 29's bruce gordon shows us the general feeling is he's leaving the city safer than when he arrived. >> reporter: the 65-year-old ramsay said the decision to retire as police commissioner when mayor nutter leaves office in january was his and his alo alone. ramsay spent nearly 40 years doing police work in chicago and washington now eight more in philly. >> it's just time. i mean i've been at this a long time. now, i'm not tired. i'm not burnt out. in fact, i'm actual until my prime. (laughter). >> reporter: hiring ramsay was one of the first moves made by
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mayor elect nutter in november of 2007 after campaigning on a promise to reduce crime in philadelphia. eight years later nutter choked with emotion -- >> thank you for making my city a safer city. >> reporter: called ramsay the best in the crime fighting business. >> children and adults of our city owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. >> reporter: if fact, year to date crime statistics show murders down by 32% since 2007. though the numbers are actually up a bit from 2013 and 14. said ramsay -- >> i'm not satisfied with it. but it's better than it was. >> reporter: there have been problems. police involved shootings average one per week in the city. aggressive tactics like stop and frisk had some communities feeling like they need protect from the police. >> what's the point if you're stopped. >> mary catherine roup per of the american civil liberties
3:19 am
union. >> those practic practices overg overwhelmingly burden the african-american community and that hasn't stopped. >> reporter: this summer department of justice study requested by ramsay showed philly police woe physical under trained and ill equipped to handle proa potentiall potentiat interactions with the public. >> it was critical. there's no question about that. if i thought everything was running on all cylinders i never would have asked them to come in and take a look. i knew we had issues. >> many of the called for reforms are already under way. as for this retirement plans, a long vacation with his wife maybe followed by teaching maybe some private sector work. remember he's still much sought after on the national level for consulting. philly's neck mayor will choose ramsay' replace many. odds on favor are the for the job current first deputy richard ross. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. a gunman storms into this gas station and shoots the clerk twice. all over a pile of nachos. what the clerk was able to do next that may have saved his
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life. boycott wendy'. >> protests calling national restaurant racist but a little girl found in her kid's meal that has insighted so much outrage. plus the halloween aisle on fire. what one man was seen doing just before the entire store filled with smoke. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic to here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. shut down again on the vine street expressway through the overnight all the way until about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the vine expressway closed in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. you can use spring garden, 30th or south to get around the closure and throughout the day tomorrow look out, montgomery avenue shutting down between spring mill and matsonford road during to road work. forecast and the jam cams see you bright a
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> he looks like an ordinary customer walking into this indiana gas station even checking out the nachos station before walking out. but seconds later, he's back, gun out, right in the clerk's face within seconds he shoots the clerk twice and takes off. but he didn't take any cash.
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just the nachos. the clerk bleeding was able to crawl to the door and lock it until help arrived. police say they found the gunman thanks to tip. that clerk is in critical condition. former nba star lamar odom is fight fog his life after being found unconscious in las vegas brothel. the 35-year-old was found passed out at the love ranch in nevada in a statement the brothel own are in says odom did arrive a lone saturday and had ban party with girls for days. 911 call said odom had took cocaine and took an herbal viagra. >> low key kardashian is his bedside and paying his medical decision. >> police in detroit get a tip to pull over a woman accused of of drunk driving. >> look at what happens when police check out her car. >> that's right. three children are in the back seat.
3:25 am
the officer asked the woman to get out of the car for a field sobriety test and she's adamant she's not drunk. why? she says because of her last dui. she says she learn her lesson. officers say this dam dash cam video shows otherwise police arrested her for dui and child endangerment they don't know who called in the tip they are thankful that person did. >> forest of marijuana. the weed worth a million buck. where someone hid all this pot in plane site. >> hiphop mogil's business problem that has countless customers missing cash tonight. kathy? >> in weather we are talking about a cold front that will be crossing the delaware valley late this week and the colder that is coming for the weekend our top story in weather i'll have in the seven day coming. >> kathy thanks getting those famous cookie hairdo, some say beauty is pain but it doesn't have to be. how people are saving time and money in the salon chair. ♪
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>> 10:30, temperatures are dropping more than they have in awhile.
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live look at south philadelphia tonight. it's going to be in the 40s when you walk out the door tomorrow. but the real chill, oh, that is coming this weekend. live look at the great wolf lodge in the pocono mountains. we can see the coldest temperatures in months. kathy is putting the final details in your forecast in just minutes. a trash mountain piling up behind this apartment complex building for weeks now. you can imagine the smell and the critters it's all attracting. >> residents near atlanta say it's not only disgusting, it's it's dangerous. fox's george franco went looking for ounces. >> reporter: this pile of garbage with yellow caution tape a round it has quality you can't see, the stench. >> there's smell in here. it's bad. >> reporter: mary a grandmother with three boys says she's is concerned about the healths effects of uncollected garbage in clarkston. >> this is a health hazard. that's my biggest concern. i don't know who called you, but they need to clean that up. >> reporter: several residents
3:30 am
invited me in first hand to see the mound of waste which she say has been growing for some time now. >> when is the last time it was pick up that you know of? maybe about three weeks, four weeks, maybe a month ago. >> it's gotten so bad a family member decided to skip the trek to the big heap of trash. >> why you have the trash on the balance can knee. there's so much trash over there. oh, my god. >> we tried to get answers from the woman at the front office but she demanded we leave when i tried to ask her about the putrid pile. >> it's in the process of pick up. >> it's in the process of being picked up? >> unclear when pick up might occur, but it won't be from dekalb county sanitation department. check of records indicates the complex uses a contractor for garbage pick up. residents we spoke to say they're angry they have to pay rent. while the garbage keeps piling up. >> get a private contractor or somebody out there and clean that trash up the trash out
3:31 am
there, you know, rodents, cats, flies, that's not good for the community. >> as of tonight residents tell fox's george franco that trash pile is still there and it's still growing. the tsa has list of things you cannot fly with. salad dressing isn't one of them. but if it's liquid company cape disguised as vinegar and oil then it might be a problem. passenger coming from mexico did just that. customs officer noticed the suspicious liquid say it seemed thicker than it should have been. so they questioned the man. then opened the bottle and it didn't smell like vinegar and oil. they tested it and it was positive for liquid cocaine. the six bottle weighed about 11 pounds which authorities say puts the street value at about $200,000. she was not about to back down. a surveillance camera rah catches a form they are houston city council woman turned lawyer take on guy who had just broken into her car. he got her purse jumped into get array way car and then off. she jumped on that car and hung on until the guy ran over her
3:32 am
foot. she raced back to her car and chased him down. >> i jumped in my car and i followed him and i kind of a kia soul and he has no get up and go. they got up and went. your life is worth more than a purse or computer. all i can say there was no thinking. i did not think. i reactioned. >> i know jglan today and i'm not surprised by this many she walked away a swollen foot an few scrapes. >> let's get a check of what's on your radar tonight. here's kathy orr. >> wow, i was mugged once. >> were you? >> um-hmm. i'll t tell you about it on facebook. we don't have time right now. yeah. it was tough. thank goodness you're okay. >> not as tough as this weather forecast what's coming tonight we're talking about clearing sky and temperatures that will be falling fast. right now we're at 60. the high today 68 with a clear sky temperatures will fall quickly. you can see the cold is coming see all this blue even to the north and western part of the keystone state temperatures in the 40s already. you can see in toronto,
3:33 am
48 degrees. detroit 47. so this what's coming our way. still in the great lakes marquette at 47. grand rapids at fifty three that is what we'll be waking up to tomorrow. tomorrow, mentee sunshine a few rolling through late in the day. the main event will be friday, strolled cold front moves on through with clouds with itly maybe a few spring kills but the big story what comes behind this front much this is a cold area of high pressure dominating our weather going as far down as the deep south. atlanta waking up to temperatures in the 40s, maybe some 30s in the hilly terrain of the deep south in georgia sunday morning for us we are going to be in the deep freeze. this is the coldest air we've seen since last spring. we're looking at temperatures saturday morning in the 40s. 30s to the north and west but look how much colder it gets sunday morning as the core of the cold air is over us. we have clear skies and light winds perfect ingredients for a frosty morning come sunday and possibly a freeze through the lehigh valley and the poconos where temperatures will be below
3:34 am
freezing for a period of time. along th the i-95 corridor, 35 n philadelphia. 34 degrees in trenton. that will be our sunday weighing up weather. overnight, 49 in the city. 41 in the suburbs. tomorrow bouncing back to 67 so nice by the time we make it into the afternoon. fall foliage report says we're near peak in the lehigh valley. moderate color through the philadelphia area. a couple of weeks yet for that peak foliage and you can see on the seven day, temperatures pretty nice for the next couple of days. but over the weekend highs in the 50s. the coldest air of the season sunday morning. kotter still monday and we bounce back by the time we air empire next week. >> sounds good, kathy. thank you. we have breaking news. three people shot in south philadelphia. sky fox over the 500 block of ritner street. police tell us one person believed to be in his late teens or early 20s is dead. two others are wounded. they are at local hospitals. authorities say just last night, someone fired more than 50 shots in park in that area.
3:35 am
we were on top of this and will bring you more as the newt warrants. a mother demanding answers for what her young daughter found in her kid's meal at wendy's. >> boycott wendy's. >> a group protesting out side the restaurant near denver. the mom says her little girl found a note with a racist message in her toy and we blurred the offensive message for tv. >> i had to explain to my child what the n word means and she's never heard that term before. my child is now very aware of what racism is and what that word means, and it's because of this card. >> wendy' says two employees wrote the note and put it in the child's meal. the both employees have been fired and a spokesperson apologized to the family much the mom says it's not enough. she want wendy's to start a training program for employees. >> in your money new video screens are making your starbucks drive through experience even more convenient at least that's what the coffee giant is hoping. across the neck 12 months starbucks will install video
3:36 am
screens in more than 2400 locations. you can actuallily see the barris at a's face when you order. starbucks wants to make the experience personal and speed up the process you'll see what you order on the screen as well. so the man who created death jam records is definitely in a jam tonight. >> customers up happy with hip hope mogil rush simmons over their rush card. customers have been locked out since monday because of a glitch. it's described online as prepaid visa that let's you shop, get cash at atm, pay bills, buy online and get direct deposit at least one rush card user tells fox 29 their accounts appear to have 0-dollar when the user had money on it the day b the problem is so big tonight russell simmons has taken to social media issuing an apology. simmons blame the issue on technical upgrade and says the company is currently correcting the account balances but may take a few days to fix the problem.
3:37 am
halloween aisle up in flames. what one man was doing just before the entire store filled with smoke. and texting, scanning, social media, checking your e-mail. look up. the mistake you're making that's hurting your health. getting though famous cookie hairstyles without breaking the bank. how people are saving
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♪ most of us obsess width electronic devices dependent on instant communication and information. you know we live digital world and we feel lost when we can't find our phone. >> but our constant need for technology could lead to some serious medical problems including one you probably never even heard of. ♪ >> you see them everywhere. people walking while looking down at their phone. crossing the street looking down at the phone. at a coffee shop hunched over. end grossed in text conversations checking facebook, returning e-mails unaware the strain they're putting on their neck. >> staring at a smart phone for hours a day with your neck bent down at an odd angle and seemingly frozen leads to early wear and tear on the spine. experts are calling it tech ne neck. >> the weight of your head and as you flex and flex and flex,
3:41 am
you incrementally increase the amount of stress op your cervical spine. >> dr. alex vaccaro a spine surgery and president of rothman institute and the doctor for the philadelphia eagles. the doctor says thanks to our modern world and reliance on smart phones, tablets and laptops tech neck is an epp depth pick. >> you're also doing this. also rubbing their neck. i was laughing with friends. that's going to lead to a lot more spine surgery. it will lead to advanced degenerative changes. >> because it's a recent phenomenon many peel don't know why they have tech next. >> people have no idea it's related to their hand-held device. >> erin a 28-year-old nurse who uses her phone several hours a day and says countless text messaging started experiencing neck pain a couple of months ago it was so persistent she went to see the doctor. >> he explained to me that there's this new sort of epidemic, if you will, that people are calling tech next. i didn't thin it was real think. i didn't really take the too
3:42 am
seriously but i thought about it more even thought about my posture even thought about what i was doing, and i realized it has to cause some sort of damage on your body at some point. >> the doctor says the problem is the human head weighs about 12 pounds. but the neck bends forward and down, the weight on the cervical spine increases at 60 degrees it's 60 pounds. to put that into perspective, looking down at a device is like having an eight-year-old child hanging on your neck for two to three hours a day. adults spent an average of two to four hours a day hunched over their phones. that's seven hun hundred to 1400 hours a year people are putting stress on their spine. young people are especially at risk. >> i see with hand-held devices in their hands. it can have long-term effect. >> if you're looking down at that age you will have degenerative changes. >> what can you could did? first limit the use of definite
3:43 am
advices. set boundaries for your kids. erin says most importantly -- >> you want to be holding your device at aisle 11. you don't want to bend your neck. you want to gaze down. >> using our phones is second nature and they aren't going anywhere. it's important to know the potential damage you can do just by staring at your phone. erin hugh now doing better has this advice. >> whether it be a young woman like myself who is just mine lesley flipping through instagram or pinterest. really important just to educate people and let them know you are causing harm to your body. you will be miserable if you don't, you know, take some steps to prevent this. >> so what are the symptoms, neck and shoulder pain as well as chronic headaches even dizzy niece. remember hold your device at eye level take frequent breaks and maybe find another way to communicate, novel idea you can make a phone call. >> always a good idea. governs goblins aren't the only thing scaring folks at a california wall march.
3:44 am
a row of halloween costumes caught fire. shoppers saw a man squirting lighter fluid on the costumes. large amount of clothes burst into flames. the guy police say did it is at a hospital for smoke inhale laying. a gold mine of marran found in unlikely place. a hunter in indiana stumbled upon more than 3,000 marran plants in the middle of a forest. police say it looks like a team of workers were living out in the woods to harvest all of it. they gave a conservative guest what the street value of all that weed would be it was somewhere around $1 million. getting those famous cookie hairstyles takes time and lots of money. hundreds even thousands to pop for the really good weaves and extension. one local mom was so fed up she invent add tool to work on her weave by herself. we first told you now february. tonight our joyce evans shows us the hook me up is ready for you. >> we introduced to carla
3:45 am
gardner and her big idea earlier this year. >> a fork, the hook and then you have your proper. >> useful tool with a single mom with a college bound daughter an really tight budget. >> $500 is a lot of money for me. >> she pays that and more to get her weave redone three to four times of year. this new jersey state government worker figured she could save the hour and the 50 extra buck it costs her to have her tile lift remove the old tracks fir first. >> so i did with most people do. i got a seam ripper and some scissors and i proceeded to take my own hair out. >> reporter: and like many other people, she jabbed herself in the scalp, poked her fingers and snipped off chunks of her real hair. >> i lost a lot of natural hair. >> reporter: she got to work on this great idea. >> the first prototype i came up was kind of rough. >> it took lot of time. in fact it took years. lots of research, sacrifice and
3:46 am
tons of money to get a patent on the hook me up. >> you're not a stylist. >> no, i'm not. >> you go through like that. >> neither is she wealth knee nor connected. she had no money left to get it molded and marked but what she did have were friends, faith and crowd funding. >> just having those people support me makes a big difference. >> reporter: the difference between failure and the hook me up get hitting store shelves. how excited are you. >> i'm very excited. >> i'm excited, i'm nervous. it's just been a long journey. >> i'm happy i'm here. >> here but will people really buy it? >> exactly. aisle that's what i'm afraid of. >> tara mows system teague ago chance. here at her brand new store called strange fruit. among the natural products, pop culture items and the throw back stuff is the hook me up. >> that sold between 75 to 100 of them already. >> reporter: not all from the
3:47 am
store. she says mostly online. word getting around from canada to our southern states. >> who doesn't know somebody who wears a weigh? you'll try this. >> i am. isn't we asked teyona to dry the tool to remove some tracks while waiting to get her weave tightened up at a nearby salon much it's a lot easier. you just have to feel for where the string is. once you feel it you just snap it and it comes right off. >> it's out. >> kiosha who tried out the prototype does not sell the hook me up but they are using it. >> the stylists use it and definitely saves time. >> and money. apparently, people are finding other uses for it. >> a lot of people use it for the installation of the weep and use it to create wigs which i never would have thought of that. >> it's not a one-too many purchase. the blades will eventually dull and you'll need to buy a whole new kit. they run 20 to $25.
3:48 am
carla hopes to travel to the big hair shows next. >> be able to see it in somebody else's hand and watch other people use it and talk very highly of it. >> reporter: really an inven invent's dream comes true whether she strike it rich or not. >> it's going to take lot of time. take a lot of money. it really does exhaust you. but it's worth it in the long run. >> besides carla has other big ideas on the burner but she's not telling us yet. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> all right. carla gardner set up a facebook page for the hook me up. >> if you'd like more information we've put a link on our website just look under scene on tv. >> howard, how goes it. >> wild came in the baseball playoffs. i'll show you something i don't think i've ever seen before. another great game by a flyers goaltender that may take steve mason's spot with the way he's played the last two games. michael no
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
♪ the eagles back at practice today getting ready for the giants on monday and today fletcher cox was name the nfl defense player of the week.
3:52 am
hockey against the stanley cup champions. one to nothing in the second. the captain claude giroux looking for his first goal of the season around the net. giroux knock it in. flyers go up to two-zero. they within three-zero by back to back shut outs by michael new spring. >> top of the seventh when the catcher throws the ball back it hits the the bat. these bow shows who are umpires didn't have a clue the fans got angry because it put toronto behind. but with a score three-three. jose battista with the homerun. oh, 31 homer. toronto comes back to win. they win the series. they will play kansas city. all right. that's sports.
3:53 am
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♪ all right. wake up tomorrow morning temperatures in the 40s in philadelphia 51. 56 by 9:00 a.m. and by noon 62 a cool breeze but the cold air is coming this weekend. >> it certainly is. all right, full hour of entertainment news coming up
3:56 am
next. tmz, dish nation then chasing news and the simpsons. >> of course we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news, "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have you covered all morning.
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good morning, it is 41:00 day after more than 50 slots were fired in south philadelphia a person is found dead. people who live there say the neighborhood used to be safe. >> and a local woman thought she was about to die after being attacked in brought daylight. for the first time, only with fox 29, she's describe wag she calls a horrifying experience. good morning, dave kinchen. >> reporter: good morning to you a major closure on penn's landing because of cracks near a bridge. we will tell you all about that coming up. chris. >> children and adults self our city owe awe tremendous debt of gratitude. >> nearly eight years on the


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