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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 41:00 day after more than 50 slots were fired in south philadelphia a person is found dead. people who live there say the neighborhood used to be safe. >> and a local woman thought she was about to die after being attacked in brought daylight. for the first time, only with fox 29, she's describe wag she calls a horrifying experience. good morning, dave kinchen. >> reporter: good morning to you a major closure on penn's landing because of cracks near a bridge. we will tell you all about that coming up. chris. >> children and adults self our city owe awe tremendous debt of gratitude. >> nearly eight years on the job, longest serving top cop,
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calling it quit. why police commissioner charles ramsey says it is time to turn in his badge. little tearful there, the mayor. >> i know, little emotional. he brought him on board before he was mayor, so i can under stands that, good morning, it is thursday, october 15th, 2015. >> you know what you needed to? >> what? >> is a coat, preferably, a wool coat. i'll go get mine, because it is getting cooler out there. >> you noticed the difference, yes, from yesterday. we have a number of the day that still will be hi, because it is a nine, temperatures seasonable, we're in the midst of autumn now. so things will be cooling down, we've got 56 degrees temperature in the city, westerly wind at 7 miles an hour, 67% relative humidity, 7:11, convenience time. that's your sunrise today. that's when it is official anyway, so yes, let's check the temperatures, in the suburbs, it is definitely in the 40's, upper 40's in pottstown, trenton, lancaster, reading, allentown, mid 40's, 43 mount pocono, 51
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wrightstown, atlantic city, 52 in dover. no 60s to be found on this map. and none for the foreseeable future this early in the morning anyway. so, temperatures compared to yesterday, 24 hours ago, three, four, five, 9 degrees cooler than it was 8 degrees cooler atlantic city so keep that in mind, sweater or coat weather for sure. winds, 7 miles an hour, out of the west, making it feel just that much cooler out there. so, if you have to be out for awhile, just running out to the car is fine. but waiting for bus or ride, you want to make sure to have the jacket or sweater on. right now few clouds around it, would be even cooler it we didn't have the clouds. and really nothing in the offering for today at all on ultimate doppler radar, not until tomorrow that we see the rain rolling in. so the foxcast for today, has high of 67 degrees. mix of sun and clouds, cool and seasonable day just about perfect for this time of year when it is the 15th now?
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smack in the middle of the month. 48 degrees tonight. now that i'm clear on the date, bob kelly, i know what you're going to do. traffic. >> traffic. good morning, everybody. 4:03, on this thursday morning. thank to rhea hughes from sport radio 94wip, little tip for disable vehicle, my morning dj's and sports talk folks, we all go back and forth with all of the problems they finds on the roadways on their way in. westbound on the schuylkill, right near vare avenue, this fellow sitting in the right lane. luckily, we got a police officer on the scene thereto prevent an accident from happening. otherwise, off to quiet start, no problems up and down the blue route, looking good up and down i95. again this morning, vine expressway, still closed to vehicle traffic until about 5:30 or so, has been the average so far this week. soap, into and out of the city with the schuylkill closed, with the vine closed between the schuylkill and broad street. exit at spring garden. exit at 30th street, or you can exit at south.
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that will will get you across the schuylkill river and on the city side of the river, and then work your way down to any of the number streets from there. otherwise, south jersey working over here on the freeway, in the area of 295, that bellmawr construction, philly international, to problems last night, no problems this morning, so all of the flight getting out on time. you should be good day to fly if you are headed down to the airport. they are working on the boulevard, the roosevelt boulevard, repaving project for the inner drives blocked between woodward and rhawn. otherwise, mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, just few short blocks away from us, right here in old city streets are shutdown, penndot engineers work to fix a support problem down at pens landing. >> dave kinchen sent to check things out. dave, what happened here? >> quite a mess. really going to tie up traffic. there cents a crack in a support pier that's creating a shutdown here. looking at chestnut street, shutdown, at front, in the bridge area that you might know that goes over i-95. you have got penndot crews
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here, and we understand from penndot that they are going to start working some time this morning here. we will give you another look at 95. you know this area welshing if you come through old city now what we understand is that a cracks were found on support pier east of columbus boulevard near penn's landing, and a parking area in penn's landing, chestnut street traffic being detoured north and south on front street. this is something that crews first noticed last night. police were out here last night telling people not to cross this area, some people were walking across, but certainly cars were not allowed because of the barricade. in fact, there is a car right there, going another way on front street, because they couldn't get across here. and, as the morning progresses, you knee this will create some problems up this way. so this is a stretch that was actually built in the 1980s, part of the 95 expansion through center city, and a lot of work that will have to be
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done here to fix these cracks, safety issues, certainly out of abundance of caution, this was closed, we'll keep you updated, guys. >> that could be a mess. good heads up. thanks so much, dave. only on fox, a mugging victim speaks out after a horrifying attack that was all caught on surveillance video. comes a mid a rash of recent purse snatching. man ran up behind a woman, walking along 3500 block every kensington avenue about a week ago. you can see a scuffle ensue, she said she first encountered the suspect and accomplice inside a jim's variety store. they asked her to change a 100-dollar bill but they couldn't. they waited outside the store, followed her, then attacked. >> i can't sleep at night. my head is racing about what if someone comes in my mom's and tries to rob us is it. >> from about 5:00 in the morning until 7:00, 8:00 in the morning they hit about five people, kept coming back. >> police say this is one of
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six robberies carried out by these suspect, last robbery threatened a victim with a gun. >> developing this morning, one man dead after shooting in south philadelphia philadelphia. comes after 50 shots fired in nearby park just the day before. let's head out to fox 29's jennifer joyce now at police headquarters with the latest on this, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, police are telling us 50 shots fired the day before, upward of 50 shots fired again last night. we know that three people were shot in the area. two are injured. one is dead. police working to figure out how all of this unfolded around 9:30 last night. two people were found shot at sixth and ritner street. one person was taken to jefferson hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, and he's in stable condition. the other person, possibly a 19 year old male, was dead at the scene. he had a gunshot wound to the head, and was found lying on the ground, with a gun in his right hand. subsequently, a third person showed up to methodist hospital and is believed he was involved in the same shoot-out. however, police still working
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to confirm that information. the victim had a gunshot wound to the arm. several cars were found shot up in the area, as bullets flew. police also tell us that there was a shooting at the staple location the night before, where again, as many as 50 bullet were fired, but no one was hit. so we have one teen dead, two injured, a lot of questions as to how all of this happened. lauren, chris? >> yes, it leaves you with a lot of questions. jenny joyce, thank you so much. the autopsy on 39 year old reported missing then found dead is complete. but it does not reveal the cause of death. >> three year old brendan createo was reported missing tuesday morning by his father. so hours later, a police dog found brendan's body eight blocks away from his haddon township home in a wooded area. memorial now growing in that very spot. yesterday the 911 call from the boy's father was released. >> i just woke up. he wasn't -- i don't know if he wandered out what happened. i don't know where he is.
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the door was lock. i am guess he unlocked it and left. >> the family has not spoken out publicly, but said in a statement, they do not have any answers about what happened. >> a delaware psychiatrist get murdered inside her own home. her body discovered a short time later boy her daughter. >> the 55 year old lived right here on withers way in the sanford ridge development in hokessing, delaware. now, yesterday police say they received a 911 call from the woman's daughter while on scene gathering evidence. another call came in, this time, it was the accused killer. that will man will be arraigned today. they say he immediately confessed to that murder and was taken into custody without incident at his home in newark. neighbors are really shocked. >> i haven't really digest philadelphia all yet. obviously it is a shock when anything like that happens. >> it is always sad to hear about these things. i think it becomes that much more real to people when it happens that close to home.
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>> those who know the suspect say he is a troubled boy, and they feel for his parents. >> coming up on 4:10. a big win for the state of new jersey in it fight to try to legalize sport wedding. judge ruled the case will be held in front of the entire panel of the board of appeal. has been trying since 2009 to offer legalized betting to help both struggling industries. >> philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says after eight years on the job, it is time for him to go. >> evidently will leave in january, when mayor michael nutter leaves his office as mayor. hiring ramsey one of the first moves made by the then mir elect null nerve november of 2007. since then, the year to date crime stats show murders down 32%, the numbers actually up a bit from 2013 and 14, and ramsey has tried to tackle other problems such as complaint over stop and frisk, and police involved shootings. commissioner ramsey requested a department justice stud toy review such issues, but now, after 40 years of police work, that included work in chicago, and dc, ramsey says his
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decision to leave philly was his alone. >> and it is just time. i mean, i have been at this a long time. i am not tired. i am not burned out. in fact, i am actually in my prime. >> nice to say, right? ramsey says retirement will vong a long vacation, then possibly teaching in private sector work. philly's next mayor will choose ramsey's replacements, current first deputy richard ross as likely top candidate. so city hall will have whole new look pretty darn soon. >> very true. to now to this story. basketball star lamar odom remains in critical condition, 911 call that may have saved his life. >> plus, after long battle, same sex marriage licenses, kentucky clerk kim davis works, finally being issued. but big question here: are they valoid why a federal judge is not so sure.
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>> friends and family held candle like i can ill last night. police found tile nerve him dead in the car, hundreds of dirt bike riders flooded the street in tie letter's honor. and. >> sue serio, at least they had a good night of weather to do this outside. >> that's right. it was a lovely night. and, really, yesterday was the
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day that we got to the point where we called it seasonable, where we were supposed to be. in the 70s earlier this week, probably but not quite right for mid october. now we are snack in the middle of the month. here are your weather headlines, sweater weather on the way. we do have that friday cold front that we are talking about and the weekend frost that's ahead. can't get rid of it. trying to get rid of it for the forecast, but his is how we roll in october. so temperatures right now range from 50 degrees, here, in wilmington, to 56 in philadelphia, to 46 in mount pocono, and 57 degrees down to our south in cape may. checking some other temps around the region, rehoboth beach 54 degrees, smyrna, delaware, at chilly 49 this morning, it is 46 in mays landing, beach haven, has 55, and it is 54 in camden, new jersey, up to the north, boyertown, berks county, is 44 degrees, 45 in perkasie, and 44 degrees in hazleton. soap, little tour around the
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area this morning. nobody has any rain. we have few clouds around here, and there, if we didn't have the cloud cover it, would be even chillier, in some places, so, that's where we are right now. future cast, does have, as we jump ahead to tomorrow morning, with another cold front, coming through, the possibility north and west of the city, of stray shower or two, and we could see one here, as well. but, ours may not show up until later on in the day, you see few areas of green around 5:00 p.m. friday. again, this is friday, now, watch what happens when we head into saturday. look, look at that, on the western part of the state, it will be cold enough for some frozen precipitation, we'll just call it frozen precipitation, i don't want to use the s word just yet. ya, i know. 65 degrees today, and in the 60s tomorrow, then the autumn chill settles in over the weekend, 57 on saturday, and mid 50's for sunday and monday. those morning lows, sunday, monday, and tuesday, will be in the 30's. so many of us getting that
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first frost of the season starting sunday morning, and maybe continuing into monday and tuesday, if you don't get frosty temperatures on sunday, you'll have a chance on monday or tuesday. and then we are back closer to 07 by wednesday every next week. so -- >> what word did you almost -- did you almost say -- >> the s word. >> the s word? she almost said the s word. come here, we got masking tape. come here, come here. good morning, everybody, it is a thursday, 4:17 on the heals of what dave just talked to us about with his chestnut street bridge situation. here's the detour for this morning. it is the chestnut street bridge, that takes you over 95 and gives you access to columbus boulevard there or delaware avenue, as we call it back in the dayment so coming from center city come to chestnut and front, and you will have to go left or right onto front street. you have a couple of options. trying to get to columbus
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boulevard, you just make the right onto front, that puts you down at dock, right in front of the sheridan, the dock street overpass will get you over to columbus boulevard. or from center city just use race street, race street will get you right down to columbus boulevard, so somewhat of a detour, not really going too far out of your way, but obviously, today, this morning's rush hour, will be a little tough right there in old city. live look here at the vine street expressway, which is closed to vehicle traffic. again, every night this week, they've been shutting it down to put in place those steel beams that will eventually carry a new overpass here on the vine. so if you are coming into the city this morning, with this vine expressway closed from the schuylkill to broad, you connect at either spring garden, 30th or south. that will get you over into downtown philly. work crews still out here along route 100 between 113 and the turnpike. otherwise, the bridges look fine. mass transit no delays. chris, lauren, back to you.
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>> time coming up 4:19. basketball reality tv star lamar odom remains in the hospital right now. this is after he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. now, police releasing the 911 calls, odom had been visiting the brothel for about four days had taken about ten sexual enhancement pills cocaine and whole lot of alcohol so the blood results are not back yet. sources say he was found alone, unconscious tehran every, he was, however, still breathing. >> okay, still unconscious? >> he's got white stuff coming out of his mouth, bun of of white stuff coming out of his nose too. >> the sheriff's department says that brothel could lose it license, as a result of the on site drug use, reverend jesse jack so is also there, and says odom is on life support, but seems to be improving.
4:20 am
>> his estranged wife is with him along with his father and friends, including kobe bryant. chloe also arranged for the mother of his children to be flown in. >> and, the kardashian clan is speaking out for the first time since news broke about lamar. chris jenner the family's may tree arc posted this picture of her son-in-law on instagram in his lakers jersey, wrote simply please pray for lamar hashtag our fighter. then rob kardashian posted touching picture of the two of them. rob wrote praying non-stop for my brother. kendel also tweeted please don't go. people magazine reports chloe is making decision for odom since their divorce was not finalized and they are still technically married. >> 42:09 time, customs and boards err protection says the computer systems for international travel from airports across the us went down for about 90 minutes last night. the outage led to widespread complaints on social media, with passengers posting report of long lines at airports, in new york, boston, all over the
4:21 am
us. agency says custom agent processed international travelers using alternate procedures, all they'll say, alternative procedures. officials believe it is just a glance. judge ordered kentucky governor to address altered marriage licenses issued by now the rowan county clerk kim davis, center of all of this controversy. >> the governor has to determine if those licenses are even valid. davis, who spent five days in jail, for refuse to go issue marriage licenses, to same sex couples, took her name off the certificates once out of jail. american civil liberties questioned the validity of the licenses, and asked them to be reissued. spokesperson for the kentucky governor said yesterday the state has recognized licenses as valid. the governor will now file a response, to abide by the court's order. >> between deflate gate and divorce rumors swirling, tough year. who the quarterback is turning to a mid the backlash.
4:22 am
hint, it is not his model wife. >> you know, he hit the lottery when he met her. >> oh, look that the. >> and here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck, everybody. [woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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>> good morning, hockey last night in town against the stanley cup champs. to the wells fargo center, chickening blackhawks against the flyers. one-nothing in the
4:25 am
second period. claude giroux looking for his first goal of the season. the captain gets it. puts the flyers up two-nothing, they win three-nothing, back-to-back shut out by goal toned err michael. baseball game to toronto tide three-three, crazy seventh inning. jose, yes, he's toss that bat. they win six-three, they being toronto. they go onto play kansas city. and the eagles back at practice yesterday for their game monday night against the giants. yesterday, the eagles defensive ends, fletcher cox, was named the nfc defensive player of the week. by the way, in case you're interested, call hamels pitched that game for texas against the toronto blue jays, and he did take the loss. not good for cole hamels. that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> the theme long known as the lovable loser, favored to win the world series. >> is this cool or what? so, on tuesday, the chicago cubs clinched playoff series at home for the first time in
4:26 am
their long history after defeating st. louis cardinals, now, book makers in vaguest are betting on chicago to take the world series for the first time since 1908. but the cubs will have to get through either the dodgers or the mets first in the national league championship series. the nlcs. tom brady reveals his boss done crew helping him cope with his tough year. >> who is exactly in that crew you want to know? that would be ben afleck, matt damon, mark wahlberg. told entertainment tonight he was displaced california and, some 16 years ago, when he first moved to boston. he says his crew has supported him through the years, that he lovers boston, the cull your there, it roots, adding he will always live there. he is also raising his kids there, so it makes a big difference. >> he is such a hometown hero now to bostonians, grew up in san mat a owe, the silicon valley of california. >> you are also a displaced california and. >> i'm justice placed mentally
4:27 am
i think. >> that's true. >> you know 50 cents. >> know, it is fit i sent. >> he is know where near broke, he want you to know. the foolish way erring sharing the news about his finances. >> the foolish way. >> i saw the picture, i was like really?
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>> someone is calling small businesses threatening to turnoff their gas and electric, old scam, with new twist. we have the details coming up. a beloved dog goes missing, why local family says the pup is all they have left after a devastating tragedy, we're going to have you casino of help out here, if you're so inclined. look, ready? there is sue serio. hype, sue.
4:30 am
>> walk of shame. >> walk every shame means i'm late. >> okay? >> we're all late every now and then. >> get around to it eventually. >> i'm so happy. i just realized yesterday, mike and alex on with preston and steve did whole thing on candy, i've never heard of snickers peanut but ther. >> i hadn't either. i heard they say philadelphians, or maybe pennsylvanians, love swedish fish. are you allowed to eat that? >> oh, so good. sue, when the kids come trick-or-treating do you give them joint bars like this or the tiny little like -- >> we always did the fun size. >> mini that's. >> yes, we don't have any little kids in our neighborhood any more. >> kids get so excited, oh, the white house over there. >> yes, they turn around and go back for another one, yes, they are not stupid. 56 degrees, is the current temperature as you walk out the door in philadelphia right now. westerly winds at 7 miles an hour. 7:11 convenience time, your sunrise today. oh, the days are getting so short. and it is getting chillier, too. we're back to temperatures in
4:31 am
the 40's to the north and west of us, in lancaster, pottstown, reading, allentown, in the 40's, 43 mount pocono, 47 in trenton, and atlantic city it is 51. we're right at 50 in wilmington, delaware. we will tell you about the walk to end altzheimer's in wilmington this coming saturday. we will have detail on that coming up. meanwhile, it is about three, five, 9 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. so if you're stepping out, make sure to have that sweater or jacket with you for this morning. a 7-mile per hour breeze makes it just that much chillier, outside today. now, we don't have rain to show you at the moment. a little anomaly thereon doppler radar, little grown showing up there, next frontal system not expected to arrive until tomorrow. so for weather by the numbers today, thursday, we go back to nine, because we have perfect seasonable temperatures for this time of year. foxcast has a high of 66, 67 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, cool lovely fall
4:32 am
afternoon for you to enjoy the foliage, while it is still in the trees. and, 48 degrees tonight. so we talk about what's happening over the weekend, the big chill, bob kelly, did you love that movie back in the 80s? >> good one, actually talking about the leaves, the kids now want to gather all of those leaves in a big pile and jump on them. remember those days? then my allergies going crazy. good morning, everybody, big story this morning, i know dave is standing by to give us the details of the chestnut street bridge, closed, that's the bridge that takes you from old city, over 95, over to penn's landing. so, the detour will be front street, over to dock, that's going to be your best, or using race street to get down to columbus, more on the detail of that story coming up in just a moment. >> the vine expressway, still closed this morning, if you are coming into the city off the schuylkill expressway, it is closed between the schuylkill and broad street. use spring garden street, south street, or 30th, to work our way in toward the city.
4:33 am
here is a live look at the vine expressway, again, shutdown until about 5:30, as they put those beams in place. you know what thursday bridges now, breakfast, later on this morning, i'm going to go to the old stomping grounds, port richmond, we go to the hinge cafe, where rumor has it that lauren dawn johnson hangs out here on the weekend. and that's where i got the tip. this hot spot, so later on today, from 9:00 to 10:00 how many versions every french toast? ten? >> i don't know, but i know the carrot cake is good. >> i love the carrot cake. we will be eating good today. shuttle bussing on the lansdale doylestown line. during the midday, and then out here in lower merion, montgomery avenue, will be closed again today between spring milan madsonford. otherwise bridges look fine. no problems at the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> good update. teenager is dead after late night shooting in south philadelphia. >> this shooting by the way comes just day after dozen of shots were fired in a nearby park, jennifer joyce on this
4:34 am
for us with the very latest, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. while police tell us they still don't have a mother i have to last night's shooting because of the fact that they were shootings in the same area back-to-back, they do believe that those are related. so right now we have one person dead, 19 year old, then we have two others injured, police working to figure out how all of this unfolded around 9:30 lags night, two people were found shot at sixth and ritner street. one person was taken to jefferson hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. he is in stable condition. the other person, 19 year old male, was dead at the scene. he had a gunshot wound to the head and was found lying on the ground with a gun in his hand. subsequently, a third person showed up to methodist hospital, it is believed he was involved in the same shoot-out. police are working on getting more information from both of those shooting victims at the hospital. the second victim had a gunshot wound to the arm. >> we know that that shoot-out led to three victims, a 19
4:35 am
year old homicide victim and the two other victims, one shot in the arm and one shot in the leg. now, based on balistic evidence, we know that many shots were fired. we know at least 40 shots were fired. we found 40 spent shell casings over 40 spent shell casings on the sidewalk and on the highway in the 600 block of ritner street. >> so, police tell us that they are hoping to come across some witnesses, they're hoping to find some neighbors, also hoping to come across some surveillance video, based on witness accounts, police tell us, shoot is her described as one male, he was apparently riding a bike, he was wearing a black hat, with a red rim, and also a red sweatshirt. they are continuing to process the scene as we speak. lauren, chris? >> jenny joyce, thank you so much. >> 4:35. it is to has happened again, yes, old scam with new twist. pse&g says someone is calling small businesses and
4:36 am
threatening to turnoff their gas and electric if payment is not made that day with a pre-paid card. >> so the scammers are doing this by imitating the company's inter-active voice response system. so when customers call the number back they hear something similar to what they would hear on the customer service line. >> so it is someone who has contacted up, threatening to turn off your gas and electric, if payment is not made with a pre-paid card. we have number on your screen to call. this is the legitimate number. call 800-436-7734. we will have this number on our website, as well. >> in other news, philadelphia judge now says he will hear all lawsuit stemming from deadly amtrak crash in port richmond. to date lawyers have filed more than 60 personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit. the train derailment in may killed eight people and injured hundreds more. investigators say the twin hit sharp curb at more than twice the speed it should have been going. >> diving out of hood of moving car and holding on, wasn't about to let the driver
4:37 am
get away watch she says he snatched from her that made her want to take him down.
4:38 am
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4:40 am
>> he stayed by his owner's side while he died, but butch then ran off. >> been missing since last month, his family doing everything they can to get him back clouding using social media. chris o'connell shows us. >> losing her son last month, hit phyllis jest err like a ton of bricks. >> this is the only living part of my son that's left. >> thirty-two year old sean tomlinson died suddenly on september 12th, and right, there by his side, his fateful ten year old chocolate lab, named butch. >> butch was really his kid, and he was on his death bed with him laying beside him. >> but just three days after his owner's death, butch suddenly got loose from a backyard and ran away. he was last seen near the norwood train station. >> butch, i'm sure, is
4:41 am
traumatized. he's grieving like we all are and he's heart broken because of sean's death. >> sean's mother and stepfather are now on the desperate search to find butch. >> the family is now posting flyers, in hopes someone out there recognizes the dog. she thinks he's either lost in the woods, or may be pick up by another family. >> i can't thank the family enough if someone does have him for taking good care of him. but i feel like i need that closure. >> they're also getting help on line from groups like team louie animal rescue. he is the mixed lab stolen in south philly, his owners found him after a month, and now has turned to helping other families search for their dogs. >> i've lost my son, i can't have him back, but if i could have his dog, i would just be so grateful. >> chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". >> oh, everyone misses their dog when they get away. i hope they find butch. >> all right, 4:42.
4:42 am
>> oh, ya, fed up, wal-mart washing ers get heated. they start a fight, in the intimates department. >> what? >> why police say there is no need for an arrest. >> and a mom handcuffed on the side of the road arrested for drunk driving. why she told the cops she would never get a dui. for life...
4:43 am
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>> ♪ >> tv friendly or not? sue serio? >> good song! >> wilmington, delaware. >> yes, that's the site of our walk to end altzheimer's, this saturday morning. >> you'll be there, right, knew. >> along with chris o'connell from fox 29, yes. we are going to kick things off on a chilly saturday morning, it will be chilly, but you know what, we wore our fleece last year, we were fine. >> you'll be along the waterfront, is that right? >> that's right. yep, it is a new location, in other words, we're still at the riverfront, but a different portion of the riverfront. >> last year, big crowd came out. >> yes, come on down, where the outlet used to be, that's your landmark. >> so get down there about 8:00. that's when check in start, and the walk will start at what 9:30? >> that's correct. we have little ceremony get started with the flowers, very meaningful for the folks who are there, and then there will be plenty of sunshine, it
4:47 am
will be god weather, it is autumn. you know, you can expect a chill in the air to start, then you warm up, you walk it, it is such a great group of people. we hope to see you, there as well there is saturday morning. soap, chilly changes ahead. we had the cold front well off shore. we have another one waiting in the wings. but not expected to arrive until tomorrow. so this is a day where high pressure is in control. that usually means sunshine, it usually means decent weather, and exactly what it will mean for today. so chilly changes are ahead for the weekend. for right now, though, we have just few clouds showing up on ultimate doppler radar. and the future cast has just a few clouds showing up here and there, throughout the day on friday. now, talking about friday, because today as we just toledos supposed to be bright and sunny. so by evening, maybe north and west of the city, you may see few stray showers, as this next reinforcing cold front comes through. but really not much in the way of rain at all in the forecast, even on saturday, you could see, stray sprinkle
4:48 am
or two. but it is that change of air mass, cooler air mass, settling in. so it is cooler today, than it was yesterday, with temps in the 40's to the north of us, 56 here in philadelphia, 57 in wildwood, and 52 in dover, delaware, winds, our wind, out of the west at 7 miles an hour, calm, calm, calm, in other places, 5-mile per hour breeze out of the northwest in wildwood. so you can definitely feel that crispness in the air that nip in the air. now your average high is 67 degrees, yesterday, we got to 68 degrees. so, we call that a seasonable temperature. we will do the same for today with a high of 65, 66, and the same for tomorrow. for saturday, highs only in the 50's, so it will be chilly to start, and the folks headed out to the temple game, at the linc, you'll need sunscreen, and warm jacket. soap, just depends if the shady or sunny side of the link how you'll feel out there. but hopefully they'll continue
4:49 am
with their undefeated streak on saturday, phenomenon for tell job five and zero going against a team so far zero and five? >> zero and six, something like that, yes. good morning, everybody, what is it, 4:49. coming up about tent minute before 5:00. live look downtown philly, the vine expressway remains closed here, between the schuylkill and broad street. if you are coming into the city, from either south philly or from out in the suburbs, you can use either spring garden, 30th or south street to get yourself in toward downtown. let's roll video from skyfox, we go for ride from last night. when we hovered over the closure of the chestnut street bridge because after crack that was found in one of the concrete columns over the parking area there near penn's landing. now, anyone that typically leaves center city, this is chestnut street here. it goes over 95 and then reconnects you to either the parking garage, connect i with
4:50 am
columbus boulevard, delaware avenue, it is also the loop around for a lot of the septa buses that come in and out of center city. so let's go to the maps. the deal today, when you come down chestnut street, you will be block there at front. if you just make a right, and go down to dock street, dock takes you over 95, gives you access to delaware avenue, or, from center city, just use race street, to gain access to delaware avenue. my guess for the septa buses, i'm wait to go hear back from septa is they'll use front street, as women, to make the loop around, and then, sit back thereon market street. but that's going to be an inconvenience, not only for motorists but also for septa commuters, as well. south jersey, not bad at all. good morning to the cherry hill mall. laurence hang out here on the weaken over here along route 70, right near haddonfield, or that's your spot right, there i think. where she parks. gets front row when she does gosh got a coupon for shopping this weekend, chris, lauren, back over to you.
4:51 am
>> all right. sue? >> five and zero. >> temple five and zero playing team that is -- >> ucf -- >> so you said they were six and zero. now you jinxed it. >> it is all right, we will pull through. hey, police in detroit get a tip to pull over a woman accused of drinking and driving. >> yes. driving drunk. well, it is bad enough. but look at what happens when police check out her car. >> that's right, three kids in the back seat. off the err asks the woman to get out of the car for field sobriety test. she is adamant. she is not drunk. why? she says because of her last dui. >> oh,. >> she said she learned her lesson. well, police say this dash cam video shows otherwise, arrested her for dii, child endanger: they don't know who called in the tip but thankful that person in fact d we all love the blue light special at
4:52 am
wal-mart. the one in whitehall township definitely got more than they bargained for. >> watch this. >> man, two women throw down inside wal-mart. see them wrestling, and punching, right near the bra's and underwear, all went down inside the allentown store. no one knows why, but some people tried it break it up, then someone pulled out their phone and started rolling. >> speaking every breaks we'll take one. ññ
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> this might surprise some people at home, but chris murphy pick this one. >> this song, speaking of marble i jay blige, ten, 11, 12 years old this song, but it always fires me up. >> you were in here rocking out. >> i'll play more from my phone in a minute. first, pizza delivery driver got life saving tip along her route. >> how it helped her through a really tough time. >> sometimes grace shows itself in the unlikely he is of places. natasha boyer drives for domino's pizza, and was going through one of life's tough times. >> i don't go into work with my issues. >> and she never expected what was coming her way at work last sunday. the whole thing at sick more creek church caught on camera. >> your name is?
4:56 am
natasha, hi, i'm steve, the pastor, we're so thankful for the pizza. >> what natasha didn't know, church members were learning about being generous. >> what's the best tip you've ever gotten. >> $10? well, this is $15. >> but on this day, she got much more. >> from our three services combined we collect in the much money, this is 1,000. (cheers and applause). >> i about lost myself. like i about fell on the floor. >> we don't know what's going on in her life. god, we know that this money will be a bless to go her in some way. >> that blessing couldn't have come at a better time. boyer tells me she and her two year olson, were about to get evicted. >> that covered my evict in the. i was completely shocked. >> grace showing itself to the people who are most deserving. >> thank you everybody. thank you. (applause).
4:57 am
>> oh, seeing other people cry almost makes me cry. hip hop mogel business problem that has countless customers missing some cash. >> now, you can cry. >> okay.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> good morning, one day after more than 50 shots are fired in south philadelphia, person found dead. the neighborhood, what it
5:00 am
faced at one point people there say. >> so a local woman thought she was about to die after being attacked in broad daylight. for the first time and only on fox 29 she is describe wag she calls this horrifying experience. >> children and adult of our city owe awe tremendous debt of gratitude. >> hard for mayor nutter to get those words out, because after nearly eight years on the job, philadelphia's longest serving top cop calling it quits. why police commissioner charles ramsey says it is just time to retire. >> and authority say nba star lamar odom has taken over the counter sexual performance enhancing drugs before he was found unconscious at the nevada brothel. why the fda is saying that herbal viagra might be to blame here, and weighing in on what in fact herbal viagra is. i know at our meeting we asked what is herbal


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