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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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faced at one point people there say. >> so a local woman thought she was about to die after being attacked in broad daylight. for the first time and only on fox 29 she is describe wag she calls this horrifying experience. >> children and adult of our city owe awe tremendous debt of gratitude. >> hard for mayor nutter to get those words out, because after nearly eight years on the job, philadelphia's longest serving top cop calling it quits. why police commissioner charles ramsey says it is just time to retire. >> and authority say nba star lamar odom has taken over the counter sexual performance enhancing drugs before he was found unconscious at the nevada brothel. why the fda is saying that herbal viagra might be to blame here, and weighing in on what in fact herbal viagra is. i know at our meeting we asked what is herbal viagra?
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is it over the counter? so we'll take a look at that very latest of course. it is thursday, october 15th, 2015. thanks so much for waking up with us. >> all right, sue serio. little chill in the air this morning. i pulled out the sweater dress. >> you definitely notice the difference when you walk out the door, didn't you? you see little breeze out there. that always makes it feel little cooler. at double nickel's in philadelphia, five a degrees, northwest breeze at 9 miles an hour. everything else is okay. we've got sunrise time now of clock 1:00, we call that convenient time. just because we do. 41 degrees in mount pocono, and 40's to the north and west of us, in reading, lancaster, allentown, pottstown, everybody in the four's, even trenton has 47 degrees. we have 49 in atlantic city, and chilly 44 in millville. wilmington, you have got 51 degrees, as you walk out the door right now. that is, let's see, 3 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. 9 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago in trenton, 7 degrees cooler in atlantic city, so you see that we've got that cooler area set lightening -- settling in, at least the
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change from the mild weather is coming gradually. we've got the 9-mile per hour breeze. it is out of the northwest, that's where the cooler air tends to come from. 6-mile per hour breeze, in wildwood right now. we don't have anything much to show you on ultimate doppler radar. our next system is way out to the north and west, than arrives tomorrow. even then, it is not expected to produce many showers when our next cold front comes through. so, for today, we are back to the seasonable temperatures, going to go back to a nine out of ten, this is just perfect fall weather, and now that the foliage is really colorful out there, it is really nice. so, we've got 61 degrees by lunchtime, and high temperature of 66 today. seasonable again, sunset time, bob kelly, 6:22. >> at least i had the lawn lets to account for the sunset getting earlier and earlier. good morning, it is 5:02 on this thursday morning. here is a live look at route
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100 out there in chester county where the crews are still working with the blinking light and the cones between 113 and the pennsylvania turnpike, good news though, they pack up and headed home, the vine expressway, open for business, we're rolling, ready for rush hour, into and out of philadelphia. let's roll that video from skyfox, we pulled up over the scene of this situation that occurred last night. the bridge inspectors found a crack in one of the concrete columns that supports the chestnut street bridge that goes over 95 and puts you onto penn's landing. there is the bridge there. probably more familiar to folks that go under the bridge, when they're on 95, than to anyone that drives over it. but, it is right, there at the intersection of chestnut and front, also that loop around for a lot of the septa bus, so here's the deal, a cents we go to the maps, chestnut street closed right at front street. casino of an easy alternate. you just go down to dock street, dock street overpass will put you onto delaware
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avenue, or use race street from center city, to get you down to columbus. there are three septa bus route that typically use the loop around, they're going to use front street as the alternate. so keep that in mind. so this limb pact motorists, and commuters for the septa bus routes in and out of center city for, i don't know how long, hopefully word from penndot. pennsylvania turnpike looking good, no problems coming down 95. mass transit off to good start as well. chris, lauren, back to you. >> breaking news coming into the "fox 29 news" room. police are investigating an armed robbery and carjacking in north philadelphia. >> one happening on the campus of temple university. another, just blocks away, dave kinchen raised over to the scene to get the very latest for us, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, two very violent incidents, we start with where we are right now here on north 15th street, right by the liacouras sent on temple university's campus. fifteenth and montgomery. i just confirmed with police officer that the 22nd district male in his early 20's was
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held up at gunpoint right where we are and robbed. it is not clear what was taken, it not clear if the victim was a temple university student. this happening at 3:30 this morning, temple university putting out an alert to student and putting out a tweet as well. also, earlier, a separate incident, don't know if they are connected but separate incident involving a temple university student carjacked at gunpoint around 1:00 p.m. at tenth and susquehanna, a 21 year old who was held up by at least several suspect, but one with a gun, told to get out after car, a mid 2,000 cadillac, with new jersey plates, and he got out, that student was not hurt in that situation. so police are investigating two of these cases here, central detectives working with temple university police on this, also, the 22nd district, again, where we are right now, we know a male in his early to's, was robbed at gunpoint, right by the liacouras center, a big area
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for temple university's campus of course, 15th and montgomery where with re, happening about 3:30 this morning, trying to get more information on that working stores cents and just few hours before that blocks away, around 1:00 this morning, temple university student carjacked at tenth and susquehanna. that student okay. 2,005 cadillac stolen police looking for that vehicle. so two incidents that are really shaking up people. temple student get the alert that the university puts out, of course, talking about this all morning, we will keep working our sources and try and get you more information, bust. >> great hustle, thank you for the very latest and we'll check back. >> developing this morning, police trying to figure out how the shootings of three people are connected in anyway. >> at least one teen is dead, and the violence in south philly, jennifer joyce now police headquarters with more on this story for us, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, chris, women, police tell us 19 year old was found dead. he was found lying on the ground, holding a gun in his hand. police tell us that teen is believed to have lived only couple of blocks from the
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scene. additionally, there were two other shooting victims from the area of sixth and ritner street. they were driven to area hospitals. police say, a 36 year old male is in stable condition at jefferson hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. a 25 year old male is in stable at methodist hospital, with a gunshot wound to the arm. police tell us homicide detectives are processing the scene, looking for clues, looking for witnesses, trying to come up with some answers as to how and why this happened. >> we know that that shoot-out led to three victims, 19 year old homicide victim, and the two other victims, one shot in the arm and one shot in the leg. now, based on balistic evidence, we know that many shots were fired. we know at least 40 shots were fired. we found 40 spent shell casings over 40 spent shell casings on the sidewalk and on the highway in the 600 block
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of ritner street. >> we don't have motive at this time. however, the night before, tuesday night, in the park, just about half block away, there was an incident where many shots were fired, about 50 slots were fired, however, on that shooting, there were no victims. >> so, police believe that the two shootings may have been linked. police say last night's scene extensive with more than 40 shell casings, spread across the sidewalk, and street, several cars were also shot up, as bullets flew. and based on witness accounts, at this point, police believe the shooter was a man on a bike, wearing black hat, red rim, he was also wearing a red sweatshirt. again, they are still processing that scene. looking for witnesses and hoping to find some surveillance video that can aid them in this investigation. lauren, chris? >> all right, general i joyce, thanks so much. this morning, one man dead after shooting in south
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philadelphia. >> so this comes after some 50 shots were fired in a nearby park, just the day before. man ran up behind the victim, calling, she walked along the 3500 block of kensington avenue about a week ago, hammond said she first encountered the suspect and accomplice inside a jim's variety store. they asked her to change a 100-dollar bill, but she couldn't, and police say they waited outside the store, and then followed her, and then attacked her. >> i can't sleep at night. my head is racing. what if someone comes in my mom and tries to rob us? >> 5:00 a.m. to 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, they hit about four people, just kept coming back. >> police say this is one of six robberies carried out by these same suspect. the last robbery, one suspect threatened a victim with a gun. >> a delaware psychiatrist gets murdered inside her own home. her body discovered short time later by her daughter. the 55 year old lived here on withers way in the sanford ridge development.
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in hokessing, delaware, yesterday, police say, they received a 911 call from the woman's daughter. while on scene, gathering evidence, another call comes in, this time, it was the killer. they say he immediately confessed to the murder and was taken into custody without incident at his home in newarkment neighbors are now in shock. >> well, i haven't really digest philadelphia all yet. obviously it is a shock. when anything like that happens. >> it is always sad to hear about these things, but i think it becomes that much more real to people when it happens so close to home. >> those who know the suspect say he's a troubled boy, and they feel real bad for his parents. >> 51:09 time. big win for the state of new jersey in its fight to try to legalize sport betting, case will be heard in front of the entire court of appeal. new jersey's been trying this now since 2,009. to offer legal sport betting at it casinos and racetracks, to help both struggling industries. >> all right, let's turn to this now, coming up on 5:11, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says it is official, after
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eight years on the job, it is time to go. >> so he's going to leave the department in january when mayor michael nutter leaves office. hiring ramsey one of the first moves made by then mayor-elect nutter back in november of 2007. since then, the year to date crime stats show murders down by 32%, though, the numbers are actually up a bit from 2013 and 14. and ramsey has tried to tackle other problems, such as complaints over stop and frisk, and police-involved shootings. ramsey requested a department of justice stud toy review such issues. now, after 47 years of police work, including working in chicago and dc, ramsey says, his decision to leave philly was all his own. >> and it is just time. i mean, i've been at this a long time. now, i am not tired. i am not burned out. in fact, i'm actually in my prime. >> ramsey's retirement plan will involve a long vacation and possibly teaching and in private sector work. philly's next mayor will choose ramsey's replacement
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current first deputy richard ross is alikely top candidate. >> police say teenager was brutally beat tone death by his parent, and four other adults at a new york church. while some are calling it a place of worship, why other consider it a cult.
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>> groping wild fire, officials say there have been no reported injuries, containment, only at 10% right now, but earlier in the day
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there was about 50%, several neighborhoods had been evacuated, the count haste seen low humidity and spars rainfall with temperatures expected to remain in the 90s through tomorrowment don't you wish were you living in texas, then could you go golf. in the 90s. >> yes, well, that's the thing. so that whole region basically west of the mississippi, sue, has seen raked justly high temperatures. california close would to 100 degrees? >> my cousin who lives in southern california sent me picture of her thermometer in her car, it was 108. >> wow. >> yes. >> i'll take this. >> i know, it feels like october. doesn't it? which means the falling leaves. and where are we with our fall foliage report? well, not at peak yet here in the philadelphia area, along that infamous i95 corridor. but near peak if you're up around lancaster, lehigh valley of the mountains, this is the time. >> this would be the weekend to head to the poconos
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mountains, and check out the leave peeping situation. because this is it, we're at peak right now. also right now, high fresh in control of our weather, cold front from yesterday moved off shore. we have one waiting in the wings for tomorrow, chilly changes for the weekend, and today, is our ideal autumn weather day, with temperatures right where they're supposed to be, no precipitation, plenty of sunshine in the forecast right now showing that you little normally down to the south, no showers real any southern delaware, it is dry, and it should be through the rest of the day today. so we jump ahead to friday morning where wove slight chance of shower, but now there is not much showing up on radar, maybe not until later on in the day. little pop up north and west of the city but as we head into saturday, very early in the morning, way up to the north of us, there is a possibility of frozen precipitation, but nothing around here, there is saturday evening again north and west
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of the city maybe up around erie, a flake or two possible, i know. 45 degrees in allentown, 41 in mount pocono. fifty-five? philadelphia, 57 in wildwood, 51 in wilmington. few places make it feel cooler still. make sure to have the sweater, jacket or poncho. 9-mile per hour winds out of the northwest in philadelphia right now. we look at the average high for this time of year, 67. we were chest to that yesterday with 68. right on the money from what we predicted. going for 66 today. we have cooler start to the day. 67 degrees tomorrow, so those are seasonable high temperatures, but we do have the stray shower in the forecast. you probably won't see one, chances are, that you won't, what you will experience are those chilly temperatures over the weaken, daytime miles in the 50's, by sunday morning, low temperatures in the three's, frost on the pumpkin, bob kelly.
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>> yes, i was just singing chances are ♪ >> johnny mat us. >> yes. >> this thursday morning, crews still working here, audubon road right near trooper road, just off that 422 interchange, all part of the repaving, the cone zone, we like to call it, because weep got the cones down there this morning. live look at i-95, hello northeast philly no problems yet, heading southbound in toward the city, and the ben franklin bridge in good shape. speaking every bridges, we have bridge not in good shape as we roll video chestnut street brink goes over i95, engineers last night found a crack in one of the concrete columns there that hold that bridge above i95, you probably recognize this overpass when you go under it, on 95 chestnut street closed, to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. so, let's go to the maps. >> this will cause a little
5:19 am
bit of confusion, and detour this morning. leaving old city blocked at front, make right on front street, go down to dock, dock street goes over 95. also use race street to get down to columbus boulevard. so dock or race street are your two options. little loop around, sit on front street, instead of sitting on that market street ramp, like they typically would doing what they call the lay over there as they take little bit of break before they start the route again. 295, 42 freeway, construction where they come together in bellmawr, no major delays, the roosevelt boulevard, that repaving operation, underway, the inner drive closed, woodward to rhawn, until about 6:00 or so. flip, good day to fly at the airport, in or out of philly and the rest of the airports looking good. septa in good shape, as well, except use shuttle buses on
5:20 am
the lansdale line between colmar and doylestown. during the midday, chris, lauren, back to you. >> basketball and basketball star lamar odom, unconscious in a hospital. now police releasing the 911 calls. odom had been visiting the brothel for about four days, he reportedly had take ben ten sexual enhancement pills, cocaine, and tons of alcohol. blood result not back yet. lamar found alone tehran every despite being unconscious he was still breathing. >> still unconscious? >> yes. he's got -- i've got white -- look like got white stuff coming out of his mouth, bun of of white stuff coming out of his nose too. >> the sheriff's department says the brothel could lose it license as a result of on site drug use. lamar's estranged wife chloe kardashian is by his side in the hospital along with his children, his father, and friends, like kobe bryant. chloe also a ranked for the mother of his children to be
5:21 am
flown in from new york city. >> 5:21 the time. police say a new york couple and other church members brutally beat the couple's sons after they would not confess their since there is happened at newhart forward church about 50 miles outside of sure keys, debra and bus leonard brought their 19 and 17 year old sons to church for spiritual counselling session. but authority blame the leonard's and several other people then began attacking the teens, eventually, the 19 year old stopped breathing, he later died at the hospital. the younger brother taken to the hospital in serious condition. neighbors have long expected this church is nothing more than a cult. debra and brouse leonard charged now manslaughter in connection to their sons death, four other adults face assault charges, in the younger brother's beating. >> youth of america have great political pull. actually gave president obama 60% of their vote, sending him right into office. what research shows about the
5:22 am
younger millennials when it comes to their party preference. >> okay, well, that might be some guess there, president obama being democrat. first of all, let's take a look at your lottery numbers. dove invited women to a makeover... with a difference. hi ma'am. hi. would you like to have a free makeover? perfect! who doesn't love a good makeover. here you go... it's a shower?! it's a shower! but it's a shower with dove body wash. with its breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower. for softer, smoother skin.
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wanna feel? it feels really good! really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it! dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower.
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>> expert say the younger generation also a bit less
5:25 am
willing to trust the status quo, meaning the time is right for both political party to sort of reconnect with the younger voters. fox news' molly wine explains. >> in no r in 2010, launch baking business from their kitchen. today, wicked good cupcakes, base in the massachusetts, is a rising success. they ship nationwide. the state of the nation mat tears this young entrepreneur. >> well, being in a small business, i want the next candidate to help all the small businesses out there that are struggling, although we're not struggling. >> millennials, those who came of age near the turn of the century and beyond. make up these single largest generation in american history, and they are a powerful voting block. in 2008, helped secure the white house for then senator barack obama, but? >> the younger members of this generation, those who came of age a little later, remember not the movement of the obama
5:26 am
campaign, in electing the first african-american president, instead, they remember 2,009, 2010, gridlock, reception, family, friend, neighbors losing things, losing job, losing houses, very different angle of which they came of age politically. >> with a new election cycle underway, john, the director of polling at hard regard university institute of politics, believe the youth vote is up for grabs. but both party may struggle to earn the trust of millennials. allison perez is a junior at harvard, and believes the economy foreign policy and healthcare are all important issues. gridlock, factors in washington really made me think that i'm not really sure what party that i believe in. >> drew webber vice president of nyu college democrats, questions the priorities of politicians. >> probably just representing large corporations, billionaires, are they representing who is going to cut them the next check or do they really care about the
5:27 am
need of people and what they need to get ahead in this current roy? >> i'm hoping a lot of my generation will stands up, snake the smart decision and vote for someone who will help us out. >> there is a lot happening in our city. we share the same stories. get it all. at or download the "fox 29 news" app.
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>> lamar owed help taken over the counter sexual enhancement delux before found unconscious at nef at abroad em. what the fda haste to say about herbal viagra. >> between deflate gate and divorce, rumors swirling, tom brady, pretty tough year, but he's got someone to kind of rely on up in boston. >> we will tell how that is, and guess what, it is not gisele. >> today is thursday, october 15th, 2015. >> if they split they don't need any sore of alimony or anything else. they're both rich. >> don't worry about that. >> october 15th, 2015 is the day, so we really are right in the midst of fall, flight. >> smack in the middle of the month of october, and in the middle of beautiful fall weather. we've had lovely weather all week, really, even with the stray shower here and there, yesterday, was gorgeous, today, you will need sweatshirt. as you're getting started or jacket. cooler start than we had yesterday. so, bus stop buddy, your pal and mine, wearing his fox 29
5:31 am
fleece this morning. temperatures are in the 40's, and 50's out there. specially in the suburbs, it is chilly one. 55 degrees with the 9-mile per hour breeze, you see there see the breeze when we have the american flag right across the street, anyway at 9 miles an hour, makes it feel cooler than actually s temps in the 40's, up in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, trenton in the 40's, reading and lancaster, 49 in wrightstown, and millville, and atlantic city is 49 degrees. fifty-one wilmington walking out the door, yes that's correct are temperatures that 24 hours were little milder, so 2 degrees cooler in philadelphia. 9 degrees cooler in trenton and millville. 7 degrees cooler than yesterday, in atlantic city, those are the breezes we were talking about. out of the northwest, now, so that the chillier air, gradually getting used to it with the chillier starts, and by the weekend, you will not only need a sweater, but need a coat. all of the rain far up to the
5:32 am
north and west every us, so we will gave you a nine out of ten today. yes, another gorgeous autumn day. there will be about 56 by 9:00 in the morning, 62 by lunchtime with plenty of sunshine and by about 5:00 we get to the seasonable high of 66 degrees. weekend almost here, get you ready with the forecast coming upment bob kelly? >> good morning, 5:32, cop vukovich sean still out here with us picking up the combs. live look, audubon road, trooper road, part of the overnight paving project. curbside 42 freeway coming in from south jersey not bad at all. light volume so far here. starting to see some pockets of volume headed south on 95, in the northeast philadelphia, as we roll out of the great northeast, so let's roll video from skyfox. when we pulled up over the scene, chestnut bridge overpass is closed, engineers found a crack in one of the
5:33 am
concrete columns there. that holds chestnut street above i-95, you probably recognize this overpass from going under it there on i-95. but right now, all traffic and pedestrian traffic shutdown. so let's go back to the maps here. this is going it cause somewhat of a delay and detour for folks who are coming out every old city, chestnut street blocked at front street. make the right, dock street, takes you up and over onto penn's landing, or you can use race street out of old sit, to gain access to columbus boulevard. and the three septa bus route, will be impacted. they're going to actually do their lay over on front street, instead of doing that loop around, over penn's landing. so, no et a on when that is going to be repaired, and reopened. otherwise, in pretty good shape up and down 29a later on this morning, we will have some breakfast, you know what i like to do once a week, pick different spot in the neighborhood, then go check it out. >> this one, came compliment
5:34 am
of lauren dawn johnson. one of her favorite spots. we go to the hinge cafe in port richmond. from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by, the tv cameras will be there, and they have some great french toast and carol cake. still closed inner drive between woodward and rhawn. otherwise, no delays yet on the schuylkill expressway. so-so we'll take it. >> thank so. breaking news coming into the "fox 29 news" room. police are investigating armed robbery and an arm carjacking in north philadelphia. >> one happening on the campus of temple university, another just blocks away, dave kinchen is there now, dave, good morning. >> good morning, here outside the lee cora center where a temple university student was robbed at gunpoint. about 3:30 this morning, the victim unhurt but is a temple university student, a male in his early 20's on his way home robbed by two men in red hoodies, cell phone stolen,
5:35 am
also his wallet and cash as well. but just hours earlier as we go to video, another temple university student was robbed at gunpoint. and we learned from central detective that student is a temple university football player, this incident happening at tenth and susquehanna, not on temple campus, but near campus, central detectives say the student left the chinese restaurant and was headed to his car around 1:00 in the morning when he was approached by two men. they stole his wallet, keys and drove off in his 2,005 cadillac according to investigators. two suspect also in this case now at this point bliss say these two situations are not related, the victim in the last case there, susquehanna, 21 years old, no injuries in either of these cases. we come back live, you can see, the temple police emergency report so student kent often call or anybody if there is an emergency here, and there are some surveillance cameras in this area, detective have not yet pulled that video. but these case are underway,
5:36 am
four suspect in two separate cases, police really hot on the trails of these case that is are just hours old. >> bad finish after salmonella turns up in a soon. recalls, 13 state, including pennsylvania, and new jersey. so, if you bought a eight-ounce bag, with a friday expiration date, and the code seen below thereon your screen, throw it out many salmonella typically lasts four, seven days, but can be deadly in children and older adult. big warning there. here is another warning. >> this morning about herbal vie agorae the f d.a. says the over the counter drugs can be harmful because of those hidden ingredients. >> so viagra is a prescription medication a purchased by the fda. herbal viagra can cause dangerously low blood pressure specially when taken with other medications. former basketball star lamar odom reportedly had been taking herbal viagra before he was found unconscious this week in nevada. they say he took several
5:37 am
doses. >> we'll keep an eye on that. changing condition. scott making life changing move, following the news of lamar odom. what the reality star is reportedly going straight ahead.
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> eagles back at practice yesterday i, yesterday, fletcher cox was named the nfc defensive player of the week, great game last week. and hockey last night, stanley
5:40 am
cup champion blackhawks, one-nothing flyers in the second. and, claude giroux, the captain, puts it in first goal of the year. puts them up two-nothing, the flyers win it two-nothing, back-to-back shots by the goaltender michael. all right, unreal baseball game. let's go to toronto. deciding game this is top of the seventh score tide two-two, now the catcher russell martin hits the players bat. now the umpire says wait a minute. he makes a mistake. because now they go over it, the fans are angry, the ball was in play. and toronto came back and won the game. you know why they won the game? because that far guy, jose, they'll play kansas city in the next series, toronto wins it six-three, that is sport in a minute. cole hamels with the loser there, i'm howard eskin. >> so howard said loser, lovable losers are moving on. >> on tuesday.
5:41 am
>> yes. >> clip of playoff series for the first time in long history, after defeating book makers in vaguest betting on chicago to take the world series for the first time since 1908. >> get through either of the dodgers or the met first in the nlcs. >> yes, so, the red sox broke the curse in what 2004. the curse the bambino, they traded babe ruth to the yankees from the red sox. so, this is the longest curse there is, the cubs curse, see what happens, not only have the corms, they have the goods. tom brady reveals his boston crew helping him cope with tough year. >> who is in the crow? ben afleck, matt damian, mark wahlberg. told entertainment tonight he is displaced california been 16 years up in boston. when he first moved there he said these guys sort of supported him through the transition. he loves the boston culture, has roots there, raising his kids, there he said he plans to always live in boston.
5:42 am
>> grew up in san mat a owe, california, silicon valley area. >> high alert following recent college campus shooting, new technology being used at one colorado school hoping to prevent future tragedy.
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♪ >> jimi hendrix he wakes up the crowd. taking stage late sunday night, this is how he woke everyone up. the star spangled banner. they say he stole the show with this. and there it is, the american flag. >> don't look at me like. that will do you know who jimi hendrix is? do you or you don't? >> don't look at me. do you have say yes or no. >> (laughing). >> you better shut up. are you in trouble? bob kelly, get me out of this. >> i tell you what, you want to know what happened in my bed last night? >> what? wait a minute. >> you want to know what happened? >> now you got lauren's attention. >> now that i have your attention, shear my facebook page, and i noticed this post on my wife's page, this morning. >> read it to us. >> she says: i just went to at this and shift my sound
5:46 am
asleep husband, who was somehow lying horizontally across the bed, so that i might have a small section of the sleeping quarters, and he litter pops up and says: just a coors light! and collapsed back to sleep. >> man? >> i don't know whether to move him again or get him a beer. >> oh, my goodness. >> now, dow casino of remember her waking me up, and pushing me over to the other side, but you don't remember asking for a beer? >> i don't. but now that explains the coors light can that was on my end table this morning. >> the crazy stuff that happens after i got to sleep. >> when you are talking in your sleep. >> 55 degrees, in philadelphia, everybody else has been sinking this morning, 52 in rehoboth, 52 dennis township on your way to the shore, vineland, 48, medford lakes, 47, it is a chilly
5:47 am
morning out there, boyertown, 43, perkasie, only 41 degrees, right now, 43 bethlehem, and 42 hazleton. those are the areas where we're going to see the first frost of the season for sure. chillier now than it was earlier in the week, high pressure building in for beautiful day today, waiting in the wings is our next cold front. now, move through, tell, so we see just some clouds around, right now, nothing much to show you on radar. but, as we lock at our future weather, we do see, that cold front coming through, tomorrow, and then by saturday, we are left with cooler temperatures, in the morning, it will be in the 40's, even in the city, by sunday morning, it will be in the 30's, even in the city. wind speeds, saw the breed out -- breeze out there with the flag, out of the northwest, so the cooler air settling in, we're getting this gradual adjustment to those chillier temperatures.
5:48 am
67 degrees, is your average hi, we've been well above average for most of the week, until yesterday, when we got to 68, but that's why we called it seasonable yesterday, we will dot same for today with 66 today, and 67 degrees tomorrow. then highs only in the 50's, for both saturday and sunday, we have our altzheimer's walk in wilmington, delaware, saturday, plenty of sunshine at leams, but will be chill toy get started, when we all get there about 8:00, 8:30 in the morning, then the temple game saturday afternoon and so make sure we know that they're five and zero, bob kelly. >> five and zero. >> it is also parent weekend. >> right? >> here in philadelphia. for temple university. so good morning to maybe some of the parent that are in town early, to visit their student, live look, i95 starting to see some jams in the traffic cams. as you head southbound, volume coming in toward girard avenue. roosevelt boulevard, not bad at all working your way down toward the schuylkill. and hello to del coy. i-95, not bad at all here, in delaware county.
5:49 am
let's go for ride. buckle your set built. skyfox over hovering last knit right after penndot shut down the chestnut street bridge. here is the deal. chestnut street overpass, they found a crack in the concrete column. that supports the bridge, that goes over i-95 so chestnut street block to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic indefinately right now. let's go to the maps. will cause little detour not only for motorists but also for the septa buses so as you come out of old city chestnut street deadened there at front. you will have to make a right onto front, dock street, right in front of the sheridan, take you up and over onto penn's landing and columbus boulevard. the three septa bus route, are going to do their lay over front street instead of on market. so just be prepared for some confusion, and detours, beginning this morning, here, in old city.
5:50 am
this woman wasn't about to back down. future councilwoman turned lawyer take on a guy just broke into her car. he got her purse then jumped into get-away car. well, she jumped on that car and hung on in the the car ran over her foot. >> oh,. >> she was down, but she was not out. she raised back to her car and chased him down in her car, jones walk away with just a swollen foot, few scrapes. >> i jumped in my car, then i followed him, and they got up and went, your life is worth more than a purse, or computer, but all i can say is there was no thinking. did i not think. i reacted dollars. >> so she has crutches now, but she's okay. >> i wouldn't want to run against her. >> no. >> hey, number of high school shootings happening throughout the country, campuses right now, they're strategizing over emergency situations.
5:51 am
>> the school district in colorado teaming up with law end foesment to use new school safe communication system in any emergency, the school, district, police dispatch and public safety officers all communicate on the exact same network. >> we have the ability at click of the button to bridge together the school's day-to-day use two way radios, with their pa solution. i think where ever as prepared as we should be. that's why we work out all the time. that's why we have drills like this. >> so far the grills have gone smooth lip, now every school in the district has school safe network in place. >> the man who created death jam records is definitely in a jam. >> okay, so, customers are unhappy with russell simmons over his curb card. apparently locked out of their rush card accounts across the country since monday too to glitch. the rush card is described on line as prepaid visa let you
5:52 am
shop, get cash, at tm's, pay bills, buy on line, get direct deposit, at least one local rush card user tells fox 29 their accounts appear to have no monday any them. $0, when they just had money on it, the day before. >> wow. >> yes, that's a reason to be mad. >> hey, according to radar on line, per situated to get help for his own struggles with alcohol and substance abuse, the source says, scott is currently at treatment facility in malibu. this marks his sixth attempt at rehab. >> let's hope that they get that work out. >> looks like 50-cent pretty much mocking his bankruptcy filing? >> see his latest stain gram post. watch this.
5:53 am
>> calls lunch money on his post, coming out with new music video, then there is this picture. look at this one, chris, you will like this one, he also posted. he puts the money down, and spells out the word broke. looking up at the camera. yes, so we will see if he raps about his alleged money woes after recently filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, apparently for rick ross, have some type of beef going. the rapper has to keep it going. whatever. beloved dog goes missing, why local family says the pup is all they have left after a devastating tragedy, and you can help.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> ♪ dave matthews, talking about a dog in this song. this is from the under the table and dreaming albumn, released in 1994. hey, grieving mother from delaware county says she wants closure over her son's death, and that means, finding his lost dog, 32 year old sean tomlinson died suddenly last month, just three days later his trusty companion butch a ten year old chocolate lan ran away from home. month's later the family is desperate to find that dog, it was like a child to their son. they are now posting flyers around the norwood neighborhood, where bump was last seen.
5:57 am
>> it would mean everything to me. i've lost my son. i can't have him back. but, if i could have his dog, i would just be so grateful. i could help butch grieve. >> if someone has butch or know where he is, they would take him back happily no questions asked. stay on top of breaking news for you at temple's campus, armed robbery and carjacking, just hours and blocks apart. who police are now looking for right now, straight ahead on good day philadelphia. ññ
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> college is not supposed to be this way. temple university, one person robbed, another carjacked. we'll take you to the campus. fifty shots fired. a triple shooting in south philadelphia leaves one person dead, the shear number of shots fired has police and resident on high alert. >> and getting much more ago great i have. police warn a pair of purse snatchers growing more violent. well, how about that three headlines there? oh, man, it will be another good day in philadelphia. straight up 6:00 on this thursday morning, high shall everybody, it is thumbs, october the 15th, 2015. >> well, good morning. >> ten/ten/ten. >> --


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