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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> college is not supposed to be this way. temple university, one person robbed, another carjacked. we'll take you to the campus. fifty shots fired. a triple shooting in south philadelphia leaves one person dead, the shear number of shots fired has police and resident on high alert. >> and getting much more ago great i have. police warn a pair of purse snatchers growing more violent. well, how about that three headlines there? oh, man, it will be another good day in philadelphia. straight up 6:00 on this thursday morning, high shall everybody, it is thumbs, october the 15th, 2015. >> well, good morning. >> ten/ten/ten. >> -- ten/15/15.
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>> brain would explode. >> which floor do you want? >> ninth floor. >> ninth floor. >> all right, it is a nine out every ten today. and bus stop buddy, has a fleece on today. sweatshirt is a good idea. something warm, because temperatures are in the 40's, and 50's out there. we are specking sunshine, but will be deceiving sunshine in many cases. your sunrise time official, convenience time, 7:11 this morning. no precipitation on ultimate doppler radar. let's get to the high temperature of today. yesterday, 68, today with cooler start we get to 66 degrees. mostly sunny but lab beautiful day, tonight, down to about 49 degrees, stray shower, not out of the question, talk about what's coming up for the weekend or what's going down actually that would be the temperature, we will talk about that in the seven day forecast, bob kelly?
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>> curb check, schuylkill expressway, right at the conshy curve starting to see some volume as we begin our thursday morning rush hour. same deal here on the 42 freeway, the headlight coming in toward philly, still a work crew out here, near that bellmawr interchange. and a live look at the benny, not bad at all, coming into downtown, but problem on one of the other bridges, let's roll video, buck willing he will your seatbelt. going for ride. skyfox last night over the scene of the chestnut street overpass between old city, and penn's landing. now, engineers yesterday did i covered crack in one of the concrete columns, that holds up that chestnut street bridge. into goes over i95 between old city and pens landing. that will cause for some detours not just for motorists but also for the septa buses, so, chestnut street blocked at front, your best bet, go down front street, to dock, dock street which is right there in front of the sheridan, will get you across 95, and on the
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penn's landing, where you can use race street, takes you right on down to columbus boulevard. now, the three septa bus route, that use that bridge, as a loop around, to get back to market, will do their lay-over on front street. so, expect some delays, detours, some confusion, in old city, and no eta from penndot, as to when they'll have that overpass repaired. mike, alex being back to you. >> somewhat disconcerting, isn't it? >> police are investigating two robberies situations, in north philadelphia, and it involves two temple student. >> yes, here we go again. one happening on the campus there at temple. that's where dave s hey, dave. >> reporter: hey, guys, bold and brazen, that's how you can describe these crimes two armed robberies, where we are right now, on temple campus, right outside of the liacouras center, this area, 15th and montgomery, is where a male student in his early 20's, was robbed, he was on his way home, according to central detectives, when he was approached by two men in red
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hoodies, one with a gun, held him up at gunpoint, his cell phone and wallet and cash stolen. a very, very dangerous situation there. he was not hurt though. that student was not hurt. now, as we go to -- we have video of the scene. as we go to video of another armed robbery, just hours earlier, and blocks away, this one around 1:00 a.m., another temple student, and also we're told a 21 year old temple university football player, this 21 year old vick tell and football player was leaving a chain east restaurant when he was headed to his car two approached him, stole his wallet, keys, walked off in 2005 cat lack, police say, he apparently, one of the suspect said, you know how this works. something to that effect. and drove off in his cadillac, two suspect also in this case,
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at this point do not believe these two incidents are related so talking four suspect, police are looking for, this case, certainly, rattling some of the nerves of student as temple alerts went out, guys, back to you. >> for sure. you know temple's police for is like what the third largest in the state of pennsylvania? >> oh, my goodness. >> yes. do good job, though. just tough up there. 6:05. >> philadelphia police are investigating the connection between three shootings and in south philadelphia. >> yes, 19 year old is dead, after all of this violence, police rushed to the scene, 500 block of ritner street, police call out around 10:30, the 19 year old victim was found dead when police got there two other victims shot, taken to the hospital, their conditions unknown at this hour. police say this comes after about, listen to this, 50 shot were fired. all of the shell casings found in a park in the area. jenny joyce, following this
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story, she is coming up in just a few minute. >> delaware psychiatrist gets murdered inside her home, her body discovered short time later by her daughter. we told but this as breaking news yesterday morning. the 55 year old, lived here on withers way in the sanford ridge development, in hokessing, delaware, yesterday, police say, they received a 911 call from the woman's daughter, while on scene gathering evidence another call came in, this time, it was from the killer they say he immediately confess today doing there is taken into custody without incident at his home in newark, delaware. neighbors of course, everybody, is in shock. >> i haven't quite digest philadelphia all yet. obviously it is a shock. when anything like that happens. >> always sad to hear about these thing, but i think it becomes that much more real to people when it happens so close to home.
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>> those who knew the suspect say he's been troubled for a long time, they feel horribly for his parent. >> 67:00o kloe kardashian reportedly sitting next to her estranged husband, lamar odom. why she is calling all of the shots when it comes to what happens to him. >> and the effect lamar's hospitalization is having on party boy himself scott, we'll tell you what he is up to.
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autopsy on three year old reported missing then found dead, complete. >> here is the problem t didn't reveal the cause of death. i'm not sure how that's possible, but, this three year old brendan reported missing by his father, early in the morning, from his home in haddon township new jersey. hours later, a police dog found brendan's body eight blocks from the house in a wooded area where memorials now sit. yet the 911 call was released. >> i woke up, i don't know if he wandered out, or what happens. i don't know where he is. >> well, the family said in a statement that they're heart broken of course, and have no
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idea of what happened. the investigation continues, anyone with information is urged to contact police. certainly not the end that far story. >> well, 6:11, police commissioner charles ramsey announces his retirement from the philadelphia police department. then drops hint about what the next chapter of his life could look like. >> and who will take his place? good article in the daily news, bob. >> cool. 6:11. good morning, everyone, help owe to immaculatta, nuns up early watching us in chester county as we go for a ride along route 202, the construction there at 29. and let's say good morning, to old city philadelphia, we're getting to and from old city. it will be little difficult today because of bridge closure. we will get cup of coffee, i'll come back with all of the details. pea past .
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>> important weather things you need to have, we are having gradual cool down this week from mid 70s, earlier in the week, to yesterday's more seasonable high temperatures, at least we're gradually getting used to the chillier temperatures, but friday cold front means it will be quite cold, especially in the morning, each day of the weekend, mostly on sunday, we'll see the temperatures in the 30's, and social media, sue serio fox 29, that's twitter and facebook, i actually shared a recipe, even though i don't cook on my
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facebook page today. because it is chicken catch tori day. so somebody want to make something fabulous, anyway, chilly changes on the way with high pressure to control today. another cold front coming through tomorrow, so, right now, we don't have any rain to show you or radar. let's look ahead, will display the high pressure system briefly, another one will build in after friday's slight chance of rain great chance of colder weather coming saturday, sunday, 9-mile hour breeze out of the northwest in philadelphia shall so not too much winds. but it makes it feel just little cooler by sunday morning talk about cold temperatures between 35 and 39 in philly and the suburb, probably below freezing in many of the suburbs and closer to the 40's to jersey shore, looking at yesterday's high which was, trust me, 68 degrees. sixty-six today.
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and 67 tomorrow. much colder than average, highs, bob kelly, only in the 50's. going back to the 50's, update here on situation happening in old city. live pick from the news van on the scene of the chestnut street bridge. that has now closed, indefinately, the stretch that goes over i-95, let's roll some video last night from skyfox, when the penndot engineers discovered crack in the concrete pillar, that holds this whole overpass, between penn's landing you probably know this more so from going under it, this is 95, here, where you go under the chestnut street overpass. to the maps, chestnut street closed at front street. so leaving old city you'll come down to front, make
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right. dock street goes over 95. the stretch in front of the sheridan. you can use dock street, you can use race street, which takes you right down to columbus boulevard. and the three septa bus routes that typically loop around here, through penn's landing, they're going to just hang tight there and do their lay over on front street. some confusion and detours beginning this morning no ota when they make the repairs, thank goodness found the crack during the inspection, can you imagine that overpass going over 95? j solid already from cottman avenue, into girard avenue. it just morning rush hour, starting underway here, south on the boulevard, little slow from the kelly drive down through the schuylkill, and hello to the blue route. live look, good morning to saint david's, live look right near the saint dade's villanova interchange, folks here headed down southbound maybe down toward the airport. still some construction near the lansdale interchange.
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otherwise, so far so good on 202, and the schuylkill expressway. mike, alec back to you. >> thank you very much, bob kelly. 6:18. basketball star and i guess reality tv star lamar oath em remains in a hospital. this after he was found unconscious as you know at nef at a brothel. now police have released the 911 calls coming out of the brothel. >> well, lamar odom had been visiting the brothel for about four days, reportedly had take ben ten sexual enhancement pills, like sheesh al viagra, co-tape, tons of alcoholment reportedly because the blood results are not back yet. lamar found alone and unconscious at the ranch. he, however, was still breathing. >> still unconscious? >> yerkes i have white, he has looks like some kinds of white stuff coming out of his mouth bunch of white stuff coming out of his nose too. >> the brothel could lose its license as a result of on site drug use, now, reverend jesse jackson has been there, and
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he's visit the lamar oath em at the website, is on life support, but seems to be improving. but conflicting report that far, because "tmz" has been reporting there is 50-50 chance that he may live. >> yes. >> well, lamar estranged wife khloe kardashian also with him in the hospital along with his children and his father and his friends kobe bryant. now, khloe also arranged for the mother of his children to be flown, in as well, since there are kids. >> still technically married. >> but this is story of course we will be updating for you throughout the morning. >> hour by hour. also most of the cards ash yan's speaking out for the first time about lamar odom. chris jenner, the family's mate tree arc, posted this picture of her son-in-law, on instagram. she wrote simply please pray for lamar hashtag our fighter. and then rob kardashian, who we have not heard from in a while posted this picture of the two of them. rob wrote: praying non-stop
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for my brother. kendall also tweeted simply: please don't go. so people magazine is reporting that khloe technically, still his wife, is making decisions for the family, because the divorce has not been finalized. >> of course bring in doctor mike to talk about this and the effect it has on their body. >> according to radar on line current situation with lamar odom has persuaded district to get him for his own struck billions alcohol and substance abuse. scott currently at treatment fast ill any malibu, this marks scott's sixth attempt at rehab. >> yes, keeps going in and leaving days later. >> all right, 6:20. a mugging victim speaks out after a horrifying attack that was caught on surveillance video. well, that's why they have this surveillance cameras up there. rash of recent purse snatching in philadelphia, man ran up
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behind victim colleen ham on, as she walked along the 3500 block of kensington avenue. you can see it here. this is about a week ago. hammonds said she first encountered the suspect and accomplice inside a jim's variety store, asked her to change 100-dollar bill, but couldn't, and police say they waited outside the store, followed her, then they attack her. >> can't sleep at night. my head's racing about what if someone comes in my mom's, tries to rob us. >> from about 5:00 in the morning, to 7:00, 8:00 in the morning they hit about four people, just kept coming back. >> police say one of six robberies carried out by these suspect. in the last robbery, one suspect threatened the victim with a gun. >> they get more violent, no question about it. 21:00. >> well, get your pen out mike. because here's a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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>> 6:00, in -- 6:24. >> favored to win the world series! >> the cubbies, really, on tuesday, as you know, the cubs clinch playoff series at home for the first time in their long history, after defeating the st. louis cardinals. now, the book makers out there in vegas, baby, are betting on the cubs, to take the world series for the first time since 1908. as predicted in the movie back not future. but the cubs, have to get through either the dodgers or
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the met in the nlcs. here's howard, what else went on? >> this is fox 29 sport in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, hockey last night in town against the stanley cup champions. chicago blackhawks in against the flyers. it is one-nothing in the second period. claude giroux looking for his first goal of the season, the captain gets it. put the flyers up two-nothing, they win three-nothing, back-to-back shut out by the goaltender michael. all right, to the baseball game, to toronto, tide, crazy epp inning. jose -- jose, yes, he's toss that is bat. they win six-three, they being toronto. they go onto play kansas city. and the eagle back at practice for their game monday night against the giants. yesterday the eagles defensive end fletcher cox was named the nfc defensive player of the week. and by the way, in case you're interested, cole hamels pitched that game for texas against the toronto blue jays, and he did take the loss.
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not good for cole hamels. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> wasn't good in the seventh inning, his team committed three errors in one inning. and familiar look of cole sitting on the bench going could you guys help me out. >> ya. >> ya. but it is interesting, coal pitching to ben revere, brought out all of the phillies bats. that will was one of the most weirds wildest games, we'll play more highlight as they move onto play the kansas city royals. because kansas city won last night, as well. 6:26. fed up wallmark workers get heated and start a fight in the inch -- in the intimates department. clean up in the loungerie department. why police say nobody's going to get arrested here. >> well, one temple student robbed, another victim after carjacking. dave? >> we have two temple university student robbed at the point after gun. this happening early this morning. one on campus, the other near campus, we'll tell how police
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are looking for next. ññ
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>> what happened the day before that has police and neighbors very concern.
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judge good morning, sometimes i consider thursdays the day after empire days. >> why it is true. >> because empire was last night you. >> kind of have an empire hang over. >> that's true. we're still talking about it this morning. i want you to tweet me alex whom i fox 29, my facebook alex holley fox 29. good discussion going on right now about what we thought of last night. some of us watch it on dvr. >> true. >> so, yes, spoiler alert. >> meantime, we have to get started when bus stop buddy and his sweatshirt this morning. yes, it is a cooler start than it was yesterday. most of our temperatures were in the 50's, 60s, today, we're in the four's, and 50's, and we're still going to give you a nine out of ten, once again, today, because it will be a beautiful one. we've got mix of sun and clouds, as we approach our sunrise time, official at 7:11. convenience time.
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54 degrees, 9-mile per hour winds, and no rain to show you on ultimate doppler. our planner is for another seasonable day, high temperature of 66 degrees, by lunch time be at about 61, definitely need your shades today. and your sunset time officially 6:22. so, i think we have given you enough numbers to start your day, we have lower numbers as we talk temperature for the weekend coming up. hey, bob kelly? >> 6:31, good thursday morning, everybody, a lot happened on the overnight, that's going to set the tone for the next week or so. here's a live look at our news van on the scene at chestnut and front street. the septa bus goes on by and makes a right. that's what everyone will have to do here. make a right turn, because let's roll video from skyfox, last night, when penndot engineers discovered a crack in one of the concrete columns that holds chestnut street above penn's landing, and i-95. most folks probably recognize this overpass from going under it here on i-95.
6:32 am
it is to stretches from old city, up and over, in toward columbus boulevard. so, let's go to the maps. because this is going to tie us up here, there is no et a on whether this will be reopened. thank goodness they found the crack. because not so much the traffic that's across chestnut street, it is all the traffic that runs underneath on 95. so, chestnut street blocked at front. you can use dock street, which get you over 95, or race street, will get you down to columbus boulevard, and the three septa bus also do their lay over right there on front street, instead of on that market street ramp here in old city. mike, alex being back to you. >> so whether you go to chestnut -- i'm talk to you later with it. 32:00, police are investigating two robbery situations in north philadelphia, right on the very close to the temple campus, i think one even happened on campus. >> that's right. the other dave kinchen just happened blocks away. >> hey, dave. >> hey, guys, yes, that's right, we're at the location on campus here at 15th and
6:33 am
montgomery, just outside the liacouras center. we go to some video. we go to the first piece of video here. this is a situation that happened around 3:30 this morning. outside the liacouras center. we're told that a male student, here at temple, in his early to's, on his way home, when he was robbed by two men in red hoodies, held up at the point after gun. police say his cell phone, wallet, were stolen shall cash stolen, as well, i want to go to another piece of video, the second piece of video, that is the case of another temple student, and a football player, same person, robbed at gunpoint at tenth and susquehanna just hours earlier, around 1:00 in the morning, this was not on campus, but few blocks away from campus. this 21 year old victim and not ball player was approached by two menace he left the chinese restaurant, and was headed to his car when they announced the robbery and said, according to police, you know how this works. they stole his wallet, according to investigators,
6:34 am
his car keys, and drove off in his 2,005 cadillac, two suspect here, as well, separate suspect, we have two cases with four suspect, and police do not believe they are related at this time. cops are looking for surveillance video, and temple university of course sent out alert to student and sent out tweets, telling students essentially not to worry about these cases but to be alert, as police investigate. guys, back to you. >> dave, we will check back with you, 6:34. we have to get to. >> this out of washington, d.c., white house just announced president obama will keep 5500us troops in afghanistan, when he leaves office in 2017. president obama had previously promised the war would end on his watch, before this announcement, the goal was only to leave a small military presence, maybe a thousand, by the end of next year. but, military leaders, our generals over there, have argue for months, that additional support is needed because the taliban is coming
6:35 am
back. the president will make an official announcement this morning, at the white house. >> all right, 6:35. >> teenager dead after late night shooting in south philadelphia. >> yes, the shooting comes day after dozens of shots were fired in a nearby park. >> so, let's get to jenny joyce, liver at philadelphia headquarters, police headquarters. jenny? >> police believe the back-to-back shootings are related but they are trying to figure out how and why throw people shot, one killed, they don't have that motive but again, they did say the night before there was another shooting about a half block away in a park. fifty shot were fired. no one was hit that time. but last night, the heavy gunfire struck three people. police tell us 19 year old was found dead on the gown, holding a gun in his hand. police say that young man is believed to have lived only couple of blocks away from the scene. additionally, there were two other shooting victims drive tone area hospitals, police
6:36 am
say, a 36 year old male is in stable condition, at jefferson, with a gunshot wound to his leg. a 25 year old male is in stable at methodist hospital, with a gunshot wound to the arm. police tell us, homicide detectives, processing the scene, looking for clues, looking for witnesses, trying to come up with some answers, as to how and why they this happened. >> the scene pretty extensive. in addition to the over 40 shell casings, we found, four parked unattended vehicles, that were struck by gunfire. so that many shots to be fired, two night, back-to-back, that's major concern for us. and specially tonight, with three victims, one of those who was a homicide victim, that's going to be a serious homicide investigation as all homicide investigations are taken very seriously. >> based on witness account, police say the shoot is her described as a man who is riding a bike, wearing black hat, with a red rim, and a red sweatshirt.
6:37 am
police are also checking to see if surveillance video could have captured anything. mike, al next. >> let's hope soap. all right, 6:37. philadelphia judge now says he will hear all lawsuits stemming from the deadly amtrak crash in port richmond. to date, lawyers have filed more than 60 personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. the train derailment back in may killed eight people, injured hundreds more. investigators say the train hit a sharp curve and more than twice the speed it should have been going. >> wilmington police have arrested one of their own, operation err roberta harlow has been suspended without pay. she is charged with theft and forgery related to her dealing with a delaware beach rental property. her arrest is a culmination of nine month investigation. >> well, big step forward in the fight to legalize sports betting in the state of new jersey. a judge has ruled the case will now be heard in front of the entire panel of the court of appeals. the garden state has been
6:38 am
trying since 2009 to get this done. sport betting at the casinos and racetracks, we'll see what happens. >> well, the fbi has broke up human trafficking network, youngest of the 169 children saved was just 12 years old. >> twelve. the fbi says the nationwide operation rounded up 15053 john's, as they're called, including two from newark, new jersey. federal, state and local authority have work on operation cross country for nine years running. and say this is the largest take-down of child sex traffickers ever. good work. >> 6:38. wal-mart shoppers get more than they bargained for at a store in the lehigh val. >> i look out, everybody. they got front row seat to a fight in the loungerie aisle. >> so you see them wrestling,
6:39 am
punching, in front of displace after bra's and unaware, yes, the intimate section, all went down in allentown store. folks tried to break it up inside the store, while other pulled out their phones, to record it. >> always good go it is unclear what the fight was over or those involved were large dollars. do you think maybe there was line like one bra left, there is a really good bra, i have to get it? >> black and blue light special. >> oh, mike. i'm here for your support. a judge has ordered kentucky's governor to address altered marriage already cents issued by rowan county clerk, kim davis. >> glueing it her name off the certificates one out of jail. questioned the validity of
6:40 am
licenses then, and asked them to be reissued. a spokesperson for the kentucky governor said yesterday the state has recognized those licenses, as valid. the governor will now file a response to the court's order. >> can't they find anyone else to be their clerk, seriously? he called it the worse kept secret in philadelphia. police commissioner charles ramsey, is calling it a career. a wonderful career. how he says he feels as he prepares to step down in january after 47 years in law enforcement. could he take his place? >> wait until you see the temperatures we have in store for the weekend. and, yes, you will need your winter coat. we'll talk about it, coming up in your forecast.
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>> ♪ >> the sunrise, outside, getting into where we are close to peak autumn colors out there, the mountains this weekend. that is when you'll catch the peak summer, summer, the peak seasonal. you know? >> we got you. >> leaf peeping, mountains there is weaken. i'm focused on saturday in the wilmington, delaware, because it is our walk to end altzheimer's, we always have good time at this walk. we're going to be at the riverfront, like we always are. dravo plaza, where the outlet stores used to be, present of signs there with the new location, show up about 8:00. we'll get started with registration, if you're not registered yet, we will get started with the walk about 9:00. it will be in the mid 40's. so make sure you have layers on, because as you start walking you'll warm up. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. but, this is a little preview
6:45 am
of the temperatures we have to come. it is 48 in chicago, minneapolis, 45 in detroit, only 40 degrees in cincinnati. so more of that chilly air will start to move in over the weekend. >> we jump ahead to friday, maybe by the end of the day friday, maybe in the afternoon, we will see showers, but just northwest of the city what's happening, showers or no showers, another cold front coming through, that's going to reinforce the chilly air that's already in place and give us even chillier air, but look at saturday morning, weaver chilly temperatures around here, clear skies, sunshine as we told you for the alzheimer's walk go up to northern new hampshire, vermont, see measurable snowfall through the morning of saturday. now, again, that's vermont and new hampshire and maine, not here, but here it is, middle of october, and they're going to probably get couple of inches of snow in the northern part of those state.
6:46 am
thought it was little interesting to show you, 9-mile per hour winds out of the northwest for us, and not even close to that happening here. at least not yet. 7-mile an hour breeze in wildwood this morning. and our sunday morning freeze, it looks like, on sunday morning, will be between 35 and 39 degrees, along the i95 corridor here, philly and it suburbs, but many places north and west of the city could end up being below freezing, on sunday morning. i think we've warned you about that pretty adequately. 66 degrees for high today, 67 tomorrow. then we lose 10 degrees, between friday and saturday, high temperature of only 57, on saturday, going to the link for the temple game, you'll need your shades, you'll need sunscreen, but you also need to make sure you are dress in the layers, as well. because it will be casino of chilly breeze there. then the frosty start sunday, still chilled on monday, for the monday night eagles game, have to bundle up for, that as well, little milder trend as we head into wednesday. >> these are kind of the days sue where you want the kids to wear their sweatshirt in the
6:47 am
morning, then they leave it somewhere because it is so hot after lunchtime. good morning, everybody, 6:47. exactly, 295, an accident southbound, at route 206. there is a new crash along route 55, southbound, as you head in toward route 47. heading down toward vineland. here we go, time it make donut, the sunrises over pottstown. 422, bumper to bumper head in the toward collegeville. south on 95, jammo, as you head in toward cottman avenue and the construction zone, and starting to see little bit of back up here on the benny, into downtown, let's roll video from skyfox last night. after penndot engineers found crack in the column, between penn's landing, over pass, goes all the way over into old city. most folks probably ride underneath it on 95. there is 95 here in the penn's landing area. so with that structural damage, that they found, closed indefinately, let's go back to our maps here.
6:48 am
detour, asking a question, come down chestnut at front street, you just make right. you go to dock street. dock right in front of the sheridan there will get you over 95. >> cobblestones. >> yep, and onto columbus boulevard, or you can use front, race street, bridges you right on down to columbus boulevard. and, really that area that's closed, that loop around, where the three septa buses here in center city. so they're going to hold right on front street there. so it would be little detour, little confusion, but i would rather have the detour and confusion versus what could have happened had they not found that crash, i mean, that whole overpass there would have just dropped right down below on 95. >> thank god for inspections, bob kelly. >> you ain't kidding. >> 6:48. police are investigating, speaking of septa, after septa bus strikes two people in olney. fifth and godfrey in olney. shortly after it happened, just before 6:00 last night, the bus was reportedly making
6:49 am
a left onto fifth, when it struck the victim. as they crossed the intersection. ninety-one year old woman is said to be in extremely critical condition. her 68 year old nephew was not seriously hurt. police are investigating to determine if charges are warranted in this case. >> cars broke known on university campus. >> police say some of the cars had window damage, others had smashed windows, that would be window damage, as the suspect tried to get inside these cars at villanova university. cars were there overnight, and belonged to members of villanova's football team. the team was away at the time for a game in connecticut. one of the cars had a credit card in it. the suspect later tried to use that credit card at a gas station, it was declined, thank goodness. anyone with information call rad for police.
6:50 am
>> all right, coming up on 6:50. well, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says that after eight years on the job, it is time for him to go. ramsey will leave the department in january, and it is a date when mayor michael nutter will leave offers. so hiring ramsey one of the first moves made by mayor nut nerve november of 2007. since then the year to date crime stats show that murders are down by 32%, though the numbers are actually up a bit from 2013 and 2014. now, ramsey tried to track he will other problems such as complaint over stop and press being and police involved shootings, and more community involvement. ramsey request add department of justice stud toy review those issues. but now, after more than 40 years of police work, that included working in chicago, also in washington, d.c., ramsey says his decision to leave philly was his and his alone. >> it is just time. i mean, i have been at this a long time. now, i am not tired. i am not burned out. in fact, i'm actually in my prime. >> ramsey says there is more
6:51 am
that he wants to do when it comes to policing. you will remember samly selected the head of the task force on 21st century policing. meanwhile, current first deputy richard ross likely top candidate for the job, but there are several, about six people that might be up for this job. >> fire them off for the daily news. you got richard ross, kevin bet epp, chief inspector joe sullivan, septa transit police chief, and then we have bill the radnor township police chief. and michael chitwood. >> yes, chitwood. so we just have to see who will be next in line. >> 651:67:89 police warn of an old scam, with a new twist. pse&g says someone is calling small businesses and threatening to turnoff their gas and electric, if payment is not made right there with a pre-paid like credit card over
6:52 am
the phone. scammers are intimidating the company's, what? >> they're imitating. >> oh, imitating, the scale ers are imette st. guillen dating the voice response system. who but that? when customers call the number back they hear something similar to what they would hear on the real cup tomorrow err service hotline. give out their financial information. you can't be doing that. if someone is contacted you, threatening to turn off your gas and electric, if payment is not made immediately with prepaid cards, there is a number to call before you make any payments at all: 800-436-7734. we will put it on our website >> well, coming up: a lot of people are following this lamar odom story, found unresponsive at a broth nel las vegas. doctor joyce will join us how doctors are caring for lamar odom. fifty-50 chance of surviving.
6:53 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> thirty-six this feet. >> woman has baby mid flight. >> can you imagine if you were on this flight? flight head today los angeles from taiwan, made an emergency landing in anchorage, alaska, with a extra passenger. does that passenger to pay? woman on board delivered a baby. it was girl. thanks to the help after doctor, who happened to be on the flight, the doctor had this to say about the surprise birth on board. >> the flight crew was very
6:56 am
helpful. bringing me any medical equipment that i needed, helping me out with the patient, they were basically like my stand in nurses. >> your moment of zen. the mother went no labor eight weeks early. both mom and baby were taken to the hospital and as the fcc says, mom and the baby are doing just fine. >> and she should probably tell her child this is the only free flight you will ever have in your life. because after that prices are going up. >> that's right. women, this is not how college is supposed to be folks. temple university again, two armed robbers overnight, robberies overnight, one on campus, one just off campus, just a day before parents weekend. >> and we will tell but this season's hottest halloween costumes. there are some trend out there that you may not be aware of. >> is it elsa again? >> oh, i hope not.
6:57 am
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>> you know it is parents weekends at temple. two student robbed, overnight. we will take you to the temple campus. >> and an update on lamar odom's condition. love ones are reportedly praying for a miracle. the latest on the former nba star, and closer look at what exactly was found in his body. >> and is she the worse auntie ever? one woman sued her nephew for
7:00 am
$120,000. all because after hug. >> i don't like to be touched. >> you're fracking me out. >> hi, 7:00. thursday morning. we will have nine on a scale of one to ten. >> that's right. tell us a tail. >> the tail of our number of the day. different look, if you haven't watched couple of days. nine out of ten today. really seasonable, us a some weather. bus stop buddy needs jacket at the bus stop this morning. make sure to have fleece or something on. temperatures in the 40's, 50's out there, this morning, as cooler start than it was yesterday. you see few clouds mixed with the sunshine, 10-mile an hour breeze, out of the northwest, and we're moment from the sunrise time, convenience time as we say. 7:11 is the official time. so nothing t


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