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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> fantastic. >> good. >> lamar odom, reportedly on life support, and apparently one person making medical decisions, like the last person i would want, new details during this last hour have come into us. we will pass them along. >> getting personal (her comment about her own experience, really getting a lot of attention this morning. >> and, you two have been talking about this, 150 years of alice in wonder land. we're bringing the magic of the novel to life this morning. >> i had no idea so much of a connection. >> to philadelphia? >> to philadelphia. >> like 150 years old. >> well, kids can get excited and celebrate this weekend, we will tell you where you can go. >> cool. >> kids still love it. look at that. >> it is all coming back to me now, hey, as you're trying to win over say future
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mother-in-law, you might not want to take approach like stop kissing up to her, because we've all done that. >> had might help you avoid this situation right here. >> oh, i'm so happy for you. >> oh! >> bunch my favorite scenes in a film. >> always research, right? >> n and studies say you should stands to up your another in law, take the as certify prepare, win her over, let his mother know you intends to make her son happy. and be confident you're the right one for her child. >> be strong. >> scientists say the worse thing to do, avoid dealing with your in-laws, study also found, it is actually easier to win over the moms, than it is to dad. >> i can see that. >> ya. i would say that in my case. >> but i can see the mom, the dad, in the female case, not
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the female. >> ma'am happen's boy, you can't rink wimp over. >> if you are the groom winning over the groom easier. >> gentlemen. >> make sense. >> why are you looking at me like that? you know the cross over, woman to woman, little hard. >> yes, but you know, you take the guy, man out it play golf something, don't get to know each other better than the mom. you bond like that. >> yes. >> the woman? >> no, the guy. >> the guy goes out with the dad, the father-in-law. >> no, i thought you said the opposite. >> cross over. >> be harder, woman, it would be hard r for me to win over my mother-in-law. >> than the dad? >> than the dad, yes. >> so zaza man, it would be harder to win over the dad. >> but if you like to go out and play sports with him, stuff like that, go to ballgames, get to know them, yes. that whole chat stunning. heidi klume is spilling details about her life as a single mom. now she was married to seal. >> seal. >> seal. they had four children. and they unsealed their marriage.
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>> they unsealed the deal. >> they've been divorced. >> yes. >> the latest out of red book. >> she always felt like mom and dad. so basically she is saying he didn't real dow anything, split them in 2012. >> both the mother and the father? >> that's right. she had to dot both things. >> wow. >> she said even when they were married she had to pull double duty because he was always on the road with his musical career. she said women are used to being multi-talented, multi that is king, men less likely to do. that will they have four kids they are raising and she said she kind of doing it all. >> they have 11 years old already. >> wonder how i feels she is saying in. >> probably not very happy about it. >> you sign up for something like, that right, when you noah person's in the limelight, they're traveling, they have a career, you kind of know. >> one time a woman said to me, i don't opportunity have any more kids. >> right?
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>> i'll take care of t you don't even have to do anything. >> but you still going to stay together and not do anything? >> probably not. >> no, still stay together. >> how are you going to be together with someone and not take care of the kid? >> of course, i'm just not cut that way. >> she is trying to take the pressure off you, it is, i won't hounds you. >> i don't want to go to "disney on ice", i don't want to go to chuckie cheese, burden of proof the baby. how in her minds how this will play snout. >> just want the kids. >> sit at the dinner table and she is feeding the kid and you're just watching her struggle by her he? >> she said she signed up for it. >> interesting. >> she just is yapping to get the job done. >> that's right. talking new it. >> no way can just let somebody -- not be stressed out about it and pay for their college,. >> so i'm guessing it didn't work. >> the owner of more than dozen prominent restaurants in new york sit, guess what they are doing? >> i like this. >> they are doing something, we need to learn about here in philadelphia. with a couple of restaurants,
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you can't tip, well, they doesn't want you to tip any more. you don't to tip. >> ceo meyer, runs the hospitality group, his job to serve employees fairly. those who work in the front of the house, they receive tips, the people who work in the kitchen, they don't. and he said that's not fair. so now, he'll just pay all of his employees the higher wage, so there won't and difference. >> one of the greatest restaurant in the country. >> but saying, mike there is concept isn't new. restaurant in philadelphia, fishtown section, also eliminated tips. >> you know what street girard is on? >> what? >> girard. >> i like this idea. >> i mean, i do happen i don't. because what did you say, merited based sometimes you've gone to restaurant and that was just bad service. you don't opportunity leave a tip. >> but now no one get a tip because everyone will be paid equally supposedly.
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>> aisle get tips, that's part of the job. >> in the back? >> you know you won't get tips. it is bart of the job. >> part of the job doesn't mean it is right. >> i think that's just being nice. >> but more than just is her have i put together a meal. >> talking maybe the bus boys but don't you know going in, taking a job. >> here is the thing, even if they say no tipping, what if they do real great job. am i supposed to walk away, not tip? tip on top, that you already get a tip from your boss? i think people will still leave money on the table. >> what? >> oh, no, queen of heart. >> oh, my goodness. >> hi, good morning. >> look in that camera over there. look at you. >> oh, hello. >> welcome, queen, do we address you as queen? >> queen please. >> all right. >> are you from -- where are you from? >> from the rosen back museum. and we are celebrating one ooh years of alice in wonderland.
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>> i remember i bought the first copy. >> so then you've been cleared often. a lot of people are tweet being this. true or false questions about things you didn't know about alienees wonderlandment we did true or false, alice lived in philly. >> so was it manuscript oral us? >> that's attributing i one. if you say true, you're correct. if you said false, you're also correct. >> wow. >> alice actually real alice did not live in philadelphia. but alice the manuscript actually lived in philadelphia for 20 years. >> hold on second. manuscript doesn't live. just it is a piece of paper. so the paper, the blah, manuscript thing, was housed here in philadelphia. >> for 20 years? >> exactly, before it went back to england. >> do you know what it was it actually traveled around, but was in this area.
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>> didn't get lost? all right, let's test more knowledge. want true or fos question? >> let's do it. >> free pair of red and white sox. >> trowel or false, the mad hatter and the cat were in the original store. >> i all right, smarty pant, what was it? >> do you have talk to her as queen. >> oh, excuse me, madam. is that true or false? >> that is false. >> what? >> wasn't in the original store. >> i very interesting. >> now, tell me this, maybe this has already been discussed, but i just wasn't listening. so if you go over to rosen back museum, first of all, where is that, queen? >> just south of rittenhouse square, on delancey between 20th and 21st. >> that's one of the sweetest most lovely streets in the city. >> in fact, in this country. they shot six sent over there. >> just couple of doors down from us. >> oh,. >> i see dead people. >> how about that? >> what was the.
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>> i. >> oh, is the original manuscript even in philly as we speak? >> it is, visiting us for this week, at the rosen back through sunday. open until 8:00 p.m. >> okay. >> nice to meet you. thanks for coming by. >> thank you. >> that's kind of cool. >> actually sweet queen of hearts. >> very sweet. >> because the real one -- >> oh, she was -- okay. speaking of, not so nice, empire last night? >> oh, my goodness. >> oh,. >> yes. >> holly? >> yes, empire night. i'll fill you in, don't worry. okay, so you know i like to tweet, we talk about it, now, some people watch empire for the act being, of course we are love the acting and all of the people on there. some people watch it for the music. boy do we get new music last night. what do you think to think of and about the money. we'll play it for you right here. >> ♪
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>> a lot every great come bent this show. you know, casino of catchy. what do you guys think? so this will be like the theme song of the season, a lot of people are saying foresees on two. you know, last season about the money. they want to get more and more money. >> this time like cookie want her own label, jamal, hakeem, fighting over who will have more power, jamal in control. so really is about the power. but, you guys saw that video, right? some people wait a minute. that whole music video they it, looks little familiar. can you tell me why? come on, i know you're tupac man. california love. >> ya. >> ya, so -- did you notice this? let's play california love. >> ♪ >> california ♪ >> so people saying wait a
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minute. i would have not even made that connection. >> yes, the cage, but that's from what the 90s or probably 20 years ago, some of these music makers, can't shall more than 22, 23. >> but everyone knows this song, this is very big song. but nothing wrong with it, i guess, and little inspiration. >> sunk in there somewhere. >> they did empire style. >> yes. >> so, we'll go to another big theme. everyone talking about this, cookie; she really becoming the very thing she said she would never be? because, you know, to me it look like cookie snitched. >> i don't know, i really don't, but what i do know is that think were fighting over this radio station. >> that's the one. >> then they start getting, yes. >> interesting. >> she could have said i know
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he didn't. >> yes, but i don't know. i think she snitched. some people say no, no, no, she wasn't snitching. that will was just a plan, she something, you know, but did you see her eyes, like what would i do now. >> always has a plan. >> what did you think of the episode? >> there was this one, everyone is wondering what about uncle vern, are we going to toeing about that? he will, with they talk about it last night. >> andre, they all have the same -- oh, my gosh. >> oh, gosh. >> could be anyone. >> could be anywhere. >> so big moment, you know, we
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new that uncle bernie was killed ends of last season but weren't really talking about them, andre, no, we will bring up uncle vernon, make sure they're looking for him, they want information about who killed monkey. i know, i'm getting onto it, but the point is every single one has a hole, but lucious ends up popping up, right, because he was tracking andre, and so you realize, hey, i don't know what you are doing here, right? but i think it is important, reason why i take this quiz, because of the fact they kept saying there are so many holes, because i think there are cameras in those holes. because seriously, did you see the holes, all the same size, exactly same shape, when lucious came out, only mentioned empire fans that he track andre's carp. he didn't mention the holes. i'm telling you, it will come up later. >> if you don't watch empire, you know what this seems like? it is like whether a guys come back from playing golf, and he tries to describe. >> let me tell you what happened on the eighth hole. my drive went off to the right, in the trees, right? so look. >> hey, listen, for the people
9:14 am
who watch empire, you all know what i am talking about, tweet me alex holley, we're discussing all of the fans, they don't get it. >> makes sense, i know, you have to go to sleep. ended when big bang, i won't spoil t there was big surprise. >> what was it? >> i'm not going to. >> she don't want to spoil it. >> for the people who haven't seen it yet, like me who have to go to bed early. >> big surprise. okay? but, you know, i love chatting empire. so yes, alex holley fox 29. if you scroll down little bit, last night, there is a picture of cookie, yes, ma'am, look at that, and there is a lot of comment that we are all talking about. so chat with me. >> where are you on facebook? >> alex holley fox 29. holley. >> yes. >> all right, sue, that's your empire recap. >> thank you because at least you left me something. because dvr, dvr right now, i'll go right home and watch it. >> meantime let's take a look at weather because we've got
9:15 am
another we had temperatures in the 70s erring early part of the week, have temperatures starting in the three's by the end of the weekends, and daytime highs in the 50's. so the chilly changes are coming, high pressure in control today. see the sunshine? gorgeous autumn morning, no rain, with a about tomorrow though when the secondary cold front comes through? cold air behind t but we don't really see a lot of rain coming with it, maybe sprinkle or two, for the north of us, still in the 40's, we're at 54 degrees in the sit, already up to 57 degrees, in wildwood, very crisp and awesome autumn day yesterday, see the average high of 67, will be right around that again today. high of 66. stray shower possible, but by no stretch rainy dayment autumn chill saturday. saturday night is the temple
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game. have found billion up for that at the linc, frosty start sunday with temperatures in the 30's, to begin the day, 50's, for the end of day tuesday and wednesday next week, approaching 70 degrees, so i think we've taken you through the foreseeable future, miss lauren? all right, sue serio. we're ready, rosen back museum bringing the magic every alice and wonderland back to life celebrating 150 anniversary of the novel's publication by displaying the priceless manuscript. meeker and alex? >> wonderful new world, walt did i any brings to glowing life adventures of alice in wonderland, based on the beloved story. share with alice the wonderful
9:17 am
things she's seen. >> mike and alex outside telling us more about this occasion. >> lauren, already little bit mad orest anyway. >> now we have our hats on. >> mad hatters, derrick, come over here. are you with rosen back museum? over thereon delancey street? seems like something, would this be cool for kids? >> absolutely. >> are you open snow. >> cool for everybody, we will be open at noon today. >> okay. >> also having festival at dilworth park noon to five, come out, try incredible. >> and this will all be fun? >> at dilworth? >> dilworth park today. >> free. >> that's fun. >> month long series of event? >> now, for kids, everybody thinks of this as classic of little girls, go great for adults now kids of every size, shape and age, where are the
9:18 am
construction workers? i don't remember them. >> when the book came out, they had the mad hatters, tea party with the mad hatter. >> there is rumors, you know, lewis carol, wasn't in on a little something to get these crazy wacky stories is that a rumor? >> persistent rumor. nobody really knows. >> okay. >> the chapter about the caterpillar who is smoking his water pipe, people wonder what was lewis carol smoking. who knows. who knows. it is a funny book. full of surprise. >> people love the tea party, so you'll be having tea party throughout the month? >> i sure hope so. >> our partners it free library producing whole series of programs for kids of every
9:19 am
able. and a lot of information on our website about what is happening when and where. >> the website? >> www.rosen >> we'll put it on our website to >> i learned so far because i had no idea as we had such a connection to philadelphia to alice in wonder land. good to meet you. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you, queen. >> lit's play some croquet? obviously. >> hey, question for you. food or sex? us from freighted when your love life, the one food you should have in your shopping cart. but first, here is a look at your lottery numbers from last night.
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>> you now what i will do out in the woods this weekend? >> look at the fall foliage. >> leave pep, yes, i'm search but ever get thereby the mushrooms out in the woods? >> excuse me? >> sounded like a little -- >> sounded like it, well, shitakki. >> take the kids out of the room. so i can talk freely here. scientists in the state of hawaii say they've discovered a mushroom that if a swam smells it, she'll have an orgasm. >> what? >> yes. >> want me to tell them more? >> you tell them. >> okay, you tell them.
9:24 am
>> this is what i found out when i did this research? okay? >> you don't even have to eat it. they say they found an orange mushroom in the recent lava flows that instantly makes a woman climax, simply by smelling it. >> so what about the smell? >> that's what triggers -- haha. >> what, huffing in the mush. room -- >> wang is in the fungus. >> the fungi, well, fun guy if you happen to have the mushrooms on you, but the fungus of hormones, close to -- it goes through the transmit nerves your brain, and instantly ahh. >> rolly? >> really? >> yes. >> basically a woman smells it, and her body thinks she is having that. >> that's crazy. >> that is.
9:25 am
>> so what do they have them at wegmans? she is like where can i get them? >> where are they? >> they're only in hawaii. >> in the lava? >> as a result of this lava that's been spewing, well, it's been spewing out. recently, matter of fact. >> always smiling, they don't ever leave? >> there is one right there. >> oh. >> i don't know. i don't buy it. >> well, the last line of the research. >> what? >> do you want to hear it? >> yes. >> there are some reports that this doesn't really happen. >> only one way to test it. >> so find the mushroom. >> i've booked three flights to hawaii. >> toluene lulu. >> i'll go to hey owe. will you be pitching? >> just take note. yes, someone needs to write down -- >> when are we leaving? >> right? >> likes to watch.
9:26 am
>> oh, no. >> so, i don't know. i'll do more research on. that will you know what? it is thursday, so, who wants a mushroom omlet? >> me! >> i'll have what she is having. >> what is up? >> hey, order up. good morning, everybody, coming to you live from a place that has years every history, so much so, mom and dad met here as workers, eight years ago, and now they're here having breakfast, with fiona and luke. coming to you live from the haines cafe in port richmond. coming up next. >> ♪
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all righty. taking another live look over here at ben franklin parkway there the fountain there. >> it is chilly out there. >> i am not getting in that, nope. for more than ten years this cafe in port richmond has been serving up quality food and breakfast for brunch and lunch. >> you love this place. >> i do. it is the the perfect spot for breakfast. >> i know lauren, they have their picture up on the wall you come here so much. by the way you have an outstanding bill from saturday, we will take care of that for you. good morning, port richmond. >> good morning. >> we are coming to you live from the hinge cafe here, in port richmond. mom, come on, cute babe a alert. what are their names. >> this is emma and avery. >> emma a and avery. >> emma is scared. she was my business friend until we all started to shout. so we will walk away here. okay, i'm sorry, uncle bobbies sorry. come on here, first of all, if i told you a woman was in business, she doesn't like
9:31 am
coffee, she doesn't like getting up early and she doesn't cook, who would have thought she would own a restaurant. say hello to simon. thanks for inviting us out. >> thanks, bob. >> show me the the menu there. but, then during the course of the day, get this, every day, here we go, it is a chalkboard. tell me about this, a special every day. >> chalkboard is full of sees mal specials every day. so hall of our menu here, half of the menu here, we are pleasing people with the regular is a and people who want something different every time they come. >> how long have you been in business. >> i have been here for 11 years. >> eleven years in the neighborhood. folks behind me with the two little kid, they have come here from northeast philadelphia to have breakfast. our very own lauren dawn johnson comes here for breakfast. she said i have to try car on the cake. come on back here, georgey, ready, we are seeing everything set up here. is what your name. >> linda. >> will you play piano for us. just kidding. show me stuff we have made
9:32 am
here. the first of all george, our cameraman has been slobbering over this here since we got here. >> our cinnamon pancakes known as heaven on a plate. >> take me to heaven. >> pumpkin french toast. >> breakfast brushetta. >> you have little breath. >> goat cheese with the grilled crustinis, pesto, egg, cheese. >> um-hmm. what do we have here. >> super spicy breakfast burrito. >> yes. >> is it spicy hot. >> it is a little spicy. >> a little kick to it. >> a little kick to it. >> what is this here. >> this is our pumpkin latte, we have farmer apple cider and thinks our autumn hash, sweet potatoes, kail. >> if you are not stuffed yet, this is what lauren told me i have to try. take a look at the size of this car on the cake. >> it is momma simon's homemade car on the cake. >> momma simon is over there. george, turnaround.
9:33 am
momma simon, momma simon, where are you? where is momma simon, the maker of the car on the cake. how is the food everybody, good. >> great. >> hinge cafe in port richmond. you are opened every day of the week. >> seven days. >> you don't like to cook, but you hate getting up early. >> but i like to eat. >> if you would like me to come tour favorite spot hit me up facebook, twitter, or on our web site at fox back to you guys in the studio. >> they better bring me back some car on the cake. >> it looked looked thick they were going to kiss. >> bob doesn't like personal space. >> he is an offenders. >> 9:53. earlier in the week, what was it tuesday, democratic presidential candidates took to the stage, out in vegas for their debate. there were five of them. while i'm listening to the debate i'm going who is vermont senator bernie saunders sound like? who is it? then i realized, here is
9:34 am
bernie sanders. >> when i was a a young man, i'm in the a young man today, when i was a young manny strongly opposed the war in vietnam. not the brave man who for the in that war. >> bernie sanders. >> george stein brenner character from seinfeld, listen. >> yes, george, come in, come in. >> i am seeing in this country, too many lives being desteroid. >> we have a criminal justice system that lets ceo's on wall street walk a away, and yet we are visiting or giving jail sentences... . >> what are we doing. >> that is bernie sanders voice, no, i want to hear george stein brenner's voice. the the voice is played by larry david, man who created the series seinfeld. >> i think it just shows other
9:35 am
people agree with you, mike. >> yes. >> they made a mash up of it and said you can do this. >> it is okay. >> are you okay. >> i'm's fine. >> okay. >> spa day. lets get back to this other story. we have new information about the lemar odom situation, supposedly on life support. there is one person that is making all of the decisions, do you think that ace pope eighth. we will tell you about it.
9:36 am
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ask your doctor about it by name. this is changing day by day here this lemar odom situation in las vegas. let's get to tmz right now. i know you have been following this very closely. what do you have. >> it is not the good.
9:39 am
everybody is praying that he will be able to pull through this but as of right now lemar remains on life support. he he a has organs failing. he is on dialysis. and, people, you know, by bedside are just praying that he will be able to make some sort of recovery. while he has been in the hospital he got an mri and it turned out he has been suffering some strokes, multiple strokes since he entered the hospital. it is unclear if he has brain damage, how extensive it is, but it is not a good situation. >> i know people are confused because jesse jackson came out saying oh, we think he is improving. >> yeah, i don't know if jesse jackson has the full scope of, you know, the full scope of the details or what was going on. i think it was great he went up and visited but it is a lot worse than he was letting on to camera. >> gary, who all is in there
9:40 am
in the hospital? >> well, bedside right now is the kardashian family, lemar's dad, joe, and just last night his, the the mother of his children, his children got to vegas. but chloe kardashian is the one making the medical decisions right now because they are actually still married. even they they have been divorced, they signed off on it, it got backlogged in the court so it is a legal loop hole. they are still husband and wife so she has been making medical decisions for him. also in the hospital are kim kardashian, kris jenner and people have have come to visit. kobe bryant, he stopped by, and, you know, everybody is just hoping that they will be able to see some or the of improvement. >> i know gary, i was watching a press conference on your web site and there were a reporter who asked was there an issue with the transporting le minister from that first
9:41 am
hospital to the second hospital because he could not fit in the helicopter and did that play a part in all this because when they made 911 call he was still conscious. >> yeah, you know, i don't think they have quite understood the the ramifications of how long, you know, it took him to get to the hospital and man that will do to his health. you are correct. they were going to medivac'd him, air lift him to las vegas hospital, a bigger hospital because he was in critical condition, basically but he could not fit inside the helicopter because he was so big. it is weird would you think they would know, who could fit in the helicopter and height measurement, requirements are needed or allowed for that but he could not fit in there so they had to divert him on the ground to the hospital and it took a lot of time. it is still unclear how long exactly he was in the brothel unconscious before anybody found him. >> as we have been confirmed, what is it been confirmed what was in his system there were
9:42 am
different report about what he took while he was at the ranch. >> well, the employees at the ranch, when they made the 911 call they said he had admitted to taking cocaine before he got there, which is a little fishy, you know, i think they may be trying to either save themselves or what, but i think there is more details that will unfold here but he was taking an herbal viagra supplement that we when they name it, it is called relook, we know it is like banned by f.d.a. because it did contain active ingredient for viagra and he took eight to ten of those. the so they are are dangerous mixing with cone yak and cocaine, i mean, it is obviously not a good combination. >> wow. >> you know the guy that runs the brothel, this dennis hof, he is a kind of a publicity hound, will you have him on today? >> we had him on tmz live
9:43 am
yesterday. he went on a media tour yesterday and he was talking to anybody but we had him on tmz live and talking about the situation. you know after the press conference yesterday i don't think he will be saying too much more now because there is a lot of, a lot of details that have haven't been ironed out yet and this will go a little bit wider then just lemar. sheriff hinted at possible prosecution for anybody that was involved if it is found that cocaine was in his blood and being used. >> i was surprised he was talking yesterday. >> he will talk to anybody. >> hey gary, good job, thank you. take care. quick break coming right back.
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i got to tell you, i say this all the time my granddaughter, four and a half years old, she went in the please touch museum on fairmount park. we had to drag her out of there. >> let's go there now, that is where jen is this morning. >> we have moved out to a bigger area. good morning. >> good morning. >> we love you because you do styling stuff. our ladies are still with us. good morning once again. we are here we want everyone to know about this huge party, monster mash at please touch museum october 23rd and 24th at 4:30 we're opening up to members. 5:30 the the general public ace loud to come in. the first year general public will be able to come sianni that is a a big deal. >> it will be fun but not scary. >> a little spooky not scary.
9:47 am
>> so i will take your staff, because some of the things you are doing here. >> i need hands you will be making stuff for the kids. >> you look adorable. >> that is it, i will take your staff, as well. >> so what will you do. >> you can help me. >> we will make these little spooky ghost strawberries. will all you have to do is pretty simple, we've seasoned them up, all we will do is grab one, do you want me to help do it. dip them in. >> she's crazy when we're not on camera all over there. >> and it doesn't stick down. >> yep, good job. >> and then last but not least, we will put faces on here. >> and it is super great little will coast.
9:48 am
>> and, it is simple too, it is not going to go through and get to the orange, edible afterward or food markers and just draw little faces on them. >> adorable. a healthy snack to have instead of the candy. >> i think it is amazing and cool because which you have kids this little it is hard to get them to go trick or treating. it is cool thaw will do that. >> it is a museum wide trick or treat pretty much with lots of food stations, different diy stations, huge dance parties, theater performances all right here. >> i love that we have a runaway monkey, that is going on over there. that is jet, he is one. he is adorable. we have easy, snow white, man live sent, all kind of crazy people. >> thank you. >> so yesterday i had not as much fun. no, i'm kidding.
9:49 am
check out this video, mike and alex, check this out, i was over in new jersey for about four hours. i was doing this, this place i was call, i cannot find it, m and m hunting reserve in pennsville, new jersey. you go through and you get to learn how to shoot and stuff. cool part bit is it raised money for rotary scholarship, send kids age 15 to 18 and a half broad to study. i was there with chad rosenberg and a former professional athlete, rock star he kind of crushed me in the shooting competition. so i will make up for that because tonight, is there a great event, crystal tea room, it is like october fest and massacre raid so it is cool for halloween. the bend fresh yard i, they do all kind of things with children from very severe to genetic disorders to even things like dyslexia. it is called focus foundation. tickets are still a available.
9:50 am
i will there been tonight. so guys, join me. mike, did you like me shooting. >> interesting, yeah. >> what are you doing tonight. >> yes. >> it is a mask. >> okay. >> thates the the police touch museum's monster mash basically. >> um-hmm. >> would you like to see "good day philadelphia"'s monster mash. >> um-hmm. >> roll it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ i like your hairline. >> am i supposed to be dracula. >> eddie monster. >> yes. >> all right. >> people have been asking on twitter, you never told us what you bought on qvc? i had a qvc accident again i bought two things i will tell you what it is in a little bit. >> he is teasing us again.
9:52 am
>> i will tell new two minutes.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
six weeks later, much to my surprise, the mailman came... >> let's get this off my chest. i have been having trouble with qvc sitting there bored and i want that. they make it so easy. you pick up the phone and they have your phone number you say your phone number, you bought something. >> thank you mr. jer rick. >> it is way too easy. >> why don't you have self control. >> i don't have any of that. >> so before i get in the qvc stuff people want to know about my poop. the other day i ate one of the black hamburgers. >> burger king halloween buns. >> and so i read this article if you eat one of those your poop the next day will be green. >> for days. >> reporting back to us. >> i ate it in the 9:00 o'clock hour, 25 hours later, here in the building, it happened.
9:56 am
>> in this building, could you not wait. >> i was trying to make it over to the omni but i could not get over there. >> greenish. >> dark greenish. >> greenish. >> really. >> let's get to qvc. anytime jozy marin comes on, i love her, look at her, she could sell me anything. >> yes. >> she could sell ice to an eskimo. >> she had some argone oil that she could only get from the country of morocco. >> yes, i use it, it is wonderful. >> morocco. >> like a seed could blow over to libya or whatever. >> tell us the story. >> so i bought like i gallon of it. >> yikes. >> it was a big jar. >> my gosh. >> what will you do with that. >> rub it all over your body you can use it the on your body but it is for your hair. >> thank you for the the christmas gift. >> i'm's mesmerized by her.
9:57 am
>> the other thing, that was one. >> i moved to a new apartment and it has really high ceilings. i bought a fake fireplace. >> yeah. >> i bought within of those. >> are you kidding me. >> knowing you just because, knowing you, in the middle, it is probably still in the box but once he takes it the out he went place it in the appropriate place, he will put it in the middle. >> just like this. >> it arrives tomorrow, the oil arrives today. >> maybe it is not even a real flame, it is fake. >> you plug it into the wall and it looks like flames, like this. it put out heat though. >> sue said we will get our first frost soon. >> that is what i was thinking >> perfect. >> if you will ever take it out of the box and use it. >> i still haven't used the poached egg maker. >> can we get back to the black burger, so like the consistency. >> you know that saucer...
9:58 am
>> see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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what every coconut wants. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, have a seat. my girls are alwayserrv ready. i give it two straight no-chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> wendy: hi, guys! yeah. okay. thank you for watching our show.


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