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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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as of yet. so if you or someone you know heads home this way, you can expect some delays. now to our other top story. more than 100 gunshots fired in a philadelphia neighborhood, cars and homes riddled with bullets and right now police fear there may be more violence to come. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy noland is off tonight. all of those shots were fired near a park in south philadelphia and people who live close by are terrified. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave what in the world is going on in this neighborhood? >> reporter: i got the chills. >> reporter: fear is gripping the neighborhood around mifflin square park in south philly after nearly a hundred shots were fired here in the last two nights. leaving one man dead and two wounded. >> it's crazy. it's really crazy. it was a nice park years ago. now you can't even sit in the park. >> i heard what sounded like fireworks which is not uncommon in this neighborhood. >> reporter: car windows were blown out. homes were struck by gunfire,
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bullets bum he haded in walls and car seats here after two rival street crews left the sidewalks litter the with shell casings. >> do we know yet who is it shooting here. >> not at this point. again that's something homicide is digging into. >> probably drugs. >> reporter: it started tuesday night when 51 shots were fired on the sixth and wolf street side of the park. neighbors were shaken by the gunfire. >> a little scary. i would say so. >> reporter: wednesday night around 9:30, gunshots rang out again near this cambodian temple at sixth and ritner. more than 40 rounds were fired there. that's when 19-year-old male was shot in the head. a 40 caliber glock was found in his hand. a 25 and 35-year-old were wounded. >> we're lucky no other individuals were struck by gunfire. like i said over the last two night,. that one homicide is one too many. >> reporter: police surveillance camera is located on the same corner. police are looking for video of the suspects and a motive for these shootings. obviously some issues that's going on.
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we have a number of people that are shot and a number of people shooting at each other, you know, to have them amount of rounds we had the last two nights. >> reporter: now, police sources are telling me this may be gangs involved in the shootings tiny rascal gang and asian street gang from that area and the seventh street gang. police still investigating. coming up at 6:00 there's concern tonight around that park about possible retaliation and more shootings. we'll have that coming up at 6:00. guys? >> pretty frightening, thank you dave. now to a story you'll only see on fox. jewelry thieves taking a page out of a movie script to steal priceless jewels from a local store. philadelphia police tell fox 29 the thieves used an underground tunnel to enter into the time and gold store on 19th and chestnut. get this. the tunnel went through two businesses. one of which was abandoned on 50 south 19th street. now once inside police say they broke into the safe and register cleaning them out getting away with diamonds, rings and other valuables. tonight newark man is behind
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bars after admitting that he murdered a delaware psychiatrist inside her home. new castle county police arresting 21-year-old christopher frick. frick called police saying he stabbed 55-year-old caroline e-con to death early yesterday morning. tonight we have learned that frick met e-con about three years ago and had been planning her murder since that time. according to police, she had no idea that he was obsessed with her and wanted to kill her. he's being held tonight behind bars without bail. and to a developing story in arrest in the sexual assault of a temple student. 23-year-old is a cree bennett racing rape and other charges to night. investigators say he robbed and assaulted a student late last month on the 1400 block of carlisle street. police releasing surveillance video of bennett just before the attack from septa's broad street line. bennett was picked up on an unrelated charge a few days later. today he was charged in that student's attack. more crime tonight involving students at temple university. this time two students robbed at gun point at two different
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times. fox 29's karen hepp joins us live from the campus of temple in north philly tonight. karen? >> reporter: it's pan's weekend this is the last thing you want to have happen when your kid goes here you're an owl. my gosh the parents are coming in, future football games and two robberies. here is the good news on this. yes, we did have two robberies. two armed gunmen attacking men one of them was a football player. the good news actually compared to last year, crime is going down and quite significantly. temple bustling, streets are packed with students and security officer here, patrols there. emergency phones all over plus night shuttles and walking escorts. but it is north philly and there is crime. overnight two robberies. temple football player was carjacked getting chinese around 1:00 a.m. the two gunmen were caught by numerous surveillance cameras at tenthth susquehanna. a few hours later, another young man was held up right by the liacouras center.
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>> i do fear for my safety. always something going on down here any more but, you know, i live on 1500, i live right near 15th street where it happened, but i normally take a shuttle bus or uber. that's the safest way to do. >> reporter: director of temple safety says crime is actually down 29% this year. but they are reporting more incidents from a bigger area so people are seeing more alerts. >> what we're having now is just more information being put out but in reality we're actually seeing the robbery crime going down. >> reporter: with all the added patrols many owls say they do feel safe. >> there's always cops around. like i live off campus on carlisle, and i always see like the security guards riding around and there's always like a call boxes everywhere. i don't know. i always feel safe. >> i don't worry about it. like we have a pretty good security system and i think that's just something that's happened. >> reporter: that's one of the 770 of those cameras that are placed or the call boxes that are placed all over the campus. plus night schultz are starting to run around this time as well.
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they have an owl loop. they have a to your door shuttle actually takes you as it explains right to your door. they also want students to know they can call and have someone walk them back to where their going if it is late at night. so that's the latest on these and as we just saw in the story before this one, guys, iain, they solved that case. they have pretty good surveillance video they'll be releasing shortly and maybe they'll be able to solve this one as well. we certainly hope so. back to you. >> karen, we certainly do hope so. thank you. in tonight two men accused of of beating a gay couple in center city last year pleading guilty. the plea means the two avoid prison time. 24-year-old philip williams and 26-year-old kevin harrigan apologizing for their actions today. officials say the two used gay slurs against gay couple that assaulted them. williams and harrigan will have to perform 200 hours of community service. lgbt center both are banned from downtown philadelphia as well. williams for five years and harrigan for three. a third woman charged in the
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case will go to trial. turning now to your weather authority. live look at lehigh county. this is the view from the renaissance hotel in allentown. another beautiful day. but a big change is on the way. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside our studios. kathy, it was gorgeous out there. a little nippy, but great day otherwise. >> plenty of sunshine, dawn. i know it's interesting about this forecast, each day we look at the computer models the forecast tempers over the weekend get colder and colder. so we are looking at a freeze over this weekend but out here today, just a lovely day. the leaves are turning and it is a picture perfect afternoon. let's show you what's going on not a cloud in the sky in philadelphia. we can see the clouds and the showers moving across lake erie and lake ontario associated with one of two cold fronts that will bring this freezing weather over the weekend. receipt now 65 in philadelphia. 61 in pottstown. and in allentown it's 62. 63 in reading. this evening temperatures will fall through the 60s into the 50s by 9:00 p.m. expect a partly cloudy sky
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during the 11:00 o'clock hour and a temperature of 56 degrees. now, we'll go through tonight. you can see a clear sky. so a cool start to the day tomorrow. during the day tomorrow, we'll watch that front move through. temperatures will only be in the 60s. you'll see a few sprinkles possible in the wake of that front though it turns progressively cooler. now coming up we'll talk about cold shot number one on friday. another cold shot over the weekend, and the frost freeze concerns over the weekend and even into next week. back here live, i've got a guest here from port richmond. thanks for stopping by. >> i want to welcome to you channel 29. >> thank you. >> beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady. >> thank you so much. tell me your name. >> it's joan from port richmond. >> thank you joan from port richmond. i appreciate that. isn't that sweet. >> that is wonderful. >> nothing like a fox 29 viewer. >> that's right. >> they are loyal and they are great. thank you, kathy. sky fox was over the scene of a motorcycle accident in hatfield township earlier today.
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this happened around 10:30 this morning right by the intersection of bethlehem pike and trueing ton road. the motorcycle crashed into the pickup truck as it pulled on to the highway. two people were hurt. no word on their condition. >> chestnut street overpass near pennsylvania landing is closed tonight as penndot crews work to repair large cracks. engineers inspected that bridge late last night and crews began work dag. a crack in one of the columns east of columbus boulevard near the penn's landing parking area means that traffic now on chestnut street is being detoured north and south on to front street. no word yet on exactly when the road will reopen. philadelphia police hoping you can help them identify this man seen on surveillance trying to break into parked cars. it happened on the 1900 block of mckeon street in philadelphia's girard estates neighborhood and police say you can see the man tampering with cars in the video. they say he then breaks the window of one, but an alarm goes off. and the guy runs away. american troops will be staying in afghanistan a little
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longer than first planned. announcement came from president obama today. it comes as the taliban re-emerges inside that country. >> good morning. >> major shift in u.s. policy when it comes to the troop draw down inside afghanistan. rather than keeping a small contingency of about 1,000 soldiers, at the u.s. embassy in kabuls were originally planned 9800 troops will remain through the end of 2016. after that, 5500 would stay behind maintaining bases in bag ram, galeal bob and kandahar. >> as commander in chief i will not allow afghanistan to be used as save haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. >> reporter: would it house maintains the beefed up troop numbers do not reflect a change in mission. saying u.s. military is still playing a non-combat roll. but in recent weeks, the united states has had to come to the aid of afghan forces aft a re-emerging taliban briefly seized the town. >> our forces remain engaged in two narrow but critical missio
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missions. training afghan forces and supporting counter terrorism operations again the remnants of al-qaida. >> reporter: congressional republicans have been highly critical of the president's drastic draw down of troops in afghanistan in the past. ahead of today's announcement, the chair of the house armed services committee expressed reserve support for the administration's new plan. couching it as, it's better than nothing. >> this is not a strategy to win in afghanistan. it is a strategy to avoid a disaster. to avoid another iraq. >> president obama says he did not make that decision lightly during his remarks he spoke directly to u.s. troops and the people of afghanistan saying he would not allow terror to take back any american gains. still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 5:00, an act of kindsness in a local park takes a sinister turn. >> this guy asked for help and then turns on a good samaritan. the attack police want you to see coming up. and target shoppers get a big shock. the sound filling the store that
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had some heading for the exits rushing to cover their kids ea ears. >> and local soccer fields trashed. the dumping going on that coaches are calling unforgivable. why they say it's putting children in danger and what they plan to do about it. a seven-year-old born without hands and feet is beating the odds big time. the lesson we can all learn from this little guy in a heart warming story you don't want to miss. >> all new tonight at 61:00 township in our area trying to put a stop to drunk driving is now partnering with uber. it's first of its kind program. it's expected to safe lives. how it works knew at 6:00.
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philadelphia detectives are trying to find the man who stole a wallet in washington square. investigators releasing this surveillance video today. it happened around 11:00 on tuesday night. police say a 69-year-old man was walking when he was approached by a man who asked for money when the victim pulled his wallet out to give him a dollar the man push him to the ground and ran off with his wallet. a glitch causing major delays for airline passengers for the second time this week. this one happening late last night and lasting into early this morning. international travelers were affected homeland security system that checks names against the terror watch list went down for about 90 minutes. leading to some massive lines at major airports across the cup tree. federal officials say there was never any danger and they don't believe the disruption was intentional or malicious. still passengers as you can imagine were upset. >> the people up there were all cursing. there was people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. crazy.
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people in wheelchair that were like crying. waiting there for hours. they should have had better system like a backup or something. >> this happened just days after technical problems delayed several southwest airlines flights. officials don't know what caused that glitch but say issues like these could become more common. customers are unhappy with hiphop mogil russell simmons over his rush card. users lock out of the their accounts all across the country since monday due to glitch. the company says, it is making progress fixing the issue but fox's zachary quiche tells us some customers are moving their money elsewhere. >> i'm taking all my money out and going to another bank. >> reporter: best known for counsel founding music label definite jam that was just the beginning of russell simmons. users of the rush card like jasmine hod muchs are tough position after upgrade didn't go as planned. >> it's about the grace of god i have my mom, you know, provide fog me i'm living at home but otherwise if i didn't i would real be stranded. >> search al glitch one that's preventing customers from
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getting to their money. the rush card is described online as a prepaid visa to let you shop, get cash at atm's pay bills, buy online and get direct deposit. co rick, released this statement "rush card is work aig round the clock to resolve all these matters. we have restored many of our customers accounts but we acknowledge that there are still customers that need their accounts fixed and their problems resolved. russell simmons has taken to social media himself to address the fallout. users haven't been shy about forcing their frustration. jasmine is one of the lucky ones. she got her money back tonight. >> they were supposed to help us, um, like improve the system but really they didn't um everything. everybody go haywire no one could go get any money. it was really bad. >> reporter: zachary quiche, fox news. former nba star lamar odom remains on life support tonight. odom still legally married to estranged wife khloe kardashian
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was he wasn't to the hospital tuesday after being unresponsive at a nevada brothel. he took cocaine and 10 sexual performance supplements pills before being taken to the hospital. right now khloe and other members of the kardashian family as well odom's family are said to be by his bedside. a pittsburgh woman the latest to file a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby. she met bill cosby when she was 16 years old during an audition for a children's show he hosted back in 1983. she says she broke off contact with him in 1987 after years of abuse. the lawsuit claims that cosby defamed her after she gave an interview about the assaults to a pittsburgh tv station. hill is one of more than two dozen women accusing bill cosby of abuse and is the fourth to sue him for defamation. ordained minister running for reps instead of wills in montgomery county says she will not sign off on same sex marriage certificates. sharon valentine thomas is the current mayor of pottstown.
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the republican is running against incumbent register of wills bruce haines. now haines made headlines by granting same sex marriage licenses before it was legal in pennsylvania. valentine thomas says she will not sign the documents but she says she's not an obstructionist and she would seek court approval to have her deputes sign them. >> a burlington county field trash. officials want to find who left this miss. this is what monday if the members found this morning at the grounds of the indian mills athletic associate in shamong. drywall, studies, old office furniture dumped right in the parking lot. officials say kids play on the soccer field. and it's not only a safety hazard but now it will be a costly cleanup. >> we work very hard. our athletic association works very hard to maintain this, and we sedum pink like this, not only is it abuse at the grounds but abuses the athletic association, the children and the taxpayers. >> officials hope someone recognizes some of the trash and might know where it came from.
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or who dumped it. if you've got any information, please call police. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00, police are called to a mysterious church and they find a dead boy inside. >> coming up how police say a couple's attempt to rid their sons of sin led to murder. plus a bear on the run inside a shopping mall. how it's great escape led to terrifying screams and gunfire. >> plus, texting, check your e-mail, go on social immediate y look up. the mistake you're making that's hurting your health. ♪
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>> for the second time in two weeks lawmakers in kosovo using tear gas to break up a parliament session. politicians against the deal say they're going to disrupt parliament until the government backs out of the deal. kosovo declared independence from serbia back in 2008 but serbia refuses to recognize the succession. >> a state of emergency declared for portions of central texas. wildfire burning more than
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4,000 acres about 30 miles from austin. at least nine homes are destroyed. officials say the fire is only about 50% contain. more than 150 other homes are at risk prompting evacuations. crews have also turned off power to some areas as a safety precaution. >> south african parole board is says oscar pistorius will be freed from prison and placed on house arrest next tuesday. pistorius jailed for killing his girlfriend was sentence to do five years in prison back in 2014. he's charged with culpable homicide. pistorius claims he shot his girlfriend from behind a door because he thought she was an intruder. he was in jail for a year and will spend the rest of his sentence under correctional supervision. the prosecution has since appeal his case saying he should be convicted for murder instead. mother and father in upstate new york are manslaughter -- facing manslaughter charges in connection with the deadly beating of their own son inside a church. police say the couple and four other people beat the 19-year-old and his 17-year-old
5:25 pm
brother at the word of life church near crew toy today. it's believed they were part of an overnight counseling session and the church members tried to force the teens to confess their sins. both teens were beaten. the 19-year-old died and the 17-year-old is in serious condition. >> i'm very sad for everybody because there's many rumors and i don't know what to believe. little overwhelming. >> policeman to charge the other church members involved. neighbors say they had long been suspicious of the church. some even referring to it as cult. former house speaker dennis hastert plans to plead guilty to federal hush money to the federal hush money case against him much he's accuse evidence breaking banging laws and lying to the fbi in an effort to pay $3.5 million in hush money. that money allegedly paid to cover up alleged misconduct while the illinois republican was in office. his decision to plead guilty will avert a trial and keep any potentially embarrassing secrets secret.
5:26 pm
an attorney for the former politician says his client will submit a written plea deal by monday october 19th. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 target shoppers stunned. what came through the store's intercom system that had workers rushing to make it stop. also, ahead, a surprise reunion for a local airman returning home from his 12th deployment. why he had no idea what to expect when he stepped off a plane a short time ago. >> kathy? >> we are getting ready for not one but two shots of very cold air that will put us in the deep freeze. the coldest air of the season. what should you expect this weekend? that's coming up with the seven day forecast as fox 29 news at 5:00 continues.
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♪ here's live look at the french man 94 in the poconos. beautiful fall day out there. the leaves up in the poconos looking great but we're in for a cold snap. kathy orr with your forecast in just minutes. bundle up, right. well if you're loved ones take the schuylkill expressway home it may take a little bit longer tonight and here's why. take a look. we first told you about this breaking story at the top of the hour. a nat bed truck over turning in the eastbound lanes of i-7 i-76r 26th street and university avenue. two people were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions but it is a mess. homicide detectives trying to figure out who opened fire on the streets of south philadelphia shooting three people and killing one. this happened last night around 9:30 on the 2400 block of south marshall street. 19-year-old was shot in the head and died at the scene. two other men were taken to
5:30 pm
local hospitals they're is still no word op their condition. police continue to look for the shooter. students at temple university are on alert tonight after two students were robbed at two different times at gun point. one of those was a university football player who was also carjacked by two men. two different men robbed another student in front of the lay ya corals center. >> very special reunion today in hunterdon county new jersey as u.s. air force man returns home from his 12th deployment. >> our cameras were there for the emotional moment between that hair man and his beloved service dog. >> kira. come here. come here, girl. get your ball. sweetheart. >> that's my girl. >> master sergeant robert disney returning today to his beloved four leg friend and french town, new jersey. while he was away jt gabriel k9 soldiers has been caring for the dog. they care for the dogs of military members while they are away. >> i said to a friend on the way
5:31 pm
here i'm two minutes out and i'm so nervous right now. i just didn't know what to expect. >> as you can see sergeant disney and kira both very happy to be together again. disney has been in the service for 19 years. and just reinstated for another five. so happy to see his owner. i love that. >> they don't forget. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy, i saw you had your big puffy coat when you came in the door. >> she's giving me away. i tell you i'm sensitive to the cold. >> like this one. >> that's one thing we have in common. one of many things in common. yes, you'll need it. dawn is saying i have to walk this weekend. >> sunday morning. >> you're going need your winter coat. for sure. i'd wear my thermal underwear. >> okay. >> that's how i role when it gets cold. you can see this live picture from the airport. wheels up. beautiful afternoon to fly. clear skies, little bit of a light wind. the temperature 65 degrees. the high today so far 66 degrees. right now we're looking at very
5:32 pm
comfortable temperatures. no weather issues still sunny in philadelphia 65. 63 in trenton. 64 in wilmington and 63 degrees in reading. when you look at the northeast as a whole, you can see much cooler temperatures as you move toward the north. ottawa 48 degrees. quebec the same thing so the core of the cold air as well to our north but series of cold fronts will knock those temperatures down. so we have one front moving through friday. another saturday. this area of high pressure drops down. as it does, we will be seeing the temperatures get colder and colder. the peak of the cold air will really come monday morning but sunday will be the coldest yet and then we'll knock those temperatures down again on monday morning. we are talking about a frost or a freeze sunday morning. throughout the entire region with the exception of the shore. so sunday morning and monday morning the concerns frost advisory when temperatures are generally very close to freezing but above freezing. 33 to 36 degrees. a freeze warning just ends your growing season. so a good part of the area will
5:33 pm
be under the freeze warning that is when temperatures are below 32 degrees. so the best advice is saturday night, before you go to bed, cover up or bring in those plants that you can to protect them i know there's a lot of gardens out there. as we look ahead to these low temperatures, how low will they get where you live? here's a look at saturday morning. no issues here. but temperatures beginning to fall. and then after that second cold front comes through on saturday, look at sunday morning. how the low temperatures continue to plunge after saturday afternoon highs only in the 50s. sunday morning in philadelphia thrive. 34 in trenton. pottstown 31. so the entire north and west probably a freeze warning. interior south jersey possible al freeze. i-95 corridor probable until frost advisory and down the shore you have that ocean to protect you from the cold. in the city overnight 50. the suburbs 44. pretty cool overnight. tomorrow 67 with a bit of a fall breeze. winds gusting to about 20 miles
5:34 pm
an hour. as we look ahead for the temple game, bundle up on saturday. it's going to be cool. a little breezy. sunday 53. monday fort birds we're talking about another chance of frost or a freeze. and then you can see temperatures bump up so we're not finished with the 70s just yet. iain, do not despair. more warmth is coming. >> beautiful. my eyes right to wednesday and thursday and those 70s thank you kathy. we got breaking news for you now in chester county. skyfox is live over the 300 block of reading road in elbertson a tree fell on top of someone that person was killed. we don't have any word yet on how this happened. police are still responding at the scene. we of course will keep you posted as we get any new information. still ahead tonight bare on the run inn of a shopping mall. the dramatic way it busted out and how the scary ordeal came to an end. new at 6:00, it's a movie straight out -- it's a move straight out of the pages of a
5:35 pm
hollywood movie script, but this caper played out for real. center city philadelphia the bizarre and bold way thieves managed to clean out a local jewelry store.
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♪ a wild bear is found wandering around this russian shopping mall but didn't seem too happy to be there as you can imagine. you can see it running around trying to figure out how to get out. the bare finally escapes but then runs to playground just down the street. sadly it does not end well for the bear which winds up being shot. local media says it was about 22 or three years old teenager by their standards. shoppers at a california target shocked by what came over the intercom. shoppers say it sounded like pornography. young mom with twins started recording with her cell phone. what she was hearing is so graphic we can't even play it for you. the woman says people offered to help cover her kids ears while others dropped their stuff and left the store. it's not clear how this ended up on the intercom. target is still investigating. a series of small
5:39 pm
earthquakes swarms our shaking san ramon california. there have been nearly 30 since last tuesday. the latest hitting the bay area suburb early this morning. now, those quakes have been steady but small. experts don't know exactly what causes these swarms but say they are not uncommon around fault lines. this morning's was a magnitude 3.2 the largest one yet. >> i was sitting at my desk and it shook the house. i felt it very vividly. >> the bed shook a little bit but i didn't know at the time right beneath my feet. >> residents are start to go get a little uneasy but experts say there really is no cause forea forearm. they've seen swarms last for several months in the past so ones like this lasting only few days are not too concerning. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 naked woman on a rampa rampage. >> she trashed a fast food restaurant in the buff. why police believe had he did it. that's coming up next. >> plus texting, scanning, social media, checking e-mail, you know what you do it.
5:40 pm
look up. the ms. mistake you're making that experts say is hurting your health. howard. >> eagles get ready for the new york giants on monday, another rumor more with chip kelly going back to college football. chip addressed that rumor more and where he could go. that's coming up in sports. for life...
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♪ near fort later call florida highway shut down after this tractor trailer rolled over the truck. truck was carrying color reply involved in an accident with at least two other cars. you can see rescue teams working to troy to get that driver free. hazmat crews were also on the scene determining in there were any leak. the other drivers walked away with minor injuries. no word on the condition of the man in the truck. a cow gets loose on highway
5:44 pm
and cause all kinds of major traffic delays around phoenix arizona. department of public safety releasing this surveillance video. you can see the cow weaving and out of the cars there. he almost gets hit. the animal was reportedly being aggressive even charging at police officers. so they say they were forced to shoot it. alaska woman went on a drug fueled rampage destroying a subway restaurant and get this. she did it in the nude. witnesses say the 35-year-old woman was walk into the restaurant fully clothed before making a bee line for the restroom. apparently she was in there for nearly two hours before emerging completely naked. witnesses say that's when she started trashing the place throwing food, removing ceiling tiles, even spraying a fire extinguisher. police believe the woman was under the influence of k2 which is synthetic marijuana. most of us are obsessed with our electronic devices dependent on instant communication and information. >> that's right. we live in digital world, right we feel lost when we can't find
5:45 pm
our cell phones. >> absolutely. you know, our constant need for technology could lead to some serious medical problems including one you've probably never even heard of. ♪ >> you see them everywhere, people walking while looking down at their phones. crossing the street looking down at the phone. at a coffee shop hunched over end grossed in text conversations checking facebook, returning e-mails, unaware the strain their putting on their neck. staring at a smart phone for hours a day with your neck bent down at an odd angle and seemingly frozen leads to early weigh and tear on the spine. experts are calling it text neck. >> the weight of your head and as you flex and flex and flex you incrementally increase the amount of stress on your cervical spine. >> dr. alex viccaro a spine surgeon and president of rothman institute. he's also the doctor for the philadelphia eagles. have did you varicoses thanks to our modern world and the reliance on smart phones,
5:46 pm
tablets and laptops text neck is an epidemic. >> they're also doing this, rubbing their neck. i was laughing with friends that. had lead to a lot more spine surgery. it will lead to advanced degenerative change. >> because it's a recent phenomenon people don't know why they have text neck. >> people have no idea it's related to their hand-held device. >> 28 year old nurse had uses her phone several hours day and sends countless text messages started experiencing neck pain a couple of months ago and it was so persistent she went to see dr. vaccaro. >> he explained to me that there's this new sort of epidemic if you will that people are calling text neck. i didn't think it was real thing. i didn't really take it too seriously but i thought about it more, and i thought about my posture and i thought about what i was doing, and i realized that has to cause some sort of damage on your body at some point. >> dr. vaccaro says the problem is the human head weighs about 12 pounds. but as the neck bends forward
5:47 pm
and down, the weight on the cervical spine increases at 60 degrees it's 60 pounds. to put that into perspective -- >> looking down at a device like having app eight-year-old child hanging on your neck for two to three hours day. >> adults spend average of two to four hours a day hunched over their phones. that's 700 to 1400 hours a year people are putting stress on their spines. young people are especially at risk. >> i now see kids eight, nine, tepp with hand-held devices in their hand we want to know where they are and so forth but kit have a long-term effect. if you're looking down at that age you will have degenerative changes. >> what can you do? >> first, limit the use of devices. set bound degrees for your kids. erin says most importantly -- >> you want to be holding your device at eye level. you don't want to bend your neck. you want to gaze down. >> using our phones is second nature and they aren't going any r it's important to know foul about the potential damage you can do just by staring at your
5:48 pm
phone. erin who's now doing better has this advice. >> whether it be a young woman like myself who is just mind lesley whipping through instagram or pinterest really important just to educate people and let them know, you know, you are causing harm to your body. you will be miserable if you don't, you know, take some steps to prevent this. >> so what are the symptoms of text next? neck and shoulder pain, chronic headaches even dizziness. as you heard you can solve the problem by holding your device at eye level. take frequent breaks and find another way communicate like this is novel making a phone call. >> or talking in person. >> exactly. a huge gathering in center city to today honoring a musical landmark. historical marker stands outside of sigma sound studios. the studio was start beside joseph arnie back in 1968. it's known for its distinctive sound and recording innovations artists like the o jays, the style less ticks, david bowie
5:49 pm
even city fifty five wonder have all recorded inside the studios. >> it's my hope that this marker will not be the end of the story but instead will provide encouragement for further study and discussion into philadelphia's rich contribution of innovation to the recording industry. >> the studio closed back in 2003. the new marker will allow the studio's history to live on. still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 5:00 a little boy born with no hands or feet turning into a super star. >> he is really beating all sorts of odds. teaching those around him a very special lesson. what we can all learn from this little guy next. new at 6:00 pickpocket attempt goes bad on a septa bus and it's all caught on camera. what happens when it spills into the street. that's coming up new at 6:00. >> plus a skate-year-old man says he just has to dance but his smooth moves, well, not sitting too well with police. why this dancer ended up in
5:50 pm
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[woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. the north star bar fairmount mew zig haven't ye shutting down after 34 years. the bar at 27th and popular says it's closing its doors saturday. filing with the state liquor
5:54 pm
control board says sale is pepping and it will be converted into a new bar restaurant. the normal star bar's website promises the new restaurant yet to be named will have quote even better food and more beer. all right. well they say baseball is america's sport and no one loves being out on the diamond more than seven-year-old may divers. >> he stands out because he was born without hands and feet. >> fox' women galvin has his mazing story. >> when may plays ball he's all in. >> hit me right in the chest. >> balancing without feet. throwing out hands making it work. >> good job. he knows i can do what the other kids are doing. it's just going take me longer to get there and. >> seven-year-old is getting help from game on baseball shannon schneider. >> very athletic as everybody can see. he has god given ability that is some kids don't have. >> there it is all day. >> reporter: their little boy
5:55 pm
has been swinging for the bleachers his whole life. >> he's very determine child, very focused. >> tracy a minister noticed may leaving in crib in chinese orphanage. he picked him up could hartley put him back down. i laid him back down and he starts arcing his back and crying and trying to get and reach out to me. he broke my heart. >> the familiar who'll has four biological ones and three adopted ones brought may to georgia in a huge leap of faith. almost immediat immediately mays blossom. when children's health care of -- surgeons had to amputate his lower legs he used prosthetic. learning how to ride a bike and play baseball. >> it was frustrating to him by the time he would get down to pick the ball another kid had pick it up and thrown it and he wanted to be the one to do it. >> they built may this artificial lower arm. it look like the head of a lacrosse stick to help him scoop you will and throw the ball.
5:56 pm
this is this first time practicing with the. >> try to hit me right in the chest with it. okay? >> okay. >> that's all right. you'll get it. it will happen. >> it will take some work. but may is okay with that. >> we don't have enough time to probably talk about all the lessons we learned from him. his patience, his love for life, bingo was his name. >> may's who are has inspired his parents to open theirs one more time. >> actually started an adoption process for another child. very similar to may. >> this is that little boy. waiting in a chinese orphanage. >> may's first statement when we started talking about this little boy missing his boys, i can teach him how to do everything. >> may could teach us all the game of life. >> very good. >> i had fun. i don't know if you had fun but i had fun. >> what an incredible kid. that was fox's beth galvin reporting. >> quite a story. >> yeah. >> katie perry become the latest
5:57 pm
celebrity to visit cuba sin the us normalized relations with the caribbean country over the summer. she was there as a unicef goodwill ambassador visiting the children' theater company in havana. you can see her meeting with the students at the theater. the children put on a performance for the pop star who even sang along to the traditional cuban song tok0to. >> andrew lloyd webber is taking us to the school of rock much his latest broadway musical based on the popular 2003 movie starring jack black. it will follow wannabe rock star who works as a substitute teacher and forms a rock band with his students. >> he's going to take me back to the time when i was able to write with children and work with children again and to me it's a bit of fresh air really. >> webber released a promotional video to support his new product. it shows a 360-degree music video preview of the musical the show will begin previews in
5:58 pm
november and set to open in december. dance mom star abby lee miller could spent up to five years in jail. she's now facing bankruptcy and federal fraud charges after allegedly lying about her inco income. miller is accused of hiding her income between 2012 and 2013 by creating other bank accounts. the judge started the investigation after miller had already filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. she was flipping through the channels and saw her on television. investigators say found e-mails between miller and her accountant saying let's make money and keep me out of jail. her lawyer has not responded to the charges. ♪ new at 6:00, a stunt you'd expect to see on the big screen pulled off by a hollywood star but this played out for real on the streets of philadelphia. the bold july row store caper only on fox. ♪ and this skate-year-old fella just wants to dance. why his fancy foot work landed him in jail.
5:59 pm
next at 6:00. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. to a story you saw first on fox. something a hollywood screen writer might dream up but it played out in real live in center city philadelphia. thieves pulling off a clever plan and cleaning out a jewelry store. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. burglary happen at 19th and chestnut. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live to explain how the criminals pulled it off. shawnette? >> reporter: well, iain it is incredible let me tell you. they didn't even have to step foot inside the store. i'm told the alarm never went off. take a walk with me. this is where it started. the chiefs made their point of entry here before walking through starting underground through two stores before striking gold at the save here at this july he store. >> danny, is in disbelief. over the hollywood style heist
6:00 pm
that clever criminals pulled off at his rittenhouse jewelry sto store. >> like from the movies. digging a hole underground and coming to the next door and my store. i mean, it look like part of a hollywood movie. that's what it look like. >> reporter: you heard him right. thieves allegedly climbed in through this basement door. then tunneled their way in through a vacant burger joint at the corner of 19th and chestnut. from there, he says they used high powered tools to get through one more store before hitting up the time and gold july row store. >> drilled a hole from the basement to the cleaners. from the cleaners they came make another hole to the wall to the back of my store to the back of my safe drill a big hole in the safe and empty the whole safe. >> reporter: he says e arrived this morning to find a lot of jewelry, diamonds, engagement rings, expensive chains and charms gone. >> they real professional. whoever did that. >> reporter:


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