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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that clever criminals pulled off at his rittenhouse jewelry sto store. >> like from the movies. digging a hole underground and coming to the next door and my store. i mean, it look like part of a hollywood movie. that's what it look like. >> reporter: you heard him right. thieves allegedly climbed in through this basement door. then tunneled their way in through a vacant burger joint at the corner of 19th and chestnut. from there, he says they used high powered tools to get through one more store before hitting up the time and gold july row store. >> drilled a hole from the basement to the cleaners. from the cleaners they came make another hole to the wall to the back of my store to the back of my safe drill a big hole in the safe and empty the whole safe. >> reporter: he says e arrived this morning to find a lot of jewelry, diamonds, engagement rings, expensive chains and charms gone. >> they real professional. whoever did that. >> reporter: back here life
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it's unclear the value of the jewels that were taken from this business. but the owner says that this same type of heist actually hammed at this friend' stores. his friend own as jewelry store an mark street. that was a year ago. we just spoke police. they're following up to see if any surveillance vide surveillae area caught anything. >> two delving stories at 6:00. sky fox over the 300 block of reading furnace road in elbertson. police say a tree fell on top of someone killing the person. no word just yet on how this happen. police are still responding to the scene. of course we'll keep you posted as we learn any new information. slow going on the schuylkill expressway tonight. a flatbed truck over turning in the eastbound lanes of i-76 near 26th street and university avenue. two people taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of their injuries or their conditions. a philadelphia neighborhood riddled with bullets over the past couple of nights more than 100 shots fired in all. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins
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us live outside police headquarters. dave, police and that community trying to put a stop to this deadly violence. >> reporter: iain, they're trying to put stop to it but they are concerned about another possible shooting. this looks like two street gangs shooting it out down there in south philadelphia. people were hit. homes were hit. cars were hit. windows blown out all over the place. tonight the neighborhood and police are concerned about retaliation. >> it's a little scary. i would say so. >> reporter: neighbors who live around miff fin square park in south philly say it sounded like a war zone the past two nights with nearly a hundred shots fired. when the gunfire ended wednesday night, one man was dead, two others were wounded. >> obviously somebody shooting that's going on we have number of people that are shot and number of people shooting at each other. to have them the amount of rounds we had over the last two nights. >> it's really crazy. it was a nice park years ago but now you can't even sit in the park. >> reporter: bullet bull blew or windows.
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homes were struck by gunfire. bullet fragment fragments were imbedded in walls and car seats after two rival street gangs lit up the night with gunfire and left the sidewalks litter the with shell casings. >> another indication of too many guns on the street in the hands of the wrong individuals. >> reporter: it started tuesday night when 51 shots were fired on the sixth and wolf street side of the park. neighbors were shaken by the gunfire and worried about retaliation. >> the district captain will address that issue and make sure we have that area covered now to prevent any type of incident or try our best to prevent any type of incident that can possibly take place. >> reporter: went night just after 9:00 gunshots rang out again near this cam body i don't know temple at sixth and ritner more than 40 rounds were fired here. a 19-year-old male was shot in the head. a 40 caliber glock handgun was found in his hands a 25-year-old and 35-year-old were wounded. >> do we know who is shooting at who here. >> not at this point. again that's something homicide is digging into. >> reporter: there's a police surveillance camera right on the
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same corner where wednesday night's shooting happened. police are looking for video of the suspects and a motive for the shootings. >> we'll work be see what we can do and get the people response al for this off the streets so no one else in that neighborhood is in fear. >> reporter: now police tell us tonight they're looking at the tiny rascals gang and the seventh street gang. two rival gangs in that area possibly shooting it out. they're still continuing to pursue that this evening. no arrests non suspects they're also looking for that surveillance video to see if they have any video of the suspects shooting or leaving that scene. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. to your fox 29 weather authority. nice day but a cold snap is coming. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams life outside our old city studios. scott, a little bit of a chill in the air already but the temperature will really take a dive. >> absolutely. you ain't seen nothing yet, dawn. we're getting a little bit of that fall chill in the atmosphere right now here in old city. but this is what we can handle right now. folks are out and about and once
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again it's kind of comfortably cool if you're stepping outdoo outdoors. just grab that light jacket or sweater. we're dry as we look at ultimate doppler that will hold true over the next couple of days. might be a passing sprinkle but the bigger deal will be the change in the temperatures. right now the philadelphia international airport 64 degrees. the high temperature today made it up to 66 degrees. and as we take look at other high temperatures, atlantic city 66 that was a popular number. wilmington 66. 64 degrees in reading as well as. (ton. so right now, we have a couple of upper 50s north and west. on average temperatures in the low 60s. but those temperatures will drop into the mid 50s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. and when i come indoors we'll talk about the ingredients needed for a frost advisory across our area, but there could be a freeze as early as this weekend. we'll talk about how it gets coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. to men accused of beating a gay couple in center city last year pleading guilty. the plea means the two avoid
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jail time. 24-year-old philip williams and 26-year-old kevin harrigan apologizing for their actions today. officials say the two used gay slurs against a couple then assaulted them. williams and harrigan have to perform 200 hours of community service at an lgbt center. both are banned from downtown philadelphia as well. williams for five years and harrigan for three. a third woman charged in that case is going to trial. arrest in the sexual assault of a temple student 23-year-old is facing rape and other charges investigators say he rob and assault add student late last month on the 14 hun hundred block of carlisle street. police releasing surveillance video of bennett just before the attack from septa's braugh street line. bennett was picked up on unrelated charge as few days later. tonight he's charged in that student's attack. that arrest coming as police investigate two crimes involving other temple university students. this time the students robbed in two separate incidents at gun
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point. fox 29's karen hepp joining us live from temple. police don't think these two armed robberies are relate. >> reporter: they don't think they're related. both cases they happened about two hours apart. the suspect descriptions don't match. if they're going to go after a football player they did in one of these cases you know they'll go after anyone. it's pan's weekend. parents will panic. we decided to check the numbers op this one and there is good news. crime is actually gone down on campus over the last three years and a lot just this year. temple football player was just getting chinese her from the rose garden at 10 many and susquehanna when two armed guys decided they wanted his cadillac then took it. that was at 1am. two hours later, different gunman held up another student right in front of the liacouras center. >> it can happen to anybody which is like always scary thought. >> reporter: it's actually happening less and less according to the director of temple safety. >> first of all, we're down 29% with our robberies. however, we understand we got to
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do more. >> reporter: why does it seem like there are more cases? >> security is putting out more alerts on more kinds of crimes for a wider area. >> last three years we've seen steadily decline in this type of crime happening around the campus. we bolstered our patrols. we've added additional bike patrols. >> reporter: plus there are security phones and night schultz and walking escorts. many say all these measures are making a big difference and they aren't overly worried. >> there's safety poles everywhere. like you can contact, um, any authorities. there's cops pretty much every corner, whether they be temple university cops or philadelphia cops. >> there's always cops around. relive off campus on carlisle, and i always see like the security guards riding around and there's always, like, a call box everywhere. i don't know. i always feel safe. >> reporter: so there are call boxes all over the campus. 770 of them. they're one of them right there and certainly students do mick use of them if they do have the need for all of that, but they campus security would like to
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have people focus on the statistics this weekend of their football team which has a great record right now. they're five and zero. we hope that's where our the a tension will be as we head into the weekend. >> he was hired to help educate children now one camden man is behind bars charged with having child pornography. camden county prosecutors say 80-year-old rudolph cube had numerous hard drives containing images and videos of child pornography. now the video was discovered after an investigation into a pier to peer file sharing program noticed videos of child pornography being downloaded from cube's home. investigators say cube is a member of the magnolia school district, the board -- school board there and he's also a crossing guard. the philadelphia police department announcing today two ice cream maker bandits are now in custody. police say these two guys were wanted for stealing ice cream maker from ron's cafe on north broad street in fern rock it happened last month. surveillance video caught them allegedly bringing the nip
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thousand dollars machine out to their car before driving away with it. somebody who saw this video on the news recognized the car, called police and the cops then found the ice cream maker intact in the suspect's garage. a new sea wall project underway aim at protectin protee northern end of atlantic city. us army corps of engineers and new jersey epa officials beginning to build that wall today on the absecon inlet. they're also replace an old section of the boardwalk that was already in rough shape when super storm sandy damaged it even further. during the storm parts of that boardwalk floated on to city streets. the project is expected to cost just under $33 million. still ahead a local township teaming up with uber. why leaders say the move will save lives. a pickpocket attempt goes bad on a septa bus. it's all caught on camera. what happens when spills into the street. and he's got happy feet. a skate-year-old man he just wants to dance. why his moves landed him in
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handcuffs. >> howard. >> chip kelly is he leaving the eagles to head back to college football? now chip addresses the question and sam bradford explains his comfort level now with his new team. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> philadelphia police need your help tonight take a good look at this video. police say a man was trying to get off a septa bus in olney when another man tried to pick his pockets when the man asked the suspect what was he doing another guy comes up from behind him and pushes the victim right off the bus. and started hitting and kicking him knocking him to the ground. both guys take off running. if you recognize either of them, police want to hear from you. the dwi and dui arrests are down in one new jersey town. police there say it's all because of a popular program called evesham saving lives. the town is partnered with local restaurants, bars, police and i can bare to provide safe rides for people who want to drink and have night out out town. the goal is to provide evesham residents a safe alternative to
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get home safely. >> people have no reason to drink and drive any more. if they do, as lamb agency we will be out there and we will arrest them to pro he can the innocent. >> people drinking in evesham who do not live in the township will be offered discounted rides home through sober sam program that's a designated driver service that operates in philadelphia and south jersey. utah man finding himself in court for dancing. >> he cut loose and now he's being charged with believe it or not disorderly conduct. take a look. this is steve unger. he's 68 years old and known to salt lake city locals for dressing up and dances up to 10 miles day waving as he goes along. last august, police watched him dance around an intersection before walking up and cuffing him. he was blocking traffic and charged him with disorderly conduct. his trial is set to start in a few weeks. unger believes the jury will vote in his favor. all right. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. another beautiful day out there
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today. >> gorgeous. >> little cold. >> yeah. that's what's coming i think. >> yes. >> beautiful today, though. >> it really was nice seasonal afternoon. temperatures topped out in the mid 60s across the area. but we have high temperatures in the seven day forecast only in the 50s. live look right now at the philadelphia international airport showing a pretty comfortable evening right now. 64 degrees. the high temperature 66. winds right now are out of the west at about 9 miles per hour. we can be talking about frost advisories across the area for the upcoming weekend and also some freeze warnings. so what are the ingredients that you need for that frost on the old pumpkin we're talking about a cold air mass that is going to be moving in from canada. we'll have clear skies. the winds are going relax. now for frost you actually need those temperatures slightly above freezing. it looks like most of the area will have that some of the area will have temperatures actually below freezing. so as we take a look over the next several days, you can see those temperatures are going to
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be changing so right now, once again not that bad. we're looking at 64 degrees in physical. 62 in atlantic city. upper 50s in pottstown as well as allentown. but take a look at some of the numbers once you head into canada. you can see temperatures are in the 40s. so some of that cold can fade yann air will continue to spill toward our area. dry, quiet right now but not one but two cold fronts that will be watching the first one will be moving that was during the day on friday. maybe a passing sprinkle but it should be a dry front then the second front moves through on saturday. ushering in some of the coldest air of the season. so for your friday, once again a mixture of sun and clouds out there. there might be a spotty sprinkle far north and west. this is around five, 6:00 o'clock in the afternoon. as we move toward your saturday, it's going to be kind of chilly temperatures only top out in the 50s. as we take a look at what's going to be happening over the neck several days you can see that real second push of cold air doesn't really arrive until friday or saturday night into
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sunday and that's when we can be talking about a freeze as well as the frost advisories across our area. take a look at some of the numbers as we predict. sunday morning we're talking about a freeze possibly toward sections of the lehigh valley pocono mountains. temperatures dipping below freezing for several hours and then right along the immediate i-95 corridor, immediate suburbs we're looking at temperatures cold enough to support some frost and then it looks like along the shore temperatures will be warm enough to avoid that frost due to those water temperatures still in the 60s. also, for the upcoming weekend, excellent leaf peeping opportunities toward the pocono mountains, we are talking about peak fall foliage as we move farther north and west nearing the peak and patchy to moderate color showing up right now across sections of philadelphia into south jersey and also delaware. but by neck week, we're looking at pretty near peak conditions. alzheimer's walk this saturday
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in wilmington, bundle up, temperatures to start are going to be in the 40s. so there will be a little bit of a chill along the waterfront. for tonight in the city, 50 degrees partly cloudy comfortably cool. moving ahead to tomorrow, temperatures top out in the mid 60s again. a fall breeze. but once again look at that seven day forecast. high temperature on saturday, 56 degrees. so chilly for that temple game. bundle up and as we move toward sunday morning, temperatures in the city upper 30s once again likely frost advisories. freeze watches could be posted tomorrow north and west. staying kind of chilly for monday. temperatures only in the 50s but we recover. 70s back on the map by the middle and latter part of next week. >> i have a charity walk on sunday morning. it's going to be cold. >> longjohns. bundle up. >> there's no eagles game on sunday not until monday i'll do leaf peeking. >> peeping. >> peeking, peeping, i'm going to look at the leaves. >> let's hope the eagles are
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peaking. >> zap sam bradford discusses his comfort level with the eagles and chip kelly addresses rumors of his heading back to college football? that's coming up in sports. >> what's up philly i'm marsha williams. >> i'm head crack. miley cyrus getting naked, ya' ya'll. >> isn't she always naked. >> this time she's doing it on stage. she announced she would be touring with the flaming lips. i didn't realize she was going to take it that far. >> they plan on spraying milk all over the whole audience. >> the mill doesn't the body good. >> tune into dish nation and this and other stories we're dish nation about.
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♪ the eagles getting closer to the game they really do need. because the eagles have put themselves in this position with two and three record. they do need to win. eagles are four-point favorites monday night against the giants. hard to believe but the eagles would be in first place in the division with a win. sam bradford came off a better game last sunday against new orleans and players i spoke with were impressed with the immediate meeting bradford called 15 minutes before the last game with offensive players. players were also surprised as they were just listening to the music by their lockers. being with the team now for awhile makes a difference for bradford. >> i'm very comfortable. obviously i've been around here now, um, you know, going into
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sixth week of the season, how many months it's been, i feel like a lot of times sometimes people question my leadership just because i'm quiet. they don't see what i do behind the scenes or the relationships i've built with those guys. >> ever since chip kelly left oregon his name has always popped up in head coaching jobs in college football the latest rumor more has chip kelly possibly going to southern cal. not happening. but they are looking for a head coach. so he gets the questions. he said no to usc but maybe another school? >> north texas state. armadillos or whatever. in keep asking questions. it will be over quickly. >> i hope one day to be like coach coughlin to win enough games i can stay around long enough. i understand you have to ask the question. i answered the the first year and last year. >> the mets and dodgers play the deciding game of their play off series tonight in la.
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blue jays moved on with dramatics. to toronto. in the seventh inning took close to an hour. jose battista with a score tied at three. after a disputed call and the top of the seventh the fans through everything on the field they held up the game and now -- encarcio toronto took the lead. the other pitcher is whining and crying. can't everybody just be happy? just like head crack? (laughter). >> can't we all just get along? >> no problems. he hit a homerun. emotional. >> it was one of the best bats. >> exactly. >> all right. that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. thanks for watching. we'll seal you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ññ
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lamar odom 911. >> i need you to hurry please. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> clues to the tragedy. >> and the owner of the brothel versus the kardashians. >> tell khloe kardashian to go to hell. >> first look inside the bordello. >> this is the only public area he visited, the bar, where he bought a bottle of cognac. >> plus what we've learned about the two women who were there. then, breaking her silence, the so-called aunt from hell who sued her eight-year-old nephew. >> we love each other very much. >> even her nephew says he loves her. >> i love her, and she loves me. >> then, exclusive. the woman who got kicked off a plane causing a passenger mutiny. >> boo! >> what she says really


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