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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 16, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> the consultant says registrations should not play blr list to often they are not the lead is in our solid. >> aicher application up to a lot of artist. >> that is. [bleep] i have ever heard if. >> is a picture right here
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wings and horns on his head? >> 98% rent increase by a wall into landlord affecting 360 apartments. is approved the ted is would have to pay your the double the current rent. >> 744 it will be 1400 for a one-bedroom apartment which i cannot afford to. >> check out this video. in its you see the tenet is asking for help. >> cry of asking people to help me. >> 26 with the mayor about what happened at the meeting he said last monday at a
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working meeting about 60 residents came asking for help. >> last monday we had a work session and about 60 residents took part and came forward. >> to give new idea that a privately owned housing complex in the '70s parted the agreement of the mortgage from the state that it provide housing for low-income tenant. >> if you are above the poverty abubble but in between and they don't have the resources to pay market rent. they are caught between a rock and a hard place. >> but many have become in disrepair that is why the landlord is asking for the massive increase. >> did they have a hearing? >> no. that is what they say. there has been no hearings
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or public comment. period and the mayor expected that there would be. >> the tenants have 30 days to make comment so it is very impend when dash important that they make it known to the state agency. >> everybody showed up. read they objected. >> legally still within her rights but is it justifiable? >> it sounds like the lamb board does not have the resources to make up basic repair. there is something to be said to our market value has to reflect what the market will bear to live in decent conditions so if the loss said that you can't then who puts up the money? >> here is another question that has been raised i put
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the agree with the state they agreed to provide low-income housing that deal is up 2019. >> ideal for all those people i cannot imagine if my housing costs and double. i get it but the landlord does not owe somebody a living. but i don't know any of their choices. >> but in order to get good ratings they should not play female artists too often and definitely to artists back-to-back. i contacted the records they are not the lead is it an hour summit it is shelton and keep urban and artists like that the rest is the female a gave birth to a tomato gauge.
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martina mcbride and cassidy held in bed together to celebrate women in country music sponsored by music giant pandora. i spoke to martina mcbride she said it was misguided. >> they feel that somebody understand as i am going through. >> ♪ >> i also spoke to cassidy she is season three winner of the voice and the reason she got into country music was because of superstars
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like martina mcbride. >> i'll look up to a country artist so this is of big deal it is an honor. ♪ >> i also spoke to a star of the voice and that she was happy to be a part of that movement. >> with my big hits on country radio it will be epic. [laughter] >> but iran does lambert said this is the biggest bunch of. [bleep] i have never heard. >> i agree. >> what is the worst part of this? ♪ >> it is it the onion but it
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is the tomato. is easy to draw any opinion that has to do whether money or revenue and a the minute it has a statement that sounds offensive they say it is sexist web based on money? >> but martinez mcbride has had over 18 million albums clearly she has been on the radio. >> it is a racist or sexist. >> if that walks and? like a dad pitted zadok -- if it is the doc. [laughter] >> 100 years people are searching for the ride jersey double but a picture service to the other day and he chased it and you found it?
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>> it has gone by role of man took it on his way home from work from the alameda golf course it is spectacular he concede the wings and the horns on its head there are some skeptics out there that the e-mail from dave black and i spoke to her. >> he said the picture to meet to claim it was the jersey devil. honestly it is a fun picture i decided to write about it because it is fun and play around with of look of our favorite legend at the garden state. i think it is a stuffed animal. just saying. >> i also spoke to the
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paranormal team that i did go haunted story with. >> she is pregnant with her 13th child and she was said to be a witch and she actually said this child will be the devil. he came out to kill the midwife but was locked in the attic because he was malformed ended down look-alike. >> to come now with week to hunt the beast. >> we're on the hunt for the devil. guess what? had made contact. i made serious contact.
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the other shoulder. >> he keeps coming in. completed a boy talking about he? i really wanted to catch him but i couldn't. [laughter] there is something roaming around you? the picture was he was already airborne then disappeared any lead on where he went? >> i saw him right here their exile legend of with
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the 13th child ended up bed where he is but hopefully i can catch him. >> premium -- to be continued. >> kevin has created a formula. >> i've got use of deodorant >>
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>> today is october 58 that more importantly national plug day -- pug eight darr. go hog day pug. >> head trader turned
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entrepreneur created a formula to eliminate the funk. >> if you put a little number heavy metal on to your skin bad things can happen. >> he was greeted by government in its tire they he claimed is a precaution. once they caught a with of the vanilla lavender he is not cooking drugs. without revealing his secret i will walk you through the process. what and dry ingredients. this set is gender neutral.
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but it is from commercial deodorant the aluminum found and that is where it comes from? so one jar last two months it is only $10. right now he makes small batches. >> there is no applicator? >> you just use a dime size of mount -- amount. i put it on this morning with my fingertips. ♪ ♪ i smelled great and i still smelled great.
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he could make up to july to 50 jars today right now it is her order he looks for potential customers. >> it feels funny because really? deodorant? >> how much? >> how long does this last? i was distracted. >> two months. it does it cause those stains those are from aluminum. >> would you drink this water? people all around the world villagers in africa at to american soldiers don't have a choice but but company
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makes those people's lives better by turning this water into this. >> if there is essential and we can deliver clean water. that is the ceo of the company spent six years building water purifiers operated by solar energy the product has gone around the world to haiti and iraq and mississippi. >> the water is available to you after have budget should be shed of the water. >> to see the old standards in action. >> i will drink that. >> 7 feet by 7 feet it can be delivered by helicopter or truck wherever it is needed.
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>> that water purification system takes the dirty water from a fresh water source then finally passes through altered by the right -- ultraviolet light then it destroys them. >> the first pure fire as part of a contract but now all they go into a developing world there are three on stand-alone a - - standby going to south carolina to help people better devastated by the floods cynically bader for drinking and bathing.
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far less 1 penny a gallon. >> and doing good work will still remain profitable. they're doing this to the micro griffin level - - bred level with those massive never structure projects that could cost millions good old-fashioned american ingenuity. >> the kids have the right american ingenuity. >> the kids have the right to ride
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dear fellow citizen, i get that it's hard to say no when your kids want toys, because you're saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen.
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>> some of the areas that involve young people wind was documented via the chasers. but they are fighting back
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but like a nonprofit that is where this comes into play. entrains public-school teachers with resources and the support that they need to make sure all kids have the right to rock. especially those that are economically disadvantaged. but this organization has been a rap -- allowed to block since 2002. ♪ >> we're all family here. >> this is unjust for one time they work hours after
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school because it is their time to shine. >> if you say 7:00 tonight? >> aias the kids what they're doing after-school. >> i could save you from the wrong crowd after graduating it prevents me to step down at their level. >> there is a lot of learning how to read the music that looks easy to me and i sat down at the piano and i did all right. ♪
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but i will not quit my day job anytime soon. >> i was so bad i could not successfully play the recorder. in fifth grade they stuffed it with cotton. >> this champion is fighting for her right to box spinnaker biggest opponent >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hey there, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are looking at a cold snap moving our way. the coldest air of the season over the weekend and into next week. two shots of cold air, one moves through for your friday, one on saturday. high pressure dips all the way down to the deep south so the chill is on everywhere. temperatures over the next couple of days cooling down
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quickly. morning lows sunday and monday
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oh, for gloyvin' out loud. (exclaiming) (school bell ringing) (barney belches) (whistle blows) (yells) (beeping) (playing harp solo) (playing harp solo) (tires screeching) d'oh!


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