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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 16, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> ♪ right now at 10:00, like something right out of hollywo hollywood. elaborate and daring heist pulled off by a group of thiev thieves. >> but this jewelry store caper didn't play out on big screen. it happened right here in philadelphia. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. thousands of dollars in jewels and valuables gone and a business owner still can't believe it. fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside that jewelry store at rittenhouse tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: you said it. it is pretty unbelievable. the owner of the store behind me says that the alarm actually never went off because the
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thieves never stepped foot inside the store. he actually believes that they got to his safe starting with the business two doors away. >> i don't understand how nobody hear nothing all this banking all this cut. >> reporter: danny opened up his rittenhouse jewelry store time and gold this morning and made shocking discovery. >> i'm opening the safe door and i'm seeing big hole empty. empty. >> reporter: someone that cleared the safe of expensive diamonds, engagement rings, chains and charms even more shocking the way he says the thieves got in. through this basement door to a vacant store two businesses away at 19th and chestnut. >> they drill a hole from the basement to the cleaners, from the cleaners they came make another hole to the wall through the back of my store to the back of my safe. drill a big hole in the save empty the whole is that right. >> reporter: the thieves tunneled their way through without setting off any alarm. young kim showed us the hole
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they made in his wall to get to the jewelry store safe. >> i thought the ceiling fell down. i open the bathroom door a big hole there. and i turn around and see another hole there. >> reporter: investigators are checking to see if any surveillance cameras from nearby businesses captured the crooks going in. whoever did this is a professional. >> dig a hole in the ground and come into the next store and my store, i mean, it's just like part of a hollywood movie. that's what it looked like. >> reporter: and back here live, here again is that ground basement door that the owner believes this all started. investigators tonight telling us that they have recovered evidence tools they say left behind that the thieves used to get into that save. they also tell us that the thieves used a fire extinguisher spraying it to cover any fingerprints and dna. back to you. >> incredible shawnette, thank you. >> yes. new tonight cops on the hunt for whoever opened fire in southwest philadelphia and
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had stabbed 55-year-old caroline to death earlier yesterday morning. tonight we have learned that frick met e-con about three years ago and had been planning to murder her ever since then. according to police she had no idea that frick was obsessed with her and wanted her dead. he's being held tonight behind bars without bail. on your radar tonight taking some of that fall feeling. calm and comfortable for most of the day feeling the same way tonight here's live look look what's going on outside old city. meteorologist kathy orr we're
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enjoying it because i know the cold is coming. >> do you, iain. i know you don't love the cold. our first of two cold fronts will be moving through the delaware valley as early as tomorrow morning. these are the showers associated with it. but by the time it makes it into the delaware valley, we'll see a few clouds and maybe a few sprinkles. right now in the city it is 56. 45 in millville with light wind. 51 degrees in allentown. and 52 degrees right now in reading much as you plan your day tomorrow, light jacket or sweatshirt required. as the kids head out the door. cool to start at 52 degrees. and 56 by 9:00 a.m. partly sunny an cool breeze developing late morning into the afternoon. the noon temperature 63. so a pretty decent day before the wind begins to build and then we see that second shot of cool air. let's time it out for you. as we move through the day tomorrow we see a cool shot moving through and you can see the clouds streaming from the northwest with a strong northwesterly wind building. after that second shot of cool air moves through on saturday, you won't believe this. it will be cold enough to see some lake enhanced snow showers
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over the great lakes. so we are in for a major change coming up we'll talk more about the two shots of cold air that will lead to frost and freeze concerns across the region this weekend and into next week. i'll have the numbers coming up later in the broadcast. see you then, thank you kathy. a pickpocket attempt turns violent on a septa bus. it's all caught on tape. that incident spilling into the streets and now philadelphia police need your help tonight. fox 29's chris o'connell joining us live from septa headquarters. chris a lot of people saw this happen. >> reporter: that's right, dawn much this brutal beating happened at the height of rush hour on one of the busiest septa lines in the business. video was released tonight by septa of this vicious beating and police are hoping it won't take time before this guy is caught. take a look at the guy carrying the dufflebag on to septa's 26 bus monday afternoon just before five. moments later, police say the suspect on the left tried to
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take something out of this man's pocket and that's when the suspect pushed the 65-year-old man off the bus and on to olney avenue. then comes the beat down captured on septa's on board surveillance system. >> it's disgusting these kids aren't brought up right. >> reporter: michael jacobs saw the whole they know go down. you see him in the video right behind the suspect. he says was about 16 to 18 years old. >> i saw the guy got beat on the ground. he got dropped. he got knock out. it's disgusting. >> reporter: after throwing punches the suspect calmly boards the bus again. you can actually see the victim lying on the ground motion less. moments later another man shows up. police also want to talk to this guy as they both walked away from the attack. >> normally, it's a safe area. >> reporter: neighbors in the east oak lane neighborhood are left shane. >> it shouldn't be happening. i mean, how can they defend hisself? >> reporter: the victim
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suffered cuts and bruises including six stitches to the face. if you know either of the two men in this video please call northwest detectives. dawn? >> all right, chris, thank you. things are moving again along the schuylkill expressway but a much different story before rush hour tonight. skyfox giving you an idea of just how bad the traffic was. take a look. you can see what caused the gridlock. this flatbed truck rolling over in the eastbound lanes near 26th street and south university avenue. paramedics rushing two people to the hospital. still no word tonight on their injuries. authorities have since moved the truck and traffic is moving again tonight. some people are en route on their way here. >> dozens of teachers and community members gathering in front of philadelphia school district headquarters in spring garden today. they want school leaders to get a budget passed they're also
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protesting a plan to convert three schools into charters. school reform commissioner met tonight at a regularly scheduled public meeting. he was entrusted with the education of children and now camden man is behind bars charged with having child pornography. camden county prosecutors say that 80-year-old rudolph cube had numerous hard drives containing images and videos of children and child pornography. the video was found after an investigation into a peer to peer file sharing program noticed videos of child pornography were being downloa downloaded from cube's home. cube is a member of the magnolia school district board of education and is also a crossing guard. more crime tonight involving students at temple university. this time two students robbed at gun point at two different times. all of this as hundreds of family members arrived to meet students this weekend. >> fox 29's karen hepp shows us what investigators are looking to ahead of parent's weekend on campus. >> reporter: temple were you
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sells, people are packed with security and people. there are night schultz and walking escorts. but it is north philly and there is crime. overnight two robberies. temple football player was carjacked getting chinese around 1:00 a.m. the two gunmen were caught by numerous surveillance cameras at tenth and susquehanna. a few hours later another young man was held up right by the lee cora center. >> i do fear for my safe team always something going on down here any more. i live on 1500 -- i live right near 15th street where it happened, but i usually take a shuttle bus or take an uber. that's the safest way to do it. >> crime is actually down 29% this year. but they are reporting more incidents from a bigger area so people are seeing more alerts. >> so what we're having now is more information being put out, but in reality we're actually seeing the prob brie crime going down. >> reporter: with all the add the patrols many owls feel safe. >> there's always cops around.
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i live off campus on carl line, and i always see like the security guards riding around and there's always, like, call boxes everywhere. i don't know. i always feel safe. >> i don't worry about it. like we have a pretty good security system. i think that's just something that's happened. >> temple has 770 call centers on its campus. karen hepp tell us students are hoping everyone focus on parent's weekend and the school's football team instead of these crimes. >> u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan that a announcement from president obama today a major change in policy. major reversal from president obama regarding the draw down of too fast from afghanistan. nearly 10,000 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan longer than planned. the president had hoped to bring virtually all the them by the end of next year. instead he's acknowledging that afghan security forces are not ready to hold off the taliban on their own. >> as commander in chief, i will not allow afghanistan to be used
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as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. >> critic of the plan fear the move is not enough. chairman of the house armed services committee says while the plan avoids a disaster, it is certainly not a plan for success according to the un insurgents have spread through more of the country than any time since the post 9/11 invasion. >> a big shock for target shoppers. the sound filling the stores that had something heading for the exits. >> a local couple loses priceless memories from their vacation. how a total stranger social media and fox 29 helped them reclaim what they thought was lost forever. plus, parents on the way to hospital when mom goes into labor but this baby wasn't waiting. >> that's her head. her head is coming. the head is presenting. >> yeah, there she is. >> the pit-stop this couple had to make and who helped them bring their daughter into the world. >> reporter: a lot of commotion inside this subway
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restaurant. a woman throwing food and making a huge mess and she did it all without any clothes on.
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delaware state police arrested a man for growing marijuana out of the his home. 29-year-old michael garcia was arrested by officers after a month long investigation. police say a search of his home uncovered more than 13,000-grams of marijuana and three guns. he is free on bond tonight.
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two weeks ago a pair of burglars walk away with a very expensive appliance and tonight philadelphia police say they've got their guys. investigators say these two stole an ice cream maker from ron's cafe on north broad street in fern rock. surveillance video catching them allegedly taking the $9,000 machine out to their car before driving off with it. someone who saw the video on the news recognized the car and called police. investigators say they found the ice cream maker intact in the suspect's garage. philadelphia detectives trying to find a man who tricked a good samaritan and then stole his wallet in washington square. investigators releasing this surveillance video today. this happened around 11:00 on tuesday night. police say 69-year-old man was walking when he was approached by a man who asked for money. when the victim pulled his wallet out to give the guy a dollar, the man pushed him to the ground and ran off with his wallet. a burlington county field trashed and now officials want to find whoever left the mess. this is what community members
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found this morning at the grounds of indian mills athletic association in shamong. drywall, studies, an old furniture, office furniture dumped right in the parking lot. officials say kids play on the soccer field on those grounds nearly every day and they say the trash poses a safety hazard and it's also going to cost a lot to clean up. >> we work very hard. our athletic association works very hard to maintain this, and when we sedum pink like this, not only is it abuse to the grounds but abuses the athletic association, the children and the taxpayers. >> officials hope someone recognizes some of the trash and might know where it came from or who dumped it. if you've got any information, please call police. a local couple hundreds of miles from home loses a digital camera filled with priceless images. years ago, that would have been the end of the story. but in this age of social media, it was just the beginning of the story. a story with a very happy ending. >> our bruce gordon spent the night in hamilton township, new jersey, where our couple learned
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a valuable lesson in about the kindness of strangers. >> reporter: donna summers didn't spend all of her time frolicking in the ocean when she and husband tom visited myrtle beach, south carolina last month. >> for some reason i brought the camera to the beach that day. >> reporter: summer's love taking pictures. the home in hamilton township mercer county filled with them but when they left the beach donna realized to her horror she had lost her camera. >> either it's out in the ocean or someone will pick it up and keep the camera. not caring about the pictures. >> summers had no way of knowing a south carolina couple roger val len court and marie were also on the beach that day and found the camera. their daughter spoke with me via skype. >> they were walking along the beach holding the camera in their hand hoping somebody would be like hey, that's my camera. >> worth is worth a couple hundred bucks but the pictures inside were priceless included image of tom and his daughter amber at her high school graduation. >> it brought back memories of that day and it's a touching
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moment. >> jolie an noticed one of the pictures from a family reunion showed a young man wearing a t-shirt that read, bucks county. >> did google research and found that that was in pennsylvania. so i assumed the people would be close to there. >> reporter: jolie an reached out to fox 29 through our facebook page asking that we post the pictures to help locate their owner. we agreed and in no time flat, tens of thousands of our facebook friends saw those photos including tom summers co-worker's wife. >> i'm still shocked by all of this. >> the connection had been made. camera filled with memories is now on its way north to new jersey. >> to me it wasn't trouble. if i was the one who lost my camera i'd love for someone to do the same for me. >> as the summers took one more picture in front of our news van, they reflected on the bad rap often given to social media and humanity in general. >> you never hear any good stories, and when this came through, i thought, wow.
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>> it is amazing thing that there are kind people out there still. >> reporter: camera should arrive in hamilton any day now. heading to south carolina very soon, gifts from the summers to their good samaritans. to thank roger manure for their kindness and jolie an for her detective work. we're just happy to have been able to play our part. bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> great story. the chestnut street overpass near pennsylvania lanning is closed tonight as penndot crews work to repair a large cracks in deteriorating support pier. engineers inspected the bridge late last night and crews began work today a crack in one of the columns east of columbus boulevard near the penn's landing parking area means the traffic on chestnut is now being detoured north and south on to front street. no word yet on when that road will row epp. >> new project has begun to protect northern end of atlantic city. u.s. army corps of engineers and new jersey epa officials beginning to build a new sea wall today on the absecon inlet. they'll also replace an old second of the boardwalk in rough
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safe when super storm sandy damaged it either firm. during the storms parts of that boardwalk floated on to city streets. it's projected to cost just under $33 million. philadelphia district attorney hit the streets tonight to hear from residents from the city of brotherly love. da seth williams and councilman mark quill la along with police and other city leaders participating in the fifth community walk tonight. that walk beginning at harrowgate park on the 3500 block of kingsessing ton street. >> we're here to be a presence not to yell at people through bull horns but to hear the problems and the issues of real philadelphians in their neighborhood so that we can help solve their problem. >> the da says he plans to check back with residents as they work to resolve issues in those neighborhoods. two adorable dogs ready for to you take them home after they were removed from their former owner. pennsylvania spca officials say that man failed to properly care for the pups. he's now facing five counts of
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animal cruelty. pooch and baby girl removed from the olney home back in july. officials found another dog deceased there. the two were treated and rehabilitated they're now ready for forever home f you're dressed call the spca. the last thing shoppers probably wanted to see a bear running wild inside a mall with escape on its mind. the dramatic way the animal burst out and who stepped in to get the situation under control. naked woman on a rampage. food thrown, tables overturned. witnesses in shock. why police think she may have torn this restaurant apart. and taking tips off the table? a new york restaurateur says he has a good reason for it, but not everyone is buying into it. why they're fighting to reward their servers. >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. bridge construction -- bridge inspections underway south on i-95 all day tomorrow if you'll
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be heading down to the airport. give yourself extra time. delays expected up and over that girard point double decker and again tonight into early tomorrow morning the vine expressway shut down between the schuylkill and broad street. that's all due to that 59 reconstruction use spring gard garden, south or 30th street. we'll see bright and early garden, south or 30th street. we'll see bright and early tomorrow morning.
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>> now your wiping lottery numbers.
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♪ >> police say alaska woman went on a drug fueled ram wage causing big-time damage at a subway restaurant and they say she did it all without wearing any clothes. witnesses say the 35-year-old woman walk into the restaurant fully clothed before making a bee line to the restroom. she was in there nearly two hours before emerging completely naked. witnesses say she started trashing the place throwing food, removing ceiling tires, spraying a fire extinguisher. police believe she was under the influence of k2 a synthetic marijuana. >> shocking sounds coming out of the intercom system at a target store in california. shoppers say it sounded like pornography. a young mom with twins started record wig her cell phone watch she heard was so graphic we can't play it for you on tv of the the woman said people
3:25 am
offered to help her cover kids ears. it's not clear yet how it ended up on the intercom and target is still investigating. a woman admits she fired shots at a man in a road rage incident after he through a slurpee at her. now you can see the two cars pulled up to a light. this is in detroit area. a man exchanged his words with a womaman. he says he never got close to her car but admits did he throw his drink and that's when she fired a gun and shot him. listen when dispatchers ask her what happened. >> ma'am, did you say you shot at him? >> yes, die, sir. >> they did get into a heated are a the. he does admit to rolling down his window and throwing what he said was a slurpee. >> the woman is facing multiple charges to night including assault with intent to murder which carries a penalty of up to life in prison. a philadelphia neighborhood riddled with bullets more than hundred shots fired. the efforts to help save a local
3:26 am
community from gun violence. >> driving to your destination without putting your hands on the science wheel might sound like science fiction but one car maker says the future is here. >> elderly woman's trying to get somebody's attention at a gas staying. why she's trying to get away from the man she walk in with. kathy. >> we're looking at temperatures cooling down gradually. a couple of fronts moving through and then high pressure going as far south as the deep south. we're not alone in this deep freeze. the cold air express is on its way. i'll show you how cold it will get where you live.
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 the end of another beautiful fall day. here's a live look at trenton tonight. calm and comfortable out there but things will be changing a big way this weekend. meteorologist kathy orr will tell us what's coming up in your extended forecas for two men acf of beating a gay couple in center city last night pleading guilty. the plea means the two will void prison time. philip williams and kev rin are you began apologizing for their actions today. officials say the two used gay
3:30 am
slurs against a gay couple, then assaulted them. williams is banned from downtown philadelphia for five years. harrigan for three. both will have to perform 200 hours of community service at an lgbt center. a woman charged in the case is going to trial. more than 100 gunshots fired in a philadelphia neighborhood, cars and homes riddled with bullets and right now police fear there may be more violence to come. >> all of those shots fired near a park in south philadelphia. as fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us people who live close by are terrified. >> i got the chills. >> reporter: fear is gripping the neighborhood around mifflin square park in south philly after nearly a hundred shots were fired here in the last two nights. leaving one man dead and two wounded. >> it's crazy. it's really crazy. it was a nice park years ago, but now you can't even sit in the park. >> i heard what sounded like fireworks, which is not uncommon in this neighborhood. >> reporter: car windows were blown out, homes were struck by
3:31 am
gunfire, bullets were left imbedded in walls and car seats here after two rival street crews left the sidewalks littered with shells casings. >> do we know yet whose shooti g at who here. >> not at this point. that's something homicide is digging into. >> probably drug. >> reporter: it started tuesday night when 51 shots were fired on the sixth and wolf street side of the park. neighbors were shaken by the gunfire. >> a little scary. i would say so. >> reporter: wednesday night around 9:30, gunshots rang out again near this cambodian temple at sixth and ritner. more than 40 rounds were fired there. that's when a 19-year-old male was shot in the head. a 40 caliber glock was found in his hand. a 25 and 35-year-old were wounded. >> lucky no other individuals were struck by gunfire. like i said over the last two guys, that one homicide is one too many. >> reporter: police surveillance camera is located on the same corner. police are looking for video of the suspects and a motive for these shootings. >> obviously some issues that are gone on we have a number of
3:32 am
people that are shot and the number people shooting at each other to have the amount of rounds we had over the last two nights. >> investigators believe this is the tiny rascal street gang and another street gang from seventh street that are involved in these shootings. one gun was recovered. police are still looking for a killer and the other shooters who were involved in these two incidents. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. your radar tonight, kathy, beautiful night out there. i know changes are coming. >> big changes are coming. it's going to be gradual and then we're really going to feel the impact by sunday. right now it's pretty comfortable not much of a wind. 56 degrees. the high today 66. winds out of the south southwest about five to 10 miles an hour. right now you can see some of the cold air filtering in. mount pocono 45. 53 in wilmington. 45 degrees already in pottstown. to the north and west, we're seeing some cold air as well especially through canada where temperatures are in the 40s the core of the cold air still far to the north and that will be
3:33 am
moving on in. we have two cold fronts that will be moving that was. one tomorrow morning. so temperatures could be falling in the afternoon. and then the second front moves on through by saturday. in the wake of this front, the core of that cold air will be moving in. and that means major changes in our forecast. so this will be the first frost or freeze for many locations. so a frost advisory will go into effect most likely for sunday morning when temperatures are between 33 and 36. a freeze warning occurs when temperatures are below 32. so remember saturday night make sure you bring in or cover up any plants that are sensitive to the cold because it will be cold sunday morning and even colder by monday morning. so sunday morning the best chance we have of seeing a hard freeze will be through the lehigh valley and poconos. temperatures between 28 and 32. for the rest of us, 33 to 37 as far as the temperatures are concerned. so frost is possible. then as you head down toward the shore temperatures will be milder. 38 to 44.
3:34 am
so no concern there as temperatures will be well above freezing compared to the rest of the region. it will be 50 overnight to with partly cloudy skies, in our suburbs 44. tomorrow 67 with bit of breeze and for kick off for monday night football for the birds we'll start off at 45. temperatures falling to 41. it's going to be cold for the fans in the stands. look at the next couple of days. friday 67. cooler saturday. and sunday. morning lows sunday and monday in the 30s. the coldest yet and then temperatures slowl slowly reboud through next week. back into the 70s believe it or not by wednesday. so that's quite a dip. temperatures plunge some 20 degrees over the next couple of days. and then they rebound right back up. >> we like that. >> yeah, we do. i like next wednesday and thursday. all right. kathy, thank you. >> you bet. >> surprise reunion for local airman returning home after his 12th deployment. the special friend that welcomed him back hours after stepping off the plane. and soon to be parents trying their best to get to the
3:35 am
hospital but their new daughter was already on the way. >> that's her head. her head is coming. >> the head is presenting? >> yes, there she is. >> the pit-stop they made before she arrived and the sp
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3:38 am
breaking news out of west oak lane tonight. fox 29 learning a 22-year-old woman has been shot once in the back, once in the neck. this happening on north 20thth renault vo streets. police say the woman was sitting in a black vehicle at the time of the shooting. she's been taken to the hospital in serious condition. no word on any arrests. in your money tonight popular car maker tesla turning heads again by taking hands off the wheel. electric car company says their cars is now drive themselves. but don't let go of the wheel just yet. the company says its new 7.0 version of software enables tess will self driving features. it's referred to as auto pilot. the capabilities were announced last year and since last september those capabilities or sensors have been added to all model s cars being rolled off of tesla assembly line. the company ceo says in the future, they will be complete hands free driving. >> the car will be able to take
3:39 am
you from point a -- from your driveway without you touching anything. you can be asleep the whole ti time. >> i'll have to see about that. the 7.0 version became available in the u.s. this week. >> entrepreneur behind shake shack says he's taking tips off the menu at some of his restaurants instead of reentrant tower danny meyer raising menu prices in order to pay servers more at his restaurants. meyers says tipping has been a roadblock in the effort to attract top talent. he says behind the scenes employees who are less visible to customers like dishwashers and line cooks will also benefit from the change. >> remember also there have been a lot of lawsuits guest restaurant owners. class act lawsuits by under paid people -- people claiming to be under paid if a person works over 40 hours they need not only get minimum wage salary they need to be paid over tim and
3:40 am
there are a lot of class act lawsuits from people waiters and other staff in the store that's hurt many restaurants. >> red critics say customers deserve the right to reward service or with hold that reward if they're not happy popular burger chain will not be affected by the change. the last thing these shoppers probably wanted to see a bear running wild inside a mall escape on his mine. the dramatic way the animal busted out and who stepped in to get this situation under contr control. and an elderly woman trying to get somebody's attention at a gas station market. why she's trying to get away from the man she walked in with. and special delivery, one that just could not wait. a little girl on the way and parents couldn't make it to the hospital. the story of their daughter's birth that they say t
3:41 am
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3:43 am
♪ wild bear wandering around this russian shopping mall but it didn't seem to be too happy to be there. you can see it running around trying to get out. finally does and then runs to a playground down the street. unfortunately it does not end well for the bear. police chased it down and shot
3:44 am
it. local media says the bear was about two or three years old. teenager by bare standards. >> force flood her own car and held against her will. traumatic experience for an 80-year-old new mexico woman at the mercy her kidnapper but it's what she did when her captor led her guard down police say may have saved her life. >> fox's patrick hays shows us what this elderly woman did to get the attention of a gas station clerk. >> reporter: he tells me he was filling in for one of his employees when an unlikely couple game into the store. >> two people come in and a nan in his 40s an an older lady. probably she's 80. this guy was acting very weird. >> reporter: the suspect got in her car then forced her to let him drive. realizrealizing she's being kild kidnapped the woman talked the suspect into taking her to a gas station to get a soda. this surveillance video showing the suspect telling the elderly woman exactly where to go.
3:45 am
now watch as he tries stopping her from asking for help. eventual she scoots behind the counter behind the cashier. >> and she asked me to call the sheriff's department because she was kidnapped. >> reporter: for about 10 minutes the suspect and the clerk argue. >> the suspect tried to felt clerk that the woman was actually his grandmother and she was confused. the clerk acting on very good gut instinct called police any way and when police were call the suspect took off in the woman's car. >> reporter: detectives released the identity suspect but you can see what he looks like from this video. he was last seen driving the woman's car a 2002 chevy suv. unlikely hero tells me he was doing the right thing and glad she's okay. >> she was very great tull. she came and she thanked me and i told her anybody could have done that, because, you know, the situation she was in, she could have been anyone. she was really scared. i'm glad that she made that st stop. >> arrest warrant is out for
3:46 am
42-year-old andrew se are. inform a. they found the victim's car abandoned this week and used a surveillance video to identify the man. >> very special reunion in hunterdon county, new jersey as us airman returns home from his 12th deployment. our cameras were there fort emotional moment between that ear man and his service dog in french town, inform. look at that. master sergeant robert disney reunited today with his beloved four legged friend kira. now while he was away, jt gabriel and her company k9 soldiers incorporated they've been caring for kira of the the non-profit group takes care of the dogs of military members while they're serving their country. >> i text add friend on the way hear, i'm two minutes out and i'm so nervous right now. um, i just didn't know what to expect. >> it was like he'd been there all along. you can see sergeant disney kira very very happy to be together again. disney has been in the service for 19 years and was just
3:47 am
reinstated for another five. that's a happy dog and a happy airman. >> absolutely. a special delivery for new mom and dad in florida. they did their best to get to the hospital before their new daughter arrived but the new baby wasn't weighting. michael singleton has the story. >> reporter: maya's live likely started much differently than yours. she was born on her grandmother's couch by the hands of her dad andy while he was on the phone with 911. >> 911. what is the address of your emergency. >> christie was on the end of andy's frantic call monday night. >> a mail on the phone said that this wife was pregnant and sunned like she was about to have the baby or in the process. >> that's an understatement the process was in full motion. as christie gave andy detailed instructions on unexpectedly mom's water broke. >> all of a sudden, it's a huge deal. >> you got to lay down. >> no. >> you got to lay down. >> do something. >> as christie track the ambulance and gathered as much
3:48 am
information as she could andy remained calm. >> don't try to prevent this. she said do not try to prevent the birth. if she comes, she comes, okay. >> christie listened as the contractions got much closer together. dad was still on the phone alert and attentive. >> her head coming. >> the head is presenting? >> yeah, there she is. >> with one more push -- >> i got my baby in my hands. >> the baby is completely out? >> the baby is completely out? >> little maya was born. >> i just delivered my baby. >> that is so awesome, sir. >> that is so i was m did you awesome. >> thank you, ma'am. >> congratulations. >> october 13th, her birthday, also a night shift on a tuesday christie will never forget. >> i was more excited for him that he got to deliver his own child that was pretty awesome. >> little maya still at the hospital with mom and dad tonight. they say she's happy and healthy and they cannot wait to take her
3:49 am
home. huge gathering in center city today honoring a musical landmark history marker now stands out front of sigma sound studios on the 200 block of north twenty threeth street. the studio was started by jose joseph, back in 1968. artists like the o jays, the stylistics, dave bowie and stevie wonder have all recorded inside those studios. >> it's my hope that this marker will not be the end of the store but instead will provide encouragement for further study and discussion into philadelphia's reach contribution of innovation to the recording industry. >> the studios closed back in 2003. new marker will allow the studio's history to live on. a fairmount music venue and land mark closing its doors after 34 years. the north star bar at 27th and popular says it's shutting down on saturday.
3:50 am
filing with the state liquor control board says a sale is pending and it will be convert flood a new bar restaurant. north star bar website promises the new restaurant will have quote better food and more beer glamour beer. >> okay. howard. >> how can you have more beer. >> i've got one of the strangest football drills i know you'll ever see. let me just call it ridiculous. and the rumors always persist chip kelly going back to college football. he responded with an answer that was, well,
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ eagles are continue to go get ready for the giants monday night at the linc but it looks like it's another week without the linebacker mychal kendricks and his injury he didn't practice again today and wide receiver nelson ago molar did not practice either with an ankle injury. and there are more rumors starting with chip kelly going back to college if the ball. shocking. started almost his first year with the eagles. chip continues to deny. the latest the southern california head coaching job. chip did have a little fun with
3:54 am
the media on what college job could be next. >> north texas state armadillos or whatever. >> just keep asking questions at the press conference it had been over quickly. i hope some day to be like coach coughlin. i understand you have to ask the question. i answered it the same way a year ago and the my first year ago. >> the eagles hope sam bradford has another step with a good game. the teammates respected his meeting with the offense. he called it 15 minutes before the game. feels better now with his teammates every week. >> i'm comfortable here. obviously i've been around here now, um, you know, going into sixth week of the season. i don't know how many months it's been, i feel like a lot of times sometimes people question my leadership just because i'm quiet they don see what i do behind the scenes or the relationships that i've built with those guys. >> players tell me he's really vocal in the huddle and that's important.
3:55 am
more on the eagles and giants coming up on sunday morning. 10:00 o'clock on fox 29 "game day live". fox nfl sunday at 11:00. we've got a big game redskins and jets you can't miss that one at 1:00 o'clock. the deciding game in the dodgers mets series another good one. winner place the cubbies. let's go to la. two-one dodgers in the fourth. infield shift on. daniel murphy on first. nobody is in the dodgers covers third watch he does he just goes to third and pitcher is supposed to get over there he scored on a having if i lies fly to score the game up at two. what he does in the sixth murphy with a bat flip gives the mets a three-two lead. three-two in the eighth. i do hope it's the mets and the cub. there have been strange drills by players but here's another beauty. bills wide receiver seam watkins blindfolded trying to catch footballs in a drill. i don't understand what that does for you but i think he's getting ready for halloween. (laughter).
3:56 am
>> he's dressing up as a dope. (laughter). >> what is the purpose of that? seriously. >> there is no purpose. >> rex ryan is the coach nothing to do with practice. (laughter). >> he's a dope. >> how do you really feel? (laughter). >> you are what your record says you are. full hour of entertainment news cupping up next. tmz followed by addition nation and chasing news followed by the simpsons. >> we are back at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news begun day physical. sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning long. so be sure to stay tune. have great night and thanks for watching. ♪
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♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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breaking news from franklin mills, a wal-mart employee is stabbed, in the arm by a man who police say, took off with a 42-inch tv. the the story is breaking on the scene and we have a live report coming up. chris? new this morning on fox 29 morning news a beating between teen and elderly man caught on camera. what led to the fight on the septa bus right curing the height of the rush hour. thousands of dollars in jewels and valuables gone and a business owner still in disbelief. how police say criminals got the away with robbing a local jeweler without anyone even knowing. good day it is friday october 162,015th. we're talking about robberies this morning. yesterday. >> i stole your heart. >> i was in macy's center city. just bought a rice cooker


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