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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, lauren. it being called a hollywood style heist how a group of thieves broke in the rittenhouse jewelry store stealing contents out of the safe, how did they do it? we will tell you, up next, chris. we will check back in. meantime a meeting between teenager and elderly man caught on camera, what led to the fight of the september bus right to the height of the evening rush. a special delivery that could not just wait, a little girl on the way and parents who could not make it to the hospital, story of their daughter's birth they a say they will never forget. good day, it is friday, october 16th, 2015. happy birthday to my daughter erin who turns eight years old today good what time does erin wake up for school. >> 6:30 or 7:00. >> the the bus doesn't come until 8:30. >> you have to come back down here and give her april a happy birthday when she sees it. >> there she is. >> this is from monday, we had a monday and tuesday.
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>> yes. >> the the annual muffin mingle. >> that sound like fun. >> it was perfect. >> well, i think you need to put that in the suggestion box. >> we love alliteration here on fox 29. >> fox morning news. >> we have a number of the day, our elevator number of the day, old school elevator, eight out of ten. the just a new look but it is sometimes tough to come up with a good number, to describe the day. we have a breezy day. we have mid 50's to start. we have a seasonal temperature before the big chill this weekend. so, enjoy, what is out there right now 54 degrees in the city as we said. forty-seven in mount pocono. fifty-nine in atlantic city. wildwood, 49. so in some cases like here it the is just a little bit chillier and some cases like down in the shore and millville it is much more milder then it was 24 hours ago. a little will a area of showers, starting to move into berks county and lancaster county, still no expect ago this to hold together and make
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it to philadelphia. we will keep a close eye on it, of course, it was an awesome autumn day yesterday with that high of 66 and we are expecting about 67 degrees. so quiet, comfortable to start. looking good. a nice afternoon. that is awe planner for friday. plan on the long johns for this weekend. maybe in the the that cold. but certainly a shot to the system, bob kelly, after 70's earlier in the week. >> it will be cold sitting out there on those metal bleachers for some high school under the lights friday night there, tonight. good morning everybody. they are out here under the lights, work lights, this is trooper road just off of route 422, overnight paving crew still out here for another half an hour or so. they are still working on the boulevard, paving here, between woodward and rhawn street. the inner drive is still closed, otherwise we're in the 50's, nifty 50's on the blue route, schuylkill and i-95. so far light start. just got word of the vehicle fire on the pennsylvania turnpike at eastbound right at
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valley forge king of prussia interchange there. so look out for delays, otherwise, coming out of the northeast philadelphia on a 14 minute trip. same deal in bound on the schuylkill expressway. watch out for the the deer, they're every where this morning. and then the final, u.s. airways flight arrives in philadelphia tomorrow morning at 6:18 a.m. it is a red eye coming from california. that is last one to fly the u.s. airways logo and after that it all becomes american airlines. right now down at the airport we are looking good with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. still following breaking news out of northeast philadelphia where a wal-mart employee was stabbed overnight. >> they are on the hunt for that attacker. dave kinchen is live at the the scene, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. philadelphia police still on the scene here at the wal-mart in the philadelphia mills mall, everyone knows this area formerly as franklin mills. you can see the the police car there. what i want to do is go to the picture of the suspect. this is a person that
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philadelphia police say they are looking for, a person who stabbed a wal-mart cashier, in the arm, while stealing a 42-inch television. we're told by investigators that this happened around 1:25 this morning. cops say the suspect passed through the cashier lane with the tv and two boxes of boots. cashier confronted him and asked for a receipt. police say the suspect showed a old receipt for a $10 purchase clearly not matching this situation here. that is when struggle ensued. here's what police told us moment ago, listen in. >> while they are wrestling over this television the perpetrator said let go or i will tell you, and then reached in his pocket, pulled out a folding knife, unfolded the knife and attempted to to stab the cashier in his chest. the cashier used his right arm to block the knife and was stabbed in his right forearm. after being stabbed, he left go of the box, the television, and that is when our
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perpetrator exited the store with this 42-inch, sony, flat screen television. >> after that police say suspect got into an altercation with the person in the parking lot while rushing out of of the store to put the tr in his hatchback. that person chased after the suspect and rolled a shopping cart at a suspect's vehicle. the bad guy got away. philadelphia police still on the scene here. there is surveillance video that cops are reviewing at this time. sources in the police department they tell us that this can be a free for all situation. that is word an officer used a free for all to describe the way sometimes people steel items from this store. this is not first time this has happened, guys, back to you. forgetting that they are always caught on cameras dave kinchen thanks very much. clever criminals pull off a hollywood style heist at the a rittenhouse jewel willry store. >> lets get out to jenny joyce, tell us what happened,
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jenny. >> reporter: good morning. it is believed that the the thieves entered through a basement here, two properties away from the actual jewelry store. this is a vacant property. then they apparently drilled their way over here through the cleaners, getting to time and gold jewelry store to the back of the area where they keep their safe. the owner of the time and gold jewelry, danny, says that they were professionals and they knew how to navigate underground tunnels and drilled their way through to find the good stuff. he said the bandits swiped his safe clean of diamond, chains, charms without even tripping the alarm. where the safe is located they didn't actually enter the store themselves. >> i walk to the store, the alarm didn't even trip. i'm opening the safe door and is there a big hole. they are professional. they even took my weapon, over
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there. they are real professional. whoever did that, they did the same thing to my friend a couple years an on market street. >> it is crazy, it is upsetting too. you work your whole life for that and then they are all done. >> he was surprised in one heard drilling that went awe on to pull off this heist. police are searching for surveillance video to see if they captured thieves prior to entering that basement door of the empty burger joint. >> man, that took a lot of work. jenny joyce, thanks very much. 5:07. pick pocket attempt turns violent on a septa bus. >> violence caught on surveillance video. police say man on the left tried to pick the pock of the passenger on the septa's 26 bus in olney. that is when the the pick pocket rushed the six five-year old victim off the bus and started punching him. victim had to get stitches. the suspect calmy board the
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bus again as if nothing happens. police looking for the a attacker and another person of interest. students and faculty at temple university say crime is actually crime in the area. despite yesterday's two armed robberies involving students. >> temple football player was carjacked while getting chinese food at 1:00 in the morning at tenth and sus question hand a a few hours later another student was held up, right outside the liacouras center on north 15th street. now students we spoke with, you know, they have mixed feelings about the safety in that area. >> do i fear for my safety. there is always something going on. >> is there always cops around. i live off campus on carlisle and i always see the security guard riding around and there are call boxes every where. i don't know i always feel safe. >> i don't worry about it. we have a pretty good security cyst tell and that is just something that happens. >> temple safety director says crime is down, 29 percent, this year. he says, that you know, they are reporting more incidents, and bigger areas so people are
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seeing more alerts. neither student was hurt in the robbery. philadelphia detectives are trying to find the man who tricked a good samaritan and stole his wallet in washington square. investigators released this video. this happened around 11:00 on tuesday night. a police said the 69 year-old man was walking when he was approached by someone who asked him for money. when victim pulled his wallet out to give him a dollar the man push him to the ground and ran off with his wallet. police are releasing more details about that horrible, in chester county. sky fox over 3900 block of reading first road in warrick township. police say a tree felon top of him. a scott's tree service employees. the the 44 year-old was using a piece of equipment and did not hear his co-workers warning him to move. they say the tree unexpectedly rotated in the air, hitting the man in the head and he was pronounced dead at the scene. burlington county field is trashed and now officials want to find whoever left this mess. >> look at the the video that we got. this is what community members
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found yesterday morning at the the ground of the indian mills athletic association in shamong. drywall, stud and old office furniture all dump in the parking lot. officials say kids actually use these field to play soccer there almost every day. this trash poses not only a health hazard but big cost for the the city. >> we work very hard on our athletic association, works very hard to maintain this and when we see dumping like this, not only is it abuse of the ground but ate boostes the athletic association, children and taxpayers. >> officials hope someone recognizes some of the trash and might know where it came from or who actually dumped it there but of course if you see it on our video here and you recognize it a and know anything bit you are asked to call police. hunt for mexico's most wanted drug lord. why officials say this could be a a little harder, this had halloween. >> that is interesting. john stamos could face six months in jail, charge that he is could take the a actor from the small screen to the big
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a new project began aimed at protecting the northern end of atlantic city. u.s. army core of engineers and new jersey ep officials are building a new sea wall on the absecon inlet. >> they will also replace an old section of the boardwalk that was already in raw shape when super storm sandy damaged it even further. the project is projected to cost just under 33
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million-dollar. >> still feeling effect from his that storm from what, 202. >> was it october 31st right around halloween. >> coming up on the anniversary. >> yes. >> so remember when i told you i was at macy's yesterday. george and nicole our friend at macy's that watch the show. >> thank you. >> i have a picture with them. i was over there to buy a rice cooker. nicole said i hate to do this but can you please stop for a picture. i took a picture with nicole. i took a picture with george. >> ahh. >> nicole didn't run me out. here's the deal. my rice cooker started at $39.99. then it went down to $29.99 because it was on sale. then i had a coupon or gift card for $20. then i used my plentyi points. so my grand total for my $40 rice cooker was $7. >> that was impressive. >> score at macy's center city. >> i like that.
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>> that is right. >> rice for everybody, right. >> well, bob did the pound cake today so you bring in some rice on monday. >> okay. >> sushi for everybody. >> all right. frost, freeze, we have been talking about this first frost of the season, first freeze of the season expected either sunday morning on monday morning, depending where you live. we will get some frost advisories issues. they are not out yet from the national weather service. you get the a frost advisory when they predict temperatures between 33 and 36 degrees. you get a freeze warnings when temperatures are predicted to be below 32 degrees which is freezing for fahrenheit. so cover your plants orably them indoors if you want to keep them going because you when you see the seven day forecast we have milder temperatures coming back so good idea to bring those plants inside if you can, the impatients that you have going still from the summertime. anyway we have light, light showers moving through berks, lancaster county this morning but a as we look at the future cast we do not see any of that
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action holding together over the next couple of hours, and we will be moving through philadelphia. so we're not expecting rain in the city, not to day, not through the the afternoon, you can see plenty of room for sunshine in fact even though this is a cold front coming through the the area. maybe a few showers and some gusty wind, later on in the day, that is what is going on for your prediction for your friday, now, we have talk about the warmer temperatures, but not this weekend. this is the big chill. fifty's on saturday and on sunday. temple game is in the evening, it starts at 7:30 so you will to have bundle up for that and if you are going to the eagles game on monday night you'll have to bundle up to are that because it will be a chilly one as well. look at the seven day forecast though by wednesday we're back to the 70's and then by thursday we're at 72 degrees. so, bob you can bring your plants in this weekend but then put them back out there, on wednesday and thursday. >> i'm going to michaels and getting plastic plants i don't to have worry about any of that stuff.
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5:16. we have a reek will fire out here on the pennsylvania turnpike. it is actually westbound right here near valley forge interchange. looking close in the background you can see activity. so this is from valley forge, heading west out toward downingtown, and just watch for some lane restrictions, otherwise, turnpike itself is in good shape. heading up to the poconos, you'll have some construction up there, quakertown, we will go for a ride around your curve on the schuylkill expressway here conshohocken curve no problems there. west out toward gulph mills they are working in the right lane between gulph mills and king of prussia interchange. we have had that close another of the chestnut street bridge, lets role video from the news van on the scene there yesterday, chestnut street closed at front. everybody forced to go to the right there i talk to penndot last night, it is opened for pedestrians and later on today they will have a pillar installed that will sure up the whole thing and allow vehicles traffic to travel through it while the completion of the work,
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probably about two weeks gets underway. so hopefully we will have vehicle traffic rolling along chestnut over to market and into penns landing before the day is out but until then you will want to use dock street or race to get your self over to columbus boulevard and then later on south on i-95 we will see work crews on that girard point double decker, keep that in mind today, chris and lauren, back over to you. former nba star lemar odom remains hospitalized and many are fearing the worst. authorities are still will trying to determine what exactly happened during his $57,000 visit to a necessity rag a brothel. >> odom is on life support. a portion of the 911 call unvealed the heart breaking and scary condition he was found n doctors have given him a 50/50 chance for recovery. his estrange wife chloe kardashian has power of attorney since their divorce has not the yet been finalized. she has stayed there by his side in las vegas at that hospital evidently a and new they are questioning the
5:19 am
$75,000 charge to his credit card by that brothel in vegas area. international the manhunt forest scape mexican prisoner el chapo is ongoing, it may be easier to see sightings this halloween. the mask of the drug lord has become a top selling item in costume shop in mexico. the the masks, they say the the idea started as a joke among his collogues and to send a wake up call to the mexican government. it comes with the prison costume complete with a pick ax, el chapo escaped from the mexican maximum security prison in july. he used a hole in his cell to escape into a mile loan secret tunnel. the this is second time the infamous drug lord escaped from prison a lot of people suspect that the prison authorities may have been in on it the the whole time. he paid them off. in california lieutenant governor is trying to get gun control on the ballot in 2016. >> but nra is vowing to fight the plan saying we will only
5:20 am
harm california's second amendment rights. "fox news" lee gabriel reports. >> reporter: california could be home to the most strict gun control laws in the nation this is lieutenant governor gavin newsome launches a new ballot initiative to make it tougher for people to act with firearms. >> the fact that i have to worry about who is sitting behind me in the movie theater or spending an afternoon with my kids in a shopping mall and worry about someone that will run out from behind a bush and gun people down. it is insane. >> reporter: under the the proposal california would be the only state the to require background checks when purchasing ammunition. >> if you purchase ammunition you should purchase it from a licensed dealer and you should be subject to the same background checks your subject to with gun sense. >> reporter: initiative would ban the the per session of the magazines with more than ten round, and set up a clear process for felon to relinquish weapons they now own illegally. anyone whose gun has been stolen, they are required to report it. >> we focus in choosing these
5:21 am
provisions on what the research tells us. >> we looked at what was most feasible, what would be appropriate to implement and what would make a difference. >> reporter: the proposal is quickly coming under fire from the the nra saying it will not stop the country's gun violence. >> only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun ace good guy with a gun. report report lieutenant governor has a message of his own for the nra. >> you can intimidate politicians, we have seen that. you have been effective. you cannot intimidate the public. that is why we're bringing this directly to the public. >> reporter: gun control initiative will require 400,000 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot in 2016. lee gabriel, "fox news". a special delivery that just could not wait, a little girl on the way and her parents could not make it to the hospital, the story of their daughter's birth they say they will never forget. lottery numbers on your screen.
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my daughter erin is eight years old today, and likely sleeping.
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>> happy birth the day. >> we will show you a picture in just a second. >> you need to post one on your facebook page. >> there she is. >> at the book fair on monday. john mayor the singer of that song daughters is celebrating a birthday as well today. they share a birthday. he's 38, looking great. >> speaking of daughters, and would it days. >> okay. >> a special delivery for a new mom and dad in florida. they did their best to get to the hospital before their new daughter arrived. >> but the new baby was in the waiting. fox's michael shingleton has the story on this one. >> reporter: maya's life likely started, much differently then yours. she was born on her grandmother's couch by the the hand of her dad while he was on the phone with 911. >> what is the emergency? >> christie, was on the other hand of the frantic call monday night. >> a male on the phone said that his wife was pregnant and it sounded like she was about to have a baby or at least start the progress. >> reporter: that is an under statement.
5:26 am
process was in full motion as christie gave andy detailed instructions on unexpectly mom's water broke. >> all of a sudden it is a huge deal. >> you have to lay down. you have to lay down. >> as they tracked ambulance and gathered as much information as she could andy remained calm. >> don't try to prevent it. she said do not try to prevent the birth f she comes, she comes. >> reporter: moments later christie listened as contractions got much closer together. the dad was still on the phone, alert, and attentive. >> her head is coming. >> the the head is presenting. >> reporter: with one more push. >> i got the my baby in my hand. >> reporter: little may a was born. >> i just delivered my baby. >> that is so awesome, sir. >> you did as you om. congratulations.
5:27 am
>> reporter: october 13th, her birthday, also, a night shift on a tuesday, christie, will never forget. >> that was more excited for him that he got to deliver his own child. it was pretty a awesome. >> makes you want to have kid, doesn't it, lauren. those are, by the way that was michael shingleton reporting. these right there are lucky charms but there will be marshmallow only ones and we will tell you how to get your hand on them.
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ nevada cracking down on daily fantasy sports sites, why the new state regulators could have one, company facing major fines for offering, prices. tom brady calling out two major companies for their products. what he says, about coca cola and frosted flakes. to one wants to to hear his rants. >> deflate gate. >> sue got caught on the overhead cam. >> you cannot escape, we saw you. >> here is an interesting thing i want to talk to you about. >> i'm a all ears. >> you said, in nevada. >> yes. >> is that the correct way. >> having worked in reno,
5:31 am
nevada when i first moved there from california, they say it is not nevada, it is nevada. >> yes. >> so sue when you give us out weather, out west it is nevada. yes, las vegas, nevada, is that right. >> correct. >> boss top, august of the boston any family called it nevada. >> yes. we've got bus stop buddy, the reason i was late i was making sure he was nice and warm in his fleece this morning. yeah, right. cloud around this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's and in your weather by the numbers we will go with an eight which is great for a friday. 54 degrees. the it is getting breezy out there. seven credit 12 is your sunrise time. we will see some sunshine, temperatures are in the 40's to the north of us, 54 in the city. only 49 in wilmington. 61 degrees in wildwood. in the case of north and west, it is will cooler morning but it is a warmer morning down at the shore with temperatures in
5:32 am
the upper 50's. so we are seeing just a couple of showers, seeking into chester county, maybe montgomery county. we are not expect ago this to last or hold together, but we may end up seeing a sprinkle will in philadelphia we will see. 66 degrees yesterday, today, we will start off quiet, comfortable 54 degrees. sixty-three by lunchtime. looking good. nice afternoon with a high of 67 degrees, and that is a look the at your planner for friday. from the weather authority we have a chill this he can we even. how cold? we will let you know coming up. >> love to have hot chocolate for that temple game on saturday night. good morning everybody. we have a fender-bender here on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look from south philadelphia. it is westbound, right near passyunk, schuylkill, oregon avenue all coming together here. it is what would be the the left lane as you head west in towards center city philadelphia so again this early hour, we don't have overhead street lamps in this
5:33 am
area. so leaving south philadelphia or coming over the walt whitman and heading west out toward center city just be a aware of that crash taking out two left lanes. vehicle fire on the pennsy turnpike westbound getting word that it is a truck fire here westbound between valley forge and downingtown. right by the service plaza a. lanes are getting through but only one of the two lanes are open. a as we go for a ride westbound on the schuylkill looking good through conshohocken curve but we have a left over work crew near gulph mills down to one lane as they repair the the concrete barriers. and in center city old city that chestnut street bridge, the the overpass, to penns landing at i-95 still closed to vehicle traffic, for the morning. i talk to pen to the last night, they are going to have some sort of a pole get in there to hold up that overpass for the the weekend. it will take two weeks to repair. hopefully we will have vehicle traffic before the end of the the day but it is opened to pedestrian traffic at the moment and mass transit
5:34 am
looking g chris and lauren back over to you. police want you to be on the look out for a woman. seven five-year old joyce lowery has gone missing. her family is concerned because she has alzheimer's and skits friend y she was last seen 5:00 o'clock yesterday evening in her home in the 200 block of church street. the police contact the central detective division if you see laurie. let's switch gears, suspects tunneled through basement of one center city establishment in order to rob another one in sort of the hollywood style jewelry heist. >> jennifer joyce is on this now from outside the jewelry store. they got in how, jen? >> reporter: yeah, chris and lauren these thieves were definitely prepare. they entered through a basement door, for two properties away from where the actual thieves broke in here at this location. this was an old burger joint. they drilled through here to the cleaners and then got over to the jewelry store. the owner of the jewel willry store danny hosany said they
5:35 am
entered, two stores over. they made their way underground. they had to drill holes through an adjacent cleaners. once they did they had access to his safe ape wiped it clean of diamond, chains, charms. the a alarm didn't even go off. >> they came from the the empty store in here, they went through the the basement, they drilled a hell from the basement to the cleaner. from the cleaners, they made another hole, to the wall, from the back of my store to the back of my safe, drilled a big hole in the safe, and emptied the whole safe. they took all of the big jewelry. it is like from the movies. >> digging a hole underground, and coming from the next store and my story mean it is like part of the hollywood movie. >> reporter: hosmi was surprise nod one heard drilling and banging that went on to pull off this heist. they said these bandits had to
5:36 am
have been professionals. police are checking surveillance video to see if any of that can help. >> jen, thanks. after last week's win for eagles what players are expecting from sam bradford's this week before the game, beside bringing them another victory. >> this is a huge game. >> monday night. >> um-hmm.
5:37 am
5:38 am
it looks like it will be the mets verse the the cubs. >> the dodgers, well, their
5:39 am
season ended, in game five on a howie kendricks strike out. so mets came into dodgers stadium on a mission. met won three-two. game one of the championship series, begins on saturday at city field. john lester will start for the chicago cubs and matt harvey will lead way for the in mets on the mound. >> there you go. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles getting ready for new york giants monday night at the link and they will be without michael kendricks who has not practiced this week. the don't count on him. wide he have iser nelson agholor did not practice again yesterday, either with an ankle injury. eagles hope sam bradford has another step forward and a good game. his teammates respected his meeting last week with the offense, 15 minutes before game time he called them. he feels better with his teammates every week. >> i'm very comfortable. i have been around here now, you know, going into six weeks before the the season. i don't know how many months it has been.
5:40 am
a lot of times people question my leadership just because i'm quiet but they don't see what i do behind the scenes and the relationship i have built with those guys. there have been strange drills by players in the nfl. here's another beauty. buffalo bills wide receiver sammy watkins. tell me what he is trying to do blindfolded trying to catch a football coming from behind him. he is a dope, for halloween. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. eagles play monday night against the giants. >> everybody will be excited. we're doing something here called got a hear it. we are asking everyone to put together your best version, rendition, mash up of the eagles fight song and get someone to record it on video. on monday we will tell people what to do witt. >> okay. >> it will be fun. >> okay. >> you and i can do it after the show. >> okay. >> nevada cracking down on daily pan hascy sports sites. >> state regulators told draft kings and fan dual to shut down because they don't have a gambling license. they could face fines and ten
5:41 am
years in prison if they do not stop offering prizes to people in nevada. did i say that right. >> yes. >> regulators there, said, they are in las vegas and their actions could hold sway with regulators of swear. >> you can call it the nevada a few want but if you move to nevada a, you will be in the wrong. dancing with the stars hose and "fox sports" reporter erin andrews, well, she has filed an amendment to her 2011 lawsuit begins marriott hotels for her infamous peeping tom incident in 2008. michael barrett. he put some sort of a camera there in the peephole of her hotel room door and then recorded her in the nude. so, erin now wants 75 million-dollar from marriott. she says they were negligent because they gave barrett a room, right next to hers at the his request. >> from the small screen, to the big house, fox's john stamos. >> what did i say, fox, fox.
5:42 am
>> john stamos could be facing h this. >> john stamos could spend six months in jail. how the actor's trouble. it evidently tripped up lauren already.
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5:45 am
this is the great wolf lodge, in the pocono mountains. >> i just got a tweet in, because it is a special one, robin lewis says lauren dawn i'm up so early so can i beg to you wish my daughter a happy 30th birthday. we don't know your name but we got your tweet so we are wishing your daughter a a very happy birthday. she a shares a birthday with chris murphy's little one erin. she's eight. your daughter is 30. >> she shares a birthday of the bob weir of the grateful dead. he is 68 years old today. >> how about that. >> i hope everybody even why is their birthday. >> so tomorrow we need to you come to wilmington delaware. sue will be there along with chris o'connell. >> yep. >> they are walking to end alzheimer's. such a good cause. it is on the river front. the walk is a at 9:30. more information on our web site. sue serio says you might to have wear some layers chris murphy.
5:46 am
>> this weekend chris o'connell, he is an intense guy. >> yes. >> he is probably up for like a sprint, not a walk, not a jog but like a sprint, on the way. >> yes. >> full on run. >> some people do run the the walk because they like to show off. i would not be one of them. i promise you that. i will take a lot at ultimate doppler radar. we have a few showers in the the area this is well ahead of the cold front that is coming through, but if you are out in chester county in caln township we are seeing a couple of showers there. maybe up toward pottstown and further north around delaware water gap towards the the the pocono mountains just a few showers here and there in advance of the front. we have 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty's to the north of us, 50's to the the south of us. the pretty mild at the new jersey shore, but look at the temperatures, at the frosty weekend. here we are at 4:00 a.m. saturday where it is
5:47 am
47 degrees. forty-two when we get together in wilmington for the walk at 8:00 in the morning. it is sunny but 42 degrees. that is chilly enough. then we will jump to sunday morning. the look at mount pocono 28 degrees below freezing in allentown, reading and lancaster. thirty-five in the city. now we will jump ahead to monday morning. thirty-two. we're right at freezing here in the city. we have temperatures in the 20's to the north of us. when we are back together again at this time on monday morning it is really going to be cold. that will continue through about monday and then we have some changes. sunday morning freeze for some and if you don't get it on sunday you may on monday, we will look back over the past several days we have 68 degrees on wednesday, yesterday's high was 66. we are back to seasonal temperatures after the the 70's earlier in the week. one more day of that and then the big chill over the weekend high of 56 tomorrow and only
5:48 am
about 53 on sunday, but you have been forewarned and if you have outdoor stuff just wear these layers and make sure you even have some gloves because as far as the walk bob kelly when we're out there for a while and say you go to the temple game sat take evening, your hand get cold. >> it is usually that first chill of the season when you realize where are my gloves, where is my hat. turf wear layers. get long johns out. we have two for one special here on the schuylkill expressway. two accidents in the same area. this is one heading westbound, on the schuylkill, right here at vare avenue where oregon avenue, 26th street and schuylkill all kind of come together. police are still on the scene here. in the last couple minutes we had another accident on the eastbound side probably caused by what they call the old gaper delay. somebody slowing down getting a glimpse and got rear ended by another vehicle. two separate accident. but one west is heading and
5:49 am
causing the big delay. leaving south philadelphia over walt whitman bridge heading west in toward university city or center city be ready for delays. vehicle fire westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike between the valley forge interchange and downingtown, double bubble this weekend, tonight sixers under the big top and tomorrow temple 7:30 outside at the link. we will see a lot of activity in and out of the stadium area i don't know if they are officially sold out but they will have a pack house down there at the link. the septa is adding extra services the broad street subway for both sixers game and for temple fans tomorrow. so keep that in mind to get down there especially coming from campus. bridge inspections later today f you come down to the airport during midday beginning at 9:00 expect delays south on i-95 over the girard point double decker bridge. the chris and lauren back to you. is there no doubt rhonda rousey is one tough lady but that does not keep her from having a sense of hugh or.
5:50 am
>> she trains had hard for fights but how she completed her latest training session will make you laugh. >> ♪ >> i can barely work out in my own skin how do you work out in a costume. >> she's sexy. >> she's a pokemon nerd that is why. >> yes. >> madonna, sean pen, might be back on. >> they were married for a long time, ago. wasn't it in the 80's. penn has been sitting front row at two of madonna's recent concerts. a the her new york concert the actor was seen sporting a a sweet smile while the material
5:51 am
girl sang her hit true blue which was inspired by penn at the time. madonna and sean pen for married for four full years this he were divorced in 1989 after allegedly abused her. >> john stamos will be arraigned today after being charged with a dui. >> the actor could spend six months in jail. it was last month he was pulled over in beverly hills. he faces misdemeanor charges back in june. stam os best known as uncle guess friday full house starring in the fox comedy grandfather which airs on tuesday night. have you seen this, ebony magazine's latest cover sparking a milk reaction. >> it the fee he tours a fractured image of the cosby show cast. so take a look for yourself. >> images was for broken families in the african-american community. this came days after cosby gave a deposition in boston for sexual battery civil lawsuit. more than 50 women come forward accusing the comedian of drugging them and in most
5:52 am
cases sexually assaulting them. some are calling it powerful and on point. others have said they are not questioning the magazine's directions for that cover. >> why did they do it. tom brady calls junk food poison and in a big rant blasts brands like coca coal, frosted flakes. >> he went off on a radio interview. he said marketing is to blame for junk food as americans. said such food is sold to kid, and says that the products as lauren said poison n response, spokes people for both coca cola and kelloggs said their products are safe for kids. tom brady won't likely be entering his new contest, lucky charms is doing by the way. >> won't because this is what will happen. they will have a box full of marshmallow only, lucky charms, only ten boxes though. you have to take a selfie holding an imagery box of lucky charms, do it on facebook, twitter, instagram use the hashtag lucky ten
5:53 am
sweepstakes. you have until sunday. winners will be notified next week. >> sound yuck i, all marshmallows, little too much. >> it sound like a sugar attack. how about this a rose cue dog with three legs turned into a therapy dog, hear how the puppy is teaching an important lesson about perseverance. ññ
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:55 on this friday morning. it is still dark and early outside. i got a text darren jenkins wide awake in philadelphia good morning to you. rescue dog with three legs is teaching an important lesson about perseverance. marshall is on tour, visiting schools across the country, owner cindy a adopted marshall after being rescued by humane society from monday tan from a dog horder. he lost his leg after being attacked by other dogs. now he is a therapy dog who shares his story, and message. his owner says perseverance pay is a off in american one way. >> usually when we're invited into schools to carry messages of kindness, empathy, and never giving up, so even though it is a dog that is new left with the disability, it is a great example of take your worst moment and turn tonight to incredible findings. >> she wrote a children's book
5:57 am
titled marshall's miracle dog and the book is now being turned into a movie. one expert is recommending students and parents consider when it comes time to choose a college that they have a absolutely nothing to do with academic. good day starts in a few minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a stabbing at a wal-mart, in the northeast.
6:00 am
what police say the suspect was actually after. a septa rider is beaten by a fellow passenger, what police say the suspect did moments before this attack. and wait until you see how robbers broke into a jewelry store, in center city, over on chestnut street. police say it was like something straight out of a movie. and what about this, a band from center city, bizarre punishment handed down from two men who attacked i gay couple last year. >> they two dudes, five years for one, three for another, they cannot go from river to river, washington street to girard, one guy for five years. it is bigger than the pope box. we will talk about that in a second. >> what is this thing. >> brilliant. >> it is great it is not subtle. >> no. >> where is your necklace today. >> i'm a glad eighth or.


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