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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what police say the suspect was actually after. a septa rider is beaten by a fellow passenger, what police say the suspect did moments before this attack. and wait until you see how robbers broke into a jewelry store, in center city, over on chestnut street. police say it was like something straight out of a movie. and what about this, a band from center city, bizarre punishment handed down from two men who attacked i gay couple last year. >> they two dudes, five years for one, three for another, they cannot go from river to river, washington street to girard, one guy for five years. it is bigger than the pope box. we will talk about that in a second. >> what is this thing. >> brilliant. >> it is great it is not subtle. >> no. >> where is your necklace today. >> i'm a glad eighth or. >> it looks like the sun.
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>> that is what i like about it. it will be bright and sunny mess of the day. >> is what the number. >> we will go with a, an eight today. eight is great for friday. now here's the thing we have a couple showers moving through right now, not here in philadelphia. we're okay. temps in the 40's and 50's. buddy has his fleece on this morning. we have 54 degrees. the breezes are starting to pick up though. we have showers to show you, just a second, 40's into the north of us, upper 50's to the south of us a and there we go, montgomery county, little bit of bucks county, most of these showers breaking up moving east, and it is a ahead of the cold front and then will cool us down for weekend. we have a couple weak front coming through. here's what you need to know a mix of sun and cloud, breezy, maybe 15 to 20 miles an hour breeze out there. 67 degrees for a high. forty-five tonight. that is your fox cast for friday, hey bob kelly, it is
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friday. >> tgif, coming up on 6:02 on this friday. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway looking live at south philadelphia, it is the schuylkill westbound, right here near 26th street, oregon avenue, and the schuylkill kind of all come together here. it is all set up in what would be a left lane, in a half an hour, just now starting to pick up some volume but keep that in mind west out of the center city or walt whitman bridge. two separate accidents in that area over the the the last half april hour. truck fire west on the turnpike between valley forge and downingtown. otherwise kind of quiet not bad, no problems coming up and down 295 and mass transit has no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:02. this is out of northeast philadelphia where police are looking for a man who stabbed a wal-mart employees during a robbery. >> dave, give us more details on this, what happened. >> investigators still on the scene here wal-mart inside of
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the philadelphia mills mall, everyone knows this area formally known as franklin mills. the here's what happened as we go to a picture of suspect that police say they are looking for. thinks around 1:25 this morning when this man, came out of the wal-mart store with a 42-inch television set. police say that a cashier noticed the suspect walking past the cashier's lane with the tv and two boxes of boots and asked for a receipt. police say the the suspect showed an old receipt for something worth $10. certainly not something that would match a 42-inch television set. that is when there was a struggle and cashier confronted him and the the police say that the can another was threatened with a knife and was stabbed, in the forearm. the suspect was going for chest but missed and cashier was struck in the forearm. the here's what police say
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happened after that. >> while the perpetrator backed his vehicle out of the parking spot you could see the individual. he had a confrontation with. he actually chased the perpetrator's koran foot and while the perpetrator was fleeing in the vehicle this person then grabbed a shopping cart that happened to be in the parking lot and tried to ram the the perpetrator's vehicle with the shopping cart. >> reporter: that is when police started looking for witnesses including the person whom had the altercation with the suspect, and again, the cashier who was stabbed, the 35 year-old employee here at the store, is okay. is going to be all right. police are still looking for that suspect thaw see on the screen right there and just a very bizarre situation, guys. >> no question. 6:04. how about a pick pocket attempt turns violent on the september bus. violence was caught on the surveillance video. police say that guy, right
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there, see the big red circle that guy tried to pick pockets of the passenger on a septa bus, number 26, in olney, and that is when the pick pocket, push him off the bus and started punching him. victim had to get stitches a after throwing punches. the the suspect calmy board the the bus again. passengers said they could not believe what they were watching. >> guy got beat up on the ground and he got dropped, knocked out. >> it is disgusting. >> police are looking for the attacker and another person of interest. >> 6:05. clever criminals pull off a hollywood style heist at the a rittenhouse jewelry store. he arrived at the store time and goal at 19th and chestnut, to find a safe inside there just cleaned out. he believes the the thieves, they climbed in through an outside ground basement door. then they tunneled their way
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in through a vacant burger spot on the corner. the alarm reportedly did not go off because the thieves never stepped foot inside of the store. >> that is crazy. >> do you see these guys here? two men accused of beating a gay couple in center city last year. remember that story? they pled guilty. the the plea means the two avoid prison time but listen to this, 24 year-old philip williams and 26 year-old kevin her again a apologizing for their actions in court yesterday. they used gay slurs, against the the gay couple, and then assaulted them, beat them. the will yams is banned from downtown philadelphia for five years. for three years. both will to have perform 200 hours of community service at lgbt center, i guess that is outside of center city month. man charged in the case said she would rather go to trial,
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so that case will be coming. let me tell you where ban is, it is river to river, delaware, to schuylkill river, washington street, to girard. that is a big chunk, that is bigger than pope box. >> how will they enforce that. >> i don't know. >> we need to get a hold or talk to the judge and see how, they are going to enforce it. >> and, and, and, robbed in the same day, what police are saying, they called everyone on campus. >> people are rattled, with parents weekend coming upstart to go day. a a crowded race for the white house, you know that deadline that just passed that could give us a better look at who is in the running, for the long hall.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> what is happening in the temple campus with the the robberies. >> student and faculty say that crime is actually down in the area, despite the reports of the robberies yesterday. >> temple football player was robbed, while getting chinese food. it was 1:00 in the morning at tenth and sus question hand a a few hours later another student was held up outside liacouras center on north 15th street. students we spoke with had mixed feelings when it comes
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to the safety around temple's campus. >> i do fear for my safety. there is always something going on down here. >> i live off campus on carlisle, and i always see like the security guards riding around and is there always a call box every where, so i don't knee, i feel safe. >> i don't worry about it. we have a pretty good security system. i think it is just something that is happening. >> listen to this, temple's safety director said that crime is actually down, 30 percent, this year. he says, that they are reporting more incident from a larger, area around temple, so people are now seeing more alerts because the a area is bigger, and neither student in yesterday's a attacks was injured. and while lemar odom remains in the vegas hospital his family has strong accusations about the brothel. >> where he was found there, they are speaking out. >> hey, bob.
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good morning. 6:12. septa ace using shuttle buses all weekend long on the media elwyn line, and ladies and gentlemen put your tray in the upright position, tomorrow morning. >> yeah. >> the final flight, for u.s. airways coming right into our airport. >> oh, okay. >> end it in philly. >> get a cup of coffee and we will be right back.
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we made it to friday. here are weather headlines as we get in the weekend. we have done a good job letting you know how cold it will get this weekend. the it is cooler, and it will be windy in the wake of the showers you will see that is just a couple of them coming through right now. cold front on saturday. another weaker one that will reenforce cold air down, the the way. a frost and freeze warnings will go up soon for sunday and then monday as well. if you don't get 32 degrees or lower on sunday morning you will probably when we're back together gannon monday. burr. yeah, sue serio fox 29 that is where you find me on facebook and twitter. so here's a look at just that little area of rain that is drying up as it moves towards the east but horsham, other parts of the bucks county, they are get something rain around mount pocono, tobyhanna in the mountains they are getting rain this morning. these are current temperatures
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54 degrees in the city. forty's to the north of us, upper 50's to the south of us. wildwood has 59. a mild morning there but look ahead and you'll see by saturday morning tomorrow morning, we will be in wilmington for alzheimer's walk. it will be 42 degrees. forty-two in the city as well. then jumping to sunday morning 35 in the the city, and below freezing to the north and west of us. that is first frost of the season for a lot of us over weekend. 67 degrees today. mid 50's tomorrow. that is a a high temperature, that is where we are right now 5956 degrees. fifty-three on sunday, and then warming up, bob kelly, back to the 70's by middle of the next week. >> i will be out on the soccer field with austin tomorrow morning. the it will be cold. maybe just hit the snooze button. hit the schuylkill expressway, westbound an accident here. ton of police on the scene. the thinks westbound on the schuylkill right at vare where 26th, you got 26th, passyunk
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and schuylkill coming together here in to south philadelphia and downtown. so if you are coming over walt whitman or leaving south philadelphia heading in toward philadelphia just be ready for police activity there. everybody jamming breaks on behind them. tomorrow morning final u.s. airways flight arrives here in philadelphia, it is one of the red eyes leaving california, coming into philadelphia it a arrives tomorrow morning. after that we will flip everything over to the american airlines logo in and out of philadelphia and across the the country, of course. southbound i-95 heading to the air port to take they are doing work on the girard point double decker bridge. make sure to give yourself extra time beginning at 9:00 o'clock we will start to see some jams on that girard point double decker. mike and alex, back over to you. let's give you a lemar odom update here. >> he remains in the hospital and many are fearing the worst when it comes to his condition. >> this is bad. lemar is reportedly on life support. doctors have reportedly given him a 50/50 chance of living.
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authorities are still trying to determine exactly what happened during his $75,000 visit to a nevada brothel 70 miles outside of las vegas. lemar's family is accusing the brothel of over charging him and stealing from his bags. the owner of the brothel dennis hof is denying that claim. meanwhile, many in the league, the nba are speaking out about their friend. >> he was a great teammate and did everything he could to help his teammate while on the court. he was the guy they gravitated toward. >> a according to tmz his estranged wife chloe kardashian refuses to leave his bedside. her mother and sisters were seen boarding a private jet to go back to last angeles but they are expect to return. the guy us just heard is jim gray a sportscaster who worked for nbc and is a contributor for "fox news" channel. never played in the nba. rapper, master p accused
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kobe bryant of being a fake friend to lemar odom. when we need to question the the support of others in the moments as critical as life hanging in the balance, then we must question the the the kind of culture that we have create that had led to us such insensitive suspicion. >> magic johnson even tweeted out, he was saying lemar odom was type of guys whenever there were rookies, he would buy them their first couple custom suits. wow make sure they were prepare. >> they had to wear suits to travel. >> that is kind of guy he was. everybody's man when it came to being on the team. >> since he was little he always suffered from depression. we will keep you updated from that. deadline for filing fund raising now we are checking in on g.o.p. candidates are fairing. >> ben carson, doctor carson, wins the the third quarter fund raising race, collecting, $20.8 million to keep growing
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his grass roots campaign. it cannot be grass roots at this point. billion air fun fronter donald trump is self funding his campaign and gets so much news coverage he says he hasn't spend any money on advertising. birth threat tone boycott next debate in two weeks hosted by cnbc. if it does not agree to limit the the debate to two hours. the currently the network plans no time limit. jeb bush is cutting cost and trying to save money for a long g.o.p. primary war. he raised 13.4 million over the last three months. >> ted cruz his poll numbers are growing as he courts conservatives, from across the spectrum, and he is third in the fox poll now on bush's heels, in fund raising as well, at 12.2 million-dollar. >> carli fiorina she danced with students in iowa on thursday. look at her move. >> oh, lord. >> she has raised 6.8 million-dollar. >> not bad.
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>> our trajectory is straight up, you know, where others have been up and down. >> she bested marco rubio who banked 6 million. he hopes to get much more to recruit scott walker's defunct campaign voters. new jersey governor chris christie raised a little over four million-dollar. that puts him ahead of rand paul, who raised 2.5 million-dollar, and put out a memo denying that he is near dropping out of the race. >> he was cursing up a storm the other day. >> yeah. >> he was periscoping, i don't think he knew what it was. he was cursing, dropping f bombs. he said could this be edited. it is periscope. >> rand paul or chris christie. >> rand paul. >> rand paul. >> yeah. >> it may be a fantasy but reality is that the government is cracking down on sports sites to allow their users to fill their dream team fantasy football. why you may want to reconsider your hobby. and cast of the cosby
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show, well, they are grazing the cover of the major magazine, so why are people so upset with this cover this morning.
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well, tv networks got what they wanted. >> it will be the mets and the cubs.
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>> two big cities, new york and chicago. >> and the dodgers season ending game five on that howie kendricks strike out. the mets came into dodgers stadium on a mission for a victory. of course, that is what they wanted and they got it. three-two, close. big home run in the late innings for the mets. so anyone of the big championship series for the the national league, saturday at citi field. the mets. john lester will start for the the cubs. matt harvey for the the mets, two really good pitchers. it should be a fairly interesting series. what else is going on? >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. with the eagles getting ready for giants monday night at the link more rumors started with chip kelly going back to college football. rumors concerning chipping back to college foot the ball started after his first year with the eagles. chip continues to deny them.
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the latest is southern california head coaching job. chip did have fun with the media on what college job, could be next. >> north texas state armadillos or whatever. just keep asking questions at press conference and it would be over quicker. i hope to be like coach cuff lynn if i stay around long enough and that speculation end. i understand that is the question. i answered it the same year ago and i answered it my first year here good have been strange drills by players but bills wide receiver sammy watkins, he is trying to catch a football, blindfolded, from behind him. you know what he is doing? he is massacre raiding for halloween as a dope, that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> nevada is cracking down on daily fantasy sports sites, stayed regulators told draft and fan to shut down because they don't have a gambling license.
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they could face fines and ten years in prison if they don't stop offering prizes to people who live in nevada. so nevada regulators governed the country's main gambling hub in las vegas and their actions could hold sway with regulators elsewhere. there is millions of guys, and women who use fan dual and draft kings. >> yeah. >> a lot of fans. >> 6:27. a decision to loosen marijuana laws could loosen voters when it comes time to choose the the next president.
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what police are saying about a victim in wal-mart in the northeast. el chapo is still on the run, what one company is doing to make it even harder to fine him at least for one night. cosby land another magazine cover, why the picture of the had malling seen used has some of his former co stars on the cosby show, not very happy this morning. good day, everybody it is friday october 162,015th. >> it is friday. i thought were you doing erin andrews. >> erin andrews doing rebecca black. >> yes. >> kind of inside. here's bus stop buddy ready for a cool morning. cloud around and he is wearing
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a nice warm fleece this morning. temperatures 40's in the burbs. fifty's in the city. we have an eight out of ten, in the weather by numbers. we have a couple showers in the western suburbs this morning. the it is 54 degrees right now. temperatures in the 40's to the north of us. here's where we are today to a high of 67 degrees. we will have mostly sunny skies and a breeze i afternoon, looking pretty good today, ebb with this cold front coming through but wait until you see the big chill coming up this weekend. we will have that in the seven day forecast, so bob kelly, i guess you are not able to get out of the soccer game tomorrow morning. >> no, give myself a big old yum bow coffee before i helped to the soccer field and grab a yum bow coffee. we have an accident involving at least one tractor trailer here, this is southbound i-95 at allegheny in the actual construction zone. so for gang leaving northeast philadelphia a rolling along at 55 and then right around the cottman avenue you will start to hit the brakes and we
6:32 am
will go down to half that heading in toward allegheny avenue. it is southbound i-95. another accident south on 309, right here at county line road, south jersey, starting to see volume there on 73 and 295, and the ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia a couple pockets up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. mike and alex, back over to you. police say a man abducts three people in southwest philadelphia, and it end on the girard college campus. >> jenny joyce is there right now, jenny. >> reporter: this is where it all ended at 26th and girard street where police sources say a man crash his suv after running away from police during a pursuit. he was leaving, after he got in the shoot-out with his girlfriend's sister. a source tells us that the man allegedly abduct two people in southwest philadelphia and drove them to his girlfriend's sisters house and then he let them go and he tried to abduct his girl friend, however, her
6:33 am
sister had a gun, she pulled it out and started a shoot on the with the man. thinks on the 1700 block of north 26th street. police say that the man took off in his suv and ended up crashing here, again at 26th and girard streets. sources tell us they have a man man in custody. they have a gun belong to go his girl friend's sister. they are still looking for the suspect's again, no word on who the abductees are at this point or if anyone was injured, mike and alex. >> what a wild looking scene though, my goodness. how did the car get in that position. >> we will check back with you 6:33. police are looking for a robbery suspect stabbed a wal-mart employee overnight. >> hey dave, is what up here. >> reporter: we're at philadelphia mills mall. everybody knows this area formally known as franklin mills and the the wal-mart behind me. here's what happened the cashier at the wal-mart was stabbed in the arm by a man who stole a 42-inch tv. lets take to you still shots
6:34 am
surveillance pictures, from inside the store. you can see him carrying out the tv in a box. thinks around 1:25 when cops say the suspect passed through cashier's lane with the tv and two boxes, when cashier confronted him and said where is the receipt. police say suspect showed an old receipt, for an item that was purchased for $10,ing something that was not priced that match a brand new television set. that is when a struggle ensued. listen to police and struggle afterward. >> while he was wrestling with this television the the perpetrator said let go, or i will kill you and then reach in his pocket and pulled out a folding knife, unfolded the knife and attempted to stab the cashier in his chest. the cashier used his right arm to block the knife and was stabbed in his right forearm. after being stabbed he left go of the box, the television, and that is when our
6:35 am
perpetrator exited the store with this 42-inch sony flat screen television. >> reporter: that is confrontation number 2b again. the here's what happens here, police say suspect got in the the altercation with the person in the parking lot, while rushing to get that tv into a hatchback. that person chased after the suspect and rolled shopping cart at the a suspect's car. they both got away. we are looking at numerous surveillance cameras here outside wal-mart and you saw the still shot of the suspect inside. police are looking for witnesses in addition to processing more surveillance tape. they also want to speak to the person that the suspect got in the altercation with in the parking lot and then anyone who might have any information give philadelphia police a call. one quick note one source told me this areas known as free for all but people do come in here and take things overnight. this is not first time that this has happened. >> i didn't realize that about that man mall. 6:35. >> 22-year old woman was shot
6:36 am
in the in the neck, while she was sitting in the car in west oak lane. it happened before 9:00 at 20th street. she was taken to the hospital where she is listed in serious but stable condition and police are working to uncover the motive here. so far there have been no arrests. police releasing more details about that horrible true incident yesterday, in chester county. did you hear about this? sky fox was over 300 block of reading furnace road in warwick township. police say a tree felon top of a scott's tree service employee trying to cut down a large tree. the 44 year-old was using a piece of equipment and did not hear his co-workers yelling at him to get out of the way. they say the tree unexpectly rotated in the air, hitting the man in the head. was pronounced dead at the scene. >> clever criminals pull off hollywood style heist over at
6:37 am
19th and chestnut a jewelry store there. >> owner says's arrived at his store, time and gold at 19th and chestnut yesterday morning to find the safe inside there cleaned out. diamond, engagements rings, expensive charms and chains all gone. the chief climbed in through an outside basement door and tunneled their way in through a vacant burger spot on the corner. >> it is a hole from the basement to the cleaners, from the cleaners, is there another hole to the back of my store to the back of my safe, drill a big hole, and a emptied the whole safe. >> get this the alarm reportedly did not go off because the thieves, well, they never stepped foot inside of the store. >> apparently they got away with a quarter of a million dollars worth of jewelry. what a a scene. >> 6:37. police want you to be on the look out for this woman a 57 year-old joyce laurie who
6:38 am
has gone missing. the she has alzheimer's and skits friend y she was last seen around 5:00 yesterday afternoon at her home in the 200 block of church street, and if you know anything please contact the the central detective division if you think you have seen laurie. one state could make move to legalize recreational mar juan. they will appear on the ballot in at least six states next year. >> five of them air zone, california, nevada, maine, massachusetts are able to deciding whether to legalize pot and tax and regular law it, like alcohol which while residents of florida will vote on the more limited step of just allowing medical marijuana florida like nevada a is a swing state in the presidential cycles and advocates say the democratic nominee will likely benefit from pro pot ballot measures. >> data does show that marijuana initiatives do bring out young voters and they favor marijuana legal says and they favor democratic candidates good we have two states the now, washington and
6:39 am
colorado. >> washington and colorado. >> and d.c., d.c. >> in the case of florida, however, medical marijuana could prove a greater draw for older voters, who more typically vote republican. all right. while the the international manhunt forest scape mexican prisoner el chapo is till going on it may be easier to see sightings, well, can you see sightings, that is what sightings are that you see something. >> it could be in that case, there was a sighting. >> yes. >> sightings is what you see, you see sightings. >> anyway, it is halloween and it is ace mask. >> mask of the drug lord has become a top selling item in mexico and the creator says the idea started as a joke wake up call to the the mexican government. mask comes with the prison costume complete with the pick ax so remember that is how he
6:40 am
escaped. >> this guy is a brutal killer, el chapo escaped from the mexican security prison in july, he used a hole in the cell to escape into a mile long secret tunnel. it is second time this drug lord had escape from a prison. sound like the jewelry heist in center city. >> a little bit he is still out there. >> and now there is a mass income his honor. serial numbers rechoice. >> lucky charms taste delicious magically delicious to the next level. why the new version won't be as easy to find. >> you know sue, i'm never a fan of lucky charms. >> i just don't like it. >> well, then this is just for you and it will be magically delicious but you what about the the weekend? yeah, hot chocolate stock up before the the weekend gets here we will tell you why just ahead.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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the great wolf lodge. >> i love that place. >> hey, sue. >> have you ever been there. >> no. >> isn't this the best time to go the changing of the leaves. >> right, this is peak weekend actually for the pocono mountains for leaf peeping, this weekend. that is what they call it. it will be sunny and chilly tomorrow morning. we know that but we're all getting together anyway in wilmington, delaware, a new location but same location, what i mean is we're still going to the the river front in wilmington but we will go to dravo plaza, just head down to the river front and see plenty of signs, look for all of the purple stuff. we will there been at 8:00 in the morning. we will get started with the ceremony at 9:00. walk starts the at 9:30. you can still register starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. come down and join us. it will be great. lots of sunshine. we have got rid of the rain we saw, pretty much on ultimate doppler radar.
6:45 am
so lets talk temperature. right now we have 54 in the city. forty-four in mount pocono. forty-seven in reading. forty-six in lancaster. it is a milder morning in wildwood then it was yesterday. here's where we are heading tomorrow morning we just told you lower 40's in philadelphia, wilmington as well, 40's and 50's to the south of us but on saturday morning we're in the 30's and then on sunday morning we're below freezing in lancaster reading, mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, 35 in the city sunday morning. and then we will jump to monday morning right in freezing in the city we have 20's to the north and west have of us, not just frost but a freeze warning will go up for many places sunday and monday. we have 67 degrees today, chilly week up, 50's during the day on saturday and sunday. temple game at 7:30. make sure you you have have a lot of layers on for sitting a at the link and hopefully
6:46 am
temple will be undefeated. frosty start on sunday and machine but look at the middle of the week we're back to the 70's on wednesday and thursday, bob kelly. >> we will try out those new sweat shirts we pick up down the shore. >> sure. >> 6:46. a live look at another accident at the schuylkill expressway, this time eastbound right at belmont avenue on ramp here. we have two cars, this is on ramp here and right above our camera shot would be manayunk railroad bridge to give you an idea. coming in bound, wow that was close, towards the city be ready to hit the brakes there at belmont avenue. southbound i-95 a a jammo from cottman into allegheny, combination of the morning volume and an early accident there near allegheny in the construction zone. a crash, 309 south at county line. throughout the weekend septa's media elwyn line will be using shuttle buses tonight a at 7:00 through end of the services on sunday and we will
6:47 am
see, and on 42 freeway. headlights toward the the city, slow go working your way in to 295. mike and alex, back over to you. look at the screen now. look at this cover. ebony magazine. >> their latest cover getting a mixed reaction. it features a fracture image of the cosby show cast. >> so the image is used for a story on broken families in the african-american community. this came just days after bill cosby gave another deposition this time in boston for sexual battery and civil lawsuit. more than 50 women as you know has come forward accusing bill of drugging them, and a lot of cases sexually assaulting them. some have called this cover powerful, and on point and others questioned the magazine's direction for this cover. so what do you think. hit us up on twitter and facebook and give us an opinion on that. madonna and sean penn they were married. >> they might be back on.
6:48 am
penn was spotted sitting front row at two concerts. at her new york concert in madison square garden he was seen sporting a sweet smile while she sang true blue which was inspired by penn. they were married for four years and they divorced in 1989 have after he a allegedly abused her. >> was it that far back, 1989. >> it looks like they have rekindled the flame there. >> they certainly still talk. >> yeah, that old thing is new again. >> 6:48. john stamos will be arraigned today, after being charged with a dui, tv actor facing six months in jail. it was just last month that he was pulled over at beverly hills, california, police say he also faces misdemeanor charges dating back to june 12th. john, best known as uncle jesse from full house, is currently starring in the box
6:49 am
comedy grandfathered,. all right. 6:49. erin andrews, sue, dancing with the stars host and "fox sports" reporter, erin andrews has filed an amendment to her 2011 lawsuit against marriott hotels. do you remember that? the famous peephole problem. the infamous peeping tom incident, that was all the way back in 2008. michael barrett put a camera in the peephole of her hotel room door and recorded her naked. erin now wants 75 million-dollar in damage from pennsylvania marriott, she says, they were negligent giving barrett a room next to hers, at his request. i would like to have a room next to erin andrews and they let him do it. >> sure, we will get you right
6:50 am
there. >> she should get the money. >> how do you you know she was staying there. >> probably following her, stalking her. >> my gosh. >> in town for a football game. >> 6:50. >> tom brady, speaking of football, cheater, cheater, calls junk food poison and in a big rant blasted brand like coca cola andes from ted flakes in a radio interview he said marketing is to blame for our love of junk food. he criticizes fact that such food is sold to children and said products are poison n response, spokes people for both coca cola and kelloggs say their products is safe for children. brady might feel about this new campaign for lucky charms. >> ♪ >> ♪
6:51 am
>> oh, my goodness, biz marky is back. oh, know. what is best part of the lucky charms the marshmallow, right. >> yes. >> cereals now comes without the the oats. >> here's the thing is there only ten boxes. only ten boxes of marshmallow only lucky charms available in the sweepstakes and it end this sunday. the here's what you have to do you have to take a selfie holding an imagery box of lucky charms, send it on facebook, twitter, instagram using the hashtag lucky ten sweepstakes and win are will be notified next week. i would love to have the the box of just marshmallows. >> you eat all of the oats and just leave it in there and milk takes sweet. >> this is what i will do because i love you, i will get like 50 boxes of -- 50 boxes of marshmallow and i will separate marshmallows and put it into one box.
6:52 am
>> i'm starting to think i'm not lucky, remember when pope francis came to philly and they took his carpet that he walk on. >> they cut it up. >> they will cut it up a and give to it 20,000 people. i said it on air let's all send an e-mail in, you'll get it. all these people said thanks, i got a piece of the carpet. i didn't even get a piece of the carpet. >> can i go back here, i agree with tom brady. they sell boxes of just sugar on cartoons on saturday morning that goes so far but they may be marketing to us but we are at the ones buying it. >> 6:52. >> priceless memories thought to be lost forever recovered, i love this story in bucks county. >> how social media is proving to be modern day lost and found box. ññ
6:53 am
6:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
6:55 am
i mean, whoo. six or 700 miles. >> very far. >> local couple in bucks county hundreds of miles from home, loses a a digital camera, filled with priceless images and memories, years ago, they thought they had lost it for never myrtle beach. >> yes. >> so in the days of social media what is distance, right. this was just the beginning of the story. >> so, donna and john somers from hamilton township mercer county. >> like i said mercer county not bucks county it is mercer county.
6:56 am
they visited south caroline your old stopping ground, merit will beach. >> 607 miles. >> thanks very much. when they left the beach donna a realized to her horror she lost her camera that was on the beach. device, worth a couple hundred dollars but memories included in this camera, well one was picture of tom and his daughter amber at a high school graduation. donna had no way of knowing a couple from south carolina would find that camera when they are out on the walk with the beach. >> out in the ocean, or somebody will pick it up, and keep the camera. not care anything about the pictures. >> they were walk ago along the beach holding camera in their hand, hoping somebody would be like that is my camera good that is with man who found it, south carolina couple looked at pictures, saw a man reading, well, he had a shirt on that read, bucks county, and they did some research and found out that is near philly, of
6:57 am
course. they reached out to us on facebook here at fox and we posted the pictures and within hours tom somers co-workers wife saw pictures and contacted us. that camera is now, headed back north to mercer county. >> i love this. >> there is some good people in the world. great. >> social media worked out there. couple minutes before 7:00, lemar odom still in the hospital, 50/50 chance of survival. questions arise about how much money he spent at that brot will over four days. we will tell you the amount. what one expert is recommend students and parents, when it comes times to choosing a college that has nothing to do with academics.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪
7:00 am
♪ ♪ police say a man abducts three people and it end like this. >> wow. >> so what happened. >> stabbed inside a wal-mart what police in the the northeast say the victim was doing, when an attack happened. if you drink too much you'll pay with the hang over. >> government says it cost businesses much more than just a couple of aspirin. >> you will be stunned at amount of the hang over cause necessary this country. you know being chip kelly comes with the challenges especially at news conferences. so he was repeatedly asked about are you leaving for a college job, a


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