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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 17, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29, two developing stories. skyfox over an accident involving a police car in franklin township, new jersey. this happened a short time ago at harding highway and dawk hoe road. two cars are involved. you can see franklin township police cruiser ended up in a wooded area. the officer has been taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. our other developing story north philadelphia, that's where officials are investigating a home invasion on the 1900 block of diamond street. this happening just after 7:00 this evening. investigators say 26-year-old man was walking into the front door of his apartment building when three men, two of them with guns, came up from behind.
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the victim says they assaulted him and forced him into this apartment. police say that's where the group stole the man's wallet, watch and cell phone. the victim was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. so far no arrests. on to our other top story. a weekend cold snap. >> brace yourself. we can see frost in some areas. let's get right over to fox 29 meteorologist dave warren. everyone wants to know just how low we're going to go, dave. >> get down to about 30 that. will be the number here. so freeze watches in effect now. that's because we're not expecting the cold temperatures until sunday morning. still aways to go. likely we'll see warnings being issued both sunday and monday morning. they will be the coldest temperatures around 30. it does not inn collide the i name corridor. that's right around 202. lower montgomery, lower bucks and camden, gloucester county parts of burlington county not in the watch area. temperatures may not get to 32 those mornings. it will still be into the 30s. still could get frost.
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may not see that freeze. likely to see the freeze sunday morning and monday morning with that temperature below 32. it will kill the crops and outdoor plants. bring them inside or cover them. protect them. because the temperatures will be warming up. don't end the growing season just yet. not all that cold tonight. still about 54 in philadelphia. upper 40s in the suburbs. the colder air is working its way through northwestern pennsylvania that front will pass by tomorrow. and then we see that wind pick up and the temperatures really drop. it gets even colder one front came through another shot coming threw throughout the day tomorrow. not much in the way of rain tonight. a few showers, falling apart as they move into the north and western suburbs so we stay dry. saturday morning, 45, center city 40, the lehigh valley with light breeze. 53 down the shore. not as cold. here's what we have coming up lit brothers building lit up tonight looking good out there. coldest mornings in the seven day forecast. look at the eagles forecast an return to 70. one twenty four days in the seven day forecast have that
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warmer weather coming back. i'll show when you coming up little bit later. >> thanks, dave. early freeze will have gardners scrambling to protect outdoor plants this weekend. fox 29's brad sattin runs down what needs protecting and the best way to do it as temperatures get ready to tumb tumble. >> reporter: with temperatures expected to hover around 30 degrees saturday night and sunday night, you've got to protect those plants. the threat is not huge overnight tonight but already we found people preparing. it's her -- peggy wants to protect from the potential first freeze of the season this weekend out comes the sheet. >> that's not heavy so it isn't like it will hurt it. >> reporter: for 45 years she's been planting in the spring digging up in the fall her home garden. she's okay with the change of seasons just not what comes with it. >> i won't turn my heat on until november. it better not get too cold. >> reporter: garden experts at lose recommend burlap to could have those more sensitive plants saturday afternoon it.
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>> allows the airing to through so it can breathe. you want to try and roll it out to go over the plants without crushing them. >> reporter: we haven't seen a mid october frost in awhile. >> the last 10 years we haven't worried about it all the cold temperature came in november. but tonight we're worried. >> reporter: norm schultz at linvilla orchards runs down what you need protecting. >> tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. a light frost will do them in. pick anything you can. >> mums can take a light frost not a bad idea to keep the flower cover. >> pansies no problem at all. they're ideal to plant them now. >> reporter: if possible, bring potted plants and, yes, those pumpkins closer to shelter even the funny looking ones. >> i liked to things differently. >> reporter: there is something about fall that the air on the farm and some are looking beyond. >> i love fall. i also love snow. exciting to see that first frost. >> reporter: with our reason above average temperatures.
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something not quiet on your radar. freezing pipes. not a threat this weekend, but the experts here the lose tell us already people are coming in to pick up that insulation. in havertown, brad sattin fox 29 news. not ready. of course, you can check the forecast for your area any time at or on the fox 29 weather authority app. dispute over money ends in gunfire at a local cab company. tonight the owner is in the hospital recovering from gunshot wound to the chest. the shooter police say is a former employee. now as fox 29's sabina kuriakose tells us his co-workers are left picking up the pieces. >> reporter: shock written on their faces. montco suburban taxi company employees try to cope after workplace sighting that left their boss wounded. the alleged gunman one of their own cabbies. >> i never seen anybody, you know, be violent or out of control here. roar report thelma caldwell drives for the company.
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she fears for the victim i did thed by his business partner as 45-year-old married father of three alexander kagan seen here in a facebook photo. >> when you run a business, you feel like if you are, um, doing -- you know, doing a legit business and running it properly, you don't feel like these things should happen to you. or to anyone. >> obviously a nice community. we think it's a very save one. this is very unusual sit situation for us to have here. >> reporter: abington police say the shooting happened around 1:30 this afternoon. when this man, 33-year-old ozzie lou clark, began opening with company owner kagan after money clark claimed he was opened. clark opened fire striking kay gap through the right lung. three other employees were in the office at the time. they say he only left after one of the workers wrote him a check. police say clark then took off to pick his child up from a philadelphia charter school. our cameras rolling as suspected
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gunman was intercepted at the 72nd and woodland in southwest philadelphia. before he got to the school. police say clark had a handgun on him at the time. >> i don't know why it happen. i own business for so many years. a lot of aggravation between the drivers and the -- >> we're told the victim is expected to be okay. he's at abington hospital recovering with his three daughters and his wife by his side. the suspect is being processed through southwest detectives in philadelphia as well as the abington township police depth. in abington township, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. one person is in the hospital tonight after a serious accident in southwest physical. sky fox over the intersection of 61st street and passyunk avenue around 5:30 tonight. that's where officials say two cars collided sending one on to its side. fire officials had to remove the roof of one of those cars. no word on the condition of that
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injured person. new tonight, philadelphia police releasing surveillance photos of a guy who they say attacked a local wal*mart worker while trying to steal a tv. take look. according to investigators man tried to leave the wal*mart on byberry road in northeast philadelphia early this morning without paying for a large flat screen tv. when a store employee asked to see a receipt, the man pull out a knife according to police and stabbed that worker in the arm. investigators say he grabbed the tv, placed it in silver car and then took off. that worker suffered only minor injuries. police make arrest in the murder of a 14-year-old boy who was gunned down in north philadelphia earlier this week. 19-year-old demetrius brown is facing long list of charges including murder. investigators say brown shot duvall de shields in the head on monday night. it happened on the 1200 block of north tenth street. detectives believe the two teenagers had an argument and that led to the shots being fired. happening now, a muddy mess in california.
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it is expected to take days to clear roadways in los angeles county to remove all the vehicles caught up in landslides during thursday's major storm. hundreds of cars and trucks still stuck tonight. the thick mud up to 6 feet deep in some places. the strong slides pushed vehicles into one another. crews work all day trying to clear the roads but they still have a long way to go. some drives say they were stuck for hours. >> the land caved all over the road. so we were, um, we're basically just waiting and i was was mostly worried about her. >> stranded drivers found themselves in some very dangerous situations. helicopters used to pull some people to safety. there are no reports of any serious injuries. dozens of homes gone and thousands of acres burned in central texas. it's not only the farming accident may have initially spark the flames in texas. details are few and far between
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but authorities suspect it happened during some kind of farming operate operation. six square miles that's 4,000 acres have been destroyed by this wildfire. the national guard even called in to help control the flames. the fraud trial for the son of congressman chaka fattah getting underway today in a federal courtroom with opening statements beginning this morning. chaka fattah, jr. is accused of bilking hundreds of thousands of of dollars from several banks, irs and school district of philadelphia. the 33-year-old is representing himself in court. he says the charges are politically motivated because of his father chaka fattah, sr. s facing federal racketeering and corruption charges of his own. a wild ride through the streets of philadelphia comes to a violent end. hear from a kidnapping victim forced to dodge gunfire coming up. plus teens ransack a pregnant woman's home, her tv ripped right off the wall. they didn't stop there. what happened in the kitchen that's hard to believe. and rescued at just four
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months. this pup was in pretty bad shape but the local student who found her was not about to give up. now rosy is beating the odds. the one thing, however, she still needs. now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for work through the weekend on the roosevelt boulevard. they'll be paving the inner drive between woodward and rhawn all weekend long. expect delays in the northeast. they'll be using shuttle buss to night that was sunday on septa's media elwyn line and let's go temple. big game tomorrow night. 7:30. kick off at the linc. septa has extra trains on the broad street subway for all the temple fans. let's go, temple and we' for life...
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♪ now a wild story on the streets of philadelphia. a man is accused of abducting three people from two different locations before crashing an suv right into a building. it was a harrowing ordeal for the victims. fox 29's karen hepp talked to one of the women police pulled from that wrecked vehicle.
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i'm bruised like literally bruised. literally my toe is fractured. like bruises all over my back. bruised. >> reporter: physically and emotionally battered but a keen in a thompson is very lucky to be alive. surviving this wreck and an ex-boyfriend police say determined to get her. the only thing that stopped him was this wall when they slammed into it. >> i was about to die. i was about to really lose my life. >> reporter: she was involved with very dangerous man. 44-year-old jermaine grant. the terror all started early this morning police say when he kidnapped her mother and brother from this southwest philadelphia home in order to find her and then demanded they drive to where she was hiding here at her sister's house in brewery town. a sister very determined to protect her. >> the sister who lives at that particular address goes into her house she has a permit to carry and has a gun. she comes out with that gun to try to stop the rations and he fire at her multiple times and she returns fire. at that point everybody scatters.
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he's able to grab the 25-year-old. >> reporter: holding her at gun point on his lap, he races away. police say he loses control and crashes. >> at first the air bag came o out. then something came out from the sun visor and it got real smokey. i confine the lock to unlock the door door and get it i thought the window -- i saw the window was open. i tumbled out and hit my head. >> reporter: the suspect was struck and injured police caught him trapped right there in the vehicle. now he's facing numerous charg charges. >> that was fox 29's karen hepp reporting. police say the suspect 44-year-old jermaine grant has 17 prior arrests. former nba star lamar odom is awake from his coma today. there are also reports he said hi to his estranged wife khloe kardashian. even giving her a thumbs up sign. you may recall odom was found unconscious at a nevada brothel three days ago. he's been on life support and just yesterday doctors gave him just a 50/50 chance of survival. authorities are still trying to
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determine exactly what happened during his $75,000 visit to that brothel. a group of teenagers on a rampage inside an atlanta home take everything and anything they can, even ripping a tv off the wall all in matter of minutes. the whole thing caught on surveillance and to add insult to injury, one of the teens went into the kitchen and stole food right out of the refrigerator. didn't even bother to close the door. the victim, a mom, who's expecting her second child in just few weeks, besides wanting those stole lense items return this mother says her sense of security has been ruined and she wants it back especially since she will be home by herself after that baby is born. a severely disable portuguese water dog puppy being treated at penn vet is making significant improvements after being rescued by a student the there. >> such acute puppy now the vets treating that little fluff ball, well, they need to find her a forever home. meet rosy.
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she just four months old. when she was born she was so disable she couldn't even walk. her owners could not take care of her so they handed her over to the doctors at penn vet and they've been treating her for several weeks and rosy has made great progress. all thanks to vet student who foster the here her. now she she needs a full-time loving home so she can continue on the right path. >> rosy needs a home with someone that will have the patience to take care of her and, you know, support what she needs and basically at this point she just needs someone, um, who will be a toil help her walk. >> doctors say she'll need a lot of the attention but that doesn't mean she'll ab financial burden f you're interested in providing rosy way forever home head on over to our facebook page fox 29 for more informati information. u.s. airways flight 1939 numbered after the year the cogan took off this morning from philadelphia bound for charlot charlotte. it is the very last philly departure for u.s. airways
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flight. fox 29 was there as passengers boarded this morning at philadelphia international airport. the final flight went to charlotte on to phoenix then landing in san francisco. now starting at midnight tonig tonight, all departing flights will fly under the american airlines name. excitinexciting end to a hon for los angeles doctors she ended up delivering baby on an overseas flight. the cell phone vitter yo shot just seconds after the birth. the plane was headed to l la frm taiwan when a passenger went into labor yesterday. it made an emergency landing in anchorage alaska where mom and baby were taken to the hospital. they are both reportedly doing well. what nationality is the child. >> i don't know. >> who knows? >> all right. on your radar tonight, brace yourself because some cold weather on the way, dave warren. >> on the way is key. tomorrow a little practice so grab the coats, get everything by the door look nice tomorrow
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maybe not all that but both sunday morning and monday throw that coat on before you step outside. 50s now so not all that bad. a little colder to the north that. wind is picking up in central and western new york. and western pennsylvania. that gusty wind will be here tomorrow. bringing in the colder air. you certainly feel that pick up throughout tomorrow afternoon. radar tonight just a few showers this is where the front s start to see that just a bit. these showers along the front moving through the state. the wind picks up and that's the cold air coming in. we will have sunshine tomorrow. so now we set up this kind of tug of war happening between the sunshine trying to warm us up that's about fief tow degrees. try to push us up to 60 at the same time that wind is bringing in the colder air so it's fighting through the afternoon we'll be right about 50. once that sun goes down, though, we are dropping. the wind will die down. sunset 6:19 quickly drops. this is where we can see the temperatures bottoming out right about freezing both sunday
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morning and monday morning. here they are. here the numbers. 30 in allentown and reading. 31 in pottstown. just above freezing in philadelphia. but we could see that freezing temperature fall into wrightstown through central portions of new jersey where sandy soil can let the temperature drop. warming up a bit. there's that tug of war happening. sunshine trying to get us up to about 50 the colder air coming in drops the temperatures even more. again on monday, we could see temperatures dropping just blow 30 especially north and west are the two coldest days sunday morning and monday morning. by midnight monday down to 29 degrees in allentown. 32 in doylestown. right about 36 in philadelphia. maybe a few showers popping up you get that cold air coming in off the lakes. a few light showers are possible western suburbs. we'll say rain there are some snowflakes coming down predicted in western pennsylvania. now, that monday night, well it's just a little chill but here's the little change. we don't see that big drop in temperatures from the 50s into the 30s.
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it will be into the mid to low 40s because the warm air is coming back. by monday, we're down to 36 in the morning. and then by tuesday only into the mid to low 40s. 60s in the afternoon tuesday. there are the 70's wednesday and thursday. so two nice days coming the seven day not sticking around long. cold air. it's back nice and comfortable with sunshine wednesday and thursday. >> all right. like the 70s. >> thanks. >> sean? >> we saw the alcs kick off earlier the winner of game one has a pry percentage chance of winning the series. we show the highlights of that one and the eagles prepping to take down broke down giants team. they have a ton of players missing and eagles need to take advantage especially in that game in the division. hear from center jason kelce next in sports. hear from center jason kelce next in sports. ♪
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♪ eagles catching the giants at the right time. o'dell beckham is questionable. second wide receiver randall won't be 100% and starting cornerback will be out. giants will be limping into the game while eagles are coming looking in like they finally can play some offense flowing. at the end monday's game they can be tied for the division lead after the first fie few weeks they thought the sky was falling. all of a sudden, we're right where we need to be thanks to terrific nfc east. it's early in the season but a division lead doesn't quite matter yet but getting wins in the division does.
3:55 am
>> zero thought put into it and having a lead for the division right now, i don't think that that matters too much at this point in the season. i think the bigger thing we haven't won a division game yet and, um, this is a giants opponent right now we're two two-three and this would be a big win for us. >> check out gary cobb, dave spadaro, howard eskin mine self on sunday as we preview monday's big divisional matchup. we give our predictions to an eagles victory and we'll look back at all of the action on sports sunday at 10:30. in baseball we're down to the final four. the mets and the cubs who will be playing in the nlcs matchup only rookie of the year would have predicted ton night the alcs kicked off the royals and the blue jays. fourth inning sal rah tour perez with the solo homerun to left feel. their of the post season. this put the royals up three-zero and that's all. edison, would need. look at this, six inning he
3:56 am
strikes out troy tulowitzki looking. sick opening, 5ks, two hits, zero earned runs. he was just masterful on the d day. the royals win five-zero taking game one of the series. to the sixers, the drama continues. there's been all types of reports about the issue surrou surrounding joel embiid that his injury was handled correctly and people questioning embiid's character. brett bound spoke today saying he's in full support of the kid but right now they have to just play without him. tonight they took on the wizards in another preseason game. look at that. nice break led by john wall. march teen makes a nice way to finish. sixers fall 127-118. more drama for the sixers. but it doesn't matter because embiid looks like he's not going play for long time if he plays at all. >> more drama. that does it for us.
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fox 29 weekend begins at 8m. >> tmz is next. we'll see you tomorrow. >> tmz is next. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us.
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