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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  October 17, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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overnight and parents converge on the city for tonight's big game, their reason to worry for their childrens' safety. philly's top cop stepping down. who is going to be leading our police department next? and former basketball star owe objection to the form remains in the hospital, but his condition reportedly improving. what officials say he told his estranged wife, low i kardashian. fox 29 weekend. good monk, and thank you so much for joining us on this saturday, october 17. it is going to be a up ser saturday. good morning to you bill
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anderson. >> good morning, i feel up beat and ready to go. a lot of great high school games, college games, temple, penn state. so exciting. and it is football weather. treating for temple u. look at that. fancy pants. we have sunshine and it's looking pretty good out there. starting off this morning with that sunshine, but don't that let that show you because that will quickly change. clouds will be develop and that's going to be that cold air coming in. we're off to a cool start this morning. 48-degrees in philadelphia. allentown is at 43, dover at 45. one or two 30s out there this morning. in doylestown, 39, but that will change. that cold air is coming in and it will really be felt tomorrow morning and monday morning. 39 grows in millville. farther south in delaware we are into the mid 40s. here's that cold front, second
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shot of cold air you'll feel the wind pick up. the will gust 20 to 30 miles an hour. tonight a watch is now upgraded to a freeze warning in the lighter blue color and a freeze watch in effect every where for monday morning. that means the actual air temperature will drop down to 32-degrees or colder. likely to see the freeze sunday morning and monday morning and this could kill the crops and outdoor plants. it will be getting a little warmer so bring them inside. we have the warmer weather back in the seven day forecast. a look at that coming up. >> thank you, dave. with all the blue on the map and that cold weather on the way you're going to want to protect your plants. the experts say pick the last of your garden vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, pick them today and when in doubt, cover your plants with a light sheet or burlap. it allows the air to go through so it can breathe. you want to try and roll it out
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to go over the plant without crushing them. when i do this it's like i'm speaking a foreign language. numbers don't need to be covered, but protecting them will protect their cover. before the freeze sets in, make sure you download our app. you'll find it in the apple anagoge the play store. new this morning more violence right near the campus of temple university. police are investigating an armed robbery. it happened late evening right at broad and jefferson streets. they sent out an alert telling them to use caution and telling them to avoid that area. we don't know if anyone was hurt. let's get out live to sabina car cross. we have a huge football came. so many people will be coming. what are you hearing. >>reporter: it's sure to be on parents' minds.
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we're right on the border of main campus. temple says the armed robbery happened at 10:30 last night near the corner of broad and jefferson. we don't know if the victim was a student, but about four blocks away from here on thursday morning, a student was held up at gun point on his way home. police releasing this surveillance video of two suspects in hoodies. now detectives say that's connected to an armed robbery and car jacking that took place hours before on that same morning many the victim in that also a temple university student, this time a football player leaving a chinese takeout restraint. say the robbers stole the cadillac. you can see on the surveillance video from that incident. cops say they think it's the same two alleged gunmen in both of those cases, so all of that, coupled with the recent arrest of a man wanted for allegedly range a temple university student last month has students here on edge.
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i honestly many because even though things happen around here i feel that nothing is really being solved from all of this. yes, there's alley barton, and we see police ever day, but at the same time it can happen to everybody, with you is always a scary thought. we don't have a lot of details on this latest robbery and we don't know if anybody was hurt last night. we know that there were no injuries in the last two we talked about thankly. again it's a big weekend. there's a lot of parents here, alum i. this is going to be on a lot of folks' minds. they say that it's actually 29 percent this year, crime is down. some of the reasons why those numbers come up and we're hearing about p more cases. there is a man in critical condition following an overnight shooting in philadelphia's
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kensington neighborhood. it happened just after midnight on the corner of east corn walled street. several shots were fired from a front porch door into a front door. the man was shot in the leg, no arrests. police arrest a cab driver accused of shooting his cabry company boss and then taking off. 33 year aldose i lieu clark shot the victim over money clark claimed he was owed. this all happened around 1. 30 friday afternoon at the cab company headquarters on mount car million road. 45 year old alex caution and was shot once in the right lung and is expected to recover. police say another employee wrote clark a check so he would leave. workers at the cab company say they're in shock. when you run a business you feel like if you are doing ally jet business, you don't feel like these things should happen to you or to anyone.
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the fox 29 cameras were rolling as the suspect was taken into custody. police say he was carrying a handgun at the time his are. effaces multiple charges. and investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly overnight fire in atlantic city. two people were killed in the fire on the 600 block of west right street in pleasantville. one of those houses was severely damaged by smoke and flames. a huge headline this week, a change in leadership in our philadelphia police department. commissioner, charles ramsy, who has been with our department for almost eight years announcing that he's going to be retiring in january at the end of mayor michael nutter's term. he says the time is just right. it's just time t. i've been at this a long timement i'm not tired. i'm burn out. in can pennsylvania, i'm actually in my prime. lots of people love him and chuckle along with him. we have statements from the president and people on twitter
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saying thank you commissioner ramsy for our leadership, vision and heart. but bob says good riddance. philly's police commissioner charles ramsy, a politician,. joining us right now, you you cover our police beat all the time. know the commissioner very, very well, he gave a shot out to the media saying you guys were always fair. he never dodged questions, he was a pretty straight shooter. you ask him a question, you get the answer. who is in line for the job next. we are going to have a new mayor, now obviously a new police commissioner. who do you think it is. richard ross. he is the number two guy when he's out of town and he's been out of town the last couple of years. he's the top guy, 26 years on the force. he was the head of the homicide
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unit. he dealt with the media almost every day in that position. he's the guy pretty much the fop likes him, the mayor likes him, the current may. we know gym kenny likes him if he gets elected and yesterday pretty much endorsed by ramsy. who else is in the rubbing. a couple others. you have another gentleman, kevin bet el who is also a very good choice. he has been in the police department a very long time. community policing, diversion program with the schools to keep young kids out of jail and not with a criminal record on their first offense kind of thick thing. a shaker and mover, but p may have to wait his turn. the next person is tom astaffeldt. he has been a good job changing the police department. he's the chief over at septa. 2 # years in the philadelphia police didn't and at highway patrol. his dad was in it.
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probably not his turn this time around. > two other candidates real quick, maybe joe sullivan. >> joe sullivan, was in the front street on the pope's visit here, part of the pope five as they called it. went to roam with the mayor. did all those kind of things. definitely someone to keep an eye on, up and comer in the department p and then keith sadler, former philadelphia chief investigate o herement he did a really good job while he was in the philadelphia police didn't. he's now the chief in lancaster t. five good people to look at but right now if i was choosing, you heard the commissioner say yesterday richard ross would be the choice. i'm pretty sure he's the guy. > thanks so much. we're lucky that we have five good cabbed dates. >> there's a couple that i didn't mention here. i mean this group is a pretty good group to pick from. > thank you. let us know what you think, use our hashtag, fox 29 weekend. at 8:10 we're taking a look at
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what's happening today. a rally scheduled for tonight calling for justice in a summertime murder, stephanie so could you ski was murdered inside her forth richmond home in front of her two year old daughter back on july 30. police released surveillance video from a store up the block right around the time of the murder. antibody os say they heard a gunshot, then saw a man in a hoodie take off running, the killer is still on the loss. the rally will take place around 7 this morning around the 3,000 block of arming owe avenue. coming up an educational background of an air a, the final us airlines flight ever landing in philadelphiament what's next for that am toker airlines? plus, it is the chore no would be really likes, but shall whatting the dishes is a necessary evil, why doctors say you shouldn't complain if it's your turn. you may want to take inventory of your cabinets, what you could have in your cupboard worth
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fun fun it is 8:14 on a sun any day in philly. let's get right moo the news headlines now. philadelphia police have now released surveillance photos of
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a guy they say of a local walmart worker who was trying to steal a tv. take a look. this guy tried to leave the walmart in northeast philadelphia early thursday evening without paying for a large flat screen tv when store employee asked to see a receipt, the man pulled a knife and stabbed that, woulder in the arm. police say he george washingtoned the tv, placed it in a silver car and sped off. the worker, thankfully suffered only minor injuries. and police have made an arrest in the murder of a 14 year old biwho was shot in north philadelphia earlier this week. 19 year old demitt ross brown now facing a whole slew of charges, including murder. he shot the victim due val shield in the head on monday night. it all happened in the 1200 block of north tenth street. police say there was an argument and that led to shots being fired. i'm superintendent michael chipwood with a video that is
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beep me off this week. a man walks into a mini mart with a handgun. he sneaks into the cashier area where a 59 year old man was working. the suspect pulse a gun, points it right at the victim's head, demands money and takes off. when i look at this video the first thing i see this thing was playing, this guy had been in that store before. this guy is truly a vial thug. he's what i refer to as an usualor terrorist. fortunately for the victim he didn't resist and he didn't get hurt. when you see him running across the street, my own personal opinion, it's a shame he wasn't hit by a car. i'm superintendent michael chipwood, that's my take. 8:16, a bank is foreclosing on the power plant that provides the sole source of utilities for
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the shuttered rebel casino. acr energy partners and owner glenn straw haven't been able to agree on a deal to provide utilities to the casino. they are providing enough power to provide safety systems. acr has offered to provide heat for the winter if both sides can agree on a price. the final usa airlines flight cuts it down just moments ago. the company originated in friday morning and originated to san fran cyst on. all flights will remain under the name american airlines. california is a muddy mess. it will take days to clean the mess. this is in la county. the sudden land slides during thursday's major storms.
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hundreds of cars and trucks are still stuck. i can't even believe my eyes if you take a look at that right there. it is up to six feet deep in some places. the slides pushed vehicles into one another. crews worked all day friday to clear the roads. they still have a long way to go. some drivers say they were stuck for hours. helicopters were used to pull people to safety. there are no reports amazingly of any serious injuries. a developing story that's been all over social media. it looks like it's taking a positive turn. family members say former basketball star lamar odom woke up from his coma yesterday, even spoke and gave a thumb's up from wisp hospital bed. they also say he's breathing on his own and no longer using a breathing tube. e news is reporting he told his estranged wife low ' kardashian hey baby when he saw her. he is off dialysis and his kidneys were all right. on tuesday t he was found
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unconscious and face down at a nevada bot well cocaine and herbal mail enhance presidents in his system. a positive sign. let's take a look at our weather. it's a really fall feeling. that is what sue serio always describes dave warren as deceiving sunshine. it looks so beautiful out there. it's a little bit chilly. that will be deconstructive sunshine. i'll add to the descriptions here because that sunshine will actually cause a few clouds to develop t later today. so it looks deceiving, that chill is in the air. it definitely will be deceiving tomorrow morning and monday morning. there's trenton, bright sunshine. there's a freeze warning in effect. that purple color, that temperature will agently drop to 32 overnight tonight. a few late effects snow showers developing. it's your forecast. we asked for your questions, send it to video. here's one in cherry hill. good morning everybody at fox 29 weekend. i love riding my bike, but the
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fall temperatures are making it really cold to do so. so, dave, when is the time to put the bike in the garage and reach for the winter coat? >> we have props and everything. good helmet, andrew. good question. put the bike away for a day or two. don't put it far back in the garage, though, because warmer weather will reason. we're getting colder before we see the warmup. here are the low temperatures. we'll see 36-degrees in these surrounding suburbs in cherry hill. 34 it could be freezing right about there tomorrow. but 42 not as cold, monday morning. so the temperatures will be getting a little warmer and by the million dollars of the week we're nice and warm. lows in the 50s, try to get back to 70. before we get there, we're stuck in the 50s, climb into the 50s right now. there's a 34 in mount pocono. philadelphia is at 48-degrees. 39 in millville. atlantic city and wildwood. here's an issued education that the cold air has arrived, the wind picks up today.
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the wind will gust to 20 to 30 miles an hour, in the middle of the afternoon. for a few hours it will be gusty and the temperature will get a little l colder despite the sunshine. and then the wind dies down overnight. here's the front right through central pennsylvania. slowly pushing through. once it pulse through it should be dry. we're talking about a tug of war. the sunshine will try to warm us up. once the wind dies down it gets cold tonight after subset about 6:19 temperatures will really doctor we're going back up in the seven day. i'll look at that coming up. thank you so much. there's a hollywood acr rest batting the same condition as her wildly popular television character. coming up, why so many people are saying made dennis an inspiration for speaking out about a condition so many women have battled. plus, four months was pretty bad
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breaking out the halloween music a little bit earlier. 8:5 as we take a look at international airport here in philadelphia. it's pretty nice. sunshine that we see going on there. we're getting comments and one of them says happy birthday, but i want to start off saying happy birthday to gamble, very well known in philadelphia doing great things. a stand out in his own rights, happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you, we all miss the rock of our family. happy birthday. this one, fox 29, good morning to did you all, coffee in hand and ready to go. keep them coming, just use our hashtag, fox 29 weekend.
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that problem. so my friends, eat your car rots. do what your mom said, eat those vegetables. i'm dr. mike, have a great weekend.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care.
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." welcome back. it is 8:29. at the bottom of this hour we have some important news for you. there has been a deadly fire happened in delaware valley county on the 100 block of column in dale avenue in column in dale. firefighters say they rescued a
8:30 am
woman off of a house next door to the one that was on fire, but there was a man inside the house where the fire was burning who was trapped and died. names have not been released in less and week pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane is about to have her law suspended. it leaves a great deal unsolved about which official acts she can and can't perform. her suspension starts thursday. itself it's unclear how long it will last. she faces perjury and official oppression charges for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information to a newspaper and then lying about it. the philadelphia archbishop charles that put is warning a group of wish objects they are doing harm to the parishes. he explained the anxiety felt by many bishop that a change of
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practice that divorced couples to lead to a change on a doctrine on marriage. doctrine inevitably shakes belief. it inevitably it shakes belief. there was a bombshell reported by a major star this week. hayden pan tier gave birth to a baby girl last december. this is the character on the show, julia barnes, the country incorporate ser is also battling post-partum depression. woo we have a lot of people that have been commenting about this one. seeking treatment is serious, very scary. i hope everything works out for her. wish her all the best and she is a great actress and a good person. ashley says i applaud her for shining a light on it. it is not talked about too often so a lot of people don't understand it and it can make a woman like they are insane when
8:32 am
they're literally just sick and it's the worst experience in h that woman's personal life. let's bring an expert on. doctor, thank you for join ultra. thank you so much for having me. this goes beyond just having the baby blues which a lot of people have. this can be so, so serious. explain. you're absolutely right, post partum depression is a major illness. it occurs 10 to 15 percent in women. it's one of the most complications of having a child. it can affect her interactions with other people, how she feels about herself and over all long term if she is not treated can have adverse effects on her offspring and other children. what are the signs and symptoms that we need to be on the look out for when you've just had a baby. everyone finds when you have a new baby is an adjustment. you have sleep interruption, you may not be feeling yourself with respect to energy, but certainly have low mood, decreased interest in pleasure and things
8:33 am
that you normally like to do. those are serious signs that the family and the woman should pay attention to. she may have changes in her appetite, feeling guilty about herself as a mother, thinking that she is a bad person. she also may find that she just is so lacking in energy that she can barely do some of the thing that she needs to do for her baby. it doesn't have to be right after you have your baby. hayden had her baby last december. it could be any time during the first year? >> that's a really important point. for most people post partum depression happens in the first few weeks after having the baby. it can get worse after the woman goes through the post partum year, particularly if she doesn't get treatment. what is the treatment? hayden checked into a facility. i don't want to leave my spouse or partner or my baby. what is the treatment? >> if caught early on, some people can benefit from psychotherapy. i often recommend psychotherapy even if you are going to take to
8:34 am
a medication like an antidepressant because they think that adjusting to motherhood is difficult for every would be. if you are feeling depressed it can have an extra layer of difficulty. if you have someone that you can talk to, family and friends is important. someone who is objective, a professional who has dealt with women who are suffering from the same problem that you're suffering from to be able to help you through this difficult situation. it's usually time limited with effective treatment. last thing and quickly on h one, but it's so important for all the women that are sitting out there who may be in this position, who do they call right now? they should speak to their family members and they should also call their primary care doctor. if they're early in the post partim period. call your ob/gyn. you can call your gynecologist or your primary care doctor. definitely reach out. this is nothing to be ashamed of. it is so, so common.
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my hat goes off to people like hayden for letting people know that she is having difficulty and lets us talk about this. we appreciate your coming in. thank you so much:thanks for the great information. we're going to take a look at what's going on out there, an update on our weather. where are we looking at? it looks like reading. you got the sun shining from burke county. that's from the top of of the candle wood suits camera. we have a lot of sunshine going on. if you take the step outside, a little cool. if you think that's deceiving, wait until you look at the numbers coming up tomorrow morning and monday morning where we could see freezing temperatures. we have some weather events happening today. let's check this one out in philadelphia. i'm dr. jack sir investor owe along with ronnie sugar representing the aura breast
8:36 am
team. today we are doing three breast screenings to mark breast cancer awareness month. what is the weather going to be like. >> shouldn't keep anybody inside. just a little chill in the air. it's the wind that will pick up, though, as this colder air comes in, the wind picks up. that could lead to a few clouds around, 3:00 and 5:00. temperatures will still be about 55. the sunshine is trying to warm us up. the cold air is coming in. a cool start this morning, mid 40ss. there's a few 30s up north like mount pocono and doylestown, still 39-degrees. right about 39 and millville. 44-degrees in washington township and along the coast there in delaware, upper 40s. sweater weather, thumb's up. thumb's up to the argyll, too, love it. the game forecast we will start into the 50s, but drop. we're going back up in the seven day forecast. ill he'll have that coming up in
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just a little bit. > thanks so much. make a good amount of money on this one. coming up there's something right now that's probably in your cupboard that could be worth, get this, ready, hundreds of dollars on ebay and it's not the china.
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> it is a beautiful day, a co-worker is chris o'connell. another calling another groan man cocoa. no. let's talk about this, i like my tea, you like coffee. you don't think anybody about the mug, but you could have hidden money right there in your cabinet. let's break it down, a list comprised by ebay on the auction site some of them go for a lot of money. >> they do. first up, this starbucks mug from different cities, that one looks like it is from portland start at 55-dollars and can go as high as 264-dollars. and my favorite, disney mug. can't get enough disney in my
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house. they can sell for 50 and 80-dollars. i have a great campbell's soup one from back in the day. they apparently go for big money, between 57 to 375 l dollars. you can have the fan situate mugs start at 45-dollars and as high as 296. let's round it up, 300. harley davidson, start at 85 and they've been going up to as close as 299, you talk about your favorite mug. do you have one? i have not found one. i need a good travel mug. one that is straight. >> and fits in your cup holder. i needed to have the rounded shape. i don't want the boot objection to the form like that. how about you? >> my favorite mug is whatever mug is left over on aaron's
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desk. that's my new favorite. we are going to have and coming up, -- i'm getting distracted by mugs -- an adult version. what are we talking about? this is the most popular car in america. the number one car sits in every day. you could be a proud owner of the grown up version of the kid car. how much will it cost to buy something like that? we'll let you know. unbelievable. temple university looking for their sixth straight win. what they'll need to do for a victory tonight. we'll have all that and more coming up.
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> this gets you up and ready to enjoy. we take a look -- i love the way that looks. the pocono mountain. i think it's peak time for leave peaking if you want to go if you're a harley rider. leave peeping? traffic this morning, it's not just for kids anymore. a british mechanic has made a real life adult-sized version of the little identification car. you may have had it as a kid. he built the car early last year and has sold 5,000 units. a classic. now he's selling it.
8:46 am
you're going to have to out bid karen. the current asking price on ebay, $33,000. that's an original. the problem is obviously he's british so you're on the wrong side of the road, steering is on the wrong side. that is priceless. >> whatever. > on h week's in focus we transition, we taking a trip over to many contact den, new jersey. an emmys award photo journalist, bill mower a really inspiring group of golfers. if you love the game of gov, you have the clubs and there is nothing better than hitting the ball well. if you have irons, a couple people have woods today. this group with special needs comes here to the camden county gov academy once a week to learn the game. where should the ball position be? we're just learning the basics. be part of the ball position.
8:47 am
and alignment and things of that nature to give them the best opportunity to qualify. nice and wide, there you go. work with volunteers from the new jersey pga. keep them coming. rachel trolley is in it for the exercise. i love gov. iwatch it on tv, too. they love being here, especially when they connect with that ball, put it out into the water, it's one of the best feelings they could have. ken short has been watching it for eight years. today he lets us in on a little l secret. do you think you can hit one in the water. >> maybe. they accomplish something and then actually got to see what they accomplished. wow. did you see that? biller, fox 29 news.
8:48 am
welcome back as we take a live look outside today at the trenton cancer 5k gorgeous weather right there for people that are out there running. that view is from our win document garden. leave piping. when you live and work in the northeast as i did for many years, you can go to new hampshire and vermont and they would go on buses and take tours leave beeping. i don't know if this guy went leaf beeping. he went hiking. what beautiful colors out there. a beautiful change happening here. weir approaching the peak, nearing the peak around philadelphia. seeing the peak color up in the northern portions of the state. the leaves may have a little trouble staying on the trees this afternoon. the wind pick us up to 20, 30 miles an hour. they are nice colors out there.
8:49 am
48-degrees out in philadelphia. lancaster, 41. one or two 30s out there. it was in doylestown, the latest hour up to 41. that sunshine doing its job for right now trying to push these numbers up. millville still at 39, a little chill in the air. and delaware, sussex county, 39-degrees. a little warmer closer to the coast. the warm front, once it does that will be your indication that it is getting colder. you will feel the breeze. there's the lake effects setting up. we are seeing that on the radar screens. it's getting colder at night. both the coldest nights will be tonight and tomorrow night. monday night, though, we're at 50. it quickly drops into the 40ss, but by post game it's leveling off. that will be the start of the warming trend this oming week. breezing overnight tonight. a few of the suburbs into the 20s. and then sunday afternoon we barely make it up to the 50s, likely seeing another freeze warning. it's a wash right mount pocono, but likely seeing a warmer as it
8:50 am
gets colder. 20s in the north and western suburbs. millville 29. lake effects, snow already, but these are just clouds that will make it to south eastern pennsylvania. the showers will stay in the eastern suburbs. a better chance of that tomorrow. 56-degrees, a cold start. sunday, 38 and maybe seeing it try to climb up above the 50s there monday, tuesday. we're still fairly cool. but by wednesday and thursday back into the 70s. the warm air returns. you just have to wait three or four days before we do it. coming up, the holidays are quickly approaching. stores will be looking for temporary workers, but that job doesn't necessarily need to end after the holidays. how you can turn that em t p job into a full-time career. plus, you can't put your cellphone down? you're not alone obviously, why a new study says you should actually feel okay about carrying that device wherever you go.
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> music to start you off bopping your head. that's what you need on saturday morning as we take a look at allentown. our camera at the top. people will start sending your comments into us. i got a comment on my facebook
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page saying you look handsome. >> thank you. this is so clever. i wish you were my childrens' mom because you are so creative. last night at the trunk or tweet halloween family night, nicely done. next up we have another halloween decoration, i got my next door neighbors decorations showing off because it is awesome. this was a lot of fun, diane, thank you. visiting from the hock oh # k5 teens sleep over there. i'm jennifer, i'm the executive chef p cuba lee brief in philadelphia and this is your fox food bite. today we are going to be making our famous french toast. we're going to start you off with making the batter. there is a normal french toast batter, one coup of milk, next
8:55 am
will be six whole eggs, just about a tablespoon of heavy cream to add a little extra richness, a quarter teaspoon ground nut meaghan that's the. mix it altogether like you do normal french toast batter. just so all ingredients are combined. your end result, a am in al french toast batter. something that is special is we use a whole loaf of brioche bread. we let it sit overnight in the batter. you want it to be able to absorb and get the insides all nice and white. we cover it completely and the next morning, it is ready. most of the liquid will most likely be absorbed. this is 24 hours after being soaked. get your skillet nice and hot. you are hearing that sizzling l.
8:56 am
get your butter all melted. we really seer all the sides of the french toast. you start smelling the cinnamon and the nut meg. you're looking at 30 seconds to 45 seconds on each side. you're going to get this nice, golden, carmel iced color on each side and then we finish it in the oven. the liquid or the custard batter that you poured over sort of such lays in the oven. it will puff up, really cuss tardy, really cream i and delicious. we have everything all nice and carmel iced and this is where we would throw it in the oven. we set your oven to around 350-degrees and leave your french toast in the pan, in the oven for about p five minutes and then it should sue lay nicely, just a little bit and have a little spring back when you touch it to let you know
8:57 am
that the cuss hard is complete. we make our own special desert using a what nil a sugar. you can find the recipe at fox 29. the french toast has been in the oven for two to three minutes now. as you can see it is sue laid out around the edges a little bit. we simply cigar in it with our cuba ream resyrup that has plantain soaking in it. finish it with a little bit whip cream, powdered sugar. i'm glad i can share with everyone one of my favorite bench rest pees. i'm jennifer, fox news bite
8:58 am
. independence blue cross. live fearless.
8:59 am
your news, your neighborhood, life and interactive. this is fox 29 weekend. it's 9:00. amazing how quickly the first
9:00 am
hour goes when we're bringing you information on this saturday, october 17. thanks for starting your saturday with us. we can get you all caught up on a lot of things going on in the news right now. we have investigator trying to figure out what sparked that deadly overnight fire in atlantic county. a cab driver accused of shooting his taxi company boss and then taking off to pick up his kid from school. let's get a check of our forecast as we begin this hour of our saturday. take a live look outside at wilmington where we have chris o'connell, cocoa, beloved by us and sue serio out there for the alzheimer's' walk as one of our station' sponsored events. sunshine, it looks nice, it's just off to a cool start. don't even think about saying it's cold today. just wait until you see tomorrow morning and monday's low temperature. we're 50 in philadelphia.
9:01 am
lancaster, allentown at 46. a few 30ss this morning, not near the freezing mark. we're climbing into the mid 40s. the sunshine doing its job, but it will be fighting the cool wind this afternoon. a mid 40s and a few 50s, a quick warmup. it's getting warmer, but now it's getting nice and comfortable. still a little chilly in sussex county at 39-degrees. when you feel the wind pick up this afternoon, then the temperatures may start to drop. despite the sunshine and a few clouds it won't be warming us up anymore as the temperatures start to drop. we're looking at the freezing mark by tomorrow morning. this is the area in a freeze warning. the rest of the area you have to watch. the warning in effect for tomorrow morning, the watch in effect for monday morning. monday could actually be even colder than it is tomorrow morning and it's all through this area here along i95, especially the surrounding suburbs. likely to see freezing temperatures sunday and monday
9:02 am
morning. some outdoor plants, bring them inside or cover them. we'll look at the numbers in the seven day. as dave was say, the cole weather on the way you are going to have to protect t your plants. experts say pick the last of your garden vegetables, tomato, peppers today. when in doubt, cover your plants with a light sheet or burlap. it actually amounts to air. it goes through so it can breathe. you want to try to roll it out to go over the plant without crushing. numberses don't need to be covered in a light frost, but protecting them will preserve their cover and pan situates are fine in the cold. before the freeze sets in make sure you download our fox 29 weather app. get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone. you'll find it in the apple anagoge the play stores. more violence right near the campus of temple university. police are investigating an armed robbery. this one happened late last
9:03 am
night on broad and jefferson streets. the university since out tweets to the students so they know what is happening in the area and to use caution and precaution. no one was hurt. let's get out to sabina. i was out there this week for some other incidents. it is parents' weekend, but over all the crime numbers are going down. you mentioned an interesting statistic a little bit earlier this morning. temple actually says crime is down about 30 percent on campus from last year. that's huge. the safety director says they're reporting more incidents within a wider area. so that's why people are getting more alerts. but we've had some serious high profile cases in recent weeks that are certainly unsettling to students and parents alike. weed had the arrest of a man wanted in the arrest of a tu student late last month and this week we had two armed robberies police now believe were committed by the same two
9:04 am
suspects. surveillance video of them. both of them students were temple university students, one on cam us p, the other off campus. i a edge mr.ed gunman still have not been caught. just days later an armed robbery occurred, broad and jefferson, right on the edge, just of off of campus. we don't know if anyone was hurt or what was taken in that case. all of this is weighing heavy on the minds of students and no doubt on the minds of parents. as one mom we spoke of put it, you can't live in fear. i have five of them in school now. two of them here. three out in the country. you just sort of try and forget it. sometimes i think my pride takes over and i just like to walk home, but after these incidents i'm probably going to take better precaution. again, it is parents every weekend. we have a big game tonight. temple owls coming after due lane. we have alumni in town, also. news of the latest robbery is the last thing anybody wants to
9:05 am
hear about. by the way, if you recognize any of the suspects from the surveillance video, make sure you call central detectives. thank you sabina. do have some more violence to el you. a man is in critical condition after an overnight shooting in the kensington neighborhood just after midnight neighborhood. police say several shots were fired from a front porch into a front door. there was a man who was shot in the leg. no arrests so far. police arrest a cab driver accused of shooting his taxi company boss and then taking off to pick up his kid from school. abington township police say 33 year aldose i lieu clark shot the victim over money clark claimed he was owed. this all happened around 1:30 friday afternoon at the cab company headquarters on mount carmel road. police say 45 year old alex caution and was shot once in the right lung and is expected to recover. police say another employee wrote clark a check so he would leave. workers at the cab company say
9:06 am
they're in shock. when you run a business, you feel like if you are running ally jet business and running it properly you don't feel like these acts should happen to anyone. the fox 29 cameras were there and rolling as the suspect was taken into custody. police say he was carrying a handgun at the time of his arrest. effaces multiple charges. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly overnight fire in atlantic county. two people were killed in the fire on the 600 block of west right street in pleasantville. as you can see, one of those houses was severely damaged by smoke and flames. investigators are also looking into what caused a deadly fire in delaware county. this one happened at about 11:30 last evening on the 200 block of column in dale after. they managed to rescue a woman
9:07 am
from the roof of the home next door that was on fire. in was a man in the burning home that was trapped and could not get out and died. they have not released their names. it is 9:07. today there is a rally for tonight, calling for justice they say in a summertime murder of stephanie sue cow ski who was murdered inside her port richmond home in front of her two year old daughter. you may remember, it was so horrible. it was back on july 30. her killer is still on the loss. there's some surveillance video taken on that night. the rally is going to be he taking place at 7 around the 2,000 block of aramingo avenue. i'm jeff cole. it's time for fox unfiltered where we will talk to you about your comments and complaints right here on the air. you may not recognize this man because he he doesn't happily step in front of the camera. but he does run most of the engineering things here, make us stay on the air. rj russell.
9:08 am
you had engineering here, right. >> yes, i do. > your role here is what, to keep everything on. >> we make sure -- our department makes sure everything stays on the air. that viewers are happy with what we do. make you guys look good. > that can be a real challenge. last week during the eagles game we had a little bit of an issue. we had some folks called us and he e-mailed us and there were some complaints and concerns about some audio and how the audio worked with the announcers. first let me know what spoke of the folks wrote. what's up with the sound on the eagles game? i tried every possible setting on my tv. nothing seems to work. i can't understand what announcers are saying. joe, your audio mix is all crowd and no announcers. what did you do about it? >> the games we get come from the network and they're mixed
9:09 am
with 5.1 surround sound. if you're listening at 5.1 it's made to make you feel like you're at the game. most viewers listen into steer. it's going to take all the surrender and mix it down to just a stereo down. when you do that sometimes the data gets little bad and the rear speakers and the sound of the noise can drown out the center channel which is where the voice is at. when we got word at this we decided to go in and see if we could make some adjustments. about half time we were able to. that made the down mix much better and and allow the viewers to hear the announcer much better. if you didn't hear the announcer say that, that wasn't a bad thing in my area. folks wrote back and when they wrote back they said, hey, thank you for working on it.
9:10 am
sounding much better. jesus wrote, ohio, it's much better now, let's go eagles. ohio it's much better now. that's pretty good feedback. like i said before, our job is to make sure the viewers are happy and we try to do everything we can to make sure they are. and the eagles within would be even better. >> exactly. i'm standing here with the fabulous morning team. how are you guys? >> fabulous. i'm thinking the world of you guys, particularly when i think about when you get up. >> oh, stop. > when do you get up. >> 1:45 is the first alarm. > as much as i like you, i'm not jealous. i'd push it to 2:00. you live on the edge. >> my first alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m. > that's fabulous for you guys,. i'm glad it's you and not me.
9:11 am
you are looking great and fabulous in the morning and smart. i love you guys, how on erythropoietin to you manage to be so chipper and boisterous and so entertaining at these hours? i'm a morning person but i just can't do that. someone has to keep them in mind. i get about four, five hours sleep. >> i'm a tea drinker, but i feel you. we deal with some guys in a need to be pulled in a little bit. you know that guy i work with?, oh, my goodness. >> it's saturday, it's fine. that's the sleepy host. that's it for this week's he digs of fox unfiltered. remember we want your comments so he e-mail us or text us or send us your telegram and we'll use your comments in the weeks ahead. i'm jeff cole.
9:12 am
coming up, the holidays are quickly approaching. stores will be looking for temporary workers, but that job doesn't necessarily need to end of a the holidays. how you can turn that em t p job into a fuel-time career. plus, you can't put your cellphone down? you're not alone obviously. why a new study says you should actually feel okay about carrying that device wherever you go. another great week on good day philadelphia. let's go philly. we're so happy for you, we hope you enjoy your forever home. wait until you see what's coming this week welcome back.
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it is straight up, 9:15. there's a pretty picture. hi, center city. you know what's happening today you can get aboard the high board express. going out to aka chestnut hill. it's the harry potter festival. people are dressed up harry potter outfits up and down chestnut avenue. if you want to say hi, say hi. take a look at your high lights right now at 9:15. police are releasing some surveillance photos of a local worker wall market. this guy tried to leave northeast philadelphia early friday evening without paying for a large flat screen tv.
9:16 am
when a store employee asked to see a receipt, the man pulled a knife and stabbed that worker in the arm. police say he grabbed the tv, placed it in a silver car and sped off. the worker suffered only minor injuries. police have made the an arrest in the murder of a 4 year old boy who was begunked down in north philadelphia. 19 year old demetrius brown was facing a whole through of charges, including murder. investigators say the victim shut the victim in the head. he died. it happened on the tenth street. they were having a disagreement and that led to the shots being fired. there was a important geese pupper now being treated over at penn vet making significant improvement after being rescued by a student there. the veterinarians who were treating that little l dog. i met her yesterday. this is rosie, look at her.
9:17 am
she was just four months old. when she was born she was so disabled she couldn't walk. her owners couldn't handle her. they handed her over to doctors at penn. she is making great progress. now she needs a forever home. rosie needs a home which people can support what she needs. she needs someone that will be able to help her walk. she's up beat, friendly, playful. doctors say she's going to need a lot of attention. her new owner will be patient. that doesn't mean that she will be a financial burden. if you're interested in a forever home, head over to our fox 29 facebook page for more information. this is dan ricardo and there
9:18 am
are 755,000 less reasons for your teenager to be laying on the coach instead of cashing in a paycheck. that is the number of jobs expected to be added this year to help retailers to help them with the rush. for example, target adding 70,000 workers, 90,000 extra ups to get those packages to your door. let me tell you how to get one of the temporary jobs and turn one into a full-time career. first, you have to apply early as in right now. the good news is the applications are available online so your teenager never has to get off the come if i couch. check out resume if you need help with your resume. cover letters, really easy to use. next, don't limit your just to the big retailers, think local,
9:19 am
restaurants, hotels, even your local supermarket. all of them are bringing on extra help to get them through the holiday rush. if you want that job to be permanent, it's perfect. in fact, last year walmart kept 25 percent of their temporary employees and made them permanent employees. here's what i want you to do. make sure your employer knows you want additional job. ask far additional hours. make yourself valuable. next, don't treat it like a temporary job. work hard, learn as much as you can about the company. finally, dress rehears al, dress for succeed. i like to say dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. not like this guy. there you go, it should be easy to get that holiday job. that means your teenager is on the pay roll for someone else. who knows you might even get your come if i couch back, just
9:20 am
in time for football. i'm cashing out. take a look at our forecast right now as we take a live look out at allentown. it is a gorgeous day, but it's a little cool. if the kids are letting out they might want to grab a jacket. you will definitely need it today, tomorrow and monday. we are looking at breezy temperatures at the renaissance hotel. we'll see a few clouds developing later. of course it's your forecast. we ask for your questions and you send them to us. here's one from chester county. i'm francis she and and i would like to welcome you to the codesville heritage day this saturday from 10 to 4 at codesville in chesser county. hey, dave, what is the weather going to be like. it looks pretty good out there.
9:21 am
a great drive, look at the temperatures, 40s to 50s, but it stays there. it does not get any warmer. we have a few clouds coming in this afternoon and that wind will really start to pick up. that brings in even colder air. right now you're stepping outside, temperatures to the north, 40, 50 to the south here. it's starting to am what up. the sunshine is doing its job. it's nice and sunny down at ventnor beach. the pictures sent in from michael. this is a sign that that cold air is picking in. you'll notice the gust 20 to 30 miles an hour. this is bringing in colder air. that means some cold mornings, but warmer weather returning in the sex-day forecast. those numbers are coming up a little bit later. dave, thank you so much. temple university, we are so excited. i'm wearing my temple owl colors. can you imagine, the fifth straight win possible tonight. they're going undefeated in the
9:22 am
season so far. the team they're playing. >> central florida. what they'll do to get a victory tonight. you can't put your cellphone down, you're not alone. why the new study says you should feel okay about carrying your device wherever you go. we have the lottery numbers from last night. check your tickets.
9:23 am
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welcome back. this is trending on twitter. it cracks me up. this one from stella, michael, madonna, prince, whitney. give me your eighties in four words. we will get to that. you can send in your comments. this one from flow, fox 29 weekend, sunshine from wildwood, fabulous 50s and beyond. this one mar situate sharing morning drinks with mar situate's child as they are enjoying themselves watching like dr. mike's segment of fox 29. this one coming in as well. saw it and had to share, a halloween tree. it's so cool i got to get one of those. thank you for all of your comments. let's check in with jen and momma log. hey, everybody it's jen
9:26 am
frederick. this is momma log. it's cold outside. you may want to take your kids out to dinner. the weather authority -- okay, we have two twin kids. >> two twins. and then we have one 19-month old. two two and a half and one 19 month old. three under three. that's it. you have to send a scout. mack and cheese, chicken nog et cetera. >> maybe a piece of pizza. mommy and daddy a beer or wine. the table is all set. crayons are out. > crayons. >> and then the kids -- > and you say hey, i'm on tv. you're kind of loud. if you have them out to dinner because it's cold, you have no
9:27 am
food. you have 19 kids like this guy, three. three under three, give them the food first. >> thanks for joining the show. i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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> welcome back. it is now 9:29. in your news headlines right now, less and week pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane is scheduled to have her law
9:30 am
license sustained. but she has yet to say what changes are going to be happening at her office because of that. the suspension leaves a great deal unresolved about which official acts she can and cannot perform. her suspension will start on thursday. it's unclear how long it will last. she faces perjury and oppression charges for officially leaking information to a grand jury and then a newspaper and then lying about it. they risk doing serious harm to the catholic church because he is concerned about changes to the church's feel on marriages. it is felt by many bishops about a change to the church's practice to lead to a change on its doctrine on marriage and that change can shape belief. it's time for sports. how often do we start off talking about football in
9:31 am
philadelphia? we're actually not talking about the eagles. tonight it's the temple owls. they hope to continue their undefeated season. couch matt rule, rhys situate for me to say. so excited about the also 5 and-0 record. they square of off against the winless oca. temple is still under defeated and there is still college football fans who think their trash makes no sense. perfect weather for temple university to remain undefeated in collegiate football. and having a season for the ages. are the also the best birds in town? shawn brace is here to break it down. good morning. we're jump ping quickly to that. are they the best birds in town that's interesting. absolutely they're for real. i would think that would be extremely disrespectful if you were saying they're in the for real.
9:32 am
are we talking about the championship level? they are 5 and 0. it's impressive when you start the season off with a victory against penn state and they beat up on penn state and haven't looked back since. we are very clearly big eagles fans. people walking around for t for temple. it's philly on board. you guys carement i love that. it's fox 29, you guys all over temple. we should care. it's a good p program going on. it's extremely difficult for wins at temple looking in years past. it's a tough match tonight and a game on halloween. they looked good against a bad team last week. it looks like bradford may be kind of click i. it's time for us that they're transitioning? this is a
9:33 am
statement game. make no bones about it. this is chip kelly. here we go, he's got to get it done. monday night football, the place will be rocking and rolling down at the link. this is a statement game. you're a good football team you got to put it together. i look at it like this, it's starting to come together. i'm not going to get too crazy and say they're gelling right now. things are looking before it better right now, that's for sure. is it possible that we got we forgot about they had new players? preseason game, that's what happened. a lot of people were questioning the defensive side of the ball and they were able to put that together and then preseason. everybody got a little crazy because of how good sam bradford
9:34 am
looked. if you got a good football you're going to look good. me permanently i was right behind everybody. it's a long season. everybody was getting a little crazy, fire chip kelly. they play 16 games. this is game five. a long time go. are theying abouting to win. >> absolutely. this is a giants game, you can tweet us at fox 29 philly. leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page. just use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. thank you, sir. > thank you, check this one out by the way. let's take a live look outside right now. beautiful view of the ben franklin parkway. please come out and say hi to me. i have an event tonight at 46789. 30 to help fight blood cancers to help fight leukemia and lymphedema out in chester county. what is the weather going to be like? it's going to be get cold
9:35 am
you go out tonight, bundle up because it's cool tonight but tonight is where we see these temperatures quickly dropping. a gusty wind at 4:00. the clouds begin to clear and it gets a little calmer by 6. by 7:00 we're into the 40s. getting much colder by tomorrow with freeze warnings in effect. 37 in mount poke owe right now, but we warming up. the sunshine is doing its job. up to 50-degrees. millville is at 50. snow is coming in to the north. it it will stay to the north. we have a tug of war happening right now. right now the sunshine is winning. trying to pull the temperature up close to 50. but this afternoon a cold front comes through much that's bringing in even colder air. as soon as we lose the sunshine tonight, temperature drops. 6:19 is sunset. easily down to about the freezing mark tomorrow morning and then the following morning. freezing tonight, lows into the
9:36 am
20s and 34-degrees there in philadelphia. so we are looking at a cold night tonight as the temperatures continue to drop here overnight. i want to check out the walk? >> yes. > no. >> we're going to are contacten. sure, 4:30 check out the walk. come down and see me help me light the walk. i'm going to have my cellphone, taking pictures of all of you. if you cannot put your cellphone down did, you're not alone. there's a new study that shows you know what, don't worry about it. you should feel okay about carrying your device wherever you go. and an exciting end to a honeymoon for a loss angels doctor, what happened on the plane that will make for a great story forever. w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwç
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
i'm almost embarrassed how much i like this song. he's such a great singer. 9:40, fox 29 weekend. when you were a kid you may have had a security blanket. maybe it was a teddy bear, maybe it was a toy. what did you have? >> i actually still have it, an old stuffed animal. > you do.
9:40 am
>> yeah. a lot of people have, especially talking kids liberally. a lot of them are carrying their phones around. remember when we used to watch charlie brown and he would carry his blanket around, the little old rag eddie thing. today the security blanket is your cellphone. 18 to 24 years old found people did better on their tests if their iphones were in their pockets as opposed to the other side of the room. doctors suggest if you need to have your phone around, if it makes you feel better, do it, but just keep it silenced. > scott i knows the irony on twitter writing on stress because i forgot p my cellphone and left it at home. it should make me stress free. what did i do before i had a cellphone. >> that's a good question. what did we do when we didn't have them or need anything.
9:41 am
>> in my college days i didn't have one. we used to scroll notes on doors. you feel naked. are you like that? you need it every where you go? >> i don't have it right now, but i'm okay. say in five minutes, i got to go get it. i don't have mine actually in my hands, but i know where it is. > let us know if you had a security item. here is our instant reaction poll. let's join the fun. it's really easy to do. you have to tweet it out specifically, do you get stressed when you forget your cellphone. use that little hashtag right there, fox 29 yes or fox 29 no when you forget your cellphone and that's how we'll find out the answer to our instant poll. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. she wanted to say we want your opinion on this. here's the question. imagine you're turned down for a job because of the way you look specifically because of your ears. people with gauges it's a possibility. it can be fixed. here's one florida woman who
9:45 am
decided to fix her ears. she said people aren't used to seeing stretch ears. they're being considered inappropriate for the workplace. doctors say it is simple. you have to reconstruct the loeb with so much tissue missing. from start to finish the surgery takes about 30 minutes per eve. you can correct that decision that many have made in their younger ears. an exciting honeymoon for a loss angels doctor. she ended up delivering a baby on an overseas flight. this is cellphone video just after the birth. i love my babies. the plane was heading from la to taiwan when the passenger goes into labor. this happened on thursday. they made an emergency landing in anchorage alaska where the mom and baby were taken to the hospital. supposedly you can't travel when
9:46 am
you're that far along. but who knows. we're asking them to go out and find some outstanding superstar athletes. right now we have our fox 29 junior reporter tracey jazz could he with our athlete of the week. s ' that time again. fox 29's high school athlete of the week goes to cardinals quarterback ryan somebody el from upper dublin high school. last year we were a little under the radar, this year not so much. at six four, # 10 pounds senior quarterback is a rushing not to be reckoned with. his rushingerrors last four over 400. he has been major factor in some blow out james this season.
9:47 am
he has no problems taking the lead. everybody looks to me. i'm captain, me, henry and jack the others are doing great. we do what is expected of us. we just lead the team in the right direction. we put a lot of decision making. he grew up. last year started taking things over a little bit gradually. right now he's doing a great job are to us. from cardinal's head coach and his quarterback have a unique relationship. on the field fred is called coach, but off the field his name is dad. it's unique. not too many people get to experience it, but in the end it's a great bond that we have. you feel a little surreal because we watched them grow up. i'm proud as his father and i'm
9:48 am
also proud as his coach. he's all about the team and all about winning and that's whatter we here for. on behalf of fox 29, congratulations on being this week's high school athlete of the week, ryan. i'm tracey cross could he, fox 29. congratulations. if you have someone you'd like to nominate as the high school athlete of the week, send us an e-mail, fox 29. weekend at fox 29. weekend. or you can tweet us, just make sure you use our hashtag, fox 29 so we can find it. let's take a look at the weather, check in one more time before we wrap up. old city looks like. we talked about the sunshine, all those good things. it's getting a little better. the sunshine doing its job. speaking of high school football. this was sent to me from pj. i mentioned upper dublin my
9:49 am
hometown, cardinal football team is up 7 and 0. upper dub in is now 7-0. thank you for that, pj. catch some of those games out there. beautiful fall weather. beautiful fall colors. we're nearing the peak. the peak is around mount pocono working its way south. taking in some of the colors. a little cool. it feels like fall out there. 46 in allentown, trenton, surrounding suburbs into the 40s. the sunshine is doing its job right now usual ping the temperature up. later today, the front comes through and drops the temperatures considerably. these numbers are into the 40s. you should see 50s maybe trying to close in on 60-degrees this afternoon. so it will be close, just a little cool right now. today is the nice, warm day. but overnight tonight and especially tomorrow night freezing temperatures are likely as this front moves through. this is earshot of cold air. you're starting to see some snow showers in canada. western new york likely we'll
9:50 am
see clouds developing here as this wind picks up. once you feel that breeze pick up, then the temperature will really drop. now, cold mornings tomorrow and monday morning, but by tuesday morning, it's getting a little warmer and the temperature warms up just a bit. the sunshine warms this whole air mass up. it's starting off cold so the eagles game will start at -- kick off at about 8:30. maybe not quite as cold as the next two mourns will be. 30 to 20s in the suburbs. this is by tomorrow morning. it tries to warm up a bit. we're closing in on 50. maybe just getting above 50 in philadelphia, not even close in the north and western suburbs. even colder on monday. there's a breeze watch in effect pretty much every where. but that becomes a warning by monday morning. maybe close to the freezing mark in philadelphia. i think that's a little under done with a light breeze. the urban area should stay just above the freezing mark, but
9:51 am
many areas down below freezing by monday morning. that will be the coldest because we'll start to warm things up after that. ultimate doppler, the lake effect, but these are just clouds we'll see here this afternoon. 52 with a cold start on sunday, maybe an afternoon shower. coldest on monday, but then we warm up, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 70s by wednesday and thursday. the warm weather comes back. thank you so much. let's get the condition of nba star lancaster marrow objection to the form, there has been some good news. he he spoke and gave us a thumb's up from his hospital bed. they say he is breezing on his own and no longer uses a breathing tube. on tuesday we had the tragic news that he was found unconscious and face down in a broth el in nevada with a lot of drugs, cocaine and some herbal mail enhancements in his sex.
9:52 am
could any of this been avoided? we talk about this with our host wam morning show host, solomon. what do you think. >> i think this speaks to three issues. i think the first issue that athletes, people who h have this incredible talent who have been coddled all their lives who make mills of dollars just like the rest of us are susceptible are advises to problems. we see this with lancaster mar odom being found. he's had problems ever since he left the nba. we have a lot of comments. this one from cliff who says we'd love to see him come out of this this and get the help that he needs and become a roll model and a mentor for young children coming from the same place as he does. wouldn't that be great. >> that would be great. the bottom line is that he's going through some issues. he's going through what looks
9:53 am
like to me an addiction, what looks like to me is the inability to really transition and i think this speaks to t a couple of other things. one these leagues that make bills of dollars from the talents of these athletes have to take some responsibility for what happens with them with the transition from these leagues to real life. if they don't, if they don't, i think that leagues like the nba, leagues like major league baseball are going to see the same things that the nfl is seeing with lawsuits from the after effects of what happens with athletes when they leave. i think that's such a different thing, what happens in the game of football which has these hard hits is thing. it's what they make their money off of. because you're a grown up basketball player and you're going out there and leading your life and partying, he's a grown up. >> i think it's different. i also think you've seen the same types of problems in other
9:54 am
leagues, lawrence phillips. lawrence phillips is in jail now because he could not make that transition. certainly you have physical effects from the after effects of it, but you also have the inability to go from being this person who is this superstar to just being an every day guy who has to go through the same things that the rest of us do. all right, solomon thank you so much. we certainly do hope that he gets the help that he needs clearly in this situation. we also had an instant poll we asked you about a couple of moments ago. we will give you the results of that when we come right back.
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welcome back, fox 29 weekend, take a look at the airport. we really want to take a look at the polling results. are you etressed out when you forget your cellphone? look at this, the overwhelming majority of people say yes. they can't cope without their cellphone and i have to admit i voted yes. i think a lot of people feel that way. i think that's the world that we live in. let's take a look at your comments. this one from web girl, i forget my phone all the time. looking up. that's the motto right now, looking up. we also have this one at holly heights, million industry, new jersey, great day for a run. great temperatures. we got lots of things going on, we have college football on fox 29. good game, check it out. ultimately we will be back
9:58 am
tomorrow morning. thanks so much for watching us.
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