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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 it's a chilly saturday night and it's going to turn into a cold possibly freezing night. get out the extra blankets because you night need them by bedtime. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. the cold temperatures create something weather warnings though right now. let's get right over to fox 29 meteorologist dave warren. dave, chilly out there. >> chilly right now. but down right cold tomorrow morning a number of weather advisories tonight and we're looking at the temperature closely this is what we have overnight tonight. it begins after midnight tonig tonight. freeze warning in the light blue color, frost advise 54 temperature does not have to get down to freezing you can still get frost forming does not include delaware county or philadelphia county. advisories go away as we warm up above freezing.
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dropping back down below freezing tomorrow night and look at the freeze warnings. actually expands. it could be a colder night tomorrow night you wake up monday morning to even colder temperatures. below 32 that's the freeze warning. now it kills the crops and the plants but we are looking at warmer weather. so bring them inside or cover them if you want to extent the growing season because warmer weather does return. right now we're into the 40s and 50's. a windy day today. gusting close to 30 miles an hour. good news that wind is dying down. bad news is with the calm night and a clear sky, which we'll be seeing soon, that temperature really drop tonight as the colder air comes in from the northwest. nothing really on ultimate doppler radar. this is lake effect showers some snow in central pennsylvania these clouds are coming to southeastern pennsylvania likely not seeing these clouds rain picked up by the radar reaching the ground. clouds will clear up early tonight. look it's clear. if you step out this evening you're already into the 30ing north and west. 42 degrees south and east.
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city mostly clear down to 43 degrees but by tomorrow morning, we are down below freezing. these numbers continue to drop. highlight the areas expected to be at or below freezing. mostly north and western suburbs tomorrow morning. but a few areas in central new jersey where that freeze warning is in effect. could see temperatures dropping down below freezing. it's clear tonight, that wind starting to die down. it's getting colder. look at the eagles forecast a little bit later. i'll show throw a 70 in there or higher in the seven day forecast i'll show which you days or days could be more than one we'll expect to see that. that's coming up. >> can't wait for that. thank you, dave. of course, you can check out the falling temperatures and the rise as dave mentioned any time you want at fox or the fox 29 weather authority app. to a developing story now. a toddler is found wandering along and bare foot in love park. this was last night. fox 29's brad sattin in the news rom now. now, brad, police track down the little boy's parents.
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yes? >> reporter: you're right about that's correct joyce it doesn't actually sound like a crime but just a very sad story. let us run through exactly what happened starting last night. it was just before midnight last night. police saying that two-year-old boy was found wandering around love park that's ajfk boulevard in the city at the time he was wearing a shirt, pants an diaper but no socks or shoes. the toddler was then taken to children's hospital. flashy towed late this afternoon now learning that the boy's parents both of them in their 20s telling police that they were kicked out of the place where they had been staying last night. they had no other options decided to sleep outside at love park. they were also with their four-year-old daughter so the four of them there. everyone apparently falling asleep and the two-year-old then woke up and wandered off to another section of the park where that two-year-old was then found. not long after that his parents did wake up. they immediately did contact police. so at this point, it sounds like it's just a really sad story of a family without a place to live. physically they're okay. the kids right now are in custody of dhs. no charges at this point have
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been filed. >> all right, thank you, brad. two people are dead after a fast-moving fire in atlantic county. firefighters called to the 600 block of west right street in pleasantville. it happened around 2:00 this morning. and in no time at all that house as you can see was burned to a hole. investigators are not yet saying who the people were who died in that fire and no word yet on possible cause. a 22-year-old man is in critical condition after an overnight shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. this happened just after midnight. it was on the 800 block of east cornwall street. police say the shooter fired seven shots from outside the front of the home and then right through the front door. the man was shot in the leg and taken to temple university hospital. so far no arrests or any word about a possible motive. a scene becoming all too familiar. police cars called to a crime scene near temple university. officers responding to a home invasion just last night. it's parents weekend at temple
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this weekend as fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports, the recent rash of robberies and assaults is on the minds of those students and their families. >> we got alerts close to where i live i try to stay inside at night. i don't go outside at night. >> reporter: zachary bet forward is a u.s. army veteran a sophomore at temple. he doesn't scare easily but the recent spade of violent crime on and around university's campus is on his mine. >> his mom and dad up for parents weekend. >> where his classes are and the student center and just seeing the sites. >> they've seen the sites and they're hearing the stories. >> the latest a gun point home invasion apartment at 19th and west diamond. authorities say two armed men forced a man into his apartment and robbed him. hours later, a campus alert about an armed robbery happening just off campus at broad and jefferson streets.
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police say a 19-year-old man says the assailant but a gun to his head and demanded his phone and wallet. >> travel in groups and daylig daylight. >> reporter: combined with an alleged rape of a student last month, football player carjacked this week, and another student held up at gun point hours later police say by the same men on the same night, students are taking precautions. parents are stepping in. >> i carry pepper spray all the time. my parents didn't want me taking the train home last night because of that. >> reporter: the university claims crime is actually down 30% since last year but the recent spring of high profile violent cases have people here on edge. >> it is scary because things can happen to anyone. >> i still worry. i'll always worry. even when he's older much it's a mom thing. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. a franklin township, new jersey, police officer is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after investigators say a drunk mom with her children in the car slammed right into his
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police cruiser happening around 8:00 o'clock last night at the intersection of harding highway and tuckahoe road. police say the collision sent officer clifford tra villa's car right off the road. the 14 year police veteran broke his wrist, both of them, ankle and also had a concussion. but he is listed in good condition tonight. investigators say the mother angela feaster of glassboro suffered a broken ankle. her three children were in that vehicle. one was taken to the hospital for possible internal injuries. she is now facing dui and child endanger many charges. incredible video out of california. cars and trucks buried in mud right along a major highway. downpours of rape triggered mudslides in the areas outside los angeles. and while the rain has stopped, now comes the major task of digging out. fox's will carr has the story. >> reporter: not too far from hollywood the scene in los angeles county looks like a very expensive disaster movie but these aren't special effects. rather the effects of mother
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nature. the method to search for hidden survivors or victims is as low tech as the mud itself. digging, tapping, and hoping they don't find anything or anyone. >> we have no idea at this point. we're hoping we don't. our concern is motorcyclist perhaps. smaller vehicle. trucks new york city problems. smaller vehicles. >> reporter: rush of mud took everyone by surprise. >> this doesn't usually happen much this is something you expect to see back east where they have big floods and the rivers overrun. not on a major highway like this. >> i didn't think it would be that deep and i gets out and i walk and when i walk i fall and so the mud and the water was too intense so i just turned around and went back and got my dog and sit in the car with my dog. >> reporter: historic four year drought is being blamed for the mudslides. vegetation that would have held the hill sides together has died as a result of the dry spell. 6-inches of rain came down in one hour, gravity became drivers
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worst enemy. cars and trucks scattered like toys of an angry child. highway dividers became retaining walls. >> this is unbelievable. they were so lucky those jersey walls held. otherwise they would have been scattered all over the place so this gives us a much easier grade pattern to search. >> reporter: people were buried in 5 feet of mud. there's only a small chance of rain this weekend and sunshine early next week. will carr, fox news. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 tonight, the merger between u.s. airways and american is complete. how its impacting passengers. that's just ahead. >> plus a black bear spending a whole lot of time in one community and neighbors say it's getting a little too comfortable. the behavior that's making people especially parents very nervous. plus, a florida man says dads across the country are facing a dilemma and it really stinks. what they're doing to tickets of that's coming up much sean. >> back to back weeks the eagles have to deal with a super bowl
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winning quarterback. eli manning is having one of the best starts of his career and the players talk about slowing him down later in sports. ♪
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♪ comedian bill cosby could be stripped of another one every his honorary degrees this time from pain college in ugh is it a georgia. school board of trustees will vote on whether to rescind his 2003 honorary doctorate. the enter rim president of the college says the sexual assault allegations against cosby are the reason they're considering this move.
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one in maryland, the other in massachusetts already announcing this week that they will rescind honorary degrees awarded to bill cosby. wilkes university took similar action earlier this month. that's the first time they ever did that. court documents unsealed over the summer showed cosby admitted to extra marital affairs some with women who accused him of sexual assault. cosby however has never been charged with a crime. lamar odom the former ngba star and estranged husband of khloe kardashian is improving after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel earlier this week. family members say odom woke up from his coma yesterday even speak and giving a thumbs up from his bed. he's breathing on his own. on tuesday odom was found unconscious and face down at love ranch south brothel. the brothel own are in claims odom used cocaine before his arrival and used herbal male enhancement drugs during his
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stay. mural mad did he say today in southwest philadelphia as hundreds of volunteers worked to create 30 masterpieces. check it out. the group city year philadelphia transforming the mitchell school painting murals inside and outside. a way to spruce up the k through eighth grade school after vandals caused damage to their newly renovated playground. 300 volunteers in all painting murals on some hallways inside. today's event was sponsored by philadelphia energy solutions. mccall elementary school in society hill looking good for the third time in less than two years nelson local engineering and design firm donated professional planting and design to the school. nelson got donations and materials from the community and today 150 volunteers brought its plans to life. self watering garden, designed in the spring spruced
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up with picnic table seating area today and last year the outdoor classroom was constructed. the merger is complete. american airlines and u.s. airways are now one. and the biggest domestic carrier in the world. fox's bryan llenas takes a look how it's working out for travelers. >> reporter: so far so good here at laguardia international airport in new york. flights on time, lines seem normal on this day when american airlines becomes the world's largest airline in the world and u.s. airways disappears into the sunset after more than 75 years in business. the fondle u.s. airways flight landing this morning in philadelphia flight 1939 named for the year the airline was created flew round trip from philadelphia to san francisco with stops in between. today is the first day american airlines has fully integrate ied u.s. airways into its computer reservation system. no more booking on u.s. airways flights.
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all tickets and passenger services are now all american. combining the computer system is the most complex part of a merger that's been slowly happening since 2013. but so far so good. >> pretty seem less. we checked in online. they sent us e-mails communications has been pretty good. so far so good. >> the experience is g similar to most american flights i've taken. delta, american usually what i fly, so not much different but it's kind of interesting. bigger airlines and, you know, just kind of wonder what they can do with the prices of the flights and everything like that. >> reporter: you'll remember in 2012 united airlines and continental merged combining their computer systems led to months of delays and cancellations, technical glitches. american airlines took note of this. they've tested 5 million mock reservations. still passengers need to be cautiously prepared for issues at least over the next few week. >> printout your boarding pass. printout your reservation.
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make sure you have the app on american airlines. make sure that you arrive at the airport extra early and have a backup plan. find out who is flying that route if your flight is canceled. >> reporter: american airlines tells us customer feedback so far has been good but they're not letting their guard down. there are four major u.s. airlines. that's the lowest number since at least 1978. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. driving lesson gone bad. pretty safe to say this student did not pass. what she has to say about what exactly went wrong. >> plus researchers learning a lesson for elephants. why they believe the gentle creature could save lives.
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>> ochocinco says he doesn't know why the pop star hasn't return his messages from the neck down he's chiseled by god. >> well, maybe because from the neck up he's filled with hot a air. >> shirt less vin diesel raised eyebrows in miami for all the wrong reasons. he eye debuted a pot belly and significant weight gain. >> is vin diesel preparing for
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pacifier two or hitting the cheesburgers too fast and too furious. vin got major work today before he starts shooting xxx3. >> it won't be the same if he's wearing a xxx. >> i'm porsha williams and these are the hottest celebrity stories of the week on dish nation. >> i'm head crack. tune in to dish nation every night for the hottest hollywood gossip.
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♪ it looks like a driving student needs a few more lesso lessons. a 30-year-old new driver crashing right through the front window of a driving school in seattle. she says she got confused with the gas pedal and the brake. fortunately, no one was injured. not good. no. not at all. well residents are a on a mission in one oregon town hoping to catch a potentially deadly wild animal on the loose in their neighbor. fox's marilyn deutsche has the story. >> reporter: neighbors say this bear just won't go away and while they don't really want to see him die they also worry that he might hurt a human perhaps a little child who lives in this neighbor. the black bear has been seen in front yards, backyards and roaming the street eating garbage in this tin knee neighborhood. >> two corn of cobs and he took it. >> reporter: if you look closely you can see the bears claw marks on the tree. kevin austin surveillance system caught the bear on camera a few days ago. >> just last week he got into
6:23 pm
the trash, drug it across the back forest here. he walked in front of my son's window here about six times. the other night going back and forth here. >> reporter: there have been in person sightings, too. >> my wife had walked up on him few nights back, and she was about 15 feet from him, and didn't realized lies at first it was the bear. this was 7:00 o'clock at night he's get hearing earlier. >> reporter: fortunately the bare left kevin austin's wife alone schenn got away racing heart and all. it's not that the folks who live in the shadow of mount hood don't like wildlife but this bear won't go away and now that worry he's more dangerous than a simple nightly feast. kevin says if he didn't have a young son he probably won even worry about the bear in his neighbor. >> one night when my wife did see that bear we actually had a group of kids walking down way and when he to yell them and say the bare out. get back. they came running back. >> reporter: fish and wildlife were looking for a place to set trap pour the bear. wildlife officials used to trap the bears and release them deep
6:24 pm
back into the woods. some 50 miles away. >> we're in their territory. >> reporter: now the bears just come back. >> they say once they get the taste of human food, they can find their way back. >> reporter: for safety sake fish and wildlife officials believe they have no choice. >> that's a shame. that was fox's marilyn deutsche roaring in wildlife officials say they plan to try to trap the bar and that they will probably have to put him down. still ahead on fox 29, things are looking up for the puppy we first told you about last night. little rosy's busy weekend and the signs of a bright future ahead. >> aww. >> dave. yeah. signs of a cold night shaping up. we have the skies clearing up. that wind dying down. those temperatures get ready to drop. how will they go? look at the numbers in the seven day forecast coming up. boúo
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♪ it's going get pretty cold tonight. getting a little chilly out there right now. you're going to want to protect those plants. because there's going to be
6:28 pm
frost from freezing temperatures that could kill them. it sounds kind of strange. >> but it's true. we're expecting the coldest temperatures of the season tonight and it could get open colder tonight. brad sattin is live on the fox 29 patio ready to bring in the plants. brad? >> reporter: i tell was ladies i hadn't been out here in a few hours and there's a chill in the air for sure. dave was talking about the concern about freezing temperatures. certainly frost and the worry about your plants. i am ready to bundle up and if you have some plants you may want to layer them up as well. we caught some people doing just that. her plant she wants to protect from the potential of the first freeze of the season tonight. so out comes the sheet. that's not heavy so it isn't like it will hurt it. >> reporter: for 45 years here, she's been planting in the spring then digging up in the fall her home garden. she's okay with the change of seasons just not what comes with it. >> i won't turn my heat on until notify so it better not get too cold. >> reporter: garden experts at
6:29 pm
lose recommend burlap to cover those more sensitive plants. >> it actually a louse the airing to through so it can breathe. you want to try and roll it out to go over the plant without crushing. >> reporter: we haven't seen a mid october frost in awhile. >> the last 10 years we haven't worried about all the cold temperature came in november. tonight we're word. >> norm runs down what needs protecting. >> if you have summertime garden you're tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, a light frost is going to do them in. so your best to go out there pick anything you can. >> reporter: he says mums can take a light frost not a bad idea to cover them to keep the flower color. >> the pansies no problem at all. their ideal to plant them now. >> reporter: if possible bring potted plants and, yes, those pumpkins closer to shelter even the funny looking ones. >> i like to do things differently. >> reporter: there is something about fall crispness of the air on farm somebody are already looking beyond. >> i love fall. but i also love snow so it will be exciting to see that first
6:30 pm
frost. >> reporter: it license here soon enough for sure keeping the color in your flowers may mean again covering them up or taking them inside. we've really seen some warm temperatures over the last few days. so who is thinking about other things like frozen pipes. our friend at lose were saying already people are picking up some insulation, freezing pipes not a concern search certainly this weekend but ready or not it is going to be a concern for a lot of folks soon enough. back to you guys. >> my flowers already don't look like that any more. >> i'll let them go. thank you brad. no now to your fox 29 weather authority. we are so not used to freezing temperatures in this october. >> it looks beautiful. >> we'll get used to the freezing temperatures pretty soon here. in just about a few hours. >> the wind was a factor today. >> the wind brought in that cold air but it died down now. >> okay. the wind died down that makes the temperature drop. a little trade off.
6:31 pm
you give up one to get other. >> any good news? >> seven day. >> okay. 70s. >> we'll wait. they're back. wait for it though. >> you have to get through this cold air first. now, this happens when you get these fronts that pass through. we talked about our low temperature this morning. that was 45. we're at 52 now. it could be the kind of day where you set the low for today right before midnight. that's that cold air coming in. the wind north northwest 9 miles an hour. bringing in the cold air that was gusty today but it's dying down overnight tonight the skies are clearing much that's good because tomorrow morning get up right before sunrise if you want. i'll show you this before i show you the current temperatures. planets in the eastern sky. look low for america reach now look at the temperatures and tell you how cold it will be if you head outside tomorrow morning. it's dropping into the 40s now. 52 degrees in philadelphia and atlantic city. so it's been a fairly mild day considering what we're dealing with in the next few hours. try to climb out of the 50's but
6:32 pm
that colder air coming in kept the temperatures down. you get the cold air across the great lakes you have lake effect snow showers and rain showers. some of the moisture trying to work its way into philadelphia in the form of clouds. not seeing much of that precip picked up on radar reaching the ground. we'll stay dry today. the skies really clear up tonight. that cold air over the delaware bay could keep clouds in right along the coast there in delaware and off the chesapeake bay quite a scene here the computer forecast can actually pick that up. now a little disturbance come through tomorrow. sole we'll have more clouds like today. maybe an isolated shower late in the day. these north and western suburb. playing tug of war that. sunshine quickly warms us up. the cold front came through today. we lose the sunshine and dropping quickly. already seen the sun go down. get ready for that tepp cher to do a quick drop tonight as soon as that whipped dice down and the clears clear up. here the temperatures blow freezing tomorrow. could even see a hard freeze here. that's about 30 degrees. numbers into the upper 20s tomorrow morning when you step
6:33 pm
outside but not wilmington up through philadelphia. close to the delaware river right along the urban areas could keep it from dropping below freezing. surrounding suburbs no question we'll see cold air. dries to warm up barely above 50 tomorrow. quick warm um with the sunshine quick drop again tomorrow night. here's the highlights of the area that are below freezing. a lot of central new jersey right about freezing. but it's much colder to the north. notice the computer forecast actually picks up that urban area and right along the river where it's just above freezing monday morning. it will be close. but many areas into the 30s and 20s to the north. the change lapse about monday. it doesn't drop quite as much monday night for the game. 50 down to 43. so here's that little bit of a change because that's warmer weather that's returning. changes monday. the cold air is gone. high pressure right overhead but now we're starting to see the warm air come up. down there deep in the heart of texas that's where the air is coming from. it goes up through the midwest
6:34 pm
eventuaeventually will work itsn our area temperatures climbing into the 70s this week. in the seven day forecast. cold mornings there maybe not quiet down to freezing in philadelphia. certainly surrounding suburbs will be there and change on monday. 42 in the morning. 64 in the afternoon. we'll say not as cold. then warmer tuesday and wednesday 74 to 72. it will cool off a little bit once the clouds clear out on thursday and friday. a front will come through to the temperature drop down to 60 and then we're back to 59 degrees with bright sunshine so there's your little good news. >> okay. >> tuesday and wednesday. >> they look very nice. >> something to look forward to, dave. >> wait for it. >> all right. >> it's coming. thank you dave. >> florida man says dirty secret dads need to know about. the dilemma dads are facing every day that he's working very hard to fix 96. plus a bald eagle near death just months ago is set free. but the people who helped her aren't completely letting go.
6:35 pm
how they plan to keep an eye on this rare beauty. ♪
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♪ septa train transformed into the train to hog warts. depart dag from jefferson station. harry potter fans boarding the train this morning destined for chestnut hill. it's all part of the fifth annual harry potter festival. dawn was in the middle of that. >> right. harry potter and the friends for that half our trip. once arriving in chestnut trip they took part in games and all kinds of good food. the long germantown avenue. >> hundreds and hundreds of people in chestnut hill for this. a big deal. >> you were right in the middle of it, too. >> stuck in traffic. a florida dad tried, are tired of carrying a dirty little secret is doing a little different. >> he's drawing attention to a problem a lot of fathers run
6:39 pm
into and it is leading to change. fox's lloyd sour has his story. >> reporter: scotty loves taking the kids out to eat. but had his oldest son was in diapers and needed change tag restaurant -- >> i went to the bathroom and there was no changing station. i happened the baby to my wife, sorry. he's yours. >> more dads are changing diapers than ever before. he wonders why there's not changing station in every men's room in america. >> i hate to use the word gender stereotypes but that's kind of what we're up against. that's a we're looking at. >> reporter: on facebook famous dad ashton kutcher went off saying there are never diaper changing stations in men's rooms. on youtube a furniture store manned up. >> ashton, you're shopping in the wrong places. you should be shopping at carney's furniture. we have baby changing station ss in the men's room and the women's room. >> scotty took it further creating the website dads had change it shows us place who's have changing stations in the men's
6:40 pm
room. >> it gives them an idea place that is are dad friendly. >> here at east coast pizza where we asked dad jeremy jackson who changes faster. >> usually me. i'm faster. it's all about efficiency. >> more changes to come when it comes to dads and moms. >> when it comes to taking out the trash she was always assumed that was the guy's job. see, see. >> the times may be changing. starting with changing tables. if you see one in a men's room, the diaper dad wants to you log on and tape it in. >> other dads that are out there when you find a location and you add it you're paying it forward to that other guy who is coming behind you. >> in men's rooms that are changing as more men become diaper dads. lloyd sours, fox news. yeah. that diaper dad. >> change them up. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 tonight, they're often called gentle giants. now, researchers believe elephants could hold the key to curing a deadly disease for
6:41 pm
humans. >> wow. amazing. he's only five years old, but he's making a huge impact on local police depths. meet the local little boy who is ensuring k9 officers have what they need on the job. good evening, i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson. coming up tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend forget that duck face there's a new face everyone is making on instagram. >> plus philadelphia getting slammed for our fans. how come we're the only ones who get it. >> halloween deck raises and what to not have your pets eat tomorrow at 8am. for life...
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♪ this disabled portuguese water dog puppy being treated at penn vet may have a forever home bite weekend. she is so cute. we first told you about little rosy yesterday. she's only four months old. vets say she under developed sorry rebel lump when she was born she wouldn't walk. her owners couldn't take care of they handed her over to the veterinarians at penn and they've been feeing her for several weeks and she's made really great progress. penn vets telling us rosy had some visitors very interested in a adopting her and more are expect tomorrow. so we will keep you posted oh
6:45 pm
and that cute little girl. >> very cute. >> i love it. well a delaware county boy who wants to be a police officer when he grows up is putting smiles on the faces of police officers from all across the county. >> over the summer, logan told his mom that he wanted money for his birthday so he can give it to officers and their k9 companions. five-year-old logan mass and his mom started a gofundme account couple months back and did he just that. the response has been overwhelming. logan gave out his seventh special package today. this time to patrolman bob quinn land and yeager. his k9 partner at the ridley park police station. now the basket has some treats and toys for yeager and gift card for his vet care. >> logan really loves dogs. he loves police officers. he said they're his heroes and he looks up to them. wants to do something to help them out as well. every time we see one on the
6:46 pm
street just driving around he wants to stop and talk to them all. >> something else in the basket. a wawa gift card for the ridley park officer so that he can treat himself while on patrol. gentle giants could hold the key to finding new treatments for childhood cancer. elephants rarely come down with disease and scientists think the reason lies in their genes. fox's phil keating reports a landmark study is now underway to see how we can use to knowledge to treat cancer in people. >> reporter: these majestic asian elephants lumbering along in retirement are no longer performing at the the circus but provide wagon could potentially be a cure for cancer. >> i look at these amazing, amazing animals, 55 million ye years they figured out how not to get cancer and i feel like the secret for us for humans is course through their blood. >> reporter: it all began when joshua shift man a pediatric
6:47 pm
oncologist at the university of utah wondered why cancer kills 25% of humans but fewer than 5% of elephants. first, he needed elephant eleph. a lot of elephants he teamed up with ringling brothers and barn null and bailey circus which happens to own the largest heard of elephants in the western hemisphere. they live out their lives in florida at the center for elephant conservation where the circus immediately put these elephants back in the spotlight. >> to think that our elephants, um, can be a part of research that could help safe children's lives is pretty amazing. >> it doesn't bother her a bit. >> reporter: for weekly blood draw from her ears the research team discovered elephants have 20 times as many p53 genes as we do. p53 genes attack and kill cancer cells. without the p53 genes cancer sells 35 and multiply.
6:48 pm
he hasn't found the cure for cancer but elephants rarely get cancer. the the american medical journal association calls this research preliminary. challenge now to develop a drug that replicates in humans what happens naturally in elephants. in central florida, phil keating, fox news. a bald eagle getting a second shot at life in the wild after a very rough start. the young eagle was rescued at a state park in virginia back in june. she had fallen from a nest during a severe storm and was near death. wildlife officials nursed her back to health and released her back into the wild yesterday. they have attached a transmitter to the eagle so they can track her journey and make sure that she is thriving on her own. breaking news into the fox 29 newsroom from camden county. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the scene of a fire at app apartment building. jenny, what's going on out
6:49 pm
there? can't hear jenny just yet. okay we'll get back to jenny as soon as we can to update you on what's going on in camden county at that apartment fire. hundreds put on their running shoes early this morning hitting the streets of south philadelphia. fox 29 cameras were there as the philadelphia flyers 5k began right outside the sports compl complex. the top mail and female runners in each of the four age groups awarded a pair of tickets to a flyers game this season as well as an autographed hockey stick. that's pretty good. proceeds from today's race benefit flyers charities. sean? >> joyce, penn state has to deal witness number one team in the country. franklin talks about how to stop the buck eyes. eagles have to deal with eli manning. manning is playing elite level right now with elite talent.
6:50 pm
the guys talk about slowing down that offense next in sports. ♪ 0bóñóñ@ú
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let's check back on that breaking news in camden county. fox 29's jennifer joyce at the scene of an apartment fire. jenny? >> reporter: good evening, joyce. we're live outside of the mansion apartment complex here in pine hill on the 200 block of west branch avenue. according to the fire chief a building in the back of the complex caught fire a couple of hours ago. it became a three alarm fire. that's now under control and the chief says everyone made it out safely. no injuries. the fire chief also told me it appears that the fire was electrical in nature. at least two units, two apartment units were damaged by flames. handful of other has smoke damage roughly 10 people are affected and likely won't be allowed to return home tonight. also, we're hearing that one of the affected units was occupied by a lindenwold firefighter and
6:53 pm
his company actually responded to the scene of this fire. joyce and dawn? >> ♪ the eagles are going against the least respected two-time super bowl winning quarterback in nfl history. eli manning has been clutch in the biggest moments the sport has to offer yet he doesn't re really like in the same class as his brother, ben roethlisberger, drew brees. he's as efficient as anyone in the game who is not named tom brady of course. eli is having one of those most efficient seasons of his career. the new offense has made him a new quarterback. no more high interception seasons. no more multi interception games. he's throwing for 1417 yards. 10 touchdowns and 2int's eagles have to make eli as uncomfortable as possible to win on monday. >> bottom line when it comes to
6:54 pm
rushing the pass rusher you need to continue to give yourself a chance when you're matchups, when you have opportunities and eventually like with fledge to win his matchup, you know, the numbers will get there eventually. >> it's just about playing within our system keeping them in front of us, letting them get behind us. putting pressure on eli and making sure he knows we're around him. whether he throws it away or takes a sack that's his choice. sacks come in bunches and its the quarterback's choice, not ours. >> the game the eagles have won, they've been great. it's been all about the turnovers. in two games that they won, of course, they forced four a game. the front has created measure and forced fumbles. the giants offense knows it has to play mistake free football. >> great challenge for us. we're looking forward to that. they're a good team. they're playing good football. defense is doing a good job causing a lot of turnovers.
6:55 pm
offense has been strong points these last few weeks. we expect their best football. >> very good up front. they have very good defensive line with bennie logan, one of those guys who just, you know, they're going to come after you every single play. so just making sure that do you what you need to do up front. of course, you can get a full break down of monday's prime time matchup on "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. gary cobb, howard eskin and dave spadaro and myself will give you the keys to the eagles victory. in the alcs the kansas city royals took game one shutting down the blue jays explosive offense. toronto doesn't want to go back home down zero-two. joey bats and the crew have to wake up to get it done. they're bats got them three early runs but david price couldn't hold on to that early lead. it all exploded in the seventh. mike, singles to right. give them a three up lead.
6:56 pm
a couple batters alex gordon with a double to deep right that brings home another run to give the royals a four-three lead. they scored five in the seventh. royals currently are up five-three in the eighth. in college football penn state has won five in a row but they've all been against cupcake. now the big boys come into town and it starts with ohio state. the buck eyes have explode seive play makers all over the field and that's priority number one with james franklin. >> you look at ohio state. a lot of their scoring in the second half are big plays. >> we put a huge prior on the on it every single week creating big plays with our offense stopping big plays with our defense and that's going to be really important this week because they're fast. they're fast at wide out. they're fast at running back. they're big and physical on the offensive line. >> yes. they play soft tease so far noun it's about to be over with because ohio state is the real
6:57 pm
deal. >> you said cupcake. >> i like that. >> cupcake. >> all right. dave, i guess we got to cover our plants, pull out our winter blankets, drag out our winter coats. >> turn on the electric blanket. cold night tonight the and there's a few showers trying to work they're way in from the west. they'll die down. the skies will clear. the temperatures will plummet tonight and tomorrow. >> freezing, 30. >> 32. >> that is freezing. >> time to turn on the heat. >> all right. that is our news for this saturday night. we thank you for watching. >> and your live lottery drawing is next. followed by tmz. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. ♪
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