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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 17, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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season. watches and warnings in the forecast. >> plus, a shooting near a crowded pennsylvania wal-mart pushes customers to a panic. keep it right here. your news starts in 30 seconds. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x-finity. the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 10:00 a chilly saturday night, the coldest night of the season. freeze warnings are in effect in much of the area. good evening everybody, i'm
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joyce evans. >> and i'm dawn timmeney. you may want to grab an extra blanket or crank that heat up a little bit. let's get right over to meteorologist dave warren. >> just grab an extra blanket tonight. it's not all that bad. it will be cold by the time you get up tomorrow morning. freeze warnings in effect. that means temperatures will hit 32. the first time that that happens in the season signifies the end of growing season. may not get to freezing but you may see some frost around the area tomorrow morning. fast forward now to tomorrow night. we have a freeze warning in effect. a wider area closer to the city, still not in delaware county or philadelphia county but even colder night tomorrow as that temperature could drop down to 32. will be below 32. could drop into the 20's its a hard freeze there when it drops down below 30. we could easily see that in some of the northern suburbs. kills crops and plants. we have warmer weather back in the forecast. bring them inside or throw a
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cover over them. you'll be able to extend their growing season. want to keep your front porch looking nice. ultimate doppler with that cold air off the lakes, they'll clear down, die down overnight. skies will be mostly clear. temperatures continue to drop now. we're in the mid to low authorities, touching the 30's. down to below freezing in mount pocono. once the wind dies down you get the difference between the city and the suburbs, not quite as cold in the city. down into the 40's tonight, 39 degrees north and west. sunny but cold when you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll see temperatures down into the freezing mark. here it is, looks like the northern suburbs will have the coldest numbers into the upper 20's tonight highlighting the areas that are at or below freezing, much of the northern and western suburbs and that does extend into areas around new jersey. clear tonight. looking pretty good out there. just a bit cold. it's colder but that concerned dies down awind dieddown.
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we're headed back to the 70's in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you which days coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you dave. of course you can check out those falling temperatures any time at or the fox 29 weather authority app. >> a picture that swept through social media today, a toddler picked up by police after being found wandering around barefoot in love park in the middle of the night. so the question is, where were his parents? as fox 29's brad satin reports the answer is equally as heartbreaking. >> reporter: the only good news to any of this is at least last night was not as cold as it is tonight. this is a story that initially made a lot of people angry but it's also one that quickly turned to compassion. >> absolute anger. he's two. why? >> reporter: why is what so many were asking. why was this little two-year-old boy found walking barefoot alone in love park just before midnight friday night? a septa transit officer pinged the toddler up. he was taken to children's
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hospital. >> it's disappointing. hopefully he's got parents out there that care about him, love him. just wonder where they were at that time. >> reporter: by midafternoon we learned the rest of the story. police tell us both parents in their 20's were forced to leave where they were staying, this little boy his parents and four-year-old sister stayed the night inside a cardboard shelter at love park. all fell asleep when the boy wandered away. >> he wanted away from his encampment and somebody found him. it's a few people that be out here with kids. it's not right. >> reporter: in fact we saw another family with small children tonight. >> i think it's just sad that any child is -- comes to that circumstance. >> reporter: when the parents of this boy awoke and couldn't find him they immediately notified police. both he and his sister are now in dhs custody. >> in times of desperation, what do you do? and then at the end of the day they were just looking for some type of comfort. >> for now no charges are expected in the case.
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at love park, brad satin fox 29 news. >> fire tears through a camden county apartment building. it happened around 5 o'clock tonight at the mansion apartments in pine hill. fire officials tell us that at least two units were badly burned and that several more units had smoke and water damage. nobody was hurt. investigators believe an electrical problem may have caused it. the red cross is helping people who are out of their homes tonight. and two people are dead after a fast moving fire in atlantic county. firefighters were called to the 600 block of west wright street in pleasantville around 2:00 this morning. took no time at all before this house was burned to its hull. investigators are not yet saying who the people were who died inside that fire and no word yet on a cause. >> a franklin township, new jersey, police officer is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after investigators say a drunk mom with her children in the car
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slammed into his police cruiser. this happening around 8 o'clock last night at the intersection of harding highway and tuckahoe road. police say the collision sent officer clifford truvillo's car off the road. the 14 year police veteran both his wrists an ankle hadn't a concussion but he's listed in good condition tonight. investigators say that mother angela feaster of glassboro suffered a broken ankle. her three children were in the vehicle. one was taken to the hospital for possible internal injuries. she is now facing dui and child endangerment charges. a 22-year-old man in critical condition after an overnight shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. this happened just after midnight. it was on the 800 block of east cornwall street. investigators say the shooter fired seven shots from outside the front of the home and through the front door. the man was shot in the leg and taken to temple university hospital. so far no arrests or any word of a possible motive here. >> philadelphia police are looking for your help tonight in finding a missing woman
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with cerebral palsy. 20-year-old shanice benn was last seen at mercy hospital in west philadelphia. this was around 4:00 this morning. police say she was last seen leaving the hospital with an unknown man. police say she is mentally disabled and if you have any information about where shanice may be, please call police. and happening now, temple fans are hoping for one thing tonight. they want to remain undefeated this season. >> yeah, a lot of people rooting for them. a victory over ucf means the owls would be six and oh. the owls have captured the attention of our entire city. >> reporter: yeah, and we're hoping for another win. now, i have my hat on as a proud alumni of temple but hopefully we're helping and not jinxing this team. we're down by a couple of points, however there's still a lot of time left to come back. there's a lot of excitement down here at the linc today and not just for the football team. but today was also a day to celebrate the many fighters in
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our community who's have battled or are battling cancer. >> ♪ >> reporter: temple's marching band b bopped their way into the linc saturday energizing fans who are already riding high on the owls' undefeated record. >> ♪ >> it has been a great year. >> been a great year so far. >> it is a great year to be a temple owl fan. >> reporter: this fight, the chilly temperatures, fans are feeling good because the team has been on fire. with win after win the season keeps getting better. >> go temple. >> reporter: cheering for the football team but also cheering on those battling cancer. with temple athletics and fox chase cancer center's fifth annual celebration for survivors. >> university football team dress in pink for our support for breast cancer awareness research and hopefully a cure. >> reporter: dave edwards family is carrying on the fight for a cure in his honor.
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>> he passed away from melanoma and we're here to fundraise to give back to fox chase if his name. >> he's not here to celebrate this awesome season so this is what we have to do for him. >> reporter: fans at chickie's and pete's say it is absolutely a season to celebrate. >> we got east carolina next week so that's going to be -- if we can get through that to get to notre dame undefeated that's going to be prime time television. >> undefeated notre dame and they're going to go all the way. >> reporter: going to go all the way. we just need to get a few more points on the scoreboard tonight, dawn. >> all right, jen, into let's keep our fingers crossed and still ahead on fox 29 news at 10:00 a bold bike ride. why police can't believe this guy had the nerve to try to pedal his way out of trouble. and gun shots force a pennsylvania wal-mart into lockdown. customers describe the scary scene that played out this afternoon. >> plus, ken and barbie find religion but it's causing a holy war of sorts. the controversy behind the
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latest makeover of these popular toys. dave. >> change in our weather. we had a few showers trying to work their way into the western suburbs today. they stopped about lancaster county. could get a little closer tomorrow. along with the cold temperatures i'll look at the chance for a rain shower or two. that's all coming up in the forecast.
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>> ♪ >> a scene becoming all too familiar. police cars called to a crime scene near temple university. officers responding to a home invasion there just last night. now, right at the start of parents' weekend, that's going on right now at temple, fox
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29's sabina kuriakose reports the recent rash of robberies and assaults is definitely on the minds of students and their families. >> we've gotten alerts close to where i live and i tends to just try and stay inside at night. i don't really go out at night. >> reporter: zachary bedford is a u.s. army veteran. now a sophomore at temple. he doesn't scare easily but the recent spate of violent vice president on and around temple university's main campus is on his mind. >> our son was just giving us a guided tour an round campus. >> reporter: zachary's mom and dads up for parents' weekends. >> where his classes are, student center and just seeing the sights. >> reporter: they've seen the sights and they're hearing the stories t-the latest a gunpoint home invasion at an apartment at 19th and west diamond blocks from campus at 7:15 friday night. authorities say two armed men forced a man into his apartment and robbed him. hours later a campus alert about an armed robbery happening just off campus at broad and jefferson street. police say a 19-year-old man
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says the assailant put a gun to his head and demand his phone and wallet. >> just travel in groups and daylight. >> reporter: combined with an alleged rape of a student last month, a football player carjacked this week and another student held up at gun point hours later police say by the same men on the same night. students are taking precautions and parents are stepping in. >> i carry pepper spray all the time. my parents didn't want me taking the train last night because of that. >> reporter: the university claims crime is actually down 30 percent since last year but the recent string of high profile violent cases have people here on edge. >> it is scary. these things can happen to anyone. >> i still worry. i'll always worry. it's a mom thing. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> comedian bill cosby could be stripped of another one of his honorary disease from pane college in georgia. the trustees will vote on whether
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comedian's 2003 honorary doctorate. the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby are the reason they're considering this move. court documents unsealed over the summer show that cosby admitted to extramarital affairs, some with women who have accused him of drug and sexually assaulting them. cosby has never been charged with a crime. the former nba star and estranged husband of khloe kardashian is reportedly improving after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel early this week. family members say odom woke up even speaking and giving a thumbs up from his hospital bed. they also say the 35-year-old is breathing on his own and no longer relying on a breathing tube. on tuesday odom was that found unconscious and face down at love ranch south brothel. the brothel owner claims odom used cocaine before his arrival and used herbal male enhancements during his stay. >> the merger is complete. american airlines and u.s. airways are now one and the
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biggest domestic carrier in the world. fox's bryan llenas takes a look at how it's working out for travelers. >> reporter: so far so good here at la guardia international airport in new york, flights on time, lines seem normal on this day when american airlines becomes the world's largest airline in the world and u.s. airways disappears into the sunset after more than 75 years in business. the final u.s. airways flight landing this morning in philadelphia, flight 1939 named for the year the airline was created flew round trip from that philadelphia to san francisco with stops in between. today is the first day american airlines has fully integrated u.s. airways into its computer reservation system. that means no more booking on u.s. airways flights their web site now redirects you to american. all ticketing and passenger services are now all american. combining the computer system is the most complex part of a merger that's been slowly happening since 2013.
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but so far so good. >> pretty seam less. we checked in on lien. they sent us e-mail, communications went pretty good so far so good. >> similar to most american flights i've taken. delta, american is usually what i fly so not much difference but it's kind of interesting. bigger airlines and, you know just kind of wonder what they can do with the prices of the flights and everything like that. >> reporter: in 2012 when united airlines and continental merged combining their computer systems led to months of delays cancellations technical glitches. american airlines took note of this. this weekend there are 20 percent more staff at airports. they've tested 5 million mock reservations. still passengers need to be prepared for issues at least over the next few weeks. >> print out your boarding pass, print out your reservation, make sure you have the app on american airlines. make sure you arrive at the airport extra early and have a backup plan. find out who is flying that route if your flight's
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canceled. >> reporter: american airlines tells us customer feedback so far has been good but they're not letting their guard down. meanwhile there are just four major u.s. airlines. that's the lowest number since at least 1978. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >> mural madness today in southwest philadelphia as hundreds of volunteers work to create 30 master pieces. check this out a group called the city year philadelphia transforming the mitchell school by painting murals inside and outside the building its a way, they say, to spruce up the k through eighth grade school after vandals caused damage to their newly renovated playground. 300 volunteers in all painted murals on some hallways inside. today's event was sponsored by philadelphia energy solutions. >> and the mccall elementary school in society hill looking good. for the third time in less than two years nelson a local engineering and design firm
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donated professional design to the school. nelson got donations and materials from the community and today 150 volunteers brought its plan to life. the self watering garden designed in the spring was spruced up with a picnic table feeding area. looks pretty. >> still ahead on night a black bear spending a lot of time in one community and neighbors say he's getting a little bit too comfortable. the behavior that's making people, especially parents, really nervous. >> plus, a florida man says dads across the country are facing a real dilemma and it really stinks. what he's doing to fix it coming up.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court.
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and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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>> ♪ >> residents in one oregon town are on a mission to catch app black bear that's on the loose. you see him there? one man surveillance system caught the animal on camera just a few days ago in the town called zigzag. neighbors say that the bare just won't go away. they don't want to put the bear down. they also fear, though, that it could hurt people who live in their community especially children. >> one night when my wife did see that bear we actual had a group of kids walking down that way and we had to yell at them and say hey, the bear is out get back and they came running back. >> wildlife officials say they
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usually trap the bears and then they let them go in an isolated area but lately those bears have been coming back to the neighborhoods looking for food. crews say that they probably will have to put the bear down once it is captured. well, police in mesquite on the hunt for a brazen robber. >> he had an unusual get away. a bicycle. >> reporter: the man you see cash rally riding a bike with a helmet on is a bank robber. this is surveillance video from the patriot bank in the 1400 block of oak drive. the man wearing a full face mask, gloves and a bike helmet walked in and robbed two tellers at gun point. >> we occasionally have suspects that are on bicycles and we look for suspects riding around on bicycles, typically not aggravated robbery suspects. >> reporter: police lieutenant brian parish says the suspect is a black male
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five-six to five-eight, slender and was wearing a red long-sleeve shirt with blue jeans, a black mask and the obvious white bike helmet. >> the guy was wearing a bicycle helmet and obviously his first and foremost thought was to hide his identity and i think that just helped him with that. if you're going to be a little bit extra safe while riding a bicycle why not. >> reporter: ethel johnson works next door to the bank and is shocked to see the bank robber just calmly ride off. >> i think it's really crazy to be robbing a bank like that especially with a mask a helmet on his head. that's kind of weird and to some people that seems quite strange. >> strange indeed. that was fox's james rose reporting for us tonight. well, cuba is quickly becoming the place to be. the vacation hot spot. but officials are scrambling to deal with the huge increase in tourism. more than 3 million visitors have traveled to cuba over the last year and that's a 50 percent increase from the year before. it's bringing in much needed
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money to the country's struggling economy and providing jobs to tens of thousands of cuban workers but there is a downside because of aging infrastructure, limited hotel space and lack of services the growing tourism industry is straining government resources. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 10:00, gunfire at a crowded wal-mart. the scary scene that sent shoppers into a panic at one pennsylvania store. >> and it's an urban jung kell literally. the underground park like nothing you've ever seen before. dave. >> yeah, temperatures are going down for now but we do see relief in the near future. there's that cold wind that we had today. a warmer breeze will set up this week. it will take awhile but eventually the seven-day forecast those numbers go up. i'll have that coming up.
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>> ♪ >> governor in a parking lot of a wilkes-barre wal-mart that sends that store into a lockdown. fox's crystal cran more tells us the details about what
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happened this afternoon. >> reporter: wal-mart looking out those doors looking for them yelling get evident back. >> reporter: dozens of shoppers inside the wilkes-barre township store frightened and confused after the store went into lockdown around 12:30 saturday afternoon. authorities say a gunman armed with a rifle opened fire near the auto center outside the store. >> all of a sudden, boom, we heard about 15 shots. >> reporter: brenda hill was in the parking lot with her grandson when she says she saw the alleged gunman. >> two cars pull up and the guy jumps out went saw a gun and the guy took off running and wouldn't let him in the store. >> reporter: witnesses say people inside the store were frantic. >> the guy came over. said it was a guy with a gun in the store. i got my kid. they wouldn't let anybody out the building. >> reporter: authorities went to the scene. they said when they tried to subdue the suspect he opened fire on police. >> i can tell you at this point that shots were fired in the direction of law enforcement. and that's when law
10:29 pm
enforcement then proceeded to fire. >> reporter: the suspect was hit and taken to a local hospital under police watch. saturday's shooting incited memories of recent tragedies. >> you hear about it all the time but it never happens when actually you're there so our hearts are racing pretty good actually not knowing what was going on or where the guy was. >> scary and at last check there's no word on that suspected shooter's condition or what charging he may be facing. >> it's not even halloween the snow is already falling. it's not falling in our area yet. this is video out of lake county, michigan. not exactly a blizzard but the snow is accumulating. forecasters have been predicting about two to 3 inches of snow this weekends. the warm ground however means whatever snow does buildup won't really last very long and temperatures for tomorrow will be in the high 40's for that area. of course we're not talking snow but, dave, we are talking freezing temperatures. >> freezing temperatures, plural. we've got a lot of them for a
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few days here. it's all the way down right now but there is some relief in the seven-day forecast. >> that's good. >> it's got to be heated, though. here we go. this coming in to us tonight. it's a long way from that pool to the back door. it's heated but people -- that is a pool. people are in that pool. so, yeah at cold night. here's a little more activity, a little more my speed. taking in the fall colors. they're out there tonight. be able to do that this weekend. a lot of that wind today didn't blow the beliefs off the trees. north-northwest about 8 miles an hour. that low today 45 in jeopardy. we're at 48 now. when you get these cold fronts coming through sometimes you set your low temperature right before midnight going into the next day so that could certainly happen tonight. check out this tomorrow morning. look at the eastern sky, you'll see four of the five planets you can see with the unaided eye. venus will stick out, it's very bright.
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mars jupiter close to the horizon. tomorrow into the 40's, dropping into the 30's. we could see freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. philadelphia's at 48 degrees. now, there were a few showers that tried to work their way into the western suburbs. it's when you get that cold air coming across the great lakes, picks up some moisture and if that wind is strong enough it brings them all the way here to southeastern pennsylvania. didn't really happen today but tomorrow there's a little disturbance coming through so we'll start out clear. then we'll quickly warm the temperatures up in the morning but here's a few showers maybe developing coming into the western suburbs. just a light rain shower. not cold enough for snow yet. this will be warm enough for rain coming down maybe just a passing shower in chester county and berks county and lancaster countily we'll be talking about there cold air tomorrow. it's into the freezing mark here around the philadelphia area, maybe trying to drop down to 32 in the city but right along i-95, the delaware river, we'll be above freezing. it warms up to about 50. doesn't make it there in the
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northern suburbs, maybe not quite there in the southeastern suburbs suburbs as well. we'll try to get barely above 50 but then as that wind dies down and skies are clear and that air is even colder drops into the 20's by monday morning. tomorrow's cold. monday is colder. highlighting the areas that are below freezing, a lot of southeastern new jersey under that freeze warning. right along the delaware river and 95 you see it could stay just above the freezing mark. that's why it's not in effect for delaware county or philadelphia county. all the counties in the north and western suburbs in that freeze warning for monday morning and it's only issued once, you hit freezing you don't see any more of these freeze warnings. growing season is over. football monday night, its no quite as cold. temperature doesn't drop quite as much as quickly as it will tonight or tomorrow night. this is the change happening. we'll be into the upper 40's, mid to low 40's by the ends of the game there. so, it's a little change happening monday. warmer weather comes back on
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tuesday. the temperatures jump up to near 70 by wednesday and thursday. so, this cold air doesn't stick around long. bring those plants inside. you'll be able to enjoy them for a few more days before we get that next cold shot coming in. certainly enjoy the colors. we're approaching that peak. it's getting closer. seeing a lot of colors now t it will get brighter here in the next few days. 50's to 60's. there are the 70's tuesday and wednesday. we'll stay even warmer wednesday as clouds increase. that's another front coming through. not quite as dramatic as this one. we'll drop back to about 60 and then the upper 50's by the end of the week. so, go ahead, keep the pool opened if you want. >> it's got to be heated, dave. >> i sure hope so. >> it's time to let it go. [laughter] >> thanks, dave. more than 2,000 people and their four legged friends gathered this morning along the wilmington waterfront. it's all part of the walk to end alzheimer's. fox 29 sponsoring today's event for the 15th consecutive
10:34 pm
year. we're serious about this. our very own sue serio and chris o'connell taking part in today's walk. money raised from today's event goes to local programs that help people affected by alzheimer's and their families. >> tonight 2,000 people gathering in chester county for the annual light the night walk to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. a record breaking $400,000 was raised for life saving cancer research. fox 29's karen hepp was the emcee for tonight's event. and join us next saturday night for the light the night walk on the ben franklin parkway right in front of the art museum. it starts at 4:30. fox 29's lucy nolan bill anderson steve keeley and chris murphy will be among those there from fox 29. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 10:00. :, ken and barbie finding religion but it's causing a bit of a holy war of sorts. the makeover and the controversy it's fueling tonight. >> one man's invention that he promises will make your
10:35 pm
commute a breeze. this you've got to see.
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>> ♪ >> a septa train transformed
10:38 pm
the into the train to hogwarts departing today from jefferson station. harry potter fans boarding the train this morning destined for chestnut hill. dawn timmeney. >> very crowded. >> all part of the fifth annual harry potter festival. riders enjoying harry potter and his friends for the half hour trip. once they arrived in chestnut hill those attendees taking part in all kinds of games, good food and more along germantown avenue. a lot of fun out there. >> it was. >> good weather and lots and lots of people. >> yes. okay, well, a pair of new yorkers are working on what could become the city's first underground park. >> linda schmidt takes a look at a literal urban jungle. >> reporter: when you walk through this greenery you feel like you're in a park. they're growing pine app pelts here. but what the creator is hoping to do is to take this and turn it into the city's first underground park.
10:39 pm
how would you like to escape from the busy streets of new york to this, a nature oasis underground. it's called the low line. plans are to build it in an old underground trolley station on the lower east side that has been unused since 1948. >> the idea here is that we can actually take something that has absolutely no purpose at the moment and turn it into a valuable community asset uh founders james ramsey and dan barish are experimenting with the idea right now with their indoor solar technology lab. they're using solar paths to harness the sun's light sending it through trees enabling plants and trees to grow. >> it's a live experiment where we're testing how natural sunlight will come into the space and also how the plants were perform under these conditions. >> reporter: now the same science would be used in sustaining the city's first underground park. ramsey and barish hope to
10:40 pm
break grounds in the next five years. in the meantime the low lying lab is free and it's opened to the public every weekends through march so that you can experience a real urban jungle. on the lower east side, linda schmidt, fox news. >> barbie and ken dolls get a makeover that's causing anger in argentina. controversial display in buenos aires shows barbie and ken dolls depicted as religious figures. the exhibit called barbie the plastic religion fee features nearly three dozen pieces. the artists ho made the dolls say opponents of the display are misinterpreting their work. they say their goal was to mix the two most important pop elements in the history of humanity, barbie and religion. >> still ahead, he's only five years old but he's making a huge impact on local police departments. meet the local little boy who is making sure k-9 officers have what they need to get their job done. >> ♪
10:41 pm
>> good evening, i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson. coming up tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend at 8:00 a.m. forget that duck face. now there is a new face that everyone making on instagram. >> philadelphia always getting slammed for our fans. how come we're the only ones who get it. >> halloween decorations. what not to the have your pets eat tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.
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>> ♪ >> this disabled portuguese water dog puppy being treated at penn vet. she has a forever home tonight. we first told you about rosie. she's only four months old. she has serious neurological issues when she was born she couldn't even walk. her owners could not take care of her so they relinquished ler to doctors at penn vet. rosie has made tremendous progress. rosie has been adopted. good news there. >> uh-huh. >> alley wear county boy who wants to be a police officer when he grows up is putting smiles on the faces of police officers from all across that county. >> over the summer logan matt told his mom he wanted money for his birthday so he could give it to officers and their k-9 partners. the five-year-old boy and his mom started a go fund me
10:45 pm
account app couple months back. and the response has been overwhelming. logan gave out his seventh special package today. this time to patrolman bob quinlan and yeager his k-9 partner at the ridley park police station. the basket had treats and toys for yeager and a gift card for his vet care. >> logan just really loves dogs. he loves police officers. he says they're his heroes. he wants to help them as well. every time we see one on the street just driving around he wants to stop and talk to them all. >> also included in the basket a wawa gift card for the ridley park officer so he can treat himself while he's on patrol. cute. well, a florida dad fed up with carrying around a dirty little secret is doing something about it. >> yeah, he's drawing attention to a problem a lot of fathers run into and it's leading to change.
10:46 pm
fox's lloyd fowlers has the story of this dad's dilemma and solution. >> reporter: scotty squire loves taking the kids out to eat but when his oldest son was in diapers and needed changing at a restaurant. >> i went to the bathroom and there was no changing station. i come back out handed the baby to my wife i was like sorry, he's yours. >> reporter: squires says more dads are changing diapers than ever before and he wonders why there's not a changing station in every men's room in america. >> i hate to use the word gender stereotypes. that's what we're up against. that's what we're looking at. >> reporter: on facebook famous dad aston kutcher went off saying there are never diaper changing stations some men's room. on youtube a furniture store asked him to man up. >> we have baby changing stations in the mens room and women's room. >> reporter: but scotty took it further creating the web site dads to change diapers done com. it shows you places that have changing stations in the men's
10:47 pm
room. >> kind of gives them an idea of places that are dad friendly. >> reporter: here at east coast pizza where we asked dad jeremy jackson who changes faster. >> it's usually me. i'm faster. >> reporter: and maybe more changes to come when it comes to dads and moms. >> when it comes to taking out the trash she was like i just always assumed that was the guy's job and i was like, see. >> reporter: see, the times may be changing starting with changing tables. if you see one in a men's room the diaper dad wants you to log on and type in it. >> other dads when you out there. you're paying it forward to other guys behind you. >> reporter: in mens room that are changes as more men become diaper dads. lloyd fowlers, fox news. >> a bald eagle getting a second shot at life in the wild after a very rough start. the young eagle was rescued at a state park in virginia last june. she had fallen from a nest during a severe storm and was near death.
10:48 pm
wildlife officials nursed her back to health and then released her yesterday. they have attached a transmitter to the eagle so they can track her journey and make sure she is thriving on her own. one man is going the extra mile to make your daily commute quicker. his new invention can get you to here to there without the hassle. fox's douglas kennedy checked out the new wheels. >> ed sullivan lives in pleasantville, new york, a town serviced by one of the greatest rail systems ever builder. but unfortunately you live a little outside of town and you have to walk over a mile to get to the trains. >> it's a little over a mile its a very hilly town. i'm always running. i'm sweaty when i get on the train its a real pain. >> reporter: it's a process he receipts when he gets off the train and has to walk a half a mile in manhattan and sullivan is not alone. millions of people live over a mile from any public transportation making traveling to and from work a hassle or very expensive.
10:49 pm
precisely the reason grant has high hopes for his new invention, the urbi. this is an electric bike specifically designed to take commuters the last mile either to home or work. >> that's exactly right. we found a trend that people are taking public transportation to get into the downtown area and they need a way to get around once they get there. >> reporter: it weighs 30 pounds and can traveling a fast as 15 miles an hour. it can also go up to 20 miles on a single four-hour charge. the advance lithium battery technology is now leading the way in a super quiet super light electric bike revolution. like the city commuter from pedestrian-a-go. >> it can be easily folded and carried or wheeled to the next location. >> exactly. now in this position i can fold it up and away i go. it's like a piece of luggage. >> reporter: a great fit for
10:50 pm
sullivan who likes the exercise of walking but looks forward to the convenience of riding. but why walk when you can ride? >> yeah, it sounds perfect not only for here but in the city. over a mile here, half a mile in the city. i can take it with me and use it for both sides of the commute. it would save a lot of time. >> reporter: a perfect ride for any short trip. in los angeles, california, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> pretty cool. guess what else is pretty cool? the philadelphia association of black journalists honoring one of fox 29's own this evening. the pabj awards and scholarship gala is being held tonight at whyy studios right here in center city and, yes, fox 29 producer melinda garnett was awarded the 2015 broadcast journalist of the year. linda is an emmy award winning producer as well. congratulations to all of this year's honorees. >> way to go belinda. >> hundreds put their running shoes on early this morning hitting the streets of south jersey.
10:51 pm
fox 29 cameras were there as the philadelphia flyers 5k. the top male and female runners in each of four age groups awarded a pair of tickets to flyers games this season as well as an autographed hockey stick. proceeds from today's race benefit flyers charities. sean. >> dawn, temple in a touch and go game against central florida. another slow start for the owls. that game was decided in there fourth quarter. one of the wildest finishes in college football you'll ever see, michigan and michigan state game was an instan classic. check out an unbelievable final play next in sports.
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>> ♪ >> the eagles-giants game on monday night is for a tie of the division lead. it's too early to worry about that type of thing but after the horrific start to the season it's a bit of a shock, right, that they have a chance and the defense has been the only thing somewhat consistent. you can tell the eagles win or lose by how many turnovers the defense creates. they have four take aways in both the jets win and the saints win. last week the safeties and the front seven had a dominant performance. that's where the eagles are the strongest and the giants know it. >> great challenge for us. we're looking forward to that.
10:55 pm
they're a good team. they're playing good football. will their defense is causing a lot of turnovers. out of yens has been scoring points these last few weeks so we got to expect their best football. >> they're very good up front. they have a very good defensive line with benny logan, one of those guys who just -- they're going to come after you every single play so just make sure you need to do what you need do up front. >> in college the temple owls cruising to their best start in recent memory. the owls are looking to go six and oh for the first time since 1974. but slow starts have plagued this team and it almost cost them today. second quarter, temple up 14-three. pj walker, tha an int. they found themself down 15-14 in the fourth quarter.
10:56 pm
luckily jahad thompson provides a shot in the arm. temple converts the two-point conversion and makes it 22-16. currently they lead 30-16 in the fourth with just seconds left. in the craziest finish i've ever seen in college football. michigan with the game in the bag. punter fumbles it and it's picked up by michigan. he goes all the way to the house. the punter absolutely blows the game. wolverines lose as time expires. look at the face 27-23. to baseball the final four in action tonight. mets-cubs, royals life blue jays. the blue jays lost. they're down oh and two but let's check out the mets-cubs. the mets-cubs, murphy has been on fire this post season. solo shot. he's going to be a free agent this year. one-oh mets and the mets are currently up four to two in the nine ago inning. they're looking to win it all.
10:57 pm
matt harvey with a strong, strong game. >> all righty. thank you so much. and that is our news for this saturday night. fox 29 weekend begins at 8:00 a.m. >> live powerball drawing next followed by animation domination. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. we'll see you tomorrow.
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