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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  October 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ this morning on fox 29 weekend a story that went viral across this country. a toddler found wandering alone here in philadelphia's love park. but that picture doesn't tell the full story. why police say the parents won't face any charges. plus, comedian tracy morgan back on television after a horrific car crash. what the s inform l alum had to say when he hosted the show last night. >> it wasn't looking good for three quarters. so could temple do it, are our owls still unfeeted the and what students are saying about the season so far. >> your news, your neighborhood, live and interactive, this is fox 29's weekend. they did it. t for temple u. good morning. sunday, october 18. welcome to fox 29 weekend. i'm bill anderson and of course
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good morning karen hepp all deck out in eagles green. >> so excited for the big game. it is football weather out there right now. let's take a live look outside and see what it is the sun is shining. gorgeous day right there in trenton maybe if you're over in new jersey there's the atlantic city marathon today. good marathon weather. there's also the mothers matter 5k run in sewell, new jersey, dave. >> a lot of great events outside and perfect weather for the marathon. maybe a little chilly when you step outside. like it where it's nice and cool like this. temperatures are on their way up. at or below the freezing mark in a few suburbs. freeze warning continues, frost advisory surrounding suburbs we're not done with this yet. they will expire as we warm up above freezing but then tomorrow morning, a frost advisory delaware county and philadelphia county freeze warning again in the surrounding suburbs and it gets a little closer to i-95. so even colder tomorrow night with temperatures maybe dropping into the 20s and more widespread of an area seeing these cold
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temperatures. 40 right now in the city. surrounding suburbs a bit cold colder. there's 32 in allentown. doylestown at 28. it's just above freezing in pottstown. so as expected some areas at or below the freezing mark north and west even south and eastern suburbs here. central new jersey seeing these temperatures down below the freezing mark. so ending the growing season now. we'll see another cold night like this again tomorrow if you want the brought plants inside do it again tonight or leave them there. it will be warping up this week, though. these numbers are into the 30s. we have lows not below freezing and highs into the 70s. we'll look at those days in the seven day forecast coming up. >> thanks dave. 8:02. as we get started this morning we're following breaking news. we got a tip from fox 29 viewer pj, who actually sent us these photos apparently there is a fire taking place at the lulu country club in glenside. right there at lime kiln road in jenkintown road. lyle kill many pike and jenkintown road. what we know so far it's a two alarm fire.
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so far we know that there are no injuries that have been reported, and crews are on the way. we'll have more info as it g available but hopefully things turn out well. happened pretty early in the morning. not a great weather day so far. so hopefully people were not there getting tee times in and getting started but we will keep updated on that fire at the lulu country club. all right. thank irk 9:03. we have new information this morning one person has died. four others were injured after a shooting it happened at a zombie convention in fort myers, flor. we do have some video from a witness that was posted to twitter. happened just before midnight and you can see there's people actually grant tick klee running down the street right there trying to get away. this is an annual event. draws huge crowd. about 20,000 people and they're dressed up like zombies. police are still looking for whoever is responsible. we don't know what led to that shooting. also new from overnight a man is killed in a shooting in philadelphia's ogontz second.
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this happen at camac and lindley much police say the man was shot in the face. police also tell us the victim was shot in the exact same intersection just a few months ago. all right. i want to show you this picture maybe you saw it was tweeted hurts your heart a little boy. a little boy all over the country. a toddler pick up by police wandering alone bare foot in love park in the middle of the night. well now we know the full story. police say the boy's parents were forced to leave where they had been staying so they were homeless, and that little boy and his parents and his four-year-old sister stayed the night inside that cardboard box right there. it was a shelter at love park they set up. so while everyone was asleep the little boy wandered out and when the parents woke up they couldn't find him. they immediately called police and went to dhs. both that little boy and his sister right now in the custody of authorities. >> in times of desperation, you know, what do you do? and then at the end of the day they were
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just looking for some type of comfort. >> well, no charges are expected in this case. sad news. funeral services will take place this week for the three-year-old reported missing then found dead in new jersey. brendan at tow' father called 9o report his son was hissing. hours later a police dog found his body eight blocks away in a wooded area. an autopsy didn't reveal the cause of death. police aren't saying much about the investigation. members of the community have come together to raise over $17,000 to help pay for brendan's funeral. philadelphia police they need your help right now to find a missing woman. she's 66 years old. her name is janice hilton. there she is. take a look at her. she was last seen on 4200 block of why ya luce sick avenue. she was wearing a blue girls rule the world shirt investigators add she does have
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dementia. if you see her, please immedia immediately call 911. all right. let's move into some happier news as we get things going. i've been doing it all day, all night, it's t for temple u temple university is still undefeated. it looked a little bit shaky at first. second quarter, temple up 14-three. pj walker as you see throws an interception to is a we'll griffin that's a pick six. he goes 80 yards for the touchdown and at that point, people are going, huh. temple had four turnovers in this game then found themselves down 16-14 in the fourth quarter. but, of course, they came back. look at this. they exploded to win 30-16. probably should have been a little bit easier but either way, students are thrilled. >> it has been a great year. been a great year so far. >> eighths great year to be a temple owls fan. >> we got east carl next week much that's going to be, f we can get through that we get to notre dame undefeated, that's going to be prime time
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television. >> undefeated to notre dame and they'll go all the way. >> it's been about 40 years since we've been able to say temple's record now stands at six and zero next game against east carolina. a tough one on thursday night. ♪ i'm bruce gordon. i'm still waiting, waiting for the national outcry over the appalling behavior displayed by the home baseball crowd at the toronto blue jays division series clinching game against the texas rangers wednesday evening. the top of the seventh inning tied game texas took the lead on a bizarre play in which the toronto catcher hit the bat of the ranger at the plate while throwing the ball back to the pitcher when the umpires finally figure out the rule and awarded texas the run, the crowd went nuts. >> they're throwing beer can, bottles and everything on the field.
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>> reporter: they shower the fields with all kinds of debris delaying the game and endange endangering players and fellow fans in the process. well in the bot. to inning the blue jays struck back. aided by three rangers errors and a three-run homerun by slugger jose battista. the jays took a six-three lead and once again the home crowd lost it. this time they showered the field with debris because they were happy. still delayed the game endanger players and fellow fans once again. the jays went on to within the game and the series and afterward the only thing folks in the sports world could talk about was the poor sportsmanship displayed by battista who stared at his homerun then flipped his bat in the baseball version of dropping the mike. why was there so little discussion of the appalling behavior of the blue jays fans? that's easy. because canadians are well behaved. this must have been a fluke of some kind. i'm going to let in you on a little secret. we in the media love a good cliche, a nice predictable story
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line that fits what we think you already believe. i learned that lesson more than 30 years ago while working in a television station in austin, texas. the network called one day wanted some footage of folks wandering around downtown aust austin. sure we said well send you the footage. one more thing said the network guy. sure would be great if the folks walking around were wearing cowboy hats. get it. that way all the viewers would know this video was shot in texas where, of course, everyone wear as cowboy hat. in the sports world, horrible fan behavior is only a story if it happens in philadelphia. remember a thousand years ago those horrible eagles fans through snowballs at santa? sure do you. of course, in the many, many, many years since that incident, violent even criminal behavior by sports fans at other venues in other cities got brief if any notice. that's because the cliche the story line has already been written. in texas everyone wears a cowboy hat. and in philadelphia, and only in
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philadelphia, the sports fans are violent creeps. cliches make reporting so easy. ♪ coming up a middle school football coach doing it for 35 years calling the plays for the last time but that wasn't even the most emotional part of the game. what he did that left so many people including one special fan steaming. >> oh, that selfie has become part of our culture for better or worse. but forget smiling or say cheese or that duck face. if you're doing to snap a self tee today there's a new look you're supposed to use. ♪ w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwñ
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using the app you can give them a tip. now, i used parking garages if i'm in there for two, three hours it's 30, 40 bucks. luck averages about $5 an hour. it's not available everywhere. but in major metro areas which includes us. so if you want to talk more about apps to make your life easier reach out to u hash tag tech tank and we can continue the conversation online. ♪ we want to update that breaking news because we have a pretty large fire. you can see these closer pictures now. this is the lulu country club. this is a country club you may be familiar with. it has been there for long, long time since about 1912 and right now it looks like it is fully engulfed. we got these pictures from one of our viewers who lives in that area thank you pj who sent these to us. this is the country club right there in glenside. lime kiln pike. we do know eighths would two harm. there are no injuries. and we do have a reporter headed up that way. we'll bring you a live report as soon as that becomes available
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taking a look at headlines. 28 firefighters, paramedics and police officers will be remembered during a memorial service in doylestown. the event honors the people who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty in bucks county since 1915. it will also honor any firefighters from pennsylvania who have died this year. that event takes place at 10:00 this morning at the bucks county courthouse. october is domestic abuse awareness month and we have had several very recent high profile cases. last week, there was a lower moreland father who was killed by those two suspects police say, one of them is his daughter's ex-boyfriend who vowed if he cannot have her, someone would have to go. now he is charged with murder. that is where that occurred. then just this week there was a family who was kidnapped by an abuser who was trying to find his ex-girlfriend. she had gone into hiding. police say he did find her and as he was trying to get away, while holding her, look that
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happened. he crashed the car trying to flee into a wall. the victim says her live flashed right before her eyes. >> i about to die. i was about to really lose my life. >> this is an important issue. joining us right now we have janine, from women against abuse. good morning and thank you for coming in. >> good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> well, i personally covered both of those stories and they just hurt your heart when you speak with these women and the situation that they are in. this is so much more common than people think. >> it is, and we know that one in three women in their lifetime will be a victim of serious intimate partner violence. >> that's shocking. one in three. why do we see that women stay in abuse seive relationship for so long? one of the victims said she had been with that abuser for about six years. >> you know, i often say that i wish we could shift to asking the question about why would
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someone harm another and the reason why people find it hard to leave because, first, is fe fear. so many are paralyzed with fear, and may have tried to leave and seen very bad consequences of that. like arnicas laying in violence, harming of family pets or othe others. so it's a very dangerous situation, and we know that when someone tries to leave they're at much more risk of being harmed. so in philadelphia, we have the philadelphia domestic violence hotline. and people can call any time at one-86 sick-723 hi 3014 and get help in order to create a safety plan towards leaving. >> as you just pointed out both of these cases these women were trying to leave and that's exactly when the violence exploded. in fact the family members were actually used in both of these cases. what do you say to the woman sitting at home right now, saying i want to get out and i'm so afraid watch do you do? >> you know, there's help there.
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so when you can, i encourage to you call the hotline. those folks are trained counselors and they'll be able to help you talk about some options towards creating more safety. nobody is going to tell was to do, you know, force you to have to leave. it's all about how can you create more safety and move forward with your life with health and wellness. >> it doesn't just affect the people that are in this dysfunctional relationship, it goes out to the whole family and so many of us may not realize how connected we are. you have a campaign. i pledge. what can we do. >> we do. the i pledge campaign. what we ask that everyone be a part of taking a stand against domestic violence. this year, we launched a new tool kit. the i pledge tool kit. you can fine it at women against and basically it's free downloadable resources to help people to first understand the basics of domestic violence.
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have some tool that is they can share to give out to people so people can get help and also run like the i pledge challenge, there's videos. there's all kinds of enter active tools. we really need everyone to be a part. this doesn't affect just the one in three women in their lifeti lifetime. but we have children who are witnesses and grow up to be highly impacted and violence in the home leads to violence in our community. >> both those cases there were children involved. two in one case and one in another. i between get some comments because so many people i was putting this out there on social media tweeted. i've been through it says b brown and i know others who have too! speak up! >> teach your girls to define before someone else defines them. recognize the red flags hash tag domestic abuse awareness. take this whole month and of month to focus on this one. janine, thank you so much for coming in this morning.
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>> thank you so much for having me. >> we appreciate it. all right. bill. great information. there is help out there for people who need it. coming up, we've likely all got shoes that are old and warn out that we don't wear any more. we usually just throw them out but coming up a man who collects those old shoes we'll tell was he does with your unwanted footwear. ♪ >> plus also your pets they like human food. you know it. there are some things you want to give them a treat, don't do it. there's some things that are very bad can actually harm them. so we'll break down the foods you want to avoid. dave? >> try to avoid this cold weather not having much luck this morning. if you do want to head to the shore little warmer there. sun is coming up just a few clouds. we've bottomed out. philadelphia down to 38. climbing up to 40 now. still some breezy temperatures this morning and another freeze warning tonight. a look at that with the complete forecast coming up. ♪
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♪ 8:23. welcome back do fox 29 weekend. as we take look there at the art museum at the aids walk that is taking place. 29th annual aids walk. you can see some of the recognition for people in our area. about 30,000 people in philadelphia are dealing with hiv and aids. very important walk. we support all the people who
8:24 am
will be out there today walking for great cause. i was in a terrible accident a year ago much it was awful. showed me how much love and support i have in this world. >> that is -- remember when that happened comedian tracy morgan make his return to television last night snl alum hosted saturday night live and also had some fun with his cast mates from the sitcom 30 rock. where he played tracy jordan. tina fey, alec baldwin and the rest of the whole cast they joined him for his monologue. morgan was in a crash you remember so horrific it was just 16 months ago that left him severely injured. he was riding in a limo that was hit by wal*mart tractor trailer and another person in that car one of his friends was killed. morgan agreed to a settlement with wal*mart. i'm jim with this week's
8:25 am
look at the silly world of scientific research. there's one born every minute and there is actually according to the world count organization 255 born every minute in the world. but does it make any sense that the time you were born actually affects your good health? a team of researchers from cambridge university say babies that come into the world in the sunshine of the summer months are actually healthier through their lives than those born in the dark of winter. dr. mike explains. >> this study look at women in particular if they were born in the summertime they were born heavier. they were taller and they had a later onset of puberty all things that led to a healthier life later on. the researchers are fairly convinced and so am i that this has to do with the levels of vitamin d. in the summer more sunlight, more vitamin d in the
8:26 am
bloodstream and hence the babies develop b guidelines suggest that you get 15 minutes of sunlight three times a week. >> so soak up the sun for your own health. especially if you are blessed by a birthday in june, july or august. ♪
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>> welcome back. we want to get back to breaking news tweeted to us from one much
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our viewers when we appreciate. pj out there at the scene. if you've ever been over to an even, maybe a wedding, they've so many different things held there, it is on fire. so there's been burning about two hours right now. it is still burning. we know that we have some water problems. according to pj he says they've actually started to draft out one of the creeks to get some of the water up to it. it's upper doubling township, our sabina kuriakose is there on locate. she'll be coming up in life report. it went up to two alarm. the good news is that no people were injured and we'll bring you the information as we keep getting in and more pictures and more information we will continue to share with you. of course that's the lulu country club right there. jenkintown road lime kill many pike. karen said details are sketchy as we have been, we will share them. finding out what's going on with your weather taking a look at reading. the sun is shining. looks really nice there. karen and dave all talking about deceptive sunshine. i felt it today. it's cold. i'm not sure that that sun
8:30 am
accurate real flex what's going on, dave. >> dee constructive sunshine, too, because we have it now but as it warms things up, we'll get those clouds again like we had yesterday. that will keep the temperatures from warming up too much. we got a quick warm up this morning. already started here in philadelphia 38 degrees. 40 degrees that is where we are right now. so we warmed up 2 degrees that light breeze out of the north northwest still bringing in the cool air. so looks like it will be getting even colder tonight. not seeing that warm breeze return yet. 32 in allentown. pottstown is at 33. there's that 40 in philadelphia. below freezing still in millville at 31. atlantic city just above freezing at the airport. of course, right along the coast is nice and milder there. thanks to that ocean water temperature. a little warmer keeping the air warmer there. there might be few showers today. nothing on ultimate doppler timing this we'll go hour by hour today you see about two, 3:00 o'clock. little disturbance coming through and these showers work their way through the western suburbs. they'll be rain showers. it's cold out there.
8:31 am
but not ld cold enough for snow. look at a few rain showers to the west. we'll talk about the big warmup in the seven day. i'll have that coming up. you know our pets aren't picky. they will eat just about anything that we give them or accidentally drop on to the floor. which leads to some absolutely hilarious tweets on social med media. like mary who says, i feel sorry for people that don't have a dog or a cat. they actually have to pick up the food they drop on the floor. or this from a will will a* list is a. my direct deposit needs a hit already because my dog ran out of her nutritious little dog food. she likes people food too much. pet experts say common foods can be tock six to pets. we decided to bring our medical team expert beth galvin to talk about whatnot to feed our four legged friends. good morning, beth. how are you? >> good morning, karen. i'm doing great, thank you. >> let's start off with the big one. we know that probably chocolate is not good for lot of dogs. >> yes. chocolate and coffee are not
8:32 am
good, because those contain stimulants that can be toxic to dogs and good rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it can be to your dog. you really want to watch out for when you're baking using baking chocolate or chocolate with high cocoa content. this can be really dangerous for dogs and the thing that the dog can become sort of over stimulated just like we can when we have a lot of, h we have lot of caffeine. except for them it's a little bit more dangerous. they can go into the panting and pacing and even seizures and they may not develop symptoms until like six to 12 hours after they ingest coffee or chocolate. so really important to stay on top of that and if you feel like they've gotten into your box of chocolates or they've gotten into the coffee grinds in the trash, you really want to keep a close eye on your pet. karen? >> that's great way especially with halloween coming up. this one seems like a no brainer but don't give your pets alcoh alcohol. some people think it's funny. they'll give them a little beer. why is that so problematic and
8:33 am
not at all funny? >> well, i think it's problematic pets are much much smaller than we are. they'll be much more strongly affected by alcohol than we are. they can really experience something that's kind of scary, karen. a severe drop in blood pressure that can happen very suddenly. so you know a moment that can seem like it's funny can actually be kind of an emergency for a dog. so i think it's really important to try to keep anything that contains alcohol away from your pets. karen? >> how about grapes? i know that's a problem with toddlers. >> yeah. this is a choking hazard for dogs but actually toxic for dogs and i had had no idea when you read about this you should scoop up a grape if you drop it when you're cooking it can affect a dog's kidney function. it can actually in very small amounts be toxic to the dog so you really want to be careful about grapes. i had no idea going into this that would even be a problem and
8:34 am
i've got a couple of dogs who eat pretty much everything that i drop on the floor. karen. >> the grape seed extract. maybe that what it is. there's sweetener that's a particular problem. what is it and what's the issue and what it's in? what do i avoid. >> it's called sile will he toll you find it in sort of gum, sugar free gums, canny, mints things like that. it can be really toxic bought it can cause a severe blood sugar drop in your pet. i think that's something to really keep you%d if you've got gum in your purse. keep your purse out of the way, keep candy up out of the way especially going into halloween. keeping that out of the reach because my dogs, i don't know about your pets, but my dogs are total counter surfers. fits anywhere even close to the edge of the counter, it's on the floor. it's in their mouth. so reall really keeping an eye n that, too. keeping your purse up and out of reach of your dog, too. karen? >> all right, beth, thank you so much. yes. we have lost many a steak off the grill and cake off the counter. thank you so much. (laughter). >> let us know what your pets
8:35 am
have eaten use our hash tag fox 29 weekend. okay. a middle school football coach has been doing it for 35 years. but he's now calling the plays for the last time. that wasn't even the most emotional part of the game. find out what he did that left so many people including one special fan steaming. oh, my goodness. some of you have been sending them in all right this morning. the selfie now part of our culture but forget about smiling, saying cheese. if you're going snap a selfie now there's a new trend this whole new look you were supposed to use. we will show you and get what you think. hey, howard. ♪ time now for knocking the king. >> i heard what you had to say about chase and his slide. it was a play last night i thought it was a dirty play in the baseball playoffs zone did major league baseball.
8:36 am
chase utley trying to break up a double play the mets are leading in this game. but he's not -- you're supposed to be really going to the bag to break it up. he didn't slide until he got to ruben tejada the second baseman. broke his leg. tejada is out for the playoffs. major league baseball has suspended chase utley for games three and four but that's two games. he should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs. but that's just my opinion. >> that's good. knocking the king, more like knocking the court gesture because your opinions are a joke. chase utley did nothing wrong. in fact his play has been done several hundred times before. the only difference, was unfortunately, tejada broke his leg. chase did everything according to the rules of major league baseball. i think that in the age of baseball, million dollar contracts that it's nice to see a little old school baseball and chase is known for his hard playing. why would the playoffs be any different? yeah, sure, sure, shannon.
8:37 am
just watch the t shirt -- wash the t-shirt after wearing it for the next two place. when chase utley gets suspended we're all going to cry. no, we're not going to cry. you'll cree because it's not about whether it was a good play. playing hard is good. playing dirty is unacceptable, and he didn't even slide. if you look at it. maybe you will some day. he bowled into the guy never did slide and that's dirty. and that's uncalled for and i don't want to hear what else happened in baseball. he's not a phillie any more so don't worry about it. he's a dodger. think you have what it takes to knock the king? eskin, okay. shoot your video up load it to us and i'll talk to you next week. ♪
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>> we continue to follow breaking news at the lulu country club. fire has broken out in upper dublin township in glenside. sabina kuriakose is there on the scene with an update. sabina, what can you tell us? >> reporter: let's take you right to the scene here. really some incredible photos. you can see that this country club lulu country club here in glenside is totally engulfed. you can see firefighters still workinworking on this, very very active fire. we're looking right now at the front of the country club. behind the fire engine is actually where the front door at one point was and you can see that the sent of this country club totally engulfed in flames and if we pan over, you can see firefighters pouring water on
8:41 am
what used to be the roof here on the side closer to us much you can see this building almost appearing to be totally destroyed. right now we are told that this is a two alarm fire. as we were driving up here, smoke was just billowing from the scene. out here across the golf course also a wedding venue. we were told nobody thankfully was hurt. there was apparently one employee who may have been inside at the time but fire officials tell me that they did not have to perform any rescues and nobody has been injured as of now. this is the fort washington fire company that is responding but we have several agencies from around the area here. again, as you mention, this is upper dublin township. really just looking at these incredible pictures here, huge plumes of smoke just billowing and as we were driving up here, again, you can just see the smoke going for miles. this country club has been here since the 1920s. this is a very very old buildi
8:42 am
building. an institution here in this area. so of course this is having a huge impact on the area, but luckily again nobody hurt. this fire we're told started sticks 30:00 this morning. that's the very latest out here. bill and karen, back to you. >> sabina, we're seeing so many different fire trucks. we're getting reports they may have have companies at least seven out there and this is maybe even grown in size. can you tell from where you are i know you just got there if they're having any difficulty getting water because this is already been burning for two hours and it's hard when you're fighting such a massive property. someone was saying maybe they were going to some nearby creeks in order to draft the water up in order to battle this. >> reporter: we did speak with some fire officials. we also spoke to montgomery county dispatch. it doesn't appear they're running into too many difficulties with dealing with this fire. really just seems like the massive size of it and the massive size of the property as you can tell is really probably their biggest issue out here
8:43 am
again there's multiple agencies out here fort washington of course upper doubling township. horsham is here as well and if we pan over here you can see they are still pouring water on to this fire and it is not under control, guys. back to you. >> thank you is a bean inform we'll keep you inform with any information we have or sabina can fine out and we'll be right back. stay tune.
8:44 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
8:45 am
>> welcome back. lifetime memories made on a football field. this is in middle school in louisiana. the football coach was calling
8:46 am
the final plays of his career but that wasn't the highlight. it gets better. he calls out a fan from the side lines. a fan that's watched every single game who scores the winning touchdown. kyle stewart sits motorized wheelchair he's come to every game to cheer. the coach said, i'm going to do something big. make some honorary captain, sends him on to the field to make touchdown. that won the game in overtime. ♪ once again it's time for our junior reporter segment as you know we've got the best and brightest young reporters from all over the area and today rob from temple university, good morning, sir. >> thanks. good to be here. >> absolutely. good to have you. you found a grandfather who occupy his time decided not just to do something that he thought was good or nice but also to really help people. >> it's amazing a lot of us take for granted shoes. it's such a basic human necessary but he set out to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes
8:47 am
for people in need and it's really an amazing story. he's been at it for seven years now. it's really great stuff. >> it's a joy. it's really a joy. it's heart warming. >> jack magee has been collecting shoes for children in need for seven years now. it's all part of program called operation footsteps run with the help of the cecil county lions club. he's coming up on impressive milestone. >> coming on 10,000 pair of shoes. >> you heard that right. 10 those sand people living in poverty from all over the world now have shoes all thanks to this man. >> if the shoes are real dirty, my wife loves this i put them in the washing machine out there and tumble going. they have to tie them altogether in pairs and i've had family members but most of those i've done all by myself. >> jack has gotten donations from all over the northeast and even as far as texas. it's become part of his livelihood and part of his identity in the community. >> i can get up in the morning and find three pair of shoes on the front porch a couple pair on the back porch. 20 pairs out by the garage.
8:48 am
people pull up and drop them off to me. >> this goal was to hit 10,000 and call 8-day but -- >> i ain't going to quit. inform ah keep on going. >> i asked him if he set a new goal. >> when i'm 81, go for 15,000 pair. don't push it. if i get 15,000 i'm still living i'll go some more. if i don't go that long they have my own shoes they can put in the box. >> put his shoes in the box. past 10,000 not going towards 15. energizing him and keeping him going. >> it's is a amazing to look at as a college student looking at this man's persistence and dedication to such a great cause. >> we got to figure out we'll put up on our facebook page and website ways people can donate but this is something he is still accepting more and wants people to help out. >> definitely. he's still going. >> sounds good. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> pleasure. as you know, we're always looking for great stories for our great junior reporters. if you have any, you can leave them on our fox 29 facebook page
8:49 am
or tweet us at fox 29 philly just use our hash tag fox 29 weekends. thank you gentlemen. it's 40 degrees outside. a little chilly. let's get to our weather question as we take a live tuck the ben franklin parkway. what do you want to know? >> good morning karen, dave and bill and everyone at fox 29. mime owens here got a question. take the family down to zimmerman farm in sewell, new jersey for some pumpkin picking and hay rides. hey, dave, want to knowed is it going to be chill daal or is it going to be bone chilling? >> you got the halloween set up there. michael, thank you very much. sewell, new jersey. the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 40s so we'll just see a few clouds out there. so maybe a little chill. i wouldn't call it bone chilling yet. here are the numbers that we have. 40 in philadelphia. 33 in atlantic city. sewell, new jersey, right there in gloucester county right in the middle there starting off in the 30s but climbing into the upper 40s. maybe trying to touch 50 later
8:50 am
here in philadelphia. but we got to get out of the 30ings first. we're climbing now. the sun is out. the temperatures have bottom out so they're warming up now. we'll go back above freezing. that expires at freeze warning but it could be reissue again tonight for a larger area. still some freezing temperatures that we had this morning around millville but a quick warmup with that bright sunshine. so we're on our way up, everybody. warming up now nicely. just wait for tonight. where it gets even colder. there could be few showers later today. mainly the in western suburb that's about what we're looking for. a few rain showers are likely as they try to work their way in from the west. now, we'll stay even colder tonight much this morning into the 30s trying to touch 50 but then dropping down below the 30-degree mark in a few areas a hard freeze likely in a few of the suburbs. by monday afternoon, though, into the mid 50s. so not much warmer but it continues to climb. we'll see temperatures into the mid to low 50s philadelphia at 51 degrees. the game that's about where we're start we'll drop into the
8:51 am
mid to low 40s. so it does not get quite as cold and the weather warming up from there. so that is the change. 52, 52, 64, 70s it's back. wednesday and thursday this week lows into the mid to low 50s. front comes through on thursday. so there could be few showers. that's followed by a chilly breeze on friday. and saturday next weekend we're sunny and cool. not cold. just cool with a-59 degrees. sounds good, dave. thank you so much. >> all right. duck face may have been the standard for selfies up until now. but there's new face that's taking social media by storm. >> let's show you some examples right now from social media. it is called the fish gape because you look like a fish it's about a relaxed look. we have your mouth your lips partly open. so these are some of these gorgeous women with their big sexy hair looking all sexy so i tried it. here's my big sexy hair one right here. oh, my much that's how you work it. there's my fish gape.
8:52 am
(laughter). >> we want to know do you think -- >> i got nothing. >> that fish gape is sexy. on the on me but on those younger models. you can vote. fox 29 weekend section of our or on twitter. >> yeah. use the -- ♪ hi, i'm barbara king from valley forge flowers. with this week's around the house. jesse edwards tweets, do you have any suggestions for decorating with pup kins without making such a mess? trick or treat is all about fun and tri tricks and treats. well, why not say it on a pumpkin. this pumpkin we painted with chalkboard paint. chalkboard paint is available everywhere now. the chuck barred pens are really easy to get detail in. we have spiders, the words trick or treat, this is really a lot of fun, and super easy to do.
8:53 am
we made this wonderful champagne bucket with just an ordinary pumpkin. carved it out just like you would any pumpkin, took the guts out of the. lined in plastic or tinfoil. put ice cubes in here to keep our beverage coomb. chalkboard paint again. we took a wine bottle painted it with chalkboard paint wrote the word boo. and in the pumpkin it goes. i know a lot of us very halloween parties at home. why not have something even more fun for your entertaining needs faux pumpkins are available everywhere now. and i really love using them because they're light weight. they don't rot and year after year you can pull them out of your treasures and use them more creatively time and time again. we filled it with faux gourds, again, light and a little skeleton and then we took some of our dried pods.
8:54 am
you can real goal outside now and find a lot of things that are going to dry beautifully. go out and find the treasures in your backyard. i promise you they're there. if you have a question you want answered, tweet us at hash tag fox 29 weekend. ♪
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8:56 am
♪ taking another look at a fire we've been following all morning in upper doubling township, pennsylvania at the lulu country club. it is still burning.
8:57 am
firefighters are on the scene. right now karen we know it's two alarms but some are saying that it could likely be upgraded. >> we had to call out a lot of crews in order to fight this fire. i got a text from my dad. so many people know this country club it's been there since 1912. you can see it engulf in the smoke. my dad actually used to caddy there when he was a kid. right behind my grandparents' house in glenside upper dublin township is the location but right by lime kiln pike. jenkintown road. major thoroughfares lot of people coming out to take a look. you can see that smoke for miles. i mean that's a pretty high area. so we have our crew there. sabina is there and she's gathering all the information right now. but we've got a lot of people working and it is chilly conditions there. and we're going to update of course all of this. >> we will have as much updated information as we can get of course there's the 6:00 o'clock news so we'll have those updates at 6:00 o'clock this evening on fox 29 news. thank you everyone for starting your day with us. >> keep watching all throughout
8:58 am
the day here fox 29. ♪ >> get ready for some football. ♪
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