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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fiechbl event. a battle for the $100,000 monster energy cup check here. >> they have not heard much out of reed and talking to his manager today earlier, he doesn't know what officially he will be doing when we get to anaheim. they're also talking to joe gibbs racing. it will be interesting to see what happens to him. >> just about ready to go. can anderson win the truck? who will win the $100,000. main event number three, gate drop time! >> anderson wins the toyota. >> the race is on for the monster energy cup energy cup here. can he get the $100,000.
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here comes roczen right up to second place. dungey is right there. the top three riders with the best shot at that $100,000 check. he is into the lead. >> anderson makes a massive mental mistake and allows roczen bu by. he remains in second. >> what a huge mistake. dungey on the outside, he loses momentum in that whole section. he is about to be passed by trey canard here. what a huge mistake -- >> contact! and down goes trey canard. right into the manager's tower there. that was frightening. >> that is a great way to put it as roczen is out front. the race is on between roczen and dungey. we're going to get a replay on trey canard.
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he is trying to get that honda going again. another tough race for trey canard. tuncy runs in second. anderson, holding on to third. >> roczen needs to check out right here. >> watch the left side of your screen here as we watch the toyota replay. >> trey canard comes out, does a cut down move. he goes off of the left-hand side. the team manager, spotters tower, check this out. >> i think that anderson was pretty clean right there. i didn't think that trey anticipating anderson fading to the riders left, but canard goes down hard.
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and he -- he came over that finish line and he was eyeball to eyeball with the managers in the tower there and right into the tower he went there. a scarey moment there. you see roczen, 2.1 seconds in front of dungey. >> roczen looking really good here, the track is starting to get greasy. and when we say greasy, the moisture is starting to rise. you can show them, traction is a premium right now. you have to have a lot of throttle control. look at anderson, he is not letting dungey get away here. >> ricky, as we watch this battle here, we have zuzuki, ktm, and then a husqvarna. what do you think has the best traction?
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>> i think the steel chassis is good on these hard tracks. but any more these days, i have to say they're all pretty good. >> and the steel chassis bike is the ktn and the husqvarna. >> those manufactured in japan all have aluminum chassis. he made that aggressive pass right there. takinged lead. you see a few riders have gone through the joker lane, including chad reed. approaching the halfway point, how would you approach the joker lane? >> you have to take it last lap.
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i think you will see anderson take it in the same lap that dungey does. >> anderson will be driving out of here in style in the toyota truck. >> the white husqvarna, a rider that says he is not even good the hole shots nails all three here. anderson will have to drive that new toyota tundra home. the first time we had someone win the truck, before. >> yeah. we had one person win the million dollars and that was last year. i think this is a huge night for
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ken roczen. he was the man to beat before having some problems and he never really got going again. >> he needs to pick up before he really -- where i think it went sizeways for him was oakland last year. this is the ken roczen we saw before that. slowing really, really good. putting himself in good position. the corners looked good. he needs to keep his momentum going before the end of the season. >> anaheim and anaheim two. it all went away in atlanta. dungey right there can see him. and how about the ride here, ralph, by craig.
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>> yeah, it is awesome to see him riding well. it wasn't that long ago that he contemplated retirement and hanging it up. put a big charge on, got a good ride here. >> justin marshall right behind him. fourth tonight for this event. he makes a run at him, moves him up to fourth. >> impressive move. you ski he really whips the bike sideways for the triple. >> dungey going over the joker lane right here. >> nice, well that is a big plus right there. he is right there on him now. >> it is all on roczen now, isn't it. they have to get as much of a gab as they possibly can.
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look at marshall. triple quads. he is right on dungey. >> that is the first time i have seen that. >> look at this. they will go for it. now, could he put the same pass on ryan dungey that he just put on craig. let's see what happens here. how aggressive will he be? >> he is going for it. a little close. barcia looks like he is going joker lane. >> anderson is in there as well. how about barcia. >> when i talked to him this morning, i said have you taken any time off? an he said time off? absolutely not. this is the best i have been feeling. the last thing i want to do is take a break.
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what i have i have going is working. he said he always has a good feel in vegas. a triple single out right there. you notice now that he is eight seconds behind our leader. anderson there in front of him, and a couple seconds up to dungey. time for him to get through the scoring lane. >> he is six seconds up. how smooth will he get through here. >> he has it, he has a huge gap right here. he is up and over that arch
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again. >> he put in some really strong laps, picture perfect. i think he picked up really good lines in the second main event. going through the insides better, really going through there. >> and tuncy there getting second place. >> he will need a little help by a mistake from roczen if he will come away as a winner here. but roczen looks pretty good. >> ak we look towards the final lap. let's quickly assess what eve everyone takes away from this event. >> i think they know where they need to be, where they need to work on. you know -- >> you think they're close to where they need be?
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i think some guys are and some are not. roczen is going to make a lot of progress with the bike and himself. he has not scratched the surface yet. some other guys have put in a little more time. >> and it should be noted here that our own ricky carmichael is co-owner of this suzuki team. he will be very happy with the outcome of this race. >> i'm happy for ken and the crew and everybody working hard. this is a tough field here this year. certainly the best in the business. >> ken roczen to the final corner, he has done it, he won the $100,000 check. and the 2015 monster energy cup if
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ken roczen pulls off of the track ready to celebrate. the gloves and goggles into the stand. >> awesome. >> he didn't run in 2011 or 2012.
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looks like tissue in 2013 he finished in third. he is now a winner of the monster energy cup. here is heart right here. anderson celebrating with him. you can see the sportsmanship. >> those two are practice buddies. >> a rider out of germany has won it right here in las vegas. he is $100,000 richer. the 2015 monster energy cup on fox has been brought to you by monster energy. unleash the beast. and by yamaha pb
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county and south jersey. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> it's only october. i'm iain page, there's a freeze watch in effect for the entire a area. >> let's get over to can kathy orr, how cold are we talking? >> yes, it happens when you have a snow flake that's to melting in super cold water freezes. it's a german term for snow pellet and there is an area we're seeing the possibility of gropple late this afternoon t you have cold air with a strong northwesterly winds re wind pulling moisture along the unfrozen lacks of lake erie and ontario and all of this making it about 300 miles down at the delaware valley. you mentioned the word gropple. this may contains some noted in parts of pottstown. moving through to phoenixville right now, could contains little bit of in radnor and also gusty winds reported gusting to about
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40 miles an hour. the showers that were over marian and also yeadon earlier have faded and as we get closer to sunset that will be the rule a cold in the poconos, 32, 47 in philadelphia philadelphia, temperatures getting cold, freeze overnight in the philadelphia area around 32 degrees, but the below freezing in our suburbs and that would end the growing season, here's a look at our average first to freeze across the reach, right on arctic for allentown town, pottstown october 22nd, philadelphia, november 10th is the average for freeze, so we are well ahead of schedule. here's a look at what we'll wake up to temperatures in the early morning hours around freezing in philadelphia, in our suburbs to the north and west, mainly in the 20 and around freezing in some of our spots to the south. coming up, we're going to be talking about conditions continuing to get a little crazy around here, monday night football, it will be very cold for the eagles, we'll talk about how quickly it will rebound and when we'll be back to the 70's. it's not going to last, it's not here to stay.
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>> we still have fall? that's good to know, i love fall, fall is one of my a favorite snoorngs don't forget you can check what's on autumn any time as fox or on the fox 29 weather authority ap. >> to a developing story now a snake on the loose on septa bus, the owner of a bowa contradict for in a, he got away from him on the bus and as you can a imagine caused quite a scene, fox 29 chris o'connell is live in west philadelphia tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain septa bus passengers were freaked outs at the least in west philly all over one of their fellow riders, a four-foot bowa couldn't trick for we were there as transit police were talking with the is snake's owner. meet the snake the rainbow tells fox 29 he and his son were on their way home from the pet store with the three-year-old snake, and a fresh live rat for
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dinner. a rat was there too. well, somehow, the snake got out of the owner's pocket started sledgeerringed around the bus as it went down invited passengers alerted the bus driver, who pulled over, evacuated that bus, we caught up with the snake's's owner. >> it was in my pocket. usually she falls asleep, but i guess she wanted to crawl around, she crawled under the seat and i couldn't get her out. and she got stuck. >> reporter: according to septa police, having an uncaged animal aboard a bus is restricted on septa. the transit police chief tells fox 29 that this may result in criminal charges. but we did see that guy get on another 52 bus with that same snake, and that same rat and go right down 52nd street. iain, lucy? >> thank you. scene of countless parties
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weddings, family dinners up in flames act fire at lulu. country club, members cannot believe near beloved hang-out gone. >> the club has been there since 1912, that has a lot of memory, fox 29 obscene a in a kuriakose has the story. >> reporter: 20 years, paul muller made his to favorite memories here at the country club in upper dublin, sunday morning he looked oh or a on as flames deveered the century old landmark total loss by fire officials. >> once fire got into that attic space, it doesn't a take much to rapidly take off. >> reporter: the two alarm fire ignited 6:30 sunday moving analyst through the timber roof. it took 100 firefighters three hours to get it under control. nobody was hurt. >> one of the problems the chief says responding firefighters ran into was getting water to the scene, he says they had to run hundreds of feet of hose from a handful of to fire hydrants around the perimeter of this
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massive property. >> officials say employees reporting to work saw flames coming through the basement. firefighters golf carts to navigate the sprawling sight. >> we did have a couple parties here last night. there was people here late last night. it wasn't until this morning opened up the pro shop when they discovered smoke in the building. >> along with paul a handful of the golf course and wedding venues hundreds of members, many here for a governmental tournament watched as crews poured water on the burnt ruins. >> a club like this become a center piece of your social life. so there's time to recount. hundreds of nights and great days on the property. >> muller said the club recently changed opener and the new owners had just completed several renovations of the buildings, much of the club historical memorabilia is gone but like a lot of folks he looks forward to rebuilding. >> this is either the end of an
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era or start of a new one, we'll find out. >> reporter: upper dublin fire marshall is investigating the cause, he says the fire did not appear suspicious at this time. in upper dublin township, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. ahead on fox 29 folks living in one i can't community might have a hard time sleeping. >> they are scared because of arsonist target their neighborhood, who they think is behind the crimes, they're calling disgusting. >> 76-year-old veteran risked his life to save a woman now he's talking about his encounter with an attacker arm with a knife. sean? >> eagles fans have to wait another day to take on the giants can tomorrow night. this game talk about the mindset going into the match-up later in sports.
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contrad . three fires all set at the same time at a trailer park in wilmington delaware delaware. tonight the to fire marshalls office says someone set them deliberately. brad sattin joins us live from wilmington. brad? >> reporter: lucy this is the park place trailer park, manager telling me there are 179 units here. three of them caught fire just after 2:00 this morning. state fire marshall as you mentioned he's been here saying that this is a case of arson and apparently not the first one. . >> people trash cans on fire and think it's a game and somebody is going to end up getting hurt. >> reporter: at least 12 people could have after someone set
6:32 pm
three trailers on fire at the park place trailer park around 2:00 this morning. everyone is ok, neighbors say nine people were asleep in this units at the time when the fires were started. >> i looked out window, it was just flames coming way -- about halfway between. it was just -- it was blazing. >> reporter: brian sanders lives next door to this burned out trailer. >> less than five minutes, the whole thing was on fire. >> yeah. of it was quick. >> reporter: the family who lives here escaped with just a burned porch believing someone through a bag lit on fire on to their porch. the assistant fire marshall confirming their were three separate fires with total damage estimates about $40,000, this is what's left of these trash cans, official says several burned about a year ago. whether this is the result of someone playing with could have been a deadly prank or something more these cases have some neighbors concerned. >> it's disgusting. of it's harsh, hard to look at.
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>> reporter: it sure is still an ongoing servings. one of the managers telling me a little while ago that this park has been here since 1946. they have never had a problem this serious. obviously, they want to get down to it to the bottom of it. if you have information, call the delaware state fire marshall or crime stoppers at 1-800-tip 3333. >> still ahead, stay away. the loud message that says wild fires victims are sending to a loters next. loot
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. scaffolding can collapse acan collapse in texas caught on tap. six workers are injured. happened friday at a seven story building at a construction in houston, pieces of metal and wood littered. the injured workers should all be ok. and firefighters are finally getting a handle on a wild fire burning in central texas at my homeowners had to leave starting to return. >> you loot, we shoot. that's the message a lot of homeowners are putting out there in areas impacted on the hidden pines wild fire, residents say they're not only worried about damage done by the fire but what might have been stolen, loot wag you a big problem in the county after a w50i8 fire in 2011. one man said he shot at a looter back then and he'll do it again. >> i pulled out my gun and shot
6:37 pm
about 50 feet in front of him let him know that i meant business and he kept his hand up and just started walking off to the side. >> firefighters say that wild fire is about 60 percent contained. and they're confident they will be able to keep it under control. from flames to snow, this video shot a downington this afternoon and tonight a freeze watch is in effect. kathy? . >> we're talking about temperatures going below freezing in many locations, but we are going to be seeing the core of that cold air to the north, we will be rebounding. of this isn't going to stick. we'll talk about how low the temperatures will go, looking at the eagles forecast and see when mild weather will return as fox 29 news continues.
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. snowfall today. >> so cute, fox 29 viewer posted this on the facebook page in new
6:41 pm
jersey and enjoying the snow this afternoon. do you want to go out there and make a snow man? so cute. that is so cute. love it. they're saying it's not even halloween. >> little too early. this maybe, three, four weeks early for us. >> it's at least two, three weeks early for the first three in philadelphia. we're going to see temperatures close to freezing. i still have tomatoes on the vine, cover them up. >> i know coming up tonight. it will officially end the growing season. it isn't say. >> tonight it is busy in center city philadelphia, temperatures falling fast. it's only 47 degrees the morning low, 38 the high temperature, 53, that was it. you can you can see how the cold air is moving down from the north. mount poconos 32, to allentown 43. 43 degrees in lancaster and 44 in wilmington. 30's well to the north, and to the east and to the west through
6:42 pm
new england you can see the colder temperatures. it is already 32 degrees. the cold is coming. we do have a freeze warning monday, begins at midnight and continues through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're temperatures below 32 in most locations. that will end the growing season, and that means you have to cover anything up that is sensitive or bring those plants indoors because this could be the killer freeze. as we look at the winds be we're seeing pretty strong winds out of the northwest and even during the evening to the late night hours, a they will slowly diminish and by tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. we'll have the core of the cold air over us. you can see a north we shall wind five to ten miles an hour at best. temperatures falling very quickly as you know by about 10:00, 11:00 in 30's to the north and west, philadelphia 38. and our wake-up weather for morning going for temperatures mainly in the 20 to the north and west of philadelphia, philadelphia very close to that freezing line can go a degree either way, and to the south and east, we may see the wind keep up a little bit, and that would
6:43 pm
help temperatures from completely bottoming out in the 20 in place like milligram, egg harbor township and even williams town, as we look at the changes coming, high pressure builds back in and the know around the high is chock why does, that is going to bring a mild flow back up from the south and that means we will rebound quickly from the cold snap. not like that, but give it about 24 to 48 hours. in the city overnight freezing in suburbs around 28. it will be clear, winds slowly diminishing. help out with that wind chill factor. don't have to talk about that yet. tomorrow 52, winds out of the northwest, becoming south already already, monday night football the warmup can't come soon enough. kickoff at 8:30 at the linc. 45 by the end of the game, 41 degrees and on the exclusive fox 29 seven-day forecast, little bit better for tuesday, 65. wednesday, a beauty, thursday, 74. that's fantastic, a chilly
6:44 pm
breeze saturday, 60's where they should be this time of year, the normal is 66. >> thank you, kathy. let's get it back there. >> we'll be back right after this. for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day...
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76 years old a veteran in absolutely hire row. tonight the man who saved a group of children talking about what happened. last week army veteran james walked into the public library in illinois, found a young man in the conference room armed with a knife. police say 19-year-old dustin brown was threatening to cut himself and others, he's a chester teacher, vernon said once it was just he and brown, the team turned violent.
6:47 pm
>> i didn't have any weapons except these, so i went, i grabbed him and threw a knee at him, and my weight pushed him back. >> you can see that vernon is caught up. brown now faces a slew of charges including aggravated assault. still ahead a surfer who lost his leg to a shark is talking about what happens and what his future describe. >> he describes fighting for his life and how he got away from that 12-foot shark coming up next.
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6:49 pm
. just about a week ago, a surfer lost his leg in a shark attack on hawaii's north shore but staying strong and working on his recovery. >> he most definitely plans on getting back into the water, fox
6:50 pm
was there as the young man prepared to leave the hospital. >> he was surrounded by his family as he talked about what happened after he was bit by a shark on north shore. >> pretty much out of nowhere i felt like a truck ran into me, and took me a second to realize what was going on and he dragged me under water. >> reporter: the surfer from rhode island has been living in hawaii several years and been to the beach nearly every day since he got here. he was waiting for a wave when what's believed to be a 12 foot tiger shark bit his leg. >> it took me a second, i had to push him off, lost fingers and stuff and punched him with my other and got a little bit of a break free and swam up, i started yelling, and he's really the hero. >> he rushed over to help his friend, got caught on his eight foot board.
6:51 pm
>> paddled back to shore. >> i had no yd his hands were so damaged. we held on the entire time we good got hit by waves and sets and the shark was not going away and continued, you know, to follow us in. but you know, the guy, i couldn't have more respect for this guy. >> reporter: colon credits his friend for saving his life. a group of people helped him by placing a tourniquet on his leg. doctors had to amputate most of colon's left leg after the attack and his hands were also injured when he punched the shark. colon showed us the surf board he was on when he was attacked. >> reporter: the 25-year-old took his first steps tuesday after he got out of the hospital. he tells even moving an inch was a huge hurdle. he can go in the water in about a month and when he's ready, he'll start surfing again. >> now raise some awareness actually for the sharks. >> reporter: brave kid. colon says this isn't the first
6:52 pm
time he encounter add shark, about five years ago he had a close call while surfing off of rhode island. >> after a terrible start the eagles can still be on top of the division after tomorrow. the players talk about their prime time match-up and there was only one game in the division, today washington took on the jets and they were the team that we all grown'customed to see. next in sports.
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6:54 pm
. oh dell beckham junior is listed as questionable. they will be a game time decision. he made the trip to philly and did do sideline work during the team's walk-through today. whether the eagles win hey depend on whether he plays because they clearly can't guard number one wide receivers and he's one of the best. this game is for the division league but players aren't approaching it that way. >> this isn't just whenever you
6:55 pm
go play game, you as you got -- like it's the one we see -- as approach was taken, we're not looking it like the first place, second place tie, those things, it's just go out there and play football and try and get a win. >> reporter: as the game today, the jets putting a thumping on washington. jets brandon comes back for, goes straight to the house. of that's a 35-yard touchdown and the jets win 34 to 20. it's just the preseason but the sixers are in rare form, down by as many as 34 points in their last game. it was so bad, brett brown called it garbage preseason game. a garbage. preseason is already garbage. hopefully it isn't a sign of things to come. they're back on the courts today, taking on the nets first to carter okafor showing why he's such a skilled big man lay-up he had 14 points.
6:56 pm
he also looked like he was starting to click, check this out right here, okafor to the rack. no well, look at that, ok for a little on the court move. know well, 92 to 91. it doesn't matter, check out temple fans right now. 25 in both polls, 24 in the coaches poll. 1979. >> that is awesome. >> unbelievable. >> love it. love it. >> beat central florida yesterday. good for them. they're probably going to be bowl bound. >> absolutely. >> before they play more today beat carolina, don't look ahead. >> exactly. that will do it for us, thanks for watching. >> live lottery drawing is next. see you at 10:00. (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life,
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