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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 18, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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place filled with decades of memories goes up in flames. a snake loose on a septa bus. the panic that forced the driver off the road. your news starts in 30 seconds. fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29 news at 10, october snow. this video shot today in media delaware county. it was not the only local spot getting this early taste of winter. we're all going to feel it tonight.
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a freeze watch is in effect. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. how cold is it going to get? let's get right to fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. >> the coldest air of the season will shatter everything else we've seen this morning. we were in the upper 30s. much colder come tomorrow morning. freeze warning in effect for most of eastern seaboard. extending down into the mid atlantic. we're not alone with this cold. where you see the purple that is where we have the warning and we're talking about temperatures in the 20s come tomorrow morni morning. not just sweater weather but winter coat weather. ultimate doppler you can see the winds have subsided so we no longer have a threat of sprinkles, nurseries or gropp pell as you may have seen snow pellets earlier this evening. right now 27 in the poconos already. 33 degrees in pottstown. 41 in philadelphia. and 34 degrees in millville. the average first frost in allentown is october 16th right on schedule for that.
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in philadelphia it's november 10th. weeks early for to us see this. here's a look at what we'll wake up tomorrow morning. walking out the door at 7:00, 31 in philadelphia. 28 in trenton. 25 degrees in allentown. 32 in dover. 32 in millville. we are talking about ice box weather come tomorrow morning. we'll have the goals monday night football forecast for you and talk about how quickly we're going to rebound from these brutally winter like temperatures and also when we'll be back in the 70s because that is in the seven day. i know you like that iain. >> he does. i think a lot of people do. thank you kathy. you can check what's on tap any time at or on the fox 29 weather authority app. a snake on the loose on a septa bus. the owner of a bowa constrictor happened to get -- theme get this snake back this afternoon it got away from him on the bus and caused quite a scene as you can imagine. fox 29's chris o'connell live at septa headquarters tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, if you've
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ever ridden a septa bus you could a test there's probably a lot of interesting things on that bus, but a 4-foot boa constrictor slithering around your feet, well, it doesn't happen often but does it happen today. >> the reaction was running off the bus. >> reporter: bus riders in west philly couldn't get septa's 52 bus fast enough. once they found out this guy was a passenger. >> remind me of snakes on the plane. now we got snakes on the bus. >> reporter: snake scare forced the bus driver to pull over near soon and west minster. the bus evacuated and police were called. after about an hour, an officer pulls out the nonvenomous 4-foot red tail brazilian boa constrictor and hands it over to its owner. koran rilely. >> it was in my pock. usually she fall asleep. i guess she wanted to crawl around. she crawled under the seat i couldn't get her out of there,
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and she got stuck. >> reporter: riley was on his ways home from the pet store with dinner for his snake. that's right. a live rat inside this box who also took the bus trip. so what was the reaction from fellow passengers? >> a couple of people freak out. babies, everybody freak out. >> reporter: transit police say uncaged animals on its buses are not allowed. a little while after getting his snake back, its owner was right back on the 52 bus carrying the snake and live rat. as for that bus driver, he gave us the thumbs up but he was glad his reptile passenger was gone. >> what was people's reaction. >> get off. just fine it and just try to get it off the bus. >> reporter: septa transit police tell us that interfering with mass transit like this is illegal and criminal charges could be pending against the snake's owner. iain, lucy?
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>> thank you very much, chris. developing story now out of dover, delaware. the hunt is on for two men wanted for a deadly home invasion. state police say 21-year-old saalim shabazz and 23-year-old matthew harrington shot a 52-year-old father, his adult son and a woman. it happen just past 1:30 yesterday morning at the home on the 1400 block of john clark road. the father and woman both died and doctors treated and released the son. the scene of countless parties and weddings and family dinners up in flames. a fire this morning at the lulu country club in montgomery county gutted the building that's been there since 1912. that is a lot of memories. as fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose reports, it has a big future still. >> still in shock. >> reporter: for 20 years paul muller made his favorite memories here at lulu country clues in upper dublin township. sunday morning he looked on as flames devoured the century old landmark dubbed a total loss by fire officials.
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>> one the fire got into the attic space it doesn't take much to rapidly take off. >> reporter: two alarm fire ignited 6:30 sunday morning. moving fast through the timber roof. it took 100 firefighters three hours to get it under control. nobody was hurt. >> one of the problems the chief says responding firefighters ran into was getting water to the scene. he says they had to run hundreds of feet of hose from a handful of fire hydrants around the perimeter this massive property. officials say employees reporting to work saw flames coming from the basement. firefighters commandeering golf carts to navigate the sprawling site. >> we did have a couple parties here late last night. it wasn't until this morning they came to open the pro shop they discovered smoke in the building. >> reporter: handful of the golf course and wedding venues hundreds of members watched as crews poured water on the burnt
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ruins. >> clubs like lulu become, um, centerpiece of your social life. so there's too many to recount. hundreds of nights and great days spent on the property report roar the club recently changed ownership and that the new owners had just completed several renovations of the building and grounds. he says much of the club's historical memorabilia is gone now. but like a lot of folks here, he looks forward to rebuilding. >> this is either the end of an era for or the start of a new one. we'll fine out. >> reporter: upper dublin fire marshal is investigating the cause. he says the fire does not appear suspicious at this time. in upper dublin township, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. violent week mend philadelphia with several shootings on local streets. 19-year-old man was shot and killed this afternoon in west philadelphia. it happened at 52nd and walnut around 3:30. police are still looking for the shooter. in southwest philadelphia, a 43-year-old man was found lying on the sidewalk an the 7100
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block of greenway of a just after 8:00 last night. he had been shot several times in the chest. he later died at the presbyterian hospital. police have not made any arres arrests. philadelphia's ogontz section another deadly shooting on the streets. police got call about a man with a gun at about 11:30 last night. when officers pulled up at camac and lindley they found 30-year-old man lying in the street shot in the face, neck and chest. police tell us the same man was shot near that same intersection just a few months ago. three separate fires at the same time in the same trailer park all the homes burned at the hands of an arsonist. tonight the delaware state fire marshal is hoping to catch that person. meanwhile as the temperatures drop it's a nervous night for neighbors who have been through all of this before. fox 29's brad sattin reports. >> reporter: here in wilmington a total of 12 people are out of their homes to night as a result of three separate
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fires, cases of arson according to the state fire marshal and not the first ones here at park place. a manager tells us in 70 years the trailer park has never had an issue like this but the assistant state fire marshals confirms there were trash can fires here last year and it appears an arsonist has returned. around 2:00 o'clock sunday morning brian sanders saw his neighbors mobile home burning. >> i look out the window. there was flames coming way -- halfway in between. i mean it was just -- it was blazing. >> reporter: how quick dull it go up? >> less than five minutes. >> reporter: whole thing was on fire that quickly? >> oh, yeah it was quick. >> reporter: five people here inside got out along with nine more in the trailer across the street which also was damaged in a second fire. and the third one next door was limited to the front porch. the woman living here thinks someone through a burning bag on to a chair and charred it telling us a family member then went door to door alerting
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people to get out. cheyenne in a murphy lived in this park for 16 years. now with her one-year-old son she's worried. >> kids setting trash cans and fire and think it's a game and somebody will end up getting hurt. >> reporter: no one has been hurt yet. neighbors think the arsonist may be kids playing game but fire officials have launched a criminal investigation. >> if somebody got hurt, people's lives are at stake. it's disgusting. it's harsh. it's hard to look at. >> reporter: total damage is now estimated a at about $40,000. the red cross has stepped in to help those in need of a place to live during this cold spell now. if you have any information about this crime you're being asked to call crime stoppers the number is one-800-tip-3333. in wilmington, delaware, brad sattin fox 29 news. for the first time since 1979 temple has earned top 25 football ranging. the owls number 22 in the associated press poll and 24 in the usa coaches poll.
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temple rallies in the fourth quarter to beat central florida last night at the linc. the owls are now sykes-zero. with six wins temple is bowl eligible for the second straight season and the win thursday night would give temple it's first ever seven-zero start. >> awesome. a scary scene at an ice cream store. an suv as you can tell look at that it like went airborne right into it. next customers are saying they were just seconds away from tragedy. and some uber drivers are on strike. their demands and why it could make the popular service more expensive for you. >> and stay away. the loud message texas wildfire victims are sending to looters coming up. a surfer who lost his leg to shark describes his terrifying fight for life in the water and how this friend helped him get away.
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♪ the man accused of of firing a arrival at police officers in the parking lot of a crowded wal*mart is under heavy guard at a pennsylvania hi hospital tonight. 31-year-old scott sergeant had surgery today. police say sergeant was shooting the gun outside the store in wilkes-barre yesterday. several vehicles were hit by bullets when officers got there they say sergeant shot at them. they fired back and hit him in the stomach and thigh. >> you hear about it all the time but it never happens actually you're there. our hearts were racing pretty good not knowing what was going on or where the guy was. >> investigate it's are start to piece together a motive for the shooting but not ready to go public. he'll be arraigned when he's well enough to leave the hospital. >> to oklahoma where an suv
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crashed into ice cream store. customers had to run for their lives. one woman was seconds away from getting seriously hurt or killed. fox's nina carter has the story. >> reporter: i didn't know what happened. i thought a bomb went off or something it was so loud. >> it was a normal saturday at freckles on 81 is the and cher tan until about 1:45 p.m. when this suv came crashing through the front of the store. barely missing her. >> i was in the bathroom where the car crashed through, and i literally just walk out 30 seconds before the car came in. >> reporter: two employees in the back of the store were the only people other than harper there at the time of the accident. the driver of the mitsubishi suv told police she was parking when her brakes stopped working. sending her through the exterior wall and windows and into the bathroom on the other side. >> i think it was amination of being an suv and the fact that
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she evidently had hit the gas and hadn't braked at all. she did plow through a brick building. >> reporter: witnesses say the fact that no one was hurt in the crash is pretty up credible. >> my nerves are still shot right now. it was terrifying. >> reporter: repairs are expected to costs from 15 to $30,000. and will keep the store closed for at least two days. >> i mean you're look at all of our business. looking at my employees losing all of their wages for two days 'cause because i don't have anything to do with to do if my store isn't open. >> police are investigating and so far the driver does not face any charges. well today we just got a sneak peek of what we can expect at the fireman's hall museum. fireman's hall museum putting on show for families and kids of all ages today during the fire safety exposition is the philadelphia fire academy. the event focusing on fire safety and education we got to see everything from firefighters contest to equipment demonstrations. all proceeds will go towards the
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museum and towards purchasing smoke alarm for low income families. just in time for the cold weather a special coat and donation drive was held today all part of the second annual urban unification rally coat give away and performance for piece showcase it was organized by the helping hand from your fellow man organization along with accepting new and gently used coats and outer wear, the organization also gave away bagged lunches and informational resources to local business and organizations. uber is taking the taxi industry without storm. fox's dan owens in is new york where uber drivers are staging a strike. >> reporter: around the country day two of a call for uber drivers to turn off their apps and demand higher wages. >> i think it's a warranted request. i don't think it's unreasonable. plenty of people work with benefits. i don't blame them. >> reporter: petition on social media drawing more than 1300 supporters demands include
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raiding fares and adding a tip operation. >> you feel your driver, you feel you got there on time, you don't have to tip. you can have an option from zero to 20%. >> reporter: uber drivers are considered private contractors and operate their own vehicles paying for gas insurance and up keep. many say they're striking because they're bound by rules that treat them like employees. >> believe me, i'm really thin thinking to check for another job, 'cause i can't really work it. >> reporter: because uber are union knifed it would be hard to penalize those who decide to work this weekend in light of others calling for hire wages. also hard to determine how many are participating in the strike a quick check of the app outside of madison square garden there are plenty of options. if you're part of the sharing economy, how do you negotiate with the app that you're working through. it's pretty much impossible unless you can organize through social media all of the other people like you into these collective actions.
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>> barry is assistant managing editor of cranes u.s. business. he says the drivers up against a $50 billion company have a tough battle but hold a very important bargaining chip. >> there is no uber without drivers. uber doesn't have cars much it's just an app that's a middleman between people with cars and passengers. so without the drivers they've got keep their drives happy. >> got a point there. uber did not comment directly on the strike this weekend but did say it welcomes all feedback from its drivers. >> young and old alike hitting the street to defeat dementia. organizers held a senior stroll for senior citizens to participate even the philly phanatic came it to show support and speaking of special appearances our own chris o'connell was the emcee at the event. >> 76-year-old veteran risks his life to save a group of children noun he's talking about his encounter with attacker waving
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around a knife. >> a scaffolding collapse sends debris flying and injures six people. see the cell phone video that was shot just as it was coming down. vince mazzeo-
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numbers. ♪ scaffolding collapse in texas caught on camera. six workers are injured friday at a seven-story building under construction in houston. pieces of metal and wood littered the block after that collapse. authorities say the injured workers should be okay. now firefighters are finally getting a handle on a wildfire burning in central texas. homeowners who had to leave are starting to return home. they're taking the time to put out warning you loot we shoot the message a lot of homeowners are putting out there in areas impacted by the hidden pines wildfire. residents are not only worried about damage done by the fire, but what might have been stolen. looting was problem in the county after a wildfire back in 2011. one man says he shot at a looter back then and he'll do it again.
10:23 pm
>> i pulled out my gun and dropped is a shot about 50 feet in front of him and let him know i meant business and he kept his hands up and just started walking off to the side. >> the firefighters say the wildfires about 60% contained and they're confident they'll be able to keep it under control. 76-year-old -- 76 years old a veteran an absolutely a hero tonight the man saved a group children is talking about what happened. last week army veteran james brennan walk into the public library in morton illinois and found a young man in the conference room armed with a knife. police say 19-year-old dustin brown was threaten cut himself and others. vernon now a chesky teacher tried to calm down brown. once it was just he and brown in that room, the teen turned violent. >> i didn't have any weapons except these so i went i grab him and through a knee at him and my weight pushed him back. >> vernon cut up as you saw and
10:24 pm
brown now face as slew of charges including aggravated assault. a surfer who lost his leg to a shark is talking about what happened. what his future holds. he describes fighting for his life. how he got away from a 12-foot shark coming up next. >> kathy. in weather we're talking about the big chill the coldest air of the season moves but look at this, mild air makes a return. it's the october rebound in the seven day forecast. you don't want to miss that. that's coming up as the weather authority has your forecast when we come back. [woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this?
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♪ new video of dramatic atlantic city coast guard rescue just been released wolf fishermen needed to be rescued off the coast of brigantine, new jersey, today. the video you can see the helicopter hoisting the fishermen out of the atlantic ocean. they got stranded after their boat was stuck in shallow water. two more shark attacks now
10:28 pm
officials considering whether to close beaches in oahu. the first happened a hundred yards off the shore yesterday. authorities say both of the victims legs are extensively action. the second happened after what kiki beach and seriously injured a man foot. these bring the number of shark attacks to seven in hawaii. >> about week ago a surfer lost his leg in oahu's shore. >> he most definitely plans to get back in the water. fox's alex surveillance because what was there as the young man prepared to leave the hospital. >> cook was surrounded by his family as he talk about what happened after he was bit by a shark on oahu's north shore. >> pretty out of nowhere i felt like a truck ran into me, and took me second to realize what was going on. he dragged me underwater. >> fur seventy three from rhode island living in hawaii for several years and been to the
10:29 pm
beach every day since he got here colin was waiting for wave when what's believed to be a 12-foot tiger shark bit his leg. >> took me a second it was massive shark was op my leg. so i kind of had to push him off with his hand. i some some fingers and stuff and punched him with my other and got a little bit of a break free and swam up. as soon as i swam up he yelled at him. >> he rushed over to help his friend he got colin on his board and they paddled back to shore. >> i had no idea that his, you know, that his hands were so damaged at the time, and he held on the entire time and we got hit by waves and sets and the shark was not going away. and continued, you know, to follow us in. but the guy i couldn't have more respect for this guy. >> colin credits his friend for saving his life. >> he definitely look like an angel from heaven. >> a group of people placed a tourniquet on his leg much
10:30 pm
doctors to amputate most of his left leg after the attack. and his hands were also injured when he punched the shark. >> colin shoder showed us the surveillance board he was on when he was tack. 25-year-old took his first steps two days after he got to the hospital and tells me even moving an inch was a huge hurd hurdle. he he can go in the water in about a month and when he's ready he'll start surfing again. >> dream come true to raise awareness for the sharks. >> colin says this is not the first time he's encountered a shark about five years he had a close call while surfing off rhode island beach. a lot of folks are surprised today to see snow. they grabbed their phones and they did what we all do these days. they started shooting. videos from downingtown right here this afternoon shot by a fox 29 viewer. chester county not the only area seeing snow today. while a lot of people weren't very happy to see it, some were incredibly excited. >> i can make snowman.
10:31 pm
>> no, it's not snowing that much. >> that is the cutest thing. this video posted on our facebook page. little boy in vineland, new jersey, really enjoying today's weather an little girl was there, too. so i think it was siblings. you got to love this. some very pretty scenes on this chilly fall day. this rainbow appeared in west chester. i think that might be from tom srendenschek. >> it was. >> very nicely should shot, tom sled chen check. it was a nice day out for me. i like the chill. i'm just saying. probably just me, though. iain is like, yea. >> i'm just not ready for it quite yet. i had the topcoat the other night. high the winter coat today. >> heavy duty. >> that means it's cold. >> it is cold. >> i know where you live and it could be in the 20s there. ut-oh. we're in trouble. it's also -- >> october. >> it's also beautiful to view astronomy like the stars. >> that's true. the. >> crisp and nights. >> we sent chopper up to get a
10:32 pm
view of the moon. gorgeous tonight. only about 28% full but it is brilliant. clear skies, cam conditions just the way iain looks it. it will be full neck week but really pretty out there tonight to end a little bit of a crazy day. temperatures around the region are on the cool side. we are falling fast. even in philadelphia it's 41 degrees. today's high 53. winds out of the north northwest right now at about 8 miles an hour. but they'll turn southwesterly and temperatures will stabilize by tomorrow night and definitely into tuesday. but for now, look at what we have. 27 in the pocono mountains. 35 in allentown. 33 in pottstown. 35 in wilmington. and millville 34 degrees. i had someone kidding on twitter tonight saying millville 11 degrees. no, not yet. but it will be in the 20s come tomorrow morning. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s already threw upstate new york and new england and canada already in the 20s and that is the air that's going to
10:33 pm
be driven down into the delaware valley overnight. the skies are clear. the winds going light. the perfect ingredients for this freeze that we expect come tomorrow morning. so the freeze in effect until 9am temperatures below 32. even in the city of philadelphia we'll be around 32 degrees but if you live in mt. airy, if you live in cheltenham, if you live in chestnut hill, you can be in the 20s tonight. this will definitely end our growing season, of course, cover up any of those delegate plants or bring them indoors and make sure you keep your pets warm as welch this is what we'll be waking up to tomorrow morning. talking about philadelphia around freezing around 31, 32 degrees. 28 in the poconos. reading 27. and even 30 degrees in wilmington so everyone except the shore feeling the chill. changes will be coming though because high pressure will dominate our weather and the flow around the high is clockwise you get this warmer flow that will be moving in by monday. so tomorrow night for monday night football it will be cold, but not as cold as tonight. that's the good news.
10:34 pm
so in the city overnight 32. the suburbs in the 20s mainly clear. the winds diminish. tomorrow only 52 degrees. the normal highs in the mid 60s so we're well below normal. skies will be mostly sunny. those northwesterly winds becoming southwesterly and then warm wind for us that's a good thing. monday night football kick off at the linc 8:30 temperatures in the 40s southwesterly winds five to 10. no big deal by the end of the game that wind will be saving us. it will be clear but temperatures only around 43 degrees. on our seven day forecast 52 on monday. tuesday 65. wednesday 72. you know where i'm going with this. by thursday 74. chilly breeze fry bay but not so bad saturday and sunday. mid 60s are average for this time of year and we will be in the 60s. i want to show you one of the tweets oy got tonight. look at this little fella. i tweeted him back. is this real? because if this is real i want one. >> so cute. >> do you want one of these, though? i'm just wondering, do
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you see what i got here? >> that will keep us warm. >> eskin for mayor. >> all the proceeds go to children's hospital. isn't that nice? >> the shirt has sold more than the pope's shirts. >> seriously. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> wow! >> he's just saying. >> exactly. it would keep us warm. we'll need that, too. >> that will do it for us tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> i don't think i have to say this now but keep it receipt here for sports sunday. ♪ ♪ that's a true story the company told me it has sold more than the pope shirts. tonight on sports sunday a look at the eagles giants rivalry. one of the greatest plays in that series and jon runyan will join us in the studio to break down this big game and talk about his memories of that rivalry. how big is this game? we will discuss coming up on sports
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