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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 19, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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a freeze warning still in effect right now, although it looks pretty mild outside at ben franklin parkway, oh, don't let this picture fool you, sue, it is cold. >> that is right, we have freezing temperatures, throughout the the region, we will tell you just how low things will go this morning and an amazing recovery for temperatures this week. the it is all ahead in your weather authority forecast, dave? sue, good morning to you, much needed help coming to the family of the two-year old boy, who wandered away from his homeless family in love park, that story is coming up, steve? >> reporter: who would have thought septa substitute for snakes enjoyed public transportation also. >> that is too funny.
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>> so uber drivers were on strike this weekend. their demand and why it could make the popular services more expensive for you. good thing you were in the on strike this morning because that is how go the to work. >> it is rare you are here. >> oh, stop it. >> beginning of the week, monday october 19th, 2015. >> yes. >> here's the deal. >> let's hear the tiehl. >> we have a challenge this morning. we are gearing up for eagles/giants game tonight. >> yes. >> so we want to see how you, get pumped up forbidder game. >> so record yourself singing the eagles fight song and up load that video to social media using the hashtag got to hear this. you know mike jerrick does you got to try this. this is you got to hear this. we will play them on the show. this will be fun. we will hope this starts trending during eagles huge pep rally we will have later on good day. i will do something off the roof. >> yes. >> i will shock you. >> really. >> yeah. >> it might include a sledge
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hammer, sue serio. >> as long as you don't jump. >> they're bad but they're not that bad. >> this weekend i got this picture, sue serio, a friend, driving in northern pennsylvania and said guess what, it is snowing. >> can you believe it it is october, before halloween, chris is shaking his head. >> it is early. >> welcome to pa. the entire region is under a freeze warning a and it is in effect until 9:00 a.m. some temperatures that will be reaching or going below freezing will last that long. so, there you can see the area a a a wash in purple y blue, which would be your list out identify this morning. what does that mean? it means temperatures below 32 e growing season, bye-bye and make sure you already, i hope you already brought your you plants indoors because it might be too late or you covered them up. so temperatures, here they are, 27 in allentown.
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22 degrees in mount pocono, right now, below freezing in reading, lancaster, pottstown. we are at 36 in philadelphia. thirty-two in trenton. twenty-nine in wrightstown. twenty-nine the atlantic city international. twenty-eight in millville. we are still above freezing in wilmington and dover delaware and in wildwood for the moment but temperatures already go down and they are lowest just before sunrise and that is not until after 7:00 this morning. nothing to show you on radar and that is why it is so coal. we don't have any of cloud out there. so with 3-mile an hour breezes it feels chilly this morning for the eagles game tonight 8:30 at lincoln financial field, 45 degrees for kick off and 43 at the even of the game, make sure you are dressed in layers. our high temperature today will be about 52 degrees. so decent recovery and in the quite as cold tonight. so that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly had has the morning off so we will be handling traffic this morning as well. look at how much traffic there is out there. that one car, help hello,
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anybody out there? we've got to have morning road work on woodhaven road just past franklin mills and this was blocking the left lane. everything cleared out. plenty on have room if you want to travel that road as you can see. now we will go to the ben franklin bridge, it is all cleared at the the moment heading in and out of philadelphia, chris and lauren. >> sue, how about this at the 4:04. homeless two-year old is found wandering around love park and now a local charity is working to get that boy and his family off the street. >> dave kinchen is live in love park with more on the major fund raising effort currently underway, hi there, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. chosen 300 ministries trying to raise 12 you this dollars in 12 days for the family of the two-year old boy. that two-year old who left love park, was wandering away from his family as they slept. let's go to video right the now. little jeremiah was rescued by
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a septa transit officer after he left his family. the his family slept in the space, walled by cardboard under the visitors center in love park. everybody generally knows that area here. so, now chosen 300 ministries launched an effort raising $12,000 in 12 days to give jeremiah and his four year-old sister one year of housing a and care and many who became familiar with this story, well, they are hoping for a miracle. >> there is a few people that are out here with kid. it is just not right, you know what i'm saying? give these kid shelter. it the is too cold out here. >> the at the end of the day he was rescued so it makes me feel like the city, you know, it has got love. >> hopefully they can find a place where they can be together and to be a family and a house or an apartment hopefully but it is disappoint ago this they had to come to those circumstances where they had to stay here at night.
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>> reporter: how about some brotherly love coming from love park for this family, chosen 300 ministries says family has received meals from them before so they are well known to that community and also they will receive case and financial management, while it is kick nothing a donation here as well. a lot of people really anxious to see a very had happy ending for that family and little boy and his sister are currently being helped out by dhs in the meantime. >> dave, thanks very much. so, now we have to switch gears, violent weekend in philadelphia several shootings on local streets. >> this time a 19 year-old man was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in west philadelphia this happened at 52nd and walnut. police are still looking for that shooter in southwest philadelphia a four three-year old man was fun lying in the sidewalk in the 71 hub block of green way avenue just after 8:00 o'clock. he had been shot several times in the chest. he late are died at presbyterian hospital. police have not made any
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arrests. in philadelphia's fernrock section another deadly shooting. police got a call with the man with the gun at 11:30 saturday night when officers pulled up tokamak and lindley. they found a 30 year-old man lying in the street shot in the face neck and chest. police say the same man was shot the near that same intersection a a few months ago. in dover, delaware hunt is on for two men wanted for a deadly home invasion. twenty-one year-old salem shabazz and matthew harrington shot a five two-year old father. his adult son and a woman. police say it happen just past 1:30 saturday morning at the home on the 1400 block of john clark road. the the father of the woman both died. doctors treated and released the son. taking a look at other top stories, a snake owner could face charges after his pet bowa a constrictor got loose on a septa bus. >> the snake's scare happened in west philadelphia yesterday. steve, when i first heard about this story, i thought of that old movie, snakes on the plane. the this is snakes on the bus.
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>> reporter: well, i will, work that old cliche all morning because there is plenty of other stuff to say including septa's policy for bringing small animals on board a bus, yes, you can bring service dogs, and other small, contained animals, when they drew up that policy i am doubtful they were thinking of snakes. among septa's sun take passengers this 4-foot long non-poise than us state, not dangerous but not something the passengers knew at the time when riding a bus and someone yelled in west philadelphia right down the street, snake on the bus. it was a brazil an red tailed bowa. he was taken it to the local monday storm pet store to go shopping for dinner and it sliterd out of his pocket, under his seat where another passenger suddenly saw it. >> some people, they were scared, some people wasn't but everybody had to evacuate the bus. it is not poisonous.
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it is just a constrictor and they squeeze their pray to death. >> they said there was a snake on the bus. it was amazing. it reminds me of snakes on the plane. and now we have snakes on the bus. that is crazy. >> reporter: see chris, that passenger beat you to it and snakes on the bus, sound like a funny, wayans brother take off to the snakes on the plane movie. the best part was that corn riley the the snake owner once police retrieved the snake and got it back to him he got back on the bus, with the snake and that bag, by the way, was the snake's dinner, live rats is what he feeds the snakes. so septa bus passengers did not know not only did he just have the snake with him the second time but also live rats with him, lauren, is what your choice would you rather be on the bus with live rats or a 4-foot long harmless bowa a
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constrictor. >> a snake any day, i cannot stand rats the. >> she deals with rats all morning, you and i included, steve. all right. montgomery county, country club goes up in flames over the weekend. >> this fire evident thely gutted the lulu country club which has been in upper dublin township since 1912. it took one hundred fire fighters for three hours to get the fire under control yesterday morning. fortunately, no one was hurt. the club recently changed ownership and new owners just completed several renovations with decade of memories from weddings, golf tournaments and other celebrations, members are looking forward to this century old landmark to be rebuilt. >> the clubs like lulu become a center piece of your social life. so it is too many to recount. the hundreds of nights and great days spent on the property. hopefully we will have more in the future. >> upper dublin fire marshall is investigating the the cause of the fire. officials say the the fire does not look like it is sus fish news nature.
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arsonist torches three mobile homes in wilmington, delaware leaving 12 people without a home. this happened at the park place trailer park on indiana road around 2:00 o'clock sunday morning. neighbors say someone has been lighting trash cans on fire in recent years but this time, the the fire spread to the homes and one of them was engulfed in flames but with people inside. >> i looked outside the window and there was flames, way over here. it was just, it was blazing. >> what if somebody got hurt, peoples lives are at stake. it is disgusting. >> images are estimated at $40,000. the red cross helping displaced families. if i none with any information is asked to call the delaware state the fire marshals office. 4:11. it may be the most crazy video you see all morning, a car, wow, swimming with fish, how that white sedan you see there dangling ended up at the the bottom of the sea of the well known tourist attraction. and a scary scene at an ice cream store, an suv
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slammed right into it. next, customers are saying they were seconds away from tragedy.
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stop. >> okay. >> we're trying to get something started this morning. >> it started. >> necessary less than two
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hours we will have have a eagles pebble rally. it is happening right here at fourth and market. >> we're going to kill the giants tonight. >> doesn't sound like it. >> have you ever wondered what your favorite eagles players list toned before the game before they get pumped up. >> i bet they listen to let's get it started. >> what is wrong with this guy. >> we asked brand an graham, listen to what he says. >> i like, i like that plastic bag, by drake and future. >> okay. >> okay. he is my guy. i think that is what i listen to it don't matter which one. i got a couple of rgf eye land. yeah, baby. hey. >> what? i don't know a thing that he just said. >> jwop is a rapper. he has one eye.
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he is real popular. he has a good story about it. drake and future. >> i know drake and future. >> they have a mixed tape, it is called dirty fright two. >> i'm sure that is clean lyrics. >> and then he said pick any song. i agree. >> what happened to his eye. >> we will talk about that. there is a story. he was born with glaucoma and blind in one eye and didn't want to get it fixed. so he has gone without a eye. we have to confirm that. that is what i have heard. of course, that was brandon graham. >> he is funny. >> yes, he can play too. lets he's hope he plays great tonight because we are taking on the giants tonight a at the link at 8:30. late game. i will be sleeping unfortunately. we want you to record yourself, you at home, singing the eagles fight song and up load that video to social media gotta hear this. >> it is right above the chris's head if you don't necessity how to spell it.
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do you see it? just look up. >> no, the other way. >> i'm so out of it. >> sue serio. >> look that way. >> this way. >> look up. >> there it is. >> all right. >> yes, now you you can touch it. i got it. >> the things we do to amuse ourselves. >> my daughter brought the a couple of friends home from college this weekend. >> yes. >> we were showing off media everybody a's hometown. look at what happened in media. but, this is sunday morning, in media, delco, snow flakes, falling from the sky. that is how cold the air was just a little bit of moisture in the air on top of the pet tunas and pansies, so hopefully those flowers got covered up last night because it might be too late. we have a hard freeze in some of our locations, this morning. so lets a's talk about the weather headlines. things that you need to know. first of all there will be a
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wrapped rebound even though temperatures are in the 20's in our suburbs. eagles will be dried and child tonight. that is the weather forecast. not the the players forecast. mid week warm up is on, the way. we've got the average time of getting your first freeze, in allentown, already passed, pottstown, we're about right on time and trenton, it is usually a little later n wilmington and philadelphia it is usually much later to get our first freeze of the season and in philadelphia we have not quite gotten it just yet. is there is your freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. that means temperatures below freezing point. 32 degrees fahrenheit. it will end the growing season. keep your pets inside today. no clouds. that is why we had radiational cooling. we will check out these temperatures heading out the door this morning. twenty-two mount pocono. thirty-one lancaster. thirty-six philadelphia. twenty-eight pottstown. we're still above freezing in philadelphia, wilmington, dover and wildwood at least on
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this map. that is where we are right now. here is where we are headed to 53 degrees for a high temperature today. we're already up to 68 tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, we're in the 70's, so it is a wrapped rebound as we said, and then things will cool down again over the weekend but we will have nice autumn weather over the weekend, now that we have gotten used to being cold. let's check traffic? bob kelly took a three day weekend today. i-95 southbound at the airport construction crew where is blocking the right lane but everything is cleared right now. plenty of room for you. over to the vine street expressway a approaching ben franklin bridge we have smooth sailing there this morning, and, yes, guess what is happening tonight? we just talk about it. back out at the link eagles and giants kick off at 8:30 but you know lauren and chris, tailgating starts way before then. >> true. >> you need to warm up somehow. >> yes. >> all right, sue, time now is coming up on 4:20. we have to turn to this one
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man is dead, another is in critical condition after they drove off a santa cruz california, warf. they saw the driver, driving erratically before the car went through a fence and plunged in the water. the men were under water for nearly 20 minutes. police don't no what caused the driver to dive into the water. customers inside a oklahoma ice cream store run for their lives when an suv comes crashing in the store. >> this happened saturday at freckles ice cream, inside the store, two employees and the the customer. luckily no one was hurt. not even the driver of the car. but one customer said that she was literally seconds away from being hurt. driver said she was trying to park but her brakes were not working. the manager of the ice cream store said they will be closed at least two days. damage are estimated to be at $30,000. just south of there, in texas, a collapse. it happened in the seven story structure in houston. the pieces of metal and wood littered the block after the
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collapse. authorities say the injured workers should all be okay. >> wow, that is dramatic video. >> did you ever see that? do you get nervous walking down city block and you see scaffolding. i never like to walk under it. right up market street, market and eighth right now. eagles gearing up for huge game with the new york giants. what a possible win tonight would mean for our boys in green? send us your favorite video a and songs and use the hashtag gottadothis this. >> but first your winning lottery numbers. got a for life...
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(husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day... (grover) your chariot awaits!
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(announcer) ... for the rest of your life. (wife) jump on! (grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. good morning, i'm howard eskin. tonight another big game for the eagles when they play new york giants at the link. a win and eagles are in first place in the division with the three-three record. the loss makes the the the rest of the season very difficult but some players just look at the game as another big one. >> you know, it is an nfc east division game and these games are physical. is there a huge rivalry here. it will be a fun game on monday night. >> the packers, hung on to remain undefeated yesterday. to green bay that is philip rivers. fourth and three. they need a touchdown to tie. he had 500-yard passing. didn't get this one. packers hang on 27-20. broncos got luck any cleveland, payton manning is horrible anymore.
4:25 am
he ought to retire. three interceptions, this one goes the the other way, but denver goes into overtime, and in overtime, against cleveland, they win the game 26-23. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. overtime, they blew it, and then they made up for it. it was good. >> relationship. >> okay. speaking of football. >> okay. >> we have a challenge. we're all gearing up, eagles/giants later tonight monday night at the link. we want to know how people get pumped up for the game. >> record yourself singing the the eagles fight song which you hear right now. >> ♪ >> okay. up load that to social media of you doing this show under the hashtag gottahearthis we will show these on air all morning long. mike jerrick has said it is a a hashtag got the to hear this starts trending, during the
4:26 am
huge eagles pep rally, we will start a good day, it will be chaos. we will not let you down. >> okay, crazy, who knows what will happen. >> here's some great news for the weekend for the first time since 1979. >> wow. >> temple has earned a top 25 football ranking. the owls are number 22 in the ap poll of writers and 24 in u.s.a. today coach's poll. >> they rallied in fourth quarter to beat central florida in lincoln financial field. the owls are six and zero with six wins. they are bowl eligible. a win thursday night would give temple their first seven-zero start, ever. you know, the coach will be recruited. you never know. >> did you hear about this story from the weekend, a snake is on the loose on a septa bus, how it got there,
4:27 am
and all of the pap i can it caused. ññ
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google wants to make reading more accessible for the public? what the tech company is doing that some authors, they are not so sure about that.
4:30 am
a new song debut, first since ending her husband with gaff up rossdale. there is no doubt, that the the tune will break your heart. >> i like that, chris murphy. >> no doubt. >> aren't you clever and creative. speaking of music, it is monday, october 19th, eagles verse giants. so we're asking people since we're having a huge pep rally this morning to send us video, pictures, favorite songs to get people pumped up. >> you are already pumped up. >> can days asked me what my problem was. she's my producer. >> it a has got to be something like usher, you know. >> usher. >> kendrick lemar. >> ♪ >> what? >> this is my song. >> you like steve perry. >> born and raised in south detroit. >> this is my favorite part.
4:31 am
>> this is your favorite part. >> okay. so send us yours. i got one on twitter. this one is from cash money under score. he says drake featuring future, big rain. then he putty maine joy and trophy. we have to look that one up. >> chris, you do weather and we will do research on drake and future. >> you forgot the harn tag gotta ahear this. >> you have to have the hashtag so we can find it and put you on the tv. 4:31. every county under our viewing areas under a freeze warning until 9:00 o'clock. take a look at the temperatures you'll know what i'm talking about. that means temperatures below 32 degrees. growing season has ended, anyplace that gets a temperature below 32 degrees and keep your pets inside. you let them out to do their business and then they come right back in. burr. this is why. 22 degrees mount pocono. twenty-eight pottstown.
4:32 am
thirty-two right at freezing in trenton. below freezing in reading. lancaster we are not there yet, philadelphia, 29 atlantic city and wrightstown. twenty-eight in millville. little bit above freezing in wildwood, dover and wilmington, delaware right now. so, this is all because of the clear skies that we see throughout our area and not much of a breeze. it doesn't feel any colder then 36 degrees, but it is still a shock to the system. 7:15 your sunrise time. kick off forecast for the game, 45 degrees at 8:30 when we get started with the giants, and 43 by the end of the day, with some cloud around tonight and we have got a high around 52, 53. it will be a decent recovery with sunshine and 42 tonight. we will talk about a dry stretch of weather, coming up in the seven day forecast, and then a nice warm up as well. all that just ahead, bob kelly taking a three day weekend so let's check traffic this morning. we have an accident heading eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, between virginia
4:33 am
drive and the fort washington interchange right there. the the accident is blocking center lane but because it is so early, it is not slowing you down too much. i-95 at cottman avenue lets take a look there. we're all cleared this morning. it looks like we are going speed limit on i-95, blue route, the the vine street expressway. everybody is looking good traffic wise for now. so, i'm going to call steve, sue, the name is steve keeley this morning you said you had a little cliche. >> steve calls me out. >> you were talking about snakes on a plane. there were snakes on a train. now snakes on a bus. >> loose bowa constrictor on a septa bus and passengers looking for the nearest exit. so snake scare happened on septa a's 52 bus in west philadelphia. the the driver had had to pull over at 52nd and west minister yesterday to evacuate the
4:34 am
because when a passenger lost the snake on board. can you imagine? it is slittering around there somewhere. police were called in. it took about an hour for them to pull out a 4-foot red tail brazil an bowa a constrictor. it is non-venomous but that was little comfort for the people on board this bus. >> unaudible. >> are you sure about that. >> look. >> okay. clearly the wrong video, it is not a snake on the bus. transit the police say uncaged animals are not allowed. still a little while later the snake owner was seen, boarding the same bus, with a snake, and a live rat. this guy is in trouble if he does this again and gets caught againy will need him to take a tab, or another vehicle not public transportation.
4:35 am
>> uber. >> speaking of uber, apparently some drivers are on strike. their demand and why it might be a little bit harder to catch a ride or maybe more expensive if you get one. and we will have more on that coming up.
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4:37 am
in your money a federal appeals court ruled in fair of the google as on line library says company is not varietying copy right laws buy digit
4:38 am
icing media books. the dispute has gone on for a decade with the author's guild. authors were worried that the project will spoil the project for their work but a panel greed with google saying providing a small snip it of books does not harm writers. huber has -- upper has taken the check. >> dan bowens is in insuring, where uber's drivers staged a strike over the weekend. >> dan? >> reporter: around the country day two of a call for uber drivers to turn off their apps and demand higher wages. >> it is a warranted request. it is not unreasonable. so many people work with benefits. i don't blame them. >> reporter: petition on social media drawing more than 1300 supporters, demand include raising fares and adding a tip option. >> we a appreciate your driver. you feel like the the carries clean. you got the there on time or whatever it is. you don't have to tip.
4:39 am
you can have an option from zero to 20 percent. >> reporter: uber drivers are considered private contractors and operate their own vehicles paying for gas, insurance and upkeep. many say they are striking because they are bound by rules that treat them like employees. >> believe me, i'm really thinking to check for another job because it is not really worth it. >> reporter: uber drivers are not unionized it would be hard to penalized to work this weekend in light of others calling for higher wages. and just to determine how many are participating in the strike. quick check of the app outside madison square garden you can see there are plenty of options. >> if you are part of the sharing economy having to negotiate with the app you are work going through. it is pretty much impossible unless you can organize through social media, all of the other people, like you, into these collective actions. eric is assisting managing editor of crane's new york business. he said loosely organize drivers up against a 50-dollar
4:40 am
company have a tough battle but hold a important bargaining trip. >> there is no uber without drivers. uber is totally dependent on drivers. uber doesn't even have drivers. it is just a app, middleman between people with cars and passengers. so without the drivers they have to keep their drivers happy. >> okay. uber didn't go on strike but it is saying it welcomes all feedback from the drivers. mariah asset to cash in this holiday season performing on new years eve in brazil. how much money the super star will reportedly take home, boy, this will be huge. yeah. and wizard of oz, halloween display attracting visitors while raising money for charity. how one wisconsin neighborhood is doing it. huber.
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4:43 am
we have a really big theme here called the philadelphia eagles. >> yes. >> only way we get some big rings if we have some really big wins. is that right? >> whatever. >> anyway. >> so starting at 6:00 this morning we will begin our eagles pep rally right here at fourth and market. >> we will get it started. >> let's get it started.
4:44 am
>> okay. check out these clips. people are responding on twitter. this is what we love. first one is from our boy jake johnson. gotta hear this he used the hashtag, ac/dc back in black and u2 beautiful day. >> and then sfs money 215 meek mill, lord knows, he is right out of north philadelphia look those up. tell us what gets you pumped up for the big game. >> so we asked brent celek, of course, the the tight end for eagles what his pump upsurge is. >> i listen to some rap. i listen to my man jordan banks, a philly guy. pretty much anything to pump you up. >> who is jordan banks. >> he said it like a household name. >> i'm googling, sue serio. >> yes, do it. i got something else to do. >> yes. >> it is going to be cold at
4:45 am
game time. >> oh, yeah. obviously because it is cold now and once it the gets dark and game starts after dark and et cetera, et cetera. but we're going have more in the forecast straight ahead. >> first of all, look at this it is snow. people saw snow. they grabbed their phones. they started shooting. >> that is right, videos from downingtown this was yesterday shot by fox 29 viewer in chester county. not the the only area seeing snow. while a lot of people weren't happy to see it, some were pretty excited. >> it is snowing. >> no, it is not snowing that much. >> are you sure about that? >> look at it on the ledge. >> ahh. >> this video was on our facebook page right now. little boy in vineland, new jersey really got excited with the weather. >> then he got it like this very pretty scenes, chilly fall day this rainbow appeared in west chester, yesterday sue serio. >> um-hmm.
4:46 am
>> and we got video. >> that is pretty. >> yes. >> weather phenomenon. >> is there a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. >> if i knew there was, i would be driving there right now. we will show what you we did over the weekend but lets look the the a the temperatures over the the region and above us. we have 36 degrees here in philadelphia 20's to the the north of us. there are many places to our north that got the snow, that was measurable over the the weekend, including parts of the new england like vermont, and new hampshire. so we have a few flurries but it it was president too bad. as far as the game, it will be a monday night chill. we will have a 53-degree temperature during the day. kick off is about 45 degrees a at 8:30 and then temperatures dropping throughout the 40's, throughout the the game, now with some clouds, you know, not there, temperatures will be allowed to drop pretty low but probably not as low as they are, right now. so, many of our temperatures to the north of us are in the 20's this morning and that is why we have the freeze warning in effect.
4:47 am
pretty much the entire region. the not pretty much, but it is the entire region. you don't see any cloud. that is radiational cooling effect. without the cloud, you really have temperatures drop because you don't have that cloud cover to keep in the warmth of the day and we did have a decent day yesterday. there you go, 20's to the north of us, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono. thirty in reading. thirty-one lancaster. we have in the hit freezing in philadelphia we may not. 34 degrees in wilmington. thirty-two in dover. close in wildwood as well. wind are generally calm, calm, calm, calm, calm so at least we don't have a a wind chill to talk about. this is your average high. 66 degrees for this time of the year. we were right there on thursday and friday of last weekend and then we will plunge below average as predict over the weekend with 57 degrees on saturday. it was only 53 for a high yesterday and we will be right back there again today. look at our recovery here. by tuesday, 68 degrees. by wednesday and thursday we're back in the 70's and then we will cool back to
4:48 am
those more autumnal temperatures, on friday and saturday. by sunday we're backup in the 60's. before we head to traffic, let's go walking. well, we did on saturday morning. this is the wilmington, delaware walk to end alzheimer's. we had a tremendous turnout, in the sunshine, at dravo plaza in wilmington saturday morning. it was really nice. look who was there. it was, everybody holding up their flowers for the reason that they were walking whether they had the disease, whether they are a care giver or lost someone to the disease or you just want to help out. because alzheimer's, we still need to find a cure, we still need to find effect i have treatment for this chris o'connell out there with us, roofus the wonder dog made his appearance at the walk, as well. but you know what guys, put a sweater on, it is cold out there. lets get to traffic. thanks to everybody for coming
4:49 am
out to wilmington, delaware. remember, philly walk is november the eighth. let take a live look at i-76 eastbound that would be the vine as you see the the schuylkill a approaching spring garden street showing some volume there but it should president affect your commute. not this early in the morning. forty-two freeway in new jersey and creek road not much there. in reported delays at the the airport this morning. the guys? >> so, after years and years and years of being successful and big hits. singer/song writer earned one million-dollar per day, this year. >> per day. >> the hit maker, rakes in more than 317 million-dollar, since january. according to the sunday express this makes taylor the highest earning musician in the entire world along with her boyfriend, dj calvin harris. >> who is that? >> a dj. >> the two top the world's highest paid celebrity couple on tour, this year, thanks to
4:50 am
their music and their endorsement deals. it is like beyonce and jay z who. >> wait a minute though, the way this story is put together, she makes a million-dollar a day and then they are the richest couple. >> right. >> that is like saying, you know hank aaron and his brother tommy aaron are home run leaders. tommy hit eight home runs. >> he makes a lot of money too. >> yeah. >> mariah carry set to cash in big this holiday season. the super star will earn two to five million-dollar to perform at a cons inert brazil. the singer will release a festive children's book, about her hit all i want for christmas is you. >> her in that little red thing. >> mariah will make her directing debut with the christmas project for the hallmark channel. the christmas is coming
4:51 am
already. gwenn stephani could use a new track, inspired by the the end of her three-year marriage to gavin rossdale. check this out. >> ♪ >> did you catch the name of that song? it is called use to love you. >> love and hate. >> this is during a concert, in new york city on sat the day night. stephani took to twit tore thank her fans for support. >> used to love you but now you are out because i hate you. business air of oz is turning heads in one wisconsin neighborhood. how people are paying it forward this halloween. remember to send us your videos, and pictures of your favorite pump up songs with the hashtag gottahearthis.
4:52 am
>> we have to get that ac/dc song on. >> um-hmm.
4:53 am
4:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
4:55 am
he says that is his pump up song. we are asking people. >> let's rock it out. he took over when bob scott died in 1980, released this will album, that is the title track. it fires you up. >> yes. >> he never can sing the same way again. he had a couple good tracks after that but that album was it. >> people in wilmington, were you we in wilmington, delaware, that camera was over the the westin help tell. if we played that really loud in a loud speaker there. >> that will get people fired up. >> yes. >> all the way down into newark. >> wizard of oz is turning head in one wisconsin neighborhood. >> one man decked out in front of his house at a giant wizard of oz halloween display. characters like scare crow, dorothy, animated trees greet dozens of fascinated onlookers. he started the tradition 14 years ago but the house is not just about entertainment. there is a a donation box right out front where visitors can give any spare change they
4:56 am
might have, the money then sent to organizations, pat and the boy's and girls club of greater milwaukee. >> i have always loved halloween. it is a great time of the year. we just started to build this place. the it grew, ever since we have been here. >> do you see his name. >> yes, he has change. >> that is andy reid all right. >> yes. >> owners said they are already blank next year theme. >> botox too it looks 25 years old. competitors in utah, carved out giant pumpkins and raced them around. >> this is fifth annual giant pumpkin regatta racers, grow their own giant pumpkins, cut them open and toss home in the pond and race. they compete, who can grow the the biggest, pumpkin. >> yes. >> these pumpkins weighed in at 1700 to 1500 pounds. >> wow.
4:57 am
>> this is awesome. >> so, they say that there is a science behind carving a successful floating fleet. >> they are pretty awkward to row, and it is pretty interesting to see these guys, really trying to win. >> so according to the utah giant pumpkin growing association they have to made of pumpkin. >> rather prefer a cup of joe or nice brew, bitter or sweet, what your love of coffee and beer a says about your personality.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
a freeze warning in effect overnight, it looks kind of mild right now, over ben franklin parkway. >> yes, ben franklin parkway right there. >> yes. >> that is eakins oval. >> how cold will it get? >> sue serio, this is not right. >> well, it is right because it is happening, so it is a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 o'clock this morning. every where. we will show you the temperatures and show you just how cold, it got, give you a better forecast for milder temperatures just ahead, over to the snake charmer, steve keeley. >> reporter: sue, you are one of the press would i man who has not gone through life riding on mass transit and saying to someone, when you got home assaying there was a real snake sitting


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