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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a freeze warning in effect overnight, it looks kind of mild right now, over ben franklin parkway. >> yes, ben franklin parkway right there. >> yes. >> that is eakins oval. >> how cold will it get? >> sue serio, this is not right. >> well, it is right because it is happening, so it is a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 o'clock this morning. every where. we will show you the temperatures and show you just how cold, it got, give you a better forecast for milder temperatures just ahead, over to the snake charmer, steve keeley. >> reporter: sue, you are one of the press would i man who has not gone through life riding on mass transit and saying to someone, when you got home assaying there was a real snake sitting next to me on the bus today.
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now 15 women in west philadelphia really mean that when they say that. >> good point. plus uber drivers who want to avoid that thing all together, they were on strike this weekend across the country. their demand and why it could make the popular services more expensive. what is lauren dawn johnson going to do your uber ride will go up. >> i have a a funny story. a guy in my building said i see your tweets about the struggles you have with uber. so, you should try this service and i will try to give your a ride and make your experience better do you ever take a regular taxi. >> sometimes. >> i just don't like taxis are sometimes in the friendly. uber, i like to talk. how is your day. how are you doing taxis are like where, where are you going. >> yes. >> you like to talk. >> anyway. >> this just in. >> i also love music. we have a challenge for you this morning.
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we're gearing up for the big game monday night football at the link. we want to know what gets you pumped up. >> here's the the deal, record yourself singing the eagles fight song and up load that video to social media, use the the hashtag you have got to try this. >> no, no, no, no. >> not gotta hear this. >> think of mike jerrick you gotta try it. no, gotta hear this. you know, we've got some, gotta a hear this, right on my face. >> yes. >> you didn't get it right. >> gotta hear this. >> so put it up one more time. >> there is people using the had hashtag already. >> we got some already. >> ♪ >> that is renee. renee says walk pantera. >> do you know that song. >> no. >> some people like that. >> we have to give them a chance. now you are a man, math the math stone and tray parker, that came in on facebook.
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any other candidates? this is miss jones, i'm going in, he loves me, karen clark and tup ac back, a meek mill song. >> yes. >> now he was west coast verse east coast, do you know where he is from. >> where. >> san francisco area. >> how did you know that. >> because, i lived there. marin city, that is where he is from. >> send us your songs, sue serio. >> yeah, all of the folks you gotta hear this and here's a freeze warning. you saw it earlier in effect until 9:00 for every county in the viewing area temperatures bow low 32 and we have 20's and 30's. record low for philadelphia is 29 degrees, set in 1976. i don't think we will get anywhere near the record for this date. growing season is over for place that he is do reach below freezing this morning. make sure your pets are in a
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warm place, this morning. temperatures are in the the 20's to the north of us, mount pocono, a allentown, pottstown, now we have gone down to 28 in reading. twenty-nine in lancaster. remember we said temperatures go down and they are at the lowest usually just before sunrise. 30 degrees in trenton. twenty-eight wrightstown. we are still at 36 in philadelphia but we are closer to freezing in wilmington delaware. thirty-four dover. thirty-four in wildwood. we are heading to i a high later on of 53 degrees. the plenty of sunshine. it will be a chilly and nice afternoon. forty-two tonight so not quite as cold. that is your weather authority forecast. lets take a look at traffic because, bob kelly has the the day off. lets see what we're left with this morning. a look at the the blue route near route 30 in villanova. there are just a couple cars so get on out there ben franklin bridge is looking good into the sit friday new jersey. the nfc east showdown is tonight, kick off a at 8:30. there will be a lot of
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traffic, right around those exits for lincoln financial field, and not just right before game time, you know tailgaters will be out there early, guys. >> did you hear about this. a home less two-year old was found wandering around love park. a local charity is working around the clock to get this boy and family off the street. >> dave kinchen live with more on major fund raising efforts underway, hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, guys. it works for family of the two-year old boy who was wondering barefoot the through love park, and, group reaching out the to him. lets go to video. the little jeremiah was rescued by a septa transit officer after he was seen wandering through love park late last week and we have learn his parents and four year-old sister were sleeping in the shelter under the the the visitor center here in love park when jeremiah left. the parents woke up. when they noticed he was gone they called police. now chosen 300 ministries has launched an effort to
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raise $12,000 in two days to give the family one year of housing and care, and those became familiar with the story, over the the last few you days, well, they are certainly hoping for a miracle. >> at the end on of the day he was rescued so it makes you feel like the city is, you know, has got love. >> hopefully, they can find a place where they can be together and be a family and a house or a apartment hopefully but just disappointed that they had to come to those circumstances where they had to stay here at night. >> it is a shame to be out here with kids. it is just not right, you know what i'm saying. hopefully they will get a home you know what i'm saying. you know what i'm saying, they give these kid shelter. it is too cold out here. >> reporter: that is jeremiah's family that opted for love park after being forced to leave the place they were staying but chosen 300 ministries says the family has received meals from them before and they are working to help them out again by raising
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$12,000 over the next 12 days to pay for housing. they will receive case management and financial management, wawa also made a big donation as well and we're expecting an announcement later this evening about all of this, guys. back to you. >> so glad that people are getting behind that family. thanks, dave. looking at the our other top store thinks morning a snake owner could face charges after his pet bowa constrictor got loose on the septa bus. >> snake scare happened in west philadelphia yesterday. steve keeley is on this story. hi, steve. >> reporter: we are at septa headquarters and first thing they will talk about on all of the floors here, this morning, will be what happened yesterday afternoon during a time when we are mostly watching football. however, there are some people going about their business, including about 15 people on the number 52 bus in west philadelphia, including corn riley who keeps his snake named red while traveling witt on public transportation, and in his pocket, which is not likely qualify as a a proper
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pet container in the septa handbook allowing small contain pets on board. and chances are the grocery bag and boxes he carries his pet in may not qualify as properly contain. i say that because in the bag are live rats. now, if the rider sitting number to him and knew his groceries in that bag were live rats, the snake coming out of his pocket and underneath septa bus was likely more than enough yesterday, as it was, to scare off 15 passengers quickly exited without trampling each other to death. >> it is in my pong, you know, usually she falls asleep but i guess she wanted to crawl around. she crawl under the seat. i could not get her out of there. and she got stuck so we had to wait all this time and then i got my baby out. she cost $450.
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>> yeah, some of the ladies were like it is a snake. we ain't going back on there get off the bus, get off the bus. >> reporter: a brave septa mechanic had to come in and dismantle the seat that he decided to coil underneath and another brave transit police officer wearing gloves, you will notice, grabbed red and then took him off the bus and handed him innocently to the owner who was very thankful with that $450 pet that probably has bigger value then cash value, probably more sentimental value, he is so cloud to red now. hugging even our camera person this 4-foot long baby red brazil an red tailed bowa, by the way, that is not poisonous , got back on the bus. really, reds, all back on
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another route 52 bus for the ride home. my guess is septa will not try to file charges in this case but will likely probably try to get a hole of riley and say hey here is a warning, do no bring rats ape snakes on to the the bus, again, or we will charge you the second time. go get your reds and put him in a proper container, not a grocery bag. lauren, you pointed out which a a lot of women watching this will agree with that you'd rather ride next to a brazilan red tailed bowa then a live rat any day. >> any day, hand down. >> ugh. >> people have pet rats though. >> yes. >> chris, chris, another movie reference that i bet sue serio saw, you ever see the movie willard? probably more scary then snakes on a bus, they remade that movie but the original back when i was a a little will boy in grammar school was pretty scary at the time. it was a guy who had pet rats
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that got out of control. >> willard, who starred in will air. >> reporter: willard. >> willard. who is the star in that, was that claude eakins. >> reporter: the rats who were the star of that. if you google that. they even had a follow-up movie to that, one of the first move that is needed a second movie because first one was so popular and so scary. that was in the late 60's. >> 1971, sandra locke and bruce davidson. >> that is clint eastwood's first wife i believe. >> montgomery county country club up in flames. >> fire gutted lulu country club which has been in upper dublin township since 19 126789 it took 100 fire fighters three hours to get the fire under control yesterday morning. fortunately in one was hurt. club recently changed ownership as new owners just completed summer renovations, with memories of weddings, golf tournaments and other celebrations. members are looking forward to
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the century old landmark to be rebuilt. the upper dublin fire marshall is investigating the the cause they say it does not look suspicious. >> lemar odom is showing signs of improvement, the sweet gesture that he gave to ex-wife chloe kardashian that might melt your heart.
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we had to get that in, hextall sent that to us. >> ron hextall. >> the gm of the flyers. >> is what wrong with this guy. >> this is apparently sleigher. >> yes. >> warren sem many is the name of the song. >> you got a cute video. >> yes, let's look at this video right here. this is awesome. it is a fight song. >> ♪ >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> how cute is that? she's in a cheerleader outfit wearing black which eagles will wear tonight. that is charlie lynn, she loves her eagles. >> ron nickels thanks for sending that in. keep them coming. we will tell people why. we are having a eagles pep rally right here at fourth and
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market. so we're asking people to send us your, you know, you gotta hear this song. >> like rob nicholas did for his daughter use the hashtag gotta hear this. send us the the video of the fight song, your favorite song. >> i can't believe yours is don't stop believing by journey, that is rocking. >> we have wide receiver jordan matthews what he wants to hear that gets him pumped up. check out his answer. >> i just to have say my top three, kanye west, kanye west, kanye west. >> you is lying, lying, lying. >> any album, graduation is great pregame album, you got champion, you got good life, good morning, that is my alarm when i wake up. good morning. so that is how i get up on game day.
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it remind you of the adversity you had to get to to get to that point. >> kanye, kanye, and kanye. >> that will get you pumped up. >> he goodies too, second year in the league. >> we need him to be good tonight at 8:30. >> eagles/giant. >> here's the deal, record yourself singing the eagles fight song, up load to social media with the hashtag you gotta hear this. we will show them all morning long. >> all right. sue serio, what is game day weather looking like. >> it will be chilly but not as cold as it is, right now. lets look at some record lows, this one isn't in danger, philadelphia is 29 degrees, record that was set in 1976. allentown, maybe, 24 degrees is your record low, atlantic city 25. trenton the record low is 26, 30 from 1986 i should say and wilmington is 28 degrees. it looks like 1976 was a really cold october. you can see a a lot off the record were set on this date
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in 1976. lets see where we are, we are close to that record in a allentown with 25 degrees. we're only at 22 in mount pocono. twenty-nine lancaster. are we ready for this. thirty-six in philadelphia, that seems balmy compared to the 33 in wilmington. thirty-four in wildwood and dover. little bit the above freezing but we're already at 29 in the atlantic city. these temps will go down more before they go backup when the sun comes up after 7:00 o'clock this morning. the freeze warning in effect for the entire region. that means temperatures below 32 degrees when we issued the warning in the forecast is for those temperatures. that means the end on the growing season and reminder for to you keep your pets inside, they cannot handle it either, even with the fur coat on. right now we have no cloud to show you in the region, yesterday. some of those snow flakes that you saw early in the morning if you were up is cold air blasting across the great lakes even coming down as far as the philadelphia area but we don't have have any precipitation right now. we have a high that is an
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average for this time of the year is 66 degrees. we were right there on thursday and friday and we were below average on saturday, and yesterday's high was only 53 degrees. so we're back there again today. it is a chilly afternoon after a frosty start but then windy, warmer tomorrow with a high of 68. look at where we are by wednesday and thursday. if you did bring those plants indoors you can put them back out in the middle of the week with temperatures during the day in the 70's. and we have a cooler weekend, ahead, it will be back to the crisp autumn weather for saturday and sunday. so at 5:19, lets take a look at traffic as bob kelly enjoys his three day weekend, starting off at i-95 at cot map a avenue. volume starting to build here especially southbound past construction barrels but we're moving along fine just right now, over to the the schuylkill expressway, westbound at city a avenue, all cleared there. checking some of your travel times this morning.
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we've got about 13 minutes on i-95 between woodhaven road and vine street expressway and if you are traveling on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine, it will only take you 14 minutes, guys, get out there right now. >> all right. >> we have to get to this. fight for survival. >> hope came friday as news broke lemar was out of his coma and breathing on his own. lemar was found in the nevada a brothel. brot will ellis saying he was not high but after spending days there he took nearly every drug imaginable, including cocaine. sources say doctors are trying to repair all of the damage that it did to lemar's health. yesterday lemar's former sister in law confirming the news that he is in fact on the mend. kim posted this throw back picture of her wednesday to go chris humphreys. she wrote i have faith in you. thank you for all of your prayers. i'm so happy kendell and i
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could make you smile today. got it good. chloe has yet to comment on lemar's condition. >> hope he gets better. google wants to make reading more accessible to the public. what the tech company is doing that some authors are not so sure about. >> but first your winning lottery numbers and a gotta hear it song to get people pumped up. >> who is this. >> buster rhymes, with mary j. blige
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if you got a notification thaw hope you never will get. >> it wants users to a targeted by an attacker working on behalf of a nation or state. they say that they decided to do that because these sites have attacks tend to be more advanced and dangerous. the user should secure all line account that could indicate their device and that bad people are using to it access your information. appeals court rules in favor of the google's on line library saying company is not violating copy right laws by digital icing millions of books to provide small portions to the public. dispute has gone on for decade now with the authors guild and authors worry that the project spoils the market for their work but a panel agreed with google saying providing a snow snip it of books does not harm
5:25 am
writers. >> keep reading a little will bit. >> yes. >> hey uber drivers spent the weekend on strike as part of the push to get better wages and other benefits. >> they are private contract workers but they say they are bound by rules that treat them like employees. so petition on social media has drawn support from the public. the drivers are asking uber to boost their rates along pass evening tours tip and raise other fees to elevate their take home pay. business analyst say loosely organized drivers up against a 50 billion-dollar company have have a tough battle will but, hold a very important bargaining chip. >> uber is on facebook too. >> can you order uber through facebook. >> uber didn't directly comment on the strike but company welcomes all feedback from the drivers and they will decide what will happen next. i think people use uber, you know to supplement their income. i don't think it is a first
5:26 am
job. so, this is what i hear, whatever little money they are making adds up overtime but i don't know if they are not necessarily looking for big benefits and hoping for big waves of change to make lots of money. >> it might be nice if that happened for them. >> i had a driver who was just trying to make money on the side to buy his granddaughter a car for her 16th birthday in march. he is starting early. >> how sweet that. >> very nice. >> seventy-six year-old veteran risk his life to save a group of kid. and, now he is talking about his encounter with an attacker waving around a knife. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. some are calling this the the most bizarre player in nfl history. >> oh, yeah. >> the play from the colts that will be remember for a very, very long time. >> all right. >> this is the cold weather, hit philadelphia, one local organization, is planning to keep people warmer this winter. we will tell people what they are doing. it is monday october 19th, 2015. >> we're celebrating monday night football, really early, right? >> we have a monday night game earlier in the year but it is
5:30 am
our second monday night game. >> so gotta hear this is hashtag we are asking to you use. so far people are using it and tweeting us. check out these tweets we have gotten from people. come on. wake up. >> tweet, tweet. >> here we go. >> queen of food porn. >> out of my mind, just in time. >> that is why she dit so would you read it out loud. >> yes. >> food porn. >> and then rudy j says stevey ray vaughn the house is rockn we hope the link is rockin tonight. and eagles whisker says you shook me all night long. that is our second ac/dc request. >> yes, chris was tagged. >> they all rock. >> sandra young said on twitter, we talk about lemar odom and sweet thing he did for chloe. evidently we're understanding that he opened his eyes, said i love you, chloe.
5:31 am
he said that to her face. then closed his eyes again. >> yeah. >> out of the comb, we have so much to celebrate. >> we will update the that story in 15 minutes but we are getting ready for tonight's big game. use that hashtag gotta hear this, okay. sue serio, it will be cold at the link. >> we have eagles gear on buddy but there are layers, layers, layers and is there mittens, you need them this morning as well. we have temperatures that are in the the 20's, and 30's, to start off this morning. later on, our temperatures when you are coming home will be in the 40's ape 50's. freeze warning in effect for the entire area, until 9:00 a.m., these below freezing temperatures could linger, so, the record in philadelphia is probably not in danger. 29 degrees, setback in 1976. growing season is over for places that have reached temperatures that are below freezing and make sure they are pets are in a warm place this morning. let them out, do their business and bring them back in. twenty-one in mount pocono.
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twenty-five allentown. twenty-eight reading and lancaster. twenty-seven pottstown. we're below freezing in trenton. we have 36 degrees in philadelphia we're still hanging on to 1 degree above freezing in wilmington delaware and above freezing in dover, wildwood. look at atlantic city international. 29 degrees. clear skies. part of the reason it got so cold. it is 36 degrees at the moment. we are down to 45 for the kick off time, the eagles and giants tonight at the link. by the end of the game it will be in the lower 40's with breezes, about five to 10 miles an hour, so not excessively windy. 53 degrees your daytime high. 42 degrees your nighttime low. that takes care of your monday. so, it the is an exciting one stick around as long as you can here, here and on "good day philadelphia" because we will have a lot of fun getting ready for that eagles game. so let's check out traffic. the bob kelly is off today, heading out to the oaks area, eastbound on 422 at saint
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gabe's curve, looking good now but it always gets jammed up later on. earlier the better approaching the pennsylvania turnpike. over to the roosevelt boulevard, no problems just yet as you make your way down to the schuylkill, checking mass transit, we have had no reported delays, september, new jersey transit, patco, amtrak, everybody doing okay this morning, chris and lauren. >> a homeless two-year old found wandering around love park has a local charity working around the clock to get this boy and family off the streets of philadelphia dave kinchen live in love park. thankfully he was found before this cold came in. >> reporter: no doubt about it, especially how breezy it is right now. chosen 300 ministries behind a major effort to help this boy and his family. lets go to video of little jeremiah who was rescued by a septa a transit officer a few days ago after he was seen wandering barefoot through love park. we learn his parents and four year-old sister were sleeping in the cardboard box when his parents woke up and noticed
5:34 am
that he was gone, and at that point, they immediately called police, and now chosen 300 ministries they launched a campaign to raise $12,000 over 12 days to give the family one year of housing and also, general care and people who became familiar with this story, welshing they are certainly happy a miracle seems like it is on the way. >> it is a few people to be out here with kid. it is just not right you know what i'm saying. hopefully they will get a home, you know what i'm saying. you know what i'm saying, get these kid shelter. it is highly too cold out here. >> at the end of the day he was rescued so it makes you feel like the city is, you know, it has got love. >> hopefully they can find another place where they can be together and be a family, and in a house, or a apartment hopefully but just disappointed they had to come to those circumstances where they had to stay here at night. >> reporter: no doubt about
5:35 am
that. jeremiah is five family, forced to sleep in love park after being forced to leave the place they were staying. the chose pen hundred said family has received meals from them before. they will receive case and financial management. wawa help out during a donation and an a announcement the is expect this evening. we will keep you updated throughout the day, guys. >> thanks, dave. temple wins big, over the weekend, they beat ucf. >> they won again. >> now we owls are six and zero. where they rang in the latest polls and they have in the been there since the 70's. >> since 1979. >> look at how fast he is running. ññ
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good morning i'm howard eskin. tonight another big game for the eagles. a win and eagles are in first place in the division with a three-three record. a loss kind of makes the rest of the season very difficult but some players just look at the game as another big game. >> there is a sense of urgency whenever you go play a game. you always got the to treat each week like it is a one week season. that is at approach we're taking. we are not looking like first place accounts second place tie. it is just combo out there and play football. packers hung on to remain undefeated. they had to hang on at home. phillips river had 500-yard passing but need $3 more with 20 seconds left with fourth and goal from the three. green bay goes on to win it, 27-20. the the lions got lucky
5:39 am
and won a game. to detroit it went to overtime after the bears played stupid at the end of the game. this set up winning field goal in overtime. matthew stafford, will calvin johnson. they win 37-34 over chicago. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> jordan matthews, as you saw there was like kanye, kanye, kanye, anything kanye, play it. we are asking people, what do you want to hear to get you all geared up for the game tonight. or just get you pumped up in general. >> you were surprised by my pick. >> so surprised you picked a rocking band, journaly jessica kline said laugh out loud, i love it. >> you are all about hip-hop and rap and everything new, new, new. >> i do like it. >> you go back to like the 80's. don't stop believing. record yourself singing eagles fight song and up load the vehicle. the here's the deal, you got to use the hashtag gotta hear this. with that number sign in front of it which is called a
5:40 am
hashtag. >> yes. >> we have got to see what people are saying about music right now. dave kinchen this guy is also a rocker. >> rise by official cult got me pumped for games in college. timeless. hashtag gotta hear this. i like that last one hashtag beat the giants. >> who is this, chris. >> this is michelle jones. >> yes, i am up early watching my tweet be read on fox 29 good day. gotta hear this. we read hers a few minutes ago. she's letting you know. >> this is from cookie, good morning, my song is ain't no stopping us now from the late 70's. >> ain't no stopping us now. >> do you know the song. >> yes. >> maybe we're not singing it right. >> no, you are clearly not. >> what about this one, dan alexander says what is kmfdm. >> i don't know. >> you usually know weird things.
5:41 am
>> i hope it is clean. >> i never know. >> that is true. >> let's talk about this good news for first time since 1979 temple earned a top 25 football ranking. the owls are number 22 in the ap poll, 24 in the u.s.a. to coach's poll. >> they rallied in the fourth quarter to beat central florida in lincoln financial feel. owls are now six and zero. so with six wins, temple is bowl eligible for second straight season. now a win thursday night would give temple its first ever seven-o start. >> can you race number ten. >> no. >> indianapolis colts took on the new england patriots last night in a long a it wassed battle and perhaps most people will remember this game not because of the great football but this bizarre play. >> anderson is behind him, and. >> what the in the world?
5:42 am
a flag is down. >> you tell me. >> they are trying to get them to jump off sides. >> illegal formation. >> second and eight. >> patriots went on to win 34-27. >> all right. >> nice brew, bit are sweet, your love of coffee and beers says about you straight ahead.
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i know, sometimes, they just say the same thing over and over. that is lil wayne. trying get you pumped up for a game. you want to repeat. you want the the chant. >> you know what i'm going in means. so like football players we're going in, yes. >> that is what fletcher cox said last sunday and he went in. >> yes. he went in. >> okay. it might be quiet over at great wolf lodge we have showed thaw video while we talk in the pocono mountains but it is chilly outside. >> really, really is, and we've got below freezing temperatures, in many places this morning. first frost of the season, right. >> yes. >> all right. >> by the the way you never stan up here with us.
5:46 am
you smell really nice today. >> don't leave, we have to show you something else. >> i know i was here for a reason. >> we have eagles players and we want to hear for the game. safety malcolm jenkins said this. check it out. >> what is your song. >> my whole plea game ritual is like a warm up. i start off with gospel to get my mind in the right place. the as we start to pull up to the stadium, i start listening to j coal, little bit of kendrick. once we get closer to the game i need more tempo and i will switch it up, and go back to twister and that stuff gets me going. >> that is quite a eclectic musical case. >> well thought the out too. >> that is like you know what goes through your head. you wake up, you want gospel. maybe get pumped up. then you have to get in beast mode. >> that is like chuck bednarik, jim brown, old school guys, do they do this, you wonder. did they put a record on a
5:47 am
listen to sinatra. >> you captain walk around with the record player. >> you must be a lady tonight. >> what did they do. >> the point is, we want to hear your favorite jams to get you started hashtag got to hear this. >> what is yours did you pick one yet. >> mine is so laughable but it is laughable. it the is a really good turn. >> my turn first. >> okay, your turn. >> come on. >> ♪ don't stop believein >> one of the major hits by journey. >> yes. >> i cannot believe this is lauren. >> yes. >> for real that gets me pumped up. >> this song got new life with the tv show glee. >> that is true. >> chris murphy, did you tell us yours yet. >> when i heard this for the
5:48 am
first time over a decade ago, every time it came on the radio, everyone in the car, i made them shut up. pump this song up, into a ten. >> let's hear it. >> ♪ >> okay. >> everybody is talking turn the radio off. >> what is is that song. >> that is by harvey danger. >> flagpole sitter. >> that song rocks. >> yes. >> what is yours. >> of course, it is. >> sue, sue, serio.
5:49 am
>> honestly the very first time i heard in in the car in the 80's, i thought he was singing my name. >> sue, sue, serio. >> it sounded like my name. >> yes. >> is what a sue suedo. >> i still don't know. >> i think it was me they just changed a couple of letters. >> yes. >> i gotta love it. >> and so send us yours, gotta hear this is the hashtag, let's get it going. >> we're getting started, cold this morning. that is why you have to have your favorite pumping up music because we have below freezing temperatures in many place these morning but we will have a wrapped rebound today. eagles will be dry, child, that is the weather, certainly, they will be pumped up for the game, mid week warm upcoming up and get in touch with us, don't forget that hashtag gotta hear this. there it is, right there. gotta hear this for your favorite jam. right new we have temperatures in the 250's. twenty-one mount pocono.
5:50 am
twenty-eight reading. twenty-nine lancaster. twenty-seven pottstown. thirty in trenton. it ties the record low for this date. it is 36 degrees in philadelphia we are hanging on to 33 in wilmington. the in the 20's in millville and atlantic city. burr. the average time of the first freeze in philadelphia is not until november 10th usually and in wilmington we don't get first freeze until november 1st but in other places we're kind of right on time with this first freeze of the season. is there your freeze warning for the entire area until 9:00 . right new we don't have have any clouds to show you. we don't have any lake effect snow flake activity like we had yesterday in the morning, that first blast have of cold air coming across the great lakes, and it did cause accumulation in syracuse, new york, yesterday. not here. past seven days boy, we were so nice in the 70's last week on monday and tuesday and then that downhill progress to a high of 53 degrees yesterday. well, now roller coaster goes backup because after 53 today we are at 68 too many and back in the mid 70's by wednesday
5:51 am
and thursday. that is of next week. oh, no, this week. we're in this week. can i have a mulligan please. lets take a look at traffic on this monday morning, yeah, it is monday and we have an accident to tell you about, it is on skippack pike near white hall road, and it is in wooster, worchester i think we say worchester here, plan ahead if that is one of your routes to work. now over to new jersey, 42 freeway we are seeing more headlights now so a lot more volume but no reported delays just yet, all cleared on the vine, as you make your way to the ben franklin bridge, chris and lauren. >> thank you. warning before you take your first sip of coffee this morning and if you watch this morning you can tell i have had many sips. so liking it, bitter taste means you are a psychopath. >> it does mean. that australian study found people who showed preference
5:52 am
for bit are flavors like those found in coffee or beer, two of your favorite beverages, they were more likely to exhibit narcissist particular personality traits like sadism and psycho pass. >> i don't think you are one. in contrast people who rated highly for agreeable personality traits such as kindness tended to dislike bitter tastes and guess what, chris, i don't drink coffee or beer. >> so you air sleep. >> hey. >> study is from students and prisoners to determine the connection. researchers say the experiment offers the first i am peer will california evidence that bitter taste preferences are linked to harmful personality traits. news broke of the lemar was out of his coma and breathing on his own lemar was found last tuesday at unconscious after spending, days there. we learned that he went in, on a bender taking nearly every
5:53 am
drug mommable including cocaine. sources say doctors are trying to repair all of the damage that he did to his own health. hospital insiders say lemar did open up his eyes over the weekend. he smiled, to his ex-wife chloe who has been there at his bedside and said i love you. >> that is good news. 5:53. seventy-six year-old veteran risk his life to save children and now he is talking about his encounter with an attacker waving around a knife.
5:54 am
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jump around ♪ >> all right. we have a challenging on this morning. we're gearing up for the big game tonight, eagles/giants at the link monday night football. we're asking people how do you get pumped up forbidder. the the tweets are coming n you ara wake this morning we love it. fines ross house of pain, jump around. thanks for sending that in. julia says for work out, bill connty gonna fly now. it always helps me go the distance. you have to that pump it up song you need. so continue to send them in. use the hashtag gotta hear this we are playing them all morning long. i just bumped in to mike jerrick. he said if this had hashtag goes viral and start trending, he will do something later on in the show. we never know what he will do.
5:57 am
he a said there will be a huge pay off. so help us make this happen this morning, all right. let's switch gears. seventy-six years old. a a veteran and hero, man who saved children is talking about what happened, last week army veteran james vernon walk in the public library any morton, illinois and found a young man in the conference room armed with a knife. police say 19 year-old dustin brown was threatening to cut himself and others. vernon, hoist a teacher, tried to calm down brown while getting children out. vernon says once i was just he and brown in the room, the teen turned violent. >> i didn't have any weapons except these and i grabbed him, and through a knee at him and my weight push him back. >> vernon is cut up, brown now faces a slew of charges including aggravated assault. he is back, comedian tracie morgan returns to the stage in a big way following that devastating crash, on the new jersey turnpike, who he hung out with, on saturday
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
it is freezing outside, this morning, you will wake up with a start, a cold start, i mean what happened to fall? it just went right into winter. >> that is for sure. >> you know what, what does the s in septa a stand for. >> snake. >> ahh. >> imagine finding out you are


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