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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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we're all over the the place. look at the the size of those sought ablees. >> they are looking like snakes. >> snakes on septa. >> snakes on the grill. >> everything is giant, he will make everything giant in honor of the giant game, jack mcdavid in charge of our tailgate. pep rally. >> hi lauren. >> we have giant fingers. >> yes, no question. >> number one. >> yeah. >> trying to be at the the top of nfc east. >> yes, we are. >> aren't these huge foam fingers. >> they are pretty big. >> they are almost frightening. >> they are not soft they are rubber or something. >> it does feel different.
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>> good day. >> normally you think of the foam fingers. >> yes. >> i feel like the hulk. >> this is dangerous at a game if you stand up and start screaming. >> you put your eye out. >> it is monday october october 192,015th. >> what are you intimidated by, fellows. >> or who. >> guys, who are you intimidated by that is even better. a apparently is there one type of woman, us guys, hesitate to ask out on dates. we're threatened by them. >> okay. >> plus are you tailgating tonight? we hope you are. the the best foods you can barbecue before the game. we are doing everything in a giant type of way. we want to grill those giants tonight. >> that is a giant wean i, i'll tell thaw. >> jen is tossing pumpkins off the roof of the tv station. septa, people just joining us at 9:00 who are we throwing off. >> we have some of the giants players that we love to hate,
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we have the logo, we've lie and we have their coach tom coughlin. here's what we want to do. we want to put someone's face on the back have of that and tweet me at jen fred fox 29, so that we can pick who need to be lucky number five. we already threw odell beck ham junior over and i have thrown it too far because i'm the beast from the east. >> she threw it in the street. >> she has to do a little bit of a dance. >> yes. >> all morning long we have been asking townsend in these songs that get you pumped up like a football game tonight, do you want to hear another one. >> yes. >> this is my go to song whenever i make an appearance in pun. you have been with me when i play this song. >> ♪
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>> play that funky music white boy ♪ >> that song must pab years old but i still love it. >> yes. >> until you die. >> okay. i pick mine this early, really early, 3:30. chris murphy was like that is not what i was expecting from lauren dawn. >> hold on to that one. i haven't heard. >> okay. >> alex, you will be beyonce. >> i have a lot of pump up songs. one i wanted to do apparently we cannot do. >> there is filthy languagey listen to the clean version, let's go. but, you cannot go wrong beyonce. i necessity is there girl power. so this song. >> ♪
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>> i just love the dance too, you have to move the shoulders, you know. >> i would throw out my clavicles if i did that. >> you can't do that. >> come on. >> it is not that easy. >> you know she makes it look easy but it is never. >> never. >> someone said we love these shirts. he made these shirt for us. he can do it all. >> are we trending, sue. >> we were. >> kitkat. >> i'm getting a lot of tweets right now. >> eileen said i love the t-shirts. >> what is your pump up song. >> ♪ the don't stop believein ♪
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>> okay. go, do it again. >> crank up that music. >> here's my only problem with this, someone is going to scream, what are you going to call it. >> i knew you had to go there. >> why. >> here's a good one. >> watch it. >> lauren knows all of the word. >> i only know the first two. >> yes. >> but what are you going to say. >> someone will screen shot me. >> that will start trending. >> as long as you use the hashtag you to the to hear this. >> yes. >> so this morning, lauren, we have been dropping pumpkins off the roof and i smashed one. we are trying to drop off giants.
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we just don't drop off when it comes to the game tonight. >> yeah. >> so we have had picture of giants players carved in the great pumpkins. thanks to the pumpkin genie. >> who will go now. >> i think we should do coach coughlin. >> people know what we are doing. we are on the roof at fox 294th and market. monte g, it is not a party until he shows up. are you ready for this baby. >> i will in the they any near him. we have eddie from the lincoln university. thank you you very much. can you guys hear me. we can hear you it is wet, the floor is wet, it is icy this morning they told me i can throw it. so this will be a gentle toss. >> coach, i know you have nice big old super bowls, but, guess what, honey, you are
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going, you are going down, bye-bye. >> that was nice. >> thanks, jen. >> we are loving it. >> yes, a lot of people are tweeting using the hashtag gotta hear this. one person says this is from drew oakly he said in honor of brian westbrook hall of fame induction he tweeted out a picture of he and brian westbrook. >> congratulations to brian westbrook. >> i found this new study that suggest men do not like to date very smart with men because we are threatened by you. >> what? >> you threaten my masculinity. >> researchers stud aid lot of men, reading hypothetical scenarios about women and they found men like idea of dating a woman who is smarter then them. >> but there is a catch.
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when it comes time to meet this woman they are not so keen. they started to distance themselves. >> they say we want to date really smart woman but when push comes to shove, we don't. >> here we go. >> in theory, i want a smart woman. in reality, she's not that cuties what you really say. you are not supplies by that. >> no. >> why is that. >> seriously guys, get it together. >> what do they say about every great man. >> is a wonderful with man. >> yes, exactly. >> a strong women. >> some men don't want that. >> people say they want power couples, they want to be the next great couple but then you have to have a great woman if you want that. >> i think what you said i want to be besides them not behind them. >> yes. >> behind the side, whatever i need to be. >> i'll be there to help out. >> yes. >> it is something we don't want necessarily this smart out spoken woman who will
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talk, talk, talk, talk. >> sometimes men need to be check. >> just like i want to you check me. >> you don't like to be check, every time i check you, what are you looking at. >> that is not what do you. >> you look at me with discuss. >> you look hi, mike. sometimes i go this. >> that is exactly what you give me. >> so, let's work on this theory that we're intimidated by brilliant or very smart woman. how are you dating. >> no one. >> who are you dating. >> no one. >> who are you dating. >> no one. >> there you go. >> expectant mothers, are you ready for your baby's arrival? you better be. we're talking car seats. the you you have to have the the crib ready to go. your e-mail -- >> what? >> e-mail dress. >> babies have e-mail addresses. >> more parents are thinking in advance and they are having e-mail a addresses for their
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babies. so it is ready, if needed. other parents say they are reserving names for web sites. >> what. >> many celebrities couples have long done this to protect images and branding products that are not connect to their child. experts say this is not a bad idea to consider, even for non-famous parents. go reserve that name. >> i should have web sites for my grandchildren then. >> some people do they will buy that domain name and say do you want it, you have to pay all this money and then you can get it. >> that happened to oprah, yes. >> i think and she bought it for like a million-dollar. >> teddy, and jack, jackies already walking. >> you should buy it now. >> did you see that on instagram? jack, my grandson, who was born on thanksgiving, my gosh he is almost a year, who is crawling now and stood up, leaning up. >> it counts. >> now you have to chase him around, are you ready for
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that. >> no. >> he will be nothing like teddy, because she will be quiet, she's a girl. >> this kiddies a beast already. look at the size of him. >> he is so cute. >> he was just a baby, i don't know how this happened. >> you better get that domain name. >> he has bus stop buddy hair. >> that is for sure. >> he is really changing. he is getting thinner, taller. the that is what happened when they grow. >> tracie morgan back on saturday night live. how long ago was that horrible bus accident on the new jersey turnpike. >> over a year. >> yeah. >> hosted saturday night live where he basically got his start. he was doing stand up before we ever met him, right. but then his claim to fame will always be saturday night live. >> and then reyou united with it. >> he did the mono log.
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>> a couple months ago i called lorne michaels my obe1 canopy. i said lorn, when i get back to my feet, i want to come home. and here i am. people are wondering, can he speak? does he have hundred percent mental capacity. the the truth is, i never did. i might be a few points higher now. >> that is great. >> he did, there was an episode of 30 rock about three years ago, and the episode was about his character, nearly getting killed in an accident, right. thirty rock's co-star, tina fey and alex baldwin all reunited for that skit. >> yes. >> it was pretty good. >> they said he did really well. >> watch this. >> sue. >> what? >> i was watching you.
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>> i'll be watching you. >> okay. >> let's see about the game. we have a high of 53. a a lot of folks will be out tailgating before the game which of corresponds happens after dark and then in the mid 40's, so layer it up for that tailgating and have a good time tonight enjoying what we hope will be a victory. tomorrow will be windy, and warmer with a a high of 68. thirty-seven for wednesday and 57 for thursday. we are back in the 70's for wednesday and thursday of this week. friday's high 60 degrees. a nice crisp autumn weather for this weekend. lauren johnson, on saturday, i was going to do the alzheimer's walk. i wanted some gloves because i was outside for a while. five gloves could not make a pair. that is on the left. you know what i made a life
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lesson out of it. when life gives you mismatched gloves, make a pair so i put a leather ground and a different glove. >> i love it. >> when life gives you gloves that don't match, you make a pair. >> sue serio. >> i love it. look at roofus. there is chris o'connell there too. >> thanks, chris for coming out on saturday morning but roofus was cuddling on the fleece sweater there. >> that is what everyone will to have do tonight for the game. >> cuddle up. >> you cannot talk about football without talking about tailgating. mike and alex teach us how to do it. are you outside. >> we are outside at the the tailgate. we have it all. let's scan the area. we have monte g, of course. we are eagles cheerleaders. most interesting sweaters in america. we have our dj going. >> hi, dj, what is up. >> yes. >> monte g. >> and i see jack over here
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too jack mcdavid, down home dine are, how can i get into you here. >> come on in. >> we will explain what this big fan cave is in just a little bit. >> jack, how have you been man. >> doing great. >> i see you brought everything giant. >> this is philadelphia. we have a lot of heart and soul here so we are doing hoagies. >> hoagies for philadelphia. >> yes. >> we have some hot sausage and sausage and peppers, onions, sharp provolone. this is a hard game. we have to tear up a turkey leg. >> yes. >> run, run, run. >> now what kind of sausage is this. >> thinks a a hot spicy sought sausage from reading terminal market. they have all of the heart and soul in philadelphia in it. i a always go to reading terminal. >> it is within of my favorite place necessary reading terminal market. >> it is number one tourist place in the state of pennsylvania. >> now what is the key, now what kind of sausage.
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>> that is a hot spicy italian sausage. we have heart and soul. >> what is best way to grill it. >> well, i grill it over charcoal and i keep it off the heat so it doesn't break up and i have some ready to wrap your lips around. >> excuse me. >> i'm talking about the sausage, sir. >> all right. >> taking a bike. >> defense will take a bite out of it. >> i bet he feels like a man right now. >> hey, cheerleaders, this is impressive, isn't it. >> hungry. >> you really get in there. >> he is like look at what i can do. >> what about the sausage, mike. you have to do the sausage too. >> i will do a sausage. >> it is nice, hot and spicy. >> what goes in the hoagie though. >> well, philadelphia, they had to have a hearty lunch. so they would take a hearty
9:17 am
lunch and we use spicy sausage. they would use some onions. they would use some peppers. tomato sauce, and sharp provolone cheese. >> now that is a hoagie. >> that is a hoagie, that is philadelphia, heart and soul. greatest city in the world, greatest football team in the world. >> give me a score. >> forty-two-six eagles. >> forty-two-six. >> we will turn it on and head down to carolina. >> jack, thanks for coming out. >> thanks for having me. >> we love you. >> where are you from. >> i'm from philadelphia. >> you. >> wilmington delaware. >> nice. >> when we come back we will explain what that is, it is called a fan cave and it is put together by fans and you can rent it, okay. >> it looks amazing. >> it is a great party, folks.
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>> yes. >> we have to have a big party because it is such a big game tonight. >> hey, lauren. >> how is that chicken leg, turkey leg. >> the fight song. >> ♪ score a touchdown, one, two, three. hit them low, hit them high. watch those eagles fly. fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> yeah, yeah. >> you two are having fun. >> all right. >> we have to keep this spirit going, justin timberlake got teary eyed, he became emotionallal while giving speech at 2015 music hall of fame induction. he wiped away tears while
9:19 am
gushing about his wife jessica beal and also complimented the other artists honored with him. induction group also included elvis pressly's first guitar player, scottie more, albert hunter and al jack son. keep sending us your requests, you have to use the hashtag got to hear this getting good ones. i got a beyonce song alex inspired and then, here's my grandson wearing a jersey for 1980's. that is a a throw back. look at this cutie, michael owens thanks for sending that one. plus the kid, at saint monica's in south philadelphia are ready for another bird victory, sue, look at that pep rally we will go live thereafter the break.
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yes, kit cat kline. >> yes. >> somebody, a apparently, put a new york giants jersey, over the rocky statue over by the art museum. >> so our friend drew oakly. >> he responded yes, alex, there it is. >> no way. >> yes, they let go. >> oh, please. >> you are not hurting anybody. >> and let's go to the folks over at collegeville italian bakery sent over, not only another eagles toe pennsylvania mate the owe pie but a temple tomato pie. >> i love it. >> yes. >> they are six-o ape rang for first time number 22 in one pole number, 22 in another poll number.
9:24 am
>> if they beat east carolina saturday, no, thursday night, thursday night game. >> um-hmm. >> they will play on halloween. >> okay. >> notre dame. >> yes. >> that place would be rocking. >> it is sold out already. >> all right. let's throw some more pumpkins off the roof. >> let's do it. >> who do we have right the now. >> i will do mr. cruz. >> okay. >> all right. >> i like it. >> we have been asking people, who they wanted, on the pumpkin. i will tell you right now, and... talking about dominic rodgers cromartie, michael strahan but we are not doing j pp out of respect for his injury. >> now i cannot even move.
9:25 am
>> please, the intern. >> no, no, no. >> what are you doing. >> i'm's doing victor. >> so here's the thing. i have been told repeatedly i'm going to suspended if i drop so i'm doing just and a one and two. >> is that better. >> yes. >> drop, not toss. >> of the three people we just hurt dominic rodgers cromartie, mr. strahan, jpp, i'm going 41. he used to be here but now he is now on the team. he has three names. by the way, i mean really are you ready for another one.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> we like that. >> cue my music. >> who is left, we've lie. >> i think you should do it, you are the the quarterback of the show. i think you should do it. >> thanks, jen. >> hold on a second. >> look at this. >> so, it is daddy eagle talking to some eagleets. >> what does a super bowl ring look like. >> and the answer says, how do i know, we're eagles. >> we're celebrating. >> yes. >> we're not responsible. >> since 1960's since they won a championship. >> we are not only ones pumped up about the game. >> the kids at saint monica's in south philadelphia they are ready for another win.
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test. test.
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♪ >> all right, he's spinning this morning for our eagles pep rally, getting ready for the game. hashtag got a hear this. >> 9:30. let's get little more serious real quickly here for a few minutes, last friday we wounds out to it. mz, friday afternoon, lamar odom, i guess in a coma at
9:31 am
that point, opened his eyes, saw khloe, his estranged wife and simply said two words. >> yes, let's get out tog air. what were those words, gare? >> hey, baby. >> like where you been? >> yes? >> yes, how is it going? listen, lamar has made a huge, huge step in his recovery. and everybody is obviously extactic around him, family, friend, and everything. so, as it stands now, doctors have said that he will survive this. now, the question is, quality of life. he's going need month of rehab, both physical rehab, speech rehab, lots of therapy, and, you know, one good thing right now is we're told that khloe has vowed to basically stay by his side the entire time. obviously they are estranged, but she knows, you know, how important this is. she obviously still cares for him a lot. and wants to be therefore his recovery throughout the whole process? so gary, apparently now a judge is going to delay
9:32 am
signing that divorce, so it is not official any time soon, right? >> reporter: well, the judge already had, that's how this whole loophole came to be. even though they signed off on the divorce document, the judge hasn't officially signed it yet. so it will be a few month until that happens. so, in the meantime, she is still his wife. she is making medical decisions. and she, you know, it is just an interesting situation that she put her in this position of power. but she has only had lamar's best interests at heart. she has been there the whole time, been so supportive, been organizing everything to do with his recovery. and it is miraculous that he's been able to come back this far. >> now, we have had from some of the kardashians since this, kim post something, has khloe said anything publicly. >> the. >> no, khloe has been pretty quiet about everything, and i think, you know, that, you know, speaks wonders, you know, especially for the kardashian family, to show where their best interests lie
9:33 am
right now, she is all about lamar, not on press tour, this isn't for the tv show, this is real life. and she's dedicated to his recovery right now. >> when you say this isn't for the tv show, we see in a lot of report, some say there has been camera crew at the hospital, but, so there hasn't been a camera drew there then? >> not only is there not a camera crew, they banned any sort of production or cameras during this time at the hospital, outside, anything to do with them. so they are not trying to exploit this in anyway shape or form. >> okay. >> very smart move on their part. >> the best new is that he is doing better. that's what's most important. >> absolutely. >> a long road back. all right, thank you for up that date out there in hollywood, "tmz", we will be watching. >> take care. >> you got. >> i tell you one of the best shows, "tmz",. >> i love it. mz live, sitting there woman, it is great. >> and they suck you when when they put the topics on the side, because whatever you are waiting for, do you have wait,
9:34 am
for all of the other shows pass through. >> a lot of shows do. that will maybe we should? >> we used to do that at the fox show in memphis. >> move them across the bottom. >> it is a loft work. >> producers hate you right now for the suggestion. >> hey. >> yes, plus, you know, getting you ready for the game tonight. asking you all morning with the hash to go got to hear this. what are songs that got bumped up, take on the world, take on the day. >> what about when it comes to the eagles? we see them come into the stadium, with their headsets, ever wondered what they're listening to to get ready? >> let's ask them. >> okay, let's ask brandon graham. >> i like that plastic bag by drake and future. >> okay, okay. >> you like? >> wet i wop, and i think that's what i listen, to no matter which one, but i got a couple, couple songs. rgf island. >> can we get to you say a leer continuation one of the
9:35 am
songs? >> yeah baby. hey. >> that's great. >> that's pretty good impression. >> i know. sounds just like him. >> i hope they have a great game tonight. fax eli about nine times. >> 9:35, if you want to have a good pep rally, for any kind of sport, you go to saint monica's, they always come through. >> and chris murphy is there with the kids. oh, they look so red. >> i is that chris right in front there. >> where? >> number 43? >> you know what? these guys are so quiet. i don't know about these guys. i might have to fire them up. back on the counseled of three, one, two, three! (cheers). >> there you go. >> oh, ya. oh, ya, we'll be right back. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
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the final countdown ♪ >> oh, these two women, you could rent their fan cave. they roll it up to where ever you are. >> yes. >> hey, officer jacky, philadelphia police officer, that i have come to know, she said hey my daughter goes to saint monica school. so let's look for her, south philly, having eagles pep rally. chris is there, hi, chris. >> hey, i'm with the new principal here. this is sister regina, thank you for having us. >> you're very welcome. we are happy to be here on fox 29. >> this is going to be such an exciting game. you already have the student fired up. who are these young people here behind us? >> these are our saint monica school cheerleaders this can they give us a cheer? >> absolutely. >> ready?
9:40 am
♪ let's get a little bit rowdy ♪ eagles are rowdy ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s! >> yahoo. they're good. >> thank you. >> they're really good. now, you also have some very well behaved student here. now, you have got about 450 kids here, here is what we opportunity do. we want to lead them in a cheer. but first, let me hold this for a second. guys real quick, before we dot eagles song, what do you guys think of the new york giants? (booing). >> i didn't get that on camera. you're wearing blue, though, let me see what you've got underneath this blue. there go, superman eagles.
9:41 am
now, ren evening a. sister reg even, a these kids learn reading, writing, arithmetic, religion, but they also know their eagles fight song. >> absolutely. >> can you lead news cheer? >> let's do it. >> okay, on the count of three, eagles fight song r we ready? >> ya! >> one, two, three. ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory. ♪ >> oh, ya! they know the whole song! here's the thing, e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> sister, thank you. go eagles. and, kids, they're going to be little tired tomorrow morning, because the game is so late. we send it back to you in the
9:42 am
studio. >> i think there is one kid without an eagles jersey sweatshirt or t-shirt there. >> i love that superman one, too. it looks so excited. we love it. >> they're pumped up. >> jen, you're also pumped out there playing corn hole? >> yes, playing little corn hole. having some food. here's what i like about the ladies with the fan cave. they come to cheer, eat, have some fun. come on back, i'll show you where the potties are, where the music comes, from i'll continue to kick some boot any corn hole, okay?
9:43 am
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♪ >> michael owens, go eagles. can't get any cuter. >> oh, cute. >> we have another one, too. >> oh, i could look at this face all day. >> here is another one. >> awe. i may be small but i'm in charge. >> go eagles go on the road to victory. >> ya, lights out, man. >> i need to get my sleep in for the game tonight. that's right. it is a late game. you got to stay up. >> alex, you know how were you talking about the players going in, got the big beats headphones on, listening to whatever it is in their headphones? earlier this morning we heard this from jordan matthews. >> what he listens to? >> it is casino of funny.
9:46 am
>> probably, hard to say, my top three, kanye west, kanye west, kanye west. >> what? >> just, see, it can be any albumn, man. graduations are great, you know, pre-game albumn. you got champion. you got good life. good morning. that's my alarm when i wake up, i wake up good morning, you know, that's how i get up on game day. then also drop out through the wire, reminds you of the adversity you have to get to get to this point. >> she called it in the meeting. >> we have a mute your friend. so we were all out one day, a while back, and he was like i love kanye west. went on a rant, oh, he is the best, eggs the best rapper out, there woe go on and on. okay, you love kanye west, when we did this, we asked them, i just new, jordan
9:47 am
matthews, it has to be kanye west. >> top three, kanye west, kanye west, kanye west. >> so we'll know what he is listening to tonight. >> i'm more after e40 yes-no casino of guy. >> really? >> have you met these women? >> who? >> were bring whole fan cave to your party, where ever you are. here's jen. >> i mean, if there is a party, you know i would find t good morning, ladies? good morning. >> i said to you what is your get ready song, your pumped up song? >> our dj got it started. thank you very much. your song is? >> van halen right you. >> that's cool. soap, talk to me about this situation. it is literally a mobile fan cave. >> yes, we set up corporate events, charity events, private events, where ever we can pull this, we can tailgate. >> i love it. you have this. do you have a smaller one. and because you're women, forgive me, men, it is perfectly appointed. let's get in here little bit. basically there is coolers, i like that there is a bar, hi, i'll be the bar star, you have a fridge, all kind of access
9:48 am
for fridge, freezer, sing, convection oven, we have all of our corn hole games, three tv's, two bathrooms on the other side. it is awesome. >> cool. let's go out here and play some corn hole. now will you be at the eagles game tonight or someone has to rent you guys? >> we have two rented parties tonight for the monday night football. >> do you supply the host, hostess, bartender type people or they have to do it on their own. >> yes, weaver event staff. >> that's cool. i love it. so everyone lovers corn hole. i'm sure you're ready for tonight. by the way i have to say you guys like jack, right? i feel like there will be some casino of i don't know partnership in the future, the fan cave ladies, they love it all. >> oh, thank you, i love these ladies, too, they can throw a party, honey. you guys know how to party. they know how to party. >> so let's do, i think that i should be orange and you guys are blue? >> okay. >> okay. why did you think that the philadelphia area needed something like this? >> i mean, everybody loves to tailgate here in philly. why do all of that work, all of that hassle when we can do it for you? >> can i ask how much it is?
9:49 am
>> it is to depends it, depends what you want. >> for you, free. >> no, no, no. okay, do you that, you come over, be with me. by the way both every these women played lacrosse in college that means they're pretty awesome. they know how to party. here we go. i'm going to try to get it in there. how many hours do you rent it for? >> normally, four, five. >> okay. >> all depends, we fully customize everything. >> here's what i love. i love it had to come to two women to come, right? >> right. >> these guys, they think they know how to do it but just don't. >> we make it happen. any request, we find it. >> without being graphic or nudity, what's your craziest request you ever got? >> craziest request? craziest request? >> she is the crazy one, all right. >> i don't think -- nothing has been that crazy. >> mike jerek is here, so it will only get crazier. fan cave, thank you. the pizza is out here now, so the tomato pie.
9:50 am
mike, alex, pretty rad lick us out here. >> ya, we can tell, that's so cool. we need that outlining every week. >> i know, good idea when the men are inside in their man cave. >> they need a girl cave. >> women can go outside. >> checking back in, we have the hashtag got a here this this whole time. so we've been asking some of the players, what do you listen to before go to games. >> we have your headphones on, getting pumped up, getting in the zone, who do we have next, lauren? >> i don't even remember. >> brent celek. here we go. >> i listen to some rap. i listen to my man jordan banks,'s philly guy. you know, pretty much, pretty much anything. anything to pump you up though. >> he went from rap to jordan banks. hey, whatever it takes to get you pumped up. i'm here for it. do what you got to do. hashtag got to hear this one. keep sending in your pictures, smash more pumpkins, what do you say, lauren? >> i think that's what we will do. is that where mike went? i think he is getting ready. here are more pictures, oh,
9:51 am
look, kayla dreams about the eagles. that's so cute. dream being a win. and says: ready for eagles to win tonight. he looks ready, that's for sure. >> good luck charm. >> hashtag got to hear this. check out winning lottery numbers. we'll be right back.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
>> ♪ >> this is a good one. >> oh, look? >> a scully already. >> got to start them young, folks. >> getting ready for the eagles game tonight. i think we're pumped up. this has begin great morning, what do you think about the fact there are some giant players apparently watching this show, because i see they're interacting on social media. >> oh, they are? well, hello.
9:55 am
>> welcome to town, right? >> what a welcome. and in fact he's been talking about you all morning long. let's look at the highlight. >> only trending in philly? >> yes. >> trending in fill. >> i if we trend nationally i'll do something even bigger. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> next up, you see these giants players? >> ♪ >> fly eagles fly ♪ >> big row sane a. and the little pumpkin head. >> ♪ >> known for his moves, right? he does the one arm catch. >> oh, boy. >> ♪
9:56 am
>> hey cheerleaders, this is their breakfast, isn't it? >> i'm getting hungry. >> eagles! >> oh, so cute. love it. we're all coming together. we even have the green behind us. >> this is fabulous. >> i think we're ready. you know, we're not done. mike, we miss you, but we know you're ready for the grand finale here. >> yes, this is eli manning, again, i want to thank betsy from pumpkin jeannie. com. >> she does this for a living. beautiful job. >> thank you so much. >> and our last pumpkin is pumpkin is eli manning, their quarterback, now the guys won two soupy bowls. so please, we got to win this game tonight, right? and you're right, i've been checking on twitter, people at fox5 have been come mentioning -- comment wag we have been doing, our sister station, and our eagles players are in philadelphia, some of them, and they've been watching us.
9:57 am
so, how much time do we have, ladies and gentlemen? do you want to come over? eli's going down. >> mike, do you have say something to him before you drop him. >> that's the thanks. your brother's a better quarterback. >> oh, you're so terrible. he has two superbowls and his brother only has one. and we haven't won a championship since 1960 -- >> you don't need to go into that, mike. >> yes, stick to the battle of the brothers. >> here we go. go eagles. see you guys out at the game tonight. you ready? three, two, one. >> oh! >> that was a big splat. >> we'll take it. >> hope the giant go splat tonight out at the linc. i'll be out there probably about 7:30 or so. >> we're ready. >> i'll be in lot j. see you out there for the
9:58 am
tailgating, okay? >> we got this. go eagles. >> ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! >> how you doin'? >> the kids have come to play. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hello. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] hello.


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