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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right around 19 degrees in the pocono mountains this morning. 35 degrees in philadelphia the. the defendant october start since halloween of 2011. it was 27 degrees in millville. 32 freezing in dover. mid 20s a hard freeze in allentown but look at the river rewrite now it's 51 degrees in wilmington. 51 in trenton. we're looking at upper 40s right now in millville. so high pressure that is the prominent and dominant feature that cold air is little more dense so it's kind of settled into our area. but that high pressure will shift on off to the east. that will mean warmer temperatures come tomorrow. but it's going to be a chilly kick off at the linc looking at temperatures right around 8:30 at 46 degrees. mid 40s by the end of the game. but a rebound in the temperatures we're talking 60s, even 70s iain and lucy when i come indoors with the seven day. >> that sounds good, scott, thank you. the eagles take the field about 2.5 hours and fans are
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hoping tonight's game against the giants at the linc have had have the eagles walking off the field tonight three-three on the season. jennifer joyce is live outside the linc. you spoke some fans who are confident the birds will do just that. >> reporter: yeah, they definitely think that they're going to win tonight. iain, do you know tonight is the blackout game. you know what happened at last year's blackout game? it was a killer shut out against the giants. and this year fans aren't so confident it's going to be that strong of a win. but they do think that the eagles are going to come out on top. >> we hate the giants. >> the giants can go home. >> frosty feelings towards the new york giants ahead of a big monday night matchup for the philadelphia eagles. >> we're ecstatic. we want to beat giants tonight. become number one in the division. >> reporter: a one tonight the top spot nfc east. a loss could mean trouble. >> this year has been a very emotional roller coaster, yes, but if we can get two or three good wins in a row, then i'll feel great. >> i feel good. i feel really good. i think eagles started gelling
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together. their offensive line is starting to click. >> reporter: fans stopped by modell's early monday to grab guy for the blackout game. >> i'm going with the eagles much it's going to be close game. 30-27. >> long island native katie martinez proud to be a birds fan but err boyfriend a native new yorker not so much. >> it's a test for our relationship. very big test. >> last year's blackout sended in a 27-zero shut out game against the g men. tailgators hope for the same nomination this year. diehard fans arrived hours before the 8:30 kick off to gear up with grub and games ahead of a make or break matchup. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: you got to love that chant and you can just imagine that the cheers will be loud and proud inside the linc tonight. iain? >> absolutely, jennifer, thank you. get continuing coverage of the big game on our website just head to you'll find
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links there to all our social media pages just another way to stay on top of things. the verdict is guilty against a philadelphia demolition two years after six people died in a building collapse in center city. they're families tonight are get something closure. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in center city with today's big developments. shawnette? >> reporter: this afternoon, a jury found griffin campbell guilty on six counts of involuntary manslaughter as he was taken out of the courtroom he could be seen mouthing the words stay strong to his family. he will be sentenced sometime in january. now, a jury rejected the third degree murder charges that were sought by the prosecution which would have have been a mandatory live sentence for him. campbell was the demolition contractor who defense attorney argued was following the guidance and direction of the architect overseeing the demolition of the building on market street when the brick wall collapsed. six people buried in the debris died. about a dozen others were hurt including a woman found alive be 19 the bricks hours later but
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her legs had to be amputated. prosecutors say the campbell controlled the work site and that he was given several warnings by co-workers, architects including sal vague army architects. campbell's attorney was asked why he put his client and the victim's families through a trial especially after a subcontractor had taken a plea and testified against campbell? >> understand mr. campbell was not stoned. he was not under the influence of any intoxicants. you know, again, we tried an aggressive case. i feel he was following the guidance and direction. he testified that he thought he can still get the building done safely. it was a tough call for the jurors. >> i hope that it does provide some assemblance of closure and something as horrible and overwhelming as this kind of tragedy, and i think it does at least give some finality to the fact that they held griffin campbell the person that was in charge of this site criminally libel on homicide charges. >> reporter: these are
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pictures of the six victims campbell was also convicted of aggravated assault and risking the catastrophe for the ordeal inflicted on the survivors. back here live, a civil trial will start in september. lucy? >> thank you very much shawnette. right now police are on the hunt for the person who shot a man over and over just past 1:00 this afternoon. the shots rang out to the two thus san block of auburn street much that's in kensington. police say the victim is a man in his 20s shot in the upper body and they say he in fact has been shot before. the man is at temple university hospital. he is expected to survive. police are on the hunt for the man who robbed a southwest philadelphia convenience store at gun point. investigators releasing this surveillance video today. cops say a man entered 7eleven on the 2900 block of south 70th street and pretended he was shopping. it happened earlier this month. store employees say the same man was in the store about half hour before the robbery and kept asking about products the store didn't sell. so when he returned, police say he waited for customers to
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leave, pulled a gun and demanded money. he got away with 300 bucks and some cigarettes. moms in one new jersey town are very worried not just for their families but everyone else in their community. this all centers around one intersection. an intersection they say has seen accident after accident. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live from woolwich in gloucester county. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, i got a question for you. what do you get when you mix big trucks, farm equipment and passenger vehicles, 50 miles an hour speeds and a whole lot of confusion over just exactly what the cross traffic is going to do? you got accidents. lots of them. bad ones. all along these parts. >> yeah. carol pull man lives around the corner from the intersection of old man's creek road and auburn otherwise known as county roads 602 and 551. she's tired of seeing accidents at this dangerous intersection where traffic approaches at 50 miles an hour with flashing yellow lights in one direction, flashing red in the other.
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>> you're afraid somebody will get kill out here. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: pull man and other local local moms tell me this intersection is confusing. because flashing lights don't make it clear to drivers what the cross traffic is going to do. stop, slow down -- >> i think the biggest danger is the flashing red because for people who don't know, you don't know that the other direction does not have the flashing red. that they're not going to stop. you have to keep inching out, inching out. >> reporter: flashing lights are actually an upgrade installed several years to replace stop signs but the local moms who reach out to fox 29 say their kids are in danger at this high speed insufficiently signalled intersection. since their county roads, it's the intersection of county road 602 and 551. >> i reach out to state senator steve sweeney it's his district to see whether a further upgrade to be made. the moms tell me they've been told flash schers are efficient for this rule energy. >> you can hear the boom when the crashes happen. >> reporter: those who live nearby aren't buying that explanation.
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they want a safer stretch of roadway for their kids and for everyone else into drives around here. >> what would make this intersection a safer energy. >> it would be safer to have an initial traffic light here at this intersection and also to reduce the speed limit on this road from 50 down to at least 40. >> reporter: now in case you're wondering woolwich township officials are with these moms. they want to real signal light here with green, yell lone red lights. they're going try and do what they can to make it happen. they've been trying for while though without success. i placed a call to the county's public information officer and the county engineering department. the moms we're tag teaming this the moms will plead their case to the county freeholders this week to see what kind of action they can get. everyone has got a story here. talked to dad a couple minutes ago who came by to thank us forgetting involved and showed me photos of his daughter's accident right at this intersection back in 2013. everyone has got story. now they just want a happy ending. iain? >> all right, bruce, let's hope
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they get i thank you. campaign launched to help ran raise ton fort little boy found wandering alone in love park and his family. on saturday, two-year-old jeremiah was found in love park by a septa police officer. police later came to fine out little jeremiah, his four-year-old sister and his parents are homeless. jeremiah and his sister are now with dhs. meanwhile chosen thee hundred ministries launch add campaign $12,000 in 12 days to help the family secure housing for a year. that event is happening right now at chosen 300s building on lancaster avenue in west philadelphia. all new at six day three igniting in the keystone state. when are you old enough to smoke? the big move pennsylvania could soon make. >> she broke her back in a horrific accident. two years later the swimmer is doing things doctors told her would not be possible. what happened and the big honor she's now getting. howard is at the linc. >> it's a big game for the eagles. is it a must win? i talked to mike quick and he breaks it down
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end tells all of fuss the eagles have to win this game coming up in sports.
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♪ if you're not old enough to drink alcohol you may not be old enough soon to buy or even light up a cigarette either. >> proposed bill in the state 11 ladies and gentlemen would raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21 in the state of pennsylvania. fox 29's weekend's bill anderson joins us live in the newsroom much what is behind the push for a change. >> reporter: smoking rates have been steadily declining for a decade. elected officials in pennsylvania want to continue that trend. we know smoking is bad for us but the question when are you old enough to make decisions even bad ones for yourself? >> ♪ >> reporter:. the latest proposed legislation would make pennsylvania one of just a handful of states to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. >> as a mother, i just know that children between 18 and 21 are still developing, and i thought
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if we moved the age of of up to 21 they would be more mature when it became time to make decision. >> reporter: philadelphia state rep vanessa brown says we need to continue restricting smoke and legislatures will do that and it's not just for the 18 to 20-year-olds who will be directly impacted. >> most children introduced to smoking from older children in school. so the 18-year-olds are still immature and they're not mature enough to say no to their younger children that blow 18 when they ask for a cigarette they give it to hem. >> reporter: most polling data indicates the overwhelming majority people nationally support increasing the smoking age much that's what we found. >> kids these days, you know, they can't really make up their own decisions. they got to come to mom to get cigarettes. i think they should absolutely raise the limit to 21. >> reporter: of course there's always the other side including comments like these from social media. if you can die for your country
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at 18 then you shall all the freedoms and you're legally an adult at 18 why have to wait until smoke to smoke a cigaret cigarette. representative brown reminds us it's just not that simple. >> we have to put some type of rule on -- on substance that is will affect their health and that will attack younger children. we have to set some rules. >> reporter: interesting debate because the health benefits of not smoking are clear. but how far should government go to protect people from themselves before it becomes intrusive? we want to know what you think. you can comment on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. lucy? >> you know you'll get some comments there. all right, bill anderson, thank you so much. in delaware county a stunning example of strength in the midst of adversity. >> a woman in horrible bus crash two decades honored haley scott was on the notre dame swim team in 1992. she was on bus with her
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teammates on the way back to campus after meet at northwestern university but roads were icy. the bus slid off the road and crash. she had a broken back and was paralyzed and was told she'd have to use walking braces for the rest of her life. she overcame the odds making a full recovery. and says her persistence and faith got her through it dan she was awarded the 2015 mew hasn't university for support, spear wal will the and character awa award. >> i'm so grateful, one, to be here today. two, that this institute exists and to have the opportunity to share my story of my sport and my spiritual will the and the coming together of the two with the students and faculty and staff here at new man universi university. >> great story. each year the institute recognizes out staning contributions in athletics. >> tremendous. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> yeah. i tell you what, scott, i saw like a little frost on my lawn
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this morning. >> yeah. >> he's still in shock over it. >> in october. i didn't like that. >> you've had time to prepare for this. you know october can get pretty chilly but i mean it was just down right frigid. take a look at the low temperatures this morning across the area. philadelphia 35 degrees. northeast philly, 31. wilmington 30. look at reading as well as atlantic city. falling into the 20s and take a look at some of the other colder temperatures. trenton a new record 27 degrees. mt. holly 27. allentown mid 20s. hard freeze in the lehigh valley take a look at mount pocono 19 degrees was the temperature early this morning. take look at the past seven da days. remembering we were 76 degrees last tuesday. last wednesday upper 60s, and it's been a gradual decline re really since then. temperatures over the weekend in the 50s. height temperature today only 55 degrees. it's going to be a nice sunset out there but it is. we have clear skies out there. 53 degrees right now.
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but take a look at the wind direction. southwest at 14 miles per hour. that is going to help us out especially if you are not a fan of the below average temperatures. 49 right now millville. looking at 50 in pottstown. 46 degrees in mount pocono. so really a nice recovery after that frigid start but if you're stepping outdoors, jackets required. we're looking at temperatures holding pretty steady into the mid 40s. due to those winds out of the south and west. so here's what's going on on ultimate doppler. not a whole lot. high pressure it's in full control. we have that cold air it's more dense. it's kind of settled in but take look at this area of high pressure it will shift on out to the east and we get that clockwise flow the return flow. so a big bounce back on the way not only for tuesday, but wednesday into thursday with temperatures tomorrow climbing near 70 and then mid 70s by the middle of the week as we talk about the changing weather pattern. so tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold just not as harsh
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we're looking at temperatures in the city around 41 degrees. upper 30s north and we have and low to mid 40s as you move south and east. so tomorrow's high temperature 68 degrees. what about that? then take a look at wednesday. 73 degrees. >> there you go. >> for the high temperature. iain is happy and sounds like lucy is, too. >> i am. >> mid 70s by thursday. and then another front will move through friday. 60 degrees for the high. maybe even upper 50s. to kick off the upcoming weekend might be a shower chance towards early next week. >> i'm just trying to couple more tomatoes out of my plants. a couple more. >> you'll bring some in. >> i will. of course i'll share. (laughter). >> all right. let's get back out and join how war eskin he's live at the linc. doesn't even have a jacket on. >> no. why do i need a jacket? it's football season. you know what, if the eagles are winning in the fourth quarter, it will feel like 70 degrees tonight. but we'll break it down with mike quick on what the eagles need to do to win a big football game. that will be coming up in sports.
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to say this is a big game would be a total understatement. now as far as injuries ryan matthew who tweak his hamstring this week i think will play. he's going to test it out before the game but as it stands right now he's going to play.
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i don't know how many snaps he's going to take. as far as the giants, o'dell beckham, jr., was questionable all week. did not practice until yesterday. very little. but he will dress. i don't know how effective and how much he will play. but this really is a big game for the eagles. big because they're in first place if they win. i talk to mike quick just minutes ago, and asked mike what the eagles need to do to win this football game. >> i think, number one, last week you look how well bradford was protected i think that's first. if you give him the protection and get him comfortable back there i think he'll do a nice job of throwing the football around. this is the secondary that they can have. they can get after the secondary and make big place the on the secondary but it begins up front with protect the quarterback. >> on the defense, what? >> on the defensive side, they can't give up big plays. this is a team, this defense of the eagles they're really good against the run so they need to stay that way. especially in the red zone. they don't give red zone rushing
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touchdowns and the red zone the giants are going try to get the ball to out of the back field and try to get it to larry dough nel those are the key guys in the red zone. >> giants defensively are really highly ranked in the nfl against the run. >> yes. >> does that mean the eagles have to try to pass and not worry about stabbing the run? >> well, i think that's a little bit misleading, because teams know that they're able to throw the football on them. a lot of teams are really going after throwing the football because that's where they're having success some teams setting up their run game by throwing the football against this defense the eagles have to run the ball. that's the way -- they want to run the football. they want to try and establish the run game early f they can get their inside zone going, outside zone, then it's going to be a good night for the eagles. >> i know it's only game six, but it real sal must win, isn't it? >> well, i think if you look at where the division s you don't want to go down another game in the division. so in my eyes, yeah. this game they have to have.
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>> okay. >> it real sal must win. they have to win the game because they won a game in the division yetly you can'ting zero-three and losing the two, work of those game at home. weather is perfect for football. just relax with all of that weather and cold. it's not cold. it's football weather! >> all right. back to you guys in the studio. (laughter). >> sounds good, howard. >> that's until owe break out that heavy duty coat we know he's got. that big thing. >> tonight at 10 a local family were made to wait months for a headstone for a loved one and they paid every penny up front. fox 29 investigates will tell their emotional story tonight at 10:00. >> all right f you're heading out to the linc i'm hoping you're bundled up big time. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> 40s. >> i hope the eagles score 40. >> we'll see you back here at 10. >> there you go. >> inside edition is up next. ññ
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>> deborah: air rage smackdown. >> we got two passengers that are in a physical altercation. >> all over a reclining seat. >> the passenger reportedly reached forward and started choking the woman. then, the bernie sanders' impersonation everyone is talking about. >> we are doomed. we need a revolution. >> what the real bernie thinks of it. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. and oprah's new business deal. >> she is buying 10% of weight watchers. then first photo, khloe kardashian in the hospital, caring for lamar odom and while the kardashians were all at his bedside, where we found caitlyn jenner. >> are you going to visit lamar? and mystery inside this old


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