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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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collection plate. what they did steal that has the pastor so angry. >> a breast cancer warning for pre-teen girls. the conversation you should be having with your doctor now. your news starts in 30 seconds. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. right now down right cold monday night. let's take live look at old city on this crisp fall night. but as we take a look at trenton tonight warmer temperatures are on the wage thanks for joining us at 10 coliseum iain page.
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>> i'm lucy noland. let's get right to it. meteorologist kathy orr is what is your on your radar. >> we're talking about clear skies and that means for a cool night. the winds lightening up a bit as well. cold not quite as cold as last night. it's that the good news. any cloud cover, any precip staying well to the north as high pressure takes control our weather but it is getting chil chilly. philadelphia 48, 44 in the poconos. 40 in millville and 44 degrees right now in wilmington. and threw the northeast you can see the cold air that will continue to push its way down to the south temperatures widespread in new england in the 40s. winds still out of the southwest at 9 miles an hour in philadelphia. they'll lighten up tonight. 3 miles an hour wind in wilmington. clear skies and also those lighter winds and it will be chilly overnight with lows mainly in the upper 30s and lower 40s. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., cool to start but an improve many, 47 degrees. by 9aa we're talking about southwesterly winds, lots of sunshine warms up up in the 50
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50's. by the time we make it to the noon hour top off at 60 degrees. warming quickly throughout the delaware valley. coming up we're talking about temperatures soaring some 50 degrees from where they were this morning. 70s in the seven day. and of course, the next chance of rain in our forecast could be some bad timing as we head toward the weekend. more on that coming up with the seven day later in the broadca broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thank you. search is on for a man police say stole from a local church. it was all caught on camera it's a thief open the doors and taking from the place of worship tonight police are hoping by releasing this video you'll help catch this criminal. fox 29s dave schratwieser joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. the church is praying for this criminal. >> reporter: they are. they're praying he'll turn himself in and be held accountable much this is one of those thoughtless crimes that leaves you shake your head much police believe the thief is from the very neighborhood where these items were stolen. >> to break into my house is one thing.
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but to break into got's house i was absolutely devastated. >> reporter: he struck late at night breaking down the front doors of the healing waters church on south 56th street. pastor kathleen tab says this cold hearted criminal didn't just hurt her church, he hurt the community. >> my prayer is that he will be caught. yes, i believe in redemption but i also believe in accountabili accountability. >> reporter: the suspect was caught on tape as he entered the small church in the 1700 block of south 56th street. once inside, he ripped off a big flat screen tv and portable stereo system. he calmly walk out the front door carefully closing the door behind him. >> i just want to pretty much taken this church out of the service at this point. they run a very small donation that is come in. >> reporter: two minutes later the they have returned entered the church again and stole more equipment from pastor tab's congregation. >> may have been there before. saw the tv. saw they were new and thought they had value to them and saw
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an easy that it. >> reporter: the pastor says her church can't afford set back like this. the church has limited resourc resources. she use used the nat screen tv'r power point presentation for bible classes and her strong sisters of faith program. >> i feel strongly about helping the community impacting the community in a positive way. >> reporter: detectives say the suspect could be from the neighborhood. wore a diss ding tiff t-shirt and has tattoo on her forearm. the surveillance video is good quality. investigators and the pastor believe someone should recognize the suspect. >> my prayer, my earnest prayer, is that you would do the right thing, turn yourself in. >> reporter: now, no suspects and no arrests to report tonight. if you want to get another look at the suspect, you can go to our website at if you have any information, you can contact southwest detectives. lucy? >> let's hope they catch him. dave, thanks so much. the man police say raped four
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young girls in separate incidents in germantown. prosecutors say antoine brown raped the girls 12 to 17 years old between march and june of 2013. they say brown used a gun in all the incidents. brown sentence log now happen in philadelphia. district attorney's office says effaces maximum possible sentence of 320 years in jail. we told you about the hunt for this guy last night and tonight delaware state police say 23-year-old matthew harrington has turned himself in. he is one of two suspects wanted for a home invasion deadly one in dover. left three people shot and two dead. police are looking for 21-year-old shabazz. >> police are on the hunt for the person who shot a man over and over. just past 1:00 this afternoon. the shots rang out on the 2,000 block of auburn street in kensington. police say the victim is a man in his 20s shot in the upper body. he is at temple university hospital and is expected to
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survive. and we have learned this is not the first time he's been shot. no arrests has of yet. two years later an jury found a demolition contractor guilty of six counts of manslaughter. >> the trial has been under way for weeks now and the defendant never stopped fighting. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from the sight of that building collapse in center city tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: the jury rejected third degree murder charges which would have meant a mandatory life sentence. in the meantime families of some of the victims say they agree witness verdict but they're now looking toward its civil trial. >> very grateful to the jury for spending two weeks plus deliberating and listening to the evidence. also to the district attorney's office for bringing this case. report roar this attorney is speaking on be half of his client standing next to him whose wife rose lien was call in the mark street building collapse. today, a jury convicted demolition contractor griffin campbell on six counts of involuntary manslaughter for his
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role in the tragedy that happened more than two years ago. >> mr. campbell was not stone. he was not under the influence of any intoxicants. you know, again, we tried an aggressive case. i feel he was following the guidance and direction. he testified that he thought he can still get the building done safely. it was a tough call for the jurors. >> six people were killed when a building next to the system vision army was being demolished and the wall came crashing down. about a dozen others were hurt including a woman found alive hours later. buried in debris. but her legs had to be amputat amputated. prosecutors say campbell controlled the work site and was given several warnings by co-worker and arc. >> if you're going to take a building down, you got to do it the right way. you can't take shortcuts. you can't ignore the law. you have to look out for the safety of everybody when you doing a project like this. >> reporter: attorneys for the families of the victims say the next step is the civil trial set for september of next year to determine if others should be held accountable in the tragedy. >> this verdict is just one small piece of the much larger
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puzzle and there are a number of parties, you know, who's guilt was not adjudicated here. >> reporter: and back here live, campbell will be sentenced sometime in january. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. two horses and many chickens died in bucks county barn fire. officials say the animals were trapped when fire broke out in the barn along saw mill road in solebury yesterday. so sad. this photo shows what is left of the barn. fire investigators are looking into what started it. authorities do not believe anything suspicious about the fire that destroyed a century old clubhouse at a montgomery county country club. skyfox over lulu country club in glenside today. this fire burned yesterday morning. you can just tell how devastating it was. it spread quickly because the building had a heavy timber roof with a large open attic. clubhouse opened way back in 1912. if you're not old enough to drink alcohol you may not be old
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enough to buy or light up a cigarette. as bill anderson reports a proposed bill in the state legislature would raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21. ♪ >> reporter: latest proposed legislation would make pennsylvania one of just a handful of states to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. >> as a mother, i just know that children between age and 21 are still developing, and i thought if we moved the age up to 21 they would would be more mature when it came time to make a decision. >> haveness is brown says he need to country stricting smoking and legislation will do that and she said it's not just for the 18 to 20 years olds who will be directly impacted. >> those children are introduced month smoking from other children in school. so the 18-year-olds are still immature and they're not mature enough to say no to the younger children that are below 18 when they asked for cigarette they
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just give to them. >> reporter: most polling data gifts the overwhelming majority of people nationally support increasing the smoking age much that's pretty much what we found. >> kids these days can't make their own decisions. they got to come to mom to get cigarettes. i think they should absolutely raise the limit to 21. >> reporter: of course there's always the other side including comments like these from social media. if you can die for your country at 18, then you should have all the freedoms and you're legally an adult at 18 why have to wait until 21 to smoke a bleep cigarette? >> representative brown reminds us, it's it's it's just not that simple. >> we have to put some type of rule on substance that is will affect their health, and that will impact younger children. we have to set some rules. >> reporter: it's an interesting on-going debate because the benefits of not smoking are clear. but the question is, how far should the government go in protecting you from yourself
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before it g intrusive? of course we want to know what you think. you can comment on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. a wallet lost on the other side of the world is finding its way back tots owners in philadelphia. the power of social media. fox 29 gets results. an actor recreating a famous shoot out bus his gun has live burrell let's. what happened when he pull the trigger in a room full of people. >> 16 months and four grand later this company has not delivered a loved ones gravestone. they're both angry and sad. >> why do we going to through this? how does this map put his head down at night knowing there's people out there chasing after him for a stone? >> see what happens when fox 29 investigates starts pressing for answers. ♪
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♪ >> new police dash cam video shows officers questioning cleveland brown quarterback johnny manziel after a fight with his girlfriend. 911 caller saw white nissan speeding and female passenger trying to open the door. police found manziel and his girlfriend colleen crowley on the side of the road. manziel says crowley threw his wallet out the window. she says he pushed her head into the window and hit her. police asked cruel physical she wanted them to take her home. she shuffled told them know and so they left authorities in chester county want to you take a good look at these surveillance pictures. that man is wanted for strong armed robbery inside a pharmacy. police say he walked into the cvs on lancaster avenue in paoli yesterday, went over to the
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cashier and pulled out a tire iron demanding money. he got cash and drove off in a dark vehicle. if you have any information please call tredyffrin police. to west brandywine chester county police say they responded to a burglary in progress last night at a home on the 100 block of ramble wood drive. investigators say a man broke into the home and woke up the family with all the noise. the guy did get away and police say someone broke into several cars at other homes and they want residents to be on the look out and always lock their cars. >> tonight we know that names of one of people killed in fire over the weekend pleasantville firefighters say 48 year old jenny lopez tavaras and another person died in a fire early saturday morning. firefighters were called to the 600 block of west write street around 2:00 in the morning. it took no time before the house was burned to a hull. an autopsy has been done to determine cause of death. had a cause has not been released. investigators are trying to find the people who torch add
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couple of suv in port richmond. firefighters responded to jannie street and east tow owing good around 3:00 this morning. somebody put something in the gas tanks of the suv's and lit them. a neighbor managed to put out both fires and thankfully no wasn't were you hurt. in northern liberties cops hope this surveillance video can help locate this guy wanted for stealing things from parked cars along the 200 block of west george street. police say he got away with some clothing a gym bag somebody sneakers valued at over $500. investigators think this is the same guy who stole trash cans from outside the homes on the same street back in january. >> you decide next month philadelphia voter voters will e for the next mayor of the city of brotherly lofton night we again heard from the candidates. the third mayoral debate took place at temple university performing arts center host beside several local newspapers. tonight's debate focused on business and economic development and every day citizens also got to ask the candidates question questions va twitter. >> fox 29 getting results tonight.
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a lost wallet near the 8,000 miles i was is making its way back to its owner tonight all thanks to fox 29 social media and a little bit of luck. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us now with more this crazy coincidence. chris. >> reporter: iain, talk about a small world. i got a facebook message from a woman i never met in south africa. she told me she had the missing wallet of a man fox 29 interviewed months ago. well, tonight, the wallet is on its way back to its rightful owner. you may remember martin man's and david moody the fishtown couple renting out their townhouse before last month's papal visit. >> fast forward 10 months later when the pair traveled back to martins homeland of south africa for vacation. and the couple's mountain top engage many. but the celebration turned sour. >> i had my credit card, my debit card in it. >> mans talking with us on web cam from south africa had
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misplaced his wallet in a restaurant in the picturesque town of nice na last week but not 24 hours later -- >> it took me just a few minutes. >> reporter: friend of penny posted on facebook they had found the wallet. talk about the power of social media. the self professed queen of google went to work. >> i found this wallet and i immediately started looking for them. >> penny's search led her to a cousin of marti martin's and thx 29 story we did back in january. within hours a connect. they made contact with a u.s. journalist, fox 29, who just happened to have martin's number. a stranger helping a stranger. >> having facebook and all connector and. it made such a difference. >> we contacted man who's soon get this wallet back and still and side that wallet his prized
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possession. >> i did have a four leaf clover in my wallet. the next day i said the only thing i want out of my wallet is my four leaf clover now it made it back to me. >> his wall sleet 13 hour drive away from where he's staying in south africa. a friend of the person who found that wallet is flying to johannesburg tomorrow morning. she'll deliver the wallet to martin before he returns to philadelphia. guys? >> great story, chris. this past saturday a two-year-old was found wandering alone in love park. >> it turns out that little boy named jeremiah his four-year-old sister and his parents are homeless. and they were living in the pa park. but not any more. chose season 300 minute trees of west philadelphia lurched a cam paper and raised $12,000 in 12 days to help the family get housing for a year. the community came through in a big way. putting up that family in an apartment and it will be
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completely furnish. little jeremiah and his sister however are now with dhs. no word on when the family will be reunited. temple university's jumping into the digital world paying off big type. the university is partne partneg with newspapers and philadelphia dallas and miami on a project designed to help traditional news rooms speed their adoption of mobile and digital first practices. the university school of media and communications said it's getting $1.3 million to start this project. >> after reuniting a famous shoot out had a loaded gun. so what happened when he pulled that trigger in a room full of people? and it's the intersection people in one local community say is truly an accident waiting to happen. they contacted us to get some results but they're also taking extreme measures of their own to keep people say. >> a winning lottery ticket sold right in our area. oh, it's big. how much and what those winning numbers are ahead. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly.
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good evening,. >> i'm surveillance yo in more bob kelly this is a biggy. the vine street expressway will be closed in both directions from the schuylkill to broad street and this is starting at 11:00 p.m. and going until 5:00 in the morning. so keep that in hyped and make your plans accordingly. bob kelly will be back tomorrow morning and we'll have all the details for you starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> fort myers police releasing video showing the moment that gunshots were fired at the ninth annual zombie con saturday nig night. several gunshots can be heard in the background of this video followed by the crowd screaming and running in all directions. the shooting left 20-year-old tyrell taylor dead and five others injured. taylor's family says the loss is devastating. >> just talk to him this morni morning. never want to bury a child. never want to bury is sibling at all period especially when they try to do everything that is right. you don't understand why somebody would do something like that. >> they're looking for a man in his late teens or early 20s and not sure yet of a motive. incredible video from the us coast guard shows a rescue atticism check this out.
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the coast guard hoist add woman with chest pains off the a cruise ship. the 57-year-old mother was on the grand princess when she had heart tack. official say that rescue most likely saved her life. to the east the coast guard still trying to figure out what happened to houston ship channel. tugboat and part of a barge partially submerged don't know what happened yet but did it slow traffic along the always busy channel. the tug was carrying hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel and some of it did spill into the water. crews have contained it. no one is hurt. ohio is delaying all executions until 2017 the reason a lack of lethal drugs. announcement ohio will go at least two years without putting anyone to death and marks another set back in efforts to carry out tap capitol punish many in the state. more than two dozen executions are scheduled nearly four years into the future to august of 1919 but ohio run out of supplies of its old drugs. actor is recovering after being shot with real bullets
10:25 pm
during a reenactment scene in tombstone, arizona. it happened just yesterday afternoon the. tombstone marshall' office actors tom carter and the victim were acting out a fake bun fight when a bullet hit curtis in the leg. turns out his weapon had live rounds instead of blanks. other buildings were hit by bullets and some of the actors are confused how this could have happened. >> the rounds are issued from the armory report president. so we know you didn't bring your own rounds. the accident can't happen. the mayor put a stop to the performance until all the actors bullets could be checked to avoid another incident. right now no word on any criminal charges will be file. coming up a breast cancer warning for pre-teen girls. the conversation you should be having with your doctor now. >> a local family says they were made to wait months for a headstone for a loved one. they paid every cent up front. fox 29 investigates tells their emotional story that's coming
10:26 pm
up. kathy? >> it is going to be chilly start to the day but temperatures are going to warm really quickly. soaring into the 70s in the seven day. we'll take look at the numbers and your weekend ahead coming up with fox 29 news at 10:00 continues.
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♪ right now at 10:30 incredible video shot off the coast of ocean city, new jersey. this video comes to us from dr. tim shuttle tee and his family. they set up a drone to capture a whale feeding not far from the shore line. incredible site. >> waiting for it to go up again. fox 29 working to get results for moms afraid their children are going get hurt. they say the dangers are much traveled intersection. >> as folks twine's bruce gordon reports moms have seen accident after accident. now, they're fed up. >> reporter: these are all car parts all through here. >> yup. >> reporter: carol pullman says the debris from bad accidents at the intersection of county roads 602 and 551 includes parts from a wreck just last week. >> several of my neighbors in our development have been involved in these accidents,
10:30 pm
have ended up in the hospital. the one most recent old on thursday was night neighbor down the street. >> reporter: pullman is one of a number of local moms fed up with a they view as a dangerous intersection with insufficient signals. traffic on auburn road and odd man' creek approaches his intersection at 50 miles an hour. auburn has a flashing yellow light. old mans creek a lashing red. we spent the morning watching nervous drivers peering out to see if it was safe to cross. >> i think the biggest danger is the flashing red because for people who don't know you don't know the other direction does not have the flashing red. they're not going to stop. so you have to keep inching, inching out. >> reporter: flashing lights actually represent some progress installed several years ago to replace stop signs. safer but not safe enough according to those who live around who are. since these are county roads it's gloucester county's call on upgrading the lights. >> dangerous intersection in woolwich township. >> reporter: i called state senator steve sweeney's officer
10:31 pm
this is his district after all to see what could be done. the moms tell me they've been told by the county that flashing lights are good enough at this rural intersection. they want real lights, green, yellow and red. >> what we've got to do is remember that safety is first. >> reporter: they believe this intersection is become a game of vehicular russian roulette. >> it's kind of catch if you c can. i think it is safe so i'm going to turn. nobody is really sure what's supposed to be happening. >> reporter: in case you're wondering wool wyche township officials are with these mom. they've been trying for sometime now to get a real traffic light at this intersection. in addition to my calls to the county's public information officer and county engineer, the moms say they will try and plead their case before the board of freeholders this week try and get some action to make she is a safer intersection for all. we'll keep you posted. in woolwich township, gloucester county, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. penndot preparing for the upcoming winter season they'd like you to do the same. department says they're getting they're 2200 trucks ready for any winter conditions that may come.
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and they're reminding drivers to have an emergency kit with non perishable food, water and some blankets and clothes just in case you get stranded. they say a car cell phone charger is a good thing to have in case of emergency. in your health more and more pre teen girls are worried about breast cancer. researchers studied 800 girls who had close family member with breast cancer or mutations known to increase breast cancer risks. these girls were nearly three times as likely to report themselves at an increased risk of breast cancer than their peers. the study authors suggests to cam any concerns mothers with breast cancer should discuss their condition wis your daughters as well as what they can do in terms of guide and lifestyle to minimize the risk. these finds are in the journal pediatric. you ever wish you can take a nap in the middle of the day? we've got something that you can show your employer. it's a great idea apparently. more researchers backing this up. new study publish in the suggests a nam during the day may help you learn better. part of the research including
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having one group of people nap during a 90 minute group. another group rested. avenue the break the group that slept remembered this a whole loyal lot better than the group that did not. >> i like that. >> let me think about that. >> little nappy brighten you up. beautiful night in old city philadelphia. it's a little bit on the chilly side. buts auction see not much going on. i think everyone is glued to they are television sets perhaps watching fox 29 right now the temperature 48. the high temperature for the day 55 degrees. winds out of the south southwest at about 9 miles an hour. now temperatures not quite as cold as last night. but still there will be a chill in the morning. 48 degrees in philadelphia. 42 degrees in trenton. mount pocono 43 degrees. you can see in millville a chilly 40-degree temperature there. we're going to watch as high pressure dominates our weather. it moves offshore and you get this return flow the southwesterly wind. it's going to last through
10:34 pm
tuesday, through wednesday. through thursday and it will keep all the cloud cover in the moisture well to the west. all the weather will travel along and around this bubble that will be created over us because of this area of high pressure. so pretty quiet weather and a warming trend will be underway. now, overnight tonight, 43 in the city. 38 in the suburbs. mainly clear. not quite as cold. that's got news. still chilly to start but warming quickly. the high temperature 68 which is seasonal for this time of year. as we look at the region as a whole temperatures starring off in the 30s and 40s but these are the afternoon temperatures. ing see skate in pottstown. allentown 68. 68 degrees in reading. so really nice afternoon. and wednesday it gets even warmer for this time of year. temperatures well into the 70s by the afternoon. peeking in the mid 70s on your seven day forecast 68 the high on tuesday. wednesday 73. out of a cold front on thursday the winds will increase, 75. behind that front little bit cooler for your friday.
10:35 pm
and temperatures will be falling for saturday. with a chance avenue shower by sunday and still a chill in the air monday but remember, average high temperatures for this time of year are in the 60s. so any time you get a temperature above like 66, consider that a bonus. >> take it. >> yeah. >> looking pretty good there. it looks very good. >> you know what looks really really good a winning lottery tick. a big one sold in our area. we're talking good money here. how much and what those winning numbers are straight ahead. >> oprah winfrey joining weight watchers but not as member. what the media mogil is doing with the popular weight loss company. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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♪ check your powerball ticke tickets. yours could be worth a million dollars. sunoco gas station on the 3200 block of cheltenham avenue sold a winning ticket from saturday's drawing worth $1 million. yup. right here in philadelphia. the station gets a $5,000 bonus
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for selling the ticket. the winning numbers here we go, 48, 49, 57, 62, 69 and the powerball 19. did you win, iain? did you win. >> i wasn't in it. so i didn't win it. but any way. in your money tonight, amazon fighting against fake reviews. the company filing a lawsuit late last week against more than 1,000 people who apparently take money to give fake reviews for five bucks a pop. all the defendants use fiber where people can buy services for just $5 for each job. amazon not suing fiber but the individuals offer to take those fake reviews that's according to an amazon spokesperson. oprah winfrey join weight watchers and got a big stake not taltalking beef part owner. media mogil snatched up a 10% stake in the famous diet company with plans to scan the brand. she is also going to use a services such as the weight
10:40 pm
watchers mobile app and she'll work with personal coach. she's agreed to let weight watchers use her name and image in ads. >> earliest apple computers ever built could fetch as much as $800,000. the apple one from 1976 boasts a starting bid of about 371,000 bucks. according to a description of the computer, on christie's website the offering includes an extremely rare first manual that apple issued when the computers were released back in the '70. hess gas stations may be history but they're iconic toy trucks are not. the canapes dag they will be selling a new fire truck and ladder rescue. it goes on sale on their website november 1st. hess has been selling the trucks during the holidays since 1964. the truck is pretty cool if you take look at it. oversized tires, led lights and sun effects. >> all the family wanted was the headstone they had paid for. but they didn't get it. they called fox 29 investigates.
10:41 pm
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local family says it was made that much worse by a company that would not give them the stone for the grave. >> they had to pay up front for it in full. so they called fox 29 investigates jeff cole reports on what happened next. ♪ >> reporter: james joseph lavin's final resting place is saint patrick's cemetery in east norriton with its flags and seasonal decorations, the grave has all the markings of care offered by a family that deeply misses a loved one. >> he was very sociable guy, laughed all the time. he was -- he was a good guy. >> i remember tough love. i can certainly say that about dad, too. >> reporter: he was the father of six who spent his career as a cop. rising to the rank of lieutenant in the philadelphia force before becoming the chief in jenkinto jenkintown. >> when he died at 84 his family paid nearly $4,000 up front to live stone by stephan of upper
10:45 pm
darby for this gravestone. that was way back on may eighth, 2014. more than 16 months later, and there was no stone marking james lavin's grave. >> it's sad. it will make you cry. because you want it finish. you want it there. >> reporter: what's worse, here's the stone. fully engraved at the vermont company where the engraving was done. light stone sent the lavins this picture back on may 13th of this year claiming they were schedule link delivery. but four months later and james lavin's grave had no headstone. >> the stone is already made. we have a picture of it. it's just that it's not being released it's not given to us much it's not placed. what do we do next? where do we go. >> i feel like i'm being held ransom or the stone is being held ransom something we paid for it and it's sitting there since may. >> reporter: live stone by stephan owns a group of memorial
10:46 pm
companies stretching across the region. this is a company executive greg stephan. >> when you come here and you see the stone, what do you thi think? >> i'm sad. it's upsetting. >> we met stephan in september with pat munroe and her family of germantown called to complain. they said 10 months after they paid live stone 2400 bucks to complete the engraving of their parents stone and place their pictures it in the work hadn't been done. >> how does this make you feel. >> horrible. horrible. >> reporter: is he fanny told us a rough winter and difficulty in reproducing the photos slowed the work. then he made a big promise. >> we're going to take care of this. we'll fully refund mrs. -- >> monroe. >> munroe and get the work done for her. >> all the money back and you'll dot work in essence for free. yes, all the money back and we'll do the work for free because we want her to be happy.
10:47 pm
>> munroe says the engraving work has now been done but the pictures are not recessed in the stone as she ordered. she says her 2400 bucks have not been returned as promised but last week stephan called to say they would secure the stones to the marker and her money would be returned when her file was closed. the lavins contact the fox 29 after seeing munroe's story. >> why do we going to through this? how does this man put his head down at night knowing there's people out there chasing after him for a stone. >> reporter: lavin says she kept his hand scrolled tally of the repeated calls she made to live stone. she says some of the calls were never returned. others were with delivery dates that weren't kept. they hired a lawyer who sent this letter to live stone in july demanding immediate delivery or their money back. a late august date was promised. it never happen. >> it's frustrating. it's disheartening.
10:48 pm
it's you know disgraceful. >> reporter: what's going on? >> trouble for live stone. >> andrew good is the regional vice-president for the mid atlantic better business bureau. he says his agencies has slapped live stone with that failing to respond to dozens of complaints and making emotionally frail consumers weight forehead stones. >> we've seen a year, we've seen months and months. we've seen consumers have never been satisfied and we don't even know how it turns out because the company failed to answer us. >> court records in montgomery county show a hatfield woman won a $6,900 judgment last month against live stone and greg stephan. maria rodriguez says over year ago her family paid live stone 2400 bucks for a headstone for her mother's grave and got nothing. as for james lavin's stone on monday, october 5th fox 29 investigates left a message for
10:49 pm
greg stephan asking why the marker hadn't and played. one day later, and it was there. stephan left a voice message on my cell phone wondering why we call in the first place. >> i'm not sure why you call. the monument is installed in the cemetery. as far as i know she's happy with everything. >> we played it for joe lavin. >> it's ludicrous. that he would sit there and have the gall to say such a thing that we're satisfied and there's there sounds like he's insinuating there was no probl problem. >> right. >> and there certainly has been a problem for the past, what, 17 months. >> reporter: despite our repeated calls live stone did not explain its grade of f from the better business bureau. on the lavins its lawyer says permitting issues, changes in hours and staffing at saint patrick's cemetery led to the delay. he also said a specialist had to be used to place the stone.
10:50 pm
the secretary for the cemetery says that's not right. she says the only change in hours has been seasonal, staff has been around for years, and the cemetery's forklift could have been used. the priest overseeing the cemetery says, life stone has been removed from its list of gravestone providers. jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right. sean you're here with sports. eagles got a big game tonight. >> who cares about that. that game is awful right now. instead of talking about the eagles we'll talk about the best team in philly. >> okay. >> who is that. >> that's the temple owls. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> leading up to the top ranking and blue jay' offense wakes up in toronto. alcs continues and the jays have decided to make series. an explosive third inning much that's next in sports.
10:51 pm
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♪ temple owls the talk of the town.
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best team in philly. six-zero for the first time since 1979. and they're not now ranked in the top 25 in both the coaches poll and the ap poll. quick tush around after saturday's game they'll play on sunday and this could be the classic trap game. they almost lost to central florida because. the same can happen against east carolina. they play in front of a sold out crowd. they can pass the pirates and get you an l. last time they started off six six-zero they lost the following game. that can't happen. head coach matt ruhle what's to legitimize the top 25 ranking. >> in the long run, we have to make it means something by winning and being in the top 25 at the end of the year probably very excite fog our fans and our families and friends. i think within this building, um, it's just rec anything of what's past and we're focused on what's next. >> to baseball acls the kansas city royals are up two games over the toronto blew jays much
10:55 pm
the jays down two games against the rangers and able to come back. trying to do it once again. toronto's offense has to get going and it did bottom of the third. jays up three-two. tulowitzki hits a three run blast to dead center put the jays up sick-two. later same inning josh donaldson hits a two run shot to left center. the jays offense exploded. they're currently up 10-four in the eighth. eagles/giants on right now. we can't show you the highlights because the network restrictions but it's good news for eagles fans. bad news for if the ball fans. this game is ugly. eagles are currently up 24-seven and giants just shot themselves in the foot all game. eli man hemoglobin two interceptions. one was a pick six to nolan carol. eagles defense has three sacks on eli. a sloppy, sloppy football game over at the linc. so far a total of five turnovers
10:56 pm
make that six turnovers by the two teams. here's something that's more entertaining than that. game right now up in buffalo this is what happens before the games while they tailgate. wwe action rock bottom. all of that. some fun fans. buffalo has won in long time. this is entertain and. look at this. over the back. >> oh! >> who cares if you hurt yourself if it's enter takenning, right. >> can we get -- anybody want to try this right now. >> no, i'm not trying it. >> that's not smart right there. >> you got a lot of liquor in you. (laughter). >> it does that hurt. >> next day you'll feel it. >> a couple beers. >> liquid courage. >> tequila. shots. >> you'll be all right. >> the next day you're done. >> yeah. >> all right. sean bell. >> we got a full hour of entertainment news, tmz followed
10:57 pm
by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia" sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning. thank goodness we don't have to cover as much coming up. >> tomorrow afternoon great. >> sean, you've been equally entertainment. >> get that liquor on.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> so game had $250,000 just lying around. so what did he do? >> i felt like i owed diddy something so i bought him a ferrari. >> why did he buy him a car? >> why did game buy diddy a car? >> why did he buy him the car? >> why did game buy diddy the car? >> can you sop with diddy? >> we get it. >> lamar odom is doing much better. khloe kardashian, she's going to walk him through the entire rehab process. >> which is months. >> this proves, at least if i'm james harden, she will never love me. like she loves lamar odom. >> lamar odom doesn't have anyone else to take care of him. he drives around by himself with a driver. when he was at the brothel, he was alone. >> he should be alone in a brothel. >> tom brady's first baby momma got married this weekend. she got married to the businema


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