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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 20, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, breaking news this morning, police say a man is stabbed during a home invasion overnight, steve keeley is rushing to the scene to get very latest for us. olympic runner oscar pistorius was released from prison just hours ago, why conditions foreman who never denied killing his girlfriend made these too hard to face. good morning dave kinchen. eagles get it done in a key division match up, we will take you back to all of the action as fans are, getting a a cup of coffee and celebrating this morning. >> nice to wake up to that. >> man whom prosecutors say is at center of the one of the most famous robberies of the 20th century now on trial, story of alleged mobster who inspired a classic film. good day, it is tuesday, october 20th, 2015, big win,
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everybody is excited for the eagles. they are now tied for first with the giants in the nfc east. >> three and three, each team. >> list toned big daddy graham who will be on at 5:45 talking about sam bradford did not have a great game. so we will hear more from him about that but demarco murray went crazy last night, did you see the game. >> here's the thing, it was on mountain bedroom, the whole game, while i was in the bed, and didn't see anything. so, yeah, that is what it is like living with me, baby. forty-eight degrees, relative humidity, and 71 percent and southeasterly wind at 11 miles an hour. do you remember where we were yesterday at this time in temperature was 35 in the city. the it was even colder elsewhere. so now look at this, we're in the 40's all over the place. we have 20's in mount pocono and allentown and pottstown yesterday. big, big change in temperature, and, a well will
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comes change in many cases. nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar and, of course, the the game already happened so we did end up with temperatures in the 40's. folks were chilly last night, but it was, worth it. >> so, yesterday, the the average high was 66 degrees. we were below average with the high of 55. the that is a all we made it to. we're getting close to that right now. today we expect a high of 68 degrees, wow, what a warm up. plenty of unshine. it will get wind toy day as well, keep that in mine. might in mess with your due and it the will be 522 degrees tonight. no, it is going to be 52 degrees tonight. here's the thing, nobody is paying one bit of attention, i could say 522 degrees tonight and be in will even watch. at least you are, out there. >> thank you. >> and, you know, there is good reason why there is a lot of distraction in the studio now, bob kelly, you have a in
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studio traffic reporter. >> we have a has mass situation here. >> we have a fuel spill, hold on. >> chris, i know it is the trail that goes from the studio door right past lauren's chair. >> yes. >> around the curve right to where your coffee mug, is sitting. >> yes. >> for the preshow tease and 3/4's of my cup end up on the floor. >> dawn make it, bob. >> i think i got it. >> we're good. clean up aisle three. >> i wanted to say get traffic flowing againy don't know we have on get hold of the penndot guys. it is early this morning. good morning everybody on a tuesday and we have work crew is here on i-95 southbound. right here near route one in bucks county, overnight crews also out here along that admiral wilson boulevard working your way between airport circle and bennie but no problems up a and over that ben franklin coming into
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downtown. they are still shut down on the vine street expressway, the eastbound lanes, between the schuylkill and broad street, as part of the overnight construction, westbound closed, eastbound heading in towards the the city. if you come off to the schuylkill we can use spring garden, 30th or you can use south street to get your self into downtown. otherwise we're in good shape. speedometer readings in the 50's on all of the major roadways. they are still working on 422, cooler temperatures they love it, construction guys getting a all of the work down. the westbound 422 near trooper road interchange. philly international so far, so good catching an early flight out of the airport and mass transit running with no delays. the chris and lauren, back to you. we have to turning to this breaking news, one person stabbed in the home invasion in kensington. >> lets get out to steve keeley on f street where all this happened, steve, what can you tell us. >> reporter: guy that was died up and stabbed tied to a bed by the way he is okay, up and
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talking thanks to the doctors and detective at temple emergency right now. he is a witness and will be okay. he was worst of the three victims hurt but one, woman who was kidnaped, and driven, and forced to take money out of the atm by two guys who had crude masks on and gloves. one guy using socks for gloves ape we're in kensington continue on and scene here still active. one of the victims you can see that white honda there parked near the house where that happened. why these people were targeted is the the big question and with is is chief inspector scott small. that is the big unanswered quo right now woman was only able to withdraw $100 out of the atm so why were these people targeted, the the house is in the middle of the block here on f street. >> yeah, we're not sure of their motivation why they picked this particular house. is there usually some underlying reason or reason but all three victims they are at temple hospital new but detective are also at temple hospital and will interview
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all three victims to find out the exactly why they were targeted. >> reporter: thinks a regular almost daily occurrence in this city people sleeping in the middle of the night, people break in, home invasions and strange case of being forced to drive to a atm and withdraw money we heard before but this is something you have seen a lot of these days in philadelphia a for some reason. >> we have seen home invasions in the city in the past and we take these investigation varies seriously. in this particular case not only were two of the three victims tied up, one was beat up and stabbed and the third victim, who was not tied up, was forced to drive, three blocks, point of a knife and hammer which is an abduction. >> reporter: weapons in this case a knife and a hammer and woman that was driven and forced to withdraw money, it it was most hysterical when you came across your three witnesses. >> she was really upset. she was forced to drive three blocks and take out $100. that is all she had in her atm
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machine and when she came back she got the in the physical altercation with at least one of these purpose traitors and started screaming which actually helped us. someone called 911, reported a person was screaming, 24th district police got here right away, so a male with a hammer and wearing a mask and they immediately apprehended this individual who tried to escape in the female's car. >> reporter: you get the one guy and while they are stopping the the car cops got his foot on the break catching the bad guy, they see other guy with him, running but they thought maybe that guy is running from the scene they were concentrating on getting the guy in the car where the girl was screaming. >> yeah, they were just initially concentrating on the male with the hammer in his hand who jumped in the car. both responding officers jumped in the car to make the apprehension and they realized a second male with dark clothing was fleeing on foot north on f street. so, one of the two are apprehended but we know there is a lot of cameras in the
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neighborhood even in the area where woman was abducted at k and a. we know there are cameras there. hopefully their cameras recorded these second individuals. >> great work, as well. thanks again. through go, lauren and chris, our viewers waking up to the same news another home invation. if you are watching us and saying here we go again at least you are waking up safely unlike these three people two women and a man. for some reason maybe they will figure it out but right new they have no idea why these people were targeted. they thought the these people had more than just a hundred dollars in the checking account. >> we will check back if you get more information, thanks. we have more breaking news, this morning. one man shot and killed in east oak lane h this happened just before 3:00 on the 6700 block of 11th street. >> that man, lauren mentioned, was taken to einstein after being shot but for now dead before he got there. police right now at the scene looking for anything that might tell him who did this. we will keep an eye on that.
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let's switch gears. the eagles, blew out the giants in a 27-seven victory last night at the link. >> that is putting the eagles record now at three-three on the season. they are tied for first place, in the nfc east. dave kinchen now live with more on this. you know when giant and eagles come back again to face each other it could get more interesting and last night. >> reporter: it will be beautiful. beautiful set up for a bigger showdown here at the the wawa in pennsauken. a lot of people will be coming in getting their cup of coffee and talking some eagles as they head into work and feeling good about it too. listening to the action right now, of course bradford, sam bradford to riley cooper. 32-yard touchdown right there. first touchdown that puttying also on the board there. nolan carol with the pick six off eli manning. that gave the bird a lead. beautiful right there as we continued on bradford did have
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three interceptions for the night but the eagles did have 27 unanswered points. really a good performance. and fans are feeling pretty good about this all the way around. >> i'm happy they won the football game but sam bradford did not show me enough tonight, i'm not impressed. >> defense dominated, kept the damage to the minimum and they took of, turnovers, defensive touchdowns, awesome win. >> it was good. the we can make some noise. end of the story. the league, it is all over the the place this year. >> all night vinny curry comes clean. >> reporter: let's make some noise. and by the way last eagles pick six at home with the giants brian dawkins 1997 for a little history there bird are focusing on the panthers, this is a great win, first place, division action does not get much better than that.
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we will keep going, guys. >> absolutely. >> you saw demarco murray touchdown there. finally he had a break out game with 109 yards. >> reporter: yeah, about time, big moment for him, big, big night. >> let's hope for more big nights from our big strong running back we got in the off season. next month philadelphia voters will vote for their next mayor of the city of brotherly love and last night the we heard from the candidates. >> third mayoral debate took place at temple university arts center hosted by several local newspaper. the debate focused on business and economic development and public got to ask candidates questions via twitter. 4:11. why the obama administration is indicating some long awaited upgrade for the government insurance web site, could it take more time. as republican presidential candidates are about to get secret service protection, earlier than anyone in the party. who and why? i will go to the hazmat clean up.
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welcome to the spill everybody in the studio. i'm cleaning it up.
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i don't know what dance that was. >> celebrating from the 80's. >> why are we playing this. >> holiday.
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>> i have no idea. the because eagles won 27-seven. >> got a hear this. >> yes. >> that was the hashtag yesterday. >> it went, it was trending locally in philly and then nationally. >> we went national. >> so we're trying to do this again because we want people to pay attention to the fact that eagles are kind of amazing, right? we need celebration songs. the yesterday it was pump me up we had to get excited for the game. today is celebrating. >> playing celebrate. there is a party going on right right here, a celebration to last throughout the year. >> you got a hear it. >> good times and laughter too and turn up madonna the man in audio u. >> all of the coffee you spilled, out of your system. >> sue serio what do you got the to hear when you are celebrating. >> oh, boy. >> we will let you think. >> i'm going to think of something old and corny, like me. lets look at morning lows. we have one record low
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temperature yesterday, 27 degrees, happy days are here again the skies above are clear again. the that is one that just popped in my head. anyway, we have all those 20's yesterday but look at the what will happen. we have high pressure moving off shore, southeasterly wind coming in and quite the dramatic warm up, from yesterday, and it was burr yesterday, but not so much today. it is still chilly, 48 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-nine in lancaster. we have 45 degrees in allentown. forty-three in hazelton. forty-nine in woodbine. forty-nine in brigantine. lewis, delaware is 43. forty-four in dover. so, right now we don't have as many cloud as we might. we have a cold front waiting in the wings for thursday, and the question, will we get any rain from it? maybe not that within but there is one over weekend that could give us some rain. we will look back, before we
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look ahead. we have had those 70's early last week. we saw that steady, slow plunge of temperatures, into the 50's over the weekend. 55 degrees was our high yesterday but today, look at that 68 degrees and look at that tomorrow, 70's, for tomorrow and for thursday, and then we will cool down on friday, saturday, and sunday, we have a chance of showers rolling in on sunday and maybe lasting into the morning hours, of monday, but we have not had any measurable rain now since the the ninth of october. so by the time weekend gets here it will hold off until after the weekend is over, we are definitely ready for some rain. that is a look at nice mid week warm upcoming bob kelly, looking forward to that. >> 4:17. are we going to have the frost like we did yesterday? >> not today. >> it was so cool yesterday, i had day off so difficult some things that i normally don't get a chance to do take austin to school and driving out to the driveway, the grass looked
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like it had a light layer of snow no frost today. we have construction on the vine street expressway. eastbound coming off the schuylkill still closed between the schuylkill expressway and broad street, as part of the reconstruction of the vine overpass here. so if you are coming into the city off the schuylkill expressway you won't have access to the vine. if you are typically leaving at this hour you you know the drill, spring garden street, 30th or south will give you access across the the river and then to any of the numbered street. still working out here at trooper road just off of route 422, heading out towards that trooper road interchange just be ready by exiting 422 we will go right in the construction zone. we have one lane until 5:30 or so. kind of quiet, no problems pulling out of the toll plaza at the valley forge interchange of the turnpike and eastbound on the schuylkill we are good to go. no work crews at all, all of the lanes are open and we're ready as we head around that
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conshohocken curve in chester county. looking good up and down 202 but still working on route one hundred between 113 and downingtown interchange of the turnpike. chris and lauren back over to you. 4:19. it was last october a judge sentenced oscar pistorius to five years for culpable homicide and manslaughter in reeva steenkamp's. he is not a freeman just yet. he is under house arrest. he has very serious strict rules to follow here in the condition of his release. pistorius will be under electronic monitoring and have other limitations until his sentence end in 2019. he must meet with the steenkamp family if they want to speak with him. pistorius release getting mixed reactions in south africa. >> it is very weak, because if i killed my girlfriend, i'm in jail like 25 years. >> unaudible.
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>> so-called blade runner has never denied killing steenkamp on valentines day of 2013 but has said he mistook her for a intruder. an accused new york mobster from good fell as is on trial. vincent is accused in connection to the lufthansa a airlines hold up. the heist yielded six million-dollar in cash and jewels at a cargo terminal a at kennedy airport. he is on trial for long list of mob related charges including murder. >> one of the beautiful things about federal law for federal prosecutors is that the the crimes can be 50 years old and if it is a certain type of crime and they can fold tonight to a conspiracy it is there forever. >> several mob turncoats are expect to testify against him, meanwhile, most of the other expect participants in the lufthansa heist are dead or missing. the. open enrollment is right around the corner but some of those long awaited upgrade to the obama care web site are still not ready.
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>> the white house said yesterday that the upgrade will take more time to complete. some of the issues users have are the new doctor look up tool as well as feature showing you whether your prescription is actually covered under obama care. the an ad perfectionist not committed to a dayton when these changes will be ready. open enrollment the runs november 1st through january january 31st. i think it is just a great example of why the open media room policy, it is old and needs to change. >> demanding privacy in the nfl locker room eye opening incident leaving players feeling vulnerable. but first we have your winning lottery numbers.
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i'm sean bell, the nfc east is terrible. the last night's game shows how awful it is, the east is this years nfc south, seven-nine can win this division and eagles/giants game, put the sloppiness on full display. although in the first quarter, to start off well, giants marched down the field. eli hooks up with odell beckham junior for 13-yard touchdown, seven to nothing g men. after an interception eagles capitalize as sam bradford
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find riley cooper for 32-yard touchdown. that tied the game up in the seven. eli only had two interceptions coming in the game, he had two last night. nolan carol with the pick six, 14-seven eagles. eagles finally had a full nice drive capped off with the demarco murray 12-yard touchdown run. the the giants and the eagles, a win, 27-seven, in a sloppy game, seven total turnovers. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> the nfl network is a apologizing for a, huge, mistake. >> everyone was talking about, yes, those naked bengals players seen walking across the screen during post game interview on sunday. >> network reporter was interviewing adam packman jones when other players showed some of their, bits and pieces. >> yes. >> it was a mistake. photograph does his best to focus in on jones but can't miss is what happening behind them. now the the nfl network
4:26 am
executive vice-president said the crew didn't follow procedures, that would have prevented this error. many players, long called for a policy on interviews in the locker room including andrew whitemore who got caught in the nude. >> this is a big issue to me. i have pressed this issue before with our union and the pennsylvania fact that i think it is wrong. this is my office space. i shouldn't to have change in it and be in front of the people that i don't know or don't have any purpose to be here other than the fact that they are interviewing other people. if i was a woman this would be a completely different subject and it one a fire storm. >> nfl policy allows all media members in the locker room following ten minute cooling off period after the game. when iowas in orlando, sometimes you are helping sports, but my sports crew need help in the locker room. i have seen some things. >> it happens. >> one of my co-workers, she wanted me to take her to the
4:27 am
game one time, because she wanted to look at the nude players. truth be told. >> speaking of the nfl, a giant win for the eagles last night, team fighting for top spot in the nfc east we have fan reaction to last night's victory at the link.
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question of whether vice-president joe biden will make a run for top job sparked wild speculation when biden is expected to get the in the race, and what hillary clinton thinks about the challenge for democratic nomination. >> we're still 12 and a half months until election day. boy scout troop was out for a hike when boys stumbled upon someone who really needed their help, how their training kick in and they became heroes. >> i love starting the day with news about heroes. >> absolutely. >> it is tuesday, october 20th, 2015, the morning after. >> an eagles win. >> it was fun, right. >> yes, i hepp our season is to turning around. in the beginning, a lot of people were doubting toms. they were like what, we were losing. >> we were one and three. now we're three-three. jumping up and down in bed all night keeping you up. >> the game was on but he was
4:31 am
downstairs doing his yelling, so it was very considerate i will say. 48 degrees, a little will bit of the breeze. we're arriving there. relative humidity at 71 percent, and here's the key thing, the direction is out of the south/southwest a and that means warmer air. much milder then yesterday. 7:16 your sunrise time. temperatures are now not in the 20's. we have gained 20 degrees since yesterday in some cases, in the 40's to the north and south. we have 50 degrees in wildwood. twenty-four hour temperature change, yeah, 18 degrees warmer today in allentown. 22 degrees milder in pottstown. 12 degrees milder then yesterday at this time in philadelphia when we were locked in that frost on the pumpkin. that was actually a a two day special because sunday morning was pretty frosty as well. now we have milder air moving in, but with that frosty start we only made it to 55 degrees yesterday. well below average of 66.
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so i think we will be more seasonal as we like to say today, with a high of 68 degrees. it is picking up after sunrise as well. the tonight we are down to 52 and that is your tuesday from the weather authority. some nice warm temperatures and then a big cool down once again, a little bit of the roller coaster ride coming up in the seven day forecast. welcome back, bob kelly. >> enjoy three day weekend there, 422. we are back at it, crews are back at it as well, this is a live look at trooper road just off of route 422, crews are still out there, one lane getting on through but remember any of the work crews that you hit early in the morning they have speed restrictionness play. here we go downtown a live look at the vine street expressway, a 50/50 for you. westbound lanes are opened. so you can cross town from i-95 over through the the schuylkill, however, eastbound lanes are still blocked, between the the schuylkill, and broad street. so if you are coming into philadelphia for the next i'd say half an hour or 40 minutes
4:33 am
or so, from the schuylkill expressway, you can use either spring garden, 30th or south street are your three exits to get you across the river and on the opposite side and pick up anyone of the numbered streets. we have double five's on the blue route, nifty 50 on the schuylkill no problems from i-95 and northeast philadelphia a we have one accident in quakertown 309 at toll gate road. there is a construction crew between 100 at the downingtown interchange and route 30. look out for delays there. otherwise we're in good shape. looking good on i-95. no problems on the schuylkill. mass transit off to a good start as well. chris and lauren, back to you. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> a giant win for the bird. >> yes. >> now both teams are tied for first place in the nfc east. fans flying high with excitement. >> dave kinchen life in pennsauken more. hey, dave. >> reporter: i'm ready to go.
4:34 am
game already happened. how about that. a a lot of eagles fans sleepy making their way out to the wawa in pennsauken. get that cup of coffee talking the bird. they are proud, happy, lets get in the action right now. sam bradford connect to go rye lie cooper, 32-yard reception. first touchdown from the bird. then we have nolan carol with the pick six off eli manning giving bird the lead there. eagles over the the course of the game 27 unanswered points, despite bradford throwing three interceptions for the night. first place, oh, it is so sweet, as the fans will tell you right now. >> how do you like us now, back in first place. >> it is a long season but, after a slow start and people gave up on us, we're back in the mix right now. we're tied for first place. still a long season. ten-six is looking good. >> we did what we had to do. little sloppy with the interceptions and what not but a win is a win, we scored 27
4:35 am
unanswered, so let's go. >> reporter: let's go, no doubt about that. last eagles pick six at home with the giants was brian dawkins in 97. he was in the house last night as well. we will turn our attention to the panthers but first place feels so, so good. let's get fired up. >> yes. those black uniforms seem to work, they worked last year. >> reporter: it does something. it puts an energy in the team. the it works. you know, it gets it done. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. >> buy me a black suit. >> it will do something to you. >> listen to this. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> yes, this past sat the day a two-year old was found wandering alone in love park. it turns out that little boy named jeremiah, his four year-old sister and parents are home less.
4:36 am
>> and living in the park but not anymore. the chosen 300 ministries launched a campaign. they raised $12,000 in 12 days, to get the family some help for housing for one year. the community came through in a huge way putting up that family in an apartment and it will be completely furnished. little jeremiah and his sisters still with dhs. no word when that family will be reunited. >> i said this many times but i know it can seem to give me the answer but why are women thought of as less than. >> sandra bullock demanding answerness hollywood, what she has to say about tinseltown's pay gap issue. >> i like her bangs.
4:37 am
for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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is the third time really the charm. speculation about joe biden running for president is running wild in d.c. and across the nation. many of been asking if he will throw his hat in the ring for 2016 nomination with leaks, time lines and predictions constantly coming out. even president barack obama has been giving clues alluding to the fact that the a biden run is strong among many in the party. they want to necessity if the vp will be going for the presidency more so than hillary clinton. >> the clinton campaign really, really, really hopes that the vice-president doesn't get in, because hillary clinton knows what it means. it means a tough, expensive, probably negative campaign.
4:40 am
>> most sources a say biden will be definitely running possibly even making an announcement in the next 48 hours so stay tuned. democratic presidential candidate jim web considering running as an independent, we will know more about his trend when he speaks out in a news conference later today. former virginia senator has not made a dent in the campaign trail because of hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominating most of the coverage of democrats and he only got nine minutes to talk during the first democratic debate. he spent a good portion of that time pointing out he wasn't getting enough time. donald trump and ben carson on the other side are said to be received a rotating group of more than 200 secret service agents and they will pay for this, of course, death threats against doctor carson are reportedly off the the charts and trump has been drawing huge crowd, bigger than any other republican date. for months now he has been paying body guard out of his own pocket. >> so if i was a democrat, i would have it. >> secret service will not get
4:41 am
involved unless someone was really threatened violence and that sort of thing. >> so for the democrats hillary clinton has had protection since her days as first lady, chelsea the daughter gets the same thing as does former president bill. biden would bring a vp sized details. only barack obama and ted kennedy were protect sooner. carson and trump both meet polling and fund raising standard that decide who gets that detail. texas teen who made headlines for bringing a clock to school that was confused with a bomb met with the president. >> the meeting came during a night at the white house a medicine in mohammad was invited by the the president himself. he received lots of support after being taken into custody after that clock incident. some people thought ahmed was a victim of anti muslim violence but school and police officials deny that claim. open win joins weight watchers but not as a member. what the media mogul is do
4:42 am
with that company. netflix reviving a sitcom and web fans say hey, not so fast. >> let's play some santana as we have that. >> great victory songs for you after the bird win last night. got a.
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4:45 am
taking a look at our camera on top of the united way building, looking up ben franklin parkway. >> great song by san tan a we're playing it right now because our bird won 27-seven last night at the link. >> we need townsend us your celebration songs, use the hashtag from yesterday, right there at the top of the screen gotta hear this, let's get it going again. >> how about elton john, i'm still standing. i'm still standing, because our bird are still standing. we're in first place right now. >> tied for first. >> we have ten more games in the regular season. >> let's check out this incredible video shot off the coast of the ocean city, new jersey. coming to us from doctor tim schultz and his family. they sent up a drone to capture a whale feeding not far from the shoreline and how about that, that is cool. >> very cool. >> yes. >> i'm winning. i'm winning. you don't like how i hit those
4:46 am
high notes. >> one more time. >> i'm winning. >> i do have ear another, i guess, let's go with that. here we are, this is our update on the fall foliage, out there, we have had reached our peak, well to the north of us and we're getting, welshing in the mountains it is pretty much there and we're maryland rate right now, so, it is, a good weekend, coming up, and it will be chilly again, to go leaf peeking but we have nice mild temperatures coming up. 48 degrees in fill amount we were in the mid 30's yesterday in the city and in the 20's all to the north and west of us but now we're in the 40's. so we have gained close to 20 degrees in one day. 50 degrees in wildwood right now. our wind speeds, it is kind of breezy, 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, 13 miles an hour in mount pocono. we expect them to pick them up after sunrise, 13 miles an hour winds in wildwood. right now we don't have any precipitation, we see some far to the north, is there a cold
4:47 am
front out there that will make its way down but that is not expected to happen until thursday. we have plenty of room for sunshine today, looking at future cast we will jump to thursday morning at 4:00 but we will see cloud on the increase to the north of us by afternoon but that cold front you see from the clouds and some precipitation start to sneak in, thursday night, after we reach a high in the 70's i might add but we really don't see a lot of that holding together. maybe a couple showers while you're sleeping thursday night and then we will be back to sunshine but chillier temperatures friday morning. so roller coaster right puts the dissent all last week we got in the 50's over weekend. 55 degrees yesterday. we are going backup again to 70's for wednesday and thursday after a temperature close to 70 degrees today. then back down we will take the plunge to around 60 degrees for friday and saturday, breezy and chilly saturday. chance of showers with another front sunday night into monday
4:48 am
morning. so that is a look at your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, ready for a roller coaster ride. in frost on the pumpkin but that is good news this morning, yesterday at this time we got out there with the old scraper or charge guard getting the frost off but we're looking live at i-95 good morning northeast philadelphia in problems at all working your way through the the construction zone there at cottman avenue looking live, downtown, we are opened for business, east and westbound lanes of the the vine street expressway are opened, this morning. that overnight construction picked up, and gone so we are good to go in and out of the downtown philadelphia curve side on the 42 freeway coming from south jersey we have work crews near 295 in bellmawr. everything is opened though. on the overnight vine expressway closure will come back later tonight into tomorrow morning. right now we are working on 202 at route 29 at great valley interchange. work crew here between valley forge and downingtown on the pennsylvania turnpike, and a
4:49 am
crash up in q town, route 309, right at toll gate road. construction along 100 right here near downingtown, and septa using shuttle buses midday between col mar and doylestown on the lansdale line. chris and lauren, back to you. >> you are a softy at heart your favorite show was gillmore girls growing up. netflix played gillmore revival series. >> show stars lauren graham and alexis, they are in talks to do four, 90 maybe installment. it features, the gillmore girls that have been a long strong performer over streaming service. it initially ran for seven seasons. netflix plans to bring the show creator who left before the last season in on the project. >> news of gillmore girls prompted some folks on twit tore submit their own requests for a series revival. they are asking for west wing, and deadwood. how about the comedy, king of queens. lastly, this person, begging
4:50 am
for a real throw back, a new star trek series. >> why are not people over that. >> let me tell you what my -- >> they call them trekkers out there. >> they may not like what i think. i remember being younger. >> yes good every friday night, tgif, it wasn't like a trenton twitter, it was thank god it is friday. they had these shows on abc. my favorite was family matters he would come in with his pants hiked up, and he used to love laura. >> do you remember this show. >> yes, i do. >> look at that. >> look at granny. >> chris, what did you like. >> i always, remember growing up, i loved welcome back cotter. i loved the opening song and i love john travolta.
4:51 am
what? >> ♪ welcome back >> a really good song. >> yes. >> okay. >> okay. let's talk about this, celebrities are weighing in after jennifer lawrence open letter about the wage gap in hollywood. >> sandra bullock became latest to call her opinion. she's calling lawrence brave saying there is a bigger picture issue here. why are women thought of less than man n her new film bullock's part was originally written for a man. she's hoping one day no one will care if the role was created for a man or woman but rather that it is just a great
4:52 am
part. >> my question for the wage, the wage gap is just it is a result of something bigger, and i said this many times but no one can seem to give me the the answer or want the answer but why are women thought of as less than? why we allowed that thought. i'm's blaming myself as well. >> she said that she is grateful for jennifer lawrence bravery to spark that conversation. oprah winfrey has joined weight watchers and she has a big gig. she is part owner. >> media mogul snatched up a 10 percent stake with plans to expand the brand to include all aspects of healthy living. former co-owner of the oprah winfrey network will use services such as weight watchers mobile app and work with the personal coach. she has a agreed to let weight watchers use her name and her image in their ads. >> family hug. boy scout troop was out for a hike when boys stumbled upon someone who really needed
4:53 am
their help. how their training kicked in and they became heroes.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> ♪ we are the champions >> oh, yeah. >> erin collier the plumber says we are the champion by queen. we have to hear, fly eagles fly. >> yes. >> and listen, scout's honor a group of boy scouts carried a injured woman 5 miles down a mountain. >> christine mccarthey has
4:56 am
their incredible story from massachusetts. >> as you can say we're brothers figuratively. >> these six boy scouts proud members of the troop nine, but their first day merit badges to good use on saturday. >> it is nothing big but we tried to help out. >> boys age 12 to 17 were deeven ifing new hampshire mountain during a troop camp out the when they discovered a hiker fallen and sprained her ankle. >> we grabbed a couple sticks from the wood and used an ace bandage, and made her a makeshift splint. >> then the grueling part called the fireman's carry. >> we linked arms together and then sat down and then we moved and certain rocks. >> reporter: five hours and nearly 2 miles of tough terrain they arrived at the bottom. their adult leader and doctor mike joblen the training paid off. >> i was so proud of them. >> reporter: injured hiker linda was taken to the hospital. on sunday she spoke to us by phone while recovering at home. >> they are my little angels,
4:57 am
i swear. because i really i just felt so safe with them. >> she said she could have suffered a fracture had it not been for her rescuers and impressive work. >> i said, they are boy scout. troop number nine from way mouth. >> reporter: but these boys are not phased by the praise. a good deed is all in the day's work. >> no matter what the situation you are always helping out somebody that is in need.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
we have breaking news at 5:00 o'clock a women is kidnaped taken to a a to tm to withdraw money. steve keeley is live from the home invasion. oscar pistorius released from a south african prison just hours ago. why the condition for the man who never denied killing his girlfriend may be too hard to face. >> dave kinchen good news from you this morning. >> the word is victory. a great win for eagles over giants last night. we have all of the action coming up. >> man at the the center of one of the most famous robberies of the 20th century is on trial right now. story of the mobster who inspired a classic movie. >> do you want another story to smile about. >> yes. >> a wallet lost on the other side of the world. >> what good is that. >> power of personal media brings this wallet back to the owners here in philadelphia i will call it divine


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