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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at i guess we will take it, right? eagles prevail, in a turn over, fest, we are in first place. thank goodness for mr. eli-able. you can always count on eli. breaking right now, what started out as a home invasion end with a trip to the atm and an arrest. the investigation though is just beginning. and, the blade runner, has now been released from jail
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after just a year in prison for killing his model girlfriend. why her parents say they're not surprised. good day, everybody it is tuesday october the 20th, 2015. eagles win. wow. >> eagles win. >> so, it is a winning to tuesday. >> that is right. >> everybody is in a good mood. isn't it funny how the entire city can be totally down or totally up dehe pend ing upon a eagles win. >> isn't it surprising you can have three interceptions and still win by 20. >> and be three-three and in first place. >> yeah. >> we have the tie breaker with the giants. >> i'm craving apple turn overs this morning. >> oh, turnovers. >> that would be big apple turnovers. >> nice. >> bam. >> see if that works all day. >> what number should we do today. >> seven. >> yes. >> i'll give you one better. with an eight. it is so much more milder then it was yesterday. now you you still need a
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jacket the because temperatures are in the 40's but we're preparing for sunshine, with bus stop buddy and he took mittens off, put them in the pocket of the winter coat for the the next day, that is cold outside, today, it is not that day. it is 49 degrees with 10 miles an hour breeze out of the west/southwest. your sunrise time is 7:16 this morning. remember yesterday in the 20's in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, now we're in the 40's. forty-four in reading. forty in lancaster. forty-four mount pocono. forty-three trenton. forty-eight philadelphia and atlantic city and millville and already 50 in wildwood. how much difference is that in mount pocono, 22 degrees warmer. 12 degrees warmer in philadelphia you don't have have to bundle up quite as tight or scrape your windshield this morning. we have a few clouds, on satellite radar picture. yesterday's high was 55, today we will get up to, how about, 68 degrees, for a high.
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breezy, as it the is right now and then down in the 50's tonight. so how long will this warm spell last? we will answer that question, bob kelly in the seven day forecast, coming up. >> hi sue good morning. 6:03 on this tuesday morning. we're off to a somewhat quiet start. i think last night's late game will see snooze button getting some action this morning. the here's a live look at 492 freeway, not bad coming in toward the city. a couple of pockets here toward 295, no problems on the bennie up and over into downtown and a live look at i-95 in delaware county. so far it has been a quiet morning. we have a disable tractor trailer southbound i-95 down south of wilmington an accident on route 309 at toll gate road and then, 422, eastbound, no problems at the moment but 9:00 a.m. is the time to beat. they will take it down to one lane eastbound beginning at 9:00. the mass transit and airport looking good. mike and alex, back to you. one man shot and killed in east oak lane, this happened
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just before 3:00 this morning on the 6700 block of the 11th street. man was taken to einstein after being shot but pronounced dead before he got there. police are currently still at the the scene looking for anything that might tell them who did this. the man had $1,000 in his pocket paw of the shot. in north philadelphia, police are investigating a double shooting, police say two men showed up to the hospital with gunshot wounds. the men told police that they were shot during an attempted robbery on germantown avenue. the victims were able to getaway in their own car. and they made their way to the hospital on their own. >> one man is recovering after being stabbed in the home invasion, this is in kensington. >> lets get to steve keeley on the street where it happened on s street, steve. >> reporter: well this guy is 36 years old and lives with a woman 26 and woman in her 40's as well. this is the old nightmare scenario. you are asleep at 2:30 in the
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morning and woken by a guy holding a knife to your throat. other guy has a hammer. they are both wearing stuff over their faces and their hand. one of the two kidnappers had gloves on, the the other had socks on, over his hands and gloves. they tie up the guy and start stabbing him and torturing him essentially in the row house in the middle of the block and neighborhood and no one is saying or no one is knowing why they were targeted because they are not filthy rich n fact when they took the woman out of this house and drove her and forced her to drive her own car to the closest atm at kensington and allegheny a major intersection with lots of surveillance camera, she only had a hundred dollars in her whole account to take out. that is all they gotta way w1 of the the guys gotta way. the other guy got caught when they come back in the white honda that is now neatly parked. it wasn't so neatly parked earlier. he tried to flee when he sees police coming because this woman started screaming and luckily her neighbors called
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police. the 24th district cops come and they see this and they stopped the guy from getting a way because they opened passenger door and put their for on the breaks so the guy could not drive. they make his arrest. they see the guy runaway. they will probably get a good picture of him at the surveillance cameras not just from the back of the atm machine at kensington and allegheny but a a hose of other businesses down there. so they got this semi solved and the man even stabbed, tortured and bit while he was tied to the bed and woman tied to it chair. they are all okay and talking to east detectives. alex and mike. >> all right steve we will check back with you. well, 6:06 blew up the the giants. >> yes, should we see eagles beat them. >> that is true. >> twenty-seven-seven victory last night at the link. >> it was the the defense getting credit for the win last night. quarterback eli manning was sacked three times and the the defense forced those three turnovers. the eagles are now three-three
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this season. this is what is odd about our division. we went from last place to first in one evening. the eagles and giants will face off again in week 17, there is only 16 games. week 17. that would be the last game of the year that would be a good game. >> oh boy, up there in the meadow land. looking for work? what the the cap dates for mayor of philadelphia say is best way to create jobs, here, in the city. and oscar pistorius also known as blade runner, he is out of jail after a year in prison for killing his model girl friend. we will explain south african law that made it possible.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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good morning. it was a year ago about right now a judge sentenced oscar pistorius to five years for culpable homicide, manslaughter in, reeva steenkamp's death. it was his girl friend. >> now he is out of prison. >> wow. >> this is under south african law where offenders sentenced to five years or less are eligible to be considered for parole after serving 1/6 of their sentence in custody. he is than the a freeman just yet. as a condition of his release
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he will be under electronic monitoring and other limitations until his sentence end in 2019. pistorius release is getting mixed reactions in south africa. >> i think it is very weak because as a celebrity he enjoys everything. if i killed my girlfriend i am in jail for like 25 years. constitutional. >> other requirement, he also must meet with the steenkamp family if they want to speak with them. >> my goodness. >> apparently he will be housed in his uncle's house which is 20 miles away from the prison and they did it in the middle of the night to prevent any media coverage of it and a day early. interesting. 6:11. we will tell you what is at center of the proposal aimed at preventing the young from smoking, before they become addict. >> look over there at bob kelly. >> good morning, 6:11. we are seeing volume pop on i-95 so certainly so far light
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traffic, i think we are all hitting the snooze button after good night of monday night football. good morning to the platt bridge as the headlights head in toward philly international. we will check with the airport and rest of the jam cams right after we grab a cup of coffee and come right back. ññ
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. we have a change in the weather pattern, high pressure in control.
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it was yesterday further inland and bringing us northwesterly wind. now as it slide, off shore, we will bring in southeasterly wind and that makes a lot of difference in our temperature, it will be, milder. so we're bouncing back with those temperatures today. here's what we're talking about. temperatures, are where they were in the 20's yesterday. they are in the 40's today. even in the 50's, as far north as buffalo, and syracuse. so you will not be as cold this morning as you were yesterday. keep that in mind. when you are selecting your outer wear this morning. on the radar picture we have rain far to the north up around lake ontario so nothing for us to be concerned about today, with precipitation, next chance of rain, it is not until thursday night, when our next cold front comes through and takes away high temperatures in the 70's that we will get for middle of the week. you can see rain moving in, at 5:00 in the evening, but it kind of dissipates as it gets closer to philadelphia, but we will see cloud from the cold front and there is chillier
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air behind it, so we could have rain popping up maybe thursday night, but it is gone by friday morning. so, it was a frosty start yesterday and we got to a high of 55 degrees. today, no 50 a's, but 60's and 70's for wednesday and thursday. that is back to chilly weather for friday and saturday and sunday we're in the upper 60's. so enjoy the next couple days if you like it warm. we have had people, who said they like the chill and they feel it the is ought i am and that is how it is supposed to be. >> it was funny yesterday having the daze off, i a had a chance to take austin to school and we pulled out of the driveway, the grass, it looked like it had some snow on it. folks were swiping off, using maybe a credit card or that ice scraper yesterday morning, none of that this morning. that was good news. we have a disable tractor trailer southbound i-95 a at center city. this guy is hugging what would be that right lane. they have little flares down there but coming in the city,
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already delays now, in the last five minutes starting to see 95 southbound at cottman avenue. it has been a light morning. everybody hitting a snooze button after a late night of football. bennie, a little bit of the late start but we are seeing a backup at eighth and vine. hitting airport, good for you no problems at philly international this morning. septa's using shuttle buses between colmar and doylestown during the midday but otherwise we're in good shape. also during midday washington lane at germantown avenue they will see a paving operation setting up cones at 9:00 o'clock. the mass transit the at the moment looking good. mike and alex, back to you. quick quiz for you, who is the republican date for mayor of philadelphia. >> say it? what is her name. >> melissa. >> that is good. >> melissa marie bailie yes. >> just a few weeks away you might want to get to know those names. so democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey. they faced a off in the debate at temple last night.
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candidates had this to say about attracting businesses and jobs. >> one of the areas of opportunity i think philadelphia has is to attract west companies companies to put their east coast headquarters in philadelphia as well as looking at foreign companies and having them put their u.s. headquarters in philadelphia by focusing on that area it would lead to diversification. >> interesting they would have it on a monday night football game when eagles played, that is not a good move. in response jim kenney talk about ways to help people get to work, who don't have college degrees. >> so i'm looking at areas where industrial style jobs that i think one of the mess important areas is port of philadelphia. we have do 450,000 containers a year. we do 60 percent cargo that is not in the container and we do 40 percent containers. most of the successful ports on the east coast and around the world have a 60 percent container, 40 percent break down.
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so utilizing the opportunities we have at packer a avenue marine terminal and other places we can double amount a of containers that come in here which means we can train people in maritime skills, unloading ships, they pay 35 and $40 an hour jobs. >> there is nothing like a good container discussion. the candidates will have another debate, this friday, yeah, on friday. >> is there a conflict there on friday, well, right. >> no, temple plays thursday night. friday is a good night. >> okay, we will be watching. >> 6:19. >> man who raped four young girl in separate incidents in the philadelphia's germantown section pleads in contest. prosecutors say 25 year-old ant one brown raped the girls between march and june of 2013, each time they say he was under the gun and victims were between the age of 12 to 17 at the time. brown's sentencing will take place in february. the district attorney's office says he faces maximum possible sentence of 320 years in
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prison. >> 320 years. one of the two suspects wanted for a home invasion and a deadly one, in dover, delaware, has turned himself in. there he is, 23 year-old matthew harrington, is now in police custody. police are still looking for 21 year-old salem shabazz. early saturday morning three people were shot, two were killed at a home in the 1400 block of john clark road. man is recovering after being shot multiple times in kensington. it happen just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon on the the 2,000 block of auburn street. he is expected to be survived. so far no arrests. two horses and a a lot of chickens died in the barn fire in bucks county. look the at this thing. officials say animals were trapped when fire broke out in the barn along saw mill road, solebury, early monday yesterday morning. this photo shows what is left
6:21 am
of the barn. the cause of the fire is not known. there is nothing left of the barn. 6:21. authorities say there is nothing sus fish bus the fire that destroyed a century old clubhouse at montgomery county country club. sky fox over lulu country club in glenside here. fire spread early sunday because building had a heavy timber roof with a large open attic. the it opened in 1912. no one was seriously hurt in the fire. ville know of ace planning to create its own campus police department. school is saying new program will include a combination of the regular security officers and police officers. those officers will go through extensive police academy training and they will be arm. they are starting immediately with the first police officers expect to be in place, by fall of 2016. >> you know what i just learned something, i didn't realize villanova did not have its own police department, they are guarded by philadelphia police. that will change. nfl is apologizing after a locker room interview with the
6:22 am
bengals proved a little bit too revealing now, alex. >> look at that. >> well, hold on, what? >> yesterday we asked to you record your version of the eagles fight song, now that we got win because all that work we want townsend in your favorite celebration song how about that. >> migrate nephew jace charles barnes. >> yes, we won go eagles. >> we did, we're number one. >> use the hashtag gotta hear this so we can see how you are celebrating what are you listening to here's last night's lottery numbers.
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the nfc east is terrible. last night's game showed how awful it is. the east is this years nfc south. seven and nine can win this division. eagles/giants game put sloppiness on full display. in the first queer, it started off well. giant marched down the field. eli to odell beckham junior, 13-yard touchdown. seven to nothing g men. after an eli interception eagles bradford to riley coupe are for 32-yard touchdown. that tied it up at seven in
6:26 am
the first. eli had two interceptions coming in, he had two last night. nolan carol with the anticipation pick six. fourteen-seven eagles. to the third quarter eagles had a full night, capped off with a demarco murray 12-yard touchdown run. the giants lose 27-seven in a sloppy game, seven total turn overs. the that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> sloppy. >> i will take the win. >> we will take it latest proposal to combat smoking aims for kids, yeah they want to make sure kids, stop smoking before they give cigarettes a try. >> yes, that makes sense. you know what i believe our pep rally work. that is what i'm going with. what is going on? eagles win? >> reporter: big win, by the eagles. the it may have been a sloppy
6:27 am
one but they got the w and fans are pumped. we will talk to them after the break. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active?
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then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye. find and book a doctor in private with zocdoc. home invation lands one man in the hospital and another in jail but search for the suspect isn't over just yet. >> and a brazen burglary a at a house of worship, he didn't want the collection plate he had his eye on something much bigger than that. well, the queen of talk's new kingdom, it the reflects
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her personal struggles, yes we're talking about oprah. how she plans to change the weight loss industry. >> well, if anybody can, it would be her. >> anything that she touches turns to gold. >> i wish she would touch me. >> the oprah effect. >> please touch me. good day everybody, it is tuesday, october 20th. >> it is a winning tuesday, october 20th. >> true. >> we're winning. at least we're in a good mood today, so is bus stop buddy wearing his eagles cap. it does than the have the winter coat on and his gloves on yesterday because he doesn't need them. temperatures are not in the 20's and 30's anymore. down the shore it is in the 50's to start your day. big difference from yesterday. instead of yesterday's six we will go up to an eight or zero today. maybe higher. 49 degrees right now, with a 10-mile an her breeze out of the west/southwest, things are tranquil, just a little bit on the breezy side. sunrise time is official in 45
6:31 am
minutes or so at 7:16. so remember all of the 20's we had yesterday? now we're in the the 40's every where. 48 degrees in the the city. the is there your 50 in wildwood. that is to start the the day. your planner for the the rest of the day is for temperatures to reach 60's. much more milder then yesterday, high temperature 68 . plenty of sunshine. the your sunset time is 6:15 this evening. so that takes care of tuesday, we had even warmer temperatures in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, aren't you excited? >> very excited we don't to have deal with that frost we had yesterday outside on the grass and a more so outside on the windshields. everybody was scraping autopsy of the frost off the windshield. we are good to go this morning. southbound i-95 we are seeing beginning of the morning rush hour. i think everybody has been hitting the snooze button so far this morning but closer to center city we have to look out for this here, disabled tractor trailer, sitting midway of that far right lane coming in towards downtown philadelphia and out of the
6:32 am
north east, the slow go from cottman, in through girard. so folks waking up getting up and out here as we begin our tuesday, freeway starting to see volume now coming toward philadelphia. schuylkill expressway slow go from conshohocken through belmont and even delays here on 422 as you work your way in to king of prussia we are using shuttle buses midday from column mar to doylestown. heading to the airport no problems getting there except i-95 out of the northeast. all flights in and out of the philadelphia getting in and out on time. a paving operation that begins at wissohickon avenue sure to cause delays beginning at around 9:00 o'clock. mike and alex, back to you. one man is shot and killed, in east oak lane. it happened just before 3:00 this morning on the 6700 block of 11th street. the man was taken to einstein hospital, after he was shot and pronounced dead there. police are currently at the scene looking for in anything, that might tell them who did this. they say he had about a
6:33 am
thousand bucks in cash, on him at the time. in north philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting. police say two men showed up to the hospital with gunshot wounds. the men told police that they were shot during an attempted robbery, on germantown avenue. the victim's drove themselves to the hospital. also, one person stabbed in a home invasion, in kensington. >> so lets get to steve keeley on f street where this happened, steve? >> reporter: stabbed while tied to the bed and stabbed as being tortured to tell him where ever money and valuables were. that guy is okay. worse of the three people inside this house was asleep at the time when they got a rude, awakening, two guys, covering their faces and hand. one with the hammer and one with the knife. very brutal. boy, this is what you have a nightmare about and this was nightmare come true. look at our video here is there a white honda park on the street. the that was youngest of the
6:34 am
three victims at 26 years old. a woman forced to drive that honda to a atm and withdraw cash and all she had was a hundred bucks. look at the honda. apparently cable companies are not only one with free rain of the utility lines and poles here. the home own her who lives across the the street from the victims was able to install two surveillance cameras and you can see pointed in two directions. police likely have survival irons walking up to the house and on the house itself you cannot make it out in the naked darkness here but looking live here maybe you can see the remnants of an american flag all taterd and hanging outside the window, maybe that had some reason why these guys targeted the house because we had no other reason to know why they targeted this house. the these people inside said they have no reason and they are not involved in anything so no one knows, why, these people targeted here in the middle of the block. they didn't have much to begin
6:35 am
with. mike and alex? >> we got you right here, steve, thank you for. that 6:35. well, the eagles did pull it off last night. >> some are calling it a giant win. >> how come a win feels so bad? it was just so sloppy it feels so bad but it does feel good. >> it does feel good because we are in first place, two teams vying for first place last night nfc east. >> i am getting a lot of tweets this morning. so dave, jersey kid 54 says a win is a win but defense was the tougher of the two. we can always win with a strong defense. >> defense wins championships, that is an old slogan. >> we need offense to get it together. >> reporter: a win is a win, makes you feel so good almost as good as anything like a victory. people are pumped up here with the wawa in pennsauken to get their morning cup of coffee. they might the get two or
6:36 am
three cups of coffee. the lets go to the video. sam bradford to riley cooper, 32-yard touchdown right there. you know, one of the big highlights of the night, nolan carol pick six off eli manning giving bird the lead right there last eagles pick six at home with the giants brian dawkins 1997 and he was in the the house as well. people are pumped up as they get their coffee here but they have critiques, listen in. >> defense, defense is playing a lot better. after the the first game they were shaking but they are coming together and they will carry the the team f they don't carry the team we will not win. >> hopefully we will win again with the black uniforms. >> i like my uniform in black. >> how do you like us now? back in first place. it is a long season but after a slow start and people gave up on us, we're back in the mix right now after the giants, tied for first. it is still a long season.
6:37 am
ten-six is looking good. >> you have to say it was a sloppy football game, three interceptions by sam bradford but that is all right. they got the w. mike anal a ex, what would be your victory dance if you were an eagles player scoring that touchdown. mine would be like bring this back. >> yeah. >> yes, you have to hit me with that one. >> yes. >> dave? >> reporter: i got a warning before i do that. >> that was nice, okay. >> dave stirring the people in the wawa. >> i will get blamed for that. >> i'm calling you dancing dave from now on. >> can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. >> you were stirring up the pot there. >> um, um. >> 6:37. nfl network is apologizing for
6:38 am
a huge mistake and everybody is talking about not this interview but what was happening behind the interview that was in the locker room. >> tv networks, of course, go in the locker room after a game. >> but they were bearing it a all. >> this has happened before but i don't know if we ever caught it on live tv with the net fl network. network reporter was interviewing pack man jones there sunday after the game. of course, you can see people taking showers and stuff like that. >> there are bits and pieces. >> i moved right over that. >> they showed their bits and pieces. >> their bits and pieces. >> that was written. >> i saw a couple that weren't so little big. >> one of the executive vice-president for nfl network say crew didn't follow network procedures that would have prevented this because i guess, it was live. i have seen that before in a
6:39 am
taped interview and you cover it up and blur it up. many players have long called for a policy change on interviews in the locker room. they would say why can't you just wait until i come out. the old theory was by reporters and networks we want you're mediate reaction after the game when you are still fired up. >> yes, so, they were caught in the buff including andrew whiteworth, naked on tv. >> this is a big issue to me. i have pressed this issue before with our union and the fact that i think it is wrong. this is my office space. i shouldn't have to change in it and be in front of the people that i don't know or don't have any purpose being near me other than the fact that they are interviewing other people. if i was a woman this would be a complete different subject and it would be a fire storm. >> you know, he has a good point. can't you wait for ten or 15 minutes. >> they say they have a ten minute grace period before they go in. >> but you are talking about
6:40 am
the game, going over what happened and then you take your shower. >> maybe they should do it on their way in to the locker room. >> reporter want that immediate reaction. >> anyway daily news, philadelphia daily news has an interesting take on this. on the very page that they have the the story about the naked bengals, is there an ad for delilah's they are having a 70's strip show. >> i guess if you are interested in the bits and pieces. >> yes. >> they have a pole championship it looks like. >> i didn't realize ron jeremy was still alive, how is that possible. you might be legally considered an adult when you are 18 years old but one local law maker has her way you won't be able to buy cigarettes anymore. >> yes, philadelphia officials are proposing i pennsylvania's smoking age from 18 to 21. representative brown said we need to continue to restrict smoking because of the i am
6:41 am
pennsylvania pack on kid. most polling shows many people support raising the age. those who oppose it say they are legally an adult and able to serve in the military so you should that have freedom. >> i would imagine the tobacco lobby is quite strong and almost in every state. >> 6:41. we have not seep the last of rory and laurelam i. >> gillmore girls. >> gillmore girls coming back. oh, i can't wait. i just am holding my breath.
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in an attempt to beat our new york station. we have a contest f we get anything trending, we beat their faces. so just post anything i don't care what it is. >> or if you want to go with the theme because we're celebrating the win, is what your great celebration song what song do you listen to to really just celebrate. >> celebrate. >> use the the hashtag gotta a hear this because we want to
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hear the song. >> or you go with my thing and just post anything, take a picture of your foot, and then post it, but use the the hashtag gotta hear this. >> i don't know if we want to see feet. >> i'm not a big fan feet. >> with the shoe on, it is okay. >> it will be a picture of the the shoe. >> that would be a picture of a foot. >> did you see a picture of my big shoes there from the kimmel center. >> yes. >> okay. >> where are you going with this. >> short story. i cannot believe the turnaround for lemar odom, i'm thrilled for the guy. >> he is now at a hospital at a specialty treatment center in l.a. >> he is out in las vegas. he was seen being air lifted in a big helicopter, yesterday with chloe his estranged wife leaving sunrise medical center in nevada a. >> sources say he is facing major issues that will take months from bounce back from. doctors cautioned their family
6:46 am
that there will be permanent damage. meanwhile the brothel, love ranch, according to tmz has a month long waiting list for the sweet lemar view. >> are you kidding me. >> get this, dennis hof says if anyone pennsylvania pays over $500 at the ranch he will give them a tour at the room that dennis hof, one of the most creepy humans ever the guy that owns the bunny ranch and love ranch. >> one that he is offering people to stay there and give tours and two that there is a a long waiting list to use the same suite. >> i don't get it. >> i don't quite quite get humans anymore. >> lou at opportunity in the dictionary that is his picture right there. we have a lot of low 20's from yesterday but only one new record 27 in trenton was new record yesterday but everybody else, it was just another morning but look at the difference with temperatures in the 40's, this
6:47 am
morning. even as far north as allentown, mount pocono, hazelton is a at 40 degrees, reading 44. all of those places in the 20's yesterday, 50 in woodbine. fifty-one brigantine. down in long neck it is 45. in delaware ellendailys 41. dover delaware at 45. rapist not in the offing. it will get milder then yesterday when we got to 55 degrees. today 68. seventy-three for tomorrow, what? seventy-five on thursday. we've got two days in the 70's, that is tomorrow and on thursday but the chill comes back that autumn chill over the weekend when we're back in the 60's, chance of some rain maybe sunday night, bob kelly. >> how does it go. >> what? >> you gotta hear that. >> 6:47. we're starting to see delays, late morning rush hour, after last night's game. double three's, speedometer reading as we are slow going
6:48 am
on schuylkill from conshohocken to downtown. i-95 from the betsy into girard. we will zoom in here, a accident on the baltimore pike route one at heyburn road which is south of route one and 202 and that painters crossing interchange there another accident here eastbound lanes of 422, right here near route 100. a couple of hits as we get out early in this 6:30 half an her nice cool shot of the sky line from the background but a disable tractor trailer hugging that right lane, right here near vine street expressway ramps and jammo on i-95, northbound, heavy from the state line, pretty much all the way up to the commodore barry and we're backup on the bennie. look at this in the last ten minutes it the looks like have been got a late start and we are all squeezing through here into downtown, at eighth and vine. mass transit looking good, mike and alex back to you. >> it doesn't even look like separate cars. >> one long line.
6:49 am
you know that oprah winfrey has struggled with her weight throughout her life. so what kind of career move would you make? how about own a dieting company. >> she purchased a 10 percent stake in weight watchers at a cost of more than 43 million-dollar. >> wow. >> you know what, she is already making a profit. when news broke stocks shot up 105 percent. >> my goodness. >> so 105 percent and she only hold 10 percent. former co-owner of the oprah winfrey network plans to use her weight watch are mobile app and work with the personal coach. she has agreed to let weight watchers use her name and image in ads. >> if you do the the math there then, if she put in 43 million-dollar, she made 75 million-dollar yesterday. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> who is woman who is making a million-dollar a day. >> that is taylor swift. >> where did we go wrong. >> we're in the same business as oprah.
6:50 am
i basically do the same job as oprah has done over the years. >> do you? >> kind of, we both got started in local news. >> how do you get your own talk show. >> i had had that and i blew it, and i didn't know it. first thing was she owned her show. >> you have to own it, get your own production company and start your company and reverse your name,. >> what would be yours be. >> that will in the fly. >> netflix is planning a gillmore girls revival series. >> yeah. >> so lauren graham, and alexis they are in talk to dot four, 90 minute installments here. the show featuring mom and daughter duo, and they ran for seven seasons and when asked, about their paring, alexis said she imagines rory would still be on her career path as a journalist and lauren images they are still together. >> oh, goody was worried about
6:51 am
that. >> my daughters loved that show gillmore girls. >> i like the back and forth for the that they had. >> really good writing. >> bob. >> yes. >> no. >> this is bob duggar, bob and michelle duggar go on a couples retreat. twenty-nine checked into the the fort brook marriage ray treat in st. paul, arkansas over weekend. they wrote on their facebook page they were speaking and seeking beautiful truths. the retreat cost, $275 per couple and they will have quite a fat silt. 275 for two of you. you get crackers and cheese. >> they are focused on themselves, mike, what is going on between them two. >> i think two of them have been close enough over the years. >> we know you need to go to malibu, you need a spa and suit.
6:52 am
>> listen they have 19 kids that is close enough. >> you cannot keep them out of the bedroom. >> 6:51. how social media is helping this lost wallet, explain this. >> it traveled 8,000 miles. >> 8,000 miles, in the pocket of the philadelphia other than. >> it went around the world and then back to philadelphia. >> a wallet. >> yesterday we asked to you record your version of the eagles fight song, thank you you for doing. that today we want your celebration song. hi brittany thanks for send ago this in. that was cute. gabriel. jaylen is ready for eagles. >> yes. >> we will stick the broken machine and oil it up and get back to you.
6:53 am
6:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:55 am
by the way that is a knee. >> this is from stephanie, she said here is a picture of me knee. >> i have received about 20 feet already. >> yes, he sent a picture of his foot. >> yes. >> in a white sock. >> thank you for wearing socks. >> use the hashtag because we are trying to beat that station in new york. >> use the hashtag. >> most of yesterday, let's do it again, today. talk about small worlds, we interviewed a man months ago about a man coming here for the papal visit. a little while ago he lost his wallet halfway across the world. >> a woman from south africa sent us a message, that she wanted to pass along to him and now the wallet is on its way back, to its rightful
6:56 am
owner. >> david moody and martin man live in fishtown but martin is from south africa. that is where the couple went to get engaged. after a celebration and dinner martin realized his wallet was missing. a woman found it. she did a quick google search. saw we did a store which them back in january. then she contacted us to let him know. there is one thing martin cares about in that wallet, that is more than anything else. >> certainly not money that was in it, something more important. >> i had a four leaf clover in my wallet as well, and then the next day, only thing i want out of my wallet was my four leaf clover and now it made it back to me. >> so martin's wallet is still about 13 hour drive away from where he is staying in south africa but they will get to him. thanks for that. that is cool. the eagles, well, they made us all proud last night, it was a sloppy windy feeding giant in monday night football. they did it in front of the
6:57 am
hometown crowd, of course, that is why we call it a home game (vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. new delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes purely fancy feast.
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6:59 am
our record is three and three. that means we're in first
7:00 am
place. we went from last to first in one night. alex? well, one suspect under arrest, another is on the loose, philadelphia police investigate a brutal home invation. if you are planning to surprise a loved one, with the gift of a drone, over the holidays, and who wasn't really, there is some new rules you need to necessity before you buy one of these things. i think they are fantastic. it is just that people abuse. >> would i love one. >> yes. >> it will be a hot gift this holiday season. >> there are new rules implemented yesterday afternoon by our u.s. government that will restrict your use of the them a bit. >> just the other day i saw a drone float ago above the tree top. >> yes. >> you need a license if you are a planet. >> out in university city. >> yes. >> all right. >> 7:00 o'clock. >> you need a license if you are a pilot, yes. >> we will discuss it later,


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