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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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we went from last to first in one night. alex? well, one suspect under arrest, another is on the loose, philadelphia police investigate a brutal home invation. if you are planning to surprise a loved one, with the gift of a drone, over the holidays, and who wasn't really, there is some new rules you need to necessity before you buy one of these things. i think they are fantastic. it is just that people abuse. >> would i love one. >> yes. >> it will be a hot gift this holiday season. >> there are new rules implemented yesterday afternoon by our u.s. government that will restrict your use of the them a bit. >> just the other day i saw a drone float ago above the tree top. >> yes. >> you need a license if you are a planet. >> out in university city. >> yes. >> all right. >> 7:00 o'clock. >> you need a license if you are a pilot, yes. >> we will discuss it later, sue.
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>> we have to get to weather, it is 7:00 o'clock. people are wait fog are this. >> waiting for weather by the numbers. so much improved from yesterday, unless you you love cold freezing weather. bus stop buddy ditched gloves and winter coat until it is cold again. this is not the day. temperatures are in the 40's this morning instead of the 20's and 30's. we still got 49 degrees in philadelphia with a 14 miles an hour breeze. sunset at 7:16. so to the north of us in the 20's yesterday it is now you 44 in mount pocono, allentown, lancaster 40 degrees. forty-eight atlantic city. fifty in wildwood. so today much milder then yesterday with a high of 68 degrees. it will zoom up from 49 at 9:00 to 62 degrees by lunchtime. plenty of sunshine. up joy this warm weather, because it will chill out again and we will tell you when in the seven day. >> temperatures warming up and so is traffic volume this morning. no frost on the windshield but we are having delays on the schuylkill and i-95, and one
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of the problems, is two accidents here, southbound route one in chadds ford just south of route 202, another accident on i-95, there we go, outside, southbound jamming already as philly fire fighters and paramedics, probably engine 33 coming in, southbound i-95 at the betsy ross bridge interchange. so we're already bumper to bumper from cot the man all the way down and leaving bridesberg, northeast philadelphia, it will be a rough go trying to get on there at betsy ross bridge. look at the benny, one long line. the combination of folks leaving late, everybody hitting the bridge at the same time, already an early morning backup from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine and an accident eastbound 422, right at route 100 interchange there in pottstown, mike and alex back over to you. one man shot and killed in ease oak lane and it happened just before 3:00 this morning.
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it is on the 11th street. man was taken to einstein hospital after being shot and pronounced dead at the hospital. police say it is still under investigation, of course adding that the in man had a thousand dollars of cash in his pocket when he was shot. north philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting. police say two men showed up at the hospital with gunshot wound, and then they told police he was shot during an attempted robbery on germantown avenue. victims were able to getaway in their own car and get to the hospital on their own. one man is recovering after he was stabbed in the home invasion in kensington. >> steve keeley on this street in the f street, hey, steve. >> reporter: we won't show you the exact house address and number but is there house i talked berleer, police just brought all of the victims back from both the hospital and from talking to detectives. hopefully they are back safely in this house knowing one guy is in custody but is there one guy out there that leaves the the victims leery to be around
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anywhere. let's go to the video. it happened at 2:30 this morning in kensington. these people just asleep at the the time and they had no idea were they were targets of the two men who broke in one with the hammer and one with the knife. two of the victims, tied to the bed and essentially tortured and stabbed in the chest repeat thely. obviously being trying to be forced to tell them where valuables were meantime they took the second with man in the house out of the house and into her white honda and down to the closest bank atm, where she had a checking account. she had a hundred dollars in the account. they made her withdraw. that problem was when she drove back here she decided to scream, her neighbors call 911. police were alerted. they get here within seconds. they catch him in the act as he is trying to escape in her honda. >> they drove this woman in her 40's and forced her to drive to kensington and allegheny and ordered her and forced her to withdraw money
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from her mac machine. she had only $100. so that was all she took out and they stole that money. they forced her to drive back to the house, on f street and that is when, this woman in her 40's got in the physical altercation with the male wearing mask and carrying a hammer. then she started screaming. the that which is someone called 911. and 24th district police got here immediately. >> reporter: that is current crime wave, home invasions in the middle of the night catching people off guard while asleep in bed. how they got in nobody knows because there is no sign that the doors broken down. i cannot see the back door but just another case where you cannot even be safe home in bed right now as we see victims arriving home, back here again, alex and mike. >> seven minutes of bad news right there. so let's do some positive news, what do you say. >> yes. >> because eagles, they blew
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out the giants in a good victory last night in the blackout game with the link now we're number one in the nfc east. >> let's go, dave. >> reporter: this is not a routine morning at wawa in pennsauken. people are coming in, getting their cup of coffee and talking and saying what a good game we had last night. lets go to the video and see sam bradford throwing to riley cooper, 32-yard that reception there, that putting eagles up in the second quarter, how about the nolan cover ol with the pick six. the last eagles pick six at home with the giants was brian talk minutes 1997. you know he was in the the house as well. sure it was sloppy game and bradford threw three interceptions for the night but they over came and fans are pretty pumped up. >> i'm happy that they won the the football game but sam brad toward did not show me enough
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tonight. i'm not impressed. >> defense dominated. they kept eli manning to the minimum. they took over. turnovers. awesome win. >> it was g bottom line at the end of the day, please, make the playoffs. if you make playoffs, you you can make noise, end of the story, the league is all over the the place this year. >> reporter: eagles making noise. i'll give them that. they have some work to do. twenty-seven unanswered points. but we have to keep going, dwight. it is on to the carolina panthers. >> short week down to carolina carolina has not lost a game all year. >> tough one. >> 7:07. >> we told but this a while ago popular main line restaurant, here infested with roaches much will well, they will reopened tomorrow. they will have a news conference this morning before they open up the the doors for the first time since august 21st.
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restaurant has undergone extensive renovations, and cleaning since it was shut down due to infestation of roaches. it has been reinspect and cleared, but now question is will you eat there. >> well, would i probably go back because years ago, about ten years ago i think it was, it was named the best chinese restaurant in america. >> do you think roaches were there then. >> no, probably not. >> but now i'm sure it is the cleanest restaurant in town. >> it might be the safees place to eat in the whole state. jury find demolition contractor in that market street building collapse, 22nd and market, guilty. on six counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> the verdict provided to griffin campbell was handed down yesterday afternoon. jury rejected third degree murder charges sought by prosecutors, a charge that carries a mandatory life sentence. investigators say campbell controlled the work site and was given several warnings by co-workers and architects.
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>> we tried an aggressive case. i feel he was following the guidance and direction. he testified that he thought he he could get the building down safely. >> if you take a building down you have to do it the right way. you you cannot take shortcuts. >> so, campbell will be sentenced in january, a civil trial is set for next september, six people died in that collapse and a dozen others were hurt. a small church in kingsessing reeling after a theft. guy came in and took a tv and calmy walk out but then he came back so now they don't necessity how serve west will go on. they function thanks to small donations and they say that this theft will set them back a lot. suspect was caught on tape breaking down the doors and taking a tv and also some sound equipment. police say the video is very high quality here and the suspect has a distinctive tattoo so finding him should not be too difficult. still passenger is upset but she's still praying for the
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thief. >> to break into my house is one thing but to break into god's house, i was absolutely devastated. my prayer is that he will be caught, yes, i believe in redemption but i also believe in accountability. >> it was more than just that tv. >> it was sound equipment? that can be expensive. police say the the total loss ended up being $1,800. >> i'll tell what you we can do for folks, let's try to figure out what the distinctive tattoo is and we can tell everybody hoist watching the show what that is because i cannot see it. >> it is on his arm. >> we will try to identify what that is. is the third time really the charm. >> a lot of people are saying any day now, they are just waiting,s is joe biden coming out to announce that he is running for president. >> again, speculation about the the vp's future is running wild, in d.c. >> yeah. >> chris, what are you
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hearing. >> most people saying it is actually likely, or saying the announcement could come in the next 48 hours. so it seems like all these weeks time lines, predictions are constantly coming out right now and even president obama has been getting clues alluding to the fact that support for a biden run is strong among many in the democratic party. no one wants to know if the vp will be going for the the presidency more than hillary clinton though. >> the clinton campaign, really, really, hopes that the vice-president doesn't get in because hillary clinton knows what it means. it means a tough, expensive, probably negative campaign speculation does not mean a thing until biden announces one way or the other. meanwhile one democratic candidate might be losing as a race asiana inn. instead jim web is holding a news conference to talk about his political plans since he is so far back in the democratic polls. former virginia senator has not made a dent in the
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campaign trail because of the hillary clinton/bernie sanders dynamic which is dominating most of the coverage these days for the democrats. he only got nine minutes to talk during the first democratic debate and in fact, during those nine minutes he spoke mostly about the fact he wasn't getting enough time. he should some of us there. let's talk about the other side, the republicans, donald trump and been carson are expect to receive a rotating group of 200 secret service agents? why? death threats against doctor carson are reportedly off the charts and trump has been drawing bigger crowd then any other republican date, for months, the businessman has been paying body guard out of his own pocket. >> if i was a democrat they'd have have it but it is up to them. >> secret serve boys not get involved unless someone was really threatening violence and that sort of thing. >> back to hillary for a minute. she has protection since her days as first lady. their daughter chelsea has protection and former
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president bill clinton. biden would bring a vp sized key tail if he runs, only barack obama and ted kennedy were protect sooner in their campaign cycles. carson and trump both meet polling and fundraiser standard that who in fact gets that detail, i was on the train saturday and sitting next to me was donna practice sill. >> remember the democratic strategiesy was asking her about it. >> she thought that joe biden will run. that was her take. >> she would know. she ran bob dole's campaign in 2,000. if you think about the dynamic in play mike and alex, we're all talking about biden, biden, biden, he hasn't paid a single penpy fire campaign yet. >> thanks, chris. the famous clock kid who was arrested at a texas high school for bringing a digital clock to class, some people thought it was a a bomb was invited to a special event by
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president obama. the president hosting astronomy night last night at the the white house. who knew. this was the first one. >> a ahead mohammad was one of the special guests. he and his family say the the ninth grader was aism of anti muslim bias when teachers mistook his clock for a bomb at the school. officialness his hometown of irving texas deny those claims after the story went viral, president obama a tweeted an invitation for him to visit the the the white house so they d there were astro thoughts there too. >> he has been pretty busy since this happened. i was looking at a u.s.a. today article. he has been to different country, different people, and he is in longer in the independent school district. >> where is he. >> we don't know. >> yes. >> all right. well, new dash cam video shows
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police questioning, nfl quarterback johnny manziel, you know, up there in cleveland. he was also the side of the road. >> so thinks a after an alleged fight with his girlfriend. here's video right here this happened a while back but we got video. >> they saw a white nissan speeding and female passenger trying to open the door. police found manziel and his girlfriend colleen outside their car. now he says that crowley threw his wallet out the the window and she said he pushed her head in the glass window and hit her. they told police they had drinks earlier but they did not appear to be intoxicated. >> johnny is having some troubles in cleveland. huge win last night what do you say. >> yeah. >> so now we are in first place in the division, can you believe that. >> hey, g. cobb we're in first place. >> we will take it. we will take it. however we can get it. >> it was in the pretty. but so what we got the w. >> what are your concerns, sammy, sammy bradford. >> i'm concerned he does not
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take care of the football. you cannot turn the ball over, usually that dooms you. usually you don't have any chance to win. >> he started off great right here. >> look at how close that ball was. >> that was almost pick off. i don't think he is stepping into that throw. he doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence which is a big part. >> there he just misses the guy. he was trying to throw to it ertz, it was high, off target. >> is it legwork? you don't think he is stepping into his throws. >> but this is happening so much. that was just horrible. >> it seems like riley cut the route off. >> yes. >> you have to play better than that. you want to be quarterback. you are the key to the game. he is just not getting it done. >> how did we win by 20. >> because of the defense. >> defense won this game. >> defense just refused to lose, you know and is there so
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many guys on the defensive line, that was the key to the game. >> do you see everybody pursuing the ball. they are going after the football. they were doing this all during training camp going after the ball. when the the guy catches the the ball try to knock it out. they have been doing that. that is why they ever getting turnovers. >> some headlines when they say eagles we're number one nfc east and that is sad. is that sad that we're number one. >> however you can get there. there are teams that have won super bowl and they go that wasn't a great win. so what, give me a ring. >> so what. >> it is bad right now. you look at the records, top record is three-three. you can go to the playoffs at maybe 500. >> it might get you in, eight and eight might get you in. nine-seven definitely. >> that is an ugly year. >> if you are in the playoffs, you are in the playoffs. >> carolina panthers are
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undefeated. we have to go down there on a short week sunday. they he were 3,000 miles away and beatal seattle. they are due for a loss. >> he thinks they are tired. >> they are tired. >> it will be a very close game. i think both defenses will shut down offense. you will have a game, 13-ten, something like that. it will be a close game. >> g. ace matter of fact sue serio. >> of course. >> i bookmarked it. >> you did. >> yes. >> lovely. >> now, lets take a look at our weather. we will start off with a look what is coming up this saturday night. we want to you make your plans now, light the night walk we do every year for leukemia and limb nova society. it will turn chilly as we get started 45:30. sunset around 6:15ish these days but it will be a great time and beautiful night out there at eakins oval for the leukemia and lymphoma society. temperatures in the 40's. that is right, yesterday 20's,
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today 40's. forty-nine in the city already and the 40's in mount pocono where we were in the 20's yesterday. we had a morning low of 20 degrees in mount pocono yesterday. the seven day forecast has 68 degrees for a high today, 73 tomorrow and 75 on thursday but, of course, bob kelly, it will not last. big chill comes back. >> enjoy what we can, i guess. 7:19. good morning. an accident on the boulevard southbound lanes of the boulevard right at ninth street between ninth and broad so we are backup trying to get down toward the schuylkill expressway, and also the the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound watch for an accident now, between willow grove and philadelphia. that is actually east of the willow grove interchange. we are bumper to bumper there. a crash in royersford at ninth and main. delays from collegeville heading in toward king of prussia. an accident eastbound on 422 right here near route one hundred in pottstown. and then baltimore pike an accident just south of route
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202, otherwise mass transit, looking good. alex, back over to you. you know we are trying to get that hashtag trending this morning. >> yes. >> so mike was saying just send us a picture of anything. >> yes. >> we are getting pictures. >> tons of foot shots, broken foot. >> two of them. >> i cannot see she tweeted this earlier. >> yes good this has ktpcthree. >> yeah, pedestrian cures good. >> she has a broken foot. thanks for sending that in. use that hashtag gotta hear this because we want to beat that new york station. are we trending yet? >> not yet. we were super focus on the game, others were waiting to see the latest star wars trailer? did you see it yeah, also you have the chance to prepurchase your movie tickets. >> it didn't go well.
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whole country watched it. everybody locked on and then it all went downhill.
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here, we're ready. >> look at that. >> two circular pieces of art. adam shapiro, i have already forgotten what we're talking about. >> we're talking about the star wars trail their came out. >> during the eagles game last night, did you hear about the eagles beating the giants. >> no. >> during the game they played two and a half minute trailer for star wars movie. >> yes. >> yes. >> did you see it. >> yes. >> have you seen the trailer. >> it was amazing. >> you have got princess ear muff and she makes a came ohio in the trailer, and harrison ford and you do not see mark
7:25 am
hamill luke skywalker, i can stop doing my impersonation, right. this thing was so huge though, getting 17,000 tweets per minute when it broadcast, and then the tickets i sent in then go crash because you could start buying your ticket on december 18th. it was backup running. but so many people want to be first to see star wars the force awakens. >> so they run the trailer, and then the minute trailer end you can log on and buy tickets and so many people did it crashed. >> it crashed. >> it crashed faster than millennium falcon going at light speed. we are going to be talking about star wars, thank you, disney marketing from now until december 18th and after. this is going to make 3.8 billion to $5 billion. they are already selling the stuff. you can get little toys already. your kids will want this for
7:26 am
christmas. star wars, star wars, we will talk about nothing but star wars. maybe we will talk about federal reserve one day again, star wars, star wars, donald trump, that is what our future looks like. >> when disney was go to do it, they thought it would be ruin. but you they saw this trailer and they are like, no, i'm on board. >> jj abrams, he just did star trek. >> yes. >> if you are a a sci-fi geek, this guy, this movie will be good. >> yeah. >> adam is a treky. >> no question about it. >> i can't tell you how much i don't care. >> real quick if you were a treky which would be a red shirt, blue shirt or gold shirt. >> i don't even know what that means. >> i would pick blue. >> thanks. >> i would be shirtless. >> live long and prosper. >> yes. >> whatever. >> so, the blade runner, his real name is oscar pistorius. they have let him out of jail already. he did about a year in jail. >> we will talk about why the court let him out early but
7:27 am
he may have legal troubles here. >> he is under house arrest but we will show you picture of the house he is staying in, unreal. it is no jail. something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, jen fred. >> hey, it the is 2016 bridal trend and this is as close as i will ever be, as tall as a model. we will talk about what is hot and where you can come to check out those new looks. come back to the bellevue. we are having fun.
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did you hear about this, deadly market street collapse over 22nd and market. we will talk about why they came down so hard on the demolition contractor. and if you were planning to surprise a love one with the drone over the holidays, well, there is some new rules that you need to know, before you buy. some kid might be having that on their christmas list. >> would i love one. >> let's get back to the story we just talk b jury find demolition contractor guilty on six counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> verdict provided griffin campbell was handed down yesterday have afternoon. jury reject third degree murder charges sought by prosecutors, a charge that carries a mandatory life sentence. investigators say campbell controlled work site and was given several warnings by co-workers and architects. >> we tried an aggressive
7:31 am
case, i feel like he was following the guides and direction. he testified that he thought he could get the building down safely. >> if you are going to take the the building down you have to do it the right way. you cannot take shortcuts. >> campbell will be sentenced in january, a civil trial is set for next september, six people died in the collapse and dozens of others were hurt. we will bring in fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler. even though he was acquitted of third degree murder and still found gown guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> seth williams is very happy. third degree murder you have to have malice and evil intent. there was not intent but a motive. involuntary manslaughter you have to be reckless, grocery negligent. that is what they found him guilty of. he will serve time in jail. he is guilty of six counts of inn volume will try manslaughter. each one carries five years in prison. he could serve 30 years or so. sentencing is in january. he will serve a lot of time in jail. if he was guilty of third degree murder he would be in
7:32 am
jail the rest of his life. >> he himself was in the running down the machine that was knocking do unthat mall. >> that is right. he was demolition contractor, person running the machine was a man named sean benschop and he pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter which is exactly what the jury found mr. campbell guilty of. the difference is benschop cut a deal where he will serve ten to 20 years in prison. campbell will get probably 30 years or so in prison. it is a big difference. probably serve twice as much time. >> but architect, has immunity because he testified. >> yes, right. >> can he still be held responsible at all or completely innocent. >> he is immune for criminal prosecution. he will be liable in the civil case. when i say liable, i'm sure civil lawyers have sued architect and salvation army. it will be a different trial for civil trial. >> why salvation army getting sued. >> because they kept store opened with that construction going on. theory will be against salvation army, should have
7:33 am
closed the store therefore not subjecting anybody todayer if i run the salvation army store do i come out and say this doesn't look right, this is too dangerous. >> i think you could hear excavation equipment banging against the wall. they will have some questions to answer. when you lot this it looks like a dangerous scene going on. salvation army, they have a lot of questions to answer. >> i wouldn't know if a construction site was dangerous or not if that is not what i do. >> when you see video, it looks dangerous. it looked like a dangerous scene going on. >> oscar pistorius guy, who kills his girlfriend, the blade runner. >> culpable homicide. he was convicted of culpable in homicide. he was quick for five years in prison. he served one full year of prison. they let him out a day early good during the middle of the night. >> but now he serves remainder four years in his uncle's three story mansion. >> we have a picture of that mansion. >> we do, i hope we do. >> we will get to it.
7:34 am
>> it is huge. >> it is a huge place. what they are doggies their jails are overcrowded and what they will do is let him out and serve last four years of his sentence in this mansion where he has restrictions where he has to stay inside. >> we will find a picture of it in the day light. this is certainly in the a prison. >> this is anything but a prison. lots of people would love to have restriction toss stay in this place but that is what happens. we always thought he probably wasn't going to spend all five years there but to let him out after within year is a little bit crazy. he did kill the girlfriend. >> interviewing people there in south africa they are saying if i murdered someone i wouldn't get off. do you think it is because he is a celebrity and able to go his uncle's house. >> he is one of the biggest celebrities there. >> that played a factor. >> it always plays a factor. it play is a a factor in our country too. >> thanks, here's bob kelly with traffic. >> great guy. >> nice guy. >> good morning, everybody. northbound lanes of the 42 freeway, jammo working your
7:35 am
way in towards philadelphia. we have an accident just off of i295 and that is causing a a backup. also an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike on the eastbound side all between willow grove and philadelphia bensalem interchange. crash coming out of the collegeville at ninth and main and east on 422, some sun glare and a crash at route one hundred with a delay. south on the roosevelt boulevard, watch for an accident approaching broad street as you work your way down in towards the schuylkill expressway. look at the benny, combination of your normal 7:00 o'clock volume. >> eagles. >> and everybody who hit the snooze button trying on get over to the bennie at the same time, this morning, and they are downtown. mike and alex. >> eagles won, um. you know, i have seen a lot of drones, flying around philadelphia. but there is new government regulations out, as of yesterday afternoon. you better hear them before you buy one of those.
7:36 am
and this morning we are celebrating that eagles win, we are asking people to send in their celebration. >> we want this hashtag to trend. i don't care what you post. i said post a picture of your foot. that is what people doing combination of the eagles and feet. >> yes, gotta hear this. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
7:39 am
coming in for a landing ladies and gentlemen. >> philadelphia international airport. >> yes. >> it is the hashtag. >> hashtag. >> gotta hear this. >> i love that we are getting so many responses now. >> yes. >> hey, this is on tv last night, hey, look at my kid, all kind of things. >> listen to this, you know sound makes when it lands. only 65 days left until christmas and if someone on your list is asking for a drone, it may not be all fun
7:40 am
and games anymore. >> that is because federal government is stepping in and making sure that drone operators are following the rules. >> yes. >> there are. >> if anybody knows about droning it is lauren johnson. >> on and on and on. the obama administration is cracking down on drones, transportation secretary anthony fox announcing a transformation of the task force to come up with recommendations for federal user registry. owners will be required to register drones with the government just like commercial operators. the task force is charged with recommending which types of drones will be need to be registered. the main goal, to make sure operators know the rules of the sky and they are abiding by them. >> if i am a aircraft operators and they break the rules, clearly there should be consequences but in fact there can be no accountability if the person breaking the rules cannot be identified. >> so lobby is are saying they don't propose the the same threat and danger and if you
7:41 am
hike up the cost and put regulationness place that will drive away recreational flier. well hundreds of thousands of aircraft have been sold already without regulation, so how do you real them back in and register them later. that is a question they will try to answer. the goal, to rush rules in place as christmas season approaches because as mike and alex just said, in the beginning, consumer experts think 700,000 drones will be bought by the even of this year. it will be on the top of a lot of christmas list but they are not expecting these rules to be in place until 2016. >> they will be buzzing all over the place. >> pilots are really concern. you are taking flight somewhere and something hits plane pilot is like what is this? you need to find out who it belongs to what they are using it for. it is pilot verse the drones, all here you know when drones first came out there were tv station that used it, it was a reckon i-95, you could not get to it. just fly the drone over it and show that. >> yes. >> farmers are using it now
7:42 am
for crops. >> yes. >> we would use them but, you know, our guys... >> yes. >> 7:42. lemar odom's recovery sound like nothing short of the miracle. we will ask doctor mike how did he come so far so fast. we were last reporting on friday. >> we thought he would be dead. >> they said it wasn't good. >> now he is out of the hospital. >> back in l.a. >> some engaged couples embraced tradition for others it is all about standing out and there she is standing out in her fields. jen fred. >> it is the bridal event of the season. >> the bellevue. >> yes. >> come on back we will show you new looks, they are all adorable and do i mean sexy.
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we are a little milder then yesterday at the pocono mountains, a little will low this morning. we have not had measurable rainfall since the ninth of october. here are some of your weather headlines a as we get started on this tuesday morning. it is bright, sunny and milder morning then it was yesterday. and then, mid week, 70's are on the way. high temperatures in the 70's but when will it rain? we kind of need some at this point, sue serio fox 29 that
7:46 am
is present iter and facebook. i tweeted a picture of my foot because mike says to do it, i do it too. temperatures in the 40's to the north of us, where we in the 20's, 40's to the south of us as well and it is already 52 in wildwood. we are closing in on 50 in philadelphia now that the sunnies up. we have 14-mile an hour breezes, out of the southwest and that is where milder air comes from. we will have a warm spell. in rain near us at all, way up to the north of us so ultimate doppler radar looks good. sixty-eight for a high temperature, couple of nine's which we may move up to ten's, 70's on wednesday ape thursday, back to the chill on friday, saturday and sunday. it will be on the crisp side for light the night walk bob kelly on saturday evening at eakins oval. >> 7:46. good morning. the getting up and out, accident on route 309, it is southbound 309, right here near easton road with delays, just got a penndot crew on the
7:47 am
scene there. i think the sun glare is starting to hit us hard here in the 7:00 o'clock hour as we role in from south jersey, north on the freeway, but an accident. thinks a crash northbound 42 right at 295 interchange. we are bumper to bumper from the ac x all the way in and we have been backed up on the bennie the the last hour or so. i think combination of the normal 7:00 o'clock volume and then everyone that hit the snooze button that would typically come in during 6:00 o'clock hour all coming in at 7:00 and we are backup from the tolls into downtown eighth and vine. eastbound on the pennsy turnpike an accident between willow grove and the philadelphia/bensalem interchange. otherwise mass transit looking good with no reported delays, mike and alex, back over to you. >> you and you were just talking about this a young hacker, says he has breached cia director's personal e-mail as well as an account belonging to the home land
7:48 am
security secretary. >> the person has posted document on line. cia says it has referred the matter to the proper authorities. new york post first reported the hack on sunday, calling the man a quote stoner high school student end quote who supports hacking. >> hacking home land security, a kid, a teenager. 7:48. >> we are going to jen fred talking about wedding things. >> hold on a second. if you want to get married in the spring and summer this next year 2016 you better start planning that sucker right now. >> yeah, you have to way in advance from the best drinks to the best dress. so 2016 brightal show reveals, some new see through sexy trend, check out this gown. >> jen, apparently real sexy wedding gowns are very in. >> yes, mike i want to you watch this. as everybody one knows you are
7:49 am
soon going to be getting married. lauren is here from nicole miller. >> i say that the the styles in 2016 are actually fashionable. forgive me but wedding dresses are always known to be fashionable. >> you better believe it. you are seeing things. one jump suits and illusion, beautiful to embrace romance. >> hold on one second but here's what i want to tell people this weekend the 25th, sunday everything bridal under one roof. >> it is a bridal event of the season. you will find hair and make up. society hill danza contacted my lessons. live q and a guest panel. yours truly. >> yes. >> now lets show dresses. let's begin with this illusion. >> illusion. >> by the the way, could you get a more gorgeous couple. >> i don't think so. >> it its illegal. >> talk to me about why this is cool and it works. i feel like this version of the illusion you could wear in front of your grandmother,
7:50 am
mother-in-law. >> very tasteful. she's wearing it beautifully. item bodies romance, grace and a little touch of sequence which is, very peaceful. >> like i said, this is a fashionable gown. if this was short and different color. >> you would wear it. >> you could definitely wear this. >> now we have our rock star, yet funky cool bride. >> this is a fun bride. she can wear if she wanted to but she will wear a pant suit. she chooses the the right accessories. >> okay. >> so what do you have to do to pull off a pant suit. >> you have to be daring and fashionable and a rock star. >> like that. >> you got it one of the things we talked about we will talk about flowers in just a second. there are things you can do at your wedding. one of them is aging your own gin. >> what better way to say like i want to try the best of everything then to age your own gin.
7:51 am
>> yes you can have your guests pour in this little barrel, age it for four weeks and you are done. >> those are some things they will learn and see little tricks and tidbits. >> yes. >> everybody looks amazing. i said i need to see boldes, biggest, craziest, we will see that at 8:45 the the bigger boulder looks. >> absolutely. >> everyone did great. group, get over here. is she not adorable. he could be part of the 8:45 segment. you air adorable. bellevue gets engaged this sunday, october 25th. >> mike, if you are not here, with your fiance it is not right. >> i'm pathetic person if you do not the go to that. >> all right. i'll go. >> leave me alone. >> just get married and we will leave you alone. >> chrissy says, what is wrong today you seem like you are in a mood. hope you have a good day. >> are you in a mood mike. >> not really. >> you shouldn't be. if anyone should be in a moody should be in the mood.
7:52 am
>> we will tell what you mike did to me last night. >> that doesn't sound good. >> it wasn't good. >> i've heard that many times. >> 7:52. >> we have to talk about this because friday when we left this show, i thought lemar odom was going to die over the weekend. no, he woke up and he has already left vegas and back in los angeles. we will talk to doctor mike. new recommendations for pregnant women when it comes to alcohol. the damage one drink, can really have on your unborn baby.
7:53 am
7:54 am
(child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means... i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying) find a doctor in your network before you book... with zocdoc. ok! the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?!
7:55 am
giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. we have been talking about this all weekend long, lemar odom last friday seemed like he was going to die but now he is back in last angeles and back in los angeles. >> he was seen yesterday being air lifted out of nevada. sources say he will be facing
7:56 am
major medical issues that will take months to bounce back from. doctors cautioned his family there will be permanent damage as well. meanwhile tmz is report ago this chloe has put her relationship with james harden, the the basketball player on hold while she helps lemar recuperate. >> how does this happen, doctor mike. >> good medical care, good luck, and the fact that he probably, faced what we're hearing, he could have had a condition known as which is where because you are unconscious for a while and you are lying down you can have a break down of muscle and that can damage your kidneys. he was on dialysis. he wasn't breathing, for a while, he had to be on a ventilator and now he is off the ventilator and his kidneys are still getting better. he is still on dialysis. it is possible with good intensive care unit treatment that they got him through this by the grace of god i got to tell you. >> you were worried that he
7:57 am
lost oxygen but did he open up his eyes, friday afternoon and looked at chloe and said hey, baby. >> it took a while for the ambulance to get there and supposedly he was breathing a little bit. if you don't breathe, for three minutes you suffer brain damage. so obviously he took a hit with this. he is going to mainly not only get rehab on his body, and his physical state but he is going to have to change the way he interacts with the world. he came this close, this close. >> could there still be brain damage here. they keep saying permanent effects. >> i think there will be significant permanent issues, but you with good rehab. now, you have to remember, we have troops coming back from iraq, and places where they have significant brain trauma and with amazing physical therapy, and determination, they get through it. i think he will do okay but it
7:58 am
will be a long road, and he needs to realize that he came that close and he had has got to change the way he lives. >> for sure. every few months we do this story. we will do it again. if you're pregnant, can you sip some wine, can you have any alcohol. >> well, according to the american academy of pediatrics the answer is no, no level of alcohol, while you are pregnant is safe. >> zero. >> zero. >> people say just one glass, here and there. >> there is no way of knowing. you cannot do a study folks where you take half people, you know what mom you drink, the the other half, no, you don't drink and lets see what happens to your kid. it isn't going to happen. based on the science that we know now, there is no safe amount of alcohol. where it gets a little sticky, is the the the fact that half of women of child bearing age drink. you could get pregnant and not
7:59 am
know thaw are pregnant and drink and this is a a problem with medical literature and that is why you have to watch fox 29 to get it distilled down. the bottom line is there were a couple stud that is said maybe it is okay. we haven't seen any long term effects. the don't buy it. the the bottom line is you can't. >> why would you risk it. >> that is the question, why? because the long term effects of alcohol abuse and pregnancy are well known. it is effecting baby's behavior. long term it could affect their cognition. it can affect so many things. forget about it, don't do it. >> doctor mike, thank you. >> i love you both. >> coming up at 8:00 o'clock. it is a tuesday, big win last night. >> oh, boy. >> a winning tuesday. >> october 20th, 2015.
8:00 am
blackout blow out. eagles defense dominates the giants at the link. the the fan reaction right now, plus the a list celebrity spotted at the game. did you see him? we really cannot let it go. listen up, moms and dad you may want to book your next flight on the frozen plane. this is not a plane that is really cold but a new creation glittering across the sky. >> my goodness. >> plus sexy wedding dresses? it is the new trend apparently. bride are going bombingers over this but what would your gown look like? why that traditional tux may be out of style before next year. and then there is this. >> ♪
8:01 am
probably well known celebration song in history. >> that is right, let's celebrate, the eagles are fresh off of a win so we are starting to feel good. we feel good about that. >> here's the thing, if you tell us your favorite celebration song what do you have to do to get us to talk bit. >> use the hashtag. i heard we are changing the hashtag now. >> what? >> what? >> fox 29 good day. >> we have gone back. >> i think things are back to normal. >> we beat the heck out of our sister station back in new york so badly. >> they are changing the rules on us. >> yes, but that little hashtag here it will stay up then because it is confusing. >> yes, look at that. >> get rid of that. getting rid of it so back to fox 29 good day. >> things are back to normal. >> what happens to the picture i just tweeted it.
8:02 am
>> well, i don't know, i tweeted it out there. >> we will go look at it. >> you send us pictures of your feet, i have a good time with that. >> fox 29 good day. >> yes. >> okay. >> it is too confusing. >> this is a feat in itself just getting that number of the day because sometimes i just can't decide on the number. >> it is eight out of ten today. may end up being a nine in your estimation by the time all is said and done. bus stop buddy has a sweat shirt on. in winter coats or gloves like yesterday when we needed them. much milder with temperatures in the 40's to start your day. it is already 50 degrees in the city with 66 percent relative humidity. 14 miles an hour wind out of the southwest. that is other thing about today we will be breezy but much milder, in some cases, 20 4 hours ago. forty's to the north and south of us. 52 degrees in wildwood. plan on a high of 68 degrees today, and sunset bob kelly 6:15.
8:03 am
8:02. good morning on a tuesday. late start. a lot of folks up late last night hitting the snooze button this morning. so we are seeing late jams in all of the cams. live look at the westbound schuylkill expressway an accident off to the side here, near belmont avenue, an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, as we go for a ride it is all eastbound between willow grove and philly bensalem interchange and northbound lanes of the freeway starting to move but backed up from the expressway up to 29 five an accident right there in that bellmawr interchange. look at bennie backup for well over an hour now typical morning follow and then hours worth of folks getting a late start we are backed up from here to downtown. watch out for paving, taking place on wissohickon avenue at hunting park avenue and mass transit looking good, back over to you. >> the eagles defeated giants in the 27-seven victory lah has night the at the link.
8:04 am
>> eagles defense we are giving them credit for yesterday's victory. eli manning was sacked three times and force three turnovers. >> yeah. >> eagles are now three-three, moving out of last place to first place in one evening. davis in wawa getting reaction, hi, dave. >> reporter: what a difference one game makes. the last place to first place. a lot of people coming in getting their cup of coffee at wawa in pensauken and they are saying how about a good eagles game. the it is not something that we have said a lot of lately. lets a's go to video right now. get you you some morning highlights here. sam bradford, of course, throwing to riley cooper, 32 yards for that touchdown right there. who could forget nolana carol's pick six off of eli manning giving the bird the lead right there. and then, in the last pick six by the eagles against the giants at home? brian dawkins in 1997. he was in the house too big
8:05 am
night there. sam bradford did throw three interceptions but that is already. the birds end up making 27 unanswered points. fans here getting their coffee, well, they are excited. >> they need to play a lot better. after first game they were shaky. then the defense will carry the team f they don't carry the team we will not win. >> wear the black uniform. my whole family wears black. >> how do you like us now, back in first place. it is a long season but, you know, it is a slow start and people gave up on us but we're back in the mix right now. back with the giants tied for first. still a lodge season. ten-six is in grasp. >> reporter: one fan, told me, they were getting the w anyway they can. that is how football works, and ahead, in first place, as we go, and, to the panthers
8:06 am
and give them some heck. so we will see what happens, guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you. i think stealing one, we stole one last night. >> but still. >> a win is a win, guys. >> a win is a win. >> we need to get ready for panthers. >> that is a tough one down there. panthers are undefeated. >> now, we have some momentum. >> we do, yes. >> i think that is a winnable game actually. >> did you see who was sitting in the owners box last night, they kept cutting away too it, bradley cooper sitting with jeff. they were even talking bit. >> could he be the new good luck charm. >> would you you like to see him at every game. >> i am sure a lot of woman would like to see him at every game. >> after the bengals game on sunday the nfl network went to the locker room but now they have to apologize for letting us all across america see name butts of the football players
8:07 am
going into the shower. >> some bengals players they unknowingly were flashing some of the camera there, lauren. people want some changes. >> lauren has been scouring this footage to do this story for us. thank you for your hard work. >> this all happened when the nfl network reporter was interviewing defensive back adam pack man jones who could focus on the interview when all of the commotion in the background. do you see it other players going around, walking around,inging about their business in the locker room. not everyone towels wrapped around them. a all this made it to broadcast, and, this is a critical mace take. the executive vice-president said the the crew did not follow network procedures that would have prevented this error. andrew whiteworth who got caught in the buck is not happy and calling for complete change of policy. >> i have pressed this issue before, with our union and the fact that i think it is wrong.
8:08 am
this is my office space. i shouldn't have to change in it and be in front of the people i don't no or don't have any purpose of being near me other than the fact that they are interviewing other people. if i was a woman this would be a complete different subject and it would be a fire storm. >> reporter: nfl pol say allows all media members in the locker room following a ten minute cooling off period after the game. he says that this incident proves policy is flawed saying why do i to have explain to me kids that their daddies naked on tv. he name the league commissioner and network time for a media policy change. backup quarterback aj, also not happy about players privacy compromised. how is this okay what about female reporters required to get an interview? i would rather my house bob's a and p not be all over tv. would you like to be filmed while you are name. they are apologizing to bengals and says it is reviewing its procedures. mike and alex, i have a story
8:09 am
to share. about ten years ago i was a reporter down in orlando. the sports guy, trying to get interviews after the game, in the locker room, you can see everything. and then one point, someone taps shoulder when photographies behind you. so i dropped down, to my knees so i could move out of his way and one of the players said something really foul and inappropriate and that caused a big fire storm about females in the locker room because of all these kind of things we're talking about today. the guys are name. they are looking at you, they feel violated. you feel out of place. it is really uncomfortable. >> did they change anything. >> nope. >> did they keep you in the locker room. >> but i never felt the same going in the locker room after that incident because you feel so uncomfortable and awkward. you feel like you are invading their space. the they are coming out of the shower. why can't we wait until they come out in the pressroom but then they don't all go in the pressroom. you might miss the big star of
8:10 am
the night likely brandon might not come in there but you are missing them. but it is uncomfortable. awkward for everybody. >> do guys, when u.s. women's soccer team, do guys go in and interview. >> that is what i wonder. >> i doubt it. >> i doubt it too. i feel like the men should have a good argument there. >> there has got to be a good compromise even they spend extra time before they go in and do more interviews or there has got to be a compromise or stay on the floor after the game to give us post game sound. >> everybody has a job to do. they have to play. we have to get those questions answered. >> this is why i don't go to the gym because i don't want to be naked in front of anybodiy change at home. i go to the gym and walk by. >> i know people that change, shower, it is a lot good i would rather do that in the privacy of my own home. >> me too. >> thanks, lauren. 8:10. well, sobering moment. >> i think i'm having one. >> sometimes we reach a point when we realize we are turning
8:11 am
into our parents. >> it is worst. >> the top signs that show you you are just like your mom or dad. but first eagles fresh off a win so we are part thinking morning. tell us your top celebration song, remember we have a different hashtag now back to normal hashtag fox 29 good day. >> we have champions by queen come on.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ that is an old song, from the 07's called celebrate, celebrate, and we are celebrating this morning. that great eagles victory last night. well, it wasn't a great game but fact that we won is pretty great. now, yesterday we were shivering as temperatures in the 20's. we only set one record low, and that was in trenton, with a low of 27 degrees. everybody else we were just cold but look at today. temperatures are almost 20 degrees warmer, 44 in allentown, in the 20's at this time yesterday.
8:15 am
forty-nine in the city. other temperatures even up in hazelton it is 42 degrees which is chilly but not as cold as yesterday. brigantine at 50. woodbine at 50. down here in lieu is delaware we are at 46 degrees. rain is to the north of us and it will stay there. we don't to have worry about that today. just plenty of sunshine. 68 degrees our high after yesterday's 55. that is quite a warm up. seventy-three tomorrow. seventy-five on thursday but that warming trend will not continue, chills down in time for the weekend with those cool temperatures coming back but still don't think nights will be as cold as they were on sunday and monday. so that is the forecast, bob kelly, how are we doing. >> we are doing much better then this time yesterday. we don't have any scraping on the front windshield. is there your speed meter reading for blue route and for i-95. i-95. wow. almost an accident here in the
8:16 am
studio. let look live at i-95 northbound right here near kerlin street there working your way from delaware county. an accident off to the side causing a delay. good morning to bellmawr, new jersey live look at 42 freeway delays coming in from philadelphia from an earlier accident here at 295, the pennsylvania turnpike dealing with sun glare westbound and then we had an earlier accident eastbound between philadelphia a and willow grove and philly bensalem. on 422 eastbound, the the time to beat is 9:00. if you are hitting a snooze button after a late eagles game you want to be past trooper road by 9:00 a.m. otherwise it will go down to one lane and stay that way for most of the the day. it has been a backup on the bennie kind of morning, a combination of the morning rush hour and folks just getting a late start after the game. ben franklin backed up in to downtown at eighth and vine. later on today a paving
8:17 am
operation, wissohickon avenue you between hunting park and mt. airy avenue that will tie us up between 9:00 ape three throughout the day, alex, back to you. well, we are getting in the halloween spirit and we are channeling the new movie, the scout guys to the zombie apocalypse. >> here's a look. >> under control. >> guys, they are gone, military they are not coming either. >> tonight we're showing you what it is all about. we will stan here and go save the world. >> he looks like crap. >> he tried to hit me. >> once again to get ready for movie a's release friday october 30th we have someone in the studio. not just chris murphy. anytime we want to transform somebody we want to transform chris murphy.
8:18 am
you you are an expert with all things zombie can you say that. >> as a boy scout i have been prepared and survived countless zombie encounters. >> you have a dog named scooby. >> best friend name scooby. >> that why they called you shaggy. >> yes it is all a mystery. >> you are hired. >> this movie is boy scouts. they come together. they have to fight off all these zombies. it looks funny. but thing about zombies people for halloween they like to see zombies. so, you are a professional. you will transform chris into a zombie in the show but what are key things you want to be if you want to be the perfect zombie. >> first thing you want to do is take life out of yourself. >> that is easy. >> just use household make up, is to use eye shadow or other darker tones you may have and the cheekbone and accent wait your temple, purple, black
8:19 am
whatever you may have. >> wait a minute, this sound horrible. >> you are not supposed to look good. >> that is an improvement. >> i need botox do you have any of that. >> okay. >> what about with the blood how do you make light real coming out of your mouth good thing with bloodies to previously paint witt a red make up and to use. >> you can use your lipstick, lipstick is a great choice. it keeps wet and gloss to it, throughout the night but it will stain everything so be aware. seal your blood afterward with a scabbing, natural or you can use, like a powder and that will help dry out the blood but doesn't dilute the color. >> it does the same thing. >> with him how long it take, can you in make him a zombie. >> we will --
8:20 am
>> ten minutes. >> ten minutes. >> so we will let you get to work here shag gy and we are exited to see this new movie. >> were you a scout. >> i was a cub scout i never metric lated up too far. >> 8:20. so used clothing target wants to change the way you shop but there is a catch. why you may not get that credit right away. >> plus this... >> ♪ do you want to build a snow man? come on let's go and play ♪ >> chris is like not again, yes playing the song for a reason do you want to build an airplane? there is a new creation glittering across the sky, what your kid will be begging you to to next.
8:21 am
for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
8:22 am
bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth™!
8:23 am
i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. it is 8:23. the netflix is planning a gillmore girls revival series that will consist of four, 90
8:24 am
minute installments, the the show featuring tails of the mom and daughter duo, initially ran for seven seasons the. when asked about the characters now, she says that she imagine rory would still be on her career path as a journalist and, lauren graham said that the couple is still together. >> i hope so. i have been concerned about their relationship. >> you will get to learn more in the new series. >> 8:24. >> act wrist kail lee cuoco, well, she might to have cough up a a lot of money after her divorce. her estrange husband, ryan sweeting is seeking alimony support from the big bang theory actress. they have a prenup. we will see how this all turns out. forbes listed her as the highest paid, tv actress. >> wow. >> she calls the the divorce in september after nearly two years of marriage. we have been playing the song again, i know you thought
8:25 am
we for got about it, but it is back, because disney unveiled their brand new frozen airplane. >> i want to see this plane. >> it is magical. >> look at it. >> they are painting it. >> so the plane is partnership between canadian airlines west jets and it features elsa, ana, and even olaf once we see this completed. keep going. but then they talk about glitter too. >> glitter was added to the paint, on the plane so it will look like it is shimmering across the sky in the air. >> it is not just on the outside, inside of the plane is frozen theme as well, the the design goes from cold in the back to warm in the front and and just like in the movie ,. >> which side of the plane would you want to be on. >> let's stick, go back to that video shouldn't we see the finished thing.
8:26 am
if i sit through this darn thing i will sit through it to the even. >> elsa right on the front. >> come on, people. >> is ol a f on the plane. >> we don't get to see the finish. >> it is getting close. >> there we go, elsa and ana and olaf, he is on the beach. >> i would rather have my spleen removed then take a flight on that thing. >> mike, teddy might like it. >> my granddaughter would love to be on that plane. >> you have to take her to christmas. >> i don't to have do anything. >> hey chris how are you coming as a zombie. >> i have never looked better. >> turn your head, and cough. >> no. >> this will take about an hour. >> it will take entirely too long. >> it just looks like you need to shave he will be a zombie
8:27 am
eventually. >> while chris is becoming a zombie quincy is doing a tow truck driver. >> do my job, q. >> q, do my job. i'm at auto body at southwest. this is the the manager. my first duty, we will tow a car or truck. >> let's do it. vince mazzeo-
8:28 am
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
8:29 am
8:30 am
i love this song. i was so excited, when jake say i will debut new music video. >> what is he doing. >> why everyone has something to say, about this new dance move. >> or lack thereof. >> new trend for next spring and summer if you are going to get married. >> apparently very sexy, wedding gowns.
8:31 am
>> yes. >> all of the bride are loving this, mike, but what should your groom wear. why that tuxedo may be out of style next year. >> do you hear that. >> all right. let's check out chris because he is getting turn into a zombie this morning. >> how do i look. >> again, it looks like you just have shave cream on, so. >> i'm sure is there a method to this. >> i know it. >> before i use shaving cream. >> yes. >> now, let's get into this q, do my job. >> he has already been a principal, and now he wants to do a job of a tow truck driver. >> let's see, this could really go badly. all right, what are you doing. >> it could go bad. this is ronald we call him j, manager at auto body at the southwest. you have an interesting story. your family, this is like a family own business. >> yes, it is, it started in 1991. this is passed on from my uncle, when i came in at about
8:32 am
16 years old and i have been here ever since. i will keep the doors open. >> you show me how, you know, tow a car. it looks simple but it really is simple. >> let me let you guys know they have all these cars that they have to work on. we have towed the car and taken it around the corner and we look at it. >> yes. >> how do we toe this car right here. >> first, you want to let your boom down. >> let the boom down. >> okay. >> that looks good. >> and the boom is down. it is all the way down. >> it looks thinner. >> what you want to do is get in the truck. back it up to the car, and let me know, owe kay. go straight back.
8:33 am
>> owe kay. >> how is that. >> come on, come on. >> i'm a little will shy. >> this is a little hard. >> right there. >> it goodies. >> right there. >> okay. >> what is the next step. >> you want to push it up. >> whatever that means. >> do you see that. >> yes. >> you want it to go up with the car. >> right here. >> okay good this one right here. >> right there. >> to that is pretty simple. i can do that. >> i'm a little scared. >> right there. >> go ahead and grab your stretch. >> how long does this usually tea. >> if you are good, it is ten minutes top. >> if you are like me, probably about about 20 minutes. >> i'll be here in about an hour. >> where are you sending this too. >> go under the the car.
8:34 am
>> go right here. >> place this strap, like this. >> oh, okay. >> we are put ago this on right there. and we do it on both sides. >> yes. >> doing it on both side, and what has to get done by this car and how long does it take. >> a week or two, we have to put it on a machine, get a new door, a fender, pull the frame out, and be back to normal will in no time. >> we will toe this car around the corner and next hour i will paint your car. >> yes, i will. >> why. >> he is a brave man, i could barely do this he is going to let me paint a car, a car, that will see the road on 76 that may be have a jammo, i will be taking it next hour. >> what kind of paint. >> it is not candy paint. >> no. >> just regular, regular alex.
8:35 am
>> regular. >> i know you are doing it. >> oh, yeah. >> candy paint. >> well, thank goodness q didn't do any damage to that car. >> i would have been concerned. >> yes, it is trashed. >> came out unharmed, wow. >> hi, sue. >> i want to see a purple car, i want to paint it purple. >> what color will he do, he didn't say. >> eagles green. >> how about this, if you walked out in the street and saw a bunch of toes, somebody got their toes cutting off, who would you call. >> a tow truck. >> bus stop buddy's toes are covered, thank goodness, milder start today, the winter coat like yesterday, it is in the 20's, temps in the 40's, and we will give you a eight out of ten. we're expecting a high temperature in the, yeah, here in the 60's today. let's do it to this way. 68 degrees our high
8:36 am
temperature, plenty of sunshine. much milder then yesterday. wait until you see how warm it gets tomorrow. seven day forecast coming up, hey bob kelly. >> you got it, 8:36. jammo and some sun glare and a accident, west on the schuylkill expressway, and it is westbound right here near belmont avenue interchange tying things up, leaving town and you can see the shadows here, that is you are in bound sun glare working your way from conshohocken to center city. accident on 295, southbound lanes at 295, we're backup from say cherry hill route 70 all the way down through the black horse pike and getting in toward bellmawr. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, and eastbound between norristown and the fort washington interchange and we have got sun glare coming westbound, but watching us out in the reading area, there was an early morning tractor trailer that is still causing delays eastbound, into the reading exit, alex, back to you. >> thanks very much, bob. 8:36. store credited used clothing, um-hmm, target wants to change the way you you shop, but
8:37 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at danielle,. >> it is trending, our hashtag. >> i've just given up on ideas. >> and so they all, everybody is quite interesting. a lot of people watch the show with the feet propped up. >> yes, yes. >> can i talk about target, the the store. >> can you help me sit down because it is quite a process. >> why don't you join us. >> thanks for having me. >> yes. >> put your feet up.
8:41 am
>> yes. >> it is just too difficult. it is the world's worse. >> can i just see your plant split. >> i think that is. >> i have brown socks on with a blue suit. >> yes. >> okay. >> i got dressed in the dark. >> when are you ever really matching though. >> target is in the consignment game but instead of cash in hand, you get store credit? target teamed up with thread up an on line consignment store to start accepting high quality children's swimming clothing a and shoes and handbags. items can be dropped off at select target stores and retailer will pink up shipping cost and in exchange for your goods you get a target gift card. >> this is a great idea. >> anything over $60 has to wait until item is sold. unwanted items will be recycled responsibly. >> i'm constantly, you know, getting rid of certain clothes.
8:42 am
>> are you. >> i need to take it to a thrift shop or something like that. >> yes. >> it is convenient. >> it is convenient. >> a lot of done sign. shops will do it, give you your money. >> i hear you. >> all right. let's again, if you you are planning a wedding in spring or summer of 2016, you better get the plans together, right now. >> have you started planning, mike. >> no. >> have you started planning this wedding. >> i'm going to the bellevue. >> jen, place get him ready. >> i hear that he is coming to the bellevue and what we will see are some more, bold, adventuresome looks, as part of the nicole miller fashion show this weekend. are they gorgeous? i will tell you what is going on coming up.
8:43 am
we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey.
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will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
8:45 am
and, blue bell. blue bell. i know it is blue something.
8:46 am
>> and, we were talking about. it is a milder morning. much milder. 20 degrees milder then it was yesterday at this same time. and we have, 70's to look forward to for middle of the week, tomorrow and thursday, but one moment rain, we have not had measurable rainfall since october 9th. we have had that coming up in the seven day forecast. so 68 degrees, today, much milder then yesterday. seventy-three tomorrow. seventy-five on thursday. and then a big cool down on friday. and, light the the night walk on say day evening for leukemia and lymphoma society. >> that is your seven day forecast. this is mike jerrick. we're about to go to jen fred. >> who would wear pants to their wedding. >> me. >> all right. >> and you look good. >> that is a pant suit. >> there that was december 31st, 1994. my sister beverly's living
8:47 am
room. >> um-hmm. >> when billy v and i got married. >> you looked lovely. >> look at the a the love in your eyes. >> do you like the mirror thing. >> i see two headed bride. >> yes, such. >> yes i was ahead of my time with my pant suit. >> 2016 bridal fashion is super colorful and dress necessary some cases, they are getting short. >> we have to see pant suits and lots of different styles. >> new styles for the guys, too. >> hey, jen. >> new styles for the guys and when people come to the bellevue and gets engaged it is first time in philadelphia that there is a bridal fashion show that features opposite section couples and same sex couples and that is awesome as well. >> people are surrounding us they want to see what is going on. >> good morning. >> so let's have the bride and groom come down, obviously in a gorgeous nicole miller dress and our groom has an amazing
8:48 am
outfit on, from vantresca limited in doylestown. >> what you have done is updated a very sim will looking gown. >> a simple traditional nicole million are gown and as you can tell this is for a bride that is a ballroom, grand ballroom at hyat and it has a twist. she will add this, as you may say. >> it is kind of cool and she can literally wear that on your honeymoon and anniversary and stuff. multi faceted jewel. >> i love that. >> other thing we are noticing is come here, you have to stay over here, kyle. i love this look. explain what this is. >> this is a groom's look hi you would normally see them wear with little stately pattern to it. he has cumber bun on which he is not showing at the moment, so... >> we're seeing older looks for men. something in your hand as well. this photograph, extremely well. >> this photographs extremely well when you go to a if
8:49 am
function or wedding. you'll see gentlemen that wear this, like to see more people wear this kind of look. it is very, very, very in style. >> it is their wedding day as well. we have talked to that a little bit, guys need to step it up and than boulder. >> you will see it all. >> this sunday. >> yes, this is also a different kind of a look, it is a two piece bridesmaid gown. >> correct. >> it has more of a 3-d approach but who wouldn't want to see the the made of honor bride made in this style and who wouldn't want to wear it. >> so, by the way off camera she has been running around like a princess because she loves this outfit so much. true nina. >> yes. >> but she looks too good. so, she will be rocking it, down the runway. >> i love it. >> ladies, do you approve.
8:50 am
give us the thumbs up. >> we like all of them. >> we are causing a ruckus at the bellevue. >> we will see flowers and stuff from valley forge flowers. do you a approve. >> i really do. i really do. >> beautiful. >> i like that chain thing that went over the the woman. >> yes, send that to your fiance. >> it was cool. >> that chain thing i would. >> mike, i like new this kind of a thing too. >> i really like that suit jacket. >> by the way, bow ties are back. >> do you like this. >> we can see mike in this. >> yes. >> how are you baby. >> they want to see you into it. >> i'm not that far from the bellevue. >> might want to go over there. >> yes. >> very nice. >> thank you, alex. >> thank you. >> is that who i look like today. >> look at chris's face. am i still working on than that one cheek. >> yes. yes. >> i think you know why.
8:51 am
>> we will turn him into a zombie bye ten i hope. lottery numbers. ññ
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. this fire, right here, fire fighters are still on the scene there. 140 south du pont highway. >> are they squirting down a car, is that a planter, it looks like it is right in front of the lobby area. >> you pull inside of it. >> motel is the the office where it is pulling car in there and it goes inside.
8:55 am
right there at the front. >> yeah. >> wilmington. >> okay. it looks like fire fighters got that one certainly under control, but in the this one. this is in chicago, and, three alarm fire, this is, oh, man how could you have a worse place to have a fire. >> and, there is a a fire that occurred in the same spot in 1990, and the the building was made out of wood then and i had is made out of metal now. >> there is still lumber inside of this, apparently back inside that year. >> what was it. >> it was on the exact same date, in 1990. >> wow. >> twenty-five years to the day. >> okay. >> five minutes before 9:00. the guy in leesberg virginia who uses over 8500 lights to create a half an hour light display, for halloween. >> so that is lights up though to mack more's downtown. >> all right. lets take a look.
8:56 am
>> okay. how is it like across the street. >> random bullies his name, engineered this whole thing. he has an engineering background and there is also a donation box at the the front of the house so inspectors can doughnut to johns-hopkins children center. this is his fifth year doing this light show. >> it is a good cause there. >> yes, nicely done. >> sobering moment, sometimes we reach a point where we realize we are turning into our parents. so top signs you are becoming just like your mom or dad. >> certain phrases that you use. >> yes. >> things that you do.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
can i just say it is exactly 9:00 o'clock. good kay, tuesday, october 20th, 2015. the lovely sue serio has join us here. >> hey, hi. >> yes. sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we realize, we're turning into our parents. we have five of the top signs you are becoming your mother a and father by what you said and what you do? candy a apples for the kids. these are not your typical halloween treats. the three flavors that will make them smile. >> what was that. >> and, you know the song, hot line bling, of course, we have a new song and new music video, right. >> but now the problem is no one is talking about the song. everyone has something to say about drake's dance moves.


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