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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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can i just say it is exactly 9:00 o'clock. good kay, tuesday, october 20th, 2015. the lovely sue serio has join us here. >> hey, hi. >> yes. sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we realize, we're turning into our parents. we have five of the top signs you are becoming your mother a and father by what you said and what you do? candy a apples for the kids. these are not your typical halloween treats. the three flavors that will make them smile. >> what was that. >> and, you know the song, hot line bling, of course, we have a new song and new music video, right. >> but now the problem is no one is talking about the song. everyone has something to say about drake's dance moves.
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>> really. >> yes. >> speaking of drake, our eagles, last night, started it. >> yes, now we're here. >> and now we're here with this face. >> look at chris murphy's face. >> so asked. >> we are turning him into a zombie because that is how he feels every day when he comes in. >> yes. >> there is a new zombie movie out, chris. >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> what is the the name of the movie, jessica. >> scout's guide to the some bye apocalypse. >> it is about boy scouts and they start fighting these zombie. >> it is a mix. >> okay. >> everyone talking about this game last night, so exciting, were you watching it? do you see the crowd. blackout game? really getting people riled up yesterday. >> atmosphere was electric when i put it out there. >> yes. >> i was supposed to go to the game last night. >> yes. >> what? >> so mike, called me, what was it yesterday afternoon and
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probably three or 4:00 and he called me three or four times. i was taking a nap. i said hey, is what up. do you wanting to to the game. >> i said yeah, sure i'll go to the game. >> he said okay. >> where should we go, meet me, the at 7:00 p.m. at the omni hotel. >> i said i can do that. i will see you there. i went. got me a nice scarf. i have to bundle up. i will be out there in the cold. i have gloves, several layers on, super excited. >> remember i had my two friend in town from new york. >> so i said okay, super excited mike is always complaining i'm's late. i made sure i left early. i got to the omni hotel five minutes before 7:00. i'm ready, excited. i had to wait. and then i waited. and then i waited. and i waited. >> stood up. >> and i waited. >> oh, no. >> what to is this from.
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>> i had green, black make up on. >> gorgeous. >> so serious. >> and then 30 minutes go by i said wait a minute what is going on here. >> this is lobby of the omni hotel. >> yes. >> sitting there, i don't think this is happening. i went to the bar, by myself and i called you several times, mike. i kept calling, calling, he would never stand me up. >> you wouldn't do that to me. >> but you know what, sue. >> what happened. >> he did. >> i was waiting. you stood me up. you called me. he got so excited. people are looking at the me. what is up with this girl. i just could not believe it. mike would never stand me up. he told me we were going to the game. you know what i did, i said,
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why get upset. maybe something happened to him. i did more than that. i went to his house, okay. thank you to your doorman he let me in. i didn't go in the room. i knock on the door. nope, no answer. so i have a couple people that want to thank to help me get through. my friend reese lives in the neighborhood. i was supposed to watch the game with her because i thought i was going to the actual game. when she heard i was waiting on mike and she came and sat with me and we sat ape talk. so thank you, reese, welcome me to your house. i want to thank the the doorman for letting me into the building, to let me in. >> he's firedy want to thank mark, and that is where i watched the game by myself at the bar. he got the my a knees drink. and then, preston and steve, i texted her. she had an extra ticket but i was than the in the mood. >> what did she say. >> game already started. one more person to thank. austin, a guy i met at the
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bar. he told me, great place to go in olde city. got up, by myself. he was doing a tour. i didn't realize all these ghost stories. i learned lot last night. i have to be told you did send me a text, so here's the text that he sent. this is after 11:00p m. you can see all my text. i'm here. hello. >> oh, my god, i am so sorry. i just woke up. i never should have gone home. >> you stood me up, here's what happened. >> i went home at 5:00, and promised myself i would wake up, by 7:00 ape walk over to the omni to meet you. i woke up, at 11:00 p.m. >> but i bang odd your door. >> you were not even home.
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>> rewere banging on the door. >> i was in an interior bedroom. but here was the plan. my friend kacie and danielle are in town from new york and i was taking them to the game. the four of us were going to go. we said four would meet atom any at 7:00 o'clock. here's a text from danielle last night, from the omni hotel. wait for it. wait for it. >> we went to the omni and waited for both of you. >> i was there at 6:55. 6:55. >> you don't know what they look like. >> they don't know what alex looks like. >> they have seen the show. were you hiding. >> i was sitting in a chair and you had been waiting for more than an hour. >> dressed up in my eagles gear. you know it is here because you have have the clear bag. >> yes. >> you know you are going to the stadium. >> it seemed like a good game
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to go to. >> you have to rub it in. >> no i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry, alex. it is next excusable. >> but seriously once you go to sleep, i never should have gone home. i sat down on the couch, boom. >> i'm glad you are okay and not dead somewhere. >> a will guys profusely. >> i would be upset too. >> it really is stupid but i'm sorry. >> we will go to the next game. >> yeah, right. >> by the the way, so, my friend did go to the game. >> they had my ticket and your ticket with them. >> lovely. >> so they gave it to the uber driver. >> at least somebody got to go to enjoy the the game. at least somebody did. >> in fact, there he is. >> do you know his name. >> he was thrilled. >> happy guy. >> said he watches the the show every morning. >> glad you got to see the game. >> okay.
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>> now, as long as they didn't go to waste. >> he was thrilled he got to go to the game. >> okay. ninety -- whatever. i do notice a as time passes in your life thaw start to turn into your parents. the things that you say, things that come out of your mouth, stuff that you start to do, we have found five signs thaw are turning into your parents. sue, do you want to take this one. >> let's say here's number one keep i bag of other plastic bags in the sketch even. you asked your friend to take off your shoes when you come inside their home. >> my fiance i have to take my shoes off inside her apartment. >> anybody ever comes to clean your carpet, we had a carpet cleaner come and they say take off your shoes. it is a good idea. >> sometimes i will keep my shoes on when i lay on the couch. take your shoes off the couch. >> why do you do that to annoy you. >> other times i just don't take her to football games. >> how do you know where one
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starts and other one stops. >> you have actual holders for important documents like tax information and you are a grown up. >> ten years i have got my tax returns. >> for one reason. >> you are supposed to save it in case you get audited. >> i like to keep my bills. >> look at you miss organize. >> the stuff is due you this month. >> i hear you you. >> you enjoy, i was just there a couple days ago, home goods more than any other store. home goods is so great. i need a kitchen rug. no, bathroom rug and i am going to a couple other apartment stores. but bathroom rug. home goods. >> do we have a bed, bath and boyfriend. >> bed, bat and boyfriend. >> single women in new york will say i am going to bed, bath and boyfriend because you run into single men buying towels. >> is that where they find men. >> yeah. >> i had no idea.
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>> we will take to you home goods. i bet they are in there too. >> boy, chris murphy looks horrible. >> all right. >> here's the next one. >> you are actually productive on the weekends. >> this is where i am not turning into my parents. >> me either. >> waste the entire weekend. >> laying around binge watching stuff. >> my dad used to get up early saturday morning and do chores. >> we had to go out and do chores before we had fun. >> what was your job. >> clean the bathroom. >> i used to take out the trash. >> i had to take care of the pet, clean kitty litter. >> here's another one, you start to buy organ he can fruits and vegetables even though they cost more. then you starting to go a lot of brunches on sunday. >> that means you're your parents. >> parents are the people that do brunches. >> my parents, they are mall walker. when i become a mall walker, i know, all right, i'm becoming them. >> you know who they are.
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>> glenn and sharon, walk around malls. >> yes. >> i said alex, you need anything, we will be gone, why don't we walk the mall. >> i'm like okay. >> you don't have have to worry about the the weather when you walk. >> the purpose of the mall walk because when it is too cold or too hot. >> same temperature. >> all year. >> you just do loops. >> walking, is walking. >> jc penny again, yeah. >> actually get a walker. >> that will be a sign. >> guess a in the control roomy saw someone on instagram yesterday, it was two little kid, four years old dressed up as older people with walkers. can you see if you can find that. is that offensive? it was for halloween. >> i don't think so, my mother uses a walker, because she
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gets tired when she walks a long way. >> i have a question about the walker. >> why don't they manufacture it, there they are, with the tennis balls already attacks. why do we have to attach our own balls to the walker. >> why don't they manufacture it that way. >> i don't know, i don't see tennis balls anymore. >> my mother lives in a place with all senior citizens. >> they have already manufactured balls. >> state of the art walker. >> yes. >> you know, there is a little girl in arkansas, is so obsessed with the drugstore chain, cvs, hey, joe danker, can you get a shot have of cvs. >> we have a new one in the neighborhood. >> third and market. >> this little girl is so obsessed with visiting the store cvs that she asked her mother for a cvs theme party for her fourth birthday.
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>> is that what she got? look at that birthday cake. >> look, they have goody bags, cvs logo. >> my god. >> thanks, sarah a. >> we have cvs snacks, prescription bottles filled tic tax and thank you notes that look like receipts. >> there is the in mom of the year. she must have have crafted all of this stuff. look at the the little shopping cart. >> my gosh. >> to top it off she got the local store to write happy birthday for the most loyal customer. >> look the at that. >> i love it. happy birthday, iris. >> how does one develop such a love for cvs. >> think bit, they have got everything in there. you go in, they cut food, they have make up. >> they have things for the house. >> everything is in cvs. >> last night waiting for mike my friend reese was going to have a taco night and we went to cvs. i said you can't get taco from
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his cvs. she got taco shells. >> healthy snacks. >> did i also ruin her taco night. >> no, she offered me. i said no, i will not ruin your night and be a third wheel. >> have i ever told you you had a grand daughter what is her name. >> teddy. >> she's four and a half years old. last night for halloween she went as ella is a. she was upset. she still wears the the l a is a dress every where. but she up and said yesterday she doesn't want to be elsa again. >> so her mom took her to the store, maybe i want to be a witch. >> cute. >> she's a a cute witch. >> maybe i want to have a monster face. maybe i want to dress up in a red wig. who is she supposed to be, it business to change, for the
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love. >> so cute, she's posing. >> but i believe she decided to go man lift sent. >> she got to be twins. >> yes. >> so great. >> look at eyes. >> did she pick one. >> i think she's going, that is the winner right there. >> totally a gree. >> mike, you might want to check your twitter, a lot of people are tweeting you. >> about standing alex up. >> why he takes his licking, and keeps on ticking, we have to look at the seven day forecast. yesterday we had a high of 55. today we're going to the upper 60's. tomorrow 07's. 73 degrees on wednesday. 75 degrees on thursday. if only it will last but no,
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at night on thursday we have a cold front coming through and a big difference, we will have a 15-degree drop in temperature with a high of only 60 degrees on friday. saturday's high 60 degrees. we will get together at eakins oval outside the art museum for leukemia and lymphoma society light the night walk. it starts at the 4:30. it will be a around 60 degrees then but temperatures will drop and get chilly after that down to the 50's but it will be lovely. then on sunday into monday with the possibility of some showers with another cold front. we will be back to that autumn chill by early part of next week, so that is a a look at your seven day forecast, autumn weather is here and nothing says fall like a candy apple. what better way to celebrate national apple month then making candy apples. mike and alex are outside with cute children and apples that are about to become really
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sweet. >> we have to show them for this. two word, homemade and it will be delicious. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> everybody ready. >> we're ready. >> are these your kid. >> what are their names. >> maggie and lana. >> tony. >> nice to meet you. >> ready to make candy apples. >> yes, they're ready. >> we have a couple things that you can do especially people confuse the the regular sticks, with these guys. you can use cinnamon sticks. you can use sticks and branches from outside. >> i love cinnamon sticks. >> then we have an adult version, that is white chocolate with rum coconut. >> what? >> some we take coconut and we do that for about an hour or so. >> any kind of shaped coconut. >> and then sit for an hour and put the it right on there. >> go ahead mike take a bite. >> i figured would i make this one for you.
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>> we know you like. >> the first thing with these things are we really eating the apple or outer part. >> the outer, so true. >> i will have you guys help me. >> so true. >> she wants to help too. >> take your right-hand. right in the hole, right there. >> good job. >> make sure it get all the way in there. >> let's do a carmel one. >> just take carmel candy. >> carmel candies and you melt them, you literally take five minutes. do not walk away because it will burn. do you not want that. you have a array of different topping. >> you have sprinkles, some sparkling sprinkles, peanuts, pistachios, pretzels, coconuts, you can even do oreo cookies if you want. you will take this. >> how do you make sure you get it on a nice thin layer. >> the the thing is you have to make sure that you wash
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your apples to get that waxy stuff off because it will drip off. >> you are good at this. >> just twirl, twirl and let that dip off. >> the deeper the carmel the easy it is. >> you put a lot of carmel and milk in there. >> yes, extra sauce and put it on. >> how many bags of carmel would that be. >> doing a big bag. >> thinks only one bag. >> if you want to do two or three and right now we have them on sale but you can totally do that. >> what is this. >> this would be, if this would work faster, this would be the candy, the candy one, the regular one that you buy. so we will add a little bit more in there. >> what is that you are adding. >> caro, corn syrup. it is the light version. you cannot get dark because it
9:20 am
will not work. >> does that taste like strawberry, cherry. >> that is just food coloring is that all it is. >> everything else is sugar. >> how long do we let this sit. >> go ahead and dip it. >> while we finish this up. >> here, baby. >> it looks like a lot of fun. >> set up a station. >> thanks very much, appreciate it. >> we will make more candy apples out here. >> it is just too much fun. >> perfect weather to do that outside. a lot better than yesterday. 9:20 is the time. stressed out students, overwhelmed at school we have a new thing that you can do the outrageous thing one web site is offering, college kid, coming up next. but first lets check with chris murphy, future zombie, we're ready for big reveal,
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back of your head, i see zombie shadows around your face. still looks less alive, each time we check with you. more coming up on good day philadelphia
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look at the pancakes, the celebration pancakes. >> look at that. >> i wish, i had fun to the game. >> yeah, well i'm getting hammered on twitter. >> yes, they are calling you out. >> why do they say they think you lied. >> at first you said were you deep in, i knock on your door awe were deep in your bedroom and then later you a said were you on the couch, and he says i'm just saying, sound like you are lying. >> i started on the couch, and i admit i got up and went in the bedroom to finish off another 20 minutes of sleeping. >> you thought you wound up
9:25 am
your -- i shut my phone off because it shut off. i started to wind a little clock. i have a old fashion, and apparently it was out before i was winding because it did not work. >> bill says, you change your story two times, he said i work the same shift as you and i made the game. >> good for you, bill. >> it could have been the quick stop with my friends at rouge at 2:00. >> was there drinking involved in that stop. >> there was beveragings trying to stay hydrated for the big game. being a student can be stressful, some australian students came up with the perfect bay, to let go of the tension while going through their exams. break stuff. this is deacon university, and they want to smash stuff to get rid of the stress. even if you can smash something they say cannery
9:26 am
leave their stress. is there an old tiny tv. >> this is good. >> we did this on the show yesterday. >> yes, yes. >> i have to say something about it, it really just let that stress out. >> you know what, i didn't do it but i watched it and i felt like, yeah. >> the pumpkin had my face on it. had we known yesterday what was going to happen to me last night, i really would have went in. >> here's a premonition. >> yes, okay. >> this a may be a great moment in television history. >> quincy, every now and then does quincy, do my job. he is a tow truck operator today, tow truck driver. >> now he is an automobile painter. >> hi, quincy. >> it will be amazing. i will paint a car back here, right. >> you are. i'm painting black. black is hardest color to paint. >> coming back i will paint a car and i have a surprise as well.
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don't miss it
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test test
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welcome back everybody, every now and then once a week we do this segment called quincy do my job. i'll figure it out. >> so, today he is in southwest philadelphia. >> he's towing cars and also painting cars. >> yes, it is not assisi as it looksment and i don't think you use a paint brush when you paint a car? >> no, no, we do a spray on, auto body southwest, this is jack. what's going on here? because this looks like a real -- >> well, it is a real body shop.
9:31 am
>> yes. >> so bridges cents these cars back to life? >> yes, brought back to life, not forgotten. >> so painting a vehicle. now, how long have you guys been working on this vehicle right here? >> probably two days now. >> two days, and, okay, this is the part i did a little bit right here. maybe i'm live on tv, but you said black is the hardest color? >> yes, black is the hardest color. >> okay. so, we put this on right here. and i. >> is connected to -- >> the airlines. >> the airlines, okay. so hold your gun like this. >> okay. >> hold the gun like this. >> yes? >> you just close the trigger. >> okay. >> and just go with the flow. >> okay. >> go with the flow. >> look at my work, come look at my work. not bad for first try out. now, you have been having me
9:32 am
do -- like this is real hard work. you had my paint a little bit, but you also -- we did another job earlier. >> yes, let's go check it out. had to tow somebody's car for fox 29. >> yes. we had this towed. so i wonder, hey, mike, alex, do you guys, do you guys knows whose car this is? >> you towed chris murphy's car? (laughing). >> chris murphy's car. well, listen -- >> you messed up my grill, the grill is bent. >> oh, no. >> we didn't want to tow chris murphy's car. but jay said, you know, it is you, let's take this to the next level. let's tow chris murphy's car. he said is he a nice guy. >> i said he is as okay. ya. >> i don't know if we need any work done to this car. chris, do you need anything done? >> yes, i need a new grill, that mercedes emblem popped
9:33 am
off. >> yes, you ruined that. >> oh, look at that. >> nice work, quincy. >> this is how it is, this is how it came here. jay, i appreciate it, this is cousin, everyone's cousin over there. >> okay look at that. >> now, oh,. >> you snow. >> we'll try to get it done. >> we'll get it done. >> your welcome, chris. your welcome, chris. >> you know what? why don't go work for the ppa? >> he has a lot of tickets. >> i know, unpaid. >> chris, he does work, though. >> yes, you have chris parked down at the station here. that was funny. 9:33, fall seems to be the reason for all things pumpkin
9:34 am
spice. it is everywhere. >> yes, the world every beauty figured out how to take pumpkin spice to the next level, yes, pumpkin spice hair. >> what? >> yes. >> so here, look at that. >> oh, just the color. >> yes. >> prep. >> i variations of like ginger hair, and this is all the rage this fall. noticeable shift from light colors to richer more serious red hughes. look at that, doesn't it look nice? >> i like that. >> the edge yes, sir thing in color trends right now is boulder, deeper and warmer colors. >> the hair actually tastes like pumpkin pie. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> i was licking her hair. >> it does look nice, though. >> you know, i gave my cat a bath last night. >> oh? >> and? >> and i still are getting the fur -- >> oh,. >> i just can't. >> the look last night.
9:35 am
>> not today. >> about an hour -- nice hotel. >> very nice, it was nice and warm, at least i was warm. >> are you ready for the reveal? hold on. don't let anybody move. problem, i think i pulled a hammy. >> close up? >> check on chris murphy. >> oh, you got before and after? >> oh, yes, we have to do the before and after here. >> reveal now? reveal yet? >> no, just getting ready. let's take a break, make sure we get the finishing touches together. >> oh! >> discusting. >> okay, while they're doing this, we are still partying this morning, after that eagles win! >> yeah. >> fox 29 goodday, we'll take a break.
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>> ♪ >> so i does it work? if the eagles win, free dunkin donut coffee. >> i hear you, sister. >> yes. >> thank you all, one and all. okay, this morning, new movie coming out. it is called scouts guide to the zombie a pock lips. it opens on halloween, jessica? >> the 30th. >> october 30th, the day before. >> that's a friday. >> nice. so we brought in special effect artist, his name shag. >> i yes? >> and his work is done. ladies and gentlemen, chris murphy, as a zombie.
9:40 am
>> good job. >> amazing. >> how do you do the hole in his forehead. >> couple of layers of latex, tissue, then once the latex cured you actually pick it apart, pretty much like picking a cap open. >> what about like the warts on his face? are those warts? >> the warts are drips of gel continue. >> right there. >> they're attached with either, you know, spear, gum, latex, gel continue, nail polish. whatever you got. >> i was very proud to do the.department. >> amazing. >> wow. >> never look better. >> don't come over here. >> i don't see that much of a difference real. >> i your lips. >> oh, chris, so sorry. >> go tight on two. >> oh, my gosh. okay?
9:41 am
>> oh. >> oh, little blood on you. >> oh, honey, i'm so sorry. >> ahh. >> and on one, here comes. >> billy, turn right to the tv. >> billy, turn away from your tv. >> ahh h. >> she's enjoying this. >> so sorry your lip fell off. >> hey, sing that white wedding song? >> ♪ because it is a white wedding ♪ nice day for a white wedding. >> let's go to zombie wedding. jen's at the bellevue. >> are flowers supposed to be at this height or are they supposed to be down low? again, up at this height, or down low, when you're a gorgeous, gorgeous bride. come back after the break, we'll give you the answer. don't move. don't do a thing.
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i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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read this tweet? >> oh, i told but this video, everyone does it now, too. it is, why you always lying, why you always lying, oh, my
9:45 am
god, stop lying. ♪ >> tweet tag to mike now. and then someone's made -- >> oh, many knee hotel. >> are you going to read it. >> the look you have when a man stands you to up bathe his cat. >> (laughing). >> i'm glad you guys think this is funny. mike saw a tweet, i forgot to mention this, i have some friends in from south carolina, they came in from the game, we were going to reunite, i said no, i'm going to the game. i'll see you at the game. >> yes, and i haven't seen them in more than a year, megan miller in you are watching, still here, i'm so sorry. i didn't get ticket. he stood me up. >> clearly mike didn't realize you had myrdle beach reunion planned for the game.
9:46 am
>> where do you hold your flares. >> mike, this is bride, bride one up top. you think bride number two, down flow. >> even though it is to seems weird, you know, down in that area? it is so that you show off the bodies of the dress. >> you're slight absolutely right, mike, you're a winner, then we see how gorgeous both the dresses r you're part of the big fun that's happening here. tell me, first every all (do you want to hold them down low? is it what mike said, show off the dress? >> yes, and the more nervous you get, you tends to keep raising it, before you know it, it is covering your face. so keep it down around belly, front and level, and you will be beautiful all day. >> so we talked about this off camera a lot. it is like 2016. the bridal trends are rad i can justly cool and fashionable. >> what's that called?
9:47 am
>> called flushing bride. isn't that just gorgeous? it is a real flower. >> it really is. and it is just beautiful. it holds up gorgeous, this time of year, just has great texture, these are hellabourse, they're spectacular, little tradition with the roses in here. that loose airy style is coming back. >> okay. >> so look for that. it is more natural, put some of your personality into your bouquet, will really make that difference. >> how do we know our personality? i saw it in your note, flower personality, you know me quite well. is this my flower personality? >> looks a little bit like you. just out there, having fun. >> good. >> not too perfect. >> okay. >> yep. and have your bouquet reflect who you are. >> okay. >> and it really feels better like address that feels like you go back color is back? >> color is back the if the fall, go with color.
9:48 am
don't be thinking about having to do bronze, and reds for everything. you could really have some nice fall jewel tones, this is actually cabbage. >> my goodness. >> so having fruits, vegtables in your bouquet is really nice, and these orange rose also real vibrant orange. >> i know you're team suck ooh lent all the time, and it looks amazing like that. >> when you have something like this suck ooh lent, and you cover it in a cloche, it becomes oh, so important. >> it does. talk to me about baby breath. you say don't throw it in with a bunch of stuff? >> baby breath gets a bad rap. i don't like mums. i don't like carnations. but you know what? give baby's breath a chance. because when you use it in a bun dance like this, it gives such a dramatic statement. and a huge look for not a lot of money. >> i didn't want to be gosh, way to cut a corner? >> really is, but looks spectacular, do it not just one solid little arrangement,
9:49 am
do few different styles, like maybe have the big one-on-one table, a collection of these three on another table. >> really cute. it looks very classy. elegant. >> i love this clear thing, because something as simple as a little arrangement, as soon as you cover it in the cloche it, really looks special. >> that's called a cloche. >> it is. >> okay. all right, so this is the last thing, and i love this, so proud of myself, i just noticed it. so these, this this would be like the table setting? >> yes. >> and here is a napkin. so we did this, what i call, a menu fold. you could actually put your menu into this napkin, too, but little detail like sprig of rosemary that smells fabulous, it works great with whatever your dinner is, too, it really gives extra touch that your guesses are going to feel extra special about. >> we typically see you around holiday time. i hope we see you soon. could you do something like that for thanksgiving, just fork and knife or something? >> gosh yes, that would be real nice at thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> thank you, so, again, it is on sunday.
9:50 am
hey mike, what i just heard, and i know that you are one to want to pinch a penny. looking to book your wedding here at the bellevue, they gave you a honeymoon for free. >> that's craze. >> i what? >> crazy. and i literally was like if i have another wedding, now, mike, to be clear, it is like if you spends $10,000 you get one night, but mike, you get to go to hawaii. could you go to hawaii on your honeymoon. >> sunday i'll see you here, seriously, very cool. >> better be there. hopefully he won't stand you up, jen, that's great. >> i'm not good with hotel lobbies. 99:50. >> hotline bling. i love this song. song by drake. see this music video? these dance moves, we have to dance, seriously. >> ♪ >> nice celebratory song. we are here at the nfc east, babe. >> i are you telling me the whole team is here?
9:51 am
>> the whole team is here. >> ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
hey it is 9:54. hello, reading. well, drake shows off his dance moves? >> do we want to call it dancing? ya, so, for his new video, great song, love the song, but not loving the dance moves, drake. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> visually it is great. >> oh, ya, the background. >> yes. >> so what are these moves? >> yes, the girls are good. it is like he's not committing or something. i don't know what. >> maybe he's starting a dance craze for people who can't dance. >> gets lined her, look at this. >> what in the world? it is like he has a rash. >> but looks like he is treading water? >> yes. >> all right, more on that in a second. if you thought drake's moves were, okay, check out our dave kinchen bus ago move earlier this morning. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, dave.
9:56 am
>> why was he dancing? >> the eagles win. he's trying to celebrate. >> that was -- >> the sprinkler? >> he almost knocked me in the face, yes. >> that's all i need to do, hit you. >> star wars fans, did you see this when watching the game last night? commercial break. >> uh-huh. >> for two and a half minutes, they ran trailer for the new star wars move. >> i yes, they d everybody was waiting for this. and a lot of people said this is a trail their we were looking for. made its debut. >> here he is. >> take a look. >> those stories about what happened. >> true. >> the force awakens. >> doesn't come out until december 18th, but tickets, man, already hard to come by. >> so after the trailer, were you supposed to go to what fandango? >> yes. >> and buy the tickets?
9:57 am
even though it is not out for two more months. and so many people got on line, the whole thing crashed. they got it back up a few minutes later. >> but still. >> looks good. >> kit cat kline can we play that drake video again? because now i'm on zested when it. >> only one way to ends the show today, i think. >> i think we should do this. >> hey, zombie face, come on over here. >> now, what is he -- >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what's that other one owe does? yes, he does a little of this. >> and then he does something with his knee. really looks like he has a touch. -- itch. >> ouch. ouch. ouch. >> ♪
9:58 am
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omi. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no chasers. >> announcer: now, here's wendy! >> wendy: here we go! yes. thank you. see you. you, too! thank you for watching the show today.


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