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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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understand that we have to stick by this family. we have to stay with them. >> reporter: brian jenkins of chosen 300 ministries fighting back tears as he advocates for 27-year-old angelique roland and 54-year-old mychal jones. >> i feel their hurt. i feel their pain. >> reporter: family story of homelessness sweeping social media after two-year-old jeremiah was found wandering around love park all alone just before midnight on friday. the couple and their four-year-old daughter asleep in cardboard boxes on the park's edge when their little boy slipped off. michael jones explaining their dire situation in this youtube video. >> we was put out and we had had no place to go. the shelter system told to us call back the next day. do the best you can and come back and try again the next day. >> reporter: fortunately injury my maya was found unharm. the two children are now in the care of dhs of the parents attending a hearing to try to get their little ones back but it did not go as they had hoped.
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>> there's some things that have to be check to make sure the children are going to go into a safe environment. >> reporter: we learn the children's mother who happens to be seven months pregnant now was allegedly involved in an incident earlier this month with a septa police officer. and septa is recommending that the district attorney file charges. >> our prayers are with the family, and people have to realize is that, this is a family that's coming out of homelessness. there's multiple challenges. what caused it? how did they get there? we have to be as a society as compassionate as possible. >> we need help. we would like to work for anything given to us michael jones received dozens and dozens of job offers. he's a carpenter and a handyman. chosen ministries chosen 300 ministries also raised $12,000 to pay for an apartment and utilities for the next year. many other donations continue to pour in. this family's touching the hearts of a lot of people although it is still not clear when they could get their children back. iain.
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>> dawn, thank you. philadelphia police hope you can help find a missing 13-year-old girl. southwest detectives are looking for mitchell her family reported her missing yesterday morning. she left home on the 400 block of south 62nd street and headed to school. but mitchell never showed up for classes at bryant elementary. if you know where she might be, please give south we have detectives a call. in two days family and friends will lay a three-year-old with rest in private funeral. his father reported him missing last week. hours later a k9 found his body in the woods. brendan creato's dad dialed 911 from his haddon township home. police dog found his body eight blocks away. an autopsy has yet to reveal how he died. and police aren't saying much about the investigation. members of the community have come together to raise more than $17,000 to help pay for brandon's funeral. startling discover roo inside a local elementary school has police investigating.
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philadelphia police say that a student at james roads elementary school found a bag of nine mill neither bullets inside a classroom. the fifth grader immediately notified a teacher after finding the bag last week, and right now there's no word how those bullets got inside the school. seems like a given your public school student should be taught by an instructor rained trained in the subject matter inform philadelphia all too many children are going out without that basic educational staple. one of those students is speaking out. our bruce gordon live outside northeast high school with a unique and heart-breaking story, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, the e-mail arrived in our newsroom computers last week. frankly it threw us for a loop. sophomore here at northeast high school pleading with fox 29 for help and gets a science teacher. >> i was sick of having no teacher. it was -- >> reporter: last resort? >> yes. >> reporter: e-mail was short and heartbreaking much jazzlin, a sophomore at northeast high
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wrote to fox 29 last week explaining that for the second year in a row, she had no science teacher. just a cover teacher borrowed from somewhere else in the building to keep an eye on the kids in the classroom. please help us she wrote. >> i jut wanted to get like results. >> reporter: jazzlin and concluded in her e-mail a short video clip we've blurred the images to protect privacy which shows the cover teacher at his desk in the front of the classroom while students appear to stare into space or dose off at their desks. >> you don't even have a textbook. there's nothing you could read on your own for this course? >> no, nothing report roar jazzlin's situation is not unique. on monday, the city's teachers union placed empty chairs outside northeast high to illustrate public school kids doing without real teachers. they blame district administrators. >> this is an absolute disgrace. >> reporter: union president jerry jordan claims there are about 200 unfilled vacancies district wide. 11 at northeast high including
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three science instructors. >> the very least the district could do is perform a very basic manage function. staff our schools. >> reporter: the district says the vacancies are partly a function of imprecise estimates on the number of students who will attend each school each year. but also a fundamental challenge in getting teachers to come to this district for the pay and working conditions. >> finding a science teacher, fine ago math teacher that has a pennsylvania certificate ready to start here in philadelphia, it's challenge. report roar jazzlin understands the challenge. she just wants an education. >> we have nothing. >> reporter: how frustrating is that. >> very. because i'm going to go to college not knowing anything. >> reporter: district spokesman says 80 brand new teachers have just been hired and in fact they're set to hit classrooms sometime next week. five of those instructors are scheduled to teach here at northeast high. one of them, yes, a science teacher. though it is not clear whether
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that teacher will be working in jazzlin's class. we'll keep you posted. lucy. >> thank you very much, bruce. a beautiful fall day. hopefully you got to spend a bit of time outside. only going to get warmer later on this week. live look from the lense of our ben franklin parkway camera love that shot. just how warm is it going to g get. >> chief meteorologist scott williams notice that answer. hey, scott. >> hi, lucy. hard to believe we were talking about the deep freeze just yesterday. temperatures today in the low 70s. we might even flirt with 80 degrees by the end of the week. but take live look right now outside of our studio, beautiful conditions right now in old city. the sun is going to set this evening at about 6:15. a nice sunset look at the temperatures right now. 67 degrees. in fact, the morning low was in the 40s, 47 the afternoon high temperature 71 degrees. so we saw about a 24-degree jump in the temperatures. really comfortable right now. 66 degrees reading, pottstown, mid 60s millville, atlantic city, all because of those winds
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out of the south and west continuing to pump in that some of that milder air. so here's the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors this evening. not as chilly as it was yesterday. low temperatures right around 57 degrees by 11:00 o'clock and then take a look coming up we'll talk about jumping from winter to spring. dare i even say a summer like feel with temperatures flirting once again with 80 degrees. i'll tell when you with the seven day coming uply back to you. >> all right, scott, looking forward that. thank you. to men claiming to be robbery victims get hit by one bullet. philadelphia police say the alleged robbery attempt happened about 1:00 this morning on germantown avenue. that's when the men say they were in a car and another guy approached and demanded money from them. the car's passenger went to grab the robber's gun was shot in the hand with same ball let passing through and hitting the driver in the hip. police say both are now in stable condition. port richmond where police are investigate a failed burglary that ended in gunfire. it happened just before 2:00 sunday morning at the ming river restaurant on east cambria
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street. worker was cleaning up when he her three gunshots in the front of the store. when he went out to check out what were you going on he saw two men with a shotgun blasting away at atm. didn't work. both men ran away and police now want them. in delaware the state fire marshal's office says a building fire in new castle was accidentally set this morning. discarded cigarette getting the blame for the fire at the budget motor lodge on south dupont hoy way. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. no other injuries were reported. about $75,000 worth of damage was done to the building. a special philadelphia parents by a former and possibly future first daughter of the united states chelsea clinton greeted local middle school students this morning inside the palestra at the university of penn. part of the philadelphia food, hype youth leadership summit. healthy you, positive energy event featured workshops to help power young adults. clinton echoed that message encouraging students to take chances to pursue their dreams.
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a year after being seriously injured in a crash, comedian tracy morgan is heading back on the road. he's scheduled three stops in new jersey. including a show at the new jersey theater about 20 miles from the scene of the accident that left him in a coma. morgan was on his way home from performing in delaware when a truck crashed into the van that he was riding in back in june of last year. morgan will also perform at atlantic city on february 12t february 12th. the popular mainline restaurant forced to close down over the summer because of roach infestation inviting our cameras inside. >> indeed they are. saying they've made massive changes and they're ready to open their doors. what steps they've done and taken to make sure their restaurant is ready to roll out the red carpet again. >> tonight you sound off on a new bill that would get rid of all call boxes on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> eagles won a football game but they made so many mistakes. so what's wrong with the quarterback who had another three interceptions? chip kelly talked about that today and that
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will be coming up in sports.
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mainline restaurant once ranked as one of the top chinese places in the country reopens tomorrow. two months after inspectors shut it down over a roach infestati infestation. yang ming in radnor closed in august after police say a woman found a roach in her dish of noodles. inspectors say they then found a roach infestation. insects were even in the kitch kitchen. the past two months restaurant has spent half a million dollars on renovations and now health officials have given yang ming the old clear to reopen. >> there was up fess takes they hired an exterminator -- new ex termination company that came out daily over -- for one month and now it's coming out once week and will continue to come out once a week until we are completely 150% sure that
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there's not a problem but last month works months there's been no infestation whatsoever. >> the restaurant put new floors, windows and updated equipment. yang ming reopens tomorrow for lunch. for more than two decades they've given most drivers a way to stay connect the after emergencies on the road. >> but now pennsylvania lawmakers say they might pull the plug on the turnpike's emergency call boxes. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson in our newsroom. bill, lawmakers say they're decision is based on practicality and of course dollars and cents. isn't it always. we've all seen the safety call bocks along the pennsylvania turnpike. they're available in case of emergency. but statistics show that few have ever used one and now that money is tight and everyone has a cell phone, one lawmaker says let's just get rid of it. save the money. lose the safety boxes. ♪ >> reporter: with the constant budget challenges in pennsylvania, lawmakers are always looking for ways to save money.
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one of the latest proposals is to eliminate the thousand or so safety call boxes along the pennsylvania turnpike. designed as a safety measure, pretty much every mile of the pennsylvania turnpike the safety boxes use is way down. and the bill sponsor told me that technology basically makes the boxes useless. >> at one point, they served a purpose but now in the day and age when everyone has cell phone you have to imagine how many people are actua actually using. what's the cost to maintain them? >> reporter: representative lawrence made a strong argument for removing the boxes. but here at the king of prussia rest stop, there were pretty strong opinions on both sides of the debate. >> i broke down on the northeast extension and the call box was right there and it was a lifesaver. >> i really don't even recognize the call boxes are even there. so i think if they're removed i don't know if i'd even notice. >> reporter: rely on those things. what are you going to do sit out here all night and nobody pick you up if you run into a problem? i think they're wrong.
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>> reporter: represent tough lauren told me that the estimated 200 to $500,000 in savings could fund other initiatives and with that cost it just doesn't make sense to continue funding the safety boxes. >> it would probably be cheaper to give everyone who gets on to the turnpike who doesn't have a cell phone probably be cheaper to give them a cell phone than collect from it them when they get off the turnpike than to run this outdated call box system. >> reporter: representative lauren told me they are considering leaving the boxes in areas with poor cell phone reception. the bill passed out of committee today. so it could face final vote soon. you may want to make sure your cell phone is changed before heading out on the pennsylvania turnpike in the near future. >> all right. big thank you. pennsylvania' most iconic chocolate maker doubling down on one of its popular treats. hershey company announcing its hershey kisses deluxe. new kiss will be twice the size of a normal kiss. the oversized chocolate chips will be wrapped in silver foil.
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they feature a hazel nut center with rice crisps in the chocolate new kisses go on sale november 5th. why can't they be ready for halloween. >> i like the old kisses. i'm fine with the old kisses. you know what, i'm also fine with this weather we've got going right now. >> nice stretch of weather. i know. i wish we bottle this for a month or two. scott? >> i mean speaking of chocolate this is a pretty sweet deal that we're getting. >> nice. >> exactly. >> yesterday we were bundled up. remember we saw temperatures even in the teens briefly for the pocono mountains yesterday. but what a temperature turn around today. the high temperature in philadelphia made it up to 71 degrees and take a live look outside of our studios. it really is going to be a nice sunset. so maybe you'll head out, walk the dog, take that evening jog. look at the temperatures right now. 67 degrees. the average high for this time of year is 65. and look at the wind direction out of the southwest 13 miles per hour continuing to pump in some milder air. taken a look at the numbers pretty uniform right now. mid 60s. 65 degrees atlantic city. 66 in dover.
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we have 66 in pottstown. reading as well as allentown the pocono mountains that is a popular number right now. but take a look off to the west. you can see even warmer air 79 st. louis. we're looking at 84 degrees in dallas. as well as wichita so we'll continue to tap into some of that milder air not only for wednesday but into thursday before we start to see some cooler changes. so high pressure that's in control. we get that clockwise wind flow around it so those southwest winds with that return flow will continue to warm us up tomorrow and, yes, again toward your thursday flirting perhaps with 80 degrees. but some changes will take place by the latter part of the week that front will be moving through thursday into friday. so some cooler more seasonal temperatures ahead as we move toward the latter part of the week and the weekend. those leaves continue to change colors doing some leaf peeping take look at pam she sent me this picture the other side of the lehigh tunnel. you can see the orange, the
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reads showing up et cetera will talk about fall foliage. moderate color right now across sections of south jersey, delaware into the philadelphia area but once you move farther north and west, in particular the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains really nearing that peak. and peak conditions as you move toward the central and northern part of the state. so if you're doing some leaf peeping, this weekend looks pretty good towards sections of the pocono mountains and lehigh valley. so tomorrow morning, temperatures not that bad. we're looking at 40s and low 50s in the city. and take a look at the high temperature for tomorrow. a few degrees warmer than today. 75 degrees. so looking pretty good and then take a look at thursday. 77 degrees for the high temperature. we'll continue to tap into those southwest winds. then back to normal as we move toward friday. temperatures in the low 60s. mid to upper 60s by the upcoming weekend but looking pretty good and speaking of the weekend, light the night walk is saturday. a few clouds, it is going to be turning a little cooler temperatures will be falling in the evening at eakins oval.
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>> that's a good cause. good time. all right. all i saw on the seven day was 77 on thursday. >> isn't that nice. >> exactly. >> having a good time always in life in howard eskin at the move have a care complexion. howard? >> it's more fun here today after an eagles within that keeps them relevant for the season. we'll take a look at that. chip kelly talks about the problems with his quarterback and something that hasn't happened for the eagles in a long time happened yesterday. we'll take look at that coming up in sports. ññ
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♪ happy day after here at the novacare complex. the eagles win game. a division game against the new york giants. it's new york happier and keeps them relevant and would you believe after all of this the eagles are actually leading the nfc east division? but it was the defense that really did the job yesterday with all the mistakes they needed their defense and they got one guy to step up gives them a big play that hasn't happened in while. nolan carol. he rope a doped he and malcolm jenkins rope a doped eli manning into faking another coverage and falling into coverage that's the first interception for a touchdown by the eagles against the giants here since brian dawkins did it and that was a long time ago and nolan carol talks about the play. >> we trick him a little bit with that. i can't give you our coverage
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dough tails but we trick him a little bit. >> did you bait him? >> just a little bit. >> it feels good to, you know, to be to beat the giants. it feels good beat the giants of the one down, one to go. >> but the problem was the quarterback. sam bradford, eagles had 400 yards of offense the quarterback sam bradford through three interceptions today -- yesterday and some of the passes were just poor passes. you can say riley cooper cut off the pattern but safety back there and it wasn't a good decision any way. but sam bradford three interceptions. nine on the season knows that he has to get better for this team to win. >> wasn't as good as the last two games. no doubt about it. leak i said i think everything went wrong tonight is correctable. we'll get in, look at the tape. see what corrections need to be made. you know, try get ready for next week. >> a lot of situations we do in the training like everybody our controlled situations and when it comes to the game it's
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uncontrolled situation. you also can't go, you know, life full go and have a rush come after him and hit him in practice just because you're not going oh lose your quarterback in practice. one difficulty with it. >> everybody plays unthe same practice rules and sam bradford nose it. chip kelly knows it and the offense knows that sam bradford has got to cut count interceptions. nice to have 01 week. next sunday night they play the carolina panthers who are undefeated. eagles will within that game any way. i don't know how but they'll win that game. >> there you go. >> you heard it here first howard eskin live at novacare. >> thank you so much how war. >> i hope that happens. >> he's going to stay outside and have dinner el-fresco because it's so nice out there. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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basketball star lamar odom sprawled on a bed at the brothel. the includes we found in the photo. and his secret helicopter flight to l.a. >> as you can see by the tape, it's big enough inside to carry a patient over 6 feet tall. >> then, breaking her silence. the former escort at the center of a college scandal speaks out. >> why were the parents okay with it? >> then came corral. >> real begun fight at the ok corral. they were real bullets. >> then, the new "star wars" trailer. the new cast flips out. >> what, wh?


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