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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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they're not changing a thing. >> this woman didn't know she had been robbed until the thieves had racked up thousands in charges. and we have our eye on the eagles of course, sure the eagles won on monday night. but even the players admit they could have done a better job. oh, sounds like andy reid therefore a second. >> maximum capacity for numbers of the day. anyway, off to mild start this morning, temperature in the
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40's, 50's. bus stop budd had i jacket on, that's it for now. you certainly won't need it later on, 52 degrees. 7-mile per hour winds, out of the southwest, 7:17 our sunrise time, coming up in just a few. >> plenty of sunshine today, high temperature of wow 75 degrees. >> we will check when it will cool down again, coming up in that seven day forecast, just ahead. good morning, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning, everybody, 7:01, this wednesday morning. got 75 for the high. we start with 76. jammed up from conshy, in through belmont avenue. all because of an accident, on the eastbound side, right here, at the belmont avenue onramp. folks are squeezing in, into that travel lane, as you enter at belmont, already delay from conshohocken, on in. and then south on i-95, delays beginning here, at cottman avenue, talcony palmyra, just
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announced bridge opening, set for about 7:20 this morning. so, keep that in mind if you're rolling out of the driveway, the house right now. betsy ross bridge is probably going to be your best bet. then jammed up on 95, from the betsy, down through girard, and by friday, all this construction, we've been putting up with starting to see some lights at the ends of the tunnel. we should get fourth lane here on 95 between girard and center city by friday. water main break on the campus of rowan university, 322 closed for the morning rush hour, otherwise mass transit looking good. >> fourth colleague this year. >> yes, officer died last night after getting into a gun battle with a robbery suspect, chris, what happened?
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>> laid err spotted suspect and the exchange gunfire. holder, was shot in the forehead. the suspect was also shot in the leg during that confrontation, but survived. but officer holder later pronounced dead at the hospital in harlem. >> this year in new york city police asking the community for support. >> these police officers need your support, as we bury our brother police officer. it can't end there. we need the support every day on every corner, in every neighborhood. so we can continue to carry ourselves like superheros. >> mayor new york says hole tear joined the force in july of 2,010 had exemplary record as police officer, holder, was native of guyana farther and grandfather both police officers in guyana. this holder was third generation police officer. meanwhile the suspect expected
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it be rube released from the hospital taken of course into custody. police questioning three other men in connection to this horrible tragic incident, yet again, new york, guys. >> yet again. >> happened about 3:00 this morning, intersection. rising sun and jen eve a man was rushed to einstein hospital. of course, the fire is under control by now. >> fires forces people out of apartment building in lansdale, no one injuredment some reporting missing, happened 500 block evergreen street after midnight. neighbor tells us the resident was cooking and grease fire got out of control. >> and as bob was mentioning, glassboro police investigating an accident that killed one person, and injured four more. happened last night around 9:00. the intersection of new street
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and paddock drive. police shut down the intersection, for the investigation. but it has been reopened now. >> central detective need your help in finding this young man. fourteen year old jonathan mcneal went missing yesterday. he lives 700 block of north warn okay street, and attends northeast high school. johnson was last seen wearing a gray and black hooded jacket, with khaki pants. police say he may be suffering from depression. if you have any information, please contact them immediately, contact police. >> another smear. >> north philly row home injuring two police officers and fire fighter. >> fire spread and even though firefighters were able to put it under control last night, they had some flare ups this morning. that's why we sent dave kinchen over there. hey, dave? >> reporter: mike, some flare ups this morning, but the fire is outment now that the sun's up getting much better look at the damage here. you can even see what looks like kerosene heater over there in the back of this house right here on the 1800 block of north taylor in north
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philadelphia, and i want to get you to skyfox, video, take a look at these pictures here, you see firefighters on the roof of this house, battling the intense flames, we are told, a fire lieutenant was hit in the face with debris while responding as part of the rapid intervention team. we're told he has broken nose, taken to hahnemann university hospital, for non-life threatening injuries. here now more information on what happened to the firefighter and the overall effort to knock this fire down from the fire investigators on the scene, listen in. >> because of the nature of the fire, how much fire we had, and also the questionable structure al integrity of the building the decision was made by the incident commander remove everybody, all of the firefighters out of the building. communication could not be established with one of our crews on the inside. our rapid intervention team was placed in service. subsequently one of those members was injured, minor injury, also, everybody was removed from the building, all firefighters got out safe.
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>> two plane clothes narcotics officers from the 22nd police district in philly were among the first to arrive and try to find anyone inside to attempt a rescue, but they had to pull back, row treated for smoke inhalation and released in a resident also treated foreign hailing smoke but toll everyone will be okay, as for what caused this, that is not clear at this time. guys, back to you. >> all right, 7:07. police are looking for two people who they say robbed an elderly woman, inside of that very popular department store. >> this upset me, steve. she was just trying to be nice. they really took advantage. >> here is the thing, steve, i don't want to be flip about this. but the woman who stole the stuff, she looks like geraldine from the show, the flip wilson show. >> i know, welshing look at it. >> well look, not to upset you even more, let me go back two stories, upset you on sad story, geneva street fire, the angels that we know better as
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red call relief, jen leary great people who go out to all fires, and rescue and try to save at least search for all animals injured hurt and fires, just reported that the dog was so injured it did not make it despite getting emergency care. so, sad story there that upset people even more. now, let's go to the surveillance video here,. >> they will do three things, help raise the economic rate in philadelphia, by their spending. they'll also increase the crime rate. but also, sadly, increase everybody's blood pressure, watching this, because what they did was celebrate early "black friday", couple of friday's ago, october 2nd, just before 7:00, they go to the kohl's on henry avenue, they finds the victim. seventy-eight year old marie bonner, who happens to be shopping there. and the guy goes up to her and says hey i got grandmom i have to shop for. i got to get her a gift. can you help me pick outing? as she turns to help the guy, the woman with the guy goes
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through and held herself to marie's wallet out of her pocketbook, they go out of the store and all of these surveillance pictures from some places they shop like the macy's cottman where they bought 60-inch screen tv, and then they go to two different wawa's roosevelt roosevelt billn dollars because they don't want to alert anyone at the wawa by spending thousands at the wawa on gift cards, so go to buy bun of before marie realized she has been ripped off, credit card company puts stop to the credit. >> he tells me he needed a present for his grandmother. i picked out three necklaces i thought she would like, then i hands philadelphia to them. then i walked to the counter and paid for my -- tried to fay for my purchases, then i suddenly didn't have a wallet. >> so i turned to hands him the necklaces, that i picked out for his grant mother. >> another best look of all of
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the surveillance pictures of this couple, and the reason police want you to catch them, or help catch them, is because "black friday" is coming up when the time these pick pocket like these folks operate the moles. they want to get these two before they get somebody else, like marie bonner, and worse of all, alex and mike, lost $300 in cash, credit card companies didn't take all of the losses here, but she lost something else, and that was a favorite photo she had of her deceased husband she only had one copy of. and that's maybe the saddest bit. besides losing the sense of security that she had. >> oh, that's terrible. and looks so nice and sweet. how could you do something like this to her? >> people are weird. thank you, steve. 7:10 now. main line restaurant once ranked as, in fact, did i story out there about ten, 15 years ago. it was ranked the number one chinese restaurant in america. well they'll reopen today for lunch. you know they had to close couple of month ago because of
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a roach infestation. yangyang ming in bryn mawr close in the august, after police say a woman found a roach in her noodles. >> inch inspectors say they found a roach infestation, the insect were even in the kitchen. so in the past two months, restaurant has spent half a million dollars on the renovations, now health officials have given yang ming the all clear to reopen today. >> see the kitchen any time they want to do that make sure everything is hundred percent safe and clean. >> in addition to extermination, the restaurants put in new floors, look that the new floor, they have new windows, they've updated the equipment in the kitchen. it is spanking clean. restaurant officially reopens for lunch today. i think we'll probably have a camera there. see how, see what the turn out is. i bet it will be pretty good. >> do you think they'll have
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specials? >> i don't know, alex. >> just saying. that would help, you know, give people, you know, to go back. >> half price? >> like re-opening. >> ya! >> ya. >> i'll call the guy and ask. put half price special. >> okay. >> the mets now one win away from moving on in the world series. they beat the cubbies last night five to two in game three. a little craziness in the mets favor in the sixth inning. i think it is trevor cahill, strikes out, but the ball gets by the catcher, and runner from third scores. that would be the game winning run, right? the next batter will america heads it out to right. the ball gets stuck in the ivy. >> my goodness. >> gets stuck in the famous wrigley field ivy. watch this. oh, we're part it, i guess. anyway, who cares about this?
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the mets are going to play the royals eventually. look, ugh, stuck in the ivy. happened quite a few times in wrigley field history. hey, my ball's in the ivy. i hate when that happens. anyway, the blue jays trying to even their series with the royals, kansas city blew them away. fourteen runs they scored. wow. fifteen hit. kansas city, kansas city wins today, they'll head to the world series for the second time. well, they were there last year, two years in a row, kansas city royals. >> back-to-back. >> here is the thing, small market team. they don't have a loft money. but they keep winning and going to the world series. >> oh, that money will be coming in, i'm sure. >> well, for the players, yes. but they don't spend much on their players. that is just good baseball. >> seahawks running back, seattle seahawks running back, fred jackson is okay, after crashing his corvette outside the team's facility after
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practice yesterday. police are shooting down report that jackson had been street racing with one every his teammates, very famous guy, named marshawn lynch, what's his quote? >> i'm just here, so i won't get fined. >> thank you, alex, that was great. instead, jackson says he lost control of his car. meanwhile the seattle seahawks will be back on the field tomorrow, against the 49ers. they have oh, a thursday night game? really? well that's short week for them. well the eagles still flying high after their monday night win over the giants. >> but there are some things that still need to be fixed here. i mean, some things we just just can't ignore. specially when comes to the panthers. >> really, so nobody sees i have starbucks? >> because -- >> hype, guys. >> let's take a look at headlines here, matt. good to have you back. >> good to be here. >> i don't know how this happens. but sammy so-so. they question on the daily news, the back cover here,
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will he end finish the season if he doesn't improve? >> the eagles are the beef of the least. not very good division. >> the nfc east. >> yes. >> and then the inquirer, matt, says what? >> in sam he trusts. chip kelly, still sticking with his quarterback that he got in exchange for nick foles. >> but matt the question is do you trust him? >> i don't know that chip kelly trusts sam bradford as much as he let on the other day. obviously yesterday he said when they traded nick foles and the second round pick, don't forget, that second rounder for sam bradford, they thought they got a guy that i am willed interceptions, took care of the football. already thrown nine, five in the last two weeks, here's what's even more bothersome if you're an eagles fan. sam bradford thrown forint exceptions in the end zone, no other quarterback in the nfl has thrown more than two,. >> in the end zone. this is could have been much downs. >> yes, talking 28-point
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swings right there. >> and you would be talking about a much better record than three and three. >> absolutely. specially when you look at the struggles early on against at lan tax you look at the turnovers, against the redskins, very winnable game on the road. but, i think you can talk about russ, and the torn acl, when he trust that is knee or not. but eventually you're six games into the regular season. if you don't start to eliminate those turnovers, maybe it is time to start thinking about mark sanchez. >> really? >> but we won the game 27 to seven. >> have you ever seen a team win back-to-back, with a quarterback playing this bad? i haven't seen anything quite like this. >> you're saying the luck run snout. >> luck or the other teams giants just not very good. >> that's part of it, and defense has been outstanding. seven turnovers, noel. nolan carol, i talked to byron maxwell after the game. he said they believe they are the best team in the nfc east, the best defense in the
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division. have to go back out and keep proving it week after week. >> also need to prove it now. >> that was chip's claim to fame. high powered offense. >> no doubt about it, and the only aspect of the offense really working right now, guys, demarco murray. we talk about it when i was on last week. this week of course they run the ball better, offensive line had their best game of the year. heist 109 yards, the touchdown that you see right here, how bad did he want that touchdown? >> oh, he wanted. >> man. >> keep running the ball like, that keep playing defense, winning the turn over battle, they'll be tough team to beat. but do you have get the quarterback on track if you're going to make any serious noise later in the season. >> real quickly, what happens sunday? tough game. carolina really hasn't played anybody, one good team, one good quality win. >> yep. >> we got to go down there. i say we can win this game. >> i think they can win the game. but they have to win it because of sam bradford, eventually. the defense is going to have to do their part with cam newton. demarco murrly have to run the
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ball well. but you can't keep winning in spite of your quarterback. bradford has to win a game eventually. >> you kind of look like sam bradford. >> really? first time i've heard that one. >> you're a handsome man. i find you very attractive. good to see you. >> good to see you, mike. >> what happens? >> comparing now, sam bradford. >> look into the camera over there, camera one. >> camera one? >> hey, maybe. if you squint. look out of one eye. maybe. >> getting contact lenses maybe? >> all right. close one eye. >> what do you think, sue? >> look at sue now, if you look at her in a certain way? >> oh, now stop. >> why not? all right, we have temperatures that are much milder than they were couple of days ago. i think they're ranking a king dinner date right now. 52 degrees in mount pocono. the same in philadelphia. yes, that mild air rolled in yesterday, and it will be sticking around for a couple of days. we have rain to the north of
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us, it will stay to the north of us, and no clouds even to show you on that satellite radar picture, average high six a degrees, we made it to 71 yesterday. and today, even better, we're going to get to 75 degrees, 76 tomorrow, and then we chill out. we cool down friday to high of 62. gorgeous day on saturday. back to the crisp autumn weather, high of 63, and then 67 degrees on sunday with chance of late day showers. bonn kelly? >> hey, sue, 7:19. accident for the gang in bucks county. southbound lanes of route one, right near highland. right where this tractor-trailer is kind of squeezing around. again, southbound route one going to cause delays folks trying to get down to the philly interchange. bridge opening, second one this morning, september for 7:20, coming to the talcony pal mia bridge, any minute now, best bet head for the betsy rolling out of the driveway. here is your speedometer readings pretty much in the two's, turnpike, slow going, ft. washington into valley forge. schuylkill slow king of prussia around the curve and
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422 heavy collegeville, in through kop. alex, back over to you. >> all right, hey bob kelly, pucker up. hershey's is giving a big kiss oh, thank you, but will chocolate lovers approve of this one? there is a twist here. looks little different, doesn't it? and here are your lottery numbers. >> wilmington, delaware, we have. >> joanne. >> sierra. >> so your son, he is 15 years old? >> yes. >> he doesn't like to wake up? >> at all. >> we'll wake him up. it is wake up your kid wednesday right here on "good day" philadelphia.
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>> let's talk hershey. >> a loft us buy hershey kisses for halloween to pass out, also for the holidays. >> sometimes a gift, you buy one of those big hershey
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kisses, you know, if you can fine one. >> so the kiss -- >> if you love chocolate. >> adam, how has your kiss changed? >> you want to get me in trouble at this hour of the morning. okay, here's how the hershey kiss is changing. they're going to double the size of this thing, and start selling on november 5th. the kisses delux. now, the double sized hershey kiss, yes, about this big, will be about this big, with hazelnut center, crispy rice outer coating. real popular overseas, already selling them over seals. this is first big change to the kiss in 25 years. did you know that they only started adding almond to the hershey kiss, 25 years ago? so, this new kiss, it will be double the size, it will be called kisses delux. and personally i wish they would do macadamia nut kiss. but coming down the pike you can true it. >> my favorite nut. >> how big would it be? we didn't see. looking at picture of the kiss. >> twice the size? >> it will be double the size. have you ever, by the way, ever been to hershey it is
7:25 am
amazing, i was therefore car show two years ago, and it is just the chocolate facilities all over there, as well. but who doesn't love chocolate. >> i still haven't been. i have to go. >> the whole town smells like chocolate. >> i hear whether it rains, yes. >> your news director needs to give you the day off. you need to go. right now. >> i would love to. >> wonderful experience. >> jim driscoll, he doesn't let anybody take a day off. >> don't say that. >> very mean, mean man. no, and the street lights in hershey, pennsylvania, are the shape of hershey kisses. >> it is only fitting. >> yes. >> who doesn't like overseas kiss? we'll buy you one. >> right on my list. adam, thank you. >> see you tomorrow. >> that's the best hershey report i've ever heard. a homeowner was not the only one affected by early morning fire on rising sun avenue. how officials are trying to help this family out now. this is bad.
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>> and 7:25, it is empire night tonight. so, you getting ready for what's happening this next episode? trying to guess what's going to be happening, right? >> a loft speculation, it is empire wednesday on fox 29. so inviting in some pretty big guys from youtube. you remember them from the scorpian show. we'll see what they predict. we also want people to tweet us, what's the predictions, what are the story lines you want to see?
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>> gun fight involving a new york city police officer. >> new guidelines for women regarding mammograms. why many women are saying they're not chasing a thing. >> seems like those mammograms, you know, searching the rules change six months, you know, month after month. >> yes, i guess they're always reserve check, but interesting what this came out. >> new study, yes. we will get that in just a second. more now on the offers here was shot and killed in new york city, officer lost his life after gun fight with robbery suspect. >> the robbers, joining us liver, with more on this investigation. robert? >> mike, alex, good morning to you. this is sprawling crime scene here, on the east side of manhattan. we are in east harlem, as you can see behind me, cops are still back there, along the fdr drive which is a busy
7:30 am
thorofare here, scouring the area for evidence. last night around 8:30, 33 year old police officer, randolph holder, and his partners, responded to a report of shots fired, in east harlem, apparently some casino of dispute between rival gangs, and short time later, the officer encountered armed suspect, who was riding a stolen fight. the suspect fired, hit officer holder, in the head. the officer was take ten a hospital but pronounced dead late last night. alleged killer in custody. he was hit by gunfire during that exchange, with police officers, holder, unfortunately, is the fourth nypd officer to be murdered in the line every duty in the last eight months, in the last 11 month, it is a sad ritual, with which this city has become all too familiar. police commissioner bill brat on said that he's been in this line of work for 45 years, this by fire the worse part of the job. he says it never get any
7:31 am
easier. >> back to you. >> i know you mention it may have to do with gang, but do we know any more information, when we will know any more information about the suspect? >> expect to go learn little more information at some point later this morning. police, also, have three men in custody who they want to question, to determine what roles they may have played in the shooting last night. >> just fighting it out here, unfortunately, one of those fights last night, had deadly consequences. >> yes, all right. robert, thank you for that. my goodness goes back 11 months, two officers in brooklyn assassinated sitting in their car. guy walk up, shot them both. >> oh, my gosh. a man and two dogs injured after fire breaks out in their crescent ville home. now we've learned one of the
7:32 am
dogs has died. happened around 3:00 this morning at the intersection every rising sun and geneva. the man was rushed to einstein hospital, the fire was placed under control short time later. of course they're work to go determine a cause on that thing. >> 7:32. and we want to invite you to the leukemia and lymphoma society. light the night walk. >> it is saturday, october 24th, on the ben franklin parkway, right in front of the art museum. check in begins 4:30 p.m. fundraised go toward research, patient services and advocacy program. chris murphy, steve keeley, bill anderson and lucy noll around all on hand for details head to click on the fox 29 family focus section, we would love to see you there. >> sue normally goes to all of these walks. >> you never know. >> she might be there. >> thinking about it. >> yes. >> i'll tell you this, it will be gorgeous day on saturday. won't be warm, like today, but
7:33 am
it will be one of those chris many, beautiful, autumn days. so good day to be just out and about in the city and then you take part in the walk, and you do something good for somebody. now, bus stop buddy, he's waiting for the school bus. he doesn't walk to school. like a loft kids, you need the jacket this morning, with temperatures in the 40's, and 50's, and you won't later on. and don't forget your shades today. there will be plenty of sunshine, so why not? let's do the ten out of ten. and in your weather by the numbers for today, right now 52 degrees, with 7-mile per hour winds, out of the southwest, and that means, warmer air moving in. it moved in yesterday. now it will be even warmer than yesterday with high temperature of 75 degrees. so, looking good all day long, just few clouds here and there, plenty of sunshine, and sunset time is 6:13 p.m. that's a look at your planner for wednesday, we'll take a look at what bob kelly has to say like right now. >> right now. i'm right there. >> okay, sneaking in, there you go, 7:33, good morning, everybody, live look at route
7:34 am
one southbound, right near the neshaminy mall. an accident, taking out what would be the left lane here. so, anyone coming from bucks county levittown trying to head down south toward the turnpike interchange, philly bensalem, bathroom per to bumper with only one lane open seeing sun glare popping up there. two right lanes back up, coming in toward center city philadelphia. now, water main break over on the campus of rowan, has route 322 closed here, in glassboro, and no word if the water main break will impact classes today. >> accident, 561 roll up through haddonfield, mike, alex being back to you. >> empire night wednesday means empire will be on the
7:35 am
big hit show on fox. riff tweeting the episode, alex holley, my facebook page, i love going back and forth with the empire fans. every single episode, there is always something crazy going on. >> yes, here is the thing. back in 19 l, made movie supposed to be base in the 198 a, right? they went to this future into 2015. >> exactly. >> that's this year. >> well, more than, that on this day, they went to october 21, 2015. >> you know what we need? i know this will be impossible. we need adel oran. remember those cars from back in the day? that's what they traveled in, back to the future? >> yes. >> do you have one here in the philadelphia area. the delaware valley? if you could bring it to fourth and market before 10:00, i'll hug you. >> that would be something. we'll do something fun for back to the future day.
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>> okay. >> all right? >> if you have a delornian, fourth and market, then you get to take al folks dinner. >> what? >> be sure to use the #fox29goodday in your post today. this is what we want the comment to be. if you could change anything, in the future, right, what would it be? >> i don't know what it would be be because it would be in the future. >> if you could say anything about your life, what would you change? >> oh, i got it. >> up might need to go to the past to the future zero change in. >> wake up wednesday. where we go out, try to wake up trying to get people up. >> quincy does that job. here is quincy. >> say this three times in a row. wake up your kid wednesday in wilmington. that's what we're doing. there are a lot of w's. >> wake up your kid wednesday in wilmington. >> you're chef julian, cook for us this morning. >> yes, sir. >> you guys want to cook for us, me and cameraman mike we like food.
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we'll wake up your son. he is 15 years old. is he grumpy? >> yes. >> oh, i can't wait. we'll wake him upcoming next. who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom.
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ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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>> i'm tell you what gets you moving, man named quincy hear us. >> he'll wake you up. goes into your house and wakes up somebody in your house who has hard time waking up in the morning. >> so this morning he went to wilmington. >> delaware. >> yes. >> and this happens. >> wake up my kid wednesday. we have a kid, we're in wilmington, this is his dad, julian. how is it going, everybody. >> his mom's here. >> high. >> he doesn't like waking up for school. >> hate it. >> we got to get him up. >> wake up! wake up! what's up, man? wake up! how you doing? >> hey.
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>> hey, oh, you got the morning breath. how are you doing, sir? how is everything? how is everything? >> fifteen years old. he hate waking up for school. we had to come wake you up, man, come on, wake up, man. how is everything? >> that flash is killing me. >> that's what's supposed to happen. >> what, it is not supposed to kill you? this is going to wake up, wake up wednesday. >> are you a good students there? you don't like waking up? you what time go go to bed last night. >> ugl (oh, i heard you're an athlete over there. >> ya. >> okay, what sports do you play? >> football. >> so are you an eagles fan? >> ya. >> common. get up. let's get up. get moving. give us eagles cheer. come on, man, let's get up. get up, man. come on, give us eagles cheering. good day philadelphia. it is on you. wake up.
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>> all right, eagles cheer. i'm not god at that. >> e-a-g-l-e-s -- he's still asleep, guys. >> if you want us to wake up your kid, all do you have do is tweet us, at fox 29 philly. just wave to everyone. >> so sad. >> how much do you want to bed he goes right back in that bed, pulls the covers over him. >> it doesn't have to just and kid. it can be an adult. we'll wake up everybody. 7:42, coming back with the biggest moment of the show after the break. >> i love it when you say that. >> no, this will be huge. >> all right. >> madonna will be here. >> what? >> ya.
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>> more of south southwest winds, it moans it is getting warmer. cold front will come through. not until tomorrow night. so, you can enjoy 70s today, and tomorrow, only at 41 degrees in pottstown right now, but mount pocono, it is a 52, already, same as in philadelphia. 450 degrees in wilmington, 48
7:46 am
in wildwood. yesterday, was much milder than monday when we only got to 55 degrees, we got to 71, yesterday, well above our average, of 65, today, even warmer. seventy-five today, 76 tomorrow. the cold front comes through at night, it is crisp, cool, by the time we get to saturday, and our light the night walk for the leukemia, lymphoma society, just layer it up with a jacket, et cetera. chance of showers, sunday, hopefully pushing them do you have late in the day, and cooling off even more, on monday and tuesday. so, all of the more reason to enjoy today and tomorrow, in the 70s, and bob, i have to say, your traffic cameras sealing seeing a loft fall cameras. >> look good, maybe distracting few folks, god words of accident here along 95, at 413, this is 95 up near the penndel interchange, getting word of motorcycle accident, on the ramps from route 413 to i-95. right in this area here, skyfox on the way, we take you there when they arrive. the pennsylvania turnpike, slow going, coming over the
7:47 am
connector bridge, headed in toward the philly bensalem route one interchange. live look at the benny, backed up from pretty much the down side into center city there at eighth and vine. talcony palmyra back to normal after earlier opening, as we go south on 95, as you head northbound, watch for that sun glare headed into the commodore barry. also, delays up and down 476, in and out of delco. mike, alex being back to you. >> bob kelly, i know you know this saturday night live routine, the skit, wayne's world. >> oh, yes. >> it was so successful, they made movie out of it, wayne's world. >> yes. >> about two guys that had a tv show in their basement, right. >> yep. >> that very thing is happening in north philadelphia, two guys in their basement, have a youtube show, a hundred thousand people watch it. >> you must be talking about the scorpian show. >> ranked. >> wow. you know what, also fans of empire, that show empire. >> jen, have you met them?
7:48 am
>> yes. you're in the going to roll the clip. >> what? i guess not. >> this season, for the season opener, trying to move to us that i can get everybody in hollywood to be a part, al sharpton, put everybody, just like okay, is this a production -- >> so, that's the show i'm talking becomes you know these guys. >> of course i know -- right here. you know kevin. you know mckale. good morning, guys. >> now, we had to bring you guys to this set, because you refuse for us to visit your basement, true or false? >> not true at all. >> why won't he let me come to his base (. >> i have no idea, but i don't live there. and it is not the basementment it is a bedroom. >> that's why you won't let me come. >> no one comes into my bedroom. >> except for mckale? >> but i make money from. >> okay, that's let's just roll it back. now you guys, even though you thought it was a little crazy,
7:49 am
the opener of this season, you love this so. you love what lee daniels is trying to do? >> yes, i love empire. empire new phenomenon that everybody who is not watching needs to get on board. because this particular season is going to be a hot one. it will be better than last season. >> okay, so let's begin with some of the highlight. we roll this clip, hopefully on time, this is one of the highlight you loved the snitch song. let's check it out. >> ♪ >> young did you like this song so much? why was this a big part of the show this season. >> because lucious is so horrible rapping. and this chorus, that chorus, you can't get out your head, snitch, snitch, snitch, snitch. i love it. so it was one of the highlight.
7:50 am
and then you have the people in the room, somebody using broom on l wall, somebody on the keyboard on the computer. >> this was not really real. you don't see this in jail. but i just love the whole thing because of the ratchet. >> i love it was ratchet. speaking of ratchet, we love cookie has her own label. so let's watch cookie, stepping out, let's watch this clip. >> dine aster came out the gate, blazing last night. >> after all you've done to actually think that i was -- >> my albumn. >> ♪ >> again, you liked it, it is like down and dirty, right? >> yes, yes, i love, i love this new label, because you see cookie stepping out on fate. but, i mean, in reality, cookie, she needs someone like lucious. she can't handle entire labels on her own. specially with -- >> why do you say that. >> well, because i, i mean,
7:51 am
literally the blind leading the blind. >> she had 17 years in prison to figure this out. >> almost whole generation. >> she'll be fine. >> but smart phone, does she even have an e-mail? seriously. bye, cookie. she is not running this empire at all. >> listen, listen, she's got two kids, whatever, maybe more, we don't know yet. >> one on her side now. >> but just saying like she knows what she is doing, she a mama, she was in jail, she survived, came out with a fur, common. >> no. you just can't come out of jail thinking you can run an empire like empire. >> no. >> not possible. >> yes, you can, and i am getting into your bedroom. >> stop. >> they're coming back at 8:45 with some predictions, we want everyone to tweet the predictions, kevin very upset that this isn't cuter. but, i'm trying to make it a little bit like his basement. >> hey -- >> when you come to his
7:52 am
balesment, make sure you bring a check. >> you bring a check, you can come. >> oh, my goodness. >> i say the same thing about my bedroom. >> thank you, jen. 7:52. >> did you hear about this? new guidelines for women regarding mammograms. but many women say, you know what? we're not going to listen to there is we'll keep doing what we're doing. we'll break down the new guidelines for you. >> i'm shock at the age that they're talking about. and it is back to the future day. we're having some fun here today. we want to know if you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would you do differently? let's talk to preston and steve about. >> this people are weighing in. they know where we can find the delorian. i'll tell you after the break.
7:53 am
i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> now, hey, hi, press on and steve. >> good morning. >> morning, mike analling. >> welshing happy back to the future day! >> explain what back to the future day; october 21. what happened in the movie? >> well, they went in the second movie, this is when marty goes to find out all of the problems that dock brown had come back and told them in 198 a that he was having in the future. so, it was october 21st, 19 -- or 2015 that they had to go to to fix all of these problems. >> that's today. >> today, yes. >> i so here is the question we're posing for your listeners. if you can go back and change anything in your life, what would you change? preston, let's start with you. >> wow, if i could go back and change anything in my life? man, you know? then go into the parra docks. >> the chaos their. >> i go back and change something, would my live be
7:57 am
completely different? could you imagine, a world without me for example? imagine that? >> no, to be honest, here's exactly, if i had access to time machine, rather than go back, i guess for trivial thing, i would go back to the time that i interviewed paul mccartney in person, and i got an autograph from him and he wrote it to my stage name as opposed to my real name, preston, because for time i had different name. so they have great poster autographed by paul machining cart any and he wrote to ken, my name at the time, and they have hanging on my wall greatest end changer of all time. >> did you know that paul mccartney was in town yesterday? >> we do, yes. >> we talked about it, yes. >> monday, yes, crazy, to play private corporate gig. >> yes. >> very craze. >> i what do you think he made for that? what kind of money, a million? >> preston, had mentioned, they had the eagles. >> yes, the same company, american trucking company, that they did it, they had last year for this same thing, they had the eagles, the bands
7:58 am
play. >> wow. >> they charge like somewhere in the neighborhood of like a million dollars for a show. >> it is ridiculous. >> absolutely. >> steve? >> steve ' turn. >> i probably would go historical. i would go outside of my own life. i think i would go back to forge theater, the night of lincoln's assassination. >> no, i warned him about the kardashian's. >> n joe the show, mr. president. >> or go to southampton glands, 1912 before the titanic leaves, and warn them about the kardashian's. >> oh, my gosh. >> and warn them if this darn thing signings, they'll mack the stinking mover. >> i i would like for jack and see if he really existed. >> ill all he never let go. >> don't let go, jack.
7:59 am
>> move over, give me some room on that board. >> he hops up on the damn floating board. oh. this is what i would change. i would not have the reduction surgery. >> oh,. >> yes, yes. >> because now you can't wear please now. >> (laughing). >> hey, guys, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> see you later. >> back to the future day, looking for adelorian. i had a couple of people say hold on chestnut avenue in vineland, new jersey has adelorian dealership. >> what? >> how would that be possible? delorian spot in the hitman, new jersey, in man too, a just saw delorian last night in norristown. >> really? well, we need one of them though. because we will celebrate back to the future day. >> we need it by 10:00 this morning. if you have anything would you change please tweet us, facebook us, use the #fox29goodday. >> here is good day
8:00 am
philadelphia for a wednesday, october the 21, 2015. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. >> it is back to the future day. >> on wednesday, october 21, 2015. >> what did the movie get right? hits, misses, plus the one futuristic thing from the film that could be released today. >> major mammogram changes this morning, why women are now being told to wait to get those annual screenings. >> homecoming heroes. two student with downe syndrome, crouds king and queen. their reactions are priceless. >> and, lady in red. is that just cake dazzles at
8:01 am
buckingham palace. her royal look at the state banquet. and the designer of that jaw dropping gown. >> ♪ >> actually wore the mum's crown. did you see that? to be at that gig. >> going right to bob kelly, breaking news. >> that accident we've been telling but in levittown, skyfox over the scene after accident involving a motorcycle and a car. this is on the ramps from route 413 to i-95, up there in levittown. still wait to go get word with all of that foam that looks like it is on the highway, probably a fire, resulted with the vehicle and the motorcycle here, the intersection of the ramps from 413 to i-95, up there in levittown, we go to the maps, there just watch for
8:02 am
delays leaving levittown, down state road, get back on 95 at the street road interchange. burlington bristol set for an opening, coming our way at 8:10, a lot of activity out on the river here so far this morning. and there is a live look at the benny, back up from mid-span into downtown at eighth and vine, even the patco high-speed line coming across the bridge thereon cue. that water main break we've been dealing with all morning long of the campus of rowan university. no word it is impacting classes, so grab your book bag and get a move on. but route 322 closed right there in front of rowan on the campus of glassboro. looks like nice day shaping up. >> also going to school, bob kelly, and bus stop buddy. yes, sunglasses on buddy, but jacket because it is still in the 40's in a lot of the suburbs this morning. here in the city we have 52 degrees, relative humidity, 83%, 5-mile per hour breeze, it is a gorgeous morning out there. and we get to high later on of believe it or not 75 degrees.
8:03 am
so it is back to the future day, mike and alex. we are going back to the 70s in our temperature. >> i get it. >> 8:03. new york city police officer dead after getting into a gun fight with robbery suspect. this is in east harlem last night. randolph holler shot in the head after holder and another officer caught to up accused bike thief who robbed the victim at gunpoint. shot in the leg during the confrontation with police, but survived, he's expected to be released from the hospital today and taken into police can custody. in connection to this tragic continues end, the fourth officer to be killed in the line of duty in new york city this year. in four people injured of a row home fire in north fill. >> i let me tell but this. skyfox over this scene in north philly. flames errupted inside of this
8:04 am
house. right around the 1800 block of taylor street, just after 8:00 p.m. last night. two plane clothes narcotics officers were among the first to arrive on the scene. they went into the house to make sure everybody was okay, and had to be taken to the hospital themselves for smoke inhalation. the person living in the house and the fire lieutenant who was on the scene suffered some minor injuries, thankfully it, seems like, everybody will be okay. >> police say woman found roach in her dish of noodle, closer look, inspector say they found roach infestation. the insect, all over the kitchen, you remember, telling this story, but in the past two month, the restaurant has spent half million dollars on their renovations. months later health officials have granted the restaurant the all clear to reopen, they will be open in time for lunch today. >> and we'll have a camera there. central detectives need your
8:05 am
help if finding this young man, he's 14 years old. jonathan mcneal went missing yesterday, he lives on the 700 block of north warnokay street, attends northeast high school. where is he? jonathan last seen wearing a gray and black hooded jacket, with some khaki pants on, police say he may be suffering from depression. if you have any information, call police. >> and boy here we go again. a major shift in mammogram recommendations, ladies now being told get them later none life. and not so often. >> yes, so, we are going to go through what we know now. american cancer society is now recommending that women with a average risk for breast cancer, they should start annual screenings at age 45, and instead of when they turn 40. so then whether you turn 5055 you only need to be screened every other year as opposed to every year. another change? cancer group no longer
8:06 am
recommends clinical breast a zero exams whether you go to the doctor and the doctor will feel you for lumps or abnormality. confuse in the a lot people are what these changes mean, doctor. >> good to see you, fox chase, correct? >> that's correct. >> where you reside and work? what do you think? american cancer society, normally -- >> well, it is understandably confusing. and it is important for patients to understanded that there are many society and physicians who care for patient, still recollecting patients begin screening at the age of 40. what do you say to your patient? >> what do i say? i say that if they want to realize the maximum life saving benefits, of screening mammogram, that that mammogram should begin at the age of 40, and continue annually. >> why would the american cancer society, i mean, we trust what they have to say. why would they come out and push it back then?
8:07 am
>> from what i understand, i don't speak for the american cancer society but from what i've read of their published literature they are attempt to go try to bounce the benefits with the possible perceived harms of screening ma'am or figure. >> what are the harms? >> some we call back, important for women this they're deciding what they should do. to understand that less than 10% of women will be called back for a possible abnormality that is seen on a screening mammogram. >> you mean like if it is a positive result? >> false positive? >> possibly false positive. and most of the time that will just result in perhaps an extra picture, or maybe an ultrasound to clarify things. and also important for women to understand that only one, 2% of all women who undergo screening mamography every
8:08 am
year will have a recommendation for a procedure such as -- >> only one or 2%. >> are you concerned it might be confuse for women to think okay, my doctor says i have to do there is the american cancer society says no i should wait? >> somewhat confusing but we are are at fox chase, recommending that women continue screening beginning at age 40. >> about no danger is it radiation? >> there is a very tiny amount of radiation involved, it is well below the fda limits for this type of test. >> do it anyway just in case, because always better to be safe. >> right. you know, many women that i see every day, who are, for example, called back for additional imaging, are actually quite thankful that
8:09 am
we've been simarre tull with their health. >> how it affect some of the results? >> in terms of their age and ongoing -- >> correlation between that. >> between screening mammograms, at a young age, then going on? >> yes. >> why wouldn't you start at like 25? why to wait until 40? >> that's what the evidence shows beginning at age 40, we know that there is noticeable increase in the incidence of cancer at that age. and that's why the recommendation has been, and this is for average risk women. you spoke about women who are younger. there are instances, but where screening mammograms may be appropriate in women younger than 40, but that's something that each individual woman needs to discuss with their doctor, and determine if they are in one of those higher risk groups. >> and do you still recommend, whenever i go see the doctor, okay, alex, make sure when you're in the shower, doing your own test, use your fingers, should we still be doing that? >> i understand the american
8:10 am
cancer society is part of the new guidelines has said that clinical breast exams are not valuable. but we do still recommend that women pay attention to changes, and report any changes to their doctors, as soon as they may notice them. >> here is a question i thought maybe out of your field, do you think it is okay to dance real fast and crazy, when you're seven or eight months pregnant? is that okay? >> you know, i'm not zero obstetrician or gynecologist, and i would always recommend that a seven or eight month pregnant woman maybe check with their doctor before they do something like that. >> well, i'm show you some footage here. i want your opinion on. >> this see this? >> dow. >> do you think that's okay? >> looks okay. >> all right. well, some people are upset about this woman. we'll explain who she is and what the heck she doing after the break. okay, doctor? >> sound great. >> okay. >> but first, what day is today? >> it is back to the future day. so, we're going to take a look
8:11 am
back at this movie, back to the fought your two. what they predict what will be happening in 2015. >> what they got right. what they got wrong. they got a lot right. >> mike, one futuristic thing from this fill that many could be released today. >> what? >> ya, we'll reveal it. >> still looking for the del onsorian. come by fourth and market if you have it.
8:12 am
i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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8:14 am
(move i have clip) movie clip ( >> yes, today is october 21, 2015. it is back to the future day, they're calling it, while the movie got a lot of things wrong, boy, they got a lot of things right too. >> so we start with the things they got right. >> okay. >> so, hands free gaming. >> we do that all the time. >> in the movie, mock him
8:15 am
using his hands to play arcade game. as the movie pre didn't dollars we have xbox connect style gaming. >> game boy. >> and like dance dance revolution. >> all kinds of games you can do without using your hands. >> came about pretty quickly. >> next up, fingerprint recognition. >> we have that. >> yes, we saw it off in the movie. well, today, a lot of people use it every time you unlock your phone. you recognize that hand, mike? >> i have it on my phone. i use my right thumb and rub my screen, and it opens up my phone. >> i don't think you listen to my question. >> what did you say? >> i say did you recognize the hand in that picture? never minds. >> okay, whose hand was it? >> kit cat kline's hands. >> it is? >> yes, i want to say we'll predict this, if you have an iphone, you will have broken screen with t you see the broken screen on there? it comes with -- >> camera block that side of the screen, so i didn't even see her hand. but dow recognize her hand now. >> lovely. >> she has beautiful hand. >> anyway once again, not
8:16 am
listen. >> next up: video calls. yes, so, marty video calls co-worker in the movie, and these days, i mean, take your pick, face time, skype, all kind of things you can do. next prediction, tablet computers, oh, and the movie we saw dock show marty basically look like ipad style computer. >> yes. >> and then we have ipads, kindles, all kinds of things. >> look at that thing. ya, he, welshing casino of iphone, ipad in his hand. >> in the movie marty's kids, they wear headsets at the dinner tablement and now in 2015 we have google glass, we have apple watches, samsung watch. my par kent take pictures with their watch, take tests on their watch, talk on the phone on your watch. >> they nailed those things. >> they did. >> that's really good. >> so maybe, you know, we should bring them to help us with our predictions for the
8:17 am
next 30 years. >> 2045? >> yes, they know what they are talking about. >> kit cat decline clinic in the control room, did you produce that little thing right there? really good. high quality. >> why she is emmy award winning. oh, more she says. >> yes, there is more. >> so the movie also got whoever boards, kind of, like the ones that have been going around now. 3d movies, yep. and the chicago cubs, well, at one point we thought this might come true, now not looking so good but in the movie they predict they would win the world series. >> came close, down three to nothing to the met. in the movie they said the cubs actually would win the world series, not only get into it, would win it. >> here is my thing too. what do they do right then when it comes to predicting others, like the jet sons? they had big predictions, too, i guess didn't put official year on it, but yet to have flying cars. >> had the flying car thing, just not -- i'm not going to see it in my lifetime. i thought i would. >> nice article in metro, it says, ford looking fillments got the future wrong like 2001
8:18 am
a space odyssey. >> wrong. >> death race 2,000. >> wrong. >> all of these kind of -- until the end of the world, all of these mover his all of these predictions, back to the future got a lot of stuff right. >> got some things wrong. we like to be negative on this program. so -- >> you mean you like to be negative on this program? >> my first name should be negative. first, self drying clothing. we don't have that. >> that would be nice. >> self, well, self drying clothing is -- don't you just put it out in the sun? >> it is fast, happens immediately. >> flying cars, yep. >> i want that to happen. >> a lot of movies have flying cars watch was the movie bales in the philadelphia bruce willis? twelve monkeys? they had flying cars, flying taxies. lastly, self tying shoes. you just put the shoes on, it would -- the laces would just suck up around your ankle. >> make it easier. >> that's the delorian i am looking for. we have to find one. company tweeted by the way
8:19 am
that makes the shoes, i think it was -- >> you mean nike? >> nike, they say they've made these things. mike al j fox, see you tomorrow, today, they sent that out yesterday. today they'll announce apparently that they have self-lacing shoes. >> they tweet the us michael j. fox, what everyone is assuming, they haven't really said what this big surprise will be. they've just been teasing it. >> i think it is self lacing shoes. >> we have to see. now all of this morning since it is back to the future day saying all right, it happened 30 years ago. and if we go back to the fought your, starting today, it would be 2045. >> right. >> so what do you want to see happen in 2,045? >> that's what we're asking today? >> yes. >> i thought we were asking if you could go back and time and change anything, what would you change? >> we're asking a lot of things. tweet us using hashtag fox 29. whatever want you want to answer on? >> 8:19. >> well, big surprise. those lucky enough to witness jimmy kimmel's show in person
8:20 am
last night, well, they new they would see jz, right, because he was a guest. they have no idea what was in store for them. yes, what jay-z did that even shock jim. >> i beyonce came out. >> , no i wish. well, no, i don't wish. >> laid any red. >> dutchess kate, man, did she look good at buckingham palace. i'll tell how the designer is of that dress. and i'll also show off my phone. that will would be nice.
8:21 am
(child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo?
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8:23 am
i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> high, everybody. oh, let's give awe update now. the healing process of course for lamar continues. family released a statement saying that lamar took a few steps actually, at his new facility in los angeles. meanwhile, the guy that owns that love ranch, the brothel, where he was hanging out for four days, that guy's name is dennis hoff. he owns the place. he also owns the bunny ranch. says he's not paying the two prostitutes who were with lamar. this guy dennis hoff says he
8:24 am
thinks they had something to do with lamar getting drugs into his brothel. as if he didn't know. the girls would have split, $37,000 payday, they want their money. and he doesn't want to give it team. >> this it will he's get to the other story. >> still kind of the same store. >> i i saw something. >> khloe around ash crash -- kardashian, people want to go hear from her. thank the the medical team at sunrise hospital. khloe said lamar making incredible strides, ended with saying god is good. >> all right, legendary game show host bob barber is recovering after he slipped and fell outside of his hollywood hills home. bob taking a walk yesterday morning when he tripped on the sidewalk near his home, some officers, i guess, police officers, were driving by at
8:25 am
the time and saw the 91 year old man fall down. they helped him out until paramedics got there. the former price is right host had some cuts on his head, but apparently he's going to be okay. resting at home now. >> he's going to be okay. kate middleton sure knows how to rock a crown. >> she borrowed, whose crown, queen elizabeth's crown? >> well, she, i'm not -- we will ' see in a second. so she wore the pearl and diamond accessary to a recent event at buckingham palace t cents called the lotus flower last night. the tiara. >> yep, you're right, happened to be one of queen elizabeth's favorites. >> basically a crown for god sake. >> it is only the thirds time that she has ever chosen to wear a tiara, a dutchess, because they call it the people's princess, likes to keep the fact she is royal, keep low profile. >> but when you have statin another us, you go all out, and that was a state dinner.
8:26 am
>> maybe she just felt like a princess. >> how is queen elizabeth now? >> i think she is 89. >> just had a birthday. >> you know, sometimes you wake up mike, you know what? i want to wear my crown today. >> well, ya. i feel that way today. >> do you? >> yes, she 89. >> she should date bob barker. >> , shear's married, isn't she? >> to an older man. >> fill snip. >> yes. >> it is 8: 26. we have a segment on this show called q street. >> yes? >> now the reason we call it that because quincy harris is q in q street. >> and on the street right now >> a brilliant name for a brilliant person. rodney square, wilmington, delaware, can you believe it is back to the future day, 30 years from now, 45. he will be 35. he will be 32, jamal's kids, we'll talk to them in a second. right here, wilmington, delaware. >> cute. >> okay, somebody, somebody
8:27 am
came through, ladies and gentlemen. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at it. >> we have adelorian at fourth and market many come by, take a picture, what do you say? back to the future. let's do this in the 9:00 hour. >> let's do it. for life...
8:28 am
(husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day... (grover) your chariot awaits! (announcer) ... for the rest of your life. (wife) jump on! (grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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8:30 am
>> breaking news at 8,313 year old girl missing since monday, has been found. police say they located handniha mitchell, no word how she doing, but has been found, we first reported this on monday. now, throughout the show this morning, we had been reporting another missing person, a boy, who is in high school. this is a different story, different case. but hannah mitchell found. more dates later on. 8:30. quincy, is on q street. and in honor of back to the future day, right? so in the movie, they go from
8:31 am
1985 to 2,015. so we want to know, what would you like to see happen 30 years from now? so, quincy, you're asking people, what would they like to see in the year 2045? >> yes, women, for me, 30 seconds from now, i would like to see people that would like to talk to me. here at rodney square, wilmington, delaware, lady right here, hey, they don't want to talk it mow. maybe i am a mean guy? this laid i would like to talk to me. what's your name? what is your name? >> jennette. >> jennette, 2045, the year 2045, who would you like to see? >> i don't know. that's hard, hard, yes. the world is so bad. what would you want? >> jamal has three kids, your kids, what are the ages of your kids, jamal? >> my daughter.
8:32 am
jamal, jr., he is five, and's he is three. >> now, 30 years from now, 35, 37, 32, what would you like to see for your kids in the year? >> i hope college, successful carreers, married, and they are living a good life. >> nothing wrong with that, jamal. we have people over here guy right here, what's your name, sir? >> stefan. >> what what would you like to see in the year 2045? >> flying cars and respectful kids. >> oh, wow, were you a respect you will if kid? >> yes, i was respectful kid. >> okay, ya, manment what's your name? >> jeremy. >> what would you like to see in the year 2045? >> more peace in the atmosphere, more peace all around the environment, people stop killing each other, everybody loving each other. >> see? real peaceful here in wilmington, delaware, people just want to see peace, they want to have peace. a lot of people care about their kids, they want safety for them. so i'm here, wilmington,
8:33 am
delaware, i'm in rodney square. people here so friendly. >> i understand what you are saying, q. >> in 2045, i want us to be able to tell he port. let's make that map. >> so you don't have to go through tsa. >> or sit therefore seven hours on plane. let's just get there. >> closure eyes. i'm in san francisco. >> exactly. >> let's make it happen. >> 2045, you know what i want to be doing? >> what? >> living. >> amen to that. amen to that. sue, what do you want to do? >> i want to be where sue is. >> amount are will catch up, as well. how about the flying cars? do you think that's too much to ask for 2045, we thought we would have the flying cars by now.
8:34 am
>> waiting for the old fashion the school bus, you need the jacket right now, but look at this, ten out of ten, i won't need it later on, a 2 degrees, with 5-mile per hour breezes out of the south-southwest which means it will be warm today. 75 degrees high temperature, 68 degrees, by lunchtime, sunset time 6:13 that's your weather for wednesday, weekends is coming, and there will be some changes coming up. bob kelly concentrate. >> i know, getting distracted here southed on 95, disable right near allegheny avenue. by the time friday rolls around, four lanes of traffic between allegheny -- >> bob? >> and center city. and as we go for a ride, 295 your a going to find disable as you work your way up toward warwick into haddon feel.
8:35 am
benny little bit of back up into downtown at eighth and vine and the schuylkill, some sun glare coming around your conshy curve, michael alex, back to you. >> i've got a conshy curve for you. go to preston and steve's website. >> announcing winner of annual campaign. which one are you rooting for, mike? >> this is new one, we will tell how the win is her in a little bit. >> by the way, another thank you to the human, i haven't met this person yet. who brought adelornian by to fourth and market. will come in behind, because we'll dot good day philadelphia players are going to do another play, routine in the 9:00 hour using the delorian. back in time. >> this is so cool.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> person pen's most iconic chocolate maker is doubling down on its popular kisses. the hershey company has unveiled its hershey kisses delux, they call it, look at it, alex. >> it is wonderful. >> nut in the middle. the new kisses are twice the size of your normal kiss, and fit your that hazelnut center. and they have little like rice crispy little treats, floating around in the chocolate. see them? >> i see it. >> they go on sale november the fifth. >> directors birthday november 5th. >> that mean he want this? >> i'll gave you a extra size
8:40 am
kiss. >> it is official. the winner of the lays do is a -- us a flavor contest, it is in. >> who are the contestant. >> new york rubin, kettle cooked greek town gyro, wavy west coast truffle fries. >> that was my favorite. but you now what? here is a winner, southern biscuits and gravy. only one did i not try. >> do we know who invent philadelphia? >> i don't think so. >> i do remember last year's winner, the was abby ginger, the woman was on our show. >> she bass, from the area, and they're very good. >> what's belter? >> southern biscuit and gravy sounds really good. >> does it? i don't know about the chips though. truffle fries, too close to
8:41 am
actual like potato chips? >> hole please. the name of the creator marry green? >> last two win verse been women. come on, fellows, don't you like potato chips? it is girl power, man. we're making all of the money. do you got mid eye east for the next up? >> next year do it again watch flavor could i come up with? >> making predictions, where is empire going to go this season? it is all over the place. >> lucious will be killed off tomorrow.
8:42 am
we will talk about kevin. this is not marijuana. these are palm trees. thank you. >> common. palm tree. come on back. ♪ ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> big no, ma'am, last week, empire season two really heating up. it is wednesday, so woe know tonight it will get even hotter. so, empire is back on fox tonight. you know comes on at nine. you know i really love the show, always talking about it, but you know, there are some guys from the scorpian show, they're certainly going to be talking. >> now that i'm out, oh, i got this. he will be mine. >> no, cookie, no. >> i don't know if anyone can tell cookie, no, jen.
8:46 am
i guess your empire set there? >> yes, why such big high production value of a sat. good morning again, kevin,. >> you know, what is it? okay, so we talk little predictions. first of all there is some stuff you want people to know. first thing you want to talk about is lucious. teacher, could you write lucious? >> ya. i just feel that there is no empire without lucious. >> like no scorpian show without can he begin there is no scorpian show without kevin. >> that's not what mckale says. >> mckale, i love you. listen, just no way that cookie and hakeem can run the lions den and think that people are going to be -- >> i disagree. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> all right, okay. whatever, whatever. just smooch it up to the boss. soap, let's talk a little bit about andre, okay? put andre up there, thank you, teacher. you think there is like crazy stuff going snob.
8:47 am
>> yes. i definitely do. and i think it is a history of course we've seen and we've learned that lucious' mother has dealt with mental illness in the past. and i think lucious is a bit embarrased that his son actually is dealing with -- >> by pole bipolar -- bipolar. >> and it is bothering lucious. he's embarrased. and i actually don't think he really want andre, not only to talk about it, but to run, to be -- >> because you can't be making decisions, and you're bipolar, you know, after the episode he had, the last time empire, he doesn't want his son running the company like that disbelief some predictions, first that prediction all about cookie, and i think cookie will be very successful, despite what you clowns have to say about it, cookie will be very successful. i know you have a specific prediction about anika boo-boo, and lucious, and cookie. >> listen, i think that anika will set up lucious and
8:48 am
cookie. lucious and cook. >> i queen of the empire. >> yes, because right now she doesn't have a room. she doesn't know she has the lions den, empire, going to get both of them and maybe come out with her own label. >> she is very very a tiff. real life dates -- >> andre. >> yes, okay. you want to talk about boo-boo kitty? and then the other thing that you guys want everyone to know about is hakeem and jamal. again, because you're the king of your empire, scorpian show, you think you have prediction about those two? >> yes. that they are going to release albumn on the same day. if they keep up with this story line with the lions den, hakeem not going back to empire, and jamal already working on his albumn, so they're going release albumns on the same day, and we're really going to see who is the king of the empire. >> like kanye west and 50 cents. >> and who will be kanye, who will be fity? >> i think jamal will be kanye. >> the victor. >> yes, hacek -- >> do you agree in a. >> dow. >> whether is the last time you heard a 50 cents song?
8:49 am
seriously? >> now, i just want to go over one last thing cents score sean show filmed in his basement, you refuse to let me common a visit. >> bedroom. >> bedroom. >> right. >> i'm not sure. >> not just saying, here is my thing, knock why can't i go to the basement? >> maybe there was roach infestation. >> note television. >> by the way, is this -- (laughing). >> ya. gorgeous. >> ya. >> you can share food here mike. >> (laughing). >> get it? >> what do you mean, jen. that's where he eat lunch every day. didn't you snow. >> i know that's right. >> thank you so much. we can't wait for empire tonight. remember, alex holley fox 29 on facebook, alex holley fax 29 on twitter. we have to talk about it,
8:50 am
okay, 8:49. did you see what's outside? people are stopping. it is really stopping traffic. everyone wants to see. >> this it is adelorian. we go back to the fought your in about ten minutes, oh, you know it will be in the good day way. so get ready for that. but first, here's a look at last night's lottery numbers. dow dear fellow citizen, i get that it's hard to say no when your kids want toys, because you're saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen.
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8:53 am
>> five will 53 -- 8:00 #r three delorean it will be warmer today than yesterday delorean take a walk on the wild side, just couple of days, then crisp autumn weather back in time for the weekend delorean walk out the door right now, we have 52 degrees in philadelphia, 42 in lancaster, 47 degrees in
8:54 am
trenton, and up in mount pocono 47 delorean and 50 in hazleton, we have 50 degrees in woodbine, down to south jersey, 44 in millville delorean and lewes, delaware, has 53 degrees delorean much milder yesterday, monday, was 55, yesterday, was 71, today, is going to be 75 degrees delorean just glorious delorean then 76 tomorrow delorean then we cool down to about 62 friday delorean it is a real nice fall day on saturday, chance of some showers, on sunday delorean so that takes care of the next couple of days for you delorean bob kelly, ready to get the flux capacitor and go back in time? >> flux capacitor ready to go delorean live look at i95, southbound accident right near ridley, between ridley, and the blue route delorean taking out what would be the left lane here delorean looks like they'll try and stop all traffic to get everybody over to the shoulder again, that's southbound 95, in delco delorean northbound, up to
8:55 am
warwick because every accident, actually at the off ramp there delorean and i-95, right at the ramps for 413 delorean watch for an accident, this one involved motorcycle, so some investigation underway, and the burlington bristol, running slow, both directions, from an earlier opening delorean motorcycle -- mc fly, ready to take a ride? take a look what we have coming up here delorean we go back to the future coming up next delorean selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them.
8:56 am
another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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[woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
8:58 am
for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. >> 4:29 p.m. wednesday october 21st, 2015 delorean.
8:59 am
>> 2,015? we're in the future? future? what do you mean, mike? how could we be in the future? >> alec, i don't know how to tell you this delorean we're in a time machine delorean. >> this is the year 2,015? >> october 21st, 2015 delorean. >> 2015 delorean. >> this is a time machine? >> you could have mentioned that earlier delorean this is weird delorean what's that thing? >> what? >> roller board whoever board? >> look like philadelphia. >> we're in philadelphia? what we, were in philadelphia just a second -- what is that?
9:00 am
wait. i have to try this delorean. >> can i try it? >> yes. >> we're still, still still v people right? >> oh, my goodness. >> you got it delorean this is what they use no a days? >> i guess they do delorean my gosh delorean this is weird delorean i need to get back to where i'm more comfortable in a tv studio delorean


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