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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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wait. i have to try this delorean. >> can i try it? >> yes. >> we're still, still still v people right? >> oh, my goodness. >> you got it delorean this is what they use no a days? >> i guess they do delorean my gosh delorean this is weird delorean i need to get back to where i'm more comfortable in a tv studio delorean
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>> i hope everything hasn't
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changed so much, that i can't have the stuff i love, like tonight, i had you two over, were going to watch the cosby show tonight. >> right. >> supposed to be brand new episode. >> i love the cosby show. >> i love rude. >> i yes. >> thee snow. >> he's great. >> yes. >> no one here to help you pick up whatever you just dropped. >> true. >> what's this? >> pepsi perfect. >> woe love text i perfect. >> have you guys tried the new coca-cola classic. they have new flavor out. i think it will catch on. are you all right? >> yes, i think i'm fine. >> i wish there were people here to help us out. usually 15, 16 people in the studio? >> so 2015, no camera period? >> weird. >> i guess we should still do the news. >> there is stuff there in the prompter. >> okay. >> all right. >> you're the man. >> okay. let me sub in here for just a second. by the way, speaking of bill cosby, bill cosby is replacing his long time lawyer, martin de singer, did you see that?
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this as he faces some legal trouble over some court documents. i don't even understand what i am reading. cosby is like america's dad. >> yes. he is in trouble? >> why is he in trouble? >> i don't know, we watch him what every thursday night? >> extra-marital affairs? what are you talking about? >> no way. >> drugging and sexually assaulting women? no. i'll have the show on tonight. >> okay. >> hold on second. >> oh, no. >> let he relax little bit. >> okay. >> okay? >> they're telling me people don't smoke on tv any more? >> i think do you have put that out. >> well, why don't we have ashtrays on the set? >> no. what, yesterday i was watching morton downey junior, he smokes on his show. >> okay. >> now yesterday we were in 198 a, mike. >> now we're in 2015. >> things little different. >> october -- >> but my head is still in 198 a. >> they say it couldn't be done in 1903 when the writes
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brother flew flew. they say it couldn't be done in 1969 when man walk on the moon, and tonight, they say i can't do this entire show without smoking a cigarette. all right. we're going to find out. we're going to find out. but let me tell you something. >> just yesterday i was watching that show, morton downey, jr. he's smoking. okay, let's go ahead, try to do the news. >> all right. >> all right? >> that's what i was trying to do a minute ago. i guess -- >> what's the premise again? >> this is 2015. >> this is 2015. >> but acting like -- >> but we're from 198 a. not acting. we're from 198 a. >> i got it now. >> okay. news headlines. in politics we should know very soon if vice president joe biden -- >> vice president joe biden? the vice president is george bush. >> no. >> joe biden is going to run for president? >> so, sources close to the vice president say the decision coming soon, if he
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chooses to run, it would be his third try for the white house since 1988. >> what? >> so biden calls himself president obama's kin drayed spirit. is that right? is that the president? >> we have a black president? >> wait a minute. we have a black president? >> that's big time news. >> and it is not jesse jackson? >> well, he was running just last year in the 84 campaign. >> imagine that? >> that's right. who is this guy? >> in the teleprompter it sado bamm a. >> what's his name? >> probably dave obama. >> barack? barack obama. well, there is also some information this morning about donald trump of course he is building the sky scrape nerves manhattan like craze. >> i yes. >> good news for him. he's up in the polls. now, what pole would that be? >> running for president, too. >> he's running for president? >> yes. >> wow. look at this, new wall street journal pole says he's the first choice of gop primary
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voters. he had 25% of support? that is up 21? from 21% just last month? you know, i can't believe trump is running for president. he just purchased 75 acres of lands in manhattan on the west side of manhattan for $88 million. it is going to be called television city, which was to consist of dozens of skyscrapers, mall, and riverfront park. that sounds familiar. >> yes. >> interesting. >> donald trump. >> all right, avenue question for anybody who is still watching. and if you are, tweet me. what's tweeting? sorry. >> okay, tweeting? >> i went ahead. >> like a bird? >> what are these things, by the way? do we eat off these? what are these? >> oh, look at that. >> what's that thing? how do you even do that without people in the studio? >> and it is blue. >> they have whoever boards, now whoever birds. >> what's the bird signify? >> i don't know, like over me.
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>> push it away. push it away. >> what are these? what is this thing? >> i don't know. looks like a plate, like modern plate. >> that's if you have a whole dinner. >> looks like device the professor was using. >> oh, you're right, yes. >> maybe it will get us back. i don't know if i'm feeling 2015. >> i saw this last week, i went to a sushi pallor, sushi bar. >> in 1958 awed lot of sushi. >> i was eating sushi. >> he was eating raw fish, i don't know about sure. >> i they would is her of it on this thing, plate for sushi, yes. okay. is that it? are we done? are we done? >> ya. >> now, we actually, when we first thought of this, thought we could do that for an hour. >> no you thought we could do therefore an hour. >> i got so confused during the whole thing. >> you are always confused. >> wow. >> it is a story that many -- >> well, some people are laughing. >> now going back to 2015.
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>> now we're back. so done? >> done. >> get all of this stuff off? >> ya. >> because i saw this story yesterday, and i nearly cried. and i noticed that the whole country has take answer look at this video. this is a story in our area, two student with downe syndrome, were crowned homecoming king and queen, this is up at central bucks. >> yep. >> south. >> cb south. >> warrington, pa. it happened over the weekend. so while everyone is so excited, when they were announced, the king and the queen, wait until you see how the king reacts. lauren, tell us about this. >> (cheers) .
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>> look how thrilled he is. his name is nick. >> yes, and here he is, right here. >> yeah. >> oh, look at that. how excited are you? >> very excited. >> tell me what went through your head friday when they called your name? what did you do? what did you think? >> i think it was awesome. >> it was beyond awesome. and now everyone all across the country has seen you on this video. what do you think about that? >> amazing. >> taylor was your escort. i have to be careful. taylor, you were brought to tears when all of this happened. what do you think about this? >> i think amazing, just amazing.
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>> what does it say to the student at the school? >> it is not a surprise. all such a great community, everyone cares for each other, just a great school. >> then lilly and she still has her sash and her crown. hello, queen. >> hey. >> how do you feel this morning? >> it feels awesome. i love my cb south. i love everyone here at south. >> you love everyone here. apparently they love you too. >> amen. >> amen, i heard an amen. oh, look at the hugs and the loving here this morning. okay, the king's mother in the building, get over here, this is what he said, mike and alex. this is the king's mom. how do you feel this morning, just answer all of this, mike jerrick says hi, mom. how do you feel after all of this has happened to your son? >> overwhelm, excited, overwelmed, i'm amazed at the kids, the community, the outpouring of support, it is amazing. >> you get a lot of calls, we won't call names, but a lot of people are calling. >> yes, yes, a lot of tv,
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press, amazing, amazing. >> what do you think this says to the entire country when something like this happens? >> i just think our kids are amazing. yes, they are. >> the queen's mom snuck in. you want to come over? come here. common. lilly says get over here mom. oh, and a big hug. don't lose your crown. how do you feel? >> oh, it is amazing, the community here is wonderful. i can't say enough good things about our kids, and the kids at cb south. >> what do you think this means for your caughter? >> this is going to be lifetime memory that she will always have, and she will always be able to think back on with really fun thoughts for her senior year. >> i know, so congratulations to the king and queen. you toll me you'll have them chant again one last time, right? are we going to do it? we'll do it. let's do it. >> i, i believe, i believe
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that, i believe that we. i believe that we. i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. >> oh, my gosh! i love it. >> i can tell you they have won, all winners right there. >> mike, alec, back to you. >> cb south. >> he needs to go to the eagles game. >> he does. >> the next one. i mean, come on, that's right, rock star. look at him, peace out. >> we need him at the temple game. >> that's fantastic. >> very, very cool. >> okay, how about this story? because this is the day where people were a twitter about this yesterday afternoon on specially twitter, a mother from california whose video has been seen around the world now, defending her dance moves. look at her. she 28 years old. her name is christina little. caused quite a stir when she posted this video showing off her hip hop dance moves. so she is, well, basically seven months pregnant, but she
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says there is no reason to be concerned about her. she says she believes her dancing is safe and also, keeping her body strong, in shape, better prepared for labor, she says. she says if she believed her dancing could hurt her unborn child, of course she would stop it. >> remember, he is not jumping up and down. you see women eight month, seven months running marathons. and a lot of people, you know, look at that and say how can that be? she looks perfectly fine. >> supposed to continue to exercise. >> i had personal treanor with brody when i was pregnant, i didn't have one with laundry, and people would stop me, like in the gym, they would be like -- he was doing like tummy exercises and stuff, again, like she said, you want to be healthy when you, yep. and so people were always like why would you work out? why wouldn't you? you're supposed to be healthy. >> i know my mother, they would walk around with my dad, she would walk around the park, though walk, the neighborhood, the mall, yes. >> and they tell to you do a lot of walking specially if you want to have that brain.
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>> i someone tweeted me yesterday saying i'm 33 and i walk malls. what do you have to say about me? >> yes, i'm 33. is there something wrong with me? i say no, you're just shopping. >> it is called shopping. >> okay, so, this actress, and i guess new mom, too, i think, olivia wild, she instagram a picture many moms probably relate to, jen, what do you think this? >> so super hilarious, look at her, basically said i call this hairstyle quote the kit alive products, sweat, string cheese, crayons, snot, script of panic. basically saying the kids stuff gets all over everything include r her hair. of course she is married, has otis one jerold, jason, her husband, guess what? good for her. because some of these women they make it look so good. jesse james, the country singer with the husband. >> yes. >> she had baby recently, she was instagram g her tummy, look, the baby is four month
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old. so i still have a tim. it is not easy to get perfect within weeks. yes think back to my mom and dad. and they were covered in all of our fluids. >> yes. >> here they had six kids. i remember one time all six of us were stuffed in to our buick, it was a maroon colored buick, and my dad was driving the car. i think we had four in the back, and two in the front. and my sister joanne is next to me, and i am a sitting here in the passenger seat, no seatbelt, driving around like this. and my sister joanne ate a hershey bar, like earlier in the day. and she barfed it all up while driving. i'm trying to claw my way out of the car, my dad doesn't miss a beat. while turning a corner, he pulls out like a white handerchief out of his suit, and collect the barf into the handerchief and keeps driving. >> wow.
9:16 am
>> i can still see the cher she chocolate blah. >> okay, you don't have to describe it. >> there are about a thousand barf stories i have. brody was known as poopzeooka. >> hair all done, make up done, see the baby oh, i'm change ago diaper, look at me, or i'm doing this. no, that's the reality, you're role messed up, stains on your clothes, that's what moms go through. >> more real now. back in the day in the 50's, go back in time, sue, what was the name of the show with june clever, leave it to beaver. >> leave it to beaver. >> would be vacuuming with pearls and heals. oh, ward, welcome home. nice to see you. >> that was part of it, they didn't have extra all day job. >> that's true. >> tweeting and social media andres g up. >> i need to engage more. >> how about this? mike, i love your stories are your daughter started dating? >> sure. >> this one wisconsin dad, being praised for the warning he gave to his daughter's
9:17 am
date. did you see this? >> this i fine very weird. >> yes. >> so here is the picture. look weird? dad, he's posing with his daughter's homecoming date. it says in the caption: whatever do you to my daughter i'll do to you. >> that is just creep. >> i so posing for homecoming. all right, i'll pose with you, too, you put your arms around her, i'll put my arms around you. >> you kiss her, i'll kiss you. >> the dad says i want to have a little fun here. >> let him explain. >> i wanted to make light of the situation. it was her first date. we only met brady couple of times. so i was trying to be fun. >> i yes, it was kind of weird when we first like took the picture, and then he came over, put me in -- not so weird. >> we come from real small town. so he pretty much know everybody. brady is a good kid, does good in sallyann. my wife is good friends with some of the teachers. so she keeps an ion it. >> so they've been stalking
9:18 am
braid. >> i apparently. and brady said yes no one talks about that part of the story. but brady was like i'm on that. >> brady, brady will never go back to that house. >> that would be my advice to brady. don't ever go back to that man's home. >> what if he likes the girl, the caughter? >> she will go to college, he can meet up with her. >> many women out there. that's a horrible thing to say. you know that michael j. fox who was in the move that i we're trying to parody today? >> that we were trying to parody. >> but now out of it, the prem cyst over? >> done. people have been asking us to stop on twitter. >> that's why my phone isn't out here. i didn't want to know how horrible it was. >> the worse parody. >> don't blame it on me. it was a bad idea. >> it is all my fault. dow like my coat though. >> sharp. >> do you like it? >> did you have is that in your closet? >> no. >> it is our executive producer's. >> now you're throwing scott under the bus. >> what's that about? >> i don't know.
9:19 am
>> michael j. fox, who was in the movie, also christopher lloyd was in that movie, teaming one toyota to mark back to the fought your day which is today, the company released this commercial, just hours ago. let's go to it now. >> it works, right? >> you bet you it works. >> so take first spin or what? >> hop on in. >> what do you say get this baby up to 88? >> that's the speed that the time machine would go when they made the movie. 88 miles an hour. so the commercial on fuel technology, and the toyota something. it is hydrogen fuel cell electric car. the toyota spot titled fueled by the future. and the modem actually means future in japanese. and there is a local connection here, part of the commercial were actually shot at the diner in happens brook heights, new jersey.
9:20 am
how about that? >> look at that. >> casino of cool. >> i haven't seen michael in a long time. >> nope. >> it is 9:20. >> well, big surprise. those lucky enough to witness jimmy kimmel's show in person last night, yes, in brooklyn, well they new they would see jay-z because he was a guest. but they had no idea what was coming. what jay-z did that shocked even jimmy. >> and he brought on his fiancee, his wife, beyonce. >> no. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:21 am
no, i can't wait until the end of the week to see the doctor. because of... rabies.
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>> ♪ >> all right, it is 9:23. i like that jimmy kimmel show out there in hollywood. but he moved his show to brooklyn for this week. right? >> yes. >> so, jay-z was on last night, because all about brooklyn. >> and he is all about his new streaming service title. >> title. >> but he actually had surprise in store, though.
9:24 am
ready for this? >> yes. >> if you were in the audience, you got free particular tote surprise concert. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> # >> ♪ >> i think this is actually at the concert. >> so he said after the show is over, jimmy kimmel, he took everybody from the audience and they walk over to the barkley sent their in brooklyn, he put concert on for them. by the way, ladies and fishes, beyonce came out and so did nicky minaj. >> that's pretty cool. >> that's fantastic. >> and that center like if you have never been, you know, it is like really cool. and you know what they're doing in brooklyn, shutdown street, it is what we want to do with old sit. >> i atlantic avenue. >> yes. i mean, that's casino of cool. >> and meek mills also there last night performing. >> what? >> ya. >> what? >> any time you see beyonce --
9:25 am
>> some casino of weird thing i saw with like two rings, people like did you get married? >> i don't know. i was looking on instagram, i saw pictures of him there. chilling with mo'ne davis, hey, mo'ne. >> mo'ne at that? >> mo'ne, how old is mo'ne? >> fourteen. >> this young lady gets around. >> having great time. >> what a life. >> she de is her of the it. >> i should have stayed with my softball team. >> i don't think it would have turn out the same way. >> you know one time i got most improved in a bowling league. >> most improved? >> they gave me belt buck. >> i how much drinking was involved with that? >> well, ya. early 20's. >> okay, this next story i'm really surprised about. >> why don't you tell us about it? >> sir paul mccartney, you know, no problem, who don't want to see paul? but guaranteed to have small audience, real intimate show, if you don't tell anybody about it, don't even know what's happening. >> he was in town. he was in philly. nobody new about it. can you believe that?
9:26 am
>> where the heck was this? >> at the convention center over at the pennsylvania convention center? >> yep. >> apparently convention of truckers. >> i didn't even know that. >> bill burley guys diagnose big burley guys and trucks, women are truckers, too. >> monday night. >> small menu, but look at that. how do they keep that a secrete. >> i don't know. >> how is huey dillon not there? >> he rocked out for two hours. >> at the convention center, in front after bunch of truckers. >> "tmz" did a story about beyonce, performed at private like performance, nobody new about that either. >> how much do you have to pay to get someone to do private show for you? >> i can tell you this, fish face, that years ago when the kimmel center opened, this is about 2002, i believe, and they invited elton john to dot opening, he sang about 20 minute, i heard that he made $2 million. >> wow. must be nice. might have been a million.
9:27 am
anyway, a million at least. >> quincy waiting on us. >> we'll give him $5 to do this report right now. here's quince. >> i we're at libby's in wilmington, delaware, downtown wilmington, asking people, what do they think -- what do they want the world to be in 2045? what's libby's? >> lib is he in the back. >> we'll talk to lick i in a second. talk to the kids. talk to the guy with the fancy coat oncoming up.
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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>> ugh. >> man ure, so it is back to the future day. my friend bob schultz, he watches, streams the show on his computer in his office in kansas city every morning. >> that is nice. >> his message was this, about our back to the future. he said please stop this painful bit. but i'm going to go back into character now. so, the the premise again is we're in 2015 but i think it is 1985. >> no. >> in my head it is 1985 and i have been transported to 2015. >> you think it, you know it is 2015. >> but my mind set -- >> you said 1985. >> my mind set i think president reagan is still in office, okay.
9:32 am
>> okay. >> hey, let me tell you about a movie i saw last week, what was it. >> the color purple, and it was really, really good. great acting. there is this new actress, oprah, how do you say her name, oprah winfrey? >> oprah? >> it is oprah. >> is that the best 1985 joke you got. >> now she seems good in film they might give her a talk show on tv. i don't think it will work. it just doesn't seem to be right. >> now can we stop. >> yes. >> i'm not stopping the the bit. >> go ahead, alex. >> let's get to quincy. he's on q street this morning. >> hi , quincy. >> hi quincy. >> hello, hello in, wilmington delaware at libby's this place has been here for a long time. these guys, they have been on the earth for a long time, how are you doing. >> what is your name.
9:33 am
>> john. >> how about you. >> kenney. >> what do you guys want the world to be in 30 years. >> a lot better then it is right now. >> in 1985, what were you to go. >> i was working right here, this is my place. >> i was doing carpeting and vinyl. >> you just turned 81. >> eighty-one in july. >> happy birthday. i hope i can make it to 81. i have a guy right here, sir, 2035, what would you like the world to be. >> well, 30 years from now it will still be my wife's birthday so i would like it billboard saying happy birthday, michelle, but the world in that year should look like this. here's what it will look like. saying insults to people would be unusual, all races, all colors will get together in harmony, no war, no violence, to commit an assault on
9:34 am
another human being would be a war crime, u.n. will be the only court, and donald trump will be working for barack obama. it is going to be a great place to live. >> wow. >> he has thought about this. happy birthday to michelle. how about you, over here, 2045, i'm sorry, your food is right here. how would you like the world to be. >> i would like it to be, headed, in 1985, to new beginnings and i can see it happening right now. we're here 30 years from now we will be there. >> i love that shaw, that is a amazing, she looks very elegant. >> okay. >> we have somebody right here you guys, how is everybody doing. everybody doing good. >> 2045 what would you like the world to be. >> where i would like to see the world be in 2045 is a total commitment honorary habilitation and counseling for our second chancers out there and with that second chancers we have a company all
9:35 am
about you, that we try to get out here and understand and let people know that we exist, (302)482-3982. >> okay. get the plug in. people just want a nice world in, guys. i'll be here eating some food because libby, she keeps disappearing but we are having some fun. it is still 2015 but people have have love, they have love here. back to you guys. >> thanks, quincy. >> we have some breaking news this morning, vatican is denying a report in an italian newspaper that pope francis has a brain tumor. vatican calling the report completely unfounded, seriously irresponsible and not worthy of attention. paper citing unnamed sources says pope has traveled in recent months to see a brain cancer specialist. paper also said that the doctor determined that the small dark spot on francis's brain could be treated with surgery but again the vatican is shooting down all those rumors this morning and saying
9:36 am
that this report is unfounded. >> so are they saying that there is a spot on their brain though. >> the newspaper is. >> the newspaper is. >> but vatican is denying that all together. >> let's take a a quick break and come right back.
9:37 am
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at 9:39, i'm threatening to go back into character. >> people might pay you, you should come up with a charity and people will pay you in the to to do it. >> back to the the future. >> it is 2015 but my sensibility, it is 1985. >> there you go. >> bob schultz, again watching in kansas city streaming, he says no, i'm begging you, do
9:40 am
not go back into character. i have decided to change is the whole thing. your thought, was legos. we have a whole box full of legos here. i have been practicing, i can make any building in philadelphia, you would like. >> in a matter of seconds. >> okay. >> come up with a building. >> last night i was out last night and it was so good. i will say i have never been over to the barnes museum. one of my list of places to go. >> beautiful art museum. >> why don't you make that. >> look at how cool it is. >> why don't you guys discuss 1985. >> and keep up with the theme, with the list of songs here, first up, madonna. >> like a virgin. >> ♪ like a virgin >> you you can the not talk about the 80's, without this
9:41 am
classic. >> what is this classic? we are the the world, we are the the children ♪ >> now, what was the situation here they had grammy awards, right. >> yes. >> and quincy jones, took over this recording studio and they bang thissed out in about an hour. >> apparently it was no retakes, people did a little bit of their solo, and that was it, and everyone greed this was one of the times where no one said no, thank you because since then some artists said i cannot believe they will do that. this is one where everybody said, it is a great one too. >> do you you remember bruce springsteen's part, it looks like a vein was going to bust out of his veins. >> steve keeley is up in the news room. >> i have been waiting for five hours,.
9:42 am
>> he should come join us. >> kit cat kline, can you q up, steve. >> what is his name. >> steve keeley. >> no, bruce springsteen, not steve springsteen. >> what about stevey wonder, you have to do stevey wonder. >> ♪ part-time lover >> all right. ready for a crazy story. we used to do this thing what's bugging you, the segment. people called me because they had a hand washing initiative after you went to the bathroom. we had hand washing. because he cannot tell if someone has washed their hand after coming out of the bathroom, when someone shakes his hand. >> that is crazy. >> you asked for it. >> that does look like steve keeley. >> that dogs a little bit. >> he put a all of his energy
9:43 am
into that. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> nice. >> but you you know what, i think chaka can. >> yes. >> was roofus there or chaka can. >> decided not to do the barnes. >> i did a ship, i made a little ship. >> you lie. >> like the u.s.s. united states. >> okay. >> you think you can do something? our next guest they really know how to do the lego thing. so they are taking it to the next level, wait until you see this what he is building that is getting national attention. >> this young man is doing all this lego stuff. >> yes. >> we knew that. >> we will show you barnes museum he made after the break.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
okay. beautiful morning. it will be in the 70's mike. >> i just finished my barnes museum. >> and rob, good to see you. >> thanks for coming. >> it is nice to meet you. >> where do you go to school. >> masterman. >> you are 13. >> yes. >> how long have you been into legos.
9:47 am
>> it all started, you know, in the 70's, whenever he was a kid he use to do quite a lot and whenever i was young and i was old enough to start building legos he handed down all of those old legos that got me. >> at first did you jump right in or like daddy don't want your old toys. >> i did, i mean i was very creative, i mean you are able to do a lot of different things and as you get older you get to do a lot more things. >> well, kit cat kline put up a picture of the real barnes museum if you can get that done. how long would this take to do. >> i actually did this in two days because there was a contest at the franklin institute for the art of the brick. i won the first one with this piece called atlantis. >> it is an under water build,
9:48 am
and this time it was a second contest and it is much smaller then the first one and it was, and it was supposed to be architecture day, fathers day. >> this is really accurate. >> i know when you said art of the brick over at the franklin institute, all kind of great designs and when i ways going you through this how do you go from looking the at a picture of the barnes museum to how do you figure it out to scale. >> well, what i do is i usually like build something, first and depending on how many pieces i have i go off of this. >> i build it off of. >> how many pieces. >> i don't keep count.
9:49 am
>> what they are looking at right now. >> so, you have done, vehicles and things like that. >> one of my projects is working on motorcycles, trying to build, motorcycles, small motorcycles, and i used kits for the, for the wheel covers. >> what is that car. >> it is all so cool. >> that carries actually supposed to be like a whoever car. >> back to the future. >> hey, so, where do you do it. do you have a bedroom? basement. >> you have a workshop at this point, my goodness. >> well, we live in quite a small house. i tried to do as much as i can in such a small house. >> why don't you build a bigger house with legos. >> that would be cool. >> how many times have your mother stepped on the lego and cursed, a lot. >> how many times have you
9:50 am
stepped on a lego. >> a lot but i don't curse. >> good to see you. >> don't be cursing. >> congratulations. >> nice to meet you rob. >> very cool. >> very cool. >> can you teach him some things. >> he is building a gas station i want to see finished product on that one. >> is kate hudson already over her relationship with nick jonas. >> wait but it just started. >> apparently she was spotted getting coast which someone else, mike.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ what are you looking at? we're looking at the back side of love park. >> i can see the the love thing.
9:54 am
that is just behind the fountain. do you see what i mean. >> there you you go. >> a different view. >> it sure is. >> kate hudson is keeping fans guessing about her dating life. just a couple weeks ago we were saying she was dating nick jonas there were pictures, but who is she with right now. >> well, you know, that is up to her to know and for us to find out. >> yes. >> so recently there was pictures of the kate hudson and her in manager, michael, and they were holding hands, they were caught being very cozy at the premiere, to go to. rumors have been circling these two forever. there are a couple times before when they have been caught together, and like snuggling up under each other, and often times when you have a female had a male manager you hold his hand or what not but when they think people can't see them that is when they get most cozy. that pennsylvania sparked these rumors here lately. >> yes, do you know her manager. >> i have had -- i can speak
9:55 am
on that because i have had a male agent before, a male manager before, and we would hold hands but once we got in the car it is like i need to you sit over there. but it wasn't as cozy. >> i made out with my agent, he is a very, very nice guy. >> oh, really. >> good kisser. >> all right, then. >> that might be the case for kate hudson she's gorgeous, single she should get what she wants. >> what is this info about jayden smith, will smith's son. >> so jayden smith, likes that people think that he is crazy. he says that it is fun for people to say that he is crazy, bizarre. myself i follow him on instagram, don't ask me why but he is very odd and very interesting. he is 17 years old. he did just an interview with gq and he basically said that his sister, he and his sister are scientists and they have created, you know, this like
9:56 am
world where they are at home and they learn things, which is called home schooling. >> okay he said that he will go to college but after he finishes college and from what i gotter he will disappear in the world of service. he will service people and help the world for the rest of his life but won't be in the spotlight. >> i know what you mean, porsche, i have been on their instagram, willow and jayden and i saw it, i thought it was artistic. >> artistic. >> oh, yeah. >> they will post something blank and like is something wrong with my phone. >> yeah, yeah. >> of course. rhonda rousey, i saw she's on self magazine's cover. >> wow. >> man, does she look good. she looks lake she got caught in the belt sander but i don't know what that is that she has on. >> i think she looks amazing as well. she has on a black bathing suit one piece, red one and she lost very hot. one thing she revealed in this
9:57 am
interview is just shock me and blessed my life, okay. she gave us the secret to her being ufc champion. she said her secret is, check this out, she loves hot wings. she eats about 50 hot wings herself. they are so serious to her that she will fly in a chef to make her these special hot wings because they don't have hot wings in rio and she enjoys them so much and that is pretty much what pumps her up. >> that is what i will do right now. >> i am going to go on a rhonda rousey diet. >> me too. >> bye, porsche. we will see you this afternoon and tonight. >> all right, thank you right here on fox. let's get who had wings. >> also we will watch empire tonight. >> he is a hottie he is on the show, and can't even talk to him during readings because he ties hot. >> can't wait to watch. >> do you want me to go back in character, 1985. >> i think people are sure. >> hello i'm mike jerrick here
9:58 am
now the news. we will see you tomorrow, seriously.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no chaser. ♪ >> no wendy!n÷ ♪ [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪


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