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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 21, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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guy in a giants jersey laid out by eagles fan only on fox what happened sections before that knock out punch. new apple emoji so graphic we can't show you on tv. your news is next. who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom.
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ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now the one-two punch that has most everyone talking. police on the hunt. new video from septa tonight those shows a giants fan leaving monday night's game laid out in a phillies subway. beat down by an eagles fan as group watched even recorded. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. now, police want to find the guy who through those punches. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke to that giants fan and joins us live at septa headquarters in center city tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, that septa surveillance video shows what happened in the moments leading up to that punch scene around the world. a giants fan from delaware county talking trash with eagles fans tells only fox 29 his story tonight.
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>> i always been a giants fan. >> anthony rider would rather forget what happened to him early tuesday morning when he got knock out inside 69th street terminal. >> i was just trying to enjoy the game. i wasn't going there trying to pick a fight. just i happened to be a giants fan from philadelphia. >> reporter: septa released new video of the incident where you see rider from upper darby in the red eli manning jersey getting off the el after the eagles beat the giants. he admits what the video shows. running his mouth with eagles fans that goes on for about two minutes. but shortly after, it turned violent. >> as i was walking up the stairs, they grabbed my giants hat thirty nine it on the ground. >> reporter: moments later a woman his friend begged everyone to stop then anthony is slugged by a guy in eagles jacket he never saw coming. cell phone video even he posted on his facebook page viewed over a millio million times shows thy septa police want to find. >> people were drunk.
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>> yeah. >> you think that had anything to do with it. >> probably. probably lifted the situation to what happened, but it's still no reason for that to happen. >> reporter: rider did not file a police report chalking it up to taking one on the chin. although septa police say they'd like to talk to everyone involved. >> i think there might be some culpability on the part of the giants fan. but, again, we'd like to know the full story. >> reporter: rider says his first trip to lincoln financial field will be his last. as for the guy who punched him -- >> he's going to get his day. one day. it might not be from me but one day karma will come down and get him. >> reporter: septa says they'd still like to talk with rider, the guy who threw the punch and the guy who took that video. so far none of them have come forward to police. iain? >> all right, chris. we are staying on top of the developing story out of northeast philadelphia tonight. skyfox showing you the extent of the damage after this car accident in the city's
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wissonoming second. it happened a few hours ago near the 5900 block of torresdale avenue. authorities say at least four people are hurt and in local hospitals to night. police say the person behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. on your radar say bye-bye to fall but for now people are out tonight some leaving their coats behind and copper river park in camden. temperatures in the 60s. that's going to change by tomorrow night. live look at reading let's take a peek. kathy you've been tracking temps in the mid 70's. what great day. >> it was fantastic lucy. we're talking about one more before everything changes and it could be for good this time. take look at ultimate doppler. clouds to the north and west. that's where the precipitation is. we stay on the dry side and it will be warm again tomorrow. but here's a cold front with some rain, sleet and in southeastern canada see that white? yes, snow up there already. that cold is going to be come our way but not too soon. right now if philadelphia, still holding to 60. millville where the wind has
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gone light temperatures have plunged only 46 there. the winds is light there. 7 miles an hour wind in philadelphia. you can see in the poconos only a 5 miles an hour wind. so the winds will be light. the skies will be clear. a little bit cooler tonight than last night. waking up to 55 degrees. sweater weather but look by 9:00 a.m. in the 60s. and by the noon hour, take break outside take an extra long lunch hour because it's going to be beautiful with a temperature of 68. temperatures climbing with one more warm day. but then a huge canadian cool down that will send temperatures plunging. we'll take a look at that in the seven day forecast. of course, look ahead to your weekend later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy. thanks. hunt is on for four heavily armed men who robbed a local grocery store of thousands of dollars. tonight for the first time hear from the worker who was hit in the head by the barrel of a gun used in that robbery. it's a story you'll see only on fox 29. and fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live from police headquarters tonight. dave, some scary moments for that grocery store worker. >> reporter: scare row moments indeed, iain.
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in fact, jose who was behind the cash register that night says that gun was put up right next to his head and it scared him no doubt about that. tonight police are looking for the four suspects and trying to determine if they'd been involved in any other violent crimes. four man team armed robbers burst into the diaz grocery store with masks on and guns out. looking for a quick score. jose was behind the counter when the take over robbery went down. >> hit me in my face, and they told me to give them the money, you know, three or four guys. >> 64-year-old put up a bit of a fight before one bandit kicked in this plexiglass door to the cashier's booth. >> they come and ask me to open the register. open it up and they took all the money. >> reporter: he says the robbers quickly emptied the cash register. then turned their attention to his 55-year-old co-worker at the back of the store.
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he was forced to the ground at gun point, $150 in cash was taken from his wallet. >> i thought they going to shoot me, because, you know, i don't try to give them the money. i had a couple thousand dollars. they took all the money. >> these are dangerous individuals. they operated quick. they obviously had a plan going in there. >> reporter: detectives quic quickly retrieved surveillance video of the suspects. the man says they were heavily armed with an uzi. police believe it was a 9-millimeter handgun with an extended magazine holding over 30 rounds. >> the way he points it at the owner and points it at the guy that gun could have discharged at any moment. >> reporter: the suspects force add 19 year old customer to the floor and robbed him before exiting the store in a flash. >> when you have people like this terrorizing communities, these businesses will close down and people have to go long distances to shop. >> you never know what they going to do when they come in. >> reporter: now the suspects got away with between three to
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$4,000. police are very interested tonight in that gun with the extended magazine. they're trying to determine if that may have been used in some recent crimes in southwest philadelphia. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. police say they have caught the man who robbed and carjacked a temple football player thanks to a tip after news reports of what happened. 26-year-old robert sherrill faces a string of charges including robbery. police say he's one of two men behind two robberies. one happened just past midnight on october 15th. at tenth and susquehanna streets in north philadelphia. a few hours later police say the pair held up the temple student right outside the liacouras center on north 15th street. there's still after that second man. >> city of new york lost another police officer in the line of duty. it's a story we told you about last night here on fox 29 news at 10:00. this last death will be the fourth officer killed in less than a year in new york. officer randolph holder was shot in the head after chasing down a robbery suspect tuesday night.
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that suspect tyrone howard has nearly 20 prior arrests. some for violent crimes. there was also a warrant out for his arrest, and he was featured on a recent wanted poster. the city's police commissioner says howard should have been in jail. >> he would have been the last person in new york city. i would have wanted to see in a di version program. he's shown no propensity with the number of arrests over period of time for changing his ways. >> officer holder was a five year veteran of the nypd. officials say he had a quote exemplary record. do you see a crime in this video? looks like a man paying for suitcase in a new jersey wal*mart then walking out the door. it's what's inside that suitcase that has police on the prowl. they say he stuffed dozens of i phones inside. fox 29's jenn for joyce shows us how this all went down. >> no alarm new york city warning, no checking the bag on the way out. >> reporter: and just like that, police 11 this man left a monroe township, new jersey, wal*mart $24,000 richer.
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>> it's quite creative. it's something we haven't seen in awhile. >> reporter: we see accused thief at the self check out counter. it's 12:45 a.m. on october 1s october 1st. police say the man paid $40 cash for a piece of luggage. but what you can't see are the more than 30 iphones inside of the bag. police say the man stole the goods from the electronics department. it took two hours for someone to notice and call police. >> they look at the surveillance video and saw the black male walk to the luggage department, pick a piece of luggage off, walk to the electronics department, kind of look around, and go directly behind the counter, smash in the little glass cabinet of the display case. >> reporter: police say the man took off in a silver suv. then they say he hit the street tousle the phones for some quick cash. police had the phones black listed through service providers meaning they can't be activated. but thanks to gps technology detectives tracked down a would be buyer who purchased three
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black-market phones in the area of bala kin wide. the three devices were recover recovered. >> he said he just -- random guy on the street selling phones. if you guy them you'll get an error message saying it can't be activated. >> reporter: police are working to track down the thief and they're hoping you can help. >> someone has to recognize him, and due to the amount that was stolen, it's obviously a very large crime, and good chance that this is probably not going to be the only time he does th this. >> if you recognize the guy caught on surveillance video call monroe township police. new details released about the death avenue three-year-old new jersey boy. the body of brendan creato found hours after his father reported him missing last week. an autopsy was done but the cause of death was not determined. now, police are releasing more information about the investigation into this death. they say the child was not sexually assaulted. police also tell us there's no evidence that anyone forced their way into the home where the little boy was staying. private funeral service for brendan is set for tomorrow.
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a stolen car belows through a red light sparking a wild chase. the car only stops and slips into a front yard. the driver takes off but what's really crazy who police say was behind the wheel. plus nine years old mickey was hungry, homeless and scared. her family was hopeless. >> sometimes you don't ask for help, because you're afraid that your chirp will be taken away from you. and put in foster care. >> today she's one tough cookie. the one thing that turned everything around. and pulled over for drinking behind the wheel but one woman says there's nobodies in her her cup. what she was sipping on during her drive that got her in trouble with police. iain and lucy, how much -- >> local kid has a message for us. >> i love it. >> the moves they say we have to learn. >> i'm in.
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♪ a dog minutes away from being put down is now thriving in foster care after being rescued. now mini the pitbull has a bright future. >> thanks to hard work by not only the animal care and control team in philadelphia but also the delaware spca swooping in to save her. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from norwood. shawnette, i have been closing following this story. >> reporter: well, len, lucy you saw how mini looked last night when we first reported this story. to night just 24 hours later,
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with the help of a norwood woman, she is alive and already looking and feeling much better. >> when she got into my car after i lifted her she started to give me kisses, and once i got back into the driver's side seat she was kissing me from the back seat as well. report roar jamie crowley is nursing this one-year-old terrier mix she named mini back to health from the neglected state she was in. >> she definitely loves her food. so she's enjoying getting her mini meals every few hours. >> reporter: jamie is a volunteer for the delaware county spca rushed to pick her up last night before she would be put down. her owners gave her up to the animal care and control team of philadelphia last friday. the delaware county spca picked her up last night but they could only keep mini until 8:00 p.m. jamie found out and rushed to take her in. >> yesterday last night when i picked her up i could see the fleas crawling on her face. so when i brought her home last night, i gave her a bath. and the dawn dish soap to suffocate the fleas.
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there was a lot of dirt on her coat so last night she seemed like very dark color and today as you can see she's a very light brim and her coat is extremely soft. report roar jamie who's already a foster parent to four kittens and has her own russ queue dog says she just wanted to give this precious pup a chance at life. >> my hope is that she goes into a loving home just like i love her. >> reporter: and back here live so you heard me say that jamie has rescue of her own. last year, she actually adopted a pitbull that was found in a basement nearly starved to death a year later her dog named precious has made a full recovery. lucy? >> all right, thank you so much, shawnette. go to fox if you like and are able to help out mini. mainline favorite is welcoming customers after under going a major overhaul. yang ming restaurant hasn't been open since august 21 when health inspectors toll the bryn mawr staple to close after finding a roach infestation. since then yang ming's owner has
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spent more than a half million dollars on renovations. more importantly the radnor township board of health says no more bug problem. you decide 2016 and the race for the white house will not include vice-president joe bid biden. today he ended months of speculation announcing he will not seek the democratic nomination for president. the vice-president speaking today from the rose garden at the white house. president obama and his wife jill stood at his side during the emotional announcement. biden and his family have been grieving for months over the death of his son beau in may. the vice-president says that continues. >> beau is our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> biden did not offer an endorsement for another candidate during his announcement today. but his decision would appear to make life easier for the
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democratic front runner hillary clinton. delaware governor jack markell apparently plans to pardon man who risked his life to help slaves escape to freed freedom. it has been a long time coming. decedent of samuel burris received a call the governor would posthumously pardon her ancestor for an old old crime. burris was free black man caught in 1847 helping a slave escape from delaware. his sentence getting sold into slavery himself but a pennsylvania anti slavery society raised enough money to buy his freedom. a dangerous trend has officials in delaware county worried tonight that trend inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. and now authorities are taking action. fox 29's sabina kuriakose shows us the big changes to keep those relationships from starting. >> i would tell mom if like he was -- he or she was texting me 11:00 o'clock at night. that's creepy and i don't want that. >> reporter: high school junior katrina price knows the boundaries between her teachers and coaches but with the rise in
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inappropriate conversations and relationships between students and teachers, delaware county officials say they want to warn educators on how to stay on the right side of the law. >> you don't want the student to be engaging in communication with your private e-mail with your private cell phone number at any time because it could be misconstrued and that's a problem we have. >> district attorney jack whelan says too often they use private messaging to cross lines. precautions are not just for the kids safety. >> sometimes you have an overzealous student who wants to you know be the teacher's pet maybe going over the line. we want to make sure the teachers also know what the boundaries are and what they should do and shouldn't do. >> the most recent case garnet valley middle school football coach william barber sentenced to prison after authorities say he had sex with a 15-year-old student. >> she's a child, and there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: recent spate of well publicized cases involving female teachers and boys in their classes have led some to
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question whether there's a spike in add dull women preying on boys in their care. social worker says it's more publicity than anything else. the parents be warned. >> you look at the research. males and females are equally likely to be potential abusers. at this point we've been seeing a lot more of the female side of this in the news. >> that is not right at all. definitely. >> reporter: delaware county district attorney's safe school summit will be held on october 30th. in media, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. crime scene tape even the outline of a body on the sidewalk. what a gun shop owner did to be out front in his business that had many in the community incredibly upset. >> video you have to see to believe. that woman who appears to be blind getting behind the wheel of a car and driving off. what may be behind this scene that had witnesses stunned. apple's latest update that has twitter on fire. the new emoji just released we
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can't even show you on tv. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. lots of work on i-95 we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. by friday we should have four lanes on i-95 southbound between girard and center city. until then watch for a lot of shuffling of those concrete barriers coming into the city and also get ready for a brand new traffic pattern coming our way on the ben franklin parkway. they'll be working over the next two days between the art museum all the way up through city hall. wee check the jam cams and have that thursday and weekend forecast. see you tomorrow bright and early at 4:00
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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my giant.
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♪ that's crazy. crowd at this bull fight in peru erupting in screams when the bull leaps over the barriers and lands right in the middle of some spectator. some have to jump into the ripping to avoid the animal. moments before people in the stands were seeing provoking the bull throwing stuff even beer at the animal. 20 people were hurt. amazing these things still exist. a man on the run not from police though he's on the tarmac at the denver international airport trying to catch his flight. authorities say the 58-year-old pushed open secure door setting off alarms and ran out on to the tarmac you see him right there. he chased his flight desperately trying to stop it as it backed
10:25 pm
away from the gate happened on august 6th but authorities just now released this video. he's now serving two years of probation with community service thrown in for criminal tamperi tampering. people standing in colorado parking lot could not believe what they were saying. >> of course one person broke out their cell phone to get it on video. take look. that's a woman who appears to be blind using a white cane getting behind the wheel of a car and then she drives off. this was a truck stop near denver and the man who record this video says he thought he saw her get out of the car to go inside. >> so we waited for her to walk out. when she walked out she was still using it on i told my buddy, i'm going to record it i think she's going to get in and drive. >> so far no one has found the woman. this video in colorado if a person failed an eye test an eye doctor can give them a medical clearance that could allow them to drive in certain situations such as only during the day with extra side view mirrors. >> a stolen car belows through a red light setting off wild chase. now the car only stopped when it
10:26 pm
flips into a front yard. the driver takes off running but what's really wild here, who police say was behind the wheel. at nine years old mickey was hungry, homeless and scared. her family was hopeless. today she's one tough cookie. the one thing that turned everything around. kathy? in weather we're talking about mild temperatures sticking around for little while but the big changes com coming this cold front will change everything in our weather. are you ready? we'll time it out with the seven day coming up. >> forced to jump ship to save his own life but one thing he could not leave behind. what was so important he hid it under his coat when he took that flying leap. ♪
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on top of your health?ay ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. ♪ right now a at 10:30 get ready o leave your coat at home. sounds good. live look at wilmington where temperatures are still in the 60s. tomorrow back in the 70s. don't get too comfortable. kathy is tracking a major cool
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down on the way. your full forecast in just minutes. investigators in camden county need your help tracking down two women they say might know something about a recent gas station robbery. surveillance cameras were rolling last wednesday night outside this shell gas station on the white horse pike in lindenwold and police are looking for the two women you see here. they were driving a gray nissan altima with pennsylvania tags. police still have not said who they robbed or what they took but they want to find them. a car blows through a red light in front of a deputy sparking a wild chase in detroit even after crashing the driver takes off running. >> were may be the craziest part of the story though who police say was behind the wheel of that stolen car. fox's david spencer explains. >> reporter: a sheriff deputy out on patrol in downtown when a toyota camry runs a red light right in front of him. >> the driver attempts to speed off. blowing through stop signs on dickinson towards avery always a
10:31 pm
dangerous scenario for law enforcement. >> when you put the lights on, and the individual isn't going to stop, there's a million things that go through an officer's head. okay. what's the individual wanted for? why are they running is report roar however when the driver makes the turn, rolled the vehicle over three times. but was able to get out and run. >> reporter: now it's a foot chase. he's running. deputes work quick to set up a perimeter boxing the suspect in. in the daylight the extent of the damage is clear. take look at this reinforced settlement fence that got knocked down by the camry. the deputes involved in this chase had no idea that a 14-year-old was behind the wheel of a stolen car. >> what he's doing out at 4:00 o'clock in the morning taking a vehicle, um, owner didn't know the vehicle was stolen so that became another aspect of the case that they reported the vehicle stolen. >> reporter: deputes eventually found the 14-year-old suspect hiding near a swimming pool. >> after the arrest we took hip to the hospital for a check out. once he was medically cleared we took him over to the juvenile
10:32 pm
justice zen. >> despite the commotion, some neighbors had no idea what was happening. >> when you hear that it's a 14-year-old kid stealing a car, leading police on a chase, i mean, surprising? >> now days, no. just seems like it's getting worse all the time. >> reporter: sheriff says this is an example of how there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. >> are there any pursuits we have to out weigh the need to chase versus safety of the community. >> dave spence sr., fox news. getting results on a dangerous intersection in rural gloucester county, new jersey. we told you monday about the meeting of county route 202 and 551 in woolwich township. local moms told us the energy is the scene of a lot of crashes and they blame insufficient traffic signals. the county tells us the problem is not the lights but driver behavior. she says the county will work with township police to place electronic signs reminding drivers to pay closer attention to the flashing lights and there
10:33 pm
will be stepped up enforcement of the speed limb which is 50 miles an hour. the signs and the crack downs should be in place very soon. mean bile the moms we spoke to say they're not taking no for an answer for upgraded signals. >> cathedral or, warmup continues. >> it is a beautiful night across the delaware valley. we have clear skies and in many locations the wind is pretty light. so temperatures will be falling fairly quickly during the early morning hours. today's high 76. right now 60 degrees in philadelphia. but cooler in our suburbs. and we're seeing a clear sky. high pressure really in control of our weather for the past couple of days. the flow around it is clockwise so we get this nice southerly push one more day of that and then we'll see some cooler air. you can see the warm front to our north. we are in what's called the warm sector this cold front will be moving through tomorrow evening. so plenty of sunshine a few increasing clouds during the afternoon. but behind this front, cooler air a strong canadian high that will really change our weather. we're talking about temperature that is will be falling 10,
10:34 pm
20 degrees from where they'll be tomorrow in just a couple of d day. so with these clear skies and cooler temperatures, will come a bit of october chill so to speak. here's a look what we expect. come tomorrow morning, 51 in philadelphia. 40s to the north and west. not quite as cold as it was earlier this week. as we go through the day thursday, temperatures well into the 70s. and that's by 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon and then cooling down big time early friday morning. and that means the changes will be underway. by friday afternoon, temperatures only in the 50s. in philadelphia we will be lucky to make it into the lower 60s. now, i'm going to move even further ahead because everyone keeps asking what is november going to be like? we know that we have a strong el nino. will that be impacting our weather? as we look ahead, you can see the probability of above average temperatures for the month of november. a high probability to be above normal through the great lakes and extending through the northern planes.
10:35 pm
what does this mean for us? we have a very good chance of above normal temperatures in the month of november. so we're talking about precipitation around average. temperatures above normal. so could that be pushing that first snow december or january? >> yeah. it very well could. city overnight, 51. north and west 47. skies will be clear. southwesterly winds will be light. during the day tomorrow the high 77 degrees. tomorrow is the day to spend outside. it is going to get cooler but tomorrow very comfortable. seven day forecast, 77 for thursday. friday 62. that's our cool change but look at those morning lows. 42 by saturday. 60s for saturday, sun day, monday, tuesday and wednesday and that's where we will stay for the foreseeable future. pretty normal. average high this time of year is 65 degrees. when you're talking about temperatures close to 80, 60 seems cool. >> it is. >> i'll take it. >> i liked your november outlook by the way. >> i do, too. >> we're gonna keep looking at
10:36 pm
that and we're hoping for a pretty decent winter. we'll keep you move. >> thanks kathy. high drama on the high seas caught on camera. coast guard video captures the dramatic rescue of a french man from his sailboat in choppy seas. hard to see him we highlighted the moment the sailor is able to reach out and leap over that railing to safety. this was about 400 miles off alaska's coast. even more up credible the and tire time that sailor was carrying his cat underneath his clothes saving two lives at the same time. >> there you go. outside the heritage gun shop in north carolina, looks like a crime scene, yellow tape, evidence markers even a chalk outline shows where a body might have been. no crime committee there, though. it's the owners unusual way of getting into the halloween spirit and it's coming from under fire from local residents. the store manager says he just wanted to go, all out for halloween but a lot of folks in the town of mint hill think differently. 13 murders in the area over the past two weeks have residents very much questioning those
10:37 pm
decorations. in fact will addson was murdered and the decorations hit him hard and the store manager understo understood. >> i wasn't going to take it down because people said, oh, we don't like it. you have the right to have your own decorations but it's i offending people on those grounds lie take the down. >> they'll hold gun safety classes for children and their parents in the future. in your money tonight you can pay to watch youtube without those annoying ads. youtube finally unveiled paid subscription service called youtube read. the new service will offer ad free versions of video as well as access to streaming music and let you save videos to watch off line. youtube says watching without it of course the ads is faster and more enjoyable. youtube rent will cost you 10 bucks a month and launches on october 28th. >> a man behind rocky and rambo did s giving you the coons get your hands on incredible
10:38 pm
memorabilia later this year. eight hadn't dread items from is a is it a tone's collect is hitting the auction block in december. what can you bid on. >> john rambo's army trunk, actual boxing gloves, trunks from the rocky series. you can by stallone's handwritten script from the first movie. that's cool. the actor has pledged to donate those proceeds to charities that help veterans and wounded warriors. all right. everybody knows you cannot get behind the wheel of a car with a beer that you're drinking. >> you shouldn't do that, right but one minnesota woman found out the hard way don't drink and drive doesn't just apply to booze. she was pulled over in minneapolis for sipping her coffee during her morning commute. she was merging on a highway when she saw flashing lights in her rear view mirror. is he didn't have enough time to get up to the right speed so she knew sean getting stopped for immediating. >> do you know what you were doing wrong? do you know why you got pulled over? high no idea. she asked me a few more times. i really don't know what you're
10:39 pm
talking about. she said drinking coffee is against the law to drink coffee while you're driving. >> she had no idea. she got a warning for drinking coffee while driving. but she did get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. apple latest update for your iphone that has so many people taltalking to tonight. the new emoji we can't open so you on tv. >> at nine years old mickey was hungry, homeless and scared her family was homeless and today she's one tough cook can he one thing that turned everything around. iain and lucy, i'm going to teach you how to dance. >> this little group of local children with a message for you and me, iain. the moves we have to learn.
10:40 pm
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now your winning lottery numbers ♪ local woman goes tow to tow with bill oh rile toll night. >> it is not the system or the country's fault that irresponsible people have children and then cannot feed or raise the children. >> of one who is poor is not irresponsible. >> that's not what i said counselor and you know that. >> you can using an economic status of someone with their character. >> that is philadelphia's own nicky johnson houston taking on fox's tough guy in prime time over why children are hungry in america and like empire's cookie
10:44 pm
lion nicky pulled herself out of the ashes and created her own empire. >> josephs advance has the story of one tough cookie trying to make sure other children don't face the same struggles she did. ♪ >> hi, i'm nicky, nice to meet you. i'm skilled attorney. i actually have my own law firm. i'm a little bit of a diva. not just because i'm a girl. i embrace who i am. >> oh, she's got confidence and plenty. >> i'm a strong woman. i have great life. >> reporter: didn't start out that way. >> i was that dirty kid that people looked passed when they walked by and didn't see my pain. >> reporter: nicky johnson houston's journey to the good life traveled a rocky road paved with poverty, homeless, fear and shame. >> i started out my mother unfortunate hal drug and alcohol issues. >> at nine years old, they lost
10:45 pm
their home and the world quickly crumbled for nicky and her younger brother. >> until we went from living in a hotel to living in motels to people being kind enough to let us stay in extra room if they hit on a couch on a floor in a car. we ran out of places to stay, and so that is how we ended up on the streets. >> reporter: not once but three times. >> we would get two meals a day at the local rescue mission in san diego. you're kind of invisible to people. you also want to stay invisible being on the streets is dangerous. sometimes you don't ask for help because you're afraid that your children will be taken away from you, and put in a foster care and that actually happened to us. on a couple of occasions. >> reporter: it was nicky's mom who ultimately decided to let the children go. >> my grandmother could only take one of us and she decided to take me and unfortunately my brother went into the foster care system, and he never really
10:46 pm
got out of it. >> reporter: separate ways, separate out comes. her brother's success was brief. his emotional scars too deep much more than he could bear. >> and unfortunately he took his own life back in 2010. honestly, i have a lot of survivor's guilt because of that. >> reporter: nicky's grandmother made a way for her raising her on food stamps and welfare. hiding her out in a second eight senior citizens complex. >> so all of the other women in the complex pretended to be my grandmother for two weeks at a time. in the landlord looked the other way, until my grandmother could get her section 8 voucher changed so then i could sort of come out the shadows. >> reporter: pushing hard work and education. she never let up. >> she would tell me, be so good that they can't deny you. be excellent. she's absolutely the reason why i'm standing here. >> reporter: her struggles continued even after she arrived in philadelphia for college.
10:47 pm
>> i got a scholarship college even fail out of college and ended up having to work my way through college as live in nanny for families on the mainline. >> reporter: enter more guardian angels. >> people gave me second, third and fourth chances. >> reporter: still some gave her grieve. >> when i was in law school someone told me i didn't deserve to be there. they said i was there because of affirmative action and i look at her and said, i know i'm as good as you are and i deserve to be here and you know i deserve to be here. >> reporter: she proved it. >> in 2004 i graduated with a law degree mba and master's at the same time in four years. >> reporter: she's still fighting. >> it's not where you start the it's where you finish. >> reporter: encouraging others. raising awareness, funds and hope. >> and that's why i'm here. >> reporter: not just here but all over the country. maybe the reason my family went through it is because i was supposed to be in this place. >> reporter: and like family,
10:48 pm
she's compelled to help. >> that's pretty report roar nicky just designed app app called bonafide it locates the closest vital services and allows good samaritans to donate mall small amounts of money directly to her service. >> it's 24/7 and it takes a lot of the stigma out of the it so you don't have to tell other people if you're struggling. >> reporter: this diva no longer ashamed. >> i realize those things that happened to me didn't make me less. they made me more. >> reporter: nicky johnson houston is one tough cookie. >> i'm still standing. i'm still strong. report roar joyce evans fox 29 news. >> now empowering others. empire fans know every week you tweet with the hash tag empire a different emoji usually pops up. you love emojis apple latest update includes a new round of them from a taco to bottle of champagne and union any corn but one we can't even show you on tv. it's simply a hand holding up the, yeah, middle finger there.
10:49 pm
we blocked out that part of that top half as you can see. you know what i'm talking about. as soon as people started noticing twitter lit up. some saying it's going to change their lives. big surprise for some local kids in north philadelphia today. take look. 76ers forward jeremy grant along with sixers dancers and even franklin the mascot took over this youth basketball game at clem men thai play ground. sixers got in some fun much this is part of the sixers an wall blue week promotional campaign before the regular season opening night. that game is friday which is october 30. turns out just before the sixers arrived these kids had a message for lucy and i. >> one of the young players grab the mike from the photographer. so take a look. >> iain and lucy, i'm going to teach you how to dance. now watch me whip, now watch me nae-nae. now watch me whip, whip, watch me nae-nae. now watch me whip, watch me nae-nae. now watch me whip, whip, watch
10:50 pm
me nae-nae. >> if that doesn't bring you joy, i don't know what's going to. look at all those smiling face glass doing the whip. >> they joining forces on the basketball court to teach us the whip. we've got big shoes to phil. >> we do. >> you know the dance. >> i know how to do that dance. >> come on, do it. >> watch me whip, watch me nae-nae. >> we're missing it. evening how to do it my kids did it three months ago and got me into it. >> can you do it again? watch me whip, watch me nae-nae. >> he did it again. >> i love it. >> howard, your turn. >> you're kidding me, aren't you? >> no, we're not. >> i thought you were kidding me. eagles have some players back on the practice field today and some that didn't get there. wild flyers game against boston and the goaltender got hurt. it's all coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
♪ all right. let's go for it. eagles will have at least one player back for the game sunday night. mychal kendricks had a full practice today. dee me company ryans did not practice and i'm told he's doubtful for sunday. nelson ago go lore is out for sunday. flyers playing tonight. to boston, and watch this hit by
10:54 pm
former flare zach rinaldo on couture yeah. it's nasty. five minute major. he was out of the game after that and so was michael, who received a concussion. mason is in. soft goal by mason. boston was up four-two in the third. but the flyers came back to tie it and in overtime, guess who on a power play in overtime, that is claude jr. row. flyers win it in ot, five-four. american league playoffs. that is troy tulle it will quo ski for toronto to the plate. three run double gives toronto a five-zero lead. they win it seven-one. kansas city leads the series three-two. it's going back to kc and we'll three-two. it's going back to kc and we'll be right back., change is on its way. and with change, comes opportunity. it's up to you to seize it. ♪
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