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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 22, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. >> now one "chasing news". >> outrage an accusation apply after a transgendered team is homecoming queen. >> no halloween party. the kids on tuesday birse singing the blues. >> that is not good. >> a related halloween. >> what about therapy alpacas? >> your "chasing" a story of a trans gender student who was homecoming queen and controversy. >> the 17 girl was crowned homecoming queen at the
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game. jay is a 70 girl senior and ran for homecoming queen this year because she wanted to make a special. up and tell this year she was registered as a male student she just recently changed to female the identity she is comfortable with after she was announced there was a huge uproar on social even the parents were getting involved saying that transgendered should not be part of the court because she is registered as a male student also there should be a separate homecoming for the lgbt students as well as saying this was reared and they were responsible for staffing the balance in her favor. of the superintendent's office said absolutely not true. >> i met up with darr in freedom green a leader as well as of the ball commentator that night.
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>> when i was coming back parents were approaching about the situation. they were hot for privacy advocate of the young ones did i talk to a bunch at least 25 and all of them said they voted and this young individual there in support of. >> you can see a difference between the parents and students. >> go back to the obligations it wasn't just a rumor better report a whole article. >> most reporters will not give up their sources. >> under romney people deserve to put their name out there? it is controversial the minute you were in the minority to raise any question about this issue it is very easy to be labeled of big it. i editress gender woman call this morning she was 51 and what she said was it could
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be negative there is all this publicity because they're not recognizing the psychological torture. >> petraeus gender condition happens when you were born it is not a choice at all i want to make this clear. i knew when my body looked correct the world seemed to be a piece. >> now people don't know their sexual identity. >> that may be true but they voted this young woman to be their homecoming queen. >> we're not talking about 12 girls but high school seniors they're going on to college and hope that we taught them well enough. i was a homecoming princess. one of the things my school it was a huge generational
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celebration people come year after year of their kids are in the courts or not it was a trip -- tradition may be that is why the older generation so vehemently upset about this. >> check out this video of a man inside the bag $24,000 worth of my bones and did not pay for any of them. that happened 1:00 in the morning october 1st and then he walked right out with a the iphones. black with a beard with a black cat and a graphic t-shirt if you recognize them please call the police department. >> james monroe elementary school the custodian and was in trouble but finally the
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school insurance group are giving it additional $11 million now they're setting up an additional $1 billion after the initial 12 million because insurance was supposed to step forward now the taxpayers will be on the hook in additional $22 to rebuild the school. >> i am in east harlem to bring you this story of another n.y.p.d. officer of -- officer shot and killed in the line of duty. randle holder was shot last night while responding to a report of gunshots and robbery. randle is now the fourth officer to be killed in the line of duty in the last 11
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months. two officers were gunned down last december as well as brian ward this past may. we now know the suspect that stowe a bike and fatally shot while there while fleeing is a 30 year-old tyrone hovered who has over 20 arrest and according to n.y.p.d. commissioner bratton he may have been out and do it -- jail as part of a diversion program. >> nobody can explain why? >> i spoke to a former police officer in curve radio host who knows what it is like to live as a fellow officer in the line of duty. >> 21 years later the media reaction was a fear and anxiety but the overwhelming desire to get to the scene as quickly as possible.
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>> now the officer was assigned to a special unit here the patrols the public housing unit in east harlem in the area 23, and 25 precincts our thoughts and prayers are with the family and all flags will fly at half mast and tell the officer is laid to rest. >> know how leopardi? the youngsters at maplewood fell seven tuesday there were singing the of blues. >> ag you feel? >> sad because we can have cupcakes. >> halloween rules. >> to a peak clear there was no halloween party scheduled this year that is a decision made by a the school principal by the pta. >> 20% of the school would not participate saddam is
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keep their kids on the entire day others comdisco but then they have to do something else. >> that is 120 students. that is a lot of kids to divert from the primary mission of the school. >> it interferes with learning this is not the right place or time to have a halloween celebration. >> after a couple of years of deliberation. >> to got to get candy isn't harmful. >> are they making a big deal out of nothing? >> yes. they will still have halloween. >> eight cancelled last year all the tavis superintendent reinstate it but dash your there on board that they support the elementary
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school committee and they respect the decision made on a school level. >> gabriel would halloween when they cannot go to class with a mask you cannot have a knife or a gun. >> altogether just for gannett in -- forget it. >> one of the things that really look forward to when i was sent elementary it is time to address that santry may have some fun and understand the big deal. >> bay associate directly halloween with school is not a school of their there will have a celebration friday after school with candy and costumes and then go to christiane saturday night. the kids will have halloween the family's legal ways to adjust the school party? big deal.
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>> check out the awesome drone video. i have an obsession with wailes '07 but up close and personal with the majestic mammals last week it shows and having a grand time in the shallow water being island beach state park and ocean city. >> there is a real housewives the new jersey store in induce and it is not teresa she's opening the upscale clothing boutiques called envy. have been going crazy to bring you all the styles that i love. >> she said the store will open in november. >> river otters they're so
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cute. this video was posted on instagram on tuesday. ♪ that is the song that schaede performed the first time she saw her brother after seven years. >> it is hard to describe the other people who did not - - to survive the. one we report the news
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because when it comes down to what it is not just
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♪ wednesday is a very important holiday because it is back to the future date for october 21, 2015 the date that they go into the future in the delorean time machine. there is a whole commercial about them it was taped in
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new jersey. back to the future day. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> added the song that she performed for the first time she saw her brother after they didn't see each other for nearly seven years. keys and teenine were separated many times as children in and out of foster care then eventually they were adopted by different families in their early teens when i asked if they lost touch for explanation gave me a small taste of what it is like to grow up in the system. >> the move from one home to the next your priority is
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survival. >> she had the opportunity that she felt she could take a long shot to reach out to rather on facebook. >> people that shared a part of me and then experience with me how you connect with someone after so much time. >> he said he could not help but smile. >> no words can describe what happened. you don't know what they went through so you can just smiled back to say we meet here. >> described as a little shaky now with very different adoptive families that had to go through a lot together. >> there are the law things
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about him you should know. >> taken out of the care of her mother when she was one-year-old there were allegations of neglect and alcoholism so they bring in and out of foster care it is very difficult to keep so many siblings together. >> this is the positive of the internet world that we live and. >> there is something about life on a farm. >> i just could not stop. >> not to long ago she was inside the emergency room with suicidal thoughts now three years later those visits are in her past and today in montague new jersey she is fine. >> just having to see them twice a day and to say you can do this. it helps me to get to know
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people more and open up. >> she is not the only one. this farm is owned by a new york city based nonprofit to help the mentally ill find new skills for each year hundreds of members spend weeks at a time tending to the chickens and the sheep and the alpaca. they grow in ways they never imagined. >> the recreate communities that helps them for work in school to get their life together. >> across the u.s. more than 40 million americans are struggling for mental illness and we as a society have yet to understatement how to treat that. >> every violent person doesn't have been angeles -- a mental illness.
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social media as a stereotype. >> ar a. norton -- nonprofit relying on donations no big or too small. please visit their web site to donate. >> out packets are somewhat aggressive and not too friendly. >> so that makes sense now. >> but the people that i spoke to said that misconception initially aren't the thoughts that people have about the images take some time to warm up. >> i did of a story for therapy learning to trust the course and getting over the up ptsd. >> tape to alpacas and call
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me in the morning. >> extremely rare tortoise initial reaction was oh no. >> we're not making soup out of this.
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>> a video of six related rare of tortoises on october october 12th with -- went on a viral.
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they are western tortoises endangered and when the owner of the century he thought one was getting out of its aid having trouble and then to look a little so that is extremely rare in general. is dead or conjoined but they were connected by the egg sac like is the umbilical cord. so if you have a sensitive stomach turn away but i think it is super cute. they took dental floss and gently chided around the egg sac is low be separated them. >> my initial reaction was oh no. it doesn't work out that well.
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like to see they were not controlling -- conjoint. >> they actually resemble a be they are black and yellow and extremely rare not found anywhere around here. and then you can hold them right up here. >> rigo. -- there you go. >> how big? >> their mother is right here ; we're not making soup out of her. >> her name is 9205? >> there was one other aid. >> it is amazing there doing some great work to save the tortoises and turtles.
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what is the record for age? 225 years old is the record. >> how much? >> you cannot buy them there in a century to use around the country. >> a killer in a bizarre disguise. >> a young mother in front of the three roads connected she hire a hit man? ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hey there i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for another very mild day with temperatures soaring through the 70s with this area of high pressure, but once this cold front moves through that means much cooler air will be moving in and that will set the stage for a cool weekend. looks like it will stick around. you can see the high temperature
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thursday 77. 60s as we header through the weekend and it stays chilly. watch fox 29 n
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