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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 22, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this is forks 29 morning news. scare moment for a worker, a story you'll see only on fox 29 watch police want you to know about these four men who robbed a local grocery store. dave kinchen, good morning, sir. >> good morning to you. there are a few more answers in the heart breaking death of a three year old south jersey boy. but there are more questions, as well. we are trying to get those answers, steve. >> reporter: dave, you could say one guy after the eagles game was over served, under trained, and outnumbered. lauren? >> that's a good way to put it, all right, steve kylie. with one shot he is a hero. how this high school student from central bucks high school south, you remember yesterday on good day, stealing our hearts on and off the court.
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good day, it is thursday, october 22nd, 2015. mr. magee is the homecoming king. >> you had fun meeting those folks? >> this is why i'm in this business. >> great feeling. >> yes, really good feeling. >> absolutely. let's go to scott williams in for sue serio the next couple of days, boy, nice forecast to take over. >> yes, really is. good morning, lauren and chris. looking at another ten today. it will be above average with the temperatures, so as we take a look at the scale here, you can see, a perfect ten, temperatures right now, not that bad in the city, looking at numbers right around 53 degrees, humidity at 74%, and the winds, still, out of the south-southwest at about 6 miles per hour. that is allowing for those milder temperatures, especially, right in the city. as we take a look at the satellite and radar, it is dry, it is quiet. there is a little fall boundery well off to the wells. that will will move in late this evening, dropping the temperatures by tomorrow. but, right now, look at the
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pocono mountains, 54 degrees, 57 in reading, looking at 47 degrees right now in wilmington, low 50's, in dover. so, here's the bottom line for your planner. mild morning in and around center city, temperatures in the low to mid 50's, warming fast, and look at this, another warm one, 76 degrees by this afternoon. so, the bottom line with your headlines on this thursday, we are talking 70 agree temperatures again, that cold front later on this evening, and cooler air moves in for friday, as well as the upcoming weekends, we will talk about the rest of the forecast, coming up. bob? >> hey, good morning, everybody, 4:02. it is thursday, live look at the 42 freeway, as you work your way in toward philadelphia. nice and quiet. just some construction crews out there at that bellmawr interchange. working your way in toward center city, coming into center city, the vine street expressway remains closed, you know the drill, this early hour, between the schuylkill expressway and broad street in
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both directions. so if you are coming into the city off the schuylkill or 95, from 95 you can use vine st. local, off the schuylkill, spring garden, 30th or south, and work your way over to anyone of the numbered streets. also, out here in bucks count any full force. live look at route one, route one, right near route 413, on the southbound side with some construction, crews down to one lane, remember, on the overnight here, the police are tagging along here, making sure that the speedometer readings stay where they should be in the work zones. and south on 95, not bad at all working your way out of the northeast into downtown, there is a work crew northbound right near girard avenue. and by tomorrow, penndot says we'll have extra lane for all of your troubles, we've within going through with all of the construction, new fourth lane will pop in here between girard and downtown, sometime tomorrow. so there is a lot of construction activity at that girard avenue interchange. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much.
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funeral services today for three year old found dead in the woods in haddon township last week. >> dave kinchen on this story now live in haddon township, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we not only know funeral arrangements, few more details from the camden county prosecutor's office, they're investigating this heart breaking case, of course, the death of three year old brendan createo. let me step out of the way, i show you one of two memorials, south park drive, people drive by this area wondering exactly what happened to this little boy. i want to show you the picture of this little boy, brendan createo. detective found no indication of forced entry at his residence, that's one of the details that came out. also, additionally, there is no indication that the boy was sexually assaulted, but there the result of the autopsy remained pending at this time. investigators say residents should be aware that detective will continue to be in the haddon township area as they investigate, you may remember,
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authorities originally said that the three year old was missing, reported missing by his family, several blocks from his home. the camden county prosecutor's offers said that the boy was reported missing on a tuesday, around 6:00 a.m. but his body was found just few hours later in this area where we are now after a police dog noticed it. we know funeral arrangements had been announced, a viewing will be held this thursday, and also, funeral services, funeral mass, will be held on friday. but again, the investigation continues. everybody wondering exactly what happened to this little boy. a lot of questions, suddenly people asking about the family at this point, asking where the parent may have been, all of this still under investigation. but hearts continue to break now more than a week after brendan createo's body was found. guys, back to you. >> i'm sure family want more answers. dave kinchen, thank you so much. twenty-four year old man shot
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and killed outside after home at princeton and walker avenue in the city's mayfair section. police say he was shot twice at very close range, and died almost immediately. they say there were witnesses to the shoot hog were able to give pretty good description of exactly who did this. >> we have several witnesses that state there were three males, thin build, last seen in the dark colored suv type vehicle possibly a jeep cherokee. >> police say that suv was last seen parked in a driveway on the other side of the street. they are currently checking the area for surveillance video. >> another developing story there is one out of northeast philadelphia, skyfox showing you extent of the damage after this car accident in the city's wissinoming section there is happened last night, near the 5900 block of torresdale avenue. authorities say at least four people are now hurt, treated at local hospitalization, police say the person behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. and police say they've caught the man who robbed and carjacked a temple football player. it is all thanks to a tip
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after news reports of what happened. twenty-six year old robert sherell faces strange of charges including robbery, police say he's one of two men now behind two robberies. one happened just past midnight on october 15th at 10th and susquehanna, that was last thursday, than was in north philly. few hours later police say the pair held up the temple student right outside the liacouras center on north 15th street. >> several police want to talk to every single person who was involved in a fistfight at a station following the eagles-giants match up monday. >> if you haven't seen it, joints fan really got clocked by eagles fan. steve keeley now live at septa headquarters with a look at the video and what that video has done by way of sparking an investigation. steve? >> reporter: yes, this is new err we can call it professional video, better video, and longer video. really clear video that gives you a clearer picture factually about what happened. more so than all of the clips that were making their way around the internet. this video comes courtesy of
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the folks here at septa headquarters who have a super surveillance system. it shows a whole lot more, a loan local giants fan, eli manning jersey, bad fashion choice for an eagles game, and a real bad choice for a ride home after eagles game on philadelphia public transit after the 69th street terminal making him a public target, and an easy target for tantalizing after the game, because the eagles just beat the giants and beat eli manning badly. while this guy got another beating, like eli manning did, mouthing off like a new yorker, he's from upper darby, but he was talking like upper east side man hat onite. >> i was just just trying to go to the game, not going to pick a fight. just i happened to be a giant fan from philadelphia. like oh, well big deal. >> you were drunk? >> ya. >> do you think that had anything do with it? >> probably, probably lifted the situation to what happened. but still no reason for that to happen: i wasn't picking a
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fight with the kid. i was talking to the kid while he threw my hat and through it on the grounds. like i wasn't turning around saying come on, i want to fight you guys. >> yes, so admit that awed little too much to drink, and then that makes you often have too much to say and as we always know, chris, lauren, a lot of people talk tough, but then can't translate that into a tough fight. look, elton john said saturday night was already for fighting if you ever believe elton john took somebody out on a saturday night, you know what i am talking about. >> anyone knows if you're in a fight you don't go at them like. >> this you put your hands up in front of you. i know you can't see me, steve. >> reporter: chris, here's what we'll do. we'll call this guy and give you some training, give him some training tips from you in a segment maybe in the 9:00 hour. how does that sound? >> ya, i'm a real brawl err, that's jim ' sitting here in a suit. >> you can take elton john, though.
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>> the only guy maybe. all right, 4:09 the time. >> four man teamed of armed robbers scared everyone inside a store. i think we already did this, or no? >> we can talk about it if you would like to. >> i thought we already talked about it. >> happened in kingsessing, took all of the money out of the register, took 150 bucks out of the workers wallet. last night the owner talked to us about what happened. >> they told me to give the money, you know, and three, four guys. after that, to be honest, i thought they were going to shoot me. because don't try to give me the money back, because i had a couple of thousand dollars. and they took all of the money, you know. >> okay, so yes. >> the robbers, in their teens, maybe from the same neighborhood. it was hard to understand what was saying, flight. >> basically they stole money from him. >> joe biden finally speaking out after month of speculation, what the vice president is saying about
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seeking the democratic nomination. what not to do if you missed your flight. this guy's punishment for running after his plane. literally running after the airplane.
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>> ♪ >> old blue eyes. you have heard of frank sinatra, lauren? >> course i have. >> ♪ >> we're playing the summer winds because we'll have down right summer temperatures, aren't we, this year? hey, speaking of the new york area, that frank sinatra grew up in, take a look at the empire state building all lit up in nypd blue last night. well, sad story, really, to honor the fallen hero slain officer randolph holder he was shot and killed in harlem tuesday night as we reported the fourth nypd officer to be kim in the line of duty over the past 11 month. >> okay, let's get back to this summer like weather, scott williams. >> yes, all because of a summer like wind out of the southwest, chris, lauren, will continue to keep us pretty mild and above average temperatures, yesterday's high temperature made it up to 76 degrees, probably do that again today. dry, quiet right now as we take a lock at the satellite
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and radar. >> hid head to oklahoma, texas, to find beneficial rains. so, for our headlines, talking those 70s again today, but then a cold front will be moving through late this evening, into friday, to drop those temperatures back down, as we head into the upcoming weekends. so right now high pressure to our south. we get those winds coming in out of the south and west. really warming us up out ahead of the frontal boundery as i mention that is still back off to the wells, that will be moving through later on tonight. take a look at temperatures right now. 53 degrees in philadelphia. take a look, well to the west, talking numbers in the 30's, as you head back toward bismarck, 32 degrees, remember just several days ago, we were waking up to numbers in the 30's, and 20's, across our area. so, kind of up and down over the next several days. you can see looking at the high temperatures across the area, low to mid 70s, and then, once that front moves through, late tonight, into friday, take a look at the
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temperatures by friday afternoon. yes, looking at those numbers, in the upper 50's. so, that planner for today, looking pretty good. temperatures climb to 76 degrees by this afternoon. then that frontal boundary moves through, dropping those temperatures, looking at only low 60s, for high temperatures for friday. saturday, cool, crisp, 61 degrees for the high temperature, maybe a spotty shower on sunday, more seasonable temperatures, though, after we move beyond today. bob kelly? >> good morning, scotty, good morning, everybody, 4:16 this thursday morning. looking live downtown philly. the overnight construction still with us, the vine expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad street. so if you are coming into the city, from the 95 side, use vine st. local. if you are coming offer the schuylkill, you can use spring garden, 30th or the south street interchange, so work your way across the river. they're usually out of there by 5:30 or so before we get to
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the height of the rush hour. look being good on the benny, road work still out here, at the 422 trooper interchange until about 5:30 or so. just watch yourself down to one lane and reduced speeds the same deal if you are coming in from bellmawr along 42, heading in toward that 295 interchange. two of the lanes are blocked, and again, with this construction here, every couple of days, they shuffle the patterns around. so, on the early morning hours, before we get the daylight, make sure to pay attention. the ben franklin parkway by tomorrow, have new set of traffic patterns in play. this is a project that was kind of put on hold until after the papal visit, right there, between the cathedral and what was the old four seasons, there they'll be blocking the outer drives of the parkway for the next couple of months or so. and the burlington bristol bridge was dealing with some construction on the overnight. just got word all of the cones are pick up, thrown in the back of the truck, and we're good to go on the burlington, chris, lauren, back to you. >> later today hillary clinton will go before congressional
4:18 am
commit tee again testify about the ben gas i a take that killed four state department workers back in 2012. today's hearing comes after the deadly violence was already scrutinized by an independent review board and seven previous congressional probes. democrats say the investigation is specifically designed to hurt clinton as a presidential candidate. but, republicans say today's hearing will dispel that notion. clinton's appearance follows months of report about her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. the reports emerged in part because of the benghaza committee to see clinton's official records. >> since the whole e-mail thing broke in march we've had 33 people we've interviewed, only one dealt with the e-mail situation, that individual took the fifth. so, we've been focused on the task which is to get to the truth for the american taxpayer, the american people, and most importantly, for the families who lost loved ones. >> the 2012 report by government accountability review board faulted state department officials, for
4:19 am
providing insufficient security of benghazi despite upgrade request frost ambassador chris stevens who died in that attack. >> hillary obviously relieved to hear this. race for the white house will not include vice president joe biden, announcing he will not seek the democratic nomination for prep. the vice president spoke from the rose garden at the white house yesterday with the president by his sidement and his wife jill stood there as well during the emotional announce: biden and his family have been grieving for months over the death of his son bo bid never may. the vice president said the grieves process continues. >> beau biden is our inspiration, unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intends to speak out -- >> biden not offer an endorsement for any other candidate during his announce. , but his decision would
4:20 am
appear to make life whole lot easier for hillary clinton. she is frontrunner. coming up this morning on good day, we will take closer look at biden's decision, what it means for the rest of the democratic party. >> sports fans, new york mets headed to the world series, they swept the cubs last night in game four of the national league championship series. eight to three, this will be the fifth time at the world series for that franchise, most recent time was in 2,000. they now await the outcome of the toronto and kansas city game to see who they will battle for that big trophy. a man is on the run but not from police. >> okay, so on the tarmac. this is denver international airport, trying to catch his flight. you know what's legal in denver now. push open secure doors, then ran out to the tarmac. he chased the airplane. desperately trying to stop it as it back away from the gate. >> this happened back in august, but authority just now
4:21 am
released this video. now serving two years probation with community service for criminal tampering. >> come on, dude, really? you think they'll stop, oh, ya, jump on? >> again, it is now legal in colorado. you saw the pictures of this dog when we first reported this picture. we have an update for you. this story is really going to warm your heart. >> awe, here are your winning lottery numbers.
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>> 4:24, nice calm skies you can see with the american flag there at sixth and market in old city philadelphia. 76 degrees for your high. scott williams will have your full forecast in just a minute. first getting results on dangerous intersection in rural gloucester county. okay, this area right here, we told but monday, is the meeting of county road 602 and 551 in woolwich township. now, local moms told thaws this intersection is the scene of a bunch of crashes. and they blame insufficient traffic signalling. the county tells us the problem is not the -- it is driver behavior. one of the people involved in this says the county will work with township police to place electronic signs reminding drivers to pay close attention to those flashing light, and,
4:25 am
there will be stepped up enforcement of the speed limit, 55 miles an hour, signs and the crackdown could be in place and quite soon. >> and you saw the pictures of this dog when we first reported this story yesterday, thanks to a norwood woman, in 24 hours, she is still alive, and already looking and feeling a whole lot better. mini minutes away from being put down, but is now thriving in foster care, after being rescued. how cute is this face? thanks to hard work by not only the animal care and control team in philadelphia but also the delaware spca sweeping in, to save her. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more. >> when she got into my car after i lifted hershey start today give me kisses, once i got back into the driver side seat she was kissing me from the back seat as well. >> jamie crawl is he nursing this one year older it year mix she named mini back to health. from the neglected state she was in. >> she definitely loves her food. so she is enjoying getting her mini meals every few hours.
4:26 am
>> jamie, a volunteer for the delaware county spca, returned to pick her up last night before she would be put down. her owners gave her up to the animal care and control team of philadelphia last friday. the delaware county spca pick her up last night but could only keep mini until last night. jamie returned in to take her in. >> last night when i pick her up i could see the fleece still crawling on her face. so when i brought her home last night, i gave her a bath in the dawn soap to suffocate the fleas. there was a lot of dirt on her coat, so last night she seemed like very dark bundle color. today as you can see, she is a very light, and her coat is extremely soft. >> jamie, who is already a foster parent to four kittens, and has her own rescue dog, said she just wanted to give this precious puppa chance at life. >> my hope is that she goes into a loving home just like i love her. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". >> 4:26 is the time. so you see this guy is paying
4:27 am
for this suitcase in a new jersey wal-mart. but it is what's inside that luggage that has police right now on the prowl.
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with one shot. >> she's oh, a hero. how this high school student from central bucks you met yesterday on good day has become a huge hit around the country since the pep rally. >> look at him, look at him, look at him. go nick. i love that kid. >> you met nick yesterday. >> i did. >> you came back all smiles and still smiling. >> just one of those stories, like man. >> what did you say about his mother? >> she is just so sweet and so loving and lilly the homecoming queen. >> yes? >> never met a person who loved their mother so much. so after yesterday after we did the segment when you stop wearing your little crown, what are you going to do with it? she loving it right now. she is the queen. she like i'm going to give it to my mom. >> i that's so sweet. >> almost made me cry. >> i love starting the stories and day off on a good note. thank you, lauren, for. that will more good news from scott williams. good news thursday.
4:31 am
>> that's right. i mean, we are enjoying this nice weather. yesterday, the high was 76 degrees. it looks like we will do it again today. so take a look at bus stop buddy. mild start out there. just real light jacket, temperatures in the 50's, had those shades handy. mixture of sun and cloud later on this afternoon. look at this, a ten, so looking pretty good here, considering it is october. the average high this time of year, low 60s. right now, we're in the low 50's, for center city. ultimate doppler, it is dry, quiet as well, 45 degrees in allentown, 46 right now in pottstown, we have 52 in dover. upper 40's right now in atlantic city. so, here is a look at your plannerment you can see, warming pretty fast, 76 degrees by this afternoon, but some cooler changes are ahead as a frontal boundary will be moving in, late this evening, dropping our temperatures back down, as we head into the upcoming weekend. we will talk about those numbers as well as the fall foliage forecast, maybe you're doing little leaf peeping, bob kelly?
4:32 am
>> i'm doing some leaf rake something what i will be doing later this weekend. good morning, 4:31, this thursday morning, double five's if you are coming around the curve. no problems on the schuylkill, or 95, but downtown we go. the vine expressway, the construction zone, as we look live here, crews still have both directions blocked, between the schuylkill and broad street. it is the deal that we pretty much have to deal with this early, all week long, if you are coming in off of 95, you can use vine st. local. if you are coming in off the schuylkill expressway, you can use spring garden street, exit at 30th, or at south, that will get new the city, and work your way over on any of the number street. probably maybe another half hour, 40 minute, with that closure out there this morning. otherwise, the benny looking good. all of the bridges, no problems at all coming into downtown, repaving project on the boulevard, crews are still out here on the inner drive, the roosevelt boulevard, and the great northeast between rhawn and woodward blocked this morning. here is a live look at route 100, good morning to chester
4:33 am
springs, the construction crews got the cones down here, between 100 the pennsylvania turnpike, otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, giant fan gets roughed up after he got a little too mouth i after the eagles game on monday. >> surrounded by green jerseys. >> yes. >> the only guy wearing eli manning jersey, and you just got your butts kicked at the linc. ya, you pick a fight at the septa station. steve keeley looking at this from septa headquarters. hey, steve? >> reporter: worse than that, your girlfriend was thereto witness it. >> oh,. >> and she is going to help. >> i wonder if they're still together. >> reporter: yep, they likely are, and she was kind of cool by yelling at the guys to at least stop. so she did do the smart thing, she is probably the only smart one you see on the video. look, we're at septa headquarters for a reason. that's because it was their surveillance that gave us way more fact and way more context, than all every those quick little clips we saw on the internet. so that's what you are looking
4:34 am
at here. you can make your own judgement, anthony rider is the guy in the bright red giant jersey and the big bleeping mouth. you see him waiving his hands and doing whole lot of talking, septa found the quicker than rhonda round he fight on it surveillance. and rider admit he was in the wrong a bit, drunk and talking trash, septa's police chief, tom, says woe like to talk to both guys seen on this video. rider had that lady friend with him, and he talks about her. >> we still want to find out about the victim, whether he sustained any serious injuries, we still want to talk to the person that did the strike to go see if it was provoked, and if there was something that was said, that would have antagonized it. so, there is more to this story than just, you know, 152nd of video. >> i probably said some stuff that i shouldn't have probably said. but i i don't remember saying t but it still don't give them the right to basically corner
4:35 am
me and because i thought i was going to get jumped to be honest with you. my first inning ticket was to take off, but i just can't leave a girl there. so that's why i stayed. and when he charged me, that's when i was like you see me in the video push away a little bit, i didn't want anything to happen to her. >> rider to not file police report. it sound like he's likely not going to. upper darby's police chief mike chitwood, remember this happened at the 69th street terminal, he says after seeing this septa video it looks like rider was in the wrong, not to make a play on his name. chris, this is why i don't hang out with jerrick,'s trash talker, too, especially after a drink or two. >> no, hardly. >> and i'm not going to defends him around the city, you know? >> hardly, hardly. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. >> this was a piece of luggage only about $40, but what was inside the lug thank police say had some wore us. >> thousands of dollars worth of stolen iphones. okay, so police say there is man, take a look, stole more than 30 iphones from the monroe township wal-mart
4:36 am
earlier this month. they say after the heist, he hit the streets to sell those stolen cell phones. you can see him here, looks, well, paying for that piece of luggage. he walks out of the new jersey store, with $24,000 worth of iphones. $24,000. police have the phones black listed through service providers, meaning, when they got sold on the street they could not be activated. >> from terrible to terrific. big news coming from the kardashian clan. what sources are saying about khloe and lamar. >> are they getting back together? >> i tell you. to the car that just survived hours of reconditioning... sorry, we know that was a bit... invasive. but, if we didn't hoist you up in the air and poke around a little, we wouldn't be carmax. we expect a lot from our cars and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice.
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>> yesterday on good day, we got a chance to meet the newest homecoming king from central bucks. >> i think it was awesome. >> it was beyond awesome. now everyone all across the country has seen you on this video watch do you think about that? >> so far. >> you are famous. >> okay. but it all started here on friday. it was a homecoming pep rally, that shot right there, half court, nick made t this was before he even made it to homecoming king. hoo err is with a being story two, student, crouds homecoming king and queen at central bucks high school, nick was overjoyed. so instead of walking over for the corronation, that's it,
4:40 am
hands in the air, he lunged to the stands, so excited and says to his signature i believe that we will win, the entire stadium joins in with him on the chant. beat their opponent 34-25. listen: i believe we will win! >> i believe that we will win! >> the entire stadium rocking. >> that fires me up. >> rocking! so, i talked to his mother off camera yesterday, of course, they're getting lot of phonecalls from lots of different shows. but not only that, i was like just tell me about nick. he works at the hospital. >> right? >> he just does everything. >> great kid. >> just good kid. and lilly, and nick, homecoming king and queen, what do you think about your king? she is like he is the best person i know. i know, so i posted this video on my facebook page from my
4:41 am
interview with him yesterday. >> it is going crazy on facebook. >> it is going crazy, chris murphy. >> so, i just checked it a few minutes ago, and 20.2000 views so far. it reached 45,000 people. >> wow. >> 363 people that have seen it have shared it with their friends. >> so great. >> it is awesome. >> let's check out sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles will have at least one player back for the carolina game sunday night. michael kendrick had full practice yesterday. damico ryan did not practice i'm told he's probably doubtful for sunday. nelson is out for sunday. flyers playing last night, to boston, brutal hit by former flyer, zacarias moussaui on couture yeah, gets his head snapped, he didn't come back to the game, steve mason came in because i'm toll michael was being checked for a concussion. he got hit. he gave up two goals in the
4:42 am
third. that's a softee. flyers down four-two in the thirdment but tied it in the third with two. then over time on power play in the over time. claude giroux scores. american league playoffs, to toronto, troy, with the bases loaded. gets a three run double, puts toronto up five-nothing in the fifth. but they were still, still, winning seven-one, still down three games to two, will go to kansas city. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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>> this is the camera on the ben franklin parkway. we want to invite you to the leukemia lymphoma society light the night walk. this saturday october 24th, on the ben franklin parkway right in front of the art museum. check in begins at 4:30 until the afternoon, funds raised will go toward research, patient services and an ad vaux cassy program. i'll be there with steve keeley, lucy noland, bill anderson. for details go to click on family focus section. >> oh? >> what was that look about, lauren? >> well, because all week -- >> live on air, sue serio said i would be there. i had no plans to be there.
4:46 am
>> right. >> alternate plans. but now she's brought me in. casino of like godfather three, oral paccino said just when they pull me back in, there i am. >> scott williams, your turn to take it away. >> you know, sue serio has that kind of authority to pull you in, right? >> when sue says you'll be there, you better be there. >> and take a look at the forecast, you can see for light the night walk saturday looking pretty good. it will be chilly. temperatures to start will be in the low 60s, so grab little jacket or sweater, because, they will be dropping. not going to have the 70s i expected to. take a look what's happening right now on saturday light and radar. it is dry. it is quiet. but take a look at all of this heavy rainfall, well out to the west, in parts of texas, oklahoma, kansas, that's going to stay well to the west. we still have high pressure in control of our weather, and out ahead of that system, we are getting those winds out of the south and west, warming our temperatures into the 70s again today, but frontal
4:47 am
boundery will move through late this evening, so yes, cooler air, more seasonable air, arrives, for friday, as well as the upcoming weekend. so take a look at the overall set up right now. see the high pressure to our south. but out ahead of it we have the win out of the south and west, and that's more of a warming winds, when we get the southwesterly winds, so that's why temperatures right now in the low 50's, in philadelphia, but look well off to the west, those numbers in the 40's, and 30's, so it definitely is a chill. so, here's a look at the overall pattern, that high pressure off to the south, that front arrives late tonight, into friday, dropping our temperatures by tomorrow into the low 60s, even upper 50's by tomorrow afternoon. so, here's a look at the bottom line today. 76 degrees for the high temperature, so warm again today, but then cooler changes, bob kelly, by friday, and into the upcoming weekend, feeling more like fall, low to mid 60s, after today. >> that's good. you got the soccer games and
4:48 am
the fall baseball coming up here this weekendment coming up 4:48 on a thursday morning. actually in pretty good shape, kind of quiet on the blue route. no problems on the schuylkill expressway. as we look live, good morning to the schuylkill at spring garden street, cool shot the city skyline in the background, all of the buildings lit up there in pink for breast cancer awareness month, and in problems at all coming into the city except for that closure here, of the vine expressway. weep got the 50-50 rolling now. westbound lanes are open between broad street and the schuylkill, however, coming in off the schuylkill, still closed for maybe another 15 minute or so. so you can use spring garden, 30th, or south, as your alternate. do what i like to do each week, pick a different neighborhood, pick different spot. today we're going to broomall for breakfast, apple walnut cafe, west chester pike just off 476. great spot. come on by. bring your appetite. bring your smiles for the tv cameras. we will be out there between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. and if you are rolling from south jersey, up and over the
4:49 am
turnpike connector bridge, they're still some construction here between the delaware valley interchange, and the philly bensalem interchange, until about 6:00. chris, lauren being back to you. >> all right, bob. in your money you can now pay like youtube without the annoying ads. youtube unveiled new subscription service, youtube red. it will offer versions every videos as well as access to music streaming. even lets you save video to watch off line. youtube says watching without ads is faster and of course much more enjoyable. youtube red will cost you about $10 a month, tan launches on october 28th. >> the man behind rocky and rambo is giving you the chance to get your hand on some incredible memorabilia later this year. nearly 800 items from sylvester stallone collection letting auction block in december. what can you bid on? how about john rambo's army jacket? actual boxing gloves, trunks, even championship belt from
4:50 am
the rocky series. that's huge. the actor has pledged to donate some of the proceeds to charities that help veterans and wounded warriors. >> 4:00 ooh the time t may not and story, but khloe and lamar are giving their marriage another shot? >> a source saying they signed the paperwork, so it is official. they never actually got divorced, they filed the papers back in june, waiting for judge to sign off on them. yesterday e news says khloe asked her lawyer to get the papers back. she did. now the divorce is officially off. a source adding khloe believes this is the right thing to do. you wonder what james harden thinks, you know, sort of seeing him or dating him or out with him. >> seems like when he went into that coma basically and she rushed to his bedside in vegas, she hasn't left. the other kardashian's were there, then left. kim's birthday what yesterday or the day before. >> she had doctor's point until the la, so yes. >> but boy, she was right therefore him even when he was unconscious the whole time. >> never know what can happen
4:51 am
in life. >> true, triggered something again inside of her. 4:00 ooh the time. bradley cooper, amy schumer an item. yes, bradley has spoken. last week when the comedian hosed s&l she told the crowd that she hang out with the jenkintown hottie, a/k/a bradley cooper, you really made me read that? thanks. at the time, so in hill wood, that means, they're dating. so howard stern asked bradley about it yesterday. and he said she is very attractive. >> there go. >> welshing you got to stay tuned to good day because mike, alex, sit down with bradley cooper and ask him a few questions. you know, he was at the game monday night. >> yes he is talking eagles, such a huge eagles fan. it will be fun. >> outline after boyde on the sidewalk. what a gun shop own did he to the outside of his business that many in the community are really upset over.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> this is in red willing, pennsylvania. >> to california cross country team going for the number one spot in the state. >> unlikely run is her bringing the team closer together than ever before. their mvp special needs freshman max at a/k/a. he never played sport, never had many friends. but he joined the west torrents high's cross country team this year. that's right in los angeles county. he had a ten danny is to get easily distracted, though, so he kept coming in last place. that will changed when teammates decided to run alongside max, to keep him focused, and get him to the finish line. >> my first race is my hard race. i run hard. my second racey go back, i run -- >> it bridges you new friends, it bridges you new friends even closer together. >> team maids and coaches say max has helped bring that team together and it gave him greater focus than just winning the game. >> haw -- how awesome. >> new statue in oregon,
4:56 am
illinois, that pays tributes to the thousands of dogs saving lives, shows soldier six water canteens for his dog, looking to his ears to always see what the dog sees representing the special bond between them. >> i spend a lot of veterans work, which i really enjoy doing. it means the most to me, because of they served and what they've done for us, and it is my way of giving back. >> the statue will take two week road trip to it final destination in columbia, a south carolina only 20 bar dogs came back from viet nam. the rest euthanized and considered equipment. >> that's terrible. >> 4:56. what started out as way to get rid of wrinkles is soon becoming kind of like an all purpose drug. the new way people are using botox. could surprise you. >> video you have to see to believe. that woman, who appears to be blind, is getting behind the wheel after car, and it is
4:57 am
driving off. what may be behind the scenes that witnesses are stunned over.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> scary moments for worker, story you'll see only on fox watch police want you to know about these four men who robbed a local grocery store. good morning, dave kinchen. >> and we -- good morning to
5:00 am
you. we have a lot of questions here, as people continue to wonder how a three year old boy died, his body found at the at this point here in south jersey. some movement in the investigation will tell but that coming up. >> howard eskin isn't the only one talking about eagles game monday night, so are we, not talking about the game but the after game activities on the septa system. we have two new things for you, lauren and chris. we have new septa surveillance video that tells you the whole story. we've got one of the people involved. and we have the guy who went down as howard cosell once said, down goes frazier, down goes frazier. >> no doubt. firefighters in passaic, new jersey battle a massive, eight alarm fire at apartment building. watch this video. as the scene unfolds. look at this incredible. good day everyone, it is thursday being october 22, 2015. hi, lauren dawn johnson. >> hello. so yesterday you introduced


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