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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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greatest. >> good day to you, it is october the 22nd, 2015. bradley cooper coming onto our show on good day philadelphia. he has a guest with him, and one sexy actress, by the name of siena miller. new move bye a chef. it is called burt. >> oh, it is heating up. >> we want to talk to him about is we have a piece of tape of him singing the eagles fight song at monday night football game. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> for the third time i will say it boarders on embarrassing. so we will play that for him. >> what about this? proof of purity. remember i talk about this in the 8:00 hour? a woman presents her father with this certificate, on her wedding day. who it is sign by, why some people are completely disturb, alex, they don't like this idea. >> and we have a lot to talk about, after last night's episode of empire. does cookie have a potential
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new boo? there is yaz now. do we now view lucious in a new way? >> i think i have a confession to make. something i was watching last night's episode. i don't want to talk about is it. >> okay. so something happen in your personal life, in your apartment? >> well, i don't know about my personal life and my apartment. i don't know if you want to go all there, something happened while we were watching and i have a confession. >> she want to share. >> something happened to you while were you watching the show? >> yes, yes. >> okay? >> fine. stay tuned. it is called a tease, mike. >> did you break out in hives or something? >> i'm done with you. >> the trouble is you can't be done for the next 59 minutes. >> that he true. >> jinx. >> attraction nearly impossible to curb, don't you think? if you see somebody, and you're attracted to them, it is hard to just ignore, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> i was reading this study,
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and it says 70% of women who are married, or in a committed relationship, do have crushes in their head on other men. they think about having sex with them. >> but, but, but, can i interrupt you and say? >> sure, but. >> only 75% of those women who aid knit would actually cheat. >> just in their heads? >> psychologists say men don't worried, desire is normal. the study was only done on women, though, they say the same would apply to men, of course, and this comes out of indianna university. >> you know what they say, look don't touch. >> well, jen is constantly talking about having sex with other men, besides her husband. who are you crushing on right now, jen? >> now, okay, so first of all, first of all, you can have a crush on another man, that you are not married to, without wanting to have sex with them. you might just think they are adorable, and nice. >> okay? >> and they might like
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actually care about the laundry more than your husband, todd herremans does that, i don't want to have sex with todd herremans, but i think he is adorable, lovable, his mom knows, todd knows, my husband know, my children know, david beckham, another guy, i just find him adorable. like am i going to go seek him out, do some weird like secret facebook? no, i'm not but i can have a crush on him. i think there is a little bit after fine line. i think the difference is the men are creepy pants are on facebook creeping people and getting in touch with people and trying to, you know, meet them for coffee, like women who have a crush on men when they are married, we don't want to really see them. we don't want to do their laundry, just want to know about them. >> an innocent thing. just admire from a far. >> that's it. yes, there is like guys -- >> oh, yes. >> yes, there is guys in the parent circle, other dads, and the women talk about it, we're like mr. so-and-so is looking
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pretty hot. must be on the pail yo dietment or mr. so-and-so just helped his little daughter when she fell off a bike. that's kind adorable. >> i have a question. >> think that's kind of cute, too. you wouldn't. >> now, say you go over to ruge, or park over thereon 18th street with your girlfriends, right, sipping white wine. >> yes? >> do you talk about having sex with men or just the crushes? >> no. >> no? >> never gets real raw? >> let's define something. if you're married, you don't want to have more sex, knock. >> that's true. >> you're already on the hook. we're fine. we have our quota. but do we talk about would i love to be, you know, going to europe with this guy? and not having sex with him? >> really? >> absolutely. >> we don't want to have sex with anyone's husband, boyfriend, single guys, no thank you. do we want some guy to be nice to us and just like do something that we didn't think about, like actually pick up our kids from school in that's casino every sex.
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>> i then when you don't have the kids, and the husband like jen is talking about, the single ladies might sit around with a glass of wine and think and talk about a guy and what he could maybe do to you or for you, but that's about as far as the conversation goes. >> come get them. >> stoppings right there. >> i'll gave you a book of list of people. come get them. >> we don't want to get him. >> or just the type of date would you go on. >> really? boy, when us guys get together. >> oh, i don't want to know. >> you don't want to know. >> having gar? >> details. >> advice is women should never be alone with that person after they've been drinking. like no one should be alone with either sex, right? >> that's true. >> if you're crushing on someone, you have crush, and it is open, and you know it, or you're attract today someone, drinking than crush equals -- >> okay. >> hey jenn fred, todd herremans ever been to your house? >> oh, oh. >> what? >> has todd herremans ever been to your house? >> sadly, no.
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and he's married, he's got a lovely wife, liz, who i love. >> okay. >> but he's adorable. >> jen, thank you for that admission. >> okay. >> let's go. do you have a crush on someone? you don't want to have sex with them. do you have a crush on a man who lives in our area that we would know? no? >> what about a celebrity we would know? >> keith carlos, do you guys who that is? >> kit cat decline line, bring that top up? >> on one of the model shows. >> keith carlos? >> yes. >> straight? >> i don't know. but his picture is on instagram sometimes and i'm like dang. the laid list agree whether you bring him up. >> oh, okay. >> oh,. >> remember? >> he showed me his instagram. lauren likes to talk about instagram. i. >> through his pictures, look, he is eye candy, i really don't want keith carlos, i don't know anything about him. >> is he a tyrese kind of looking. >> no, i think he is bitter than tyrese. >> really? >> yes. >> i see what you are saying, i guess the structure.
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>> structure. >> anybody? >> when it comes to celebrity, and he is married, snow is strictly innocent, but borris co-joe. to me he is like oh, yes. the fact he is so well educated and he travels, he speaks several different languages, and the love that he has for his wife, nicole, oh, it is just -- i just think it is so amazing. >> that nicole is very strong woman. >> beautiful, talented. >> and there he is. >> that's not even a good picture of him. >> it is not a good one. >> no. >> what he bridges to the table. oh, i think he is really great man. i admire the fact -- i hope that maybe some day. >> we were at well a cocktail party last night, and were you charting up a couple of the philadelphia eagles players. >> that's what you do when you go to event, you speak to people, yes. >> and then what happened? >> well, you know, what normally happens whenever there is any type of single man, mike offers me up like a sacrificial lamb. >> so, so far, nothing? maybe you should not let mike
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be your wing man any more. >> here is the thing. it was ryan? >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> anyway, they say that they watch our show. >> they do. >> he gets in there at 8:30 at the complex, it was jordan, jordan matthews, yes. >> what's up. >> and marcus smith. >> yes. >> they say they watch 8:30 to 10:00 our show. >> hey guys. >> practice a wave? >> we need a win. okay, a maryland bride sparks outrage, everyone is talking about this certificate of purity. okay? so, posted this picture from her wedding on instagram. she has certificate, certificate of purity that she present today her father who was christian pastor on her wedding day. >> so she is absolutely confirm that she is a virgin at her wedding. >> how she confirmed that? >> how did she confirm it? >> she had her gynecologist
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put on there her high man is intact to prove she is in fact a virgin. some people say that's too far, it is too private, why would your dad even question that, wasn't your word good enough? well she went by our dc station and talk to them yesterday, listen to this. >> and it was my way to honor him and people are saying all he required it? he didn't require t and my sister who was a virgin when she got married did the same thing. she was he can ample for me. so i can be an example. >> so there you go. >> it is a family pact. she said she made the promise at 13 years old, and so she is 23 now, she said she made it ten years ago, she wanted her dad to know she kept her prom us. >> some people like judy tweeted, she goes, the purity certificate, that seems like something you keep to yourself. certainly not gift to your father. she thinks it is kind of weird. >> and then made it public, position philadelphia on instagram, went viral, everyone talking about it, they think it is a little too much to put out there. i don't mind it. >> well, it is her business. >> hey, dad, i'm still aver
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vin, right? >> wonderful, caughter. >> good. >> i won't be telling my dad that. >> well, i don't think i ever had that conversation with my caughter. >> you didn't? >> maybe because he is a pastor, that's how she was brought up, that casino of background, yes. hope my dad don't want to see a purity certificate. >> ever walk by city hall, the ben franklin? you know not ben franklin, william penn. >> every time a virgin walks by city hall, tips his hat. >> really? >> yep. >> 9:10. >> okay. so, you know, on tuesday we were talking about drake's new video for his song. >> where he is kind of dancing funny? >> you call it dancing? >> so talking about this. so-called dancing that he was doing. well, now, a lot of has been out there this week, one video takes the cake. so presenting hotline bling featuring elaine. >> elaine says she is the character from seinfeld,
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elaine on seinfeld. she was famous for not being able to dance at all. >> like drake. >> hideous dancing. >> you got it kind of good. >> get it, elaine. >> get it. >> you used to call me on my cell phone. >> ♪ call me on my cell phone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, my goodness,. >> that's a good clip in there. >> that is good. >> did you, though, see the one they took, that they put to the cosby show? >> yes. there have been so many different ones, yesterday,
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bunch our viewers, tag me in this one, and they were saying look, for for you guys, i wouldn't have been able it laugh for this, i wouldn't have known what it was about. did you see this one, gets tennis racket. you know, serena. >> oh, no, no, no. >> that is great. >> oh. >> we have the best viewers. really. >> that -- >> he has the moves. >> that's like a double take. so funny. >> really, coy look at this all day. people are so creative. >> just the video just released monday, what everyone is talking about, 10 million views already because of this like dancing. >> how bad it is. >> but drake. that's what he does. >> we're just not used to him dancing, though. >> i've been to concert of his, he like spins around on the stage, he just doesn't do anything. he's not beyonce, who has like choreographed moves.
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beyonce can move. >> speaking of beyonce, let's look at her boobs. >> well, it is more than that. so you know concert on tuesday. >> what's tight until. >> jay-z's music streaming service he started. >> and he had a concert, in brooklyn, right? and beyonce performed? >> of course. balls of the tight until it. >> shoe went out on the reds cam, wearing dress, little revealing, beyonce style, sometimes like to show you a little something something. normally when you get on red carpet, they have someone stand and help them get themselves together, because people are taking pictures, you don't want bad picture out there. so doing. that will there was a moment between her and her is assistant, helping her get red. >> i well, let's rope it. a snip of it. >> right here. right here. >> beautiful. >> watch her mouth. >> she says stop it.
9:14 am
>> to the assistant. >> stop it. >> she is okay with that? >> i mean. >> the assistant thought there was some nip he willage showing. >> i mean it is a lot of boob. >> boards err line, but wanted to stay at the boarder. >> i don't think it is boards earn line, i think across the border. >> i mean, "tmz" life was talking about it, well, there is not actually showing, just let there be slight movement. >> in the history of this television show it, has been on 19 years, "tmz" put a blackboard err around her. >> but why is there a blackboard their? >> there was a whole discussion about the fact. >> was so afraid he would get sued or something, i don't know. >> but we didn't blur it out. >> hey, can you please step back? i'm ready for my textures back. >> she liked the way she looked. leave my alone, what do you know? i know better about my own style and fashion than you, you do you have us. >> i don't know. >> take your black dress and get out of the way. >> now, sometimes though you're on these red carpet,
9:15 am
and there are things they see that you can't see. >> that's true. >> so i would always trust someone else. >> things like, that food in your teeth, boob hanging out, i don't know. >> your boob hanging snout. >> ya, i mean? >> i hate when my boob hangs out. >> you had some man boob the other day whether we were at the costume store. >> yes, i did. show that on halloween, matter of fact. >> mike with man boobs. >> i was watching sports last night, tiff admit. empire. >> a lot of tweeting always with alex hole. >> i and i wish alec hole i would give me update on what happened last night. >> how about i do that right now. we saw great cameos last night, another great week of empire. neo, did you see him? also adam rodriguez. so you know from magic mike and things. >> yes. >> so last night's empire wasn't so much about the new music that we love hearing every week, really about the sold out was the lion family, the brother and everything and their different relationships. >> okay? >> so first up, jamal.
9:16 am
jamal has had some struggles this season so far. i he got control of the empire, had the power struggle. wants to focus on his music, still trying to get that together. then he has his love life. right? he had to make some decision when is it came to his boyfriends michael like he is going on tour, should he bring him on tour, is that a place you want to bring your snap. >> why take a fan to the beach? >> then got little tricky. because this happened. >> ♪ >> woe can't really show it, but moment when jamal's boyfriend was kind of teasing, cheating on him basically. >> what? >> and he walked in on it happening. and so that's why he was like hey -- look, what are you doing, that kind of thing. so i don't think he's going on tour any more. >> can get somebody better
9:17 am
than that. >> was supportive, has been supportive. he cook for him, keeps them together, tells him to calm down. but maybe they'll make up. we don't know. in his defense there was a no, ma'am when he thought jamal was cheating, that is it still not a reason for him to cheat. but way to go, for supporting jamal. also best east in real life. okay, so let's get back to adam rodriguez, he came in, and as a concert promoter, you know, i predict a lot mover than concert promoting going on between him and cook. >> i oh. cookie. >> kiss my black beep. >> looks like he had a gun. he was ready to go. >> and cookie likes that.
9:18 am
he look more like a sexual inneundo. >> that's the thing, obviously flirting, so i think she has an into boo. so what do you think, guys, like they will together? he already had his magic mike moves. >> i would go with it, yes. >> yes, can he certainly keep up with her. all right, plus this episode, they took us to church. andre, he has found the lord. and now he's looking for forgiveness. he goes to the pastor, the pastor says if you want to be baptized you need to go confess your since to the family. put it out, there apologize, only imagine how that went. i really feel for andre. looking for something, what you really want him to have that piece, and just trying to find forgiveness. killed someone. here is my confession, last night, i have been hating all this time, terrible, i was starting to feel something for him. maybe lucious wasn't so bad, guys.
9:19 am
>> amen. >> amen. >> so, this is a moment when andre got baptized, whole family showed up. luke us watching, starting to have flashbacks the thing that happened in his past. i was like oh, my goodness, you start to understand maybe why lucious is doing the things that he does. and like just tormented soul. so i found myself starting to feel sorry for him like oh, lucious, let me gave you a hug. >> you had a moment? >> i had a moment. and i never thought i would like lucious. like he is evil. so, it is hard to like him. >> right? >> when you see all of the stuff he's done. >> i know. >> here is what we should do. let's continue this conversation on facebook. >> okay. >> a.m., holly, so you already have my lucious picture up, i confess there, also on twitter, alex holley fox 29. so much happened last night, can't get into it all here, we
9:20 am
can on facebook, so i love to chat with you, alex holley fox 29. >> what's the guy's name? in san francisco. >> very summer of you. >> oh, thank you. >> 9:20. it is a thursday, that means it is a fox fursday. let's dress up our furry friends, there is another much -- oh, my goodness! >> look at that tutu. it is a must start with halloween theme. >> guess who is going outside? >> you are. and bradley cooper will be on good day philadelphia along with sienna miller. i don't care about his movie. i care about the fact that he was he was caught on tape, singing eagles fight song, and we'll play it for him. >> ♪
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>> will the 23. you can get advice from experts, there is food, music, so many going on, and the best part, it is for a great cause. saving philly's homeless animals. so lauren, you're outside with a preview of the fun. >> that's right. we will do a little taste of all of it, alex. as you said, there is adoptable moments, costumes, cute tricks. melissa, thank you for joyous, where is this and when it happens? >> it is this saturday down at the navy yards. we open registration at 9:00. we start strutting at 11:00 full fall festival day lots of fun to be had for dogs and people alike. >> tees them now. show them what happens. >> so the first thing obviously we are a paw's rescue organization, so lot of adoptable dogs out there. this is one. >> look at that face. >> look at that face. this is torpedo. torpedo found as stray wandering the streets in port richmond. he will be at the mud strut looking for home among about two dozen other dogs also looking for their family. >> his friend right next to
9:25 am
him. this is a cutie. >> reggie, we have a talent contest, at the mud strut. reggie has a knack for balancing veggies on his head. >> no way. >> yes. so he is -- we call this veggies on reggie. >> oh! >> and he is so still. >> awe. >> reggie. >> good boy. >> i know, yes. >> look at that. and then the kiss. >> he loves his ma ma. >> awe, reggie, way to go. then the costume contest? >> it is halloween time. lot of dogs come out in costume. we have a contest with lot of great cat gore its, win great prizes this is ma ma, obviously an unicorn today in honor of halloween. and then two ma ma's left is bengie, bengie is her little pumpkin, her little halloween princess outfit. >> oh, love it. >> bennise has a lot to take in right now. you know, fancy in her gold chain.
9:26 am
>> agility course. >> yes, who is providing the agility course? >> opportunity barks, and lee will be offering a full agility course down at the mud strut for people to run through with their dogs, a lot of fun, dogs really enjoy just testing it out, and sort of checking it out and seeing what they can do. so this is lee's dog tater obviously is very skilled. but there will be lots and lots of fun equipment for the dogs to have fun on and check out. among lots of other things going on down there. >> there are people like me with bad dog, then ask the trainer boot? >> yes, lee will be there to answer all of your questions to get tips on how to make your dog the perfectly trained dog. we have an ask the vet booth. live music, food trucks, it is a party. >> $25, 9:00 a.m. at the navy yard, plenty of parking? >> free parking right at the bottom of broad street, super easy to get to, paw's mud all of the details. >> congratulations.
9:27 am
alex holley, your chance to adopt a dog. i've been talking to you for awhile now. >> may be, may be. >> it might enhance your life. >> it might. >> a pet. >> man's best friend. >> all right. i'm going to tell you something. >> time for bradley couper? >> we found footage of bradley cooper singing the eagles fight song, in the owner's box, with jeffrey lurie, right? he's not seen this apparently. >> okay. >> we will play this for him. and get his reaction. >> hmm. >> it is casino of dork i. >> but that's it, on good day philadelphia next, bradley cooper. a guess with him, siena miller. >> ♪
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9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
♪ yes, indeed that is our very own, philadelphia's own bradley cooper, singing the eagles fight song. >> did you know anybody is filming you you during that eagles fight song. >> no, we cannot see you so i don't necessity what it looks like was item bar racing. >> it borders on embarrassing. >> but we appreciate it, though. >> well, welcome, back to philadelphia. okay. burnt. >> what do you want. >> i want to make my kitchen
9:32 am
the best. >> yes. >> he doesn't know how big he is. >> there is something, sexy about chefs, a a lot of chefs i know here in philadelphia, they have very tricktive wife's. what is it about a chef that is sexy and attractive. >> obviously it depend on the chef and i think you can generalized, but i do think they have a character that is really passionate and focused and artistic and creative and they ten to be dangerous and i think that can be semi attractive. >> it is a danger because bradley in this film you did all of the cooking. there is in one else's hand we are looking at. >> no stunt cooks. >> yes, i trained at mirabella's in somers point, new jersey. >> we're getting a lot of plugging. >> yes.
9:33 am
>> that was 1992. this is a bit of the different thing. the this is going after your third star, level of accuracy and perfection as if you are playing the world series or something and we have, not only did i do all of the cooking, but same with jena and rest of the cast pretty much. >> other people in the movie aren't extras, they are cooks who took in star restaurant. we were in the functioning kitchen we were all cooking so pressure was absolutely insane. we have had two star chefs watching us, making sure everything is correctly. >> the thing too when people are in the kitchen cooking but bradley you had to lose weight to do this film. >> it is not easy. we ate all the time. i didn't lose as much as i wanted to, so the first couple weeks of the play, he lad like the linebacker from doing the play elephant man. >> apology guys for the first couple of weeks.
9:34 am
>> philadelphia is so proud of bradley cooper and real quickly, i know you are sick about talking bit, why do you think you have become such a big success. >> he is a phenomenal actor and aside from that i think he has the the charisma, witt and intelligence that it takes to be a movie star. it is a combination of all of those things. he is just the same guy that he was, back in 1993 and people really respond to that. >> yes. >> but you two together, siena, we love you guys together, on the screen. >> thank you, i do too. >> never do that small finger thing when you are sitting next to man. >> oh, right, yes. >> i got it.
9:35 am
>> thanks. >> bradley, good to see you, let's go eagles. >> yes, let's go eagles, come on. >> that is right, go eagles, but i'll tell you what we're in the home of the notre dame gang. good morning, broomall. take a look at these guys. this has been in business for 54 years but brand new to broomall. cute baby alert. hi to camilla. we are coming will to you live with good food when we come right back.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
you know the family behind a 54 year-old tradition,
9:39 am
success, at the dining car in philadelphia. they brought their skills to delaware county. >> bob kelly is live at apple walnut cafe in broomall. >> broomall. >> hey, gang, good morning. my god wait until you see this place. i want to introduce you to the notre dame girls. good morning, ladies. >> what do you think. >> notre dame/temple, halloween, is what your prediction. >> notre dame. >> i'm a temple guy. >> good morning, broomall, hello everybody. this place ladies say they have been here since 6:30, brand new, let me tell you this story, you have all been in northeast philadelphia a place call dining car in business for 54 years. i'm here with judy, one of the owners of the dining car. i was at your place four or five months ago and said you were getting ready to open up a new place and everybody kept come to the northeast for the famous apple walnut pie. so what do we do, when folks traveling from broomall to get
9:40 am
the pie in the northeast? we bring the pie to them here, right. >> it turns out we're county now, apple walnut cafe. >> famous for pies. how long have you been opened here. >> five weeks. >> it has that new car smell. >> yes. >> your hubby built the whole joint. >> yes, he did it all. >> he is back there. come on back here, i want to show you, hey everybody, having fun so far, coffee refills. we have brand new floor but the best is the food because we have had raves on my facebook page since i said i was coming here is what your name. >> my name is melissa. >> erin. >> run down the menu here, this is what they told me they have to try. >> this is apple walnut hot cakes topped with apple compost and slice of ham on your side. if you like that we have our apple crepes, filled with apple, inside and whipped cream, with chocolate syrup. >> my goodness. >> here's my goodness stuffed
9:41 am
apple walnut french toast, cream cheese filling with walnuts and made with our homemade apple bread. >> is it me or is everything stuffed here, we're stuffed by the time we leave. >> this is actually one of my favorites, a flare on blt with avocado, and our own made chips. they are delicious. >> homemade chips good they are so good. >> we also have our eggs bendik which is two poached eggs on top of the english muffin topped with sauce and if you like poached eggs we have something called eggs locke, with our sweet onion sauce. it is delicious. this is pumpkin french toes, bacon and drizzle will of chocolate. it is delicious. >> mike and alex, a platter for each of you guys to go, take out containers, we need a to go menu here. i love it is a family business, 54 years in northeast philadelphia and they are bringing great
9:42 am
northeast to broomall. if you'd like me to come to your favorite neighborhood hot spot all you have to do is hit me up on facebook and twitter, we will hit road every thursday. mike and alex, which one would you prefer. >> i'm into the avocado sandwich there, the blt. >> yes, she picked it. >> yes. >> wonderful full. >> we will take them all. >> yes. >> that is my choice, all have of it. >> thanks, bob. >> yes, connoisseur. >> i am a connoisseur of two things, the cinnamon roll. >> and women, the end. >> and the cup cake. >> really. >> yes, yes. butter cream icing. >> where is best cup cake in philly, i haven't had one yet. >> i like brown bet any northern liberties, also one over there on what street? >> do you like red velvet cup cake. >> fan of the red velvet.
9:43 am
>> all things sweet. >> jennifer fredrick is member of our team. >> she's busting plastic surgery myths for us. >> okay, give us one. >> here's one you have a question does botox stop sweating? does drinking white wine give you crusty heels. we will ask those questions and the actor of our radio hand treatment. >> does it cause crunchy heels.
9:44 am
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9:46 am
all right. >> this is a commercial break conversation. >> it is 9:46. a new friend has arrived on sesame street, alex, tell us bit. >> her name is julia and newest muppet on the street and she's a character living with autism. >> goal, to reduce stigma around autism and it aims at kid age two to five which, downloadable apps and digital story card. >> we love it because it is all about inclusion. >> like yesterday a at the school with the kids. >> that is a adorable by the way. >> fantastic. >> all right. lets do like five plastic surgeries myths. so let's clear this stuff up finally jen fred. >> mike has questions. >> i need a lot of work. >> i have a lot of questions. we want to show the after
9:47 am
after of the hands. 8:45. doctor bloom you have put something on your hand. >> we have did one syringe of radio f in the back of the hand. is there one area on each side. she didn't have have any bruising. that is one pokey used to dot the entire treatment and she's just a little swollen and puffy and that looks great. most of the tendons and veins are hidden. >> so lets get to some of our crazy questions and i'm sorry here, this is a crazy situation. does drinking white wine give you christie heels. my mom has crusty heels when she drinks white wine. >> does she walk down the street barefoot, i mean what is going on. >> that does not. >> speaking of alcohol, does it cause red or veinness your face. >> that is a super common question and answer is no. cause of the veins in the face you require from the sun to temporarily fill up. number one cause of facial redness is unexposure.
9:48 am
>> spf in make up. it is like a 30 foundation. does that count, does it work. >> it does not count. you need sun screen moisturizer underneath your make up. it is just not enough. >> also other question for nurse kim is. >> people have acne, scrubbing it, does that help. >> people with oily skin or acne they think washing their face many times a day will help. it will stimulate oil and you will break out worse. >> so doctor bloom, what about skin tags, someone on twitter asks what can be done for skin tags is what a a stint contacting. >> it is just like and extra growth of the skin and you can really see a dermatologist and plastic surgeon to just cut them off. >> shaving hair, makes it thicker when it grows back does shaving hair make it thicker when it grows back. >> no, you start shaving hair when it get thicker. temporarily you're shaving dead part of the hair so is there nothing living there but that inflammation can
9:49 am
temporarily cause the hair to grow more. >> not thicker. >> after surgery just temporarily. >> i have seen people get shaved, wrist surgery hair comes back surgery. but it is temporary. the answer is no. >> botox can you use it to stop sweating. >> absolutely. it is a great -- >> absolutely. >> yeah, we do it here in the office. so what you are doggies you're using botox to target the the sweat glands in the skin and it will actually even help with odor and sweating in the armpit. >> what about my kid feet brody fredrick plays le cross and it is funky in my car. >> could it the help? possibly, some people actually do it and some insurance companies will cover that if you tried every other thing to stop sweating, and it is causing issues with activities of daily living. >> i thought we could get brody fredrick's funky feet
9:50 am
taken care of. >> last thing real quick people say i'm getting sun exposure. >> nobody in philadelphia goes outside. they all live underground. people only count at the beach but the most unfortunately for us we're not at the beach outside, mostly. we're in the car, walking around in the car 71 percent uv a, windows under the car. >> there you go. >> don't drink white wine because it might give you christie feet. thank you so much for hanging out with me. >> guys, back to you. >> so mike did you learn anything. >> i learned a lot, to tell you you the truth. so i have been working on a impression. >> of who. >> now that joe biden is out it will come down to trump and clinton. >> yes, absolutely. >> the trump mask, i have been working on a donald trump impression. >> all right. >> are you ready. >> we got this mask at mask raid at columbus boulevard, washington and columbus street
9:51 am
in south philadelphia. >> let me get the eyes right. look in here. >> i'm going to take such good care of women's health care issue you won't even believe it but surging with women. hillary is not surging. they are not saying. that carli has given me a hard time even though her poll numbers are horrible. >> how was that. >> amazing. >> yes. >> if you are hillary you have to respond. >> you put this one on. you look into that. >> put on your hillary hat. >> i can try. >> i used to be good at these things. >> three, two, one. >> i can't possibly do that. i am a real person with all of the pluses a and minuses that go along were being that. i have been in the public eye for so long that i think it is like feature that you see in magazines sometimes, real people actually go shopping.
9:52 am
>> so will it come down to the two of us. >> real people. >> is it this weekend. >> it thinks friday. >> are you going. >> yes. >> know how to turnout. >> our house dancers are here, and they are good. i think i saw nina say what out there. >> say what.
9:53 am
no, i can't wait until the end of the week to see the doctor. because of... rabies. i was, i was, in the, i was saving some children
9:54 am
from a coyote and it bit me. well, what would you have me do just let the children die. don't, hey don't tell me how rabies works. i know, i'm sorry, i'm sorry i'm just scared because i'm, i've never foamed at the mouth before. hello. miss. find and book a doctor when you need one with zocdoc.
9:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it is time to talk about powerhouse, lauren. >> yes, tomorrow night it is tomorrow night.
9:56 am
>> say what. >> what? >> it is already time, i can't even believe it. i feel like we had just last hour we had it. >> yes, what can you expect when you go to powerhouse, what is it like. >> it is amazing, most fun you ever had, lot of music, people having a great time, dancing which is why we have the dance team here. just come ready, ready to be comfortable and have fun and enjoy great music. >> i see it as a marathon of music, it starts at 5:00 and there is no telling when it will even, there are great acts. >> kendrick lamar, meek mill, we have yaz how might know from empire, the the plastic man, marion, it is a a lot. >> mike's most excited about kendrick lamar. >> you like kendrick. >> i am a big fan of kendrick. >> he broke his leg.
9:57 am
>> i can take his place. >> yes. >> okay, great. >> absolutely we do every year all of our air talent a and we have a great time. >> bam. >> we have actually sold out. >> unaudible. >> powerhouse. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> wendy: okay? you were on the subway like that? girl.


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