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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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work and found the letters kkk on her front door, twice in a month, she got fired up. i can't believe t who puts kk. zero on somebody's front door in 20125? who does that. >> fox 29 is not showing hate symbols, but tracey took pictures and called police. >> the detective came out. they look around. there was no cameras in the hallway. , there was nothing they could do. >> lives on the first floor of the as tore building at the 1600 church road condos. she says after she reported the first incident, thing went quiet for weeks. they repainted her front door, a day later, she found the kkk letters duck taped to the door. >> i can live anywhere i want to live. this is america. are you kidding me? >> says the cheltenham police responded promptly, took pictures and finger printed her front door. chief john norris tells fox 29. >> motion are investigating as a hate crime. no witnesses, no surveillance
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camera video of either incident. >> i work hard every day to pay my bills. are you kidding me? and i got to deal with this. no way. , we went to the condo complex, the door was lock, we called and said there would be no compliment. >> i want justice. i want this ignorant person to be brought up for justice so that somebody else, maybe somebody who may not be as courageous as i am, cannot deal with. >> this this is a hate crime. >> now cheltenham township police say there have been no prior incidents at that condo complex, the victim tells me tonight she would like to see someone caught before this happens again. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. happening right now, local man faces felony charges over his interaction with children. they were outside wayne elementary school in radnor. the man never asked them to go anywhere with them, but the children were uncomfortable. so he faces attempted luring
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charge this isn't the first time this has happened. >> isn't the first time at the responded to call like this, involving the same suspect. but it is the first time they've charged him scary, very scary, you know, especially to be right at school she was slack tone learn arrest add man trying to lure three young siblings yesterday evening around 6:30, as they baked and played near the school. >> i give them my phone number. that if they're ever in a situation, here, my cell phone, this is how you dial mom mom. >> good thing nothing worse happened here, we don't know what could have happened. we don't know his intent. >> police say this man, 26 year old daniel lee, went up to the two girls, and boy, ages eight, nine and ten, and talk to them about a cabin in the woods.
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>> we believe the house in the woods are fictitious, this ever but the kids believe it to be the truth and they believe mr. lee wanted them to go with him. >> detective say he had been identified as a suspicious person, in a similar case in 2011, but wasn't arrested or charged. he is said to undergo court ordered psych evaluation. meantime, staff at wayne elementary, sent letter to parent, and spoke to their grade schoolers about stranger danger. >> they can walk to school. so a lot every kids do walk to school. so it is frightening. >> we need to teach our children, if someone approaches you, should you speak with them? should you not speak with them? whether is it safe to meet with someone you don't know. >> he is being held on $100,000 bail in rad for township, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". >> october's warm weather continues today. live look at camelback mountain from pocono mountain camera, just another beautiful
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picture, temperatures reach back to the 70s, another beautiful thing. you know how it goes, won't stay that way this time of year. meteorologist, kathy orr, soaking in beautiful night in old city with a first look at your forecast, hey, cathy. >> lucy, we were out here an hour ago. it is so different. we had the sun, it was warm little breezy, seeing the clouds roll across philadelphia. i can even see some clearing on the horizon. so we are talking about cold front moving through, still breezy, but it is definitely feels cooler in the past hour. take a lock at the beautiful view from our skycam here, temperatures, are mild, the high today, in philadelphia, 77, mt. holly, 76, allentown, pottstown, topping off at 75 degrees. so at least ten to 15 degrees above average. right now still in the 70s in philadelphia, reading, 73, 60s at mount pocono, and in allentown. the colds is coming, cold front moving through the lehigh valley as we speak. through williamsport,
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pittsburgh, temperatures in the 60s, buffalo, new york the 50's, that's what's coming our way. here come the clouds, few sprinkle specially through lancaster count coy make it into chester county, but that's about it. winds still out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. you can see, in reading, becoming more west southwest. an indication that the front is moving through. rye now in the 70s, still 70 degrees by 7:00 by 9:00 in the 60s, mostly cloudy skies, turning cooler, temperature 63 degrees and falling fast. coming up we will talk about how cool it will get as we jump start the weekends tomorrow. tgif. i will see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. >> talk to you then, kathy. shooting victim fighting for his life as police search for the gunman, officers found a 33 year old man near the 2100 block of midarea avenue, east germantown section, someone shot him once in the chest, he's at einstein hospital in critical condition.
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police believe the shooter may have opened fire from silver sedan without a safe place. >> philadelphia police work to go track down pair of robbers held up local, surveillance cameras rone inside parks market east mt. airy last night, one of the robbers was already busy attacking a customer when the other guy, pulls out gun, and goes for the register. that gunman took his time, cleaning out the cash, while the victim in the background does everything he can to fend off his attacker. eventually they both took off, lands ago kim of kicks on their way out, if you know anything about this incident, please, give philly police a call. >> surveillance video just released, four armed men wearing hoodies robbed star mini market on the 1200 block every ritner street earlier this month. were able to get away with several boxes of cigarettes and cash. if you know them, call police. man behind it heading to prison. prosecutors say 43 year old
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christian from north california admit that he brought millions of dollars in counterfeit poker chips to atlantic city poke or tournament at the borgata. officials say plugged up toilet tipped them off. they say he flushed some of the chips down the toilet. and today he was sentenced to five years in prison, and now has to pay back the borgata about half million bucks. >> investigators in camden say linked local business to man behind a series of recent burglaries. today, detective gave us look at what they recovered through their investigation, whole lot of stuff on that table, talking power tools, electronics, phones, they even confiscate dollars boxes of aspirin, laundry detergent and baby formula. police say 41 year old manuel mendoza stole all of it over the past 60 days. also sole them to the food market, where employees marked them up for resale. >> they are giving thieves reason to continue because you are helping them out. they are benefitting from it the store, but ultimately, if
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they would stop purchasing these stolen items from the thieves, our client would go down so they will have no where to sell these items tonight. >> they are look to go charge 56 year old raphael jimenez, the markets owner. >> pennsylvania attorney serving tonight the commonwealth's top law enforcement officer without a practice law. that's not the big news. jeff cole in the news room with that, jeff? >> the headline, attorney general keen released 48 of what she says are offensive, some pornographic emails, she found on the computer of supreme court justice michael eakin. she did it today. according to her spokesperson, some of the emails are also racially tinged and mock women. kane released the emails on a disc today at in harrisburgment fox 29 has not yet seen them emails from
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judge eakin's reporter have topless, scantly clad women, make reference to incest, and show demeaning images of women, as well. showings cleared of wrong-doing even after viewing the images back in 2014. in a statement, eakin, republican, said the emails do not reflect my character. or beliefs about 1,000 of these emails and kane wants to release everyone of them. eakin sent only one of the 48, again, kathleen kane though lost her law license today, pulled, after she was charged with lying to a grand jury. >> i jeff, all new at 6:00 emergency clearance sale, shows the ends after era. camden river sharks playing their last game. this is a tough good-bye for a lot of people.
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>> new resident on sesame street, julia, tackling one of the biggest fears for parents. crucial lesson that's not just for kids. howard? >> eagles getting ready for another big game? this one sunday night at carolina and they will be without one of their receivers. and a question to chip kelly that left all of the media in amaze l. that's coming up in sports. ññ
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>> sunny days still chasing the clouds away, on sesame street. love that. now, they're also helping de stigmatize autism. iconic children shows, see amazing all children initiatives, now teaching families, teachers and children about autism. on the front line, a new friend for elmo, her name is julia, yes, she has autism. says it may be hard to tell if
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a friend like julia likes you but knows they do has been helping children around the world become stronger, kinder, for more than 45 years. and ends of an era for new jersey sports team. after 15 seasons camden river sharks are saying good-bye. fox 29 weekends anchor, karen hepp, joins us liver tonight from camden, karen. >> today, people came down, to say good-bye. >> after 15 years the camden river sharks are struck out. the long boys of summer thanks for the memories. strolling campbell's field, fans say good-bye to the river changes, and snap up super cheap memorabilia. >> so come in here, probably about 11 years old when they opened up back in 2001, and came to a the love games, a lot of nostalgia here. saddened by it to tell you the truth. never expected them to move.
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i was here for 200; i came to say good-bye. >> shirts two bucks, 5-dollar blankets, whole bags of merchandise jigs $12. >> the team wear, i think probably the coolest thing. >> alex scarlet plays ball for rutgers, saw the river sharks troubles up close. fans fans to come out to the game, hard to keep the team here. >> gorgeous ballpark spectacular views, even carousel. but without being major league affiliate, the sharks struggled with attendance, money, facing foreclosure camden county bought the ballpark this spring. with billion dollar waterfront project just announced three weeks ago prospect never looked brighter, baseball may not be gone for good. >> we are negotiating with other teams, i can't tell you who at this point, but baseball seems to be in the future. the value on the property is extremely hi, and we have to look at all uses.
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>> could be playing ball here again, did call over to the phillies front office, this woe have to sign off if they have a different a phillie at come in here, who ever it is, they have to give approval. this all just happen. if you want to come down, get some of the merchandise, it is really nice. from 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow you can, and again saturday, from 9:00 to two noon. but supplies are running out. i got some stuff, guys. iaian, back to you. >> good for you, karen. we will miss them. dozen of swat officers descending on delaware county community, but there was no emergency in sharon hill today about 100 officers suited up for special challenge, and training competition. the active shooter situation was designed to test their physical, technical and decision-making skills. swat team took home this year's trophy, edging up upper darby in the final competent anything. >> back to the fox 29 weather authority right now. >> it is warm out there, but cooling off. i think we have some changes in store. i'll enjoy it regardless this last time, will take a walk tonight.
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>> that's a good idea, iaian, i may join you. >> all right. >> i'm in. >> power walk sometimes, as well, howard walks sometimes, as well. >> he does. >> it will be nice night. we have cold front moving through. breezy, and temperatures beginning to double. this is market street. see the pretty color. yes, sun getting lower in the skies 73 the high today, 77, we say good by to the 70s as cool air is already moving into the poconos, and the lehigh valley. seventy-three right now, at the airport, 69 degrees. cold front moving on through, high pressure to the north, slowly nudging its way in, and it will win out over the weekend with high temperatures, only in the 50's, and the 60s, and the real weather to the west, will hold off, for awhile. so we'll stay sunny but definitely going to be cool. so we have ups and downs as far as the temperatures are concerned. tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., we see temperatures in the 50's, we stay in the
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50's through most of the region, philadelphia i think will make it up to the 60s, then, even cooler, saturday morning, with low temperatures, touching 40 degrees, in philadelphia, but lots of 30's saturday morning. so, any soccer games, field hockey, lacrosse, get out the fleas, i know i'll get out the winter coat, because we will need it. city overnight 52, north and west, 48, mostly cloud think evening, few sprinkles with cool front moving through. that's really about it with this front. winds out of the west, five to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, 62, mostly sunny, northerly wind, which is very cool winds for us, but more sunshine in the forecast. and the fall color looks great. poconos, peak, also the lehigh valley beginning to peak, we're near peak in the northern and western suburbs, even in philadelphia, south and west, getting toward that near peak period. seven day forecast, 60s are wild. no 70s or 80s in that seven
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day. sunday some clouds, maybe few showers, monday, 61, tuesday, 63, next weather system moves in, look like rain toward wednesday and thursday, could be about half inch to inch. that's pretty good. we haven't had that much activity in weather lately. and that is a look at your seven day forecast. >> everybody want to go for a walk tonight, howard, are you in? >> avenue meet wag group of doctors, i can walbeck, but not walking there. all right, with the eagles going into carolina this sunday, not walking there, where do they stand with injuries in two start ers will be out, and chip kelly gets another one of those rad i can will you questions, coming up in sports.
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>> going into the eagles game, the injuries for the eagles little more defined today. michael kendrick's practice again today likely to play. demeco ryans did not practice. i'm told he's doubtful. nelson agholor, as i reported last night, will not play this sunday, he has high ankle sprain. kiko, maybe will back in few weeks. for the eagles win, sam bradford has to cut down on his mistakes. there is pressure in the city like philadelphia. boy, that's a shock. when things don't go well for
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the quarterback, sam bradford can't worry about that stuff. and he says he doesn't. >> i've learned this is a great sports town, i mean, the people are passionate here, they really care. you know, as far as the external pressure though, you know, i think i put more pressure on myself than anyone on the outside. >> for him i think quarterback, got a lot -- a lot of guys on this team, has got a lot. i think you know and you got to be mentally strong to play in this leaguement and i think that's where a lot of these guys are here, you have mental toughness. >> cheap kill i speaks four times a week to the media. tends to be ridiculous questions, and today, can't even begin to understand why this question came about. chip kelly covered many places and was defensive coordinator at johns hopkins. he got a question about his schemes there. >> talking baltimore in 1991?
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>> we had smart kids that could do a good job with. that will i was coaching, went down there. >> why snow why? 1991? all right, baseball, la dodgers and manager don mattingly have agreed mutually to part ways. that's a surprise. temple takes 657th zero into their game at east carolina tonight. underdogs even as a ranked team. >> next year sitting in the same spot. you know what i mean? and they'll have a bang to draw from, okay, this is how you handle. >> and really the way you do both is you just focus on what's next. >> i'm off to surgery to perform surgery at jefferson. >> oh, oh. i was wondering what you guys were talk about. >> we'll see how that goes. >> oh, we're in trouble. i hate to be the patient on that one, howard.
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>> i'm good. >> there you go. be sure to join us at 10:00 by the way there is adorable baby boy in the arms after police officer after police say that his mom left him alone in a car, while she shopped, and it doesn't stop there. why the situation got so much worse, when she finally came back to the car. >> and looks like it will be a very nice night for a walk, and this weekend temperatures in the 60s, lows in the 30's, and the 40's. ouch. >> sweaters, coats. >> and mulch for my garden, i have to get on that. >> get that done. >> i'll be in carolina. >> see, that's what happens? >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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outrage over the mom who gave birth on a plane. >> she has reportedly been deported and the baby stays here in the u.s. then, he shot my dog. the shocked owners. >> why did you shoot my dog? and as hillary clinton is grilled, how this movie could impact her run for the presidency. then, they took a wrong turn and ended up stranded for two weeks. this is all they had to eat, banana cream pie and oranges. >> i'm going to die. i didn't want to believe it. >> deborah: her incredible story of survival and heart break. plus the infant found alone inside a closed day


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