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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 23, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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right now a major dip in temperatures on the way. take a live look outside in allentown tonight. we're talking a double digit drop by the title you wake up tomorrow morning. people eating outside in center city tonight. jackets on their chairs but you do not want to forget the coat tomorrow night. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland, so long 70's kathy or is tracking. how low are we getting. >> it will be low, lower over the weekend. here's our cold front moving through t clouds associated with it. hanging on through philadelphia. sprinkles down through salem county and new castle delaware. that's just about it. the clearing skies behind it mark the cooler air, 59 in the poconos, 62 in lancaster, 66 in reading. philadelphia still holding on to
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68. so the cool air hasn't made it into center city just yet. you can see how chilly it's gotten to the north, upstate new york in the 40's, 57 in williams port and this cool air will be moving in during early morning hours. wind out of the southwest ten miles an hour, the front is not completely through. the north we shall independent in the poconos means the front is through, temperatures will continue to tumble. tomorrow morning, 51 in philadelphia, 46 in trenton and 42 in the poconos. by the afternoon, highs over only in the 50's, look what happens saturday morning, all temperatures falling well above average, freezing through the lehigh valley, and poconos, even in philadelphia could be waking up to 30's over the weekend. we'll talk more about this, i'll show you how long this last coming up with the seven-day forecast. >> thank you be remember before you walk out the door check in. south philadelphia looking mighty fine and you can get live radar and alerts sent to your
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phone with our ap, you'll find it in the apple and google play stores, surveillance cameras capture the moment people were sthot in the tioga section. the two victims a 13 and 20-year-old were shot two days ago on the 3500 block of north 18th street. a dark colored vehicle you see is where the shooter sat firing off several shots at the victims. both of them are in the hospital. if you know anything about the shooting, call police. philadelphia police are also tracking down two robbers held up a market while beating down a customer. surveillance cameras were rolling inside parks neighborhood market in east mt. airy last night. one of the robberies already taking a customer when the other guy pulled out a gun and went for the register. the gun man took his time while the victim in the back landed everything he could to fend off his attacker. eventually they both took off landing a few kicks on their way out. if you know anything about this, give philadelphia police a call. an arrest after an encounter that made some local parents
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uneasy. this man charged with attempted licensureing. police say approached kids outside a local school and started asking them questions. tonight he's in jail. but as fox 29 sabina kuriakose explains, big questions about what exactly happened. >> reporter: police say the suspect first approached children in front of the school, went into the woods, and then came back and approached them a second time by the playground. >> they walked to school every day, home from school every day. >> reporter: radnor township mom says she i was shocked to hear an alleged tempted licensureing outside wayne elementary school. >> they walk together. there's a large walking community in the school. >> reporter: police arrested this man, 26-year-old daniel after they say he approached three siblings playing by themselves outside the school yesterday evening. of co-ops say lee told the two girls and their brother he was headed to a cabin that surrounding wood and asked the eight, nine and 10-year-olds about their school and teachers. >> felt scared about this, felt
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this was a stranger. >> reporter: soon after the children's mother arrived and called authority who arrested lee near why by police say the suspect never specifically asked the children to go anywhere with him. detectives say he admitted it was inappropriate to talk to the kids. lee being charged with attempted licensureing, a felony. we went to the home lee shares with his parents near the school. nobody answered. lee works part time at a movie theater. the school scene letter to parent and spoke to each grade level about what happened and how to deal with strangers. >> this is a situation where the system absolutely worked. we were notified by parents of the children. >> reporter: mom says she wonders was lee's intent was. police say the suspect never directly threatened the children or fichused them to go anywhere. i wonder what the other side of story was. this isn't something we come across in the neighborhood often. but there's always two side to a story. >> reporter: lee being held on $100,000 bail. he is expected to under go a as
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i can evacuation in radnor township, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. breaking novas fair hill, man stabbed you multiple times, right out to fox 29 shawnette wilson live at temple hospital. shawnette? . >> reporter: iain the victim is here at temple hospital. he was brought here in critical condition, and taken right into surgery. so. this stabbing happened around 7:30 tonight on the 100 block of west indiana street. police on patrol saw two men in some sort of confrontation. they say when they you will pulled up they found a 54-year-old man stab youed three times in the backing chest and arm. the suspect took off running. police chased oh and foot. they say they found an eight inch holding knife behind a house where the suspect allegedly ran but eventually disappeared along train tracks. they have a motive but police have not made an arrest. >> the confrontation that the officers initially saw was a
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robbery, and a stabbing. the 54-year-old stab you victim was robbed undetermined amount of money right now because he was taken right to surgery. >> reporter: again as we mentioned the suspect here, the victim is 54-year-old man stab youed three times in critical condition, police also telling us they did find security cameras on a private home near where the stabbing happened. they are trying to get in touch with the owner, hoping that velleities something about the suspect who they're still looking for tonight. lucy? >> thank you. in camden county an emotional night for relatives of three-year-old brendan creato. they gathered at the funeral home in collingswood to pay respects to the they want boy. nine days ago, police found brendan body hours after his father reported him missing. medical examiners conducted an autopsy but we still don't know how he died. police now say no one has sexual assaulted him and no one broke into the family's 45d done
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township's home. >> now to a developing story, an american service member killed in iraqi. it's the first american combat death in iraq since of 2011. the fallen troop was advising and assisting on a mission to free hostages facing execution in northern iraq. the american troops stepped in after iraqi sold soccers came under fire. . on her first day of serving as pennsylvania attorney general without a law license, kathleen kane released what she claims are pornography e-mails to the public. her spokesperson says some of the 48 e-mails are pornography racially, and they muck and demean women. on the computer of michael i egan, according to published reports, the e-mail depict top less and scantily clad women. she released them to show state officials cleared i can of
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wrongdoing. in a statement. the a republican said the e-mails don't reflect my character or belief. general kane had her law license officialed pull today by the state supreme court and she faces charges with lying to a grand jury. and she will continue to serve. it's officially the end of an era for a new jersey sports team tonight after 15 seasons, the. saying good-bye, fox 29 karen hepp shows us how the community is preparing to send them off. >> reporter: 15 years, the camden river sharks have struck out. the long boys of summer thanks for the memories. they say good-bye to the river sharks and snap up super cheap memorabilia. >> i came when i was about help when they opened in 2001, seen a lot of games. lot a. >> i was saddened by it. i never expected them to move. a you here for opening day in 2001.
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i --? i came to say good-bye. >> two bucks five dollar blankets whole bags of merchandise $12. >> that's probably the coolest thing. >> rutgers and saw the river sharks struggles up close. >> kind of expected, i mean, you know, 20 fans that come out to a game, it's hard to, you know, keep the team here. >> it's a gorgeous ballpark, spectacular views even a car sell. without being a major league affiliate the sharks is struggled with attendant answer the and money, camden county bought the ballpark this spring with a billion water front project announced three weeks go. prospects never looked brighter and baseball may not be governor good. >> we are negotiating with other teams, i can't tell you who at this point, but baseball does seem to be in the future, but like i said, it's the value on the property is extremely high and we have to look at all usage. >> we called over to the philly
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front office of course they we don't have to sign off. they say right now it's too early to say anything, if you're interested in getting the last minute items, they're open from 9:00 until 5:00 on saturday 9:00 until you noon. supplies are running out. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. a big hall for investigators in camden who say they link add local business to man behind a series of recent burglaries. today, detectives gave us a look at what they recovered. power tools, electronicss, phones and other availables. they even confiscated things like aspirin, laundry detergent and baby formula. 41-year-old manuel mendoza stole all of it over the past 60 days, they also say he sold them to food mark where employees marked them up for resale. >> they're giving these thieves a reason to continue stealing. because you're helping them out. they're benefiting from the store but ultimately, if they
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were to stop purchasing these stolen items from the thieves, our client would go down because they would have nowhere to sell these items to. >> prosecutors charged the store employees for receiving stolen property al looking to charge the market's owner, 56-year-old raphael jimenez. a baby boy holding on to the -- his mom accused of leaving him alone in the car while she went shopping. it gets worse, what police found when she came back to the car. a local woman home vandalized graffiti so offensive we can't show you on tv. >> i want this ignorant person to be brought up to justice so that somebody may not be as a courageous as i am cannot deal with it. >> in just weeks, why she thinks vandals keep targeting her. take a close look at the woman on sidewalk. can you see anyone sneaking up behind her? the invisible
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halloween could say excuse me that can would your kid in danger. >> you could have cash coming your way. that major brewery ordered to pay out millions in refunds.
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calling to mind legacy of hate violence and oppression, from someone left something on that a local woman's door to offensive we're not going to show it. it's happened not once but twice.
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>> investigators trying to figure out who did this and why. fox 29 dave schratweiser spoke to the victim in a story you'll see only on fox. >> who can think they could get away with something like that. >> she's been living at this cheltenham complex overa year, headed out to work and found the letters kka on her front door twice in a month, she got fired up. >> i can't believe who puts kkk on somebody. it's 2015, who does that? . >> reporter: fox 29 is not showing the hate symbols but tracy took pictures of them and called police. >> detectives came out, they couldn't -- there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: 52-year-old lives on the first floor of the 1600 church road condos, she says after she reported the first incident things were quiet weeks. monday maintenance workers repainted her front door, a day later, she found the kkk letters duck taped to the door.
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>> i can live any way i want. this america. are you kidding me. >> reporter: harold says the cheltenham responded promptly. she tells fox 29 police are investigating this as a hate crime. there were no witnesses and there's no surveillance camera video of on a either incident. >> i pay my bills. are you kidding me? i got to deal with this? no way. >> reporter: we went to the management office and the door was locked. we called the office and were told there would be no comment. >> i want justice, i want this ignorant person to be brought up justice. so that somebody else maybe somebody who may not be as courageous as i am cannot deal with this. this is a hate crime. >> reporter: police continue to investigate this as an alleged hate crime. the victim meanwhile says she's having trouble sleeping and is constantly on guard. in cheltenham township, dave schratweiser, fox 29 news.
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a multi-billion scheme involving fake poker chips has a mind it heading to prison. 43-year-old christian from north carolina admitted he brought millions of dollars in counterfeit poker chips to an atlantic city poker tournament. officials say plug, they say he flushed some of of those chips down the toilet. he was sentenced five years in prison and has to pay back the bore got at a about a half million dollar. delaware county is helping a local police dog get the protection he needs. they donated $1,000 to the new castle city police department. that will help the department buy it's drug enforcement dog, new castle city police want to show the couple how much they appreciate the generosity, so cooper will bear the names of all three sons. that they've lost over the years. you've heard the expression clothes make the man.
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apparently they make the woman too. especially on a runway, bruce gordon paid a visit to ocean city. and asking you to pay special attention in a very special way. >> reporter: 16-year-old, assists through the long rack of gown gowns to be provided to contest. heels, jewelry. >> we're looking for the whole package to dress the girl up from head to toe. >>. >> reporter: from help from mom, she runs the new jersey pageant. contests like they don't have the money to buy their own gowns for i wasn't were-time special event. >> i want to look fabulous, like a super star princess. >> how nice would it be to have a pretty dress to wear in this pageant?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: you'd like that? >> yeah. >> reporter: logistically left the contest, they're due to meet this saturday to pick out their pageant wear. >> you're talking about style changes price changes, even in the same age, not everyone is made the same. therefore, we need a selection. . >> reporter: like the prom dress in your closet or the brides made dress you'll never wear again. >> you might not find it gorgeous but the other girl may come in and think my gosh i found my dream gown. >> reporter: they're run all over the country centered on abilitys not disabilities to empower women like them looking like a million bucks. >> that would just be the most awesome thing ever. >> i like that. >> makes you feel pretty good? >> yeah. >> reporter: looking good, feeling good. in an elegant outfit you donated. >> just to decide a smile on a girl's face because he she puts
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on a gown because she feels pretty for a day is amazing. >> reporter: they pay no entry fee. instead they bring with them canned i guess to be donated to the food bank. lawrenceville this december. they are to pick out their pageant wear this saturday. if you have a dress you can donate, larger sides in particular, she's a 24, go to fox we will connect you. we need your help and in a hurry. >> thank you. a disturbing find for one woman naked pictures of her an ad on craig's list, she was sleeping and had no idea a major discovery of blockbuster movie. the local company that want you to help. listen up it's a holiday favorite every year the one toy the maker warns there will not
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be enough of this christmas. bort. good evening, new traffic pattern downtown the ben franklin parkway the pope is gone and they're tearing it up. the traffic patterns in front of the cathedral will be in place beginning tomorrow and that should tie us up until we get used to it both morning and evening. by tomorrow, we should have four lanes south on 95 between girard and center city. it's all part of that reconstruction and septa still using shul busses during the mid day on the lansdale doylestown lines. tomorrow is friday, we'll check in the jam camps and weekend forecast when w
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. 11-year-old florida boy big trouble days after miami police officers led him away in handcuffs, investigators aren't releasing his name. he hit a classmate in the face with a toy begun, miami park drive got involved because the attack happened after school grounds. the victim's more than likely tell investigators the
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11-year-old hit him in the face. the 11-year-old is on house arrest and faces an aggravated assault charge presidential hilary clinton took the hot see the on capital hilda. the former secretary of state testified before house law re lawmakers about the deadly 2012 benghazi terror attack. clinton defend handling. but some say she hasn't told the whole story. the year and a half investigation continues after several previous probe, clint i maintains nobody feels worse about benghazi than she does. >> i lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brains about what more could have been done. >> white house initially laid blame for the attacks on an antiislamic internet video instead of identifying the bombing as a terror attack. the probe has cost taxpayers more than four and a half million dollars. now to our betrayal of the worst kind an orlando woman find nude
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photos of herself on craig's list. >> put there by her boyfriend of eight years. she originally found the photos at her boyfriend's phone and says she had no idea he took them as she slept. police say he used those for a craig's list add. the moment she found out she broke up. some sometime later police responded to a disturbance at her home. he believe her x broke a brand new law. >> he immediately recognized elements of the crime and told the training officer this is the sexual cyber harm law. >> that law kicked in october 1st of this year. bottom line you can take nude photos of somebody without their permission. sounds appropriate. so that xboyfriend faces as long as a year in jail. >> caught in the act. this guy got stuck trying to
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steel someone's gas. of. >> weather, we are talking about a major cool-down the cold front is moving as we speak. a canadian high builds in for the weekend. we'll be talking about morning lows around freezing. how long will it stick around in the seven-day? sound good. exotic animals running through a quiet neighbor
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. right now at 10:30 temperatures dropping fast. live look at wilmington from the 70 today's, nice we're going to drop more than 20 degrees by the time you wake up tomorrow. that's not the only change, kathy orr is track, the chances, full forecast minutes away. >> they passed all six tests, captivateing fashion and historic has local fans getting behind the football teams, the owls came in against east carolina hoping to get to seven and 0. >> the way things are maying out right now against east capability the team just about to reach that goal, fox 29 chris
3:30 am
o'connell is at temple university in north philadelphia, also team is on the role but the campus got to be buzzing. >>. >> reporter: first of all i can't hear you because the final second on the temple owls game just wrapped up. football frenzy continues here on north broad street. the temple owls just wrote another chapter. now undefeated seven and 0. they are the best sports team in the city, also brought together an entire university. >> on the campus in temple university, the celebration of a magical football season continues. >> philadelphia team is doing well, so it's fun. >>. >> people are running to the tv to see the game. >> tonight's white at the center, football took center stage on the big screen, re head
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basketball coach sees how football is coming of age. >> i think it's done warrants for the university. great for all the other teams here. great for the university. i believe it's great for philadelphia. jks it's amazing what a successful season can do for a university. >> it's a breakthrough year for temple university. >> reporter: along with a noticeable buzz on campus, temple is breaking records this year for fund-raising, and incoming freshman plebess. >> this national audience means there are potential students prospective students looking at temple. >>. >> reporter: anymore how temple football ends, many are hoping to ride the wave of success on and off the field. >> it's a great experience to be able to be part of it. i always wanted to go to a football school. temple wasn't known for football school. now we're starting to climb up in the ranks. >> reporter: of course, perhaps the biggest game in their entire history for the temple owls comes next week. halloween. when notre dame comes to town
3:32 am
and some other big news, sources telling me tonight that temple university is very close to announcing it's 35,000 seat on campus stadium. that would be huge uncle sam expected to be announced before the end of the year iain big night here on north broad. >> absolutely. thank you. on your radar tonight, a big cool down. music, food drinks, glow in the dark dancing. tonight's event fairmount park, showcases philadelphia's amazing parkss. >> can you hull ahoop? >> something like that. i don't know. lucy to all for that. >> never too late. >> beautiful opening the, temperatures are still holding on to the 60's. foam maybe go for a late night walk, it's not a bad idea. 68 degrees, high 77.
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we haven't dropped off that much. the cold front is not through philadelphia just yet. you could see by the temperatures, 68 in the city, pottstown 65. allentown 64. in the poconos, it's 59 degrees. we know the cold front is moving on down from the south and that's exactly what's happening we have high pressure to the north, our winds will become northerly the flow is clocks clockwise, a cool canadian air mass will settle over us and the core comes in saturday morning, high pressure will dominate the weather, we're talking about high temperatures only in the 50's tomorrow. we'll fall to 52 in the city, 48 in the suburbs, mostly cloudy receive a night with a sprinkle or two mainly through such right now. during the day tomorrow, will be seeing low humid, deep blue skies as the canadian air masters in the 50's in the afternoon, philadelphia we'll make it to 62 and mostly sunny skies, the wind out of the north five ten miles, cool air mass settles in. once the sunsets tomorrow, it's
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going to be much cooler by saturday. i gave it a perfect ten for your friday because of the sun, the cooler but near seasonal levels as far as the temperatures, 62, mid 60's and normal for this time of year. saturday, another beautiful day, 62. saturday night into sunday will be in the 30's and the 40's. it's going to be chilly. sunday, the high 66 with a few clouds. maybe a sprinkle or two. and by monday, partly sunny but pleasant 61. stays cool for toss, seasonal and then the next real weather event is going to be mid week next week. wednesday and thursday, look for a chance of a half inch possibly as much as an inch of rain, we need it. we're around normal this time. but can use a little rain before we get into the winter season. there you have it. a cool but comfortable weekend and a good weekend to be outdoors: mulching. >> i might play a little golf. i'm not going to be mulching.
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police night over for expired registrations but they're not prepared for what thuds in the back seat. the sights moving jumped right in. take a close look at the woman on the sidewalk, can you see anyone sneaking out? the invisible halloween costume that parents are worrying about. >> if you, you could have cash coming your way, that major brewery ordered to pay out millions. coming up tomorrow, we will tell you about the first annual cheesesteak festival going to happen over the weekend in south philly, we'll tell you all about it. also, we have to, of course, preview the big panthers eagles game coming up sunday. i'll
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. california man tried his bet to steel gas right out of a car, but officers literally caught
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him. as you can see red handed. fire officials found him like this. investigators believe he was trying cyphongas from a car. check your fridge, if you got beer, you could be getting cash back. us judge just approved a $20 million settlement over bex beer. the judge ruled. falsely led bex is thank you re authenticly german. and is german quality beer. becks makes it's beer in st. louis. the company moved out of germany in 2012. the settlement covers customers who bought bex re becks light and dark beers, you have until next month to claim your refund. some families have have to let go of their leg go dreams next season.
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lego is on top of things in america and they made sure that are ready to meet demand this holiday season. lego seen an increase in popular popular. the lego movie was a huge boost. one halloween costume is picking up steam the whole point is to make your child invisible. experts are afraid these super skin costume is just too effective. it comes in all kinds of colors for children this halloween, including black, making children almost disappear at night. take a look at what happened when 9-year-old zach put on the costume. when the bright light is on. you could see him moving around. when it's off, it's hard to tell if he's standing right there in front of you. >> number one, you're not sure what it is. you could be frightened by it because you're not sure if it's someone trying to is that clear up on you. >> many who saw the costume called it plain dumb and dangerous, not to mention one child told fox he had trouble
3:41 am
seeing and breathing while wearing that costume. a baby boy holding on to his stuffed animal in the arm's of a a cop. his mom accused of leaving him alone in the car while she went shopping. what police found when had he came back. mars mania around the world. a blockbuster movie and the real mission, the local company that want you to help with making history in the making.
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. his mom about to be arrested. you can see his mom talking to officers in a parking lot. near atlanta feet from her car where police say she left her baby alone while she went shopping. someone call the cops. >> the mother was coming out of one of the stores, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. >> police think she was smoking in the car with the baby inside. officers found more pot inside the car. she was arrested a and charged
3:45 am
with reckless conduct. mars is all the age right now. the martian has audiences breaks out in applause in theaters nationwide. nasa grabbed worldwide headlines by announce, the red planet quite likely has water. they just got recognized for their work on nasa's actual mission to one day send real astronauts to mars. and they're hiring. >> in the martian. >> i am the greatist on planet. >> left behind after a storm. the blockbuster got people woofing theaters talking about really getting out of boost on the red planet ground. . >> two things i want to say to see my grandchildren and human. >> it might happen, it might
3:46 am
happen. >>. >> a penn student wants to work on nasa's mars mission and he's in luck. newtown's technology corporation is a key part of building the owe ryan space craft which will one day take astronauts to mars. it's made in launch lasted december was a midnight 60,000 mile tear of a test drive around the planet. >> we're back, galvanized the entire organization from the president and congress down to small companies providing hardware, we have thousands of pages of lessons learned. >> it was all about taking the proverbial tires, but what needs to be tweaked and all the data came courtesy of newtown's 12 hundred sensors or owe ryan.
3:47 am
>> the next is going to be match father around the moon. we have to make sure all the data comes back flawlessly. >> the contractor lockheed martin stopped by newtown. >> thank you very much, congratulations on your work. >> shared video of oryan's first flight on it's journey to mars. >> you want to get this up to about .1. want to get speed in. >> back in the johnson space center in houston astronaut lee exercised extreme patience as they showed me how to dock oryan. >> i did it? yes. >> that's awesome. >> flew to the international space station in 2002 and helped
3:48 am
build it. he spent years developing oryan's cockpit. >> ten, 2030 years from now, the astronauts who are go out and land on an as trod or go to mars or land on the moon are going to be working with the displays that we're developing today. and that's exciting. >> let's do the math. >> you can feel the excitement in the martian. all nasa all the time. >> if i can figure out a way to make contact with nasa none of this matters. >> the movie used oryan actually launch. >> the martian uses a piece of the segment and part of this in florida is flying away from the background at the end of the movie. pretty cool. matt damon. >> you're sitting there at the movie theater going wait. >> i know that. nasa's target date for a
3:49 am
man's mission to mars is in the 2030's with an as trod before that. oryan generating jobs. newtown is hiring all kinds of positions. check it out. an unusual animal problem for a small texas town near austin doing their best to get the four escaped -- running through front yards. the owners say they don't know how they got loose. they're warning neighborhoods. most of of us -- you hear the sirens and lights you see lights in your rear-view mirror. you know what you're getting pulled over. >> that didn't happen for the father of three in texas. two police officers pulled over a man for having an expired registration. after the approaching the truck he notices three kids in the back without car seats. after making a caught call to another officer officer they
3:50 am
decided to pull money together and buy car seats for the kids. apparently father what you haveing financial difficulties. >> i was living at a hotel and all of his money was going to that. >> those kids are still going to have to be driven somewhere somehow with no car seats. >> the father did not want to appear on camera but released the following. quote, it was nothing short of a miracle. something that was really needed. the officers had been a blessing. >> that is a great story. how wonderful is -- and so unexpected. we were expecting temple to do something big today; right? . >> no, we actually weren't. the upset. >> we were expecting it, iain and i. >> the other team was favored so it wasn't expected but temple goes for the seven straight on the season. when it came down to the final the season. when it came down to the final minutes p chip kelly get
3:51 am
mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation.
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in south philly. we'll tell you all about it. i'll see you tomorrow morning. temple going for their seventh straight this season, they were the under dogs going in the final quarter. you know what happened. let's go to greenville north carolina temple behind most of the game. down 14 to ten. and they get the touchdown, 23 yards, walker to robbie anderson 17 to 14, temple scores again. two touchdowns within two minutes. thompson 14 yards 24 to 14. temple win go to seven and 0.
3:54 am
play notre dame next week. going into the eagles. sunday at carolina. injuries for the eagles are more defined michael don't re kendricks practiced. he's likely to play. did he me company ryans did not practice. nelson agholor will in the play. high ankle. kiko alonso may be back. for the eagles to win, sam bradford got to cut down on those interceptions. there's pressure. when things don't go well for the quarterback, sam bradford can't worry about that stuff and he said he doesn't. >> i've learned this is a great sports town. people are passionate here, they really care. as far as the external pressure, i believe i put more pressure on myself than anyone on the outside could put on me. >> chip kelly speaks about four times a week, depending on the week. if the game is one of them. tend to be ridiculous questions.
3:55 am
with his many times as he speaks and today, got one that i didn't understand and i don't think anybody else did. of chip kelly coached many places and was defensive coordinator at johns hopkins in the early '90, got a question about his schemes. >> we're talking about tomorrow in the 1991. four to three team, play a little match coverage. more match coverage than zone, do a good job of that. most of the stuff when i was coaching the new hampshire when i went down that. >> on my count that's over 20 years ago. a full day of football. i don't get it. football coming up sunday here on fox 29 starts at team day live at 10:00 an fox 29 nfl. colts cowboys giants. quarterback -- apparently not happen that the media may be wrong in their predictions each
3:56 am
week on panthers games. >> if you make a bold statement. if you're correct, you get xamount increase. if you make a bold statement and it goes the other way, you get deducted. going straight to the foundation. >> knew ton foundation? i thought they did that well. did i misstate something here? >> tmz next. >> for fox 29, got you covered
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breaking news at the 4:00 out the of nashville. >> a shooting at tennessee state university reeves three people wounded. >> latest on the shooting coming up, but first, good morning sabina a. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a crazy police chase, we have three cars, two suspects and a house and now police say what they are saying spark the whole thing. we will tell what you they said coming up, lauren? >> one woman shocked to find naked pictures of herself posted on line, the creep cops say took the pictures while she was sleeping. dave kinchen good morning to you. >> reporter: lauren good morning to you. temple university football seven and zero and owls are on their way back to philadelphia we are live at the phl and we will give you action coming up, chris is this.


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