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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 23, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news at the 4:00 out the of nashville. >> a shooting at tennessee state university reeves three people wounded. >> latest on the shooting coming up, but first, good morning sabina a. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a crazy police chase, we have three cars, two suspects and a house and now police say what they are saying spark the whole thing. we will tell what you they said coming up, lauren? >> one woman shocked to find naked pictures of herself posted on line, the creep cops say took the pictures while she was sleeping. dave kinchen good morning to you. >> reporter: lauren good morning to you. temple university football seven and zero and owls are on their way back to philadelphia we are live at the phl and we will give you action coming up, chris is this. okay, dave.
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eagles gearing up for play, in carolina, on sunday. but sam bradford has to do if the plans to win this weekend. how about not throw three interceptions. >> good day it is friday october 23rd, 2015, special day in the the johnson house hole. >> your dad, is a year-older. >> he turns 70 today. >> wow. >> he looks great by the way. we will get a picture of him. i know his name don johnson. >> there is a cheese stake festival sold out but we are talking about it the all morning on this show. >> who do they want to eat 78 cheese steaks in three hours, me. >> you have to sit next tour favorite, everyone has a favorite, fox 29 good day. we will start a cheese stake competition. >> i know my favorite but i can't say. >> don't say it this morning. do you have a favorite? >> you are a foodie. >> there are several places that i like, we will talk about this throughout the morning, right. >> so i will tease that i will have several places to talk
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about. one is on broad street, we will talk bit. i'll tell you other intersection. weather by the numbers for this friday we're talking about the temperatures a little bit cool tore day. on a scale of one to ten, today is going to be an eight, as far as is what happening a cold front has in moved to the south, high pressure moving into the the winds are going to be more out of the north. that means cooler temperatures but right now not that bad. we are looking at 55 degrees in reading. fifty-seven in trenton. we are looking at mid 50's 234 wilmington and upper 50's in wildwood. so as what he go hour by hour, look at your planner, a light jacket, temperatures by lunch still in the upper 50's. 62 degrees, that should do it the for our high temperature on this friday, yesterday we had a high of 77 degrees. so with that cold front we are talking about these weather changes, northerly wind and also cooler conditions for today and upcoming weekend, we will talk about how long this
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pattern change will last coming up, but how is traffic on this friday morning, bob. >> scottie, good morning. 4:03 on this friday morning. a lot of construction out there this morning. live look here at i-95, southbound, right at the corn wells heights park and ride, ramp there is block, construction from woodhaven down towards street road, curb side on the freeway here toward philadelphia we had construction, right near that creek road, also that 295, interchange, so some new traffic patterns on the ben franklin parkway, let's go outside to our live camera, united way camera looking live at the parkway smack dab in the middle there, a all of the lanes are block. we're gone around the block and what is tough is that this is one of the detour routes, for the closure of the vine street expressway, so i even got tied up in this, this morning. so maybe for the the next hour or so, the the early risers there as we look live, with the parkway, and art museum there in the background be ready for some detours in
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center sit and, and, we have patco high speed line, that began, yesterday morning, chris and lauren back to you. and, nashville police say shooting apparently happened over a dispute touring a dies, game. and they are and, presbyterian hospital. where those two officers evidently are,. >> reporter: stable condition. now, this one, a routine, traffic stop that led, to a police cruiser, hitting the
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the sides of a nearby row home. but lets see if we can walk you through this, it happened just before 10:00 o'clock last night when 19th district cops attempted to pull over, a cadillac, at 58th and master streets in the carol park section of the city west philadelphia. as soon as the driver saw those blue and red flashing lights in the rear view he allegedly floored it and took off. as luck would have it he only got a block before police say the cadillac, get this, slammed into another police vehicle, a chevy tahoe that was just passing by, the driver, actually t boned that tahoe on the passenger side, causing it to jump the curve and hit a nearby row home, and you think it would end there but no, police say the cadillac tried, to keep going, and they say it the struck the the police suv a second time, this time, head on, so that led to the tahoe striking the row home, again. so you might be wondering why the driver, seemed so intent on not stopping? well, police believe they may
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have found drugs in the car, including marijuana, so here's chief inspector scott the small telling us what spark this whole thing in the first place. >> the car, has very heavy, where police could not see them which is obviously illegal so they were making a routine traffic stop, at 58th and a master streets for this heavy tip, when the the vehicle, so far at a high rate of speed causing a serious auto accident. >> police finally arrested the 23 year-old driver and his three three-year old female passenger, both had minor injuries, and police officers, two of them in that tahoe they had trauma a to the face and head including a bloody head and cut to the head but we are told that they are going to be okay and that they are in stable condition luckily after that, bizarre chase, guys, that is great news. >> that is the the great news in all this. >> 4:06. relatives of the brendan creato will lay him to rest at a private funeral, camden
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county, camden county last night emotionallal time for everyone touched by three-year old's death, and, and,. parents are feeling uneasy after an child luring at an elementary school this happened outside of wayne elementary school in delaware county. police say the man you are about to see 26 year-old daniel lee approached a group of sib ledges playing outside the the school. he reportedly toll the kid he was heading to the cabin in the woods and began to ask questions about the school and their teachers. soon afterward the the children's mother showed up and then they a arrested this guy nearby. >> this is a situation where the system absolutely worked.
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that we were net filed by the parents of the children. >> police say lee never directly threatened those kids or forced them to go anywhere. he is being held on hundred thousand dollars bail and is expect to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> police are investigating a violent robbery in west philadelphia. this happened in the city's fair hill neighborhood shortly after 7:30 last night. a 54 year-old hispanic man was stabbed multiple times. the man was quickly taken by police to temple hospital. >> this confrontation that the officers initially saw, was a robbery, and a stabbing, and the 54 year-old stab victim was rob, undetermined amount of money right now because he was taken right to surgery. >> the victim is listed in critical condition. police say they did find the weapon used but they are still looking for that suspect. can we turn to some good news, lauren dawn johnson. >> temple owls seven and zero after beating east carolina the owls have seven wins, for the fourth time since 1980.
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and they are seven and zero though. fox 29's dave kinchen live at philadelphia international airport waiting for the team to come back, hey, dave. >> reporter: that is them right there we believe, the the flight right there just landing here at philadelphia international airport, heading for atlantic aviation, and just got a text message from a member of the temple university communications staff saying that they are here, and you know that they are seven and zero, and you know that it is just a huge, huge thing right now, everybody is just jazzed up in philadelphia. let's go to the action from the big game, the team taking on east carolina, 24-14. played ej walker, found rob anderson for 23-yard score taking them to a 17-24 score with 3:31 remaining in the game. the owls, block a punt on east carolina's next drive and it turned into a 14-yard touchdown running by jahad
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thomas and action just kept on going. they kept pounding and pounding and pounding and they have gotten away with the wind and we also know that everybody on campus, well, they are just jazzed, listen in. >> it is a philadelphia team that is doing well, so, it is fun. >> people are running to the tv to see the game. >> yes, it is great to be part of it. i always wanted to go to football school and, now we're starting to climb up, in the ranks. >> i think it has done wonders for university, it is great for other teams that are here, great for the university, and it is great for philadelphia. a lot of people, are supporting temple football, and it is wonderful. >> walker, plenty of time. >> at north broad, but we know right the now the team just landed, we will go and try to get interviews with the coach and players but seven and zero temple owls and you know they are all fired up. much more to come all morning. guys, back to you.
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>> absolutely. >> how exciting is that. >> having played college sports, that airplane ride is fun, and, blossoming, here. graffiti, and, twice, blank .
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you don't know weird al. >> yes, of course do i. >> what are you eating here. >> cheese steaks. >> you are tasting. >> there is a big cheese stake festival this weekend and we will talk about that. it is weird al's birthday today. >> how are you getting people to bring you cheese steaks are you just showing up at the doorsteps at fourth and market. >> here's what we will do, we will tweet, facebook your favorite cheese stake place, what kind of cheese stake. what kind of cheese do you do. do you do it with, or without. we will read your messages as you send them in. use that hashtag fox 29 good day, all these vendors by the the way they will bring cheese steaks to us to answer your question. >> you answered my question, finally. >> sorry. >> twenty minutes later, scott. that is how it works around here. >> i'll say i like provolone. >> me too. >> i like sharp provolone too.
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>> okay, all right. >> all right. >> no one likes sharp provolone. >> well, let's talk about weather, because yesterday, lets take a look the at the high temperatures, 77 degrees. i know today will be noticeably cooler out there, with that cold front that has moved through, wind have shifted, more out of the north and that will draw down some of that cooler air. a cooler friday as well as upcoming weekend, across our area. so right now, it is dry, quiet, here's the front, you can see a few cloud, and a few showers off out ahead of that system but high pressure will move in behind it with those northerly wind and that will moon a cooler pattern, continuing through the the upcoming weekend. so temperatures, really aren't going to move a whole lot today so stepping outdoors it is no the that bad, but don't expect those numbers to move, too rapidly throughout the day, we have probably already made our high temperature, around the philadelphia area, we're still in the the low
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60's and that is where i expect temperatures to stay today, you can see as we move further north, temperatures dropping into the 40's, even 30's, showing up in quebec, only in the 40's right now, in the western part of the state. and so that weather authority seven day forecast showing you a cooler day, high 62 degrees, today, and, a drastic change from yesterday's 77 degrees, where it felt more like spring, the average for this time of the year right around 64 degrees. really average temperatures into the upcoming weekend, and maybe a spotty showers on sunday, sun and clouds as we begin early next week but maybe a little bit of service, could bring some shower chances, as we move towards wednesday and thursday of next week. bob, how is traffic. >> good morning, actually not bad at all traffic wise lighter volume but there is construction, and a a lot of detours and closures. big one right here vine street expressway, closed both directions between the schuylkill, and broad street, you can make out some of the construction right here along the parkway, and, kind of a
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two for one special here, the vine closed, and the parkway, shut down, all part of the reconstruction of these overpasses here, and maybe for the the next hour or so. so first of all for the vine if you are coming in autopsy of i-95 use vine street local, pushed off at broad street coming in off the schuylkill expressway you can use spring garden, south, or 30th street but if you use that spring garden street exit, and come up the parkway you'll hit that second set of construction zones right here on the parkway, with new patterns, outer drives, closed, right by cathedral, and race street, and, is sitting there, construction on top is all because of the vine street expressway, underneath. it is all, and there is a
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bunch of deer hanging around king of prussia interchange at that 202 schuylkill interchange, and burlington bristol bridge, was closed on the overnight with construction, traffic is moving again, so we're good to go there and patco high speed line, started a new schedule so make sure you are good to go with the new timetable for the morning rush, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> horrible traffic news from overseas, breaking news out of france, a at least 40 people are now confirmed dead after a bus and a truck collided near the southwestern city of boardeaux. >> bus caught on fire after the crash leading to the high death tollment that bus carrying mostly elderly passengers heading out on a day trip. >> such a sad story, that death toll could go up and we will update that, coming up. only on fox a local woman speaks out after her door is vandalized with the the letters, kkk. >> it happened to her twice in less than a month. we won't show you video, hate symbol but tracie of cheltenham lives on the first
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floor of the building of of the 1600 church road condos and she reported the first incident of the letters kkk scratched into her door, and things were quiet for several weeks but monday maintenance crews repainted the door a day later, she found letters duct taped to that same door. >> i want this ignorant person to be brought up and tested so maybe he may not be as courageous as i am can deal about this. this shows this is a hate crime. >> police investigating the incident as a possible hate crime but there are in witnessed, no surveillance video of what happened in the incident. air zone ace under fire for reporting illegal drugs, state reportedly paid $27,000, to have a particular type of lethal injection drug, shipped in, the the the problem here is that the f.d.a., no longer allows that drug to be used for executions here in the u.s. and federal agents were able to stop the shipments at a
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phoenix airport. the stay of appeal, promised to not use that drug until the agency in fact a approves it. presidential candidate hillary clinton took the hot seat on capitol hill former secretary of state testified before house lawmakers about that deadly 2012 been gas a tack. clinton maintains nobody feels worse about benghazi then she does. house panel's year and a half up investigation continues after several previous congressional probes. she was up there for quite sometime. >> eleven hours. >> yes. >> i hope that hot seat was well padded. >> my goodness. >> okay. now some betrayal of the worst kind an orlando woman find nude photos on craigs list, and, it was put there by her boyfriend by eight years. and this was not evidently revenge porn. she found photos on her boyfriend's phone and said that she had no idea that he took these photos because it took them when she was lying
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there next to him sound a asleep. police say he used those photos for craigs list ad and again she had in clue but moment that she found out, of course, she broke up with the guy. >> sometime later police responded to a disturbance at her home she mentioned would happened when one of the officers told her he believes her x broke a brand new state law. >> the hired officer who just got in and fluent in the law immediately recognized elements of the crime and told the field training officer this is a sexual cyber a harassment law. >> that lawsuits is october 1st of this year. you cannot take nude photos of anyone without their permission so that ex-boyfriend faces, as long as a year behind bars. >> he looks like a jerk, doesn't he. it is officially end of an era a for a new jersey sports team. where you can buy your camden river sharks memorabilia. don't forget send us your favorite cheese stake spot. use the hashtag fox 29 good
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temple owls beat prognosis east carolina. >> seven and zero for force time ever. dave kinchen you are with the the new hometown hero here the coach of the team.
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>> reporter: that is right, we have the head coach of the temple owls matt rule here for an exclusive interview. how are you feeling. you just landed but you are still up in the air right now. >> it was a great night for us, for our team and kids and all of temple. i could not be prouder. they went down into a hostile environment, crowd was crazy, east caroline, we didn't play perfect but we found a way to win. >> reporter: just give us the play by play how this all work out. >> it took all of our kid. they all made plays. our defense was spectacular, block a couple punts and offense came through, rob anderson, pj walker, converted a couple big third downs and a touchdown so it wasn't purchase but we found a way to get it done and that was a real good team we beat. >> we have video of the action too, just tell us, looking ahead, you had your work cut out, you talk about how good a team this was that you beat. >> east caroline, they beat virginia tech early on, we beat them last year, so they
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were ready for us. they had thousands of people there but our kid hung tough, they stayed together and never panic. even when we won they never got too high. they just said is what next. i was really proud of them tonight. >> reporter: you got notre dame next. how do you like that? you played them two years ago. have you had a chance to take them in. >> i have only seen them on tv but they are one of the top teams in the the country. he they lost to clemson by two points. coach kelly does their great job. their best place is willfuller right here from philadelphia we can't control. that our kid have had that mind set is to control us, play as well as we can play and i'm sure they will do that next a saturday. >> reporter: coach matt rule, seven and zero, congratulations, guys, send it back to you, we will be right back after this.
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we told you earlier hillary clinton took the hot seat but that is not affecting her social plans. we will have more on that. >> yes, we're talking about kathleen kane, she is a's putting her money where her mouth is. on her first days serving as pennsylvania attorney general, without a law license, what she has just unveiled, do you have beer in your fridge. i do. you can have cash coming our way.
4:30 am
major brewery order to pay out millions in refund. >> what? >> and hey, good day, here's more good news it is friday october 23rd, 2015. >> it is also a very big birthday within the fox 29 birthday. >> that is right, don johnson, who is my daddy, turned 70. i have a picture of him. he looks nothing like don johnson everyone is thinking of. >> do you know who he looks like a lot. >> harry bellafonte. >> we will get picture up in just a minute. >> hey, scottie, bought full day yesterday. beautiful day here. >> it really is, high temperature 77 degrees, it was a ten but we will have to go back to reality, the average high this time of the year is 64 degrees, high temperature today will only be in the lower 60's, because a cold front a has, moved through area and wind out of the north now, yesterday we had wind out of the south and west, warming us up and temperatures holding steady, if in the drop a few
4:31 am
degrees. mid 50's in reading. fifty-four in pottstown. sixty-one, warm spot in philadelphia, upper 50's in dover as well as atlantic city. here's your planner, grab a light jacket. you can see temperatures as much in the upper 50's and then by this afternoon we are looking at temperatures in the, low 60's. we had that pattern change with that canadian high pressure building in, we will talk about how long we will keep those cooler temperatures coming up. >> 4:31. tgif and construction still with us, left over from last night. big one here vine street expressway closed in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. so if you are coming into center city this morning for the next hour or so off of i9 five you will be push off at broad or use vine street local. coming in off the schuylkill expressway you can use spring garden, south street or 30th street. so let's go outside to the live camera ben franklin parkway we are man smack dab
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in the middle there right in front of the cathedral where old four seasons comes into play. inner and outer drives comes out of the circle there all closed and that is a as a result of the construction down below to replace the the vine expressway overpasses. so, it is the the same project, but, the the parkway closed for another hour or so and we will go back to the maps here your best bet you will be push off make a left on to race street and expect some detours. this parkway new pattern is going to be with us for the next couple months of so. if you are coming into center city for any events, walks on the parkway just be ready for some construction delays. here we are, here we are a live look at i-95, in delaware county, heading north bound up toward the airport, cones are down near 320 and there is a couple different construction zones, heading south on i-95, between street road and woodhaven road by corn wells heights park and ride, and construction through cottman
4:33 am
and also again at girard, chris and lauren, back to you. we are following breaking news out of nashville, three people shot, and at tennessee state university. >> one person has died, the the shoot ago parentally happened during a dispute during a dice game. there is no indication of the active shooter on campus, the shooting comes a week after three people were shot in an off campus party across the street from the college. more breaking news out of france, 42 people are dead after a bus and truck collide near the southwestern city of game dough. >> the bus caught fire which led to the high death toll, again, 42 people at this point. bus was carrying older passengers on a day trip. the france's president fran companies a landis promising an invest facial into what is happening. back at home two officers in the hospital after a car fleeing police end up hitting their police cruiser. >> sabina kuriakose live outside presbyterian hospital where those two officers are
4:34 am
recovering, sabina. >> reporter: that is right, this morning we have two officers recovering and two suspects in custody. in fact if he was trying to flee police as authority say, he had bad timing. lets look at video of the wreckage of the crash just after this chase ended a and we will tell you how it all began. tinted windows, it happened around 10:00 o'clock 19th district officers tried to pull over a dark colored cadillac near 58th ape master because continuitying was so dark it was illegal. instead of pulling over the the driver sped away from police, but got a block away before his luck ran out. he ran in the pasting police suv with two officers and he t boned him in the passenger side. the police officers and vehicle jump the curve and hit a row home nearby. the driver of the cadillac decided to make it work, he a allegedly hit pot he lease suv
4:35 am
again, head on trying to get away second time. the office's rested a 23 year-old driver and now they are looking at why he seemed so desperate to get away. >> and they are just making a routine traffic stop, the at 58th and master streets for this this heavy tip, when the the vehicle took off at a very high rate of speed causing a serious auto accident. >> reporter: two officers suffered head and face trauma, one with the bloody nose, another with the cut to the head but they are stable and they will be just fine. chris and lauren back to you. very first day serving as pennsylvania attorney general without her law license kathleen kane released what she claims are pornographic e-mails to the public. >> her spokesperson claims some of the 48 e-mails are pornographic, racially and they mock and demean women. kane says her office found them on the computer of state
4:36 am
supreme court justice michael. >> and the democrat released them to show, they cleared him of wrongdoing even after seeing images of nude women n a statement eakins say they don't reflect my character or belief. attorney general kane had her law license pulled by state supreme court and faces charges with lying to the grand jury a and other offenses. take a close look at would the man on the sidewalk, can you see anyone, sneaking up behind her. >> i can't see her. >> investable had halloween costume that could put your kid in danger. >> that is creepy.
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trailing game in the final, for second week in the row. let's go to greenville, east carolina and look at this pj walk tore rob anderson, 23-yard, 3:30 left, temple goes up 17-14. they pile it up after that. jahad thomas 14-yard, 24-14 temple wins. they are seven and zero and notre dame is next week. for eagles to win sunday night at caroline, sam bradford has to cut down on those interceptions. pressure in this city of philadelphia when things don't go well in philadelphia, sam bradford can't worry about those things and it doesn't. >> i have been here. this is a great sports town. the people are passionate here. they really care. a as far as the extra
4:40 am
pressure, i think i put more pressure on myself then anyone on the outside could put on me. >> pretty good chance michael kendricks will play and nelson agholor will not. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> after 15 years camden river sharks have struck out. >> unfortunately. it is a beautiful ballpark if you have never been there. they struggled will with a attendance at that ballpark and that led to money trouble and then facing foreclosure camden county bought the ballpark this spring and just three weeks ago they announce aid new billion dollars waterfront project that will likely attract new talent. well, yesterday fans strolled campbells field to say good bye to the team. camden county says they are in negotiation was other teams and baseball does seem to be the future. and a u.s. judge just approved a 20 million-dollar
4:41 am
settlement over beck's beer. >> judge ruled anheuser falsely led beer drinkers to believe beck's is german. beck's label says it quote originated in germany, and it is german quality beer. >> beck's makes its beer, however, in st. louis, missouri. company moved out of german any 2012. settlement comes customers who bought beck's light and dark beers since may of 2011. >> you have until next month to, draw and claim your complaint on line it is man i had in america. come on. best buoys putting free shipping into your stocking this christmas, the electronics chain typically requires customers to spend $35 to get that free shipping. >> but starting on sunday november 25th that restriction will be gone, best buy, free shipping program runs through january 2nd. it makes it easy to to your christmas and who will take shopping. >> nothing ease bye who will will day shopping. >> on to the new orange and it is the the new black fans may have a reason to turn off the
4:42 am
tv. the new role for le vern cox is called a must see. >> i can't wait to see it.
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a little jimmy buffet talking about his favorite thing, cheese burgers. we're talking food all morning long because we will have a bunch of cheese steaks out here at fourth and market
4:45 am
later this morning. we have a big cheese stake festival that is sold out, 25,000 people, already. >> oh, my goodness. >> real quickly do you see this right here, that is ben franklin parkway, you may have driven by it or seen it and right there at the end of it is philadelphia museum of art and then there is steps that are like rocky steps, well, right in front of there we will light the night this coming weekend. this is leukemia light the night walk. so saturday, the 24th, right there, in front of the museum, check in will begin at 4:30 in the afternoon. >> all of the big bucks, everybody raises will go toward research, advocacy programs. chris murphy, steve keeley, bill anderson, lucy noland will be on hand. for more details go to fox click on the family focus section. go on chris's facebook page and ask him all of the question. >> back to food real quickly, tweet us please your favorite cheese stake. i'm sorry, i cannot get cheese
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steaks off the brain. i will reveal my favorite cheese stake coming up late they're morning but use the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> definitely without a doubt prince of steaks, steve's is the absolute best hand down. >> really. >> they're good. >> but they are not my favorite. >> yep, yep, yep. >> scott williams, throwing it out there, i know you cannot just pick one. >> will we do this right now. >> i have several but i will throw one out there, broad and erie, it is called max's, anybody with me on that one. >> i have driven by max's. >> broad and erie. >> it is pretty good. >> tweet me, your favorite as well. let's talk about this light the the night on saturday. temperatures on saturday will top out in the lower 60's but grab a light jacket the because, they will fall in the 50 a's for the walk. a as far as weather for today, on a scale of one to ten, we cannot do a ten, yesterday's high 77 degrees. well above average for this time of the year. we are looking at an eight
4:47 am
because of the cooler changes out there, wind of change, wind are out of the north drawing down cooler air so temperatures today will be kind of stuck in the lower 60's for high temperatures with that wind out of the north so cool tore day as well as for upcoming weekend. here's is what happening. we have a cold front that is moving through and winds shifted more out of the north, we have wind out of the south and west over the past several days moving us in the 70's. so right now 58 atlantic city as well as dover. the warmer spot lower 60's in philadelphia, we have low to mid 50's once you move north and west, couple 40's showing up in the pocono mountains and you can see that cooler air off to the north and west, and that will continue to funnel down toward our area. so temperatures really will not budge that much throughout the day-to-day if not, it holds steady in the city. that high pressure continues to move toward our area, so today, below average as well as for upcoming weekend. right around average but
4:48 am
temperatures today only 62 degrees. that is it for the high temperatures. noticeably cooler but average for this time of the year is right around 64 degrees. you can see it stays cooler for your upcoming weekend maybe a spotty shower on sunday but seasonal temperatures, bob kelly as we head into next week. >> sound good, scottie. good morning everybody. we have overnight construction out there with us. this is a live look at route one near the pennsylvania turnpike down to one lane as you are rolling it, southbound in bucks county. good news though they have pick up the cones and moved the barriers away and we are back in business, the vine street expressway, moving again in both directions, however, there is still construction on the ben franklin parkway. there is a new traffic pattern that was put into play over last couple of days and this here above us will be with us for next couple of months. mainly centered between cathedral and steps of the art museum there where outer drives of the parkway are closed and that is all part of
4:49 am
the vine expressway, reconstruction. throughout the day we will find delays, washington lane, germantown avenue, kind of quiet on the schuylkill expressway for now, no problems up and down the roosevelt boulevard, they are repaving in northeast philadelphia, that stretch of the boulevard between rhawn street and woodward, so watch for the inner drive, closed until about 5:30 or so this morning. the patco high speed line change up your schedule as we get in the fall season. so, they are using both sides of the ben franklin bridge tracks and is there a new schedule that comes into play so make sure you grab one for morning rush hour, chris and lauren, back over to you. everything will in the be ready to ship before the holidays some families will to have let go of their lego dreams, the famous toy maker said it won't meet demand in europe but on top of things right here in america. >> lego has seen an increase because of toys such as batman and star wars and lego movie which was really good, right?
4:50 am
that boosts really is driving sales. you never saw lego movie? it was awesome. well, everything is awesome. little catch phrase in the movie. one halloween costume you probably have not seen this year is getting parents worried. >> because the the the whole point is to make your child invisible. experts air frayed, the super skin costume is too effective, it comes in all kind of colors for children including black making children almost disappear at night. >> so take a look at the what happens when nine year-old zachary put on a costume when a bright light is on and moving he is just fine but off it is hard to tell he is standing right in front of you, look at that. >> rule number one you are not sure what it is, you could be frightened by it because you are not sure fit is someone trying to sneak up on you. >> many who saw the costume called it just dumb, and dangerous, not to mention one child told fox he had trouble seeing and breathing while wearing the costume. i'm not going to let my kid
4:51 am
wear it. we told you how hillary clinton spent hours in the congressional commit thee all day and how she responded to the been gas a tack but clinton just seemed to let things slide off her back. >> check out this candid moment caught on a break. >> katie perry publicly expressed support. she will rally supporters doing an event in iowa. >> glad the witch hunt is coming to an end and we cannery focus on the future of america. i admire your unbreakable strength, hillary clinton, hashtag you a a a boss. she was in that hot seat for 11 full hours. >> did they ask anyone to go on to the concert? >> you heard the expression clothe make the man but what you can do this week toned make she is girls feel as good as gold.
4:52 am
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪
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standing by for fun. ♪ you heard the expression clothes make the man but apparently woman too especially on a pageant runway. >> fox 29's bruce gordon paid a visit to ocean county where help is needed for very special contestants in a very special way. it will be for a smaller girl. >> reporter: sixteen year-old mckenzie, sifts through lone rack have of gowns to be provided to contestant in this
4:55 am
year free of charge for this years miss amazing pageant. she needs heels, jewelry. >> we need a whole package. >> reporter: with help from mom mckenzie runs the new jersey pageant design to create a special day for women with mental or physical disabilities. contestants like patrice and sidney don't have the the money to buy their own gowns for one time special event like this. >> i want to look fabulous like a super star princess. >> how nice would it be to have a pretty dress to wear, for this pageant. >> yes. >> you like that. >> yes. >> reporter: but last minute hitch left the contest with far fewer donated dresses then they need. contestants are due to meet this saturday, to pick out this pageant wear. >> we're talking about style changes, size changes, even with the same age group we're talking about not everyone is made the same and therefore, we need a selection. >> reporter: like that prom dress in your closet or
4:56 am
bridesmaid dress you will never wear again. >> you might not find it gorgeous but that other girl might come in and think my gosh i found my dream gown. >> reporter: miss amazing pageant are run all over the country centered around abilities not disability to empower women like patrice and sidney on stage and looking like a million bucks. >> that with just be the most awesome thing, ever. >> yeah, i like that. >> makes you feel good. >> makes me happy, yeah. >> reporter: looking good, feeling will good, in an elegant outfit, you donated. >> just to see a smile on a girl's face because she puts on a gown because she feels pretty for a day is amazing. >> reporter: bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> no one would dare step to vin diesel because you know movie star will get you fast and furious. why you should be fearful of this seven years old.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
breaking news this morning on the fox 29 morning news out of nashville a shooting at tennessee state university leaves three people wounded, the the latest coming up, but first, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. three cars, two crashes and one house, a crazy police chase hurt two officers, we have an update on their condition, chris. speaking of updates a condition that long road to
5:00 am
recovery for lemar odom of his near death experience the drugs that officials are saying likely nearly did hit him in. dave kinchen, good morning. >> reporter: breaking news right now temple university football back on campus at temple football building. they just went seven and zero. we talk to the coach, coming up. and safe to say chip kelly has done more than his fair share of interviews over the the years. ridiculous question the eagles coach was asked that caused him a pretty big reaction. good day, it is friday october . at least he had a reaction. sometimes you see him and he just, answers, that is it. >> unaudible. >> let's go do weather. >> speaks a little bit the more clear then chip kelly. >> that was pretty good,


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