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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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recovery for lemar odom of his near death experience the drugs that officials are saying likely nearly did hit him in. dave kinchen, good morning. >> reporter: breaking news right now temple university football back on campus at temple football building. they just went seven and zero. we talk to the coach, coming up. and safe to say chip kelly has done more than his fair share of interviews over the the years. ridiculous question the eagles coach was asked that caused him a pretty big reaction. good day, it is friday october . at least he had a reaction. sometimes you see him and he just, answers, that is it. >> unaudible. >> let's go do weather. >> speaks a little bit the more clear then chip kelly. >> that was pretty good, you
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guys. it is probably chip being chip as howard eskin likes to say all the time. looking forward to. that let talk about bus stop buddy because he has a light jacket on. temperatures will hold steady in the 50's for most of this morning and high temperatures today only in the lower 60's. so weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten we're talking about an eight out there due to the cooler changes. wyndmoor out of the north and that will draw down that cooler a air, yesterday we had those southeasterly wind. high made it up to 77 degrees. no 07's today. we are looking at temperatures in the pocono mountains in mid 40's and 50's in pottstown, lancaster. upper 50's right now in dover, a as well as atlantic city. we will talk about that friday planner. by lunchtime temperatures right around 59 degrees. not a whole lot of movement with the temperatures today so just grab that light jacket or sweater, it will be more of a fall-type day out there as opposed to more spring-like feeling yesterday.
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coming up we will talk much more about a will cooler changes and then all important, weekend forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:02. tgif. we are off to a good quiet start. a lot of overnight construction, getting up and out, southbound i-95, near cornwells heights park and ride. everybody pushed off to the far right lane here heading south in towards the city and then further south on i-95 we have construction at cottman, at girard but later on today and throughout the weekend pen do hopes to have a fourth lane opened as part of the next phase of the construction so that should ease things at that girard avenue interchange. new traffic pattern in play now on the ben franklin parkway. they had it closed overnight, coming in the city, today or any of the walks or events over the weekend just be ready for delays and extra traffic tie ups on the parkway, between the steps of the art museum, all the way up through city hall.
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coming from new jersey the 42 freeway looking good working your way in toward downtown, walt whitman bridge, in problems at all and then north on the new jersey turnpike a left over work crew between exits four and exits number five. no problems though on mass transit, chris and lauren, back over to you. we have to turn to this at 5:03. it is breaking news out of nashville. three people have been shot the at tennessee state university. >> one person has died. nashville police are telling thus shooting was over a dice game that happened. there is no indication that the active shooter is there on the campus . it comes a little more than a week after three people were shot in an off campus party just across the street from the college. >> so many campus shootings we have reported recently. 5:03. police are trying to piece together exactly what happened when their vehicle was hit. >> sabina kuriakose live at south presbyterian hospital where two officers are recovering this morning, hi there a sabina. >> we did just get an update on those two officer's condition and we are told they
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were treated and released from penn presbyterian so they will be okay thankfully. that is the ending to a very bizarre story that started with a routine traffic stop and ended with a police suv crashing in the side of a row home. so lets see if we can walk you through this. it happened just before 10:00 o'clock last night when 19th district cops attempted to pull over a cadillac at 58th and master in the carol park section of the city in west philadelphia. as soon as the driver saw those blue and red flashing lights in the rear view while he allegedly floored it instead of stopping and took off. as luck would have it he only got a block away before police say that cadillac slammed into another police vehicle a chevy tahoe that just happened to be going by. fleeing driver t boned that tahoe on the passenger side according to police, causing it to jump the curve and hit a nearby row home. so you think that would be the end of it but no, police say
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the cadillac tried to keep going, they say he struck the police suv a second time, guys. this time head on, that led to the tahoe striking the row home, a second time. so you might be wondering why that driver in the cadillac was so desperate to get away from police, well, authorities say they are wondering, the same thing here, chief inspector scott small giving us an update. >> holding the car as a crime scene, accident investigation come out here to process the scene and then police will search the car to see if there is additional marijuana or narcotics that are in the car that may have caused the driver for whatever reason to take off at a high rate of speed causing this police vehicle to roll role. >> you heard it there police alleging that driver may have had drugs in the car and that is why he allegedly was trying to get away from police. police arrested the 23 year-old driver and three
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three-year old female passengers, both had minor injuries. the police officer, we mentioned two from the 19th district one had a bloody nose other cut the to his head but again luckily they are both okay and treated and released from the hospital. chris and lauren, back to you. >> you are right, thanks. >> relatives of the brendan creato, will lay him to rest in camden county last night. it was ane motional time for everyone touched by the three-year old's death. >> so many people hearing this story touched by this. the kid was just 36789 loved ones gathered at blake/doyle funeral home in collinswood to pay their respects to the haddon township boy. it was a few weeks ago police found brendan's body just hours after his father reported him missing. >> medical examiners conduct an autopsy but we still don't necessity how he died, police now say in one sexually assaulted him, no one broke in the family's haddon township home and his family is laying him to rest in a private funeral. area parents are feeling uneasy, after a child luring
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at an elementary school this happened outside wayne elementary school this delaware county this man 26 year-old daniel lee approached a group of siblings playing outside the school. >> he reportedly told the kids he was heading to a cabin in the wood and began to ask them questions about their school and said hey, tell me about your teachers. well, soon after that the children's hot mother arrived and then called police and then they arrested this guy lee nearby. >> this is a situation where the system absolutely worked. we were notified by parents of the children. >> police say that the suspect never directly threatened the kid or forced them to go anywhere. lee is being held on hundred thousand doll are bail and expect to undergo a a psychiatric evaluation. 5:07. police investigating a violent robbery in north philadelphia, this happened on gerney street in the the city's fair hill neighborhood. shortly after 7:30 last night police say a 54 year-old hispanic man was stab multiple
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times. the man was quickly taken by police to temple hospital. >> this confrontation that the officers initially saw was a robbery, and a stabbing, and the 54 year-old stab victim was robbed, undetermined amount of money right now because he was taken right to surgery. >> the victim right now is in critical condition, police say they did find a weapon used but they are still looking for the suspect. it was a a shooter's night after they beat east carolina pushing them to a seven-zero season. >> first time in the teams history, starting at 70:00 and this team is first to do that to get seven wins since 1980. dave kinchen live, catching up with the team as they arrived from the airport just about an hour ago you talk to the head coach matt rule and he has ruled the town now. >> reporter: my god he is pumped up. the coaches and players just got back to temple university's campus here in north philadelphia they just walked into the the football building there and you you
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know what, this is the right time to get up and start doing their work outs but players will not get a lot of sleep despite getting in town late, later then usual after their flight was delayed but when you are on a energy high like you this just keep ongoing. let's go to the video. they took out east carolina 24-14. pj walker found rob anderson for a 23-yard score. they take on the lead. 3:31 remaining. and then owls block a punt on east carolina's next drive and they turned it into a 14-yard touchdown run by jahad thomas and they just kept pounding and play after play keeping that momentum going to seven and zero beating east carolina and the coach is just jazzed, listen in. >> i'm most excited for the kids. especially everything they have been through. i thought it was a real
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testament to the guys on the team to go down there. that atmosphere was rocking. it was loud, hostile and they found a way to pull it out. it wasn't pretty but they found a way. i told them nothing will ever be perfect but it was a really goodwin. >> of course, the coach said that right now, celebrate, celebrating this weekend but monday you know they get back to work to see temple players coming back out here live walking or just went in the temple football building here, the olson hall on campus . this is what time they usually get up and practice but right now they will try to get some sleep. they got in late from carolina and just got back on campus . they literally touched down more than an hour ago. so a lot of people tired but at the same time they are on cloud nine, guys, back to you. >> touchdown is the operative word. thanks dave, so much. a big hall for investigators in camden who say they have linked a local business to a man behind a series of recent burglaries.
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>> detectives gave us a look what they have recovered through their investigation on display, power tools, electronics, phones, other valuables. they have confiscated a aspirin, laundry detergent and baby formula. police say 41 year-old manual mendoza stole it all over past two months. they say he sold them to another food market where employees marked them up for resale. >> they are giving these thieves a reason to continue stealing because are helping them out. they are benefiting from it, at the store but ultimately if they would stop purchasing these stolen items from the thief, our crime would go down because they would have no where to sell these items too. >> good point , right? prosecutors have charged the the store employee with receiving stolen property, and they are also looking to charge the the markets owner, a guy by the name of rafael jimenes, he is 56, if you care. >> dozens rested after tons of
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marijuana received by police, why the suspect would have had to be in great shape to pull this crime off. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds.
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yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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we have terrible breaking news here, at least 42 people are confirmed dead after a bus collided near southwestern city of the board dough in france. the the bus caught fire after that crash leading to that high death toll. again, 42 people at this point. preliminary investigation is underway but circumstance
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that he is led to the crash are unclear right now. we do know the bus was carrying overpass eveningers, they were heading out, the town's mayor says that the bus driver was able to get the door opened to allow about eight people to get out, days later. >> my goodness. maybe 50 people on the bus, and then 42 are dead. what a horrible developing story out of france. >> terrible. let's he talk about weather, because weekend is upon us and the timing is not the so perfect here because weather yesterday was, down right perfect. >> it will not be that bad but it is just not as warm as it has been, chris and lauren. we're talking temperatures in the lower 60's. seventy-seven was the high temperature yesterday so it had has been more of a case of spring as opposed to fall. so with those temperatures dropping back to where we should be for this time of the year, little cooler, we will give it an eight today. not that bad. the as we talk about the past seven days though, lets take a look at the roller coaster ride that we have been on, remember earlier this week, we
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had, freeze warnings, and temperatures on monday only in the 50's, yesterday, 77 degrees, was the high temperature and take a look at the pattern right the now, we're talking about that front, cold front, moving to the south, high pressure, settling in overhead, some cooler air, from canada will continue to head into our direction, and throughout the day-to-day and we will keep those seasonal temperatures going in the weekend. so take a look at your planner. grab a light jacket. temperatures to start for most in the 50's. by lunchtime, only 59 degrees and temperatures right around 62 degrees, by this afternoon. so here's the satellite and radar. here's that cold front pushing off to the south, high pressure building in behind witt that wind shift. we have upper 50's in philadelphia a58 degrees in atlantic city think morning. fifty-four in wilmington. so temperatures right now in the 50's and once again they will be kind of slow to move, really throughout the day as that colder air continues to move in from the north.
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we have 39 degrees in syracuse right now. 41 degrees in burlington and 50, in the williamsport area. so 62 degrees, that is afternoon high temperature with sun and clouds, much cooler with those wind out of the north and then by tonight, we're looking at those temperatures dropping to about 42 degrees. so if you have friday evening plans, have that jacket or sweater, as well because it will be cooler. that weather authority seven day forecast we're talking about those temperatures in the lower 60's for today as well as saturday and maybe a spotty shower as we move towards sections of your sunday and we are looking at temperatures right around average as we move toward parts of next week, bob. >> there we go, we're good. 5:17. good morning on a friday, tgif, and hello to the bennie. live look at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown philadelphia a no problems at all, up and over in toward, center city, a live look at the schuylkill expressway, with the sky line in the
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background, all of the buildings lit up in pink for breast cancer awareness month, no problems getting in or out of the city, the drives are opened, as a bunch of walks, charity functions over the weekend which we will see closures of the drives and portions of the parkway. patco high speed line kicked in a new timetable for the fall, and the good news is that, it looks like things will be a little easier that construction schedule kind of pushed to the back, to the back of the pile there. they have got both tracks operating for next couple of months here in and out of the philadelphia bottom line good for commuters some grab a new timetable to roll role with it. philly international looking good. no problems if you are heading down to the airport, some paving coming our way later on today during midday, wissohickon avenue between hunting park and mt. airy avenue starting at 9:00. they will be working out on washington lane and germantown a avenue beginning at 9:00 but the boulevard is looking good and no problems on the schuylkill, and in problems on mass transit. the chris and lauren, back
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over to you. let's turn to this coming up at 5:19. man accused of killing a four year-old girl in albuquerque new mexico has his first day in court. tony torres appeared on the tv screen from jail yesterday. torres had his head down most of the time and did not speak. three two-year old has been charged with murder and other charges for shooting william garcia in a fit of road rage. girls father just pick up his two kid from school when he got in front of the torres. the girl was shot once in the head. >> sad really. it makes me sick to my stomach, someone could pull a gun out and shoot the at people. >> torres is being held on a $650,000 cash only bond, the judge called the case one of the most atrocious acts in the history of the city of albuquerque. >> now u.s. authorities say a huge drug running tunnel spanning the length of eight football fields was discovered along the border connecting mexico and san diego. 12 tons of pot received from the tunnel, authorities have
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arrested 22 people in connection to the drug raid that arrest comes after a six month investigation. new court documents may paint better picture of what happened to lemar odom inside that brothel. detectives telling us a judge they believe he was under the the influence of cocaine and other drugs when found unconscious last week. former nba star is under going therapy in los angeles right now. his family says his condition is improving. paul ryan gets green light, the wisconsin congressman declared candidacy for speaker of the house. ryan got support he needed from three major caucuses within the g.o.p. he a appears a sure thing. election is next week. hillary clinton defend her response to the 2012 been gas a tack. she was grilled by house republicans yesterday for 11 straight hours. the clinton told lawmakers that she hoped that everyone can move forward, together. clinton also adding it is unfortunate that something that serious could be used for partisan political purposes.
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a dramatic new video out of chicago shows the rescue of the little girl lock inside a day care center. >> all right. some. >> so check this out. you can see fire fighters racing through dark building to one year-old journey jones. her father says when he came to pick her up, all things are possible for kid day care center was closed, but he could hear his daughter inside and started to panic. >> are you kidding me? >> so, he called 911, fire fighters forced opened that front door to get journey out. the day care told her mom that they thought journey was a doll, so they closed up. the department of children and family services now investigating. one went beyond, in the back to the future wetting ceremony and their story is coming up. we need your cheese stake places, send them in.
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okay. back to the future part two marty mcfly travels to the future to save his children october 21st, 2015 was the day back to the future fans had
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been waiting for. one couple, incorporated, all into a back to the future theme wedding. >> fox's christie sisken has their story. >> reporter: these newlyweds have a bright future ahead but to celebrate their nuptials they went back to the future. >> it is my favorite movie from when i was a child, so i mean i watched it religiously. there wasn't a week or in that i did in the watch back to the future one, two and three. >> reporter: salvatore and his bride anastasia transported back to the 50's, 80's and movie version of 2015. from futuristic groomsmen ties to a hill valley clock tower, the ceremony starting the exact time marty lands in 2015. >> we got so many calls with the invitations. >> are you sure, 4:29. why can't you do 4:30. >> reporter: inside reception an iconic 80's wedding cake
5:26 am
topped with the groom and futuristic gear and dj stands straight out of the enchant. under the sea dance. instead of the traditional photo booth, the bride and groom opted for a green screen one of my personal favorites and pictures you take here really do take you back in the future, whoever board and all. but what about those predictions from the move i do they hold true on anastasia and salvatore's big day. >> i think it will rain. >> it will rain today which is on par with the movie so that should be good. i'm not the so sure we will have hover cars but we will take it. >> all right. take a closer look, woman, do you see the white shirt. that is all you see, but there is someone behind her that you would never see, the inn wentible halloween costumes that could put your kid in danger, warning straight ahead.
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so, it is end of an era for a new jersey sports team. where you can buy your camden river sharks memorabilia for the last time. >> if you are frustrated withstanding in line for airport security, checks, one airport may have the answer, why checking out at the tsa can be, as easy a as turning on, your blue tooth. >> that is cool because i'm sick of taking off my shoes.
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>> tsa precheck i just got that. >> you are a world traveler. she's always wheels up. isn't it the worst thing when you put your hand up and they do that thing that scans your body. you are hike what are they really seeing. >> i don't mind it. just get me to my flight. i don't really care. >> then men start to sweat and cry. >> it is laughable. >> hey, scottie. >> let's talk about the weather on this friday morning because we have some temperature changes out there bus stop buddy has that jacket on. we're talking about numbers in the 50's for most to start but believe it or not, some locations, will be stuck, with high temperatures in the 50's, for today. a as far as is what happening light now you can see 50 in allentown. fifty-two in pottstown. mid 50's in trenton. we are looking at upper 50's in millville as well as atlantic city. here's the reason for the
5:31 am
change. frontal boundary has push to the south, high pressure moving in from canada, that will draw you in cooler air. not only today but over next couple days. as we look at your planner, and jackets you can see cooler day by lunch, temperatures only in the upper 50's. 62 degrees, that should just about do it for high temperature today. coming up, we will have that entire weekend forecast to help you plan and talk about more temperature change's head. how are roadways on this friday, bob. >> good morning, tgif, in the bad right now we are looking live downtown philadelphia, no problems coming in or out of the city this morning. the vine street expressway closed on the offer night the but everything is opened and ready to go for a morning rush hour, good morning, to delco, a live look at the blue route, in delaware county, saint david, villanova down to i-95 in good shape. in problems or delays at the all. however, this weekend we have a new traffic pattern that went into play on the ben franklin parkway. it will be with us for a couple months centered right
5:32 am
around where four seasons used to be in front of the cathedral. coming in the city for any of the events, or walks or charity events, town here along the parkway over the weekend just be ready for new detour. a new schedule in play on the patco high speed line, for the next couple of months, they will be using both tracks coming over ben franklin bridge. that is good news for commuters, so grab a schedule this morning. pennsylvania turnpike, crews are still working on the off ram tops fort washington and heading south on i-95 we are seeing brake taps in the construction zone but good news by later on today penndot says they will have that new fourth lane opened, on i-95 between girard and center city, or wise, mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. >> do you see this right here. it will be like this, by the end of the day. >> that is because we will let chris taste all of the cheese steaks he wants, and the best within in the city. we asked you on facebook,
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instagram, some of you are sounding off already. here are some of your reactions. deborah says tony luke's has the best cheese steaks. >> one of my favorite dudes, too. >> frank says without a doubt, we talk about that, steve's is the absolute best hands down. >> he is good too. >> what else do you got. >> what do you got? dave, castor piss, would you go to a pizza place. >> there is a a dakota's pizza, they have one of the best cheese steaks i have ever had. how about this one, this is from joseph, okay. he said favorite cheese stake is scrapple cheese stake from johnny rocks on frankford avenue in northeast philadelphia if you like scrapple, who is to judge. >> so, keep sending them to us, use the the hashtag fox 29 good day and then we will be sounding off bit. >> we're playing food songs throughout the morning. there is no song about cheese stake that i'm aware of.
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we have just played led zeppelin's hot dog. >> let's all i do is win, in matter what. temple continues to win, by defeating east carolina. >> can you believe this. they are seven and zero, last year they were six-six. they have surpassed that. and boy are they on their way to an amazing season, dave kinchen. >> in kidding, we have a champions, or i want it all because, you know what they won it all. they are seven-zero right now. temple owls, they just got back in town a little over an hour ago and we drove up to them, they have gotten back on campus, football building. some players going for a little bit of sleep but when you are jazzed like you would be when you see these highlights you are about to see it is really had hard to get any kind of sleep. that is because owls took out east caroline, 24-14. ej walker, found receiver rob anderson for a 23-yard score
5:35 am
to take a 17-24 score right there. thirty-three minutes, 31 seconds left in the game. next play owls blocked a punt on east carolina's next drive and turn tonight to a 14-yard touchdown run by jahad thomas. they kept pounding and pounding, battling adversity at times and they have pulled out the win and the coach talked bit on fox 29, listen in. >> it was a great night for us, our team and kid for all of temple and i could not be prouder. they went out there, to a whose style environment. crowd was great, east carolina they didn't play perfect. our defense was spectacular in the second half, block a couple punts. our offence came through at the right time. rob anderson, pj walker, converted a couple of big third downs and then a touchdown. it wasn't perfect but we found a way to get it done and that was a good team we have beaten. >> coach also said that the the players danced in the
5:36 am
locker room but they were also focused. the coach says that this weekend they are going to celebrate this victory but come monday they will get back to work because they have got notre dame, fighting irish, they are coming in and that will be a really big game, of course but right now they are savoring this win seven and zero, so sweet, guys. >> unbelievable. >> all right. dave, thank you. >> amazing, huge, historic. >> they have never done this before it is historic. >> safe to say chip kelly, he has done more than his fair share of interviews. >> well, yes. >> someone asked him a question and it caused a a big reaction and you don't usually get those from chip kelly. >> i can't wait for this.
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temple went for their seventh straight last night and trailed going in the final quarter. lets go to greenville north carolina. they have played in carolina they are trailing with 3:30 left but pj walk tore rob anderson, temple goes up 17-14. within two minutes they have scored another touchdown. john thomas, 14-yard, 24-14. temple seven and zero. chip kelly speaks four times a week to the media and that is counting after the games. there tend to be ridiculous questions as many times as he speaks, that will happen,
5:40 am
right? i don't understand this one. chip coached many places and was defensive coordinator at johns-hopkins so he gets questions about his schemes there. >> we're talking about 1991. >> all right: good. we were a four-three team, played little match coverage. played more match coverage then zone coverage because we had smart kids that could do a good stuff like that. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> let's talk baseball, right? we know it is off season but after 15 years camden river sharks, you can say they have struck out. >> they struggled with attendance and money facing foreclosure. camden county bought the ballpark this spring and they have announce aid new billion dollar waterfront project that will likely attract new talent. yesterday fans strolled campbell's field to say bye-bye to the team and snatch up some discounted memorabilia. >> probably about 11 years old
5:41 am
when they opened up in 2001 and a lot of games and bitter sweet coming in here. >> i was really saddened by it to tell you the truth. i never expect them to move. i was here for opening day in 2001. >> i came to say good bye, myself. >> such a great location with the ben franklin bridge right there in the outfield. camden county said they are in negotiation was other teams, and baseball does seem to be in the future. the throughout was why didn't you just move like the phillies minor looking team, maybe reading team could play there and so close. >> they have big plans for the waterfront though. cheese stake conversation continues. >> okay. >> what does it say. >> lets look at some of the people weighing in. we are using hashtag fox 29 good day. is there a big cheese stake festival sold out at the link the saturday, 25,000 tickets sold out for this thing. we're saying hey what is your favorite cheese stake. >> brittany says come on over to bridge to donkey a's in
5:42 am
camden, omg. anthony agrees. how about this one sam's pizza in trevose has one of the best cheese steaks i have ever had in bunks county. that is sweet, send assayingsal. >> i miss out on these pizza cheese stake ones. no one would dare step in front of the vin diesel because he will get you fast and serious. you why should be fearful of his seven years old.
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that is because this guy right here his name is don johnson, and he happens to be my daddy, he turns 70 today. >> that ace big one. >> i know, big birth the day. >> so i will hang out with him in atlanta over the weekend. >> it is not first time someone said he looks like harry bellafonte. >> people say it a all the time. >> does he sing like harry. >> no, he can't sing and can't cook but he has donna lieutenant of other things well. >> that is sweet. >> lets go to scott williams. >> yes. >> we have a big event, light the the night walk is at the the museum steps basically, sign in for tomorrow night, how will our weather be. >> it is looking good. it will feel like fall. temperatures for your saturday will start in the lower 60's for that but then dropping
5:46 am
down to 50's. we will talk about it coming up. take a look at roller coaster ride, guys over the the past seven days, temperatures early this week, remember, monday morning, we had those freeze warnings, 55 was the the high and look at yesterday, 77 degrees, though. we're saying bye to the 07's today because of the cold front that moved through overnight off to the south, and high pressure will be moving in behind it and that will mean wind will come more out of the north, drawing in that cooler air. temperatures right now 44 degrees, pocono mountains. we are looking a at 50 in allentown. upper 50's in philadelphia, as well as sections of atlantic city, wildwood good morning to you. 59 degrees. waking up in dover at 59 degrees is your current temperature. on average we are looking at temperatures this morning in the 50 a's, and then yeah by lunchtime upper 50's. it will be cooler but below average by 2 degrees. sixty-two for the high temperature. right now satellite and radar showing dry, quiet conditions across the the area with that
5:47 am
high pressure moving in, funneling down some of that cooler a air. you can see temperatures in the lower 50's north and west, mid to upper 50's along i-95 as well as south jersey a and delaware but moving further to the north, you can see that cooler air and temperatures, upper 30's right now in syracuse. 62 degrees the high temperature for today, grab that light jacket or sweater especially heading outside on the town tonight. those temperatures will be dropping rapidly. 42 degrees will be the low temperature. as we move ahead to that seven day forecast, we're talking about seasonal temperatures, maybe a spotty shower on sunday and as we move toward early next week temperatures in the low to mid 60's, fall foliage looking pretty good. this is weekend bob kill toy head up to the pocono mountains and take a look at those beautiful colors. >> did you get that invite? he is inviting us to his place in the pocono mountains? did you read into that? good morning, everybody.
5:48 am
5:47, this weekend if you you are going to the poconos or staying in town watch out for kelly drive to be shut down, head of the schuylkill regatta taking over the kelly drive and, schuylkill river at both saturday and sunday. so all that extra volume will be push on to the schuylkill. we've got cheese stake festival tomorrow, but we have powerhouse, it kicks off at 6:00 o'clock at wells fargo center. that will throw some extra volume through and into south philadelphia, for the evening rush hour. ben franklin parkway some new traffic patterns developed over the last couple of days and they will be with us for a couple months, now, closures here, mainly light in front of the cathedral where old four seasons come into play there between the steps all the way down. if you are going to any of the great events over the weekend that are on the parkway, expect delays. patco high speed line running with the new schedule this morning, for the next couple of months, so grab a new timetable waiting for trains and this is a turnpike, east
5:49 am
and westbound, construction still out there on the ramps, to fort washington. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> if you are frustrated standing in those long security line at the airport one airport has come up with a solution. >> orlando international the using blue tooth to lower their lines. it is call iq. it will measure exactly how much time it takes to get to the front of the security line to putting your belt back on. airport will know what time lines, are stacked up and how you long waits are and airport will post wait times above the checkpoint. >> so this provides information to the travelers, to relieve anxieties about how long it will take them to get through the checkpoint. >> they needed that airport, yes. >> with all of the strollers and everything. >> disney world. >> the sensors will pick up anything blue tooth without having to do anything. don't worry, things will be fine. >> you love living there with all of those tourist. >> moms, may him, kids, i love
5:50 am
disney. >> i loved disney. >> there is a big cheese stake festival at the link this sat the day, tomorrow. we will have cheese steaks on good day later. is what your favorite cheese stake. >> pepper mint poddy, y'all sleep on the hood steaks. pete's pizza has the best, west philadelphia. >> this is ltyrannic. >> thirty-ninth ape chestnut in west philadelphia had great sakes. >> sam's pizza. we will satisfaction it again. sam's pizza in trevose, pa. so keep sending them, this is getting fun guys, hashtag fox 29 good day. training a new generation evidently. >> vin december illinois has a seven year-old daughter. she is a tough guy but she has an orange stripes, courtesy of her aunt.
5:51 am
she told "fox sports" she feels bad for anyone who dates his daughter down the line, actor wants his girl to be able to defend herself in any situation. father of two shared this sweet message on jimmy fallon. >> ♪ vin diesel and his girlfriend are parents to paulinea, named after his co-star and, late friend late actor paul walker. c low green says he wants to return to the voice. grammy award winning actress was original coach when it premiered in 2011. >> he left after facing charges in a felony drug case and then said he has openly apologized for his actions and ready to put the past behind him and ready to move forward. le vern, made famous by veteran actor tim curry. she will play frank n farer,
5:52 am
and sexual trans lane use from the 1957 colt classic, rocky horror picture show. both adam lambert ape lady gaga turned down this part. it is due out next fall. >> you heard that expression, it is close. >> that is my story what you can do this weekend to make sure girls feel as good as gold.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
classic, right. green onions we're playing food songs, eating cheese steaks in advance of the big cheese stake festival tomorrow. a community in ocean county need your help to put a very special event for some very special ladies, on. it is called miss amazing pageant and it is held in town all over the country. pageant centers on abilities, not the disabilities to empower women and help them
5:56 am
look like a million bucks. but this year due you to i last minute hang up the pageant's 16 year-old director say they need more donated dresses by tomorrow. >> we're looking for the whole package to dress a girl up from head to toe. >> just to see a smile on a girl's face because she puts on a gown because she finally feels pretty for a day, it is amazing. >> miss amazing contestants paid no entry fee, instead they donate canned goods to the local food bank. the pageant takes place, in lawrenceville, in december, and if you have a dress that you can donate we will help you out here. all you have to do is go to fox and we will make it easy for you. again, what is your favorite cheese stake? use the hashtag fox 29 good day and ask some of these viewers, this is sweet sensational, big sam's pizza in trevose has been one of the best cheese steaks i have had. genie's, oldy but goodie, witt
5:57 am
plus fried onions, yum. there you go. we will be eating cheese steaks or at least i will at fourth and market on good day in about an hour. can't wait. dozens rested after tons of marijuana was seized by police. we mean tons. why the suspect, has to be in good shape to pull this off. we will tell you why. ññ
5:58 am
we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready.
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another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at
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suspects trying to avoid the police and end up crashing into, the the police. injuring, officers. where the suspects are, right now. temple fat ball off to its best start in school history, the owls just getting back home this morning, they are seven-zero. what the team is saying about last night's big, big win. and there is no place better than philadelphia to celebrate cheese steaks, that is for sure, the first annual, festival of cheese steaks. first time we have ever done this, it is tomorrow, 25,000 people have already signed up to go to this thing. >> yes, sold out. >> we have been talking about this since 4:00 this morning. where are the samples. >> we're ready. >> i know it is early, it is 6:00 o'clock in the morning. if you own a cheese stake place or anything where you create cheese steaks bring them to fourth and market and our human vacuum chris murphy will eat them. >> closest thing we have right now is a a g


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