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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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suspects trying to avoid the police and end up crashing into, the the police. injuring, officers. where the suspects are, right now. temple fat ball off to its best start in school history, the owls just getting back home this morning, they are seven-zero. what the team is saying about last night's big, big win. and there is no place better than philadelphia to celebrate cheese steaks, that is for sure, the first annual, festival of cheese steaks. first time we have ever done this, it is tomorrow, 25,000 people have already signed up to go to this thing. >> yes, sold out. >> we have been talking about this since 4:00 this morning. where are the samples. >> we're ready. >> i know it is early, it is 6:00 o'clock in the morning. if you own a cheese stake place or anything where you create cheese steaks bring them to fourth and market and our human vacuum chris murphy will eat them. >> closest thing we have right now is a a geno's steaks pen.
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>> we will just suck a pen. >> that is not good at all. >> geno has given that to us. >> we are not sucking on pens but we are eating cheese stake. scott is in for sue today. >> weather was nice yesterday. >> gorgeous. >> 77 degrees was the high yesterday. i don't think we can do 70's today so not the a ten. i will give it an eight. back to reality but take a look the a the average high this time of the year, 64 degrees. we have been on a roller coaster ride, it was 55 degrees on monday but then we were in the 70's, kind of spoiled, 77 was the high yesterday. it is 57 degrees but look at the wind out of the north and that is going to mean some cooler changes. take a a look at the temperatures, by lunchtime only 59 degrees, the high today only 62 degrees, coming up, we will talk about the cooler changes and what it means for your weekend, abe also a little look at some of
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the events taking place, this weekend. bob kelly. >> a lot of outdoor stuff. 6:02 on a friday morning, tgif, live look at 422, i'm not sure if this is an accident or disable truck, eastbound 422, right here their route 29, still attracting some attention there, collegeville, lawyers for, vine street expressway we are seeing pockets of volume coming into philadelphia, vine opened for business, it was closed overnight, the 42 freeway same deal starting to see some juice here as you head in toward both walt whitman and ben franklin. for commuters in south jersey patco high speed line they have a new schedule that kicked into gear, yesterday for the next couple of months so make sure you grab a new timetable and a new traffic pattern set up on the ben franklin park bay. it has been a rough couple days overnight they have had closure sort of right here in front of what would be the old four seasons, you've got
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cathedral. so watch for the the new patterns to cause delays especially this weekend for anybody coming in the city for any of the charity walks that take place there on the steps and on the parkway. southbound i-95 a brake tap at girard but mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. another shoot to go report here at 6:03, nashville, tennessee four people have been shot at tennessee state university. one man died. he was not a student. two others who were dead, students, nashville police say the shooting happened over the dispute during a dice game. shooting comes a little more than a week after three people were shot at an off campus party, across the street from this campus. >> at least 41 people are dead following a bus crash in southwest france, bus was carrying mostly elderly people on a day trip. eight people were able to escape, a as the the bus, burned. officials say the bus collided with a truck, after the truck driver lost control.
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how about this last night, temple continues their winning streak here, seven and zero defeating east caroline, pretty good team at home down this in carolina. >> they are back here and in philadelphia this morning, dave, thank you. it is a big morning here on the campus of temple university. temple owls flew into town a couple hours ago and, of course, they are still up despite probably wanting to get some sleep because of the high going seven and zero. lets go to some video right now. they took out east carolina 24-14. pj walker found his receiver, rob anderson for i 23-yard score right there with three minutes and 31 seconds left right there and also, the owls block a punt on east carolina's next drive and turn tonight to a 14-yard touchdown run by jahad thomas and they kept pound ago way at east carolina so they pulled off the win is listen into the coach. >> i'm most excited about the
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kid. i thought it was a testament to the the guys on the team to go down there. that atmosphere was rocking, loud, whose style and they found a way to pull it out. it wasn't pretty but they found a way. >> i told them, nothing will ever be perfect but it was a really goodwin. >> thomas trying to pounds it out, inside the five. fighting irish up next but first we will enjoy this win, all weekend, guys, back to you. >> you better believe that. it is fantastic. >> yes, huge win. >> dave, started football in 1894 at temple up there in north philadelphia. >> yeah. >> that is right. >> it really is a awesome. >> thank you. >> it will be rocking, again, next game, notre dame believe it or not, on halloween. >> it will be a scary one. >> scary. >> scary for notre dame, of course. >> 6:05. two officers are recovering after a car, trying to flee the police, slammed into the police. so, this is shortly before
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10:00 officers pulled over a car with the man and woman in it at 58th and master streets in west philadelphia police say once they turned on their spotlight to search the car, the driver sped off. at a block away the the car then t boned a police suv. this car, the officer jump the curve crashing into a person's home. police say that is when both suspects jumped out, of the car and it started to run. >> the the car has very heavy t int where police could not see in, which was obviously illegal. so they were making a routine traffic stop at 58th and master street, when the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed causing a a serious auto accident. >> it looks serious. two officers had bumps and bruises. and the car that fled, they were looked over by doctors, for minor injuries themselves. they are now, in jail.
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an off-duty police officer is involve in the car crash as well this was the scene just after midnight at intersection of frankford and girard avenue. the officer went to the hospital, for a neck injury, he is expect to be okay though. and the state that is in hot water for importing a lethal injection drug that is no longer allowed. which state would do that. and a man we're about to show you is under arrest, what he did outside of the school, that had students and parents, so uncomfortable.
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whoo! i mean, whoo. let me tell you where this happened, it happened outside wayne elementary school this delaware county. police say this man, the guy you where to see, they is, 26 year-old daniel lee, approached a group of siblings playing outside of that school. he reportedly told the kid he was heading to a cabin in the woods and had some questions about their school and their teachers. the children's mother showed up and then called police this guy daniel lee was arrested nearby. >> this is a situation where the system absolutely worked. we were notified by the parents of the children. >> well, police say that lee, never threatened, the children, or forced them to go
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anywhere. he is being held on $100,000 bail, and expected to undergo, a psychiatric evaluation. 6:11. in honor of this weekend's first cheese stake festival, they just can't believe this. we are known for cheese steaks, first one we have done, great idea, i love it. is what your favorite cheese stake. be sure to use the hashtag, fox 29 good day so we can find them. i'm getting some posts, mike. good morning, please tell everyone that the best cheese stake place is jim's steak house, she goes, yes. >> a lot have people will agree with that. >> here's a better idea, there will be almost 50 vendors outside here, in south philadelphia. 25,000 people have already signed up to go to this event tomorrow. right. if you make cheese steaks, place bring them by fourth and market and our chris murphy license outside dressed in a cheese stake outfit and he will be eating your cheese stake. >> does he know the cheese stake outfit part of that.
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>> he does. we could not find one so he will be in a hot dog one. >> close enough. >> good morning. 6:12 on a friday morning as we fly through neighborhoods, everybody has a favorite spot. 30 miles an hour on the roosevelt boulevard, getting word of a motorcycle accident here in northeast philadelphia but heading to the airport here's a live look the a the platt bridge looking good as we grab a coffee and come right back, we will see new two.
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65:00 on this friday morning. we're looking at cooler changes out there throughout the the day-to-day. you might not notice it first thing this morning. the bus stop buddy has light jacket for temperatures in the 50's and right now 57 degrees in philadelphia. look at wind out of the north at 8 miles an hour. yesterday we had a a high of 77 degrees because of the wind out ahead of the front south and westerly, you can see with that northerly wind we're talking cooler changes. 44 degrees in the pocono mountains. fifty-four in trenton. fifty in pottstown. 56 degrees in millville as well as atlantic city. looking at those wind, out of the north anywhere from five to 15 miles an hour, so that will drag down, some cooler air. so here's your planner for today you can see those temperatures by lunch only 59 degrees, lower 60's, that is about it for philadelphia for today. that high pressure continues to settle in, drawing down that colder a air from canada but we're not talking about
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anything like that, so 62 degrees, with the high temperature for today, for tonight, temperatures dropping down in the 40's. so if you have some friday evening, plans, on town, checking out that new restaurant or heading to the movies, just grab a sweater. weather authority seven day forecast shows those high temperatures in the lower 60's for upcoming weekend. maybe a spotty shower, on your sunday, mid 60's. and seasonal temperatures bob kelly for next week, back to you. sound good, 6:16. good friday morning. we have a couple accidents that popped up here first of all lets go for a ride northeast philadelphia, roosevelt boulevard at grant avenue. probably one of the busiest intersections, most dangerous when it comes to accidents here. motorcycle accident, boulevard at grant avenue. here's a live look at i-95 bumper to bumper here from betsy down to girard where approaching girard avenue there is an accident in the right lane. that is in that construction zone and also in the the area
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where penndot says they are hopefully going to have a fourth lane open up by end of the day to help ease some of that traffic flow coming into philadelphia. kelly drive, hosting the schuylkill regatta this weekend. boats coming in town today. kelly will be closed through the weekend. we will put all that extra volume on the schuylkill expressway. big concert in south philadelphia tonight, powerhouse tonight and then we have that cheese stake contest, later on, waving your hand, are you going to powerhouse. >> my friend, is hosting it so i probably will make an a appearance. >> i weren't sure if you were yawning, stretching, or what. >> powerhouse. >> back to you guys. >> you know bobbies a big fan of kendrick lemar. >> is he. >> good to know. >> see you there. >> big fan. >> are they still talking in washington, is hillary clinton still talking ? no? she stopped talking last night. presidential candidate hillary clinton testified before the house benghazi committee for 11 hours yesterday.
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the former second of state, defended her actions but some republicans, include that guy right there tray gotti, said well, we need to grill her because she hasn't toll the whole story about the the 2012 attack that killed four americans. hillary clinton says nobody feels worse about what happened three years ago then she does. >> i have lost my sleep then all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done good as you know, white house went back and forth blaming a video but then also said it was a for wrist a attack. maybe they should have said it was a a terrorist attack from the very beginning. she said that he did. 6:18. paul ryan gets green light, wisconsin congressman formerly declared his candidacy for speaker of the house last night. ryan got support he needed from three major caucuses in
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the g.o.p. he a appears pretty much a sure thing to become our next speaker of the house. 6:19. man accused of killing a four year-old girl in albuquerque new mexico has his first day in court. tony tore's period on screen from jail. he had his head down most of the time and didn't speak. the 32 user oldies charged with murder and or charges for shooting lily garcia, in a fit of road rage. girls father had just pick up his two kids from school when's ledgely got in front of the torres. girl was shot once in the head. it makes me, sick to my stomach that someone could pull a gun out and shoot at random people. >> the judge called this case one of the most atrocious acts in history of this city. >> the city of albuquerque. >> 6:19. >> state of the air zone ace under fire for importing illegal drugs. >> the state reportedly paid $27,000 to have a particular type of lethal injection, it
6:20 am
is a drug shipped in the states. >> big problem here though is f.d.a. no longer allows the drug to be used for execution in the u.s. federal agents were able to stop the ship. at phoenix airport, executions have been on hold in arizona since one inmate's death took nearly two hours last year. state has appealed to the f.d.a. promising not to use the the drug until the agency approves it. >> still out of it though. huge drug tunnel spanning the length of eight football fields was discovered along the border connecting mexico and san diego. 12 tons of pot was seized, authorities have arrested 22 people in connection to the drug raid. can you you imagine. >> man. eight football field that is a big tunnel. >> unreal el chapo style. legal woman's home vandalized graffiti so offensive we cannot show it to you on tv, it has happened twice in just weeks. why she thinks vandals keep
6:21 am
targeting her. and it is happy trails, for the camden river sharks, this makes me sad. so what happens now to this stadium, you know, on the river front there. will they get another team? in honor of the cheese stake festival, in fact, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow. >> well, angel says, steve's prince of steaks and then we have candle lady 42, the mayfair shopping center has, the best cheese steaks too and cheese steaks pizza. >> if i sent in my favorite cheese stake place. >> what hashtag. >> fox 29 good day. >> if you make cheese steaks and that is your living, bring one down here and chris murphy, hoist dressed up in a hot dog outfit will eat it live on the air. lottery numbers.
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temple went for their seventh straight, trailing game in the time quarter. second week in a row. let's go to greenville north carolina against east carolina pj walker to rob anderson 23-yard, 3:30 left in the game, temple up 17-four. they pile it up after that. jahad thomas 14-yard, 24-14 temple wins it, notre dame is next week. for eagles to win sunday at carolina sam bradford has to cut down on those interceptions. pressure in the city of philadelphia when things don't go well, sam bradford cannot worry about those things and he doesn't. >> since i have been here, this is a i great sports town. i think people are passionate here, they really care, and as far as external pressure though. i think i put more pressure on myself then anyone could put on me. >> pretty good chance michael kendricks will play and nelsonnal who will or will not. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. good to get michael back
6:26 am
for sure against those panthers. after 15 years, i don't know why this makes me so sad, but the camden river sharks, they struck out yesterday. the sharks struggled with attendance and money, facing information close another, in camden county they bought the ballpark this spring and just three weeks ago they announced a new billion dollar waterfront project that will likely a attract, new talent. yesterday fans strolled campbell's field to say good bye to the team, and to get some discounted memorabilia. >> started to come here at 11:00 years old when they opened up in 2001 and came to a lot of games. little bitter sweet coming in here. >> i was really saddened by it. i never expect them to move. i was here for opening day in 2001. >> i came to say good bye and to buy stuff. >> camden county says negotiation was other baseball
6:27 am
teams and baseball, does seem to be in the future for this baseball stadium. 6:27. >> they tried to run from the cops but they ended up crashing into them, what happens moments before they led police on a chase. as we told you over and over this morning temple's fat ball team is on fire, 70:00, first time. >> ho, ho, ho that. >> that is the sound of victory, that is what that is, temple seven and zero. football players just got back into town. we will talk to the coach coming up. ññ like a lot of little circular dots.
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what started out as a traffic stop, ended in this. what happened when the two officers are sent to the hospital. and a local pageant, that many are calling amazing, in this contest, it is more about, heart, then fashion. and what is your favorite cheese stake, and anthony says carmen's dell any bellmawr new jersey has best cheese steaks and hoagies with 1.5-pound of meat offer every sandwich and sub. >> hi everybody it is friday october 23rd, 2015. scott williams in for sue. they is. >> scott williams is a a foodie. i would say scott knows something, something. >> there are several i like.
6:31 am
there is this place, mike and alex, head up broad street, broad and erie called max's, no one has mentioned max's this morning. >> is that your favorite. >> one of my favorites. there is some others, guitano's as well. we are talking about the weather the past seven days. lets look at the numbers. monday's high, 55 degrees, yesterday, take a look at this, we have peaked at 77 degrees. we're assaying good bye to the 07's to take because a cold front has pushed through the area, a wind shift more out of the north that will usher in some cooler more seasonal air, for this time of the year. we have 57 degrees. the wind north at 8 miles an hour. sun comes up, in about an hour, we're looking at temperatures 44 degrees in the pocono mountains right now, 50 in pottstown, mid to upper 50's right now you in south jersey a as well as delaware but that wind is going to make a difference out of the north
6:32 am
from five to 15 miles an hour right now. philadelphia international airport, dry, cool breeze, 57 degrees right the now. no airport delays. there might be some problems later on flying toward dallas area a as we are looking at clouds as well as showers moving through but right now looking good. high today 62 degrees, bob kelly. how are road. >> couple problems already, couple early morning accidents, accident i-95, motorcycle accident in the northeast, starting to see delays on the schuylkill between city line, king of prussia, through conshohocken curve in towards city line zooming into a crash in south jersey, route 130 at centre square road. northeast philadelphia, the boulevard and grant avenue scene of the accident. this one involving a met or cycle right by northeast philadelphia airport. southbound lanes stack and packed from the betsy in through girard avenue. a combination in the early morning accident, and the construction zone and then penndot hopes to have an extra lane thrown in here this
6:33 am
weekend between girard and center city f you use patco they began a new schedule they are double track ago cross the bridge and that should be, welcomed news to all of the commuters for next couple of months, so grab a new schedule and traffic pattern began last night on the ben franklin parkway, some of the drives are closed, closer you get to the cathedral area and fountain, expect delays through the morning and evening rush hours, mike and alex, back to you. 6:33 on this friday. >> two officers are recovering after a suspect tried to get a away from speeds off and instead he crashes into the police. >> hi, sabina. >> good morning, guys. this is a i bizarre story but this morning we have news that the officers though they were injured, both of them are doing okay and they were released from the hospital. we have two suspects, in custody. if this driver as police say was trying to flee police, well, he ran into some bad luck. here's video of the wreckage of the crash just after it happened just after a brief
6:34 am
police chase. let's tell you how it a all began. we will show you how it all ended. tinted windows spark all of this around 10:00 last night. nineteenth district officers tried to pull over a dark colored cadillac near 58th and master in west philadelphia, because it was too dark on the windows. but instead of pulling over the driver allegedly sped away from police, but he only got a block when his luck ran out, cops say he ran straight into a passing police suv with two officers inside. that didn't have anything to do with the chase. it was just going by. the driver t boned it on the passenger side in fact and the force of that impact caused the police vehicle to jump a curve and hit a nearby row home. investigators say driver of the cadillac decided, guys to make it worse. he a allegedly hit police suv again, this time head on pinning that suv against the row house for a second time.
6:35 am
officers finally arrested the 23 year-old driver and his female passenger, now they are looking at just why that driver seemed so desperate to get away from police. >> the car has very, heavy t int where the the police could not see in which obviously is illegal. so they were just making a routine traffic stop at 58th and master streets for this heavy tip when this vehicle, at a very hey rate of speed causing this serious auto accident. >> reporter: police say they found what appears to be drugs, so they think that might be motive but they are still investigating. those two officers one with the bloody nose and one with the cut to the head but they are okay, guys. >> thank god. sabina, thank you near. temple owls, they are now, seven and zero after defeating east carolina in a tough game last night. >> i was sweating it out with five minutes left they were still behind. oh, man you have five minutes to get this done and they d they scored twice. team is back. they landed 1:15 this morning
6:36 am
back from north carolina, is there dave kinchen on the campus of temple. >> reporter: that is right here on good day we know it is a good day to be a temple owl and that is what the football team is celebrate right now. we will go to video of jet blue charter flying into phl international airport and they actually got in later, they had a bit of the delay there and most players are probably tired. coaches included. but when you have a big win that takes you to seven and zero, i think you are jazzed. even landing on the ground you you are on cloud nine. lets go to some highlights right now. they just took out east carolina 24-14, pj walker star receiver rob anderson scored a if 23rd yard score to take a lead right there with 3:31 remaining in the game. owls blocked a punt on east carolina's a next drive and turned tonight to a 14-yard touchdown run by jahad thomas.
6:37 am
they just kept pounding and pounding and they pulled out a big, big win, listen into the coach. >> it was a great night for us, for our team, for our kid and temple and i could not be prouder. they went down there to a hostile environment. crowd was great, east carolina didn't play perfect but we found a way to win. our defense was spectacular. i blocked a couple punts. offense came through, rob anderson, pj walker, and a couple of big third downs and a touchdown. it wasn't perfect but we found a way to get it done and that was a really good team we beat. >> of course, temple's ranked and fresh off this win they are looking at notre dame but first thing first and that is a p-a-r-t-y and this will be a big weekend for that because this is historic, guys. they're in the done yet. >> they have a reason to party, my goodness. >> yes, definitely. >> not even just temple some people were tweeting me saying
6:38 am
thinks only football team right now that is undefeated, so this is what we need. >> as we mentioned earlier they started playing football in temple in 1894, first time they have ever been seven and zero. big game next, notre dame. on her first day without a law license pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane released what she claims are pornographic e-mails to the public. kathleen kane's spokesperson says the 48 e-mails are definitely pornographic and have racial over tones and mock and demean women. kane says her office found the e-mails on the computer of state supreme court justice michael egan. according to published reports the e-mail depict top less, scantly clad woman. kathleen kane claims state officials cleared this judge of wrongdoing, even after seeing the images. in a statement, the judge said quote the e-mails don't
6:39 am
reflect my character or beliefs. kathleen kane is accused of leaking grand jury information and then lying about it under oath kane said she has no intention of stepping down but she doesn't have a law license. 6:39. local woman speaks out after her door is vandal iced with these letters, kkk. >> yeah, it happened to her twice as a matter of fact in less than a month. >> we will not show you video of the hate symbols but tracie hills in cheltenham lives on the first floor on church road. she said after she reported first incident of vandalism things went quiet for several weeks. on monday maintenance crews repainted a door but day later that she found the letter, kkk duct taped to her door. >> i want this ignorant person to be brought up, into justice, somebody else, maybe somebody who may not be as courageous as i am can smack him with this.
6:40 am
this is a hate crime. >> cheltenham police are investigating this as a a possible hate crime, it seems like it but there are no witnesses, and no surveillance video. well, time to pay it up apparently, jared fogel, subway's former iconic spokesperson is writing some checks adding up to more than a million-dollar. who and what that money is going towards. and we want to know is what your favorite cheese stake. >> okay. >> this one is sweet big sam's pace in trevose has one of the best pizzas in bucks county. >> i have been over in trevose. >> that is from candle lady 42. we have comments on facebook, star anderson says max's. >> yes, that is what scott just mentioned, max's up at broad and erie. >> and valerie says john's in south philadelphia, those are her best. >> i just saw i'm not kidding you at fourth and market i just saw mr. tony luke walk by
6:41 am
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who can it be, where should we be. look at that beautiful sunrise. we want to invite you to the leukemia, lymphoma society light the night walk, it is tomorrow on the ben franklin parkway in front of the art museum. check in at 4:30 and fund raised will get toward research patient services and advocacy program. chris murphy, steve keeley, bill anderson and lucy noland will be all be there. head to fox and click on the fox 29 family focus section. great thing, scott. >> it really is. speaking of that light the night walk, alex, take a look at the forecast as we talk about saturday. high temperatures will top out in the lower 60's but for the walk expect 50's and falling temperatures, so definitely grab that jacket and sweater. now, tropics have been relatively quiet, but we have
6:45 am
to talk about a massive, unprecedented hurricane right now taking shape through sections of the eastern pacific, just south of mexico. take a look at this very ominous catastrophic damage is likely to occur with this. we're talking about hurricane patricia. look at this maximum sustain wind a at 200, yes, 200 miles per hour, it is a category five hurricane right now, movement to the north/northwest at 12 miles per hour, so this is going to bring a lot of damage as it continues to move on towards sections of mexico. we're talking mud slide, we're talking about catastrophic storm surge, 20 to 30-foot waves out of this. so we will talk about this for next several days as it impacts mexico. closer to home we have been enjoying very nice spring-like weather, 77 degrees, yesterday, that was the high temperature but take a look at
6:46 am
what is happening with the pattern, we have a cold front that has moved just to the south of our area, high pressure building in overhead, so that means cooler, more than average temperatures, really over next several days. and we are looking a at 57 degrees, right now stepping outdoors, wind north, temperatures right now cool north and west. we have a couple mid to upper 50's, dotting the maps but wind direction that is key and that will mean cooler conditions. so bottom line looking good if you are flying out, right now no weather related delays but that seven day forecast shows cooler temperatures, may be a spotty shower on sunday, bob kelly. >> hey, scottie, good morning. seven day. we got delays on the schuylkill expressway, inbound, from conshohocken to city line, accident south philadelphia, yo, there we go, 26th and pen rose with only one lane squeezing on through here, police are on the scene, so watch out for delays leaving the neighborhood an accident at logan township south jersey route 130, right
6:47 am
at centre square road, and a accident on the boulevard, roosevelt boulevard, involving a motorcycle right at boulevard and grant avenue, south on i-95, starting to see some volume here from the betsy in through girard avenue, we had an earlier accident and moving through the weekend, pen to the says they are moving one step closer, to that light at the even of the tunnel. they will get a fourth lane here on the southbound side of i-95 between girard and center city. through the weekend coming in the city or going down to the events we have powerhouse tonight, we have got cheese stake festival, we have got some of the great charity walks down there on the art museum over weekend, watch for delays. inbound on the schuylkill about 22 minute trip, so far so good on 422. and mass transit market frankford line running with ten minute delays, this morning. back to you. former subway spokesperson jared fogle has begun to pay restitution to 14 victims, involved in a sex crimes case.
6:48 am
so far ten victims have each received $100,000 checks. four others awaiting payment. the money will pay for mental health counseling, medical care, and other needs for these victims. fogle agreed to pay money as part of the plea deal, and pleaded guilty to child pornography and sex crimes charges. orange is the new black star le vern cox signed, on for a role made famous by the veteran actor tim curry. >> let's dot time warp again. >> that is exactly right. >> she will be in the rocky horror picture show. >> she will play, a hot dog. >> frank nfurter. >> this is what we're talking about self described trans vest tight from transylvania in the colt classic rocky perfect or picture show. insiders said both adam
6:49 am
lambert and lady gaga turned down the part but le vern cox said yes. the the two hour fox special will be out next fall. >> listen to this... >> ♪ hello, it's me, i was wondering if after all of these years you'd like to be, to go over everything ♪ >> wouldn't you just like to sit with adele and have a cup of tea. >> i just want to cry with her. how does she sound so sad. >> she makes me sad. >> how do you get in the studio, does something hit you to be sad or something. >> i hit myself in the foot with the bat. >> do you stub your toe. >> is what the name of the video it is called hello. >> hello. >> first new song in three years. adele's album 25 comes out november 20th. >> listen to this. >> the lucky song.
6:50 am
>> for the love... >> it is called sorry, they don't look sorry for what they are doing. >> is this beiber's thing. >> according to tmz it will be featured as part of the new movie showcasing his entire album which consists of 18 songs. >> justin beiber. >> it will be about 35 minutes long. >> well, they are twerking, yes. >> very interesting. >> pull a ham string. >> have we seen him. >> no, it is best if we don't because he is a tool. 65:00-zero. a new book claims beyonce and jay-z separated for a year because of rumors that the rapper was having an affair with riri, rihanna, according to the author of this, pr people spread rumors to boost rihanna's profile ahead of her very first cd.
6:51 am
well, although they were just rumors beyonce reportedly could not handle the situation, she apparently was in on it and then had second thoughts about it. beyonce's publicist has yet to comment on this new book. >> wow. >> we will do it to pump up her ratings, rihanna, her profile but now i'm starting to believe it, you know what i mean. >> because the fact that everybody else is believing their man is cheating that is not good. >> i don't want that out there. >> thinks all unthird but still. >> i don't believe it. >> new concerns, this morning over the condition have of lemar odom. >> doctors a they found a virus in his system. odom had two emergency surgeries yesterday. doctors say he has a long way to go in the least coverry process. meanwhile new court documents may paint a better picture of what happened inside that nevada brothel. >> virus inside of his heart valves. >> they believe odom was under the influence of cocaine and other drugs when found
6:52 am
unconscious last week but when it comes to his condition, tmz live is saying yesterday because of his current state of mind they are not allowing any visitors except for chloe into his hospital room so they focus on him recovering and make sure he stays focused because it will be a long road and he has had some setbacks. >> he has been dealing with depression for most of his life. 6:52. patent in our area bringing smiles to the faces of very deserving ladies.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 am
joy to you and me. >> joy to you, mike, i think you need it more this morning. >> five minutes before 7:00 on a friday morning. >> a community in ocean county need your help putting on a very special event for very special lady. >> all right. it is called, the miss amazing pageant and they are held in town all over the country as a matter of fact. pageants focus on abilities, not disabilities, and to empower women and help them look like a million bucks. but this year the pag president's director says they need more donated dresses, and they need them by tomorrow. >> we're looking for the whole package to dress a girl up from head to toe. just to see a smile on a girl's face because she finally feels pretty for a day is is amazing.
6:56 am
>> so the miss amazing, contestants, don't pay any presidentry fee, instead they toe nate canned good to the local food bank. the pageant takes place, in lawrenceville, in december, and so, if you have the dress that you can donate simply go to fox and they will tell you exactly where to take the dress, but they need them by tomorrow. don't hesitate, please. >> wonderful pag president. >> really cool. >> 6:56. >> we are celebrating this weekend first cheese stake festival, erika says, big joe's sandwich shop in essington pennsylvania. >> big joe's. >> that is a great place. >> and, so make sure you send in your favorite place, use the hashtag fox 29 good day. ññ
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
did you hear the temple football team makes a triumphant return, at 2:00 the landed at phl. they are seven and zero, and up next, halloween, they take on notre dame, this is going to be one of the biggest games, ever for temple. and presidential candidate hillary clinton testifies for 11 hours, before what happened during 2012 benghazi attack. there was some fiery exchanges, too. >> and, by the way, the very
7:00 am
first ever, philadelphia cheese stake festival, is tomorrow and south philadelphia. we will tell you all bit. 25,000 people have already signed up to go to this thing. >> more than 40 different cheese stake places, you will all different places. >> i'm in the eating rest of the day. >> go out there, empty, man. >> eighty-six years i have been doing television scott williams i have never heard of 200-mile an hour wind involved with a hurricane. >> yes good look at the size of this thing you will punch up. >> we are talking catastrophic damage to mexico, mike. have one is talking about this, trending throughout the next several days. we're talking about hurricane patricia but look at max sustain wind on this thing, 200 miles per hour. we're talking about movement to the north/northwest at 12 miles an hour. this will be impacting manzanill o and puerto


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