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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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first ever, philadelphia cheese stake festival, is tomorrow and south philadelphia. we will tell you all bit. 25,000 people have already signed up to go to this thing. >> more than 40 different cheese stake places, you will all different places. >> i'm in the eating rest of the day. >> go out there, empty, man. >> eighty-six years i have been doing television scott williams i have never heard of 200-mile an hour wind involved with a hurricane. >> yes good look at the size of this thing you will punch up. >> we are talking catastrophic damage to mexico, mike. have one is talking about this, trending throughout the next several days. we're talking about hurricane patricia but look at max sustain wind on this thing, 200 miles per hour. we're talking about movement to the north/northwest at 12 miles an hour. this will be impacting manzanill o and puerto vallarta and storm surge
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approaching 20 feet. we are looking at heavy rainfall and wind damage will be something that parts of the mexico has never seen. >> as you know, in baha, the infrastructure is not that great in a lot of towns. >> that is right, a lot of the structures there are just shack-like structures, fishing towns, as well. so, catastrophic. >> yes. >> that is right word. >> when should it hit land fall. >> it is making land fall right now. >> this is so scary for people, my goodness. >> our weather is looking good. we will be talking about temperatures that are going to be changing and it will be a little cooler. we will talk about friday and weekend forecast coming up but of course, you can see hurricane pennsylvania patricia plots moving it right into mexico. if it makes land fall at 200-mile an hour winds, it is strongest typhoon type hurricane, hurricane to do that. before that we were talking
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about hyan a 190-mile an hour land fall making tropical system a lot to keep in mind over next several days there as we watch what happens in mexico. but for us, it is an eight. we are looking at temperatures cooler because of the front. it is in the 50's stepping outdoors. high temperature today will only top out in the lower 60's, grab that light jacket or sweater stepping outdoors, much cooler then yesterday's high, up 77 degrees. >> beautiful yesterday. >> good morning. 7:02. getting up and out on a friday, we have delays on i-95 northbound up toward the commodore barry bridge. a live look from our cam why at highland avenue. watch for delays heading close to the airport or leaving south philadelphia here. accident 26th and pen rose right on the south philadelphia, southwest philadelphia side of that platt bridge. an accident in south jersey logan township route 130 just
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off of centre square road and also delays up and over commodore barry through construction zone we had an earlier morning accident on the roosevelt boulevard this one involving a motorcycle at the intersection of the boulevard and grant avenue. south on i-95 normal brake tap from cottman real tight from the betsy on down to girard. watch for active construction zone at girard through the weekend and septa running with delays ten minutes on the market frankford line, mike and alex, back to you. news out of nashville, tennessee a shooting at pen see state university left one man dead and three others injury. the man who died, not a student, three people injured, were students and happened to be passing by when gunfire broke out. nashville police say that the shooting, happened over a dispute during a dice game. >> shooting comes a week a after three people were shot, at an off campus party, across the street from this college campus. tennessee state. at least 42 people are
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dead following a bus crash in southwest france. bus was carrying mostly elderly people on a dray trip. eight people were able to escape this crash as the bus burned. officials say the bus collided with a truck after the truck driver lost control of his vehicle. 7:04. temple continues their winning streak, they are now seven and zero. they defeated east carolina. >> east carolina at home is in slouch. they won 13 or 14 games. temple is seven and zero, dave. just can't imagine what the atmosphere will be like halloween, temple/notre dame. >> reporter: it is going to be huge. atmosphere will be amazing. right now it is a amazing feeling on campus here at temple university because seven-zero right now. i'm joined by one of the students a junior, bob crewinger from garnett valley. you saw the game. what did you think. >> we were pumped bit. we were here watching.
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everybody is getting rowdy. we are pull topped see temple win, hometown boys pull a w. go on and play notre dame next week. we will kick them in the butt. we will be undefeated. >> lets go to the video too. what were you thinking during these plays right there. you had some really big plays from the quarterback and wide receivers, what do you think. >> there was a play in the for the quarter where quarterback throws a deep bomb on a receiver. still pick up positive yard. defense stepped up got big and played very well. fraud see our boys pulling a w. >> reporter: what happens this weekend people will be partying on campus. >> everybody will be partying and real excited about it but we are looking forward to next week even. notre dame is the focus right now. >> thanks very much, have a great time. >> temple. >> reporter: just one student hoist fired up, and as the day goes on it will be a big one. >> here's my goal for the the weekend. i will contact people i know at espn. saturday morning, go to a
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college town and do college game day live have you ever seen that. >> yes, are you kidding me, they come to michigan state all the time. >> reporter: thousands oz have people with big posters and signs. why not philadelphia what we do. >> they should come here are you kidding me. it is a huge game. you would get people dressed up in costumes. >> yeah, yeah. we have to figure out where they can set up. >> where should they go. >> independent mall, independent hall in the background. another bad night in philadelphia, two officers, police officers, recovering after a car crash. the. >> first thing first, guys, they were treated abe released from the hospital, it is a a very long, and strange story. it began as a routine traffic stop just around 10:00 o'clock, last night, and
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instead of the driver trying to stop and pulling over he in fact sped away and got as far as a block away until he t boned a passing police suv that wasn't even part of the initial traffic stop. that. is uv then hit a house, row home and guys, get this it all happened again, it happened twice, suspect police say who tried to flee the scene, the initial scene, he tried to flee the scene again and hit that police vehicle one more time and that cause that had police car to hit the row home again can you believe it. those two officers from the 19th district, one had a bloody nose, another a cut to the head but they are okay and home and that they are all right. we have two suspects in custody. police think they have found some drugs in the car. that investigation is ongoing. just a dramatic night with those officers being okay. >> dramatic, crazy. off-duty police officer is involved in the car crash this was the scene we will show you just after midnight at the
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intersection of the frankford and girard avenue. the officer went to the hospital for a neck injury and he is expect to be okay. >> 7:08 now. >> local parents there are feeling uneasy, after an attempted child luring at an elementary school. >> let me set this up here it happened outside wayne elementary school in delaware county. police say that guy right there, daniel lee, approaching a group of siblings playing outside of the school. he reportedly told kid he was heading into the wood to go into a cabin and asked them questions about their school and about their teachers. so kid told their mother and children's mother showed up and called police and the police got it. they arrested him, nearby. the funeral for three-year old boy, you know, brendan by now will be held later this morning at holy savior church in westmont, new jersey. loved ones gathered at blake doyle funeral home in collinswood last night.
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brendan's body was found october the 13th at haddon township. hours after his father reported him missing about 6:00 o'clock in the morning. it is still unclear how he died. they did an autopsy but could not determine the cause of the death. police now say that nobody sexually assaulted him, in one broke into the family home there in haddon township so what happened. 7:09. it was a busy kay in the nation's capitol. we should call it a very long day, 11 hours is a long day. >> that is presidential candidate hillary clinton. she was grilled by house benghazi committee for 11 hours as you just said. former secretary of state defended her action but republican house members claim she still has not told the whole story about the 2012 attack that killed four americans. clinton maintains no one feels worse about benghazi then she does. >> i have lost more sleep then all of you put together. i have been racking my brain
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about what more could have been done. >> the white house initially laid blame for at tax on a anti islamic internet video instead of identifying bombing of the terror attack. maryland representative elijah cummings fired back at the entire hearings as the day's proceedings wrapped up. >> i don't know what we want from you. do we want to badger you, over and over until you get tire, until we got the gotcha moment that he is talking about. we're better than that. we are so much better. we are a better country. we're better, then using taxpayer doll ars to try to destroy a campaign. that is not what america is all about. >> meanwhile the chairman of the committee south carolina represent tray gowdy pushed for one last explanation over events of what happened. >> my question to you, madam secretary is was it a mistake for the four years that you
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had that e-mail arrangement, was it a mistake for the almost two years that you kept the public record to yourself or has it manifest itself as a mistake in just the last six months. >> well, since i believed that all of my work related e-mails to dovgov accounts were being preserved it wasn't until i was asked to help the state department to fill in what they saw as a record keeping gaps not just with me but with others, i did the best i could during those four years and thought that everything that i was e-mailing that was work-related was being preserved. >> been gas a tack killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. republicans say the up investigation into what happened will continue, hillary clinton meanwhile head back to the campaign trail and she will be in iowa over the weekend. >> paul ryan gets the green light, wisconsin congressman
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formally declared his candidacy for speaker of the house yesterday evening. ryan got support he needed from three major caucuses within the g.o.p. and he won't to have spend time away from his family, which was one of his dehands. >> and they are right behind him in the hopes of he can soon file everybody. >> is there a debt ceiling. >> and shut down, budget resolution. >> republicans expected to nominate a new speaker on the 28th with the vote by full house, and if elect, ryan who is 45 years old will become the youngest house speaker in history. he says in a letter to his collogues alex and mike, i'm ready and eager to be your speaker. >> i'm ready and eager to be your speaker. >> great thing about one hours of sitting and giving testimony not one new thing was learn. >> not a single new thing. >> that is what people were saying afterward, a a lot of the times wasn't on benghazi a and exactly what happened, it
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was interesting. >> it was boring, it was political sparring, democrats verse republican. 7:13. getting people to get on it and vote has come down to this, the newly relaunched philadelphia citizen wants to pay someone at random, $10,000 to go vote. what do you think of this idea, the citizen is calling it a lottery but it is really a bribe to get people to go to the polls november 3rd. voter turnout is alarmingly low, in philadelphia. only 27 percent of registered democrats, voted, in last may's primary election. i don't have any numbers on registered republicans, i'm not sure why but we will get them. >> 7:13. >> eagles looking to stay in first place as they take on those carolina panthers down there in north carolina this is sunday night. this is big because carolina panthers they are five and zero they are undefeated.
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>> just like temple owls. >> tim mcmahonus finally shows up a at good day philadelphia tim, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this dude, for 97.5, the fanatic covers the eagles better than just about anybody. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> is michael kendricks probably going to play. >> probably not. >> we talked to billy davis bit. but kendricks has been practicing with his -- which is a step in the right drinks. you have to look at the fact that is there a bye after carolina game so it applies to kiko alonzo we think he will come back in the dallas game. >> okay. >> so the key is, what has been talked about all week is, the sam, you cannot throw interceptions anymore. you are the worst in the league, about throwing interceptions. >> yes, he is number two behind payton manning with number nine, and that is what chip kelly or anybody in the eagles organization signed up for. he is a guy that has had a
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good touchdown to interception ratio. that is one of the good things about him good isn't his claim to fame a accuracy. >> there is, he seems to make excuses about you have to get acclimated to a new system and new city and he is coming off have of those two acl tears and it will take sometime. now that it is week seven, and they are ready to push them aside and get them going soon you will be a hindering and what will be a playoff run. >> let's see some action. nelson agholor will not be playing. >> no, he has a high ankle sprain and he has not been practicing through the course of the week. that is another situation where you you are trying to rest them. >> let's talk about the carolina panthers a as we watch eagles and giants. that was good. >> yes. >> anyway carolina panthers. >> you cannot be sloppy. >> they are five and zero but for the team they played weren't very good. >> that is right. >> strength of schedule has been in their favor but five
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and zero is five and zero but they have things going pretty well for them. sean mcdermott defense we remember him from philadelphia. >> he used to be our defensive coordinator. >> yes, little bump in the road before he got it end out. >> yes. >> carolina did go to seattle and beat them. >> that is a goodwin. the it is tough to go into seattle will even though they were having struggles and cam newton have been playing good ball. last time eagles played him he was dealing with a number of injuries that prevented him from being his full self. >> who won that game. >> eagles. >> mike has a they are bye the panthers right the now. >> what is it? >> your theory was that they went to seattle, they played their hearts out and they are tired and now they will play after a shorter week, boom, we will take advantage of that. >> looking for let down game. >> i like to theory. >> we believe that we will win, we will believe that we will win. >> it is a tough spot for eagles, they are coming off a divisional win themselves and turning around on a short week
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and they are traveling. >> so do you believe that we will win. >> i like what i have seen out of them this week, i will say that. a lot of times this eagles team has come short of where you can find their identity and it is robotic almost in the beginning of the year as they were finding their way. you are seeing more personality power in the team. they are feeling more loose. i think it is good. >> give it to me. >> do you make predictions. >> i will make a prediction, i think it will be a carolina win. >> i don't think it is a disaster foresees on. i almost think it can go either way. >> as you roll out of here do they have any shot of beating notre dame. >> you will in the like that answer eater we're done. >> of course, they have a shot, temple is playing good ball. >> is notre dame playing good. >> yes, they are good. they are ranked number 11th in the country.
7:18 am
>> you think notre dame will probably win. >> i think notre dame will put up a good fight with temple. >> okay, get out of here, seriously. >> good bye good have a good one. >> i really think the eagles can win this thing. >> we believe, that is what matters. >> you need to have belief. >> it is time for scott williams. do you believe scott. >> i do believe. i do believe that we can win. let's focus on the temperatures because it will be cooler when you step outdoors because of the win shift, wind out of the north. grab a light jacket or sweater because high temperatures, by this afternoon, only 62 degrees. yesterday we made it to 77 degrees. it has been a roller coaster ride over past several days. remember frost and freeze warnings we had over weekend into early this week. 55 degrees that was it on your monday. but because of that high pressure moving in, cooler temperatures on the way, we will have much more on your entire weekend forecast, plus,
7:19 am
much more, as well, on the devastating hurricane likely to hit, mexico, coming up, bob kelly. >> scottie, good morning. tgif, it is 7:19 on this friday morning looking live from south philadelphia, accident 26th and pen rose, a lot of police out here. i'm thinking this could be the end of a police chase. there is more than just your regular folks on the scene here and this is causing delays between pen rose avenue and the schuylkill expressway, delays south on i-95 and betsy, into girard, delays on the schuylkill, nothing really out of the ordinary there. here we go up and over, no problems at all and coming in from south jersey light volume so far, coming over ben franklin and an accident involving a motorcycle in northeast philadelphia, roosevelt boulevard at grant avenue, mike and alex, back over to you. 7:19. >> what one woman found -- well, on her home was more than a case of vandalism.
7:20 am
she said that she was targeted by this vandalism. and um-hmm, how official where is able to round up these runaway bird? how did that happen. and jen fred are you really eating cheese steaks for breakfast. >> i'm eating cheese steaks for breakfast. >> is that a cheese stake behind you. >> it looks like a weany but what are we doing here. >> i'm taking guessing, what will we do to campaign the boys today. >> yes. >> let me tell you this those are carolina panthers, and for some reason we will squirt them with ketchup and mustard and ill a's explain that because is there a logical reason. >> are you sure it is logical. >> okay, there is a reason for that.
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heavy water fled away with vehicles, to a field several blocks away. authorities say they have managed to evacuate everyone
7:24 am
before the flood waters rushed into the area forecasters are calling will for more severe weather over the next few days, in texas. for years you have been telling anyone who will listen you addicted to cheese, right? well, i know i'm addicted to cheese. i love cheese. according to the new study cheese crack, yes, i said cheese crack, it is a real thing. so is your addiction ? researchers at university of michigan they discovered that certain foods can be just as addictive as drugs, because of the way they are processed. the more processed and fatty food the more associated with addictive eating behaviors. the cheese happens to be especially addictive because of an ingredient called casein, which trying's dicktive elements in your body. there you have it, your cheese addiction has been validated by science. so now, what will they have, like cheese anonymous or something, cheese health groups. >> like rehab centers your favorite cheese is brie. >> i have a little problem
7:25 am
with mozerella too. >> yes. >> i will check myself in the happy acres cheese rehab clinic. >> i love really sharp cheddar cheese. >> yes. >> i will go home and chop off blocks of cheese and sit there and watch tv and do something. >> in question i will eat a ball of mozerella like a april a he will. >> i was watching was is going on outside. chris is dressed as a hot dog because we could not find a cheese stake uniform. >> but some guy coming from the cheese stake festival has a costume. >> wonderful. >> again, i look like a total idiot. >> i like him in this one. >> so here's is what happening. we have dj, dj some tunes. we have a hot dog, we got that guy. this is what we want people to do. you know these clowns. you know these clowns. these are guys from the carolina panthers, c a.m. newton but he is the enemy this weekend. we have invited people to come
7:26 am
down. i cannot reveal all of them so far but we do have, that is what i'm talking about. we have some stuff and silly string. >> just hit me. >> we might have surprise guests. >> i can't do anything. >> it is going down for real, baby. >> i cannot. >> we will get together right now. >> "good day philadelphia" after 19 years. we have invited people, to bring cheese steaks to fourth and market and have chris eat them. tony luke junior came here but he didn't bring cheese steaks. >> that didn't happen. >> is that real. >> that is real. >> only on good day philadelphia we are asking people to bring in cheese steaks, we want people to bring them in so come on. >> yes. >> that is what we want. >> he is mc, he is helps continuing so he will talk about the event but we have great ones coming in. so please, bring them in, we have lottery numbers. you know we have a great
7:27 am
cheese stake place right near here campo's.
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all right. so we're celebrating, the fact that is there going to be a cheese stake festival, the first one here in philadelphia this weekend and brandon says,
7:30 am
tacks zapped witch shop on cotton street in reading has easily the best cheese steaks. and nick, he updates and said sonny's cafe, they were voted number one by gq magazine when he work there in 2013. and jamison says prince of steaks especially when the splash brothers are working the flame. >> oh, yeah. >> well, thank you. >> so bring us down some cheese steaks to celebrate the fact that this cheese stake festival will take off tomorrow. so, i think we will look outside at fourth and market where we have, maybe not, we will look inside here at fourth and market. >> consider me your cheese stake. >> okay. >> well, you do have a lot of cheese. >> meaty and cheesy. >> okay. >> so have you done this yet. >> we have not. >> exactly 7:30. two police officers, injured this morning after a car trying to free the police slams in the police. shortly before 10:00 o'clock last night, officers pulled over a car with the man and woman inside.
7:31 am
thinks at 58th and master streets in west philadelphia police say driver then sped off, crashing into a police suv. the two officers, severed bumps and bruises to their head and neck. twenty-nine suspects, of course, in police custody and two police officers have been released from the hospital and they will be okay. >> temple owls are celebrating their seventh straight win, they are seven-zero. they beat east carolina 24-14. the owls have seven wins for just the fourth time since 1980. and temple, they have another big game, note are dame next week but it will be at the lincoln halloween night. >> what did you just say. >> what? >> what did you just say. >> let me go back. >> they have seven wins. >> they are undefeated. >> they have neff been seven and zero but they have had seven wins before. >> i see. >> it is first time in their history they have been seven and zero. they started playing football
7:32 am
in temple in 1894. >> well, thank you historian. >> thanks for clearing that up. >> yes. >> 7:32. funeral for three girls, there he is, right now, you know brendan right now for sure, it will be held this morning at holy savior church in westmont, new jersey. let me remind you of this story, loved ones gathered at blake doyle funeral home in collinswood last night. his body was found on october 13th in haddon township. this is just down the street from his home just hours after his father reported him in missing early in the morning. he wasn't in his bed. it is still unclear though how he died. they even did an autopsy on the three-year old and could not determine the cause of death. >> there are still so many questions. investigation continues in that case. >> 7:32. >> ugly piece of vandalism calling into mind legacy of hate and oppression. >> somebody left, a threatening marks on one of her doors, not once but twice
7:33 am
in the last month. so, what they put on there, kkk. >> yes, tracie of cheltenham says her door was mark with kkk. we will not show them but she lives in the first floor in the 1600 church road condo, she said after she reported the first incident, scratched her door and they were quiet for several weeks but on monday, a maintenance group repainted the door. day later she found letters duct taped to the door. >> i want justice. i want this ignorant person to be brought to justice. so somebody else, maybe who may not be as courageous as i am, can deal with this. it is a hate crime. >> cheltenham police are investigating the incident as a a hate crime but there nor witnesses, surveillance video. management the office of that condo complex says they don't have any comment on the matter. stop it people. all right, lauren.
7:34 am
>> 7:33. well, 4emu's roaming in the state of texas. >> round rock animal control were call to the area to heard the flightless bird back to the home. a although official where is not equipped to handle the em u.s. they steered them away from residential home. >> okay good look at that, horrifying. >> remind me of jumanji or something the the movie they are interesting bird, that is for sure, emu, it does not fly. scott williams have you ever come face-to-face with the emu. >> i have not, i don't think i would want to. but lets talk about this hurricane patricia on a serious note. we are looking at maximum sustained wind of 200 miles per hour. its movement is toward mexico. it is a category five hurricane. storm surge could approach 30 feet. er with looking at a foot of rainfall impacting mexico, but
7:35 am
the the center of circulation has that defined eye wall. we're talking max sustain hurricane wind, extending out 30 miles. the as we look at projected path it continues to move towards mexico later this afternoon making land fall. we will continue to talk much more about that but grab that jacket or sweater because cooler temperatures, that northerly breeze is kick nothing, high today only 62 degrees, yesterday's high bob kelly, made it up to 77 degrees. >> it was beautiful, yesterday. good morning, everybody. 7:35. starting to see delays and sun glare coming up on i-95 as we look live at i-95 coming up in delaware county from highland up through the the commodore barry bridge. even the the 42 freeway starting to see delays here and sun splashing up in the trees between the expressway and walt whitman bridge. still dealing with this police activity, an accident where he
7:36 am
just pulled away at 26th and pen rosies tying us up for most of the morning. market frankford line with ten minute delays and patco high speed line kicked in a new schedule yesterday so make sure you have the the new timetable, they are running with both tracks over been any to downtown. alex, back to you you. 7:36. looking for quincy, i think he ran off to join the circus but not just any circus, quincy. >> universe soul circus, they are a sponsor here and this is ring master lucky. >> how are you doing. >> this is a brand new show. >> brand new show 2015 i'm your ring master with the novice brothers. >> yes, the ring of death, we will check that out coming up next, "good day philadelphia".
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
you know, kind of hip-hop. >> it is the universe soul circus. it is back in town and can you tell we're a little excited. >> i am like this every year. fifty-second and park side. is there quincy.
7:40 am
>> hey, guys, you guys are playing little flip but we have nothing but a good time. this is lucky the ring master. how are you doing. >> i'm doing great. >> you have been with the universal soul circus. >> correct, 15 years and this is my second this year and ring master as universe soul circus. >> i necessity we have a lot of energy. >> you have a brand new show. >> that is right it is 2015. we celebrate 21 years under the big top and one of our great acts that we have this year is the wheel of death, these are the brothers all the way from ecuador and these young men are simply amazing, they do all kind of stuff on this wheel like this. >> they are making it look really easy. >> i tried walking in it a couple of times and it is, harder then it looks. >> i was asking do you think i can do that. >> i said no, you cannot. >> what is some other things that you guys do.
7:41 am
>> this year we have trinity, three young ladies, all the way from ethiopia, africa, they do a hand balancing act and contortion act first time ever in the you had of america. we have synchronized zebras, we have brand new zebras, acts, only act the in the united states of america, would i think in the world because would you never see an ago like that ever. we have novice brothers, but we have brought in a couple of the fan favorites like motorbikes and we saw we also have, you know, the elephants because everybody loves elephants. that is just to name a few act but we are most interactive circus in the world. >> this guy is lucky, he is very lucky to be part of this and hopefully, i can get in this. can you teach me some stuff. >> when we come back i will have you doing some stuff. i will not say that it is safe but good luck. >> i'm excited, thanks, lucky. >> they are here until november 15th, they won't let me jump in here.
7:42 am
i will just try to touch one of the guys that probably wasn't smart. i will hop in here at 9:00 and we will have some fun. >> i don't know, quincy, that looks dangerous. >> it does, but come on, we already know me i'm a dare devil, world class athletes, we all know that. >> do we? well, thanks for telling us. >> standing outside we are getting ready for big eagles game this weekend. >> look at you dancing. >> i'm happy. >> the eagles looked great so i'm doing some of this right here trying to get the guys, we will smash some stuff. >> wait, no, no, what is the matter with you. you get out of here. come on back. >> what is that. tail bitters wa i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.itters wa
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7:45 on this friday morning, beautiful fall foliage right now in the pocono mountains, it is cool, crisp start out there but if you are doing leaf peeping that is the the place to head to this upcoming weekend as those leaves are at their peak. but grab a jacket, bus stop buddy has that light jacket on because temperatures are cooler this morning in the 50's, right now numbers 55 degrees but the wind that is making the difference today out of the north at 8 miles an hour. here is your planner,
7:46 am
temperatures by lunchtime only in the upper 50's and pea low average temperatures by several degrees. sixty-two, that is bit. back to the tropics, lets take a look, hurricane patricia. we're talking about a category five storm about as powerful as an ef5 tornadoes moving right towards mexico. storm surge here could be catastrophic, 20 to 30 feet. we will continue to follow development with that. if it makes land fall at 200 miles an hour it would be the strongest of any type of magnitude to make land fall on earth. we will talk much more later but is there your seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> scottie, good morning. 7:46. septa's market frankford line running with ten minute delays because of earlier equipment problems. that will tie us up this morning. good news to the patco commuters. a new you schedule kick into gear today. they are using both tracks through december, into and out of philadelphia, but ben
7:47 am
franklin parkway new traffic pattern, watch for delays, mainly right in front of the old seasons, four seasons used to sit in front of the cathedral up to the steps of the art new you seem. be careful if you are coming down for benefits, walks, races. kelly drive closed all day tomorrow and sunday because of the head of the schuylkill regatta. you will see boats coming in later today and that extra volume will get pushed on to the schuylkill. big concert tonight south philadelphia, powerhouse, our friend at power 99 hosting that one. 6:00 p.m. is the start. that will add extra volume for our evening rush hour. a an accident on the boulevard, actually two, one at adams, other one more serious a met or cycle accident a boulevard at grant avenue. mike and alex, back over to you. thanks, bob. >> well, lets go outside because jen is outside and is there chris murphy, in a cheese stake costume. >> i don't know if he is still a wean i or not good we will talk about that in a second.
7:48 am
we have dell sandra's steaks. we will talk about the big cheese stake festival. we have players of the panthers which we will be doing stuff to later. we have dj here, eagles eye mobile. who are you, get lost. do you want to be on tv. come here. how are you. >> go eagles. >> so you know this chris that there is somebody named in philadelphia when it comes to cheese steaks, many of them inside, the locals talk about where to go they go to dell sandra's. >> yes good that has got to make you proud. >> it does. >> i'm dying right now, it is by far my favorite cheese stake in the philadelphia area. >> i want to hear it. >> i love tony luke he is a great guy. >> they are all in our green room. >> start eating. >> what is it that makes a good cheese stake is it bread or meat. >> it is both. >> so when people say, what is
7:49 am
good about the bread. >> it has to be fresh baked and delivered fresh. >> you said you knew chris was eating this so he physically made this this morning. >> i personally got rolls rolls in very early this morning and i cooked the the cheese steaks 59:30 a.m. >> cheese stake festival happening this weekend at lincoln financial field, right. >> yes it is first of its kind. it is not really a contest but celebration of what we do best in philadelphia. >> yes, it is. >> look at this meat, it is beautiful in there. >> the thing i who have burr steaks they are not greasy, it just melts in your mouth. the onions are perfectly grilled and so much flavor. >> what are you looking forward to, do you ever try anyone elses steaks. >> sometimes i do, yes. >> maybe yours is your favorite, hoist your second favorite. >> it has been a while since i have had a cheese stake from someone else. >> it is like asking sam bradford who his favorite
7:50 am
quarterback is. >> exactly. we have been doing this we will go craze which our guys. first of all, temple, you have to be so proud. undefeated. eagles going in to this big game. >> go eagles, go eagles. go temple. >> okay, good. >> do your best dance. who are you calling on the phone. >> this is what i'm talking about, that is nice. can any of you guys beat. that beat that. >> that is nice. >> i'm so sorry. this is what is happening outside. thank you very much. he is eating, they are dancing and we have not figured out what to to with these guys, we have a dj. so come on out, fourth and market we are having a party. >> yes. >> i'm starting to get disturb with the panter out there growthing they are five and zero. who invited a panter to the party. this ain't no panter party.
7:51 am
>> hey, i should be over there. >> we have to do something, we have to get rid of this panter. >> what kind of dancing is that. >> 7:51 here. this is horrifying, have you heard about pennsylvania tricia, it is a hurricane, strongest hurricane ever reported in the western hemisphere, i never heard anything like it. i will tell you about it. what a new book about beyonce is the real reason why queen sister in the elevator fight. everybody is all kind of theories but there is a book out there that claims to know the real deal. >> was jay-z having an affair with rihanna. >> we will talk about it
7:52 am
♪ ♪ maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life!
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7:55 am
we are going to see this happening again. hundreds of children will be able to get free eye screenings and free pair of glasses, tomorrow all thanks to give kid sight day and all you have to do is show up, no insurance, no appointments,al oaks, the the woman standing next to you took advantage of this last year. >> she did, she did. this is shekia fish are and you have a son named mike. >> how old is he. >> five. >> now you said in the beginning, he was having some problems in school and you didn't know what was going on. >> no, he could not see, to walk up the steps or anything. he was always at the board. so, his nurse told me to go to sight day. i went there with hope. when i got there, i did, it was amazing.
7:56 am
>> it change his life, didn't it. >> how is he doing now. >> he is doing everything a a five-year old should do. >> what did you think when you first saw this huge bus when you came out. this is amazing. >> i just could not believe that this bus was something that turned my son's life around and everybody that works on this bus. >> now this is the the eagles eye mobile but it is cool on the outside and cool on the inside. we are here with the creator, this is doctor alex. >> nice to meet you. >> you put this together. tell me, what was your vision. i know that 16,000 kids in philadelphia schools, they failed their eye test. >> actually 20,000. >> number has gone up. >> this is the eagles youth partnership, pt ty wills eye hospital bringing abe work to go bring eye care to kid. kid are no the getting their eye care. this is where they can come, get their glasses, come to wills and get their eyes examined and see better. >> we will have these seats
7:57 am
here. thinks tomorrow, first come first serve. >> so tomorrow all of wills eye happies opened, for eye care. kid come to jefferson youth, our partner, where they get their screening, if they pass their screening they will go home. if they fail they will come to wills and get glasses for free, they can get full eye examination that is needed, all of the eye care they need in one day for free. >> for free. >> and what is the time frame then for saturday. >> show up at eight or 8:30. >> you have to be out there how long. >> we will be there all day. >> however long it takes. >> people should come in the morning as much a as possible because in the end of the day when things are packed, doors may shut. come early, come often, come in. >> where does this super cool bus come into play. >> this bus will be using on that day to dispense eye glasses for kid but usually this is a bus that goes to school with an optometrist from the eagles youth partnership and goes out and provides kids with eye examinations and glasses in your school yard. >> they can get up to two
7:58 am
pairs of glasses. >> that is correct good these are for kids that don't have insurance so they wouldn't have this access. >> that is correct. >> this is a great things. you have helped thousands of kid. >> we are grateful to do it. grateful for wills, eagles youth partnership we are happy to be working together with jefferson and other partners i'm sure you are grateful as well. >> very grateful. >> this is wonderful. my goodness, mike how cool is this bus. how amazing is this that it is helping so many kids so they can see. >> that mom has a big smile, that is great. >> yes, she does. >> thank you, eagles. good day, it is october 23rd, 2015. hang around a little longer. temple wins. the owls, they are now seven and zero. their best start in their history, the reaction, the excitement, it electrifies the campus, right the now, notre
7:59 am
dame is next, trending this morning a little girl, with just one wish, all she wants to do is be a skateboarder, heart warming thing one boy did at a local park to make her dreams come true. and, what city has the most attractive women living in that city? it looks like i'm living in the right place, where philadelphia ranks on a national list of hot would men. justin beiber supplies, he is back with the brand new video, the song we're adding to our weekend play list. >> what a tool. >> ♪ >> it is 8:00 o'clock hi, on a friday, ready to go. on monday's show because we have monday night football with the giants do you remember that.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> we dropped pumpkins with the the faces of the giants on the pumpkins and they smashed them. >> and, we splashed the giants. >> they went splat, 27-seven. so now everybody started talking, wait a minute, you better do the same thing every game until we lose, right. >> yes. >> so, that is what we're doing. so now we have faces of the carolina panthers. there is that panter, this panter has been growth nothing front of our station because they are five and zero and undefeated and they think we can, defeat the eagles on sunday. >> bob kelly, you have one job. >> take that eagles jersey you have in your hand. >> um-hmm. >> and make that panter wear it. >> yes. >> please. >> we will hold the panter down, a ticket, put the jersey on. >> hold the panter down. >> i often say that. >> what should we did to the faces of the panthers players. >> the carolinas are known for a lot of thing especially
8:01 am
condiments. >> they do like duke's mayonnaise comes from the carolinas. sweet relish, pickles, mount olives. >> do you know texas pete hot sauce is from the carolinas too. >> yes. >> all right. let's power connments on their faces. >> let's do it. >> this will be fun. >> and then you have cheese steaks this morning. did you know this weekend will be the first cheese stake festival. >> yes, 25,000 people. >> yes. we're men for cheese steaks. this is first one. >> where is your favorite. >> laura said freshworks of the port richmond they have the best cheese stake. tom says come on, d dell sandra's. >> well, here's weather. >> a lot of people fashion nate about the the cheese stake as well. on a serious note look at what everybody is talk about. hurricane path tricia, max sundtained winds at 200 miles an hour. this is a category five hurricane that will likely cause catastrophic damage, mud
8:02 am
slide, storm surge, up to 30 feet. take a look at the red there where we could talk about those hurricane force winds, exceeding, 100 miles per hour as it makes land fall later this afternoon. it will be devastating there. and then mud slides to torrential rainfall with that system. for us stepping outdoors on this friday morning cooler temperatures, take a look at the the numbers. it is low to mid 50's and high temperatures today will only climb in the lower 60's. yesterday's high temperature made it up to 77 degrees. so today 62 degrees. a mixture of sun and cloud, much cooler. for tonight your friday evening plans keep those jackets handy, lower 40's. the entire weekend and seven day forecast, coming up, bob kelly. 8:02. good morning to you. we've got sun glare all around the board, this morning warming us up. live look at i-95 in delaware
8:03 am
county near highland avenue starting to see juice pop here on the freeway. slow go in toward i295. wicked sun glare here on the expressway between conshohocken and belmont avenue. ten minute delays on septa's market frankford line and a new schedule for patco high speed line begins this week for the rest of the year, mike and alex, back over to you. >> let's give you head lines for this morning. >> two officers are recovering after a car trying to flee police slams into their police suv. shortly before 10:00 officers pulled over a car with the man and woman inside, this was at 58th and master street in west philadelphia police say the driver sped off, crashing, into a police suv. trying to runaway but instead they crashed in the the police. new officer suffered bumps a and bruises but they are doing okay and suspect is not in custody. >> police officers have been released from the hospital and they will be fine. presidential candidate,
8:04 am
hillary clinton testified before the house benghazi committee for 11 hours yesterday. the former second of state defended her actions but some republican in members claim that she is the has not told the whole story about 2012 attacks that have killed four americans. clinton maintains that nobody feels worse about benghazi then she does. she says she has lost sleep over it. she thought bit a lot more than the people in the committee. the white house initially blamed an anti islamic interest tonight video instead of calling the bombing a terror attack. >> she did call it a terrorist attack but then back here at home they were saying it is video and back and forth for 48 hours. >> some people even after the 11th hour benghazi wasn't talk about enough during that hearing. >> it would have been the ninth investigation on this one case. >> um-hmm. >> yesterday for 11 hours after 11 hours, we didn't learn anything new. i mean she has already said all this stuff before. >> i don't know.
8:05 am
>> people in mexico, this is frightening, people in mexico are bracing for hurricane patricia as scott was just telling you. forecasters say the storm is the strongest hurricane, ever, recorded in the western hemisphere. patricia is expect to make land fall, in fact, it already has, a little bit, already in mexico. >> it is making land fall right now you. >> it has already begun. >> it makes land fall right now. >> this is a a live satellite view of it the right now, it is gigantic. it is so bigot will probably move across baha in mexico, through mexico and probably into new mexico and texas at some point. we will keep an eye on it. temple owls are celebrating their seventh straight win, they are seven and zero. they are undefeated. they beat east carolina last night 24-14. >> we decide that had dave, should go to the temple campus. are kids coming out of their
8:06 am
dorms yet. >> celebrating, cheering. >> they were up all night. >> reporter: they are starting to make their way out h who needs a morning cup of coffee to wake up if you are a temple university student or an owl fan. that win, well, that will jazz you up all day. i'm here with allie, you recently graduated. you just told me that the owls always stress you out, why. >> they stress me out because they are the under dog. we love those close games, what, 24-14. too close for considerate right now. i'm nervous for notre dame next week. >> we are looking at highlights of the game what did you think when they pulled off that big win seven and zero. >> i think this is first time that has ever happened. that is huge for a team. we love to play the under dog but we have proven at this point we are not under dogs anymore. >> think, temple set a record in football since 1980's. so, going in the irish how do you feel about that. >> i feel we're ready. we're ready to play begins the
8:07 am
big dogs, you know what i mean. you never know what can happen. i think we can pull out a win. >> reporter: temple students know how to have a good time this weekend but there is a big reason to party. >> it is time to celebrate but just like our team little time to celebrate and then we have to get ready for next week. >> reporter: that is what the coach was telling us. time to celebrate this weekend but monday morning they will get right back to work in preparation for notre dame. >> quality energy here on campus guys, back to you. >> i hear there is a big game next saturday, does temple play. >> reporter: i heard, i think it is notre dame, the fighting irish, yes, yes. >> seriously that is my job over weekend to contact espn and get college game day live, i believe it should be on independent mall right that the market and fifth shutting back at the independent mall and about 6,000 temple kids behind them. >> college game day is coming you have to have a big crowd. >> yes. >> a mother, whose six
8:08 am
year-old daughter just wanted to skateboard get quite the surprise. >> she was all prepared to have a group of teens but she said she was inspired by what happened. >> i think i need clarification on that. >> so let me explain. >> payton the little girl, her mom says that she told her i want a skate game. her mom took her to the public park. girl got scared because there were older boys, she heard bad words and she saw them smoking. so mom wasn't going to make them feel unwelcomed. she told her to just go play. that is when she says one of the boys came up to her daughter. mom was ready to let him have it but boy was actually coming over to help her. he spent an hour with little payton teaching her how to properly skateboard. she said her daughter left the park with more confidence then ever before. so what do you do when something like that happened? you go to social media and post it. in part she said you held her hand and helped her get up whether he she fell down and i
8:09 am
heard you to stay stay away from the rails so she wouldn't get hurt. i want you to know that i am proud thaw are part of my community and i want to thank you you for being kind to my daughter, even though your friend made fun of you for it. payton now skateboards all the time. that is what we call a happy ending. so it started out as a story, there is always a little scary, sketchy. >> we love happy endings. >> of course, we do. >> 8:09. a bold decision, young woman diagnosed with cancer, for chem therapy to get pregnant. >> incredible story of bravery and we will tell you where you can light the night this weekend. plus this... >> i want a bicycle. >> uncle jerry is tired right now so why don't we do a giraffe. >> i just want a bicycle. >> gets you so frustrated when kids talk back.
8:10 am
what their attitude means for them later in life though. this really is a depressing study. let's keep talking cheese stainings now, who has the best cheese steaks in the area. katie says momma's pizza in bala cynwyd has the best cheese steaks and they are completely under the the radar. they are not anymore. karen says stake shop in wilmington delaware. good one. keep them coming guys. fox 29 good day. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back. time is 8:13. take a look at hurricane patricia. category five storm, maximum sustain wind, 200 miles per hour. this hurricane has equivalent of the ef5 tornado, it is the strongest, hurricane, on record in the western hemisphere at this cat five, 200-mile per hour wind as it continues to head toward mexico, movement to the north/northwest at 12 miles an hour, catastrophic damage and mud slide with this system as it continues to make land fall throughout the day-to-day in mexico, moving on off toward
8:14 am
the north eventually. bus stop buddy here locally has that jacket on with temperatures in the 50's. still noticeably cooler out there this morning. 54 degrees in center city and those wind are out of the north. that means a cooler breeze and temperatures in the in the 70's like the past several days. we have gotten spoiled. it felt more like spring. 62 degrees, that is it for afternoon high temperature, and then as we move toward the next several days, you can see we will keep those temperatures in the low to mid 60's for saturday. sixty-three for the high temperature. grab a jacket or sweater for the light the night walk saturday afternoon and evening and spotty shower on sunday what about conditions elsewhere on the road. >> scottie, good morning, 8:14. we are looking live at 202 northbound right at route 30 working your way from west chester heading up in toward malvern. little sun splash there warming us up into downtown this morning. forty-two is slow up towards
8:15 am
that construction at 295. busy weekend here, one of the big only, will be head of the schuylkill regatta taking over kelly drive. it is closed both tomorrow and sunday. extra volleys to use the schuylkill expressway. power power 99, hosting powerhouse tonight. that starts at 6:00. that will add concert volume to the evening rush hour. we are looking at ten minute delays on the market frankford line. mike and alex, back over to you. sometimes life throws you a curve ball hitting with you something you would have never expected. such is the case for our next guest lauren shurmur and here's her story. >> just five years ago the then, 29 year-old was then sitting on top of the world. she had recently completed her ph.d. got married, bought a house and started working as a professor at widener university. but things change drastically in october of that year when
8:16 am
lauren started having chest pains. she went to the doctor, and was diagnosed with chronic leukemia. cml, she had her first bone marrow biopsy on october 22nd of that year which happened to be other 30th birthday. because there is no cure for the type of leukemia lauren has, she says there are many rough days. yet she feels lucky because perfect treatment only involves taking a pill every day to manage the disease. one of the most difficult parts of the diagnosis was being told by many she would never have children. fortunately a doctor at the university of pennsylvania, told her otherwise. instead of saying no, he said let's wait and see how you respond to treatment. not only did lauren respond well but today she's the proud mother of coal bye.
8:17 am
>> hi, colby. >> hi. >> how cute. >> colby cheese. >> and how oldies colby. >> she's two and a half. >> yes. >> hello. >> so lauren, bring us up to date about you, how are you doing. >> i'm feeling well. i stopped treatment for a month so. >> i'm on tv. >> you have to be quiet okay. i stopped treatment a few months to have colby and my disease progressed during pregnancy but i started treatment again after pregnancy and i'm managing the numbers getting them back under control. >> so many people said you better not give up those medications, for nine months. >> yes. >> that is a risk to your health. >> it was one of the hardest parts for me because we had just started to talk about trying to have a family and they were like absolutely not.
8:18 am
most people said just don't think bit, get off the idea i was fortunate to find a doctor and say let's wait and see how it goes. >> what was it like for you, gentlemen when doctors are like it is not a good idea. >> it is a punch in the gut when it happens and you think you where to start a family and then it is no and then you have to worry about your wife's health and your concern there. you put your faith in the system and there is that are working with her and we have a miracle and it work out. >> three cheers for the university of pennsylvania. >> oh, yeah. >> how is colby doing. >> she's doing great. >> she's healthy, happy and great. >> what were the the risks to the child. >> well, the risk would have been worse if i continued the treatment during. this is a type of leukemia that is not passed on tour children. so once i was certain of that that helped make the decision there was no risk to her.
8:19 am
>> no cure and, and and unfortunate that you didn't have to go through chemotherapy. >> well, this is a relatively new treatment. when i was diagnosed my doctor told me just ten years earlier i would have been handing me a five-year death sentence and it is only because of this new pill developed in large part with funding from the ll s that now we have targeted therapy that we can just do that. >> so let's make some more money. >> yes. >> what do you say. >> that is why we're here. >> light the night good colby what will do you this weekend? what did you tell me you will do. >> are you going to walk and hold a about a loop this weekend. >> yes. >> light the night walk again, we have footage from the last time we did this last year. there it is the event right there saturday and it is tomorrow. >> it starts at 4:30. you guys have your shirts thaw are wearing. >> this is our team shirt with 20 to 30 family members and friend supporting us and walking. >> where do we meet right in front of the art museum.
8:20 am
>> simple. >> it is pretty good. >> yes. >> rain, it will be a good night. >> thanks very much. >> so nice to meet you, colby. >> say thank you. >> bye. >> bye. >> mommy wars, do you feel like other moms are criticizing your parenting skills? you are not alone. how one campaign is trying to put an end to mom judging. listen to this, ladies and gentlemen, what city in america has the most tracktive women. i found a list, philadelphia is in the top 20. where do we rang as far as good looking women. >> why are they showing pictures of me. >> because you good are looking, so is lauren. ññ
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
(child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means... i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying) find a doctor in your network before you book... with zocdoc.
8:24 am
akeem says the best is jim's on south street. hand down the the best in the land. >> the best in the land. >> okay. you have seen the commercials where the rob low says, that i am, direct tv, cable tv. >> yes. >> so chris murphy is cable hot dog an then we have direct tv cheese stake. hi, general general. >> so here's the situation. >> the the direct tv is on the left, and cable is on the right. >> we could in the find a cheese stake outfit for chris so we have a hot dog and bob kelly is accost continuing a panter, apparently they came from carolina to growth about the five and zero record and they are trying to shove a eagles jersey on this panter. >> i love it. >> as jen holds the panter down. >> bobbies punching there. >> that is what the eagles
8:25 am
will do. >> you see faces up in the window there. >> we will squirt them with condiments because they are the condiments capitol of the world. if you are looking for an attractive mate there are certain cities in america that have the most attractive women, and men. yes, this is an actual survey that we have found. >> okay. so let's phoning us on the women apparently. >> well, yeah. >> what about i want to necessity where men are. >> there are no good looking men in this town so we gave up on that. let's talk women. >> philly is on the list. >> researchers used data from the clover app and to determine where all of the attractive people are. again, we will concentrate on women. philadelphia just made the cut, coming in last, well, they came in at number eight on the list. for the men, we weren't even on the list. >> at least women were on there. >> would the men made the list, men didn't even make the
8:26 am
top 20. let's get back to the laid is. >> here are top three cities with the most attractive city for women. boston number three, santa monica, california number two. >> number one city is what. >> new york. >> what? >> and specifically the boro of manhattan. >> no wonder you go to manhattan every weekend, now this makes so much sense. >> what are you talking about. >> you are a always in new york. >> ask me next time you are going. >> today. >> okay. >> let's go together lets take amtrak. >> where are men so i know where i need to go because a apparently it is not here. >> kit cat kline in the control room, did it mention the cities, with the best looking men because philly didn't make the list at all. >> i know, but, can you tell me for the love -- he wants to know where he will send me. >> she doesn't remember. >> i'll google it. >> you ever seen an attractive man dressed as a wean i.
8:27 am
>> i can't say that i have. >> there is one. >> hi. >> here's what we are doing. that is the the queen version but i love this song, get me my money. here's what we are doing. i don't like you very much. you, i'll show you what you can do with that mouth. go crazy. come down. >> lets get nuts. >> undefeated panters what thinks all b don't act like you for got who eagles are. you better have my money. anything. >> i got nothing. >> coming back after the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
new book claims beyonce and jay-z split for one year and there is a celebrity to blame
8:31 am
for the break up for the book. >> hoist the celebrity. >> you know, it is rihanna. >> no, it is i'll tell you later. >> you asked me. >> okay good don't get frustrated by kids who talk back to you. those attitudes. what their attitude means for them later in life. is it good to have a smart mouth kid in your house. we're following breaking news now, in the 2016 presidential race. >> former rhode island governor lincoln chafee has now dropped out of the race. >> in surprise. >> he declared his candidacy in june and campaigned on the platform of the prosperity through peace. >> also jim web announced he is out earlier this week. >> we have got bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> and there is one more in there, come on, there were five at the debate. >> martin o'malley out of maryland. >> thank you very much. thank you, michael.
8:32 am
>> 8:31. here at fourth and market we are getting frustrated, we have friday frustration because those panthers, set up, a panter, yes. >> get that panter. get that panter. >> take that, panter. >> yes. >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> oh, man. >> listen, listen. >> okay. >> whatever. >> now here's the thing, you went to temple. you are feeling good. >> yes. >> give the eagles a little m o.j. o. blow some of that on any panter thaw want. >> you have to spray it. >> everybody loves cam but. >> very nice. >> perfect. >> can someone control the panter. >> no, thank you. so, here's the reason why the panter likes this, apparently condiments are from north
8:33 am
carolina. >> what are we go to go do. >> show us what we do with those condiments. >> exactly. >> just one of the things we are doing. we have done the pumpkins last week. >> nice. >> nice, nice. >> beautiful. >> now, all of the eagles are down in the carolinas, that is very artistic. >> oh, yeah he is crying after we kill them 30 to nothing. >> color in a tooth, buddy. while that is happening. bob kelly, you are a temple guy. go away. >> you are the first game begins penn state. >> i was with the ladies yesterday for notre dame. >> we have royalty of philadelphia good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> why are there no female cheese stake owners. >> it changes, you open up a a spot, we got one. >> we talked about it earlier what is it the saturday and why is it so important. >> it is a great event. we have 40 convenientors coming. we have alex's lemonade there.
8:34 am
we have band playing. when will you get a chance to come to one event and try all of your favorite places, plus all these places that maybe you have never gotten a chance. >> it is not a contest but celebration of what philadelphia does best. >> totally. >> we have this guy he is the human, it is gross what he can do with food. >> i will try one of tony's. >> you are great, by the way in invincible. >> why do you think, why do you think everyone loves cheese steaks. >> it is a comfort food indigenous to philadelphia and everybody need a food of their own. buffalo has wings, chicago has piss, insuring has hot dogs and pizza to, philly a has cheese stake. we all dot same thing. we all do it great. >> tony, that is a good stake. >> mike jerrick wants to you make introductions, some of these are familiar faces. >> we have geno convenient toe from geno's steaks here. we have steve the prince of
8:35 am
steaks, right here, from steve's prince of steaks. and one and only, the original frankie from pat's steaks. >> awesome. >> you are looking very happy. >> i'm's kevin from the philadelphia cheese stake festival. we are looking forward to tomorrow. it will be a great event. we're so excited, everybody filled the link out, unbelievable. >> i think, this was a great idea of the cheese stake. >> this is our new mascot. >> show me what you have. >> it doesn't matter, throw one of these on there, show them what you have. go for it. >> nice. >> one more. >> monday night. >> boom, we're making it happen. >> thank you, whatever. >> all right. this is journalism. this is only just begun, guys. we have to do this until 10:00 .
8:36 am
>> that was a mount rush more of cheese steaks right there. >> keep the comment coming. we are flooded with your comments. dan baker, is that the real dan baker, the announcer dan baker, best cheese stake hand down is phillips steaks. hi, joe. gaetano's cheese stake hoeing any willingboro. greatest of all time. coming right back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
chris wallace, i will go directly to you but my co anchor alex is pulling the tail of a panter from carolina. that is "good day
8:40 am
philadelphia" for you, hi, chris. >> are you guys playing the panthers weekend. >> yes, they are five and. >> and redskins might. >> let's go back to yesterday, 11 hours, chris wallace, hillary clinton in front of the benghazi committee. let's listen to a few sound by the right here. >> i have have lost more sleep then all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> the fact still remains, and it bothers me that when i hear people even imply that you didn't care about your people. that is in the right. >> i don't know that she testified that much differently today then the previous times that she has
8:41 am
testified. >> you know, i agree with tray there, i listened from 2:00 o'clock until 9:00 o'clock, not kidding, never move from the television, i'm in the sure i heard anything new, how about you. >> i thought there were a few new things but kind of, i thought most interesting thing was the the fact that in the immediate aftermath of the attack, this just goes to the question of the spin and blaming it all on that video, she sent a e-mail to chelsea and talking to the libya president and egyptian prime minister, and all those conversations, she was saying it was a for or attack, not the video, i thought that was interesting, but while they may have scuffed her up and raised some questions, there was no smoking gun, this were no knock downs, and she goes on, if anything, stronger then ever in her presidential campaign. >> i think you are probably right. i think she comes out, stronger as well. >> in addition, she had a
8:42 am
pretty good basis the she had that strong performance in the democratic debate and joe biden decides that he will not get in but here we are for 11 hours in the hot seat. >> surprise. >> and the most you can say is that they raised some questions, so, you know, there is other than the fbi investigation and there is in reason to think right now, that will find anything that damaging there is no reason to think she will not be the nominee. >> who do you have on sunday. >> that is a a i good question, we are working on it between benghazi committee and paul ryan and ben carson taking the lead in iowa, we will have a great show but it is not quite conged yet. >> you have to do late bookings when something big like one hours of testimony happens in d.c. >> when eagles played redskins they took a shot of danielle snyder up in his box. you were sitting right behind him. you never told me you sit in the owners box. >> well, you never asked.
8:43 am
>> wow. >> that was the the game as i remember when the redskins scored in the last 25 seconds and beat the eagles, is that the a same game. >> mr. wallace, i do not recollect. on the advice of my council i am taking the the fifth. >> we will see you sunday. >> we have a video of you in the box. >> it is hard to see but there you are. see you sunday, chris, thank you. from chris wallace to justin beiber... >> surprise he is back with the brand new video, the song we're adding to our play list. it is something i'm not
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
temperatures right now in the 50's, only upper 50's at lunch and then by this afternoon, a high of only 62 degrees. cooler air moving in, behind that coal front moving through, look at the temperatures, lower 50's, atlantic city, upper 40's, wilmington, north and west as well, but take a look further
8:47 am
are north, looking at darker blues, those temperatures in buffalo, syracuse, albany into the the 30's. other big story, of course, hurricane patricia, continuing to follow that category five storm as it moves toward mexico, with catastrophic damage. a cooler weekend maybe a spotty shower on sunday. here's beiber. according to tmz they are featured as part of the new movie showcasing his entire album, which consists of 18 songs. so we will go out to l.a. and check with tmz because also, in addition to beiber a's new song we are talking about lemar odom, because he had some setbacks. yes, which one do you want to talk about first,.
8:48 am
>> let's talk about that first because he had some setbacks. >> everyone, we have been reporting the last couple days that lemar has had major kidney failure and a lot of fans stepping forward, social media, flooded with people, offering up their feelings for lemar. they have been tweet to go chloe, posting on social media. i'm willing to donate my kidneys, here's my blood type and phone number, call me if you need me. other people are willing to sell their kidneys to them. i saw one, offer their kidneys for $25,000. another person for a hundred thousand dollars. some people, wants to make money out of it, because they are such big fans and you know, they are willing to help someone out on a second chance. >> he had two surgeries yesterday. >> yes, there was two surgeries they had to do something with some chest tissue. we don't know if that was lung or heart but they went in, they had to remove, do some
8:49 am
kind of procedure there and it was a a very fragile, mental state, apparently they kind of cleared everything out of the room, very emotional and they left chloe in there and just fragile, and we only want bare minimum people in the room at this point. >> now, there was also talk that the divorce is off, is that the case. >> divorce is completely off, yeah. both chloe and lemar have signed their from the hospital that they would like to withdraw this divorce and so that is now off the table. even had lemar's signature on the divorce, with this draw document. this is a big deal for them. it was a bit of the rash decision but, at the same time, i guess i can't, i don't know what they are going through inside the hospital. >> there was a picture shown, when they were transporting him, in l.a. and it looks like he had a pretty rough day. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> you see all of the tubes and all that kind of stuff. he is in bad, bad shape. if this was what chloe feels like is right for her relationship. >> it is none of our business i guess good so beiber has a new video out. >> he is saying sorry, dax. >> what is he sorry about. >> he is saying sorry. >> the song is titled sorry all his album. like you said earlier, it is part of the movie that they will release, 35 minute movie which will feature all 18 songs all of this album and set and interpretive dancing and sorry is him, saying sorry for all of his past high jinks everybody the big video we are looking at all morning this no shot of beiber what does twerking to have do with saying you're sorry. i think it is interpretive dance buying this dance squad. >> what are we supposed to interpret, what message are they sending to us, twerking means i'm sorry.
8:51 am
>> i don't know what they are sending, i can just tell you his lyrics are trying to tell people this is a mia cull pennsylvania for everything. >> thanks, dax. >> have a great weekend. >> next time i have to say i'm sorry, which i do almost every day, is just go like this, i'm sorry. >> is that is personal sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> you need work on that. >> i definitely do good that actually hurt. >> out of the rain and on the track why these sumo wrestlers are racing. can you you imagine. >> you talking about hundred yard dash here. >> we have to show you the rest of this tape.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we have an accident westbound, right near south street kind of taking out what part of that right lane there and that is causing the delay for everybody leaving south philadelphia, trying to get in the city. coming in the city this weekend, you will see big boats ahead of the schuylkill regatta being the races here on the river, both saturday and sunday, the kelly drive, closed to vehicle traffic and that will put extra volume on the schuylkill. if you are coming into the regatta or any of the events, the charity walks over the weekend ben franklin parkway, some closures and new traffic patterns went into effect the way early this morning. >> who doesn't love to watch sumo wrestlers running a 100-yard dash. >> you know what, i want to see this. >> the national sport in japan is sum owe wristeling.
8:56 am
>> look out. >> mighty suggest sports bra. >> oh, mike. >> nicely done. >> all right. 8:56. >> we will don't get frustrated by kids who talk back. what their attitude means for them later in life. >> if you have a smart mouth in the house you might than better off apparently. >> keep those comments coming, tell us who the best cheese stake in the area, denise says, how can we forget the white house in atlantic city, the cheese stake is above and beyond amazing. and reality broker direct said the best cheese steaks are made in my backyard,
8:57 am
dennis mcginn. use the hashtag fox 29 good day.
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8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ >> again, why would she be squirting condiments on the the faces of professional football players like the carolina panthers. >> because we want to. >> is that the reason. >> apparently they make a lot of condiments in north carolina and that is why. apparently, these shrubs we have covered, we had to cover them with tarps. >> it is almost like they are made of gold. >> they are made of plutonium. >> karen hepp's voice is coming through your tv screen.


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