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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 23, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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♪ >> again, why would she be squirting condiments on the the faces of professional football players like the carolina panthers. >> because we want to. >> is that the reason. >> apparently they make a lot of condiments in north carolina and that is why. apparently, these shrubs we have covered, we had to cover them with tarps. >> it is almost like they are made of gold. >> they are made of plutonium. >> karen hepp's voice is coming through your tv screen. >> thank you guys, tgif.
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>> it is. >> okay, by the way, can you feed in on twit error facebook. >> because we are getting ready for cheese stake festival, it is 25,000 people in one spot to try 40 different cheese steaks. >> yes. >> there is nothing more to say. >> they do say that a a lot. >> baldwin says, jim's steaks on south street is 62nd street is great. tony luke's was just here. >> he is in the building look at this, hot looks for the cold weather. it will be a cold, snap coming soon. are you going to be like kim kardashian, and wear what she wears. a lot of people like the way she looks right now. >> she's wearing coats, and all kind of coats. but you have to admit she knows how to wear a coat. >> and then she's pregnant. the she is are pictures from before. >> i hear you, sister. >> mommy wars. we have discussed this one. do we feel other moms are judging you, criticizing your
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parenting skills. you are not alone. such a difficult thing. we have to stop it, ladies. there is one group, a whole campaign, trying to put an end to this mommy judging. >> secret separation, new book says beyonce and jay-z split for one year, celebrity to blame for the break up at least according to this book. >> kim kardashian. >> we will get all of the tea honey. >> i believe this one. i absolutely believe it and i will tell you why later. >> so there was a well known female who got into jay z's life a and that is why beyonce left him. >> i got one thing to say, elevator. we saw what happened in the elevator. there was a reason behind that, fight with the sister. i think it is true. >> so, we will talk bit. >> let's go back to squirting heads. >> and the the panthers. >> is what up. >> here's is what happening. we have a cheese stake festival happening, good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> good morning.
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>> steve, tony, geno. so for the first time ever just moments ago on this sidewalk you guys actually tried each other steaks. you never tried this before. >> 50-yard away from my story never had one before. >> say something nice about a stake. >> it was okay. >> wait, wait. >> did you try one of frank's. >> yes, i did but i had to get a tooth pick to get the meat out. >> whose did you you try. >> i tried them all. >> you are a gentlemen here. >> tony, tony, who did you try. >> i tried every single one, and i have to tell you they are all great. they really are. >> come on. >> gene's's steaks is a amazing. >> there is a a ton of viewers and i will tell thaw geno's is the best, tony luke's is the best. the path path's is the the best. steve's is the the best. they are all good, great. find the one you like.
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just enjoy the cheese stake, that is what we're celebrating, the cheese stake. >> everybody, like over 40, 25,000 people are coming out, it is an amazing event. we want to see you there. >> lastly as we wrap it up what are we doing. >> we will bring the record, for the largest cheese stake back to philadelphia a. for the 500 feet prince of steaks, come out and have a bite of the biggest a all proceeds will go toward alex lemonade and ryan dalton. >> what are the chance that he is christmas eaten 19 cheese steaks. >> wow, wow. >> i'm afraid of that. >> he is a a beast. >> hi, we're not done. we're still having fun. >> 500-foot long cheese stake. >> yes. >> i still cannot believe we have not had a cheese stake festival before now. >> this is first one. the great that they are doing it.
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>> great idea. >> well, okay. instead of, breast milk, is there something called formula, right. >> yes. >> and there is a formula maker, extremely famous called similac calling for end to the mommy wars. look at this and then we will talk. >> i was a parent. i was the one who would give moms of crying babies the dirty look and i would say things inappropriate and say yeah, they have to come through they are kid. >> as a mother intend to go breast feed that ace i very stressful situation. >> i am very critical of myself. i still every day believe that i could do this better. >> i am about to go back to work. she's going to be going to a sit are and i kind of feel like people should not judge. no one knows my situation and no one will be a able to pay my bills for me if i were to just stay home. if not going back to work, were it -- >> making me cry.
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>> thinks one of the second of the short documentary created by similac, it featured scenes of the seven new moms, each trying to make the right decisions for the babies. i wouldn't doubt, karen, you have three kid, do you often think manny could be doing this better. i could be a a better mom. >> it was a day last week i was out doing a terrible story about a guy that ended up killing his psychiatrist. that is your worst fears, how do your kids go wrong, and am i missing too much. i'm not home tonight, to take my kids to soccer, to make sure their homework is done and food is there, they are getting take out pizza a. you struggle witt all the time. it makes you cry. i'm skeptical about similar putting it out because they are trying to market and advocate don't think it is a bad choice for women but if it is not, if that is what you need. >> so, i feel this guilt. if i look at my facebook feed. i look at my friend. their girlfriend are supporting each other.
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one girlfriend going through a really tough time. we're all not figuring it out and getting you through it. it is difficult. >> there is shaping on facebook, moms against moms, you are not to go that right. you are in the putting the car seat right. kim kardashian, put north into the car seat in the right way. >> because is there so much, you look at what they are doing right or wrong when they are celebrities. you don't put your kids in the car seat we know your nanny's do it for you. you are not used to doing that one. >> do you see giant heads in the carolina panthers, that is what that is behind us, the back end of the heads. >> anyway, treat each other well. >> we have all tried, because they are changes. sometimes they work and i have not work and sometimes you stay at home and sometimes you don't. >> who is the one who talks
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back the most. >> zazi. >> this gives me pause with the whole mommy thing. my middle one is give me patients, my middle one fridays morning tonight. oldest one they act like they are all so cool. and, that is it. >> we found the survey and kids that talk back, what a beautiful family. that was yesterday. >> that is sunday up at merry meed farms where you take kid out. >> these are my three guys. >> that one in the front making that face. >> yes. >> he was trying to hide in the corn row, he was so mad he didn't get something. sas all over the place. >> beautiful. >> he may be better off coming later in life. listen to this. parents may not want sas, they may in the want attitude, but they may not want their kids to talk back. >> yes. >> but maybe just all that is a good thing because listen to this, psychologist is a say kids who talk back to their parents may be more successful later on in life. >> they say when kids push
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back they are trying to show they have some sense of control over their own lives and that is an important life skill for them to have as they stand up to peer pressure ordeal were difficult decisions. >> i agree with that. that is what he is fighting for is the attention and he is trying to, you know, nobody list tones me. he became middle will child. that is where it comes fromy was the fifth of sixth. i had to go on tv on get any attention. and look i'm's still on. >> yes. >> quincy had has two boys. >> yes, kobe and jordan. do they give you sas quincy. >> all day. you said they will be super successful. i guess my oldest son jordan will be bill gates mixed with oprah winfrey because this guy he challenges me on everything, and you know, it was okay, when i was the only one getting challenge and now he is challenging my wife. it made us bond. who is this. why are you talking to me like that. see, see.
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it is funny doing it to me. now jordan, kobe sees, kobe is youngs one. he sees argument between jordan and me and my wife and he is like oh, that is what i do. i'll do that now. hey, time to go to bed. why. no, no, why. it is an argument. it is a constant struggle every day with these two. >> yes. >> they multi replied. >> friends. >> okay. >> i got you. >> you guys are looking at pictures, no please, no, all of those kids aren't mine. >> jordan and kobe sore cutie cannot picture them being zazi. >> just you wait, because at this age, it is just being whatever, they don't want to go to bed. but you are not this.
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>> and i get it, and my thing as a well is i don't want to beat them down and take that away from them. you just to have deal witt. but my son all the time, why are you doing this? if i have to go to bed why aren't you going to bed. >> that is a good question? >> it is. >> quincy, listen to this you know the music industry pretty well. hang in there because i want to tell you a a story and i want to necessity if you believe it. a new you book claims beyonce and her husband jay-z separated almost a year because of rumors that jay-z was having an affair with rehand a alex, you are saying this is a publicity stunt. >> this is all a according to a book. new unauthorized biography titled becoming beyonce: the untold story. >> look at that cover it is written by best selling author j randy taragamely. the book claims jay-z's people spread rumors to boost
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rihanna's profile ahead of her first hit replay. although they were rumors beyonce could not handle the situation and beyonce publicist yet to comment on the split but beyonce could not handle it and they ended up splitting for a year. >> even though jay-z did not have an affair, just a publicity stunt to boost her. >> yes, just a book. >> beyonce hated the whole gimmick. >> i know you have inside info, what do you think. >> okay. i'm trying to answer this. you caught me off guard. beyonce had a song, i forget what album but it came out and she just said they were talking, she said in the lyrics because i listened to it last night, she was talking about she didn't feel the same after the baby and talking separation. i think people look at jay-z and beyonce and fell like they have a wonderful life because they have a bunch of money. i feel like they go through the same issues we regular people go through. there has been whispers that
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rihanna and jay-z have been intimate but i don't know for sure. >> i'm a guy. >> don't you remember the the whole elevator after at ward show, where the elevator all dressed up and the one just goes after j. whole thing was why can't you just go home, why can't you go home, why are you going out to the after party. that whole thing was right after, this all happened. i believe this. >> rachel roy, and some other people. >> i don't think it business rihanna or rachel roy. i will say this as any guy, if you are a successful and powerful as jay-z women throw themselves at you. it is hard for any guy. i don't care who you are, it is had hard for any guy to say no and be faithful for one woman being that powerful and having that much influence. i'm just being honest. >> that is well said. you got that right. >> i know some professional
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athletes that will go out at night, when i was living in new york, you have seen it, non-stop we would be in the restaurant women come over nonstop and give their phone number or the the key to the room, one time we were in the hotel lobby at a bar and just giving them the hotel room. >> no, they don't. >> she's beyonce, she could do it too. it is in the like another man, she could go home every night of the week. >> it amazing when it comes to the other celebrities we know their business. we know they are separated, they are having a argument. beyonce and jay-z are able to put it on lock down f they were separated for a year we have no idea. only reason why elevator incident one of the reasons it was so big because you this was first time we saw them have a human moment. wow they are family and fighting, there is stuff going on. we try to make it seem like they are so perfect all the time. >> then the mysterious car tour and then, the whole, we were back together.
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everything is fine. >> i'm going to be reading the book i will let you know. >> i met that j randy, and he has written book on many celebrities. kit cat kline can you confirm that. >> and every time he writes a book, it is always controversial and he makes outlandish statements. >> yes. >> he is quite known for that, j randy taragamely. >> i'm no longer excited. >> he wrote a book about michael jackson all sorts of the we will claims. because it is friday, i bet a lot of you will go to the movie this weekend. we have jim and the who will grams. >> or take a lot at last witch hunter. >> you have been talking about this one. >> yes, make you a solder of the action. in a world...
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>> i have waited my entire life for the opportunity to help you. >> we had a voice like that vin diesel. was the movie any good. >> mike and alex, good to see you. the movie has some issues. but then you have elijah wood and rose leslie in the studio. i love her from game of thrones. she's incredible actress. this movie deals with an 800 old witch hunter to try to save humanity. that is the plot line. i don't know if you are a fan of fast and furious movies. vin diesel is great in those. i don't know if awe agree those movies have an essence that they necessity they are over the top and they try to have fun and winking at the audience. we know this is ridiculous. this movie has a another just tone throughout. they should have ton more of that winking like we know this
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is goofy, fun, over the top. the script came off as cheesy at times. vin diesel i love him in action rolls and pitch black, and, chronicles of the wedding planner. i think this is a fantasy world for him. he loves dunk opposite and dragons and being in these kind of movies and it works for him but it came off as very cheesy at times. >> so, would you say, vin, the producer. >> well, vin is very heavily in it. dunk opposite and dragons was a big part of his life growing up. he wanted to make a fantasy type movie. there is witches, very similar to like what he kind of grew up playing and he is really into the role playing element. >> did you get to meet him. >> yes, i spoke to vin diesel. this is insane. when i a sat down with him i loved movies and howie affects are done. really cool shot where he is holding a flaming sword and i figure it was cgi and wait until you see my reaction when it tells me it was real, look at this. >> you are holding a giant
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torch and there is a propane tank stuck tour back. you are trying to do chorography that you practiced for four weeks and really good at but now every turn of the sword prevents a risk. >> it wasn't cgi. >> that is awesome. >> you know this. >> i didn't say vin diesel really has a fiery sword. >> you know, i will do anything but real. >> that is a awesome. >> i was slightly excited when he told me that. >> yes. >> and nerd tears. >> yes. >> so definitely -- >> kevin, stop. how does this work. i don't know anything about the movie industry. so the film company pays to you fly to different cities around the world so you can interview celebrities. this is what your life is. >> they don't pay me they cover the travel for me to get to the interviews. i gave the movie two and a half out of five. it is really not worth seeing.
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but they cover the travel to see the interview. they don't pay me. >> let's talk about the next movie. >> this movie deals with an 80's show. animated show. it took place from 85 to 88. three seasons. movie is a love action version of the animated show. gem's character become a internet sensation when video gets up loath todd her playing a song. she signs a record deal with juliett lewis company star light and becomes a idea how movie industry changes her life. it is okay. >> sound horrible. >> music is worth seeing. she's great in it. but overall i gave it two and a half out of five, i was than the a a huge fan. >> one second, he is not target demo. >> it doesn't matter, i love films like mean girls, i loved pitch perfect i love those kind of movies. i watch all kind of movies fairly. the script is really, really bad unfortunately.
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>> kevin says it is bad, it is bad good have a great weekend. >> lets go to quincy because he is part of the universe soul circus. >> we will take to you that universe soul circus after the break. >> okay.
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so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. ♪ >> that is kind of fun. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. >> take it down. >> you know, karen, we're doing this because last week, we were throwing pumpkins from the roof with giants faces on it. people were tweeting what are you going to do this week. we have to keep winning. because apparently a lot of condiments are made in north carolina. >> but we're also talking about cheese steaks, cheese stake festival, the first one going on saturday. greg says, pudges makes the biggest and business cheese steaks around.
9:24 am
>> okay. >> and mr. ballard says max's has the best cheese steaks i promise you you. >> he made a promise. we will to have check it out. tell us which has the best cheese steaks in the area use the hashtag fox 29 good day. my facebook page, i posted a pick and mike is calling mount rush more of philly cheese steaks here. take a look. universe soul circus has been around for more than 20 years. >> so much fun. i go out there every single year, over the top, it is so great, worth it and it is right over there by the mann. a global celebration. they have got groups from china, ecuador, so many places, quincy is out there, and he has got some of the amazing acts. let's see what he is up to. >> oh, no. >> this is an african dream team, i was doing a dance battle with them. i want to thanks our sponsors at universe soul circus. we have the ring master lucky. lucky, you a said this is one of the newest. >> one of the new acts this year. they are called the african
9:25 am
dream team all the way from ethiopia. >> wow. >> you know that is right. this is just a little bit of what you can expect when you come to the universe soul circus. we have great acts, brand new shows, 2015, i'm your ring master. i brought in zeke with me. we will be rock it this year. >> i was a little upset, as everyone knows world class athlete and world class dancer. why didn't you give meehan outfit to get in there. >> they will do, we will work out something for you, man, definitely, you know, these guys are high energy. you are high energy. i think you guys can work it out. >> okay. so we have lucky, now who can show me how to do some moves right now. >> right now i would not recommend you walking in during the act, probably when they are done, after this act right here, after him this is my man, bennie. >> that is right. >> how do they do this stuff.
9:26 am
>> it takes years and years of practice and they have been every where. they broke a world report for over 50 consecutive jumps without hitting be in on their pole. >> i will try to jump in, this guy is tell me can you show me something because i want to go in there. >> that is tough. >> how do you do this stuff. >> a a lot of practice. after practice it is kind of easy. >> they won't let me jump in. >> they won't let me jump in. i'm upset. >> would you want to try this. you can try this all day. >> universe soul issues here at belmont plateau. >> we pop up. it is opened every day 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. if you want to get tickets on line go to ticket, or universe soul circus. >> well, thank you guys.
9:27 am
i can dance now. >> it will be fun. >> thanks, quincy. >> lets get to jen because we're checking on outside. they were having a dance party. >> cheese steaks song is on now and it is a country song. cheese steaks, we've got a new member of the party, we will introduce to you them after a second. that is right the cheese steaks.
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it is 9:30. as i've said many times on this very program, if you take oh, look at that cheese steak. what is that? >> that's different. >> donkey's. one word. >> in fact, it is made with donkeys. >> don't start rumors. >> just being an ass.
9:31 am
oh, i mean a donkey. i said this many times to starters, if you take a picture of me, professional photo, re touch it as much as you possibly can. >> okay, kate winslet she's not saying that. >> not a fan of people re touching her photos, lauren? wait until she get older. >> that's right. you know what she says, one liner, mike jerrick, keep it real. so yes, she actually has a clause in her contract with make up company, to make sure none of her photos referee touched. winslet said she want to tell the truth about who she is and doesn't want the young women who read magazines to think they have to be any different. she said she thinks by not letting anyone touch photos of her, that she is helping to raise strong young women, and winslet recently signed with loreal to be a mold of their lan comb line every make up. so i think she is casino of taking a page out of karen hepp's book. karen hepp when she takes a picture, i don't know if you guys have noticed it, tell her to do it down there. she will move like 40
9:32 am
different times, while she is taking a picture, to make sure that you are getting every angle and that it is a perfect one. >> okay, we will take a picture on camera, one here, are you ready? >> karen hepp, pretend you are taking a picture. >> click, click, click, click, click. >> that's what she does. >> in eight of the pictures, eyes closed. >> that's why. keep it fresh. >> keep it real, right? >> you try keep it real. i think that's what people like about kate, very nice of you. kate never, like always been, not skinny mini, lauren, and she makes sure that they don't re touch and take off, you know, 20 pounds here and 40 and make the five. >> photo earlier this week, when they made her look so much thinner than she really is, basically her hips, made her waistline much smaller. keep it real. >> just look like yourself. >> kit cat kline in the control room, there was really bad re touching job this week. >> of who? >> i think it was -- who maroon five? >> adam levin? >> i think adam levin holding
9:33 am
the -- no, he is with a woman, and they mistakenly cut off half of his stomach. like half his body missing. >> what? >> i think it is adam levin. >> what picture is this? >> kit cat is looking. >> kit cat, also, back to kate for one second, when talking about there is i think so interesting, always talk about oh, there it is, oh, there it is, half of his -- that's so weird. >> oh, ya. >> half of his body off. >> to make her leg probably look smaller, then they forgot about adding it back. >> yep. they call those photo shop fails. even hashtag, like you can look through it. >> ya. >> no. >> here is a photo shop fail right here. >> oh, mike. >> or even if you look outside, we have these posters. >> oh, the worse pictures, the worse. >> so mike is pointing at me, in the picture, right? so they had to like redo it. i don't know why. i guess they don't like your hands? >> looks like i am pointing at your boobs. >> the hand, when you look by
9:34 am
our studios? >> looks like a gun or something? >> i don't know, doesn't look natural. >> one of the worse photos ever took of of me and they blew it up to the size of a building. >> they frequently heat up the big screen together, i am talking about this bradley cooper dude we had on yesterday. says he will never sleep with jennifer laurence, his co-star in silver lining play book. >> she is so hot. they've been in couple of movies together, american hustle, lit up, the other one. so, good. anyway, so talking on the howard stern show earlier this week, and he says, you know, they obviously have this romantic chemistry, does not go beyond the screen, and as they always say, we're just friends. >> they are actors. they're supposed to make us believe they're lovers. >> so i guess that means they're good at their job, right if. >> exactly right. >> we believe it. makes sense. >> jenn fred? >> okay, i've got breaking news into the cheese steak festival. the song is tony luke's
9:35 am
singing the song, he claims it is bruce springsteenesque. >> it is not country. >> lit ace listen. >> ♪ >> go ahead, girl. >> i love some meat. >> really? >> hey now. >> ♪ >> that's the country part. >> she likes the wiz ♪ >> once you have had one, you will back here for more ♪
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i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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for the girokay.ut meeting. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. what are you upset about? >> i don't know, i'm getting yelled at. >> so excited for the halloween show and the plans they're making. >> one team here.
9:39 am
>> it is 9:39. >> we're getting fired up for the eagles game. >> did you notice the gj out there? he is good. >> why a panther in a eagles jerry? >> here is the concept. >> here, the concept is. >> this i've now pick what each of the owners except for cheo and steve, these two, i'm going it get into a fight about something with. good morning. >> good morning. >> and my beef with him right now his name is frank, but his place is called pat's. >> pat's. because my uncle pat invented the steak sandwich back in 1930. >> oh, gino hates when you say that. >> well, he invent philadelphia but we just perfected it. >> oh, hoe! >> new kid on the block, all started because i said the name of your place is anthony's, i'm assuming your name is anthony? >> yes. >> because it is hard with people like frank that owns paths. that's enough for you. now listen, you will have your stuff at the festival this weekend? >> yes, i am. >> who of the legends, not of hip hop, of steaks, is willing to try one of anthony's? >> okay, go for it. i want you guys to do.
9:40 am
that will now, when you came up, you saw these guys, were you pretty impress that we have literally the royalty of philadelphia. >> here we go. manning manja. >> oh, that's pretty good. >> explain to me. >> just honor being around these guys, they're legends, they made it in the business world that i'm trying to get into. andand just an honor to be with them right now. >> franker we know you will be honest watch do you think about these steaks? >> delicious, delicious. >> okay. what do you think about people trying to break into the business? there are so many of these places but you said there is room for -- >> always room for more. >> i love interviewing people when there is food in their mouth. >> always room for more. do you agree? that's what this festival is all b like everyone has their own style, you have sauce. tell me where your place is located. >> between 13th and broad and
9:41 am
oregon. it is right on the corner of jupiter and oregon. >> how many cheese steaks a day do you think you need? >> i eat? northern. try toy save them for everybody. >> gino how many sticks do you guys sell a day? >> enough, enough to pay the bills. >> did you ever see that sign? we sold that yesterday. >> he is such a smack talker. >> you know what happens to smack takers. we love them. >> okay, so, come on back, having fun, at fourth and market, where ever we live. >> jen real quickly, take the camera over to the panther, abusing all morning, because the charlotte station, the fox station in charlotte -- >> oh, come here, mikey. >> oh, is that what a pant is her? >> all right. >> so, now, go back over to the wall, with all of the goo all over it. >> okay. >> because the picture we just had on the screen is from our
9:42 am
fox station in charlotte, they heard that we're up against what? >> well, we posted this on our instagram account. what's happening outside, then the station in charlotte was like, oh, no you didn't. you and the eagles are going down sunday. >> oh,. >> feisty, feisty pants. go away. >> cute coat on. >> yes, she does, and speaking of cold weather wear, did you get a new winter coat yet this year? the three trends you need to know about before the temperature drops way down. we're talking winter coats. >> ♪
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9:45 am
mama's pizzeria has the best kept secret, with the butter i soft rolls, and meat that just slides down, oh, this is getting weird. >> whew. >> i'll check it out, mama's pizzeria. okay, it is time for a winter coat. i real dow need to get over to -- avenue favorite coat place. >> where is it? >> it is called theory on walnut st. >> well, my husband needs a new coat, been complaining the last one, ten years old, so it is jacket season. and there is a trendy celebrity leading the way. >> ♪
9:46 am
>> love her or hate her, can kim kardashian west is the queen every coats, her themes loaded when jackets, military, leather, shear, sleek, now with the temperatures dropping, it is your turn to rock some of the hottest trends of the season, and we are going to show you how. so we have to get ready then to put on our coats. you are already wearing a coat, amy, hello. >> hi, how are you? >> and we are loving what you are wearing, honey. >> thank you. >> you are always styling. >> thank you so much. >> and you're a designer, right? >> i am. you will see one of my looks coming down here in a second. >> and i need a little help. so many coats out there. so many choices. you see mine, wearing my fox 29 coat. help us out so i can buy my coat for the season. calling this the shear link coat? >> shearling is real big this season, have touch of fur. >> put your hair little back so we can see it more. so this right smear. >> this right here, all along the collar, real nice. nice thing about this jacket it is kind after mix between edgey and whimsical t also
9:47 am
kind of bomber look at the top and check out the drama. >> oh, look at all of the flare there. >> and i thought it was just here. >> all the way down. great for any body type, again, touch of fur, also notice head to tow block, huge this season, black on black on black. >> where did you get yours? >> from nordstrom rack under 80 bucks. >> who do we have next? >> we have mary grace. >> okay. >> mary grace actually wearing coat from h and m. >> wonderful. >> retails at just under 60 bucks. >> and they're calling this the flared felt dollars coat y is that? >> because it is a wool felt fabric t gives a little bit of structure, but at the same time not heavy. nice thing about it is that you will see it has elongated line, that's huge this season, you want to make sure your coats are oversized and longer the better. doesn't matter if you're petite like me, you can definitely rock this look. >> i like longer because it means it is covering more things and i'm not as cold. >> having it open, making the belt the feet you. >> from h and m, how about is this. >> just about $60.
9:48 am
so for our next coat we have the urban nomad coat? >> this is. rita is actually wearing nevada head to tow. >> this is your design? >> my design. >> with a was urines prayings for this? what was the look here? >> inspiration came from humble combination it, has very muted pallet that's really big this season, in a bone color, the nice thing about it is that the collar is oversized, huge this season, so that way you can flip it up or down, of course, we have it up. >> look at this, look how high it up goes there, this is what i would want to wear to break the winds. >> exactly. it is nice because it is framing the scarf and draws the attention to up your face which is what we want. >> how much is this? >> 275 on our website. nevada couture. com. >> finally we have a cape, the select cape. >> this is assess he will -- seles cape, retails 188, l lurie, fabulous, color of the year for 2015 is march sal a so this is nice wine hue of marsala. >> and that's been the color of the year.
9:49 am
>> couple of more months this year, this is the color to get. >> we love l lurie, local boutique here, liz, we love her, friend of the show. how much does this go for in. >> 188. >> and i just love that color. but with the cape, though, do they have pockets sometimes? >> they do. they do have pocket. but you will see it looks like a faux pocket, that's why your arms are going through, some of the other coats have pockets there is one has little bit of different style. but gives you some flexibility to move your arms around, so that's great. >> perfect, we love it. i love the fact they are selling it for style. when it comes to coats don't just get the typical one, make a fashion statement. >> have fun with it. >> add on scarves, accessories. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> now mike, remember, earlier talking about the fact that your photo shop job out here at the station, there it is, there is the finger. he's pointing. >> blown up the size of the building. what am i doing with my hand? look at the size of my finger. >> that was photo shopped in? >> so i can't really hear you mike, but that's it, that's your hand there. you are pointing at something.
9:50 am
>> great. we love that team. >> they are great. >> we're one team. >> adele, i love her voice. haunting i call it, haunting. she has a new music video. listen to this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, i love it. it is going to be a huge hit. this is the first song in three years, because you can identify, like the love you lost t went wrong, or what happened, and you missed and went back. >> you pick up all of that? >> you want to go over it? oh, yes. i mean, were you right when you said haunting. >> yes, she is drinking hot tea, going through papers. >> remembering, you know, like -- >> ahh. oh, man, now i'm depressed.
9:51 am
>> would you stop it. it comes out november 25th. >> you will be singing along to that, value that on at your place. >> sure ill. >> next to your fake fireplace from qvc, small, not big enough, have your cocktail, your scotchy scotch scotch. >> floating around my apartment naked going hello. hello. >> let's go back outside r we going back outside? >> i think we're doing lottery numbers. it is colds outside. >> yes. >> oh, they're naenae. >> have you seen the house -- there is a house that can whip and it can naenae. >> after the break. >> ♪
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9:55 am
big weekends coming up. last couple of minutes of the show. karen mentioned a house down in baltimore, halloween decoration, and the house actually whips and naenae. >> it can whip tan can naenae. do we have that all lined up? there it is, whipping and naenae. >> oh, that's hilarious. >> better than scott williams. >> oh! >> ♪ >> going on this weekend, hey, dj? do you have any kendrick lamar >> so he is tonight? >> power house start tonight at 5:00 p.m. kendrick lamar, meek mills, power 99 is hosting it, waist going to be there. >> wells fargo. >> wells fargo center, yes. >> then tomorrow we have our light the night walk, right? >> yes. >> at the art museum.
9:56 am
>> also the philly cheese steak festival. >> cheese steak festival. >> what are the hours? >> 11:00 to 6:00 saturday. >> now, mike, we have to say thank you. >> real quickly here, yes. >> go ahead. >> in is from cheltenham high school. >> cheltenham high school. >> thank you. >> been here all morning. >> appreciate you today. >> he came over here, at 6:00 in the morning, and put those up. >> what's the name of the company? >> replica -- >> oh, 18th streetment then of course on sunday, is the eagles, sunday fight game, right. >> yes. >> eagles panthers. >> now mike, you forgot something. >> what? >> all weekend long we have fox 29 weekend, the fun doesn't stop. 8:00 a.m. we will keep it going. >> you'll watch. we have saturday, sunday. >> okay. common in here, mike. just look around, we want to thank all of the people that brought cheese steaks out
9:57 am
today, monte g, of course, now, what can we do with this, as we close the show? let's all get around the panther. make a cheese stakeout of it. >> here we go. well done. >> bye bye. >> oh, no. oh, my goodness. a septa bus! >> hey, here, here. go, go, go on out to the airport. go back to charlotte. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> that's right! >> have a great weekend everybody. see you monday for good day philadelphia. watch karen hepp tomorrow morning. >> karen help-and bill anderson. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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