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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> this week villanova university decide to go add armed police officers, to its security force next fall. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the university, tonight, and bruce, in light of even more chance of violence, a lot of opinions about what villanova is doing. >> make their views in silent protest. >> lead us god of non-violence. >> don't confuse the quiet respectful nature of the protest, with lack of passion on the part of those involved. >> grant those who wish us harm the power to make decisions that shape our campus and community. >> villanova announced this week that beginning next fall, 15 of its 75 public safety officers will be trained to become full blown campus police officers, armed on the job, in a statement, the school said in light of security incidents across the nation, it is essential that
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the university be pro-active, and strengthening its ability to provide a safe and secure campus environment. to be sure, some student approve of the upgrade. >> i think it would definitely make me feel a lot more safe specially after we had the bond recently, be nice to know that there are officers on our campus who are armed. >> protesters note this proposal was floated two years ago, was blasted by students, and faculty, and then sat dormant for two years before this week's announcement. >> number one we didn't know it was even still being considered. two, in those two years, the concern that's been raised were never addressed. >> i was very surprise today see it come out. sort of out of no where, after radio silence for two years. >> many believe well protected while some minority student worry profiling or other police misbehavior could become even more dangerous if campus cops are armed. >> certain agree people of color on campus might feel less --
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>> i definitely feel that way. >> in case were you wondering, student not allowed it care guns on campus, and the protest remembers hoping to keep the heed on, keep shining a light on this issue, and scheduled old forum on the subject for next monday evening, university officials are presenting this as a done deal, starting next fall, armed officers on campus. >> latest developments, in tennessee, that's where one person is dead, three other have hurt, after a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university. happened just before 11:00 last night, police say, fight over a dice game is what led to the gunfire. nineteen year old cameron salman killed, salman was not a student at tennessee state, it is not clear what connection the shooter had to the school, three other women were hurt. investigators are still looking for the gunman. >> loved ones gathering for service for little one found dead in the woods not far from his home earlier this month. mourners gathering at holy
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savior church in westmont, new jersey, for service to remember three year old brendan createo. his body was discovered last week in haddon township about three hours after his father reported him missing. it still is unclear how the little boy died, but police say he was not sexually assaulted, no one broke into his father's haddon township apartment. >> onto your fox 29 weather authority now. the cold air coming in, lets guess to trenton tonight. temperatures down from what we've seen this week, if you are stepping outside tonight, you might want to bring in a jacket. meteorologist, dave warren, gives us idea what we can expect for the rest of the weekends, dave? >> tonight will be the coldest night, certainly grab the coat before you head outside. that cool breeze has been around today, that will die down, overnight tonight, but that will really let the temperatures drop. right now, 60s in philadelphia, but cooler up north. 51 degrees there in mount pocono. millville is at 64, wildwood, atlantic city, into the 60s. clear skies, lighter breeze tonight, that will lead to very cold start tomorrow morning.
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calm tonight, and cold start saturday morning, we are talking about temperatures maybe down to about the freezing mark in a few suburbs. see it quickly cools off tonight, by tomorrow morning, right about 40 in the city, right about mid to low 40's to the south. but if the suburbs to the north, one, 39 agree temperatures in glassboro, a lot of 30's in the north and western suburb. there is the mourning chill, when you wake up, step outside, could be cold, allentown, predicting down to about freezing. will quickly warm up. sunshine will push the temperatures up to the 50's, cool but comfortable start, if you wait long enough, then we're talking about warmer weather coming in this weekend. now, ultimate doppler, clear for now, there will be one or two hours looking at some rain this weekend, another big story hurricane pa trish, a the most intense hurricane ever, with pressure down below 890 millie bars. now that pressure is at 900 millie bars. the wind though the latest advisory has wind at 190 miles per hour, it was 200, approaching landfall, as a
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category five. rare to see hurricanes make actual landfall, as category five. certainly watching this area, we'll have more on this storm and what to expect in your neighborhood, as this weather warms upcoming up a little later. >> all right, dave, thank youment. >> police in wilmington, delaware are trying to figure out who pulled the trying near triple shooting last night. it happened about 7:30, 800 block every vandevere avenue. officers say they found three men all in their 20's injured from gunshot wounds. they were rushed to christianna hospital where they're list in the stable condition at this hour. no word on motive. so far, no description that far shooter. >> the fbi in wilmington police asking for the public's help in finding a man wanted for murder. investigators say damian thomas shot and killed desean read back in april, on west 27th street. detective think that thomas may be hiding in atlanta, georgia where he has family. there is $10,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. >> now, to a story you'll only see on fox, a huge heroin bus
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in a quiet mayfair neighborhood right across from a school. >> neighbors say the raid looked like a scene right out of a movie. fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp just back, karen, how are people react to go this? >> certainly so surprised. it is a really quiet community up there. but some of them certainly had their suspicions, that something was a miss, but it is to has rocked the greater sense of security. there is a lot every pride in mayfair. well kept homes, and manicured yards, and good old-fashioned neighborhood knows i necessary. so barbara had her concerns for awhile about that place across the street on batters bee, and kept her eye on it. >> everything, it was pitch dark in there, they never had the lights on, and it was like a quick stop. you know? it was just suspicious activity. >> reporter: investigators raided this home the 7500 block of battersbee yesterday with the help of the philly police digging up the yard, witnesses say, breaking doors, and glass, sources say they found 12 kilos of heroin with
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street value of $4 million, plus guns, and cash. >> it is like watching a movie. they went through the doors, a lot of noise, it was the fbi, it was the police, guns drawn. >> there are so many young families who live right in this community. the house where the bus. it happened is right across the street from the austin meehan middle school. many thought their children were safe here. now they're shaken by the massive drug raid and the prospect of real life monsters in their midst. >> horrible, horrible, as you can see, i live right here, not happy, not happy. >> so investigators right now are releasing few details on the case, but we do know charges have been filed against at least one suspect. chris? >> karen, thanks. a gnc store robbed at gunpoint now the hunt is on for the robbers. bensalem township police say the man on your screen robbed the gnc store in the 1800 block of street road last night. police say he walked in,
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pulled out his gun, and demanded cash from the register. if you see him or recognize him, please call police. >> philadelphia police are asking for your help tonight in finding a missing teenage here is pregnant. fifteen year old tie anna torez was last seen at her home on the 1500 block of fairmount avenue yesterday night. police say she is about 5 feet tall, she ways 130 pounds, light complexion, freckles, brown eyes, two-toned red and blonde hair. anyone with information about her whereabouts should call police right away. >> happening now, temple football fever has taken over philadelphia. they won on the road last night, east carolina, 24 to 14, the owls scored 14 unanswered point in the fourth quarter. yes, giving them perfect seven and zero record. first time in history. the owls are now their best start in school history, and getting ready to host notre dame, the fighting irish, next saturday at lincoln financial field. but before we look ahead to the irish, sean bell is in the
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news room with a tired, but happy, coach matt rule. >> reporter: that's right, if philly doesn't have anything else in the sport world, at least they have the temple owls. seven and zero, their best start in school history, we all thought they would be good. we didn't think they would be this good. they escaped a big trap game with flying colors last night. they were down at east carolina, dominate the rest of the game, winning 24-14. the city on fire. the campus is on fire. coach matt rule is the toast of the town. even his kids are telling them about the temple owls. >> we didn't sleep last night. we got in at 5:00. plane was delayed. we got in at 5:00, my son wanted to wake me up at 6:45, before school, to let me know he won. i was there, bro. >> and look at this, here he is, today, running around with his daughter, two year old vivian, so cute, she is a happy little temple fan, win, lose or draw, she just wants to run around and have fun with pop. later in sports, we're going
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to look ahead to next week's big, big match up with notre dame. that is the game that can put tumble at another level. chris? >> yes, it will. thanks, sean. >> emotional day after a horrible situation in france. >> investigators there are doing their best, to piece together just what happened, in what is being called the country's worse traffic accident in decades. >> and some serious flashflooding in part of texas. the raging waters washed away just about everything. and that included houses, too, where this mobile home finally ended up. >> and it might be difficult for those texas residents, but the worse still on it way. the storm that is headed right for mexico, that even has americans bracing for impact. >> and you got see this. a daring rescue on a north carolina highway, a little girl trapped inside a car moments from tragedy. the person who risk his own life, to make sure she -- >> all new tonight at 6:00 the commander in chief talking about a local police
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department tonight. why he is giving credit to some piss cyst tent officers in camden count. >> i sunday fun day.
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tonight two flowers on the loose, police are hoping you can help track them down. looking at surveillance video outside home in the 900 block of godfrey avenue in somerdale. video shows one man knocking on the door to see if anyone is home. then minutes later the second man looks through a window on the front porch. while the first man breaks in a rear window. now, he opens the door for his buddy, they get away with a flat screen tv, if you
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recognize these guys, police want to hear from you. >> a new jersey social work is her headed to prison for stealing from an elderly couple. william price of lynnewood stole $125,000 from a couple he met working for atlantic county, adult protective services. today a judge sentenced him to five years in prison, he also has to pay the money he stole. he must pay it back the 57 year old was indicted knack march. along with the owner of an in-home senior care company for conspiring to steel millions of dollars from elderly patient. >> now to a developing story out of france. tour buster into flames, killing 43 people. that bus was traveling along a country road in a popular wine region whether it collided head-on with a truck. the truck driver and his young son were killed in the fiery crash, the bus driver survived, he tried to help his passengers escape the burning bus, but only eight were able to get out safely. >> the bus driver realized the accident was going to happen.
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he did everything co-to avoid it, but wasn't able to. he could only open the doors to allow some of the passengers to get out. >> this is france's deadliest road accident in more than 30 years, and investigators still trying to figure out exactly what caused the crash. >> happening now, a fractured republican led house could be on the mend, which wisconsin congressman paul ryan now ready to run for house speaker. >> his announcement comes after weeks of pressure by members every his own party, which he followed up with his own list of demands. fox's joel wald man shows us what ryan is asking for. >> paul ryan is not saying much publicly yet. but the wisconsin congressman and chair of the house ways and means committee, said a dear colleague letter letting them know he is ready and eager to be speaker. earlier in the week the 45 year old had list every demands before agreeing to move forward. >> can i not annually not give up my family time. i may not be as often as
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previous speakers, but i pledge to try and make up for it, with more time communicating our vision. >> ryan got something else he wanted. the backing of the three house republican groups, including the house freedom caucus, which earlier had endorsed another candidate, then put out statement saying the overwhelming majority of it members now support ryan. ryan is also praised by some democrats. >> appears to me to be one of the people over there that would be reasonable, i mean, look at some of the other people. i mean, paul ryan -- >> outgoing speaker john boehner has set full house vote for next week. the only other candidate is republican florida congressman, daniel webster. ryan or any other candidate would need 218 vote to win the speakership, but ryan already said he wants as many of the 247 republican votes, as can he get. in washington, joel wald man, fox news. >> talk about guts, forget about the basketball court.
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things got down right scary for philadelphia 76ers mascot, franklin. well, franklin is following the footsteps of mayor michael nutter, even our own good day reporter jenn fred. >> talking about big furry dog, franklin repelling down one legal square. as fox's sabina kuriakose explains, it was all for a good cause. >> a breathtaking challenge, 481 feet in the air, philadelphia outward bound schools annual scholarship fundraising, is not for the faint of heart. adrenyline junkies, you would be right at home. that's megan gallagher. >> i just love outdoor education, and i want everyone to have access to it. >> she went through courses like outward bound, as a kid, she says those lessons stick with her today. >> every perseverance, trust, team building, everything. >> here at outward bound we take student into unfamiliar settings that are national place. >> we provide all of the gear and equipment that they need to be successful.
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and that's why we raise the money. >> the school's he he can executive director says the non-profit takes philly kids out of their comfort zone. plopping them down into the outdoors, training them, real life skills. >> on the delaware river, on the appalachian trail, 80 brave souls propelling down 31 stories here at logan square, they're helping outward bound raise up to $275,000, and they're almost at their goal. the money they raise goes toward scholarship support for still i students, teens who suffered a tragic lost, annex petitions for war veterans who have served in afghanistan, and iraq. tori, raising money for the school's veterans program. >> my brothers a marine. a lot of my best friends are marines, so i just want to get involved, do something for veterans. >> going to great heights for a cause, they believe in. in center city, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". >> well, the universal circus has been around for more than 20 years, now, it is making
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its come back to philadelphia. >> philadelphia ... >> that's right, the lights are back under the big top, this is the universal circus promising a world class showcase of light, sounds and of course soul. good day's quincy harris got a sneak peak. >> we have great act, brand new shows, 2015, i'm your ring master. i brought in my main man seek seek with me. we will be rocking it year. >> catch the universal circus now until november 15th at fairmount park. >> well, it is no surprise to hear a big city has a few rodents setting up shop on the street. >> yes, but what a surprisingly ex being actually how many. new york city experience ago little rodent surge, just how many people are calling police over rats, and the price tag to make them all disappear. >> and this is a story you have to see to believe.
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par including fever? no, we're not making this one up. it happened back in 1950. why these animals were forced to fly. >> mars mania, around the world, a major discovery, block buster movie, and the real mission, the local company want you to help with making history.
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>> traffic is slowing again once again tonight on the bay bridge in annapolis maryland. but was a much different story before rush hour this morning, that's seafood truck overturned and dangling off the bridge, police say the driver wasn't hurt. they are still looking into what caused that crash. >> severe flooding, is plaguing parts of texas, and all of that excess water is delivering a devastating blow to rv park, take a look, this is cell phone video, capturing a mobile home, just being swept away. the home washed away along with other vehicles, winding up in a field, several blocks away. authority say they managed to evacuate everyone from the rv
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park before the flood waters returned into the area. forecasters in texas are calling for more severe weather over the next few days. and similar scene in queens, new york, as water main break turns one neighborhood into a lake. this is queens boulevard, and other roads still block off, the brake happened at nearby construction site, thousands of gallons of water poured into the street, workers have already closed the valve, traffic is even still backed up, even though near the long island expressway. and residents all over new york city are dealing with a different kind of problem tonight. >> not a good one. increase in the number of rat sitings now has many calling for help. new york 311 hotline seeing a surge in rat related phone complaints this year. the mayor's office says the city's already received about 25,000 rodent-related calls. that's up from just over 20,000 calls in 2014. >> i am a life-long new
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yorker. i've never seen it this bad. rats are taking over. they're on subways, on the platforms, we've got rats everywhere you turn. >> new york city spending close to $3 million on a rat irradication program, all in an effort to combat this unpleasant issue. >> a major drug bust at a port in florida the us coast guard intercepted about $40 million worth of cocaine this week in st. petersberg. that's about 2500 pounds of powder. the coast guard says it came from the caribbean. police say six suspected smugglers are in custody for questioning tonight. and a massive hurricane is getting stronger tonight. and is ready to strike the mexican coastline. >> a storm so powerful it even has americans bracing for the impact. the warning they're getting tonight. ahead of one of the strongest storms we've ever seen. dave? >> new information on that, plus we have some rain to talk about. along with cooler weather. really not across the
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philadelphia area, right now, but showers over the great lakes, could impact part of your weekends, i'll show when you you get around it coming up in the complete forecast.
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>> welcome back, protests on the campus of villanova today.
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the university announced this week that 15 of its 75 public safety officers will be armed on the job starting next fall. the school says in light of zoo school shootings they're taking steps to ensure the safety of their student, protesters don't like that move, though, they say they're already well protected by radnor police. >> a major drug bust in a small quiet philadelphia neighborhood, it is a story you'll only see on fox 29. police raid ago home on the 7500 block of batterby in mayfair, and once inside investigators say they found 12 key lows of heroin worth more than $4 million, guns, and cash, also confiscated from inside that home. we're told one person is under arrest. >> well, right now, a massive hurricane is barreling toward mexico's pacific coast. this is a big one. patricia currently at a category five storm, as high as possible. >> as you can imagine, threatening major damage with wind nearly 200 miles per hour.
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fox's jonathan hunt has more for us from los angeles. >> all of the clouds seen earlier today over mexico area, officials asking folks to leave for safer ground, as the most powerful measured hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere bears down on the country's pacific coast. >> and anyone who lives very close to the beach, should get basically as far away from that as possible, up to higher ground, into reinforced buildings. >> patricia's effect could be catostrophic as it hits mexico with high winds, rough waves, and heavy rainfall. officials declaring a state of emergency in many municipalities. and people working to reinforce windows, and prepare sandbags during the storms approach. >> there will be, you know, substantial surge in flooding of the coast, there will be, you know, substantial wind
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damage. >> the united nations worlds meteorological organization says patricia's strength can be compared to typhoon highann, that november 2013 storm, leaving more than 7300 people dead or missing, when it slammed into the philippines. millions more displaced. >> pa push pa tricia will pose threat to texas even after it breaks up over land. what's left of the storm is expected to combine with heavy rain, that's already falling in that area. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> all right, back home now to your fox weather authority. certainly it looked ominous there. nothing like that around here. >> gorgeous day here. >> gorgeous day here, we have the fall leaves coming in, we will be focusing on the hurricane, not only is it hitting now, but a lot of times mudslides, you can't get into the area that's needed. big problem there. category five now, it was the most intense, last observation, that pressure was
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down 879. that's lower than wilma, so far was the most intense hurricane here. so, no doubt, very intense hurricane, often don't see them maintain category five, only two hit here in the u.s., camille and andrew, so rare to see storm this strong in making landfall, category five. likely around 8:00 our time tonight about 20 inches every rain predicted, we continue to watch this catostrophic event, no question. here fall color, nearing the peak, if you want to get out and enjoy the breeze, it will be dying down. tomorrow near pecan peak, that's what we're seeing across the area, so get out, enjoy it, may not be nice daikon sunday, little rain predicted tomorrow will be a cool start. fifty-four, we climbed up to 64, dropping tonight, that wind dice down, and it is clear, nothing on ultimate doppler radar. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, here is what you are stepping outside to. this will be about 6:00. get up early you'll feel that chill in the air. put the coats out.
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already to go. kids will want to go outside with the nice sunshine, it will be chill when you take the first step outside. warms up little bit, not quite like we saw today in the 06 ace, only into the upper 50's, say it is still cool tomorrow. upper 50's, trying to get up to 60, but not quite there. a lot of the suburbs into the up ear's, south and east, head north and west off to cold start, only place that's into the 40's, mount pocono. at 46 degrees. now, this is what is happening, that front came through today. we have to keep one arrow in here. that's what's keeping the cool nare place. high pressure sliding over to the north, that will keep the southeast winds tomorrow, it is not far away where we see this warmer air, it is coming in on sunday, but as you get this storm developing pulling up the warm air here's where you have this rain developing. few showers along each front. this will be saturday night. it will approach overnight saturday, to early sunday, so when you step outside sunday, not quite as cool but those showers will be passing through, between about 6:00 in the morning and 8:00. by noon, it is clearing out
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sunday, that's warmer air coming up. now the front will stall to the south. there is rain in tennessee for sunday night, eagles game, want to watch that closely. but here is this moisture that we are talking about with pa trish a the knot actual area of low pressure, but a lot of moisture combining with area of low pressure developing along the texas coast, stationary front to the north, more heavy rain predicted exactly where we don't need it, 8:30 kick off sunday. if you are here, 06 to 53. if you are there, 63 counsel to 060-6789 watch the rain, all day around tennessee. so should be ending, might be little soggy there. looks to be clearing out. forty-two and 32, the city and those north and western suburbs, there is a light breeze, but it is a chill start tomorrow. and we're not quite warming up tomorrow afternoon. you will see few clouds, coming in, and low clouds, at first, then some high clouds later, ahead of the rain. but the rain will be here, sunday morning. a.m. showers, all the way down to 50, thanks to the clouds, keeps us little milder at night. sixty in the afternoon.
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sixty on monday. 60 degrees on tuesday, but we start to warm up just little bit there. machine day and tuesday, trying to push these numbers up. gets a little cooler, on wednesday, up to 51, then 59. now, this is a big storm. so between wednesday night and thursday morning we don't cool off much. stay right about 59. but that rain clears out thursday night. friday, getting closer to halloween weekend, also, known as temple notre dame weekend. looks pretty good. >> they're playing. >> big holiday. >> i bet you didn't even know that. >> all all we hear the. >> all right, very special local event is giving some very special young girls a chance to feel beautiful. >> and the padge meant our area that's bringing smiles to the faces of some very deserving ladies and there is something you can do to help them feel amazing. >> # for seven so far. temple racking up wins like never before. even talking about plans for
5:36 pm
the owls to build a nunez. new nest. >> coming up, tomorrow morning from 8:00 until 10:00 halloween is approaching, so we have all of the tips to get you and your children ready. paul ryan is considering being speaker of the house. and has opened up whole discussion on paid family leave. and the cheese steak festival in philadelphia, what is your favorite cheese steak. make sure you're watching 8:00 in the 10:00.
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>> attempted package theft with bizarre ending all caught on cam. that will is in california police tonight looking for this woman, captured on surveillance video trying to steel a large package off someone's porch this week. women, when she couldn't handle that large box, she opted to swipe the homeowner areas dirty shoes instead. investigators are still not sure exactly why she decided to take off with them. a shocking theft in los angeles has police searching for a missing human leg. this is no joke. somebody took a leg, from the vehicle belonging to one legacy, that's a non-profit
5:40 pm
organ and tissue donation group that works with the la county medical examiners office. the explanation, staff members pick up the leg, then stopped to get breakfast. when they got back to their, they noticed their window staffed. thieves grabbed eyes chest, the leg inside. already changed their policy requiring employees never to leave organs unattended, in a vehicle. >> north carolina police officer is receiving lots of praise tonight, after rescuing a toddler from a dangling car and in the nick of time. officers travis mcfadden noticed the dodge charger, hanging only by its bumpers above tub nel winston, salem. driver escaped, but his two year old daughter was still inside. suspended above the tunnel with the engine running, wheels still spelling, mcfadden sprung into action, pulling the little girl to safety. she was not hurt. the tunnel near two schools, some student say the incident could have been a whole lot
5:41 pm
worse. >> it would have been like a hundred kids, more than that coming. >> police say the accident was caused by object, inside the car that lodged against the gas pedal. the officer is being hailed a hero by the toddler's family and his colleagues. >> story you have to see to believe. >> par including beavers. not making this one up. it happened in 1950. why these animals were forced to fly. >> major discovery, block buster movie, and the real mission, local company that want you to help with history in the making. dawn? >> don? >> eagles have ton every question marks going into sunday night's game. against the panthers, two key players will still be out. finds out who, later in sport.
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>> strange but true story of the parachuting beavers. shows the very interesting way the idaho fish and game department used to relocate trapped beavers. >> put them in a box, tossed them out of airplanes, of course, they had a parachute. the flying beaver film apparently miss label and stored in a wrong file for years, it was recently found and re-released by the idaho historical society. don't worry, we told no beavers were harmed, in their flying adventures. >> interesting way to relocate. nasa has completed the family portrait of pluto's moons. space agency releasing this composite image this week. nasa says, it is new horizons spacecraft beamed back image of the moon completing the family porterage.
5:46 pm
the low resolution photo is actually made of four separate images, that were taken by the spacecraft, as it reached its closest approach to pluto back in july. according to scientists, that moon is smaller than expected, it has strangely reflective surface. >> and speaking of space, mars is all the rage right now. movie the martian, audiences break out in theatres nationwide. nasa grabbed headlines by announcing red planet likely has water, in newtown, bucks county couple of hundred pennsylvanians just got recognized for their work on nasa's actual mission, to one day send real astronaut to mars. you know what, they're hiringment fox 29 lucy noland explains. >> 50 million miles from home. >> in the martians. >> on this planet. >> matt damian stuck on mars, left behind, after a storm.
5:47 pm
in. >> talking about really getting booted on the red planet grounds. >> two things in my life, one, see my grandchildren, and human work of art. >> it might happen. >> and then you might be -- >> pen student wants to work on nasa's mars mission, and he's in luck. >> newtown corporation, is a key part of building ryan spacecraft which will one day take astronaut to mars. >> it made him watch, 60,000 miles to test drive, around the planet. >> flawless. >> we're back in space. >> oh, yes. >> grail van eyes the entire organization, from the president and congress down to
5:48 pm
small companies that are providing hardware. we have, you know, thousands of pages of lessons learned. >> all about kick the proverbial tires. but what needs to be tweeked, and all of that data came courtesy, 1200 censors, on orion. >> the next mission will go much further, will go around the moon and beyond. and they have to make sure all the data comes back flawlessly, really that's our job. >> critical. so the prime contractor lockheed martin dropped by newtown. >> thank you very much. congratulations on your work. >> and shared video of orion's first flight on it journey to mars. >> proud moment for you guys. >> you want to get this to up about .1. >> keep going. >> so keep goingment want to get some speed. >> back to the johnson space center in houston, astronaut, lee warren exercised extreme
5:49 pm
patience, as he showed me how to dock orion, to a deep space outpost. >> perfect. >> i did it? >> yes. >> whew, do i get a high five on that one? that's awesome. laurence flew to the international space station in 2002 and helped build it. he spent years developing orion's cockpit. >> ten, 20, 30 years from now the astronaut who go out and land on an asteroid, or lands on mars, or the moon of mars, will be working with displace that we're developing today. that's very ex very exciting. >> okay, let's do it. >> you can feel that excitement in the martian, all that is, a all the time. >> none of this matters anyway. >> blurring fantasy with reality, movie used orion's actual launch. >> yep, the end of the movie the martian used a piece of this segment, then part of this is florida is flying away in the background.
5:50 pm
at the end of the movie. >> pretty cool. matt damian. >> you're sitting there at the movie theater going wait -- >> i know that. >> target date for manned mission to mars, asteroid van day zoo before that. >> the hallways inside one section of children's hospital of philadelphia are whole lot brighter now thanks to the talents of some hospital patient and staff. this colorful mural dedicated today inside the in patient unit for gastrointestinal patient. project began two years ago, when the hospital's child life education and creative arts therapy department teamed up with local artists, david again, to create the mural. more than 30 patient lending their hands, and completing the 38-foot mural. it is entitled a jungle, for you and me. >> a legion of superheros paying tribute to a maryland
5:51 pm
man who brought joy to those in need earlier this week. here are those superheros, descending on children's hospital in washington, d.c., to visit sick children. it is all in honor of the late lenny batman robinson, the 51 year old had partnered with the hope for henry foundation, where he spent over a decade putting smiles on sick kids across the country. the characters say their visit is what robinson would have wanted if he was still alive. >> also known as the route 29 batman died over the summer after being involved in a accident after his car broke down. >> you heard the sprague, clothes make the man. well, apparently they make the woman, too. specially, on a pageant runway. bruce gordon paid a visit to ocean county and now he's asking you to help some very special contestants in a very special way. >> it is going to be
5:52 pm
flattering for smaller girl. >> sixteen year old mackenzie sifter through the loan rack every gowns to be provided to contestants free of charge, in this year's miss amazing pageant. she needs more, lots more. and heals, jewelry. >> we're looking for the whole package, to dress a girl up from head to tow. >> with help from mom, mackenzie runs the new jersey pageant, designed to create a special day for women with mental or physical disabilities. contestant like patrice, and sydney, don't have the money to buy their own gowns for a one-time special event like this. >> i want to look fabulous, like a superstar princess. >> how nice would it be to have a pretty dress to wear for this pageant? >> ya. >> you like that? >> yes. >> but last minute logistical hitch left the contest with far fewer donated dresses than they need. contestant are due to meet this saturday, to pick out their pageant wear. >> you are talking about style changes. you are talking about size
5:53 pm
changes. even within the same age group, you are talking about not everyone is made the same. and, therefore, we need a selection. >> like that prom dress in your closet, or the bridesmaids dress you'll never wear again. >> you might not finds it gorgeous, but that other girl might come in and think oh, my gosh, i found my dream gown. >> miss a making pageant are run all over the country centered on ability, not disability, to empower women like patrice, and sydneyment on stage, and looking like a million bucks. >> that would just be the most awesome thing ever. >> ya, i like that. >> make you feel pretty good? >> make me happen. >> i yeah. >> looking good, feeling good. in an elegant outfit you donated. >> just to see a smile on a girls face, because she puts on a gown, because she finally feels pretty for a day is amazing. >> that was bruce gordon reporting, miss amazing contestants say no entry fee, instead, they donate cans goods to the local food badge.
5:54 pm
pageant takes place in lawrenceville in december, but contestants are now picking out their pageant wear, will happen this saturday afternoon, so if you have address would you like to donate, larger sizes in particular, patrice said she has a 24, just go to we will connect you with the them. an unusual race to become leader of the one ukrainian town. we are talking animals, oddballs, even star wars villains. who is helping this campaigning for votes tonight? >> perfection. literally never felt so good. for the best football team in philadelphia, but could it be a sign of even bigger things to come? why the owls of the future could be playing in a new venue. on the next good day philadelphia, do you realize there is a new movie out called burnt it, stars bradley cooper, he plays a chef? >> but did you know who trained bradley cooper? because he does all of the cooking in the movie. >> a real chef? >> yes. gordon ramsey. can you imagine training with gordan ramsey?
5:55 pm
>> bradley, i hate that spaghetti.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
wild cast of characters from villains to birds hoping ukrainian voters in one town will pick them in the polls. and yes, that's iconic star wars bad guy, darth vader even stomping for votes for the town every odessa for mayor. entourage, more of security detail, storm troopers, bodyguards, yes, there is chew back a, one of the biggest supporters, another crazy candidate flocking to the
5:59 pm
campaign trail, peaking duck. >> well, who says football is just foremen? in michigan, high school football player, knocking down that. the only girl playing with the boys, meet taylor johnson, the kicker for the owls. she's known for her accuracy, above that, also making strides as the only girl in a all male sport. taylor's love for kicking may have started on the soccer field, but after the football team saw what she could do, well, the rest was history. >> i was definitely scared. like i didn't know how the boys would take it, especially, because i'm a girl, i didn't know how they would let me in i didn't know how to make the adjustment of having a girl on the team. >> looks like it worked out. taylor also thankful for her kicking coach who has helped her keep her accuracy, above 90% this season. >> tonight at 6:00 national
6:00 pm
recognition from high places, president obama praising effort of south jersey police department. what's going on in that community that got the white house's attention? >> date with the irish next weekend. temple football, is flying high. as the team focuses on its biggest game ever, some are looking to bigger possibility, why some are calling for the owls to build a nunez. >> live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00 chilly start to your weekend, a live look at old city, as the sun dips down and the cold comes in. you're probably going to need a jacket tonight, and tomorrow morning, we may need our umbrellas, too, good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timoney, yes, rain could be on the way, but nothing like what some people are seeing along the pacific coast tonight. fox 29's meteorologist dave warren looking ahead what we can expect and what's bearing down on mexico,


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