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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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recognition from high places, president obama praising effort of south jersey police department. what's going on in that community that got the white house's attention? >> date with the irish next weekend. temple football, is flying high. as the team focuses on its biggest game ever, some are looking to bigger possibility, why some are calling for the owls to build a nunez. >> live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00 chilly start to your weekend, a live look at old city, as the sun dips down and the cold comes in. you're probably going to need a jacket tonight, and tomorrow morning, we may need our umbrellas, too, good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timoney, yes, rain could be on the way, but nothing like what some people are seeing along the pacific coast tonight. fox 29's meteorologist dave warren looking ahead what we can expect and what's bearing down on mexico, dave?
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>> catostrophic situation, there, and the umbrellas, the coat, you will need them, but not all at the same time. let's focus on the coat right now. this cold air has come in from the north, cool air pushing the temperatures down droppings ever drollings ooh -- dropping 50 east, clear tonight, light breeze, that wind will die down, and that will let the temperatures really drop overnight tonight. a calm night, a cold start saturday, try to warm up saturday afternoon. looks like down into the 30's, by tomorrow morning. there is 32 degrees in allentown, mount pocono 33 degrees, mid to low 40's to the south. so there is the chill in the air tomorrow morning. things will slowly start to warm up. saturday afternoon. forty-seven north and western suburbs, south and east about 50, and the comfortable start once you warm things up. but, that's keeping the temperatures down for now. warmer weather will be coming in on sunday, along with some rain. nothing on ultimate doppler
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right now, we are clear, but watching hurricane patricia, this has been the most intense hurricane, very low pressure, the last advisory had it about 879 millie bars, come up just little bit since then, the winds, still, well over close to 200 miles an hour, late zest at 190. no question, a category five storm, and when it makes landfall within the next hour or so. than will be a catostrophic situation there. of course look more into our weather, and see the latest information with patricia coming up a little later. >> okay, see you in a few minutes, dave, thanks. in light every recent violent attacks, colleges across the country, one local university is taking steps to make their campus safer. villanova university will begin arming some of its public safety officers, but that decision not sitting well with everybody. >> spent the day on campus where protesters voice their concerns. >> may we overcome the great power of evil. >> the protest itself was mostly silent, symbolic, say the student of their lack
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every voice in this important decision. >> i feel establishing our police force, places us in a arms race without ends. >> university officials announce this week that starting next fall, about 15 of their 75 campus security officers will be up great today police officers, and will be armed on the job. in a statement, the university made note of violent campus incident across the nation, and said arming officers, would unable them to provide a quote hire level of campus security, some student agree. here to protect us, the means to protect us, very important. >> others marching through campus, believes adding more guns, even in the hands of trained officers, will not make them feel safer. >> a lot of us feel that's a false sense of security, and at the end of the day it is not really going to solve the problems that we're facing right now. >> what's your sense as a member of the fact you willy?
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>> i hate to see guns come to this campus. i these see climate of fear get created. >> protesters note this idea was floated back in 2013. was rejected by faculty and student, then sat dormant for two years. have never even weighed in on the subject. >> our voices, you know, to some agree, didn't matter, in this decision. >> you felt ignored? >> yes. not even ignored, because i didn't have the chance to be ignored. >> many student believe they're already well protected by radnor police. some feel racial profiling, over eager officers become more dangerous, when campus cops carry guns. >> you're more concerned about police having guns and a mishap occurring than actual armed gunmen come into campus? >> absolutely. >> students end not allowed to carry guns on campus. hoping to keep the heat on this issue by scheduling open forum for next monday night. but, university officials are presenting this as a done-deal. starting next fall, there will
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be armed officers on campus. that villanova, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". one person is dead and three other hurt after a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university. now, police are looking for the shooter. this all happened just before 11:00 last night. police say a fight over a dice game what led to the gunfire. nineteen jerold cameron salmon was killed, not a student at tennessee state, and it is not clear what connection the shooter had to the school. three women were hurt. investigators again still looking for the gunman tonight. loved ones gathering today for funeral service for a young boy found dead in the woods, not too far from his home earlier this month. mourners gathering at holy savior church westmont, new jersey, in a service to remember bran dan createo. his body found last week haddon township hours after his father reported him missing. still unclear how the little boy died. police say he was not sexually assaulted and no one broke into his father's haddon
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township apartment. >> twelve key lows of heroin taken off the streets in a huge bus in small town, right here in our area, fox 29's karen help joining us in the studios, the bus happening in mayfair, right across the street, from a school? people were shocked this happened. but best cover may be just how quiet that community is. >> even digging up the yard of this home on battersby. >> real scary. like a movie. like i'm watching a tv show. >> sources say fbi and police pulled 12 kilos of heroin from this location, that's worth about 4 million bucks. plus, guns, and cash. neighbors, literally, could
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not believe their eyes. >> we were very shook up, the neighbors, very, very shook up. very shocked. >> the home where the raid happened is on very quiet block mayfair, right across from a middle school. there are so many children, who live in this community. this is a place where people work hard on things, you can see the pride all up and down every block, and the painstaking detail to keep things nice. like the way the eyes work on this vintage shelf he will. he said the big bush a blow to their security. >> devastating. i have two girls. it is scary, really is scary. >> charges have been filed against at least one suspect. >> arrested man behind east germantown shoot that left a man fighting -- fighting for his life. laverne jackson charged with attempted murder among other crimes. officers found the 33 year old man shot in the chest near the
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2100 block of med erie avenue yesterday morning. he's at einstein medical center in critical condition. police say jackson, the accused shooter, sped away from the scene, officers spotted him along the 1800 block of albania street later on thursday. after brief foot chase took him into custody. >> nasty crash in north jersey skyfox over route 35, in middletown, where school bus crashed into a tractor-trailer, around 1:00 this afternoon. student on board, but the bus driver had to be air lifted to local hospital. officials say her injuries are not life threatening. police say the driver of the tractor-trailer walked away from the scene, now officials are on the hunt for him. the second suspect wanted in a deadly home invasion, in dover, delaware, is under arrest tonight. delaware state police say they took 21 year old saline shabaz, from norristown, into custody. that home invasion happening early saturday morning, on the 1400 block of john clark road in norristown. it left three people shot and
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two people dead. twenty-three year old matthew harrington turning himself in to police earlier this week. >> and some sad news to report tonight. klondyk the popular polar bear at the philadelphia zoo has died. the zoo releasing a statement saying, klondyk died this morning after recent serious decline in her medical condition. he lived a long time resident of the zoo, and the oldest polar bear in the united states. she came to the philadelphia zoo back in 1981, and quickly became a favorite. klondyk the polar bear was 34 years old. >> if you live in ocean county and feel the grounds shake this weekend, you are not imagining it. joint base mcguire-dicks lakehurst says marines busy conducting live artillery training through tomorrow. the base says some residents are probably hear those unit firing their 155-millimeter, the base says not to worry, all part of their training. camden county policing effort getting national
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attention from the president of the united states. president barack obama mentioned camden county police department's effort to drive down crime in camden. made the comment today during a forum on criminal justice in front after room full of law end foesment leaders at the white house. >> we got chief of camden, i had a chance do visit. a great example of community policing, and data, driving down crime and regaining trust from the community. >> the president pointed out specifically camden's use of surveillance cameras, to keep eye on the street in high crime areas. well, seven up and seven down, of course talking about temple's football team. chris can't stop talking about temple's football team. perfect so far racking up wins like we've never seen before. >> some talking about plans for the owls to build a nunez,
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a lot closer to campus. sean? >> after huge win in history, we're going to next week, head coach matt rule talks about the fitness test the owls will face all season, later in sports. >> claiming to know the truth about jay-z and rihanna's relationship. >> then at 7:30? >> big pumping across the globe. judge justin bieber his back up dancer. >> getting pretty close. guy is rich and young and everyone just saw his weiner. tonight starting at 7:00 on fox 29. ññ
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. ññ for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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did you know the oldest quaker school is right here in philadelphia? talking about william penn charter school 3,000 west schoolhouse lane, in honor that far fact, special dedication marking its place in history was held today. the school established by philadelphia quaker william penn back in 1689 and chartered 326 years ago, on the same day that william penn signed the charter for the city of philadelphia. interesting. >> all eyes are on the temple owls football team this season. they're undefeated seven and zero, so with all of this success, should the team keep playing down at the linc? what about a stadium of their on on -- of their own on north
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broad? >> new football stadium of course comes with a huge price tag. fox 29 weekends anchor bill anderson joining us live in our news room, bill, not everybody on board with this. >> no, a lot of questions, a lot of back and forth on campus, for the first time in 40 years, as you know, temple football is nationally ranked, students, alumni, community, are appropriately excited but in the middle of the excitement a question that's lingered for years is back. that is, is temple football strong enough to warrant a 100 million-dollar inch developsment? >> tonight ever temple is having historic season, undefeated, being talked about as national power house. talk about being a football power house, leads to talks about a new powerhouse stadium. 35,000 seat, 100 million-dollar stadium is being proposed to be built right here on campus. the board of trustees says it is time.
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student, the opinions vary. >> the linc, you know, always a lot of tell at this seats. looks like we don't sell out. we get a lot of fans. having our own stadium in the longrun would be the best decision for tell job i think a stadium would be definitely huge attraction, especially since we would be able to rent it out to other groups, it wouldn't be necessary to have it because you already have a field that people want to go to. we have bus that is can just bring people there. so it would kind of be a waste of monday. >> i stadium being proposed in the past. with sell out this year, versus both penn state and notre dame at the linc, supporters say a stadium is long overdue. but, many of the student just couldn't get past that 100 million-dollar figure. >> all the strides temple has made in the past few years, cleaning up the area, i think much better ways they could be spending alumni monday. >> i putting so much money in football already, i don't know, could be put somewhere like a library or something like that. >> the board of trustees, the chair, not available for comment but in published reports he did point out that
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tuition increase would not be used to fund this stadium. they would instead rely on alumni and fundraising it and when this proposal goes forward. >> of course that notre dame game already sold out for their next opponent. now, it is worth noting many of temple's conference opponents have built similar facilities in recent years, so not unprecedented. also report indicate that there are already several seven-figure donors committed, this project could be closer than we think. chris? >> all right, stay tuned. well, it is certainly football weather, back here, fox 29 weather authority now. dave warren in, getting like fall out, right? >> we need to grab the jacket tonight, dave. >> grab that jacket before you head out tonight. watch the rain coming in, a little later, but within the next hour this will be the big focus in the weather community, certainly across mexico, very intense, catostrophic hurricane patricia, that intensity, that pressure, was down to 879. making it the most intense
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hurricane there in the atlantic and eastern pacific. it now is up to 900 millie bars, winds an at 190 miles per hour, should be making landfall in the next hour or two, very heavy rain and wind predicted and where we see this landfall come in, may not really assess the damage for days, as we expecting a lot of mudslides, that could block off many roads, leading to the actual landfall site. so that's one every these big problems you get there as it goes into western mexico. fall colors out there, not past the peak yet. get out and enjoy this weekend. sixty-one, though, cooling off tonight. that wind will die down, that light breeze, out there, really lets the temperatures drop overnight tonight. winds north at 9 miles an hour. radar all clear, but it may not stay that way. we will talk about the cold weather first, and then we will look at the rain, because getting the warmer air coming in will bring in the rain. not happening tonight. down to 32 in allentown, four, right about 40 in philadelphia, and quickly warming to up about 50 by
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10:00. very certainly feel the chill. by the afternoon only into the upper 50's, so not much after warm up tomorrow afternoon. >> suburbs close to six, not there, right along the coast be about 59. one, 46 mount pocono, everybody else into the mid 50's tomorrow afternoon. there is the cool breeze, but we keep the one arrow in there, because even as the high tries to move off, still get that southeast wind, keeping us fairly cool tomorrow. here is the warm air. another storm coming in will bring that warm air up saturday night, but it does come with some rain front approaching respect showers, maybe few storms comes threw over night saturday to early sunday. >> few light raindrops coming down, it will be clearing out, late in the morning, so by sunday evening, we are looking at partly cloudy skies, also, sunday evening, there is rain in tennessee, maybe the game seeing little bit of rain initially, then clearing out, and this is the renmant of the moisture, really not that low,
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from pa trish, a but some of the moisture could interact with a area of low pressure dumb ago lot of rain where it is not needed. right there in texas where we are already dealing with flooding now. if in your tennessee, carolina, excuse me, 63 down to 60. so rain ends and it is mile, rain is around tennessee southeast area, trying to be clearing out carolinas late in the day, 42 in the city, down to 32 north and west, clear and chilly with the light breeze, that winds up north about 5 miles an hour them tomorrow looking at 57, just few clouds and light breeze, wind variable at five to 10 miles an hour, and seven day forecast, looks like, looking at 60 on sunday showers in the morning, clear out at night. then looking at sunshine and highs right about 60 monday and tuesday, there is some rain coming in this week. it will try to warm up wednesday, thursday, closer to
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07 once the rain clears out, friday, headed into next weekend. >> going to need some nice weather, undefeated they'll be absolute problem. >> they have ton of injuries to deal with, some guys, still sitting out, other game time decisionment find out who next in sports.
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temple owls are the toast of the town, the light of the city, the best team in philly, owls are making history every week but now have to do it against legendary program. light weights so far to put it nicely. now time to move on up in class, and with the big boys. yesterday beat east carolina 24-14, and became seven-zero for the first time in history. they start is it off slow. that's their mo. against notre dame, and get punched right in the mouth. fighting irish 11th in the country, coach matt rule has experience against the irish. >> we went out there, walking in, the bagpipes started playing, i mean, my goodness, this is notre dame. unbelievable experience, we've had big crowds, we've had just great atmosphere, so, all of those things are wonderful, but what we try to tell our kids is, you know, enjoy it, take a minute, let it sing in. focus on the other thing you can control which is playing
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well. >> got to enjoy some time today with his two year old daughter vivian. certainly doesn't care if he ones or loses, just wants to run around the field. soy so cute. hopefully eagles can get on a run like, that but i don't know. okay, they are having some issues. damico ryan said he was playing, but he didn't practice. usually, you're not going to play if you didn't practice thursday. he is questionable along with riley cooper and nelson agholor, and mychal kendricks out another week. okay, sunday morning we will have more on the injuries, we'll have keys, on game day live, starting at 10:00 a.m. howard eskin, gary cobb, and myself, at 10:00 a.m. then nfl fox sunday at 11:00. >> all right, okay. >> go birds. that does it for us here at 6:00. see you back here at 10:00. great night. inside edition is up next. patients across the country have spoken.
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the bride and groom, fleeing the worst hurricane in recorded history. >> we got evacuated this morning. >> will the bridal party get out in time? and the grieving parents of the little road rage victim speak out. >> i don't want to remember that day. >> the home video they want america to see. then, beyonce's marriage and all those rumors about her husband cheating with rihanna. >> did rihanna and jay z have an affair? >> the guy who says he made the whole thing up. >> i was desperate. and jeb bush, hot for supergirl? >> supergirl, she looked pretty hot. plus -- >> diane: would you give up


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