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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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call for justice. >> good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get right out to dawn timmeney she's in the newsroom tonight witness exclusive story. dawn? >> iain and lucy, absolutely heartbreaking. thank goodness a group of children walking by spotted the lifeless dog and called 911. because otherwise, this story could have a much different en ending. >> a good boy. >> russ harper a humane police officer with justice rescue can't believe the severely abused pitbull left for dead is actually even able to get up. harper got the call monday night around 5:00 o'clock that someone had dumped the dog here at sixth street near caldwell in chester city. >> he was laying over there in the weeds where somebody through him and he was just cold and lifeless. i had really thought when i picked him up he was dead. >> reporter: harper realized the dog was still alive, he raced him to keystone veterinary emergency clinic in havertown. the dog he named remy was in horrific condition.
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>> pretty severe injuries, and his body just was very weak on top of that severe infections from all the multiple bite wounds he's gotten. >> reporter: harper says there's no question remy whose only about a year and a half old had been repeatedly used for dog fighting. and when the poor pup got sick, he was tossed out like trash. >> all of the nick that is he has here, all of the discoloration in the fur and the nicks are all from previous fights. >> i hope we can stop this kind of behavior. because it's awful. it's really awful for the pets for the patienting to undergo this kind of brutality. >> reporter: now remy is fighting whole new battle. he's fighting for his life. >> as long as he keeps fighting he keeps showing he's getting better and he's not in pain we'll continue to fight with him. >> he's not out of the woods y yet. he has shown some improvement since he first came in so that's encouraging. but you know it's still touch and go. >> reporter: but a lot of people rooting for him. justice rescue offering $1,000
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reward to find the person responsible for abusing remy and tossing him on the side of the road. if you know anything or if you want more information on the work that justice rescue does on behalf of a abused animals just do to our website lucy? >> great organization. let's hope remy makes it. thanks so much, dawn. we're following a developing story out of florida. the faa and ntsb working to figure out what started a massive fire on a passenger plane moments before take off. passengers from other planes at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport snapped videos and all of the pictures you're seeing of the flames and the smoke. investigators say the dynamic airways flight was on the runway when one of its engine caught fire. the crew helped passengers get out on those emergency slides you know about. firefighters say one person is seriously burned. but expected to be okay about a dozen others went to the hospital for bumps and bruises. in boeing 767 was head to do venezuela. airport official haven't grounded any other flights.
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we have traded in rain and wind for sunshine and warmth your fox 29 weather authority. it's so nice outside ben franklin parkway live look rain is gone so are the colder temperatures. i mean i didn't need a jacket today. i don't know about you. kathy orr. >> um-um. didn't do it. >> how long going last? the good news the good weather will last right through the weekend. the warm weather not so much. ultimate doppler showing our triple sweep here nothing going on. dry conditions but this is what the radar looked like yesterday. this is a doppler rain amounts accumulated rain generally around an inch through most of the region and the different colors represent the intensity where you see the darker green that's the heavier rain aston pa nearly 2-inches of rain. wilmington one. in philadelphia, over an inch. but as you see the blue shading near abington only four tenths of an inch of rain. the rain is out of here and right outside our studios on independence mall, you can see a huge setup for game day. coming up the big temple game this weekend and everyone is getting excited about the
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weather. today a great day to be outdoo outdoors. atlantic city, millville 75. topping off at 74 in dover. philadelphia 72. allentown 70. the good news is the sun continues. the bad news is the temperatures are going to get much cooler right now in philadelphia, 69. the poconos 54. it is sketch degrees in wilmington so pleasant evening. we still have that stiff westerly wind at about 10 to 20 miles an hour. the winds will subside tonight. and the colder air behind that cold front will be moving in. so mainly clear through the evening. temperatures in the 60s and then by late tonight we dip into the 50s. coming we'll have that game day weather. we have to talk about halloween, a lot going on this weekend, and so far so good. i'll have the numbers later in the broadcast. >> thank you very much kathy. so how rough was that weather overnight? look what it did to massive tree just couldn't stand up in the winds and the rain crashed down right next to this home in philadelphia's roxborough neighborhood. nobody is hurt and that tree is no longer in the street which is good news.
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we are just a couple of days away now from the biggest game for temple's football team. the excitement though of that national al televised game not just reserved for those on campus. >> the entire city is embracing the owls this week and that means one very big party in center city on saturday. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at independence mall tonight. chris, with college game day in town probably not going to be very easy to get around. >> reporter: it's not along the same lines of the scales of the pope coming to town but hi by the look of thing going on at independence mall you know something big is happening and item temple notre dame. espn college game day show setting up. a lot of activity going down on independence mall the stage for the three hour show on saturday literally being set up as we speak in preparation for templ temple's huge game against notre dame. but what that means now, lots of congestion in old city. it's kind of a mess down here. market street is shut down
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between fifth and sixth streets, and two lanes are blocked on sixth street. what they're doing making room for the huge tv production trucks that rolled in this morning. crews have been busy all day erecting this massive tv set. they're doing it right in the middle of market street with the back drop being independence mall and that is where thousands of temple football fans are expected to show up starting about 4:00 a.m. saturday morni morning. but for commuters trying to get around this mess, it has been, well, challenging to say the least. >> it has not been a lot of fun and we have an appointment in a few minutes we might be late for. i don't know what's going on. but every time we come, we always seem to hit something and we saw thought on thursday afternoon we would avoid it but unfortunately we didn't. >> reporter: also, a reminder septa is telling passengers from travel between fifth and eighth streets on market street will be detoured through saturday. bottom line if you're coming
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down here to independence mall it's going to be crazy out here. bring you back out here live, of course, the excitement is building for the big game. a lot of temple alum and students coming down here to catch a glimpse of all the activity. we'll catch up with them coming up at 6:00 o'clock. temple/notre dame less than two days away. iain? >> all right, chris, a lot of excitement. thanks. happening now roosevelt boulevard closed for a few hours earlier this morning after a person was hit by a car. it happened around 6:40 this morning near welsh road. police say the car did stop at the scene. victim had head injuries and is in critical condition. skyfox also over atco, new jersey today where an accident between a motorcycle and an suv killed one person and injured another. here's a look at jackson road not far from ashland avenue. police say that suv veered into oncoming traffic, killing the motorcycle driver. 25-year-old jacob voight the exact cause of that accident is still under investigation. developing story tonight. state budget battle locked in a stalemate for more than 100 days now and people are counting much
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the concerns growing about how to keep the lights on in schools across the state. brad sattin is south philadelphia where at least the philadelphia school district - district --,. >> reporter: they did. this is really a growing problem for school districts all over the state. you mentioned good news for the school district of philadelphia. they got about $25 million from the city today but really that's just a drop in the bucket. the school district gets more than a billion dollars from the state but for now, the state is not paying. cupcakes made their way around city hall today a token of appreciation dropped off at each city council member's office by small group of students and their parents to say thanks for investing in us. >> to help us keep learning and to help us get what we need to keep learning. >> reporter: city council just released the last $25 million of a $70 million increase to help fund city schools. >> it's really nice that we have 25 million allotted but we need more.
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we need more funding and we need to continue the momentum of this. >> reporter: but that mow moan tum is in trouble. the result of the budget impass in harrisburg between democratic governor tom wolf and the republican led legislature. the stalemate now in its 121st day means no money for schools. >> it's outrageous, and it just shows the legislature is not doing its job budget negotiations started way too late last spring but it's also a function of an ideological divide. there are now novity tea party people in the house and the senate that it's impossible to reach a compromise. >> reporter: philadelphia school district should have already received about $400 million from the state. instead it was forced to take out a $275 million loan to keep the schools running. with that money now about to run out, it's time for another lone. >> next monday we're looking to borrowing rocks toll 50 million. >> the interest on the lone cos get as high as $2 million. >> $2 million is a lot of money that could have gone to resources for the schools staff
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for the school. it's a level of concern and frustration. >> reporter: now, it is not just educators, parents and students who are concerned. so are some religious leaders. they spoke out today and we'll hear from them coming up at 6:00 o'clock tonight. lucy. >> see you then brad. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky wants a new trial after his conviction on dozens of counts of child sex abuse and back in front of a judge today. sandusky arrived in bellefont this morning for a hearing under the post conviction relief act. he is serving as long as 60 years in prison for 2012 conviction. sandusky today argued for a new trail saying his lawyer did a bad job. he also claims the attorney general's investigation of him was unfair and that grand jury information was leaked to the media at the time of his trial. the judge today refused to rule on sandusky's appeal. instead he gave attorney general kathleen kane a week to turn over information about any grand jury leaks. this comes a day after kane herself accused of of presiding
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judge of a reckless breach of sealed documents in several cases including sandusky's. the son of an embattled philadelphia congressman is mounting his own defense in district court. this is week two of chaka fatt fattah, jr. trial. he's representing himself taking on federal agents and prosecutors. they say the 33-year-old bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars from several banks. the irs and the school district of philadelphia. fattah, jr., says those charges are politically roast motivated because of his father chaka fattah, sr. facing federal racketeering and corruption charges of his own. brawl in the halls of a high school. a resource officer versus a 15-year-old student, ton night the district standing by the add dull. what it says started this fight. >> skyfox back over the run away military blimp that landed in pennsylvania might be awhile before this is gone. how shot guns are helping with the cleanup process. a lawyer takes a big
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professional toll. why he pulled a gun in an office and how he's getting punished now. >> and pranks being pulled at some gas stations but no one is laughing. what the jokester is doing to make people fear for their lives and why police say they can't do anything. >> coming up tonight at 6:00 caught on camera a man robs a local family dollar but the weapon he used that may have some stores rethinking what they stock on their shelves.
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>> clean up of awol military blimp continues. state police officers say they actually used a shotgun to help deflate the army surveillance blimp. it broke free from a maryland military base yesterday. traveled more than 150 miles north into pennsylvania. its towed taking down trees, utility poles and power lines along the way. when the blimp got caught in trees near a rhee ravine in monday see troopers drained its helium by peppering it with close to 100 shots. well today the military collected about 6,000 feet of tether still attached to that blimp. officials say it's still deflating and could it take another day or so. faa trying to figure out what caused a flight out of philadelphia to make an emergency landing in north carolina yesterday. the republican airlines flight left philly around 4:30 on its way to jacksonville but investigators say about an hour into the flight pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. the plane landed safely at
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raleigh durham international airport 65 passengers were on that plane. the faa says no one was hurt. happening right now, a traffic detour in delaware. road construction crews are shutting lanes on the i-495 span over terminal avenue in wilmington. they are replacing a broken metal bridge joint that let's the bridge flex and expand. transportation officials say none of this poses a threat to drivers. the right lane of i-495 northbound and its terminal of a on-ramp will close tonight. then the left two lanes of that stretch will close. officials say everything will be back up and running in about a month. public safety officials in wilmington delaware got to know the community a little better over some pastries and coffee. director of public safety joseph bryant, jr., hosted the first pastries with public safety event earlier today. the event gives community members and chiefs from each division a casual setting to talk and learn more about one another and bryant says this kind of communication is important and should happen more often.
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>> we're not in a position to go out to every community and meet these folks. so we decided some months ago to bring folks to us. it's a need that i think every department law enforcement department throughout the country finds to be extremely important to have a relationship with your communities and the folks that live in those communities. >> bryant also says he hopes pastries with public safety will continue to at tract more members of the community. local health inspectors say if they were to apply basic clean kitchen standards to their own office space they'd cut it down we've got the pictures. it's a fox 29 investigation. investigative reporter jeff cole is in the newsroom with a look ahead at his story coming up to in it at 10:00. >> lucy when a tipster came to us with the tale of restaurant inspectors working in offices with foul odors, bugs and big urinal leak we thought, boy, maybe we should take a look. these inspectors worked locally and applied tough health standards to some of the region's best known restaurants but those same tough standards
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are sure not in play where they work. source tell us one day he saw an office stampede. (inaudible) >> he said a strong odor of sewage coming from the corner of office. tonight exactly where they work, hauling it's been going on and what the bosses have to say about the bugs and bad smells with a restaurant inspectors work that's tonight at 10:00 as fox 29 investigates. i'm jeff cole, folks, back to you. lucy? >> i cannot wait for that one. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is now the nation's 62nd speaker of the house. here's a look at ryan being sworn into the role after gaining 236 votes from house lawmakers. over the 218 he needed to secure the role. the vice-presidential candidate was reluctant to take the job. he agreed after rigorous
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recruiting by house republicans he'll be taking over for 25 year house veteran john boehner who officially retires from congress on saturday. >> family and officials scowering one utah hiking trail after a woman goes missing. those who know 41-year-old nicole harris say she's known to frequent the rock canyon trail area of provo. however they say she's been going through some tough times mentally and to go missing just isn't like her. they don't know why she vanished or if she went into rock canyon. wherever she is she's probably not prepared to face the elements police say. >> especially with it being as cold as it is. the weather and gone as long as she has been we really want to locate her as soon as we can. >> the family is holding out hope that they'll find anything, and that will bring her loved one home. texas mom outraged over an assignment her seventh grader was given in school. what she says the assignment and teacher told her daughter about god that was well wild and inappropriate. >> is there really no such thing or anything called negative
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publicity that's a good thing. gop presidential candidate donald trump. why the donald won't be pleased about this. >> hurricane patricia has come and gone but some are still recovering. how this dolphin is healing and why he needed to be rescued.
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>> police in indianapolis say a dispute between two men inside a mall started a shooting that left three people in the hospital. investigators say the gunmen argued with one of the victims before opening fire. stray bullets hit two bystanders in the mall. all three people expected to survive. police say they are still looking for the shooter. they also say the shooting was not random in the fact it happened in a mall was just a coincidence. big dogs in china the government now says it's doing away with its one child policy. all couples have now have two children but that's it. officials say they made the
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decision to quote improve the balance development of population. also deal with the aging population. it originally i policemenned the one child policy to curb rapidly growing population. never sat well with the general public who understandably said it was a government intrusion in the family live. ghost, ghouls and donald this weekend. people in mexico are feeling inspired by donald trump. the republican presidential candidate made waves earlier this year for what many considered to be offensive comments about members cal immigrants. a mask sporting his likeness one of the hottest selling halloween item in the country retails for about 600 pesos which is $6 in us money. >> a brawl in thes of high school and official versus a 15-year-old student. tonight the district is standing behind the adult. what they say started this fig fight. kangaroo hospitals through a family's backyard noon the pool while getting out of the water was definitely not as easy as
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getting in. kathy? >> wow, that's something you don't see every day. in weather we're talking about 70's but it will be cooler this weekend. chilly air descending down right over the delaware valley. we'll talk about how cool it will get and also how warm it will climb in that seven day forecast that's coming up right after this break.
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♪ >> welcome back. with a live look at the town of jim thorpe from our pocono mountains camera. so beautiful up there. love it. in 24 hours we've gone from rain and dark skies to what feels like kind of like a spring day. i'm happy about this, iain. it's not going last. meteorologist kathy orr will fill in you of some changes coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. federal investigators looking into what caused a jetliner's jenn gin to burst into flames before take off much this is video from passengers on other flights at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. the dynamic airways plane was taking when the runway when flames began shooting out of one of its engines. one person was seriously burned and dozen more passengers had to
5:29 pm
go to the hospital. >> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky wants a new trial. he was back in front of a judge today. sandusky arrived in bellefont this morning for a hearing under the post conviction relief act. he's serving as long as 60 years in prison for 2012 conviction. sandusky today argued for a new trial saying his lawyer did a bad job. he also claims the attorney general's investigation of him was unfair, and that grand jury information was leaked to the media at the time of his trial. the judge today refused to rule on sandusky's appeal. instead he gave attorney general kane a week to turn over information about any leaks. this comes a day after kane herself accused of presiding judge of a reckless breach of sealed documents in several cases including sandusky's. tonight this instagram video shows school resource officer clashing with a 15-year-old boy in an atlanta area high school. >> tonight school district officials are standing behind that officer. fox's caitlyn pratt tells us what happened. >> reporter: a flurry of
5:30 pm
violence involved a tenth grader at martin luther king, jr. high and campus police supervisor. watching the he can change of punches and pushes other students who recorded the tussle posted it for all to see. >> the young man approached the campus supervisor, removed his jacket and took a defensive stance to his face and actually poke him in his stomach. >> the 15-year-old taunted the supervisor challenging him to fight. the student just back from a suspension for using profanity against the same staff member. >> this isn't the only recording of tuesday's fight. school surveillance cameras capturing it as well. providing perspective. campus officials -- >> apparently the campus supervisor tried to actually restrain him so he began to chase him around and i know did he use his radio, in house radio to summon help. >> reporter: initial findings point to supervisor roderick
5:31 pm
wicker son following procedure. hurt his knee during the intense apted action and had to go to the hospital while the student sent to the youth detention center. >> the investigation is one of transparency and make sure we have all the information relative what transpired but it's a safe school. >> reporter: caitlyn pratt, fox news. ♪ >> let's check in with fox 29 weather authority. you know, late october -- >> here she comes. >> here i am. >> i played golf in shorts today. >> you were in shorts today? >> in late objection. >> really? >> that's a big deal. >> because it was a little wet even didn't want to wear long pants. but it was warm enough where i can actually wear shorts. up a freezing. it was okay. >> it was great. because early high temperatures in the 70s. we felt a little bit in the afternoon. perfect time i hope you to get out and enjoy. not that the weekend will be terrible just going to be much cooler. we'll take you back to independence mall. you saw chris o'connell there earlier getting ready for game day. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> almost looks like pope dogs out there.
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>> unbelievable. the same time crew is working down there and they're getting everything ready. it's very exciting to be in old city again this weekend. the temperature right now is 69. the high for the day made it to 72 degrees. with all of that warm southerly air. cold front moved through winds out of the west right now at 17 miles an hour but we do anticipate that wind subsiding during the late night hours. temperatures around the region basically in the secretaries. but look at the cold that's coming. in upstate new york we have 50s. through western new york, 40s. canada 40s. so that is the air that is coming in. there's been a little bit of a lag in that colder air so we squeaked out one more beautiful day but tomorrow a big chill. overnight in the city, 46 degrees. north and west 41. mainly clear overnight tonight. winds out of the west at about five to 10 miles an hour. now, during the day tomorrow, we'll have a chilly start starting off at 9:00 a.m., 50 degrees. sunny by the noon hour. the warmest part of the day about 3:00 in the afternoon we'll make it to 60. by 6:00 p.m., the sun will be
5:33 pm
setting. temperatures falling back into the 70s and that is just a taste of the cool air that's coming our way. big game for the owls. kick off at the linc saturday at 8:00 p.m. increasing clouds. temperatures in the 50s. the clouds will help to keep the temperatures up that's the good news. not much wind out of the northwest about five to 10 miles an hour. by about 11:00 p.m., temperatures falling into the 40s. so get ready for a chilly game but there will be so many fans in the stands it should be fairly comfortable. halloween looking good as well. we'll see the clouds creeping in. sunny during the day. and dry conditions during the night. now, at 4:00 o'clock the temperature 60. by 6:00 o'clock, 57. and by 8:00 p.m., 53 degrees. on the exclusive seven day forecast, 60 for your friday. big day on saturday with halloween and temple game. 58 degrees. but look at sunday and monday. 60s look at next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we've been talking about this for a week or so that november is forecast to be above average.
5:34 pm
average is 60. so you're talking about 70s the first week of november. brace yourself. it's eat going to be a really warp weather or we're in for it. >> one or the other. >> what do you think? >> i'll take a warm november. >> you can play golf next week. >> exactly. >> little snow on christmas and that's it. how about that. >> that would be wonderful. we can dream on. >> so you know, three years ago today you were very very very busy. super storm sandy reported ashore. devastating parts of the new jersey coast and long island. and tonight plans are underway to build a network of sand dunes along jersey's 127-mile coastline. >> some people in margate are not happy about it. fox's abby huntsman has their story. >> the dunes will be approximately 50 feet deep or so and then you would walk back down to the beach. so roughly half of the beach would be consumed by the dunes. >> reporter: seth layer spent summers here in his beach front home as he has for nearly 10
5:35 pm
years. he believes margate's decade old bulk heads are enough to protect the south jersey beach community from another storm and that dunes like these in the next town over are unnecessary. >> for the long arm of the state government to say to margate you must have dune system because we believe that's what's in your best interest, when the citizens don't want it, i think is a big issue on individual and citizens rights. >> reporter: seth says the fight is not about losing his beach front view. >> it's about the cost of maintaining the dunes, it's about not appreciating the fact that we have a bulkhead system that protects the homes. it's about having a very deep 150-yard beach which might be consumed by the dunes. >> reporter: governor chris christie disagrees. >> i'll say again quite can dadely to towns like margate, you know, you are amongst the most selfish people in the state of new jersey. >> reporter: now the governor and republican presidential candidate is taking legal action. using eminent domain to secure access to all of the margate owned beach front properties. that's 87 lots. >> we're going to win eventually
5:36 pm
but you just costing the state taxpayers money and you're costing your fellow citizens potentially if we have another bad storm their property and their lives. >> reporter: in terms of where this goes from here, both sides will have a chance to make their case in court in just a couple of weeks on november 18th. now governor chris christie and his administration are hoping it's a fast process so they can start building these sand dunes but the folks here in moore gate they are not going down without a fight. in margate, new jersey, abby huntsman, fox news. >> they are not. a lawyer's fear of spiders takes a big professional toll. why he pulled a begun in his office and how he's getting punish. >> and pranks being pulled at some gas stations but no one is laughing. what the jokester is doing and why police say they can't stop it. tonight at 6:00 people have been using epi penn to save lives from severe allergic reaction but one company is issuing a massive recall just
5:37 pm
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one west virginia lawyer's fear of spiders got too real even costing him his job. this trigger happy prosecutor has intense fear of spiders. so when his secretary decorated the office for hal weep using fake spiders he was so afraid he pull out his gun. he didn't make any threats towards anyone in the office. did he threaten to shoot all of the spiders that was enough to get him suspended indefinitely although people who were there say the gun wasn't even loaded. he said he told them it wasn't funny. that he couldn't stan them. and that did he had gotten a gun out. he said had no clip in it. of course they wouldn't know that. i wouldn't either if i look at it to tell you the truth. >> the logan county prosecutor has sent a memo banning firearms from that office. earlier this week we told you about the arrest of 85-year-old july thief in atlanta. >> tonight we're learning more about one of the world's most notorious jewelry thieves. police in atlanta say they caught doris pain pocketing $690
5:41 pm
pair of earrings from a saks fifth avenue store. investigators say she has an act active warrant for shoplifting in north carolina. one of the many jobs she's pulled off over the years. prosecutors say she's used at least 22 ail lee yass across six decades. it's a criminal career so lengthy she's on grab the attention of major movie makers. her attorneys deny these new charges but listen to what she says. >> walk into the mall i did something wrong. i have -- >> her notoriety being who she is and what is ascribed to her in the documentary that's been present the has often influenced the way the state perceives her. >> the career criminal has adm admitted to stealing jewels from paris, monaco and tokyo. she's also the subject of the upcoming who is doris payne a new movie starring halle berry. >> texas mom outraged over an assignment her seventh grader was given in school.
5:42 pm
what she says the assignment and teacher told her daughter about god that was wildly inappropriate. hurricane patricia has come and gone but some are still recovering we're not just talking about humans. how a dolphin is healing and why he needed to be rescued. sean? >> lucy, the temple owls getting ready for the biggest game in program history. but last time they faced notre dame it was a disaster. coach matt ruhle talks about avoiding that same out come later in sports.
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♪ very special tree of 4,000-mile journey ahead of it. this year's capital tree in washington, d.c. is a 74-foot lutz spruce from the national forest in alaska.
5:46 pm
it will be a slow but steady trek because the tree needs to arrive in mint condition on special trailer surround beside plexiglass so folks can catch it as it whizzes on by. fresno, california police are looking for a meat thief caught on camera as you can see right there. this guy moments after he went inside a grocery store. his cart is empty but not for long. he grabs a piece of meat, walks away but then turns the cart back around comes back for more. employees say he must have been there for awhile just sorting through the packages to see which ones were maybe the most expensive ones. once they realized what he was up to they tried to stop him but he gotta away $400 worth of meat. sobering wake up call for the first time tuberculosis infections rival hiv raids as a leading cause of death from infectious diseases. a new world health organization report found that in 2014, 1.1 million people died of tb worldwide and during that same period, hiv aids killed 1.2 million people globally.
5:47 pm
un health agencies spoke person says the report reflects the dramatic gains and access to aids treatment in the past decade but shows the death rate from tb remains unacceptablel uy high. world health organization dropping another bombshell a large part of people in the world portion of people in the world have a form of the herpes virus. 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 have the form of the virus it causes cold sores around the mouth. that's not about two-thirds of the global population. virus can be transmitted sexually and there is no cure. outrage tonight in school district in the houston area over a teacher accused of of telling her seventh grader students that god is a myth. it all started with an assignment that's now getting national attention and blowing up on social media. fox's andrea watkins has the story. report. >> i feel like if, you know, no one does anything then nothing will be done. >> reporter: jordan is showing her faith in god is more important than getting a question right on an assignment asked if there's a god was a
5:48 pm
fact, common assertion or opinion, she knew her answer. >> i told her it was a fact. he was indeed true based on my religion. and she told me that i was incorrect and i was wrong. >> reporter: john dan sent text messages home to her mom absolutely flooring shantel woolly that this was happening at a public school. >> the majority of the kids believe in god and they were being told by their teacher there's no god. >> reporter: jordan says sean the only one who argued with the teacher about god being real. she said the teacher told them it became an argument in all of her classes monday. >> they're really sad. one kid slammed her books on the desk. she wanted it to stop. and another kid went home crying. >> reporter: woolly complained to the west memorial junior high principal monday but jordan took her complaint to the school district school board. >> i felt like this was really wrong, and i didn't feel like it was fair for my faith and my religion to have anything to do
5:49 pm
with what i'm learning about in school. >> reporter: when the school board members started asking jordan questions, the superintendent shut them down. >> i'd rather we have not have that at this point in time. you have a resolution process that we need to follow. i think getting node these details would be violating that process. >> reporter: that's why woolly wants the story told before katie isd can pretend it doesn't happen. she doesn't want parents blind sided like she was and she's probably the most liberal parent in katie texas. >> i mean new york, california, vermont, liberal states i can see this happening but in houston texas where it's red, white and blue and stars all over, god bless the usa and don't mess with texas, you know, texas is messing with my kid. >> the school board says that assignment will not be repeated. it says the teacher didn't do anything wrong. nevertheless, that teacher has not been in the class since the
5:50 pm
controversy. fire department in india has a new tool to help them in the field but own though what they're testing out doesn't fly like a drone fire officials say it work just as well. the city of perdue restricted from using drones because they're located too close to an airport. its fire department is working with per dee polly tech nick institute to test out what is being complained as a drone that doesn't fly. fire officials say it's an inn destructionable robot with a camera and light that allows firefighters to examine a fire situation without ever entering the building. firefighters can even throw the device through a window and manually control the robot to examine the room. >> the information we've been given them they'll be able to, you know, smaller, more powerful, um, more agile pieces of equipment that we can use, i mean, who knows what the future holds. >> firefighters say for now the technology is staying at the fire department but perdue police accessed the box as well. they say the fly less drones may
5:51 pm
be useful and dangerous hostage type situations. >> kangaroo hospitals into a family's backyard noon their pool while getting out of the water wasn't as easy as jumping inform. >> coming up at 6:00 caught on camera. masked armed men storm into a local grocery store nabbing more than just cash from the register. what police say they did to employees before they took off. also new at 6:00 people have been using epipen toss safe lives to severe allergic reaction for years. one company is now issuing a massive recall just days before halloween.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. bizarre discover down under a family living in victoria australia wakes up to find an unwelcomed guest taking a dip in their backyard pool. here's some video from a security camera shows a large kangaroo just hopping around the yard before it decides to right there jump in the pool. yeah! >> got to wait for it. >> there you go. >> there it is. it hadn't quiet perfected free style stroke. it took four people 45 minutes to get him back on dry land. >> that would have been very hard to do. all right. hurricane patricia come and gone while the death toll wasn't as large as expected, the storm's victims continue their road to recovery. that includes a young dolphin in new orleans. audubon aquatic center is treating the two-year-old mammal. fisherman found the stranded animal monday and called state wildfire officials. the aquatic sent wants to make sure he's physically okay before releasing him back into the sea and he's got to find his family.
5:56 pm
>> unfortunately he was really weak, very lethargic and wasn't going to do very well if we released him back out into the wild so we made the very hard decision to bring him in, to help rehab him, and here he is now and he's been doing fairly well. he's improving each and every day. >> the center says no time frame on the dolphin's release is set. little pre halloween mischief in detroit area but it's not fun. >> mean spirited jokester targeting people at gas stations and making them fear for their lives. here's fox's tara asher. >> like i don't go without him. >> reporter: to be safe stacey and her two-year-old daughter never go alone to this lincoln park fuel station on dicks highway which lately has been known for trouble. >> my husband was pumping gas and i'm in the driver's seat. our daughter is in the back seat. >> reporter: sitting in blue dodge journey the family was aware of their surroundings but never she can't expect wad would happen next. >> i look up and here's this man charging the front end of our car with a red gas can and he
5:57 pm
starts dousing the front end with some liquid. >> i think we both just paused in terror for a second and i look at her. go! >> i didn't know. i wasn't sticking around to see if he had a match. i floored it. >> she took off and moved right towards him. i don't know how she didn't hit him. >> they were afraid the man was trying to set their car on fire. they made it safely to another business and immediately called police. but in the meantime, watch the same guy pour a clear liquid on the cashier's station and other cars. >> sure panic. thinking of my daughter who's in the car. not just myself. everybody there thought it was gas because it was a red gas can. >> it wasn't gasoline. minutes later lincoln park police showed up, checked that liquid and determined it was water. and all of the chaos created was because of a cruel prank. >> it's stupid. you know, i'm all for a good prank and a laugh and everything but you got to consider the consequences of what you're doing. >> reporter: jason watch the suspect run back to his bluford
5:58 pm
forward sedan and take off. but we're told after the scene cleared, the prankster had the audacity to come back later that tuesday night and do it all over again. dan moran was working and watch from the window at the time. >> i saw the guy come back, he said it's a prank to prank and ran away. >> what is the point of this? >> probably just being stupid. outvied yo or something. >> police say it appears to be a bad joke but no one here is laughing because officers told the family they are pursuing the case since it was just water. the family want to warn others before this prank turns deadly. >> i want to get the word out there. if he's doing this it's not funny. be mindful of your surroundings and someone could get hurt. >> police say so far there have been no reports of that prank happening again. ♪ tonight at 6:00 a dog barely alive left for dead by the side of the road. >> they just dumped him here like a piece of trash. >> now there's a call for justice much it's a story you'll
5:59 pm
see only on fox. ♪ and three years ago today, super storm sandy wreaked havoc along the shore. a lot of residents say they still need help to rebuild. what they're doing to make their voices heard and to get lawmakers to pay attention. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. for the first time in school history temple has been playing football since 1894 they're seven-zero. >> they've earned it. >> temple fans loving those words and two days from now they're hoping to here eight-row a lot of attention on the owls football team as the city gears up for saturday's big time game for notre dame and the game is bringing big changes around town. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fans in the city prepare to root for the biggest game in temple's history. of course, that is saturday. chris o'connell straight ahead with that. first, though, will this gorgeous weather hold out.
6:00 pm
chief meteorologist scott williams. >> a lot of weather changes as we approach a big weekend in the city of philadelphia. a lot of events taking place, of course, yeah, you really can feel the excitement with all the preparations on-going for the big temple game this saturday. but cooler temperatures ahead. highs today in the 70s across the area. clouds will increase for the upcoming weekend. and also we fall back on sunday. but take a look. this is outside of our studios as we look toward independence mall. you can see preparations are still underway for big game day taking place on saturday. 67 degrees right now. but look at that high. 72 degrees well above the average for this time of year which is in the low 60s. as we take a look at the temperature right now in philadelphia, 67 degrees. but take a look back to the we west. pittsburgh 54. 40s around the great lakes and that's some of the cooler air that's headed in our direct for tomorrow. take a look at future


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