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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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chief meteorologist scott williams. >> a lot of weather changes as we approach a big weekend in the city of philadelphia. a lot of events taking place, of course, yeah, you really can feel the excitement with all the preparations on-going for the big temple game this saturday. but cooler temperatures ahead. highs today in the 70s across the area. clouds will increase for the upcoming weekend. and also we fall back on sunday. but take a look. this is outside of our studios as we look toward independence mall. you can see preparations are still underway for big game day taking place on saturday. 67 degrees right now. but look at that high. 72 degrees well above the average for this time of year which is in the low 60s. as we take a look at the temperature right now in philadelphia, 67 degrees. but take a look back to the we west. pittsburgh 54. 40s around the great lakes and that's some of the cooler air that's headed in our direct for tomorrow. take a look at future temperatures.
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tomorrow afternoon we're looking at numbers upper 50s and then as we roll the clock ahead to your saturday morning, a chilly start and then by saturday evening, temperatures fall into the low 50s. so here's that game day forecast for the owls. low 50s falling into the upper 40s. coming up we'll talk more about more changes ahead and that halloween forecast with the seven day. back to you. >> thanks, scott. big changes happening in center city for the big game on saturday f you're coming down, you might find a few detours, might be a little different. not as bad as the pope maybe but there are some changes because espn is getting ready for that big show. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from independence mall where some of the streets i just mentioned, chris, shut down for saturday's big game. >> reporter: iain, the anticipation certainly building for what will be a huge weekend here in the city of philadelph philadelphia. big college football game on tap if you haven't heard. the eyes of the college football world will be on philadelphia on saturday as the undefeated temple owls host notre dame and if you don't have a ticket to the big game, this place
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independence mall may be the place to be. temple students and alumni here two days early capturing the excitement as crews set up for espn's college game day. a three-hour nationally televised show using independence mall as the back drop. >> it's just been really excit exciting time to be in philly this week. >> reporter: temple graduates chris williams and scott hard corn work for the university's athletic department. like many others, the thought of temple on the national stage is a thrill for the university and the city. >> now not only the main campus and seeing students and professors and everybody the it's the entire city. the entire city of philadelphia is in full support. >> reporter: but not everyone is in full support at least when it comes to traffic. >> who cares? >> reporter: not a big fan? >> don't care. it's not work disturbin disturbe whole dam block. >> reporter: some commuters had trouble navigating around
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independence mall. streets in the area will be closed through sunday and septa is detouring its buses. for those not here for football -- >> it has not been a lot of fun and we have an appointment in a few minutes we might be late for. >> reporter: but for those who have waited so long for this moment for temple football to be recognized it is a time to savour. >> absolutely up credible for the team, for the university, for all the alumni. excitement at an all-time high right now. so it can't get any better than college game day. temple versus notre dame on saturday night. >> reporter: and if you don't have a ticket, you could look at that game on that big screen right on market street. several big screens set up for the game. 8:00 o'clock saturday night. many temple students will be making their way down here to independence mall tomorrow as esp inform broadcasts college football live. so starting tomorrow it is going to be a crazy weekend when it comes to college football. iain. >> no doubt about it, chris. all right, thank. well tonight we know how a former mayor of clayton, new
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jersey, died. new jersey state police say jeff radio drowned on a cape may beach. his body was found tuesday afternoon. he was last seen sunday afternoon at bali's casino in atlantic city. missing person's report was filed and right now officials are not saying how he drowned. police are looking at casino surveillance videos for any clues as to what may have happened. jeff radio was the mayor of clayton from 2009 to 2011. he was a current member of the clayton school board and work as vice-president with sun national bang. happening right now on-going battle over the pennsylvania state budget. there isn't one. the stalemate has lasted for more than 100 days now and everyone from school leaders to religious leaders are quite worried. they want answers from lawmakers and the governor and they want them now. fox 29's brad sattin reports from south philly. >> reporter: jeff jackson picking up his 10-year-old daughter after school today. he's happy with the school but not with state lawmakers who are holding up the school's funding. >> people in harrisburg not approving the budget take it out
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of their salary. >> reporter: make them pay for it. >> that would be nice. >> reporter: budget stale might between pennsylvania governor tom wolf and republican led legislature is now 121 days old. meaning the philadelphia school district and all the other districts haven't been paid. it comes to about $400 million for philadelphia schools so far. forcing the district to take out loans including another one for $250 million on monday. >> so there's a lot of concern and we're doing what we can and we will continue to do what we can so schools don't get to a point in which they have to make cuts. >> reporter: but if the impass drags on, some worry it would get much worse. >> by december, there will be radically increased class sizes or closed schools across the state because their local revenues will have dried up. in upper darby today this group of religious leaders did everything but pray that a deal gets done soon asking lawmakers to put politics aside. >> we ask you to act on the need you see, not on how you think
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you will look. >> reporter: while teachers are still getting paychecks, the money stoppage from harrisburg means some employees like daycare workers are not. >> a lot of other people are not being paid and this woman eating what's in their refrigerator. that's a big impact. >> i don't want to hold a sign that says 141. 151. we need to get this budget done. >> reporter: fox 29's brad sattin reporting about pennsylvania's lack of a budget. american airlines flight from los angeles to philadelphia diverted this morning after officials say a passenger made alarming statements about the september 11th attacks. that plane landed in phoenix. officials say the passenger walked up to first class, refused to take his seat. he started talking about 9/11 and his beliefs about the government. the crew thinks he may have some mental hell issues. once the plane landed in phoenix authorities took him to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. convicted sex offender and former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was in court today appealing his
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conviction on dozens of sex abuse charges. sandusky argued his attorney did not do a good job and he claims the attorney general's investigation of him was unfair. that secret grand jury information was leaked at the time of his trial. that's when the hearing took a bit of a turn instead of ruling on the appeal the judge gave ag kathleen kane a week to turn over information about any grand jury leaks. this is just a day after kane herself accused a presiding judge of a reckless breach of sealed documents in several cases including sandusky's. a story you'll see only on fox tonight. a helpless dog left for dead dumb on the side of the road. local animal rescue group says it's probably not the first time someone has abused this poor pitbull. local veterinarians worked to nurse him back to health save his life, a community is calling for justice. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us live from the newsroom. these are the stories that just rip out our hearts, dawn. >> lucy, when you meet this sweet boy it's hard to imagine that anyone could do something like this. this dog had been abused
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probably most of his life. he is finally in the right hands but it's going to be an uphill battle. >> all of the nick that is he has here, all of the discoloration in the fur and the nicks and the missing those are all from previous fights. >> reporter: but now this 1.5-year-old pitbull used repeatedly for dog fighting is in of much different fight arc fight for his life. the dog dumped and left for dead by the side of the road in chester city. >> just through him over there. he was curled up in a little ball. >> reporter: this is what the dog look like when russ harper a humane police officer with justice rescue arrived at the scene after getting a call early monday night. >> he was laying over there in the weeds where somebody through him and he was just cold and lifeless. i had really thought when i pick him up that he was dead. >> reporter: when harper realized the dog he named remy was still alive, he raced the young pup to keystone veterinary emergency and referral in havertown. the staff working frantically to save remy's live. >> pretty severe injuries and his body just, um, was very weak
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and on top of that, severe infections from all the multiple bite wounds he's gotten. >> reporter: four days later this pooch is making amazing progress. he's now walking. even crawling into harper's lap and cuddling from something he's probably never known. the man who made sure he's getting a second chance at live says that's all the reward he needs. >> when you get that call and you know that that animal is not going to get help until you go, you got to go. >> he's not out of the woods y yet. he has shown some improvement since he first came in so that's encouraging but you know it's still touch and go. >> reporter: fortunately remy has a whole lot of people on his side. >> as long as he keeps fighting, he keeps showing that he's getting better and he's not in pain, we'll continue to fight with him. >> reporter: justice rescue is completely volunteer and relies on donations to save dogs who have been abused and to pay for their care. it's put up a $1,000 reward to track down whoever did this to sweet remy.
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for more information on how you can help go to hopefully remy will make a full recovery and find a loving forever home. iain? >> dawn, thank you. philadelphia police need your help tonight tracking down the man in this surveillance video. police say he robbed a family dollar store on germantown avenue yesterday with a weapon from inside the store. that weapon, a hammer pulls it right one of the store shelves. police say the suspect demanded money from an employer, then she told him she couldn't get the money out of the register. he hit her on the arm with the hammer. she is expected to be okay. fed up and desperate. >> three year later and still no help for some after super storm sandy. next at 6:00 what they're now doing to make sure their voices are heard and not forgotten. a day after that run away military blimp made its crash landing its journey isn't over yet. how officials are using shotguns to help in the cleanup process. sean? >> iain, the phillies have new general manager and they're have a lot to learn from the teams in the world series. what matt can take from the
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kansas city royals coming up later in sports.
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>> here's incredible video armed with a shotgun, two masked men rob a grocery store in the allegheny west section of the city. take look. the guys barge into the jocelyn grocery store tuesday night. once inside, they forced the employees to the ground while demanding money and cigarettes and police say the men made the employees empty their own pockets. if you know anything about this robbery, give police a call. state police officers said they actually used shot guns to help dee plate that run away army surveillance blimp that broke free from a maryland military base yesterday. it traveled more than 150 miles north into pennsylvania. its tether taking down trees, utility poles and power lines along the way. when the blimp got caught in the trees near a ravine in monday see troopers say they trained its helium by pep aring it with close to 100 shots. today the military collected about 6,000 feet of tether still attached to the blimp. officials say it still dee platinplating that would take ar
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day or so. three years ago today that super storm sandy made its mark on a jersey shore. devastating much of the coast all the way up and through long island and now some people all these years later are still trying to get back on their fe feet. >> our karen hepp has more. >> reporter: these sandy victims are sleeping out for days because they are desperate. they are running out of the money. they are facing foreclosure. they're floundering caught in a limbo. michelle petro is fed up with empty promises. she's moved her three kids 12 times and she needs a kidney. >> it's a thousand 95 days since i've been out of my home and since sandy hit, and it's been a struggle every single day. >> they write cards, telling their heartbreaking stories. frank and cheryl posted the obituaries of three of their friends from their block. three neighbors who never made it home at all. 76-year-old terry de53 newt tow is afraid that would happen to her. >> i don't know where i'm going to get all the money.
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i'm robbing peter to pay paul out of the rent money. >> this woman has been relying on friends and neighbors for three years and is worried she's worn out her welcome. >> it's nice in one respect but it's kind of hard because you living out of a car, out of cardboard boxes and you just don't know if you're coming or going. am i here? am i there? i mean, you know, this isn't vacation any more. this is -- it's over. three years later and i'm still not in my house. >> reporterhouse. report groups who help say thousands of families displaced by sandy still aren't back. most of them. >> we want to stop those foreclosures on these houses and give them enough money to help pay rent until they can get home, and we've got to increase laws and accountability on contractors that have been walking away with taxpayer money to help these families get home. >> reporter: these protesters have been out here for two days straight. they will be here all night long through friday at noon and they're just begging these lawmakers across the street to finish the job. from trenton, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. ♪ in health an important warning for for parents who have
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kids with allergies. epipens may not work. right now a recall on all objection see queue injectors. the reason they may not give out the right dose much the company reports that 26 cases of possible malfunctions about 200,000 people in the us. you'll auvi-q no injuries or deaths reported. head to our website for more on this important recall. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i was so excited today. outside no jacket. >> i know. late objection. >> short sleeves. >> i mean it's incredible. i wish could it stay this way. i know it won't. we'll enjoy it while we can. >> scott? >> temperatures today well above average, you guys. i hope you got outdoors and enjoyed it a lot of folks were smiling with the above average numbers in the 70s, but, yes, cooler air is headed in our direct. so get ready to grab those jackets again but take a look at ultimate doppler. three years ago to the date, we were tracking it moving toward our area. making that landfall as a post
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tropical cyclone with winds up to 80 miles per hour. but certainly much improved right now as we look at ultimate doppler today. we are dry. we are quiet after all of that rainfall. take a look at all of the activity along fifth and market there at independence mall gearing up for game day on saturday. 67 degrees right now as the current temperature after a high in the low 70s. well above average. so still pretty comfortable right now on your thursday evening stepping outdoors. upper 60s in atlantic city. 60 degrees in pottstown. falling into the low 50s right now in the pocono mountains. so still pretty mild but take a look off to the north and west. we're looking at numbers in the 40s so some of that cooler air is headed in our direction for friday as well as the upcoming weekend. friday it's going to be dry, quiet a lot of sunshine bert temperatures only top out around 60 degrees. saturday is dry but take a look at the clock. by saturday evening, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies across the area. so for tomorrow arc chilly sta start. temperatures only in the mid
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50's by lunch time as we move toward 3:00 in the afternoon, 60 degrees much that should be our high. then temperatures fall for your friday evening plans on the town. a lot taking place this upcoming weekend. we have the rock and roll half marathon taking place. a cool start. temperatures in the low 40s by noon. temperatures still a little cool right around 53 degrees. but dry conditions. halloween for trick or treating we're looking at temperatures generally in the low 50s so you might want that light jacket or sweater with your costume. spooky conditions all night. and then the big game for the owls. saturday at 8:00 we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low 50s and staying in the mid to upper 40s with that blanket overhead with the clouds. winds out of northwest five to 10 miles per hour. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you cooler changes. 60 degrees tomorrow. and then once again only in the upper 50s for high temperatures on saturday. maybe a shower chance on sunday and monday but then temperatures
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warm into the 70s for much of the first full week of november. don't forget to fall back early on sunday morning. >> that's right. >> yup. >> we got enough going on. half marathon, halloween and big football game. >> we have a big football game. >> it's huge. >> it's not the eagles. we're glad they're on a break. safe thus heartbreak. but -- >> stop. >> but the best team in philadelphia, hey, best team in pennsylvania getting it done. temple getting ready to take on the big boys. owls -- what happened the last time they played notre dame and why that will change. that's next in sports. ññ
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21st ranked temple getting ready for the biggest game in school history. number nine notre dame coming to town. owls will be in the national spotlight. a sold out night game at the linc. if they win this one they'll get more money, better athletes and maybe even that stadium they've been begging for. temple has come a long way. they play notre dame two years ago and got blasted. 28-six. on their way to a two and 10 season. head coach matt ruhle has turned his program around in a very short amount of time. he's proud of the people who have powered forward. >> they didn't quit. they didn't walk away. so they've just done everything i've asked. the kids have done everything
6:25 pm
i've asked. we have scout team kids. the kids that are registered. they're doing everything we ask. so i'm just happy that they get recognition for what they've done. have some excitement around what they're doing. >> on saturday check out a special halloween he had dig of "game day live" at 2:00 p.m. eagles have a bye but we're still talking football. gary cobb, howard eskin, tom srendenschek and myself will give you a mid season report. in the world series the royals are currently two-zero over the mets two teams who have done an absolutely great job constructing great teams. especially the royals who are in the world series for the second year in a row. the phillies are in the baseme basement. hired a new general manager and they can learn a whole lot of kansas city's gm. >> you put the rice pieces together you can be successful and that's what dayton moore has done. i mean, he's filled this team with a bunch of tremendous athletes. with tremendous character. and a will to win. >> if you put the right pieces
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together, it works. that's the hard -- that's the trick. >> it wasn't that long ago the phillies were the team going to back to back world series and making all the right moves to become a winning franchise. seven years ago today, the phillies won the world series beating the tampa bay rays in five games. franchise second world series title. look how far we've fallen. at that time we thought the window was wide open. but now just ryan howard carlos ruiz left on that championship roster. it's funny how quick things can go away and now it's going to be a good long time. >> before we within a championship. >> it will be yeah. >> thanks for sticking with us. >> it will come back around. >> looking at saturday and the owls. that does it for us here. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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off the rails! >> such a nasty question. >> we're talking about fantasy football? >> and melania trump appear the debate. >> how do you think your husband did tonight? >> and is this the end of jeb bush's campaign? >> i'll give them a warm kiss. a young man from oprah's past. >> they met when he was just a kid. >> oprah winfrey! >> after her appearance on "the late show" why he so desperately tried to get her attention. and biker shoot 'em up. the shock never before seen video. then -- >> were you trying to rip me off? >> "inside edition"'s house of shame. >> my garage door isn't broken, is it? >> imagine an entire house draped from the roof to the basement with hidden cameras and one-way mirrors,


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